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Most residents of the San Francisco Bay Area don't know how lucky they have it.

Most residents of the San Francisco Bay Area don't know how lucky they have it. Local radio waves are rippling with young, innovative, and independent voices, along with widely varied music styles and unmatched freedom of choice. Most people in other American cities simply don't have this luxury - and never will if big-money radio has their way.

If you love independent radio - support these stations. If you're a company and can afford it - give one a grant.

Stations with websites are linked. These are in no particular order. All are FM stations, unless otherwise indicated. Since I live in Cupertino, this list is likely weighted to the South Bay. Please email

me with any stations I might be missing.

KSCU - 103.3 - Santa Clara University. "The Underground Sound" This is

a stellar station, full of variety, kids with tons of personality.

Hell, Maddgirl's show alone, with her taste for tunes and ruminations of life and positivity, make the station worth tuning into. Great electronic music programs, too. Fairly wide broadcast area, too, soundly covering the South Bay, fades up the Peninsula. They give you

a really cool t-shirt if you donate.

KFJC - 89.7 - Foothill / DeAnza Community College District. Another station of unmatched varity - although they're known to program some avant-garde noise stuff that is virtually unlistenable. More than once I've tuned to KFJC and heard what sounds like a Rammstein cover of Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music." But in any case, the sounds and personalities are fantastic. This station seems slightly more professional than some of the other college stations. Strong signal through most of the South Bay and Peninsula.

KSJS - 90.5 - San Jose State University. "Ground Zero Radio," as they call themselves, is another college station with a slightly professional sheen - and what great programming! *Great* station for hip-hop, freestyle, electronic stuff. They also have this cool show on Mondays called "Celluloid Dreams" that focuses on the holistic experience of filmgoing. Boss! Listenable throughout the South and East Bay.

KZSU - 90.1 - Stanford University. Pretty much what you'd expect from Stanford - strong signal, gorgeous webpage, lots of station produced specials and live interviews with artists. Good variety, strong signal up and down the Peninsula, pretty clear through the South and East Bay.

KKUP - 91.5 - Cupertino California People's Radio. A relatively weak- powered, left-leaning, funky little nonprofit community station that has been around for - get this - 30 years. And based in Cupertino, for god's sake. Very local, with some great, off beat shows. Wonderful station for bluegrass, folk, and that ilk. There's nothing about KKUP that's typical. They play barbershop quartets, people. The website features some shows archived in RealAudio. Definately the cure for what ails ya. Funny thing is - in some areas of Cupertino, it's really hard to receive. Go figure.

KPFA - 94.1 - Berekely California Free Speech Radio. This is the quinessential independent station, famous across the country and the world for its fierce self-reliance and defiance in the face of all-out corporate assault. The story is too long to go into here, but read up on this 50-year-plus station - it's fascinating. The days are typically filled with left-leaning (but often balanced) talk-oriented programming, drawing on diverse local voices - some articulate - some not. Their music programming is eclectic and noncommercial, with a strong emphasis on local talent. A beacon for independent and

community radio efforts everywhere.

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