След всеки въпрос има 5 възможни отговора, от които само един е верен. За даден верен отговор се присъждат 5 точки. Време за работа - 75 минути. Състезанието няма за цел да проверява изучавания материал. Темите са разработени от група експерти от международната организация IDEA. Пожелаваме ви успех!

1. Which of the university towns below was used as the location of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Hall? A) Oxford B) Cambridge C) Bristol D) Bath E) Canterbury 2. All of us make mistakes, but this one was a hotel sign:

What do you think it actually means? A) People who visit our office every day between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. should expect us to complain. B) Visitors who have any concerns or complaints should come to the office between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. to tell us. C) Every visitor here should come to our office every day between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. and complain to us. D) People who visit our office between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. should be expected to have a complaint. E) If you don’t complain between 9 and 11 am daily you cannot call yourself a visitor. 3. If I don’t get good service in a restaurant, I never leave a ... A) fine B) currency D) tip E) charge 4. Which country is not a member of the EU? A) Latvia B) Poland D) Bulgaria E) Norway 5. Which one is not an adverb of frequency? A) always B) often D) rarely E) carefully 6. Choose the correct question tag. It’s a great party, ... it? A) is B) isn’t D) aren’t E) do 7. John Lennon was a member of: A) The Rolling Stones B) The Beatles D) Uriah Heep E) Blackeyed Peas C) donation

C) Romania

C) sometimes

C) are

C) Deep Purple

8. Choose the definition that does not fit in the series: A) Metro is the name used in cities other than London for the system of underground transport. B) The Underground Railroad was a secret organization that helped slaves escape from the southern part of the USA during the American Civil War in the 19th century. C) The Tube is the colloquial name for the London Underground because the tunnels are in the form of tubes. D) Subway is the American word for underground transport. E) The Underground is a system of public transport by means of trains that travel under the ground 9. The BBC is the ... A) British Broadcasting Company C) British Broadcasting Corporation E) British Broadcast Corporation B) Broadcasting British Company D) Broadcasting British Corporation

10. In America it is common to call people by their first names. Short forms are, therefore, very widespread: Bess from Elizabeth, Nell from Helen, Harry from Henry, or Bill from ... A) Benedict B) Wilfred C) James D) William E) Benjamin 11. Robin Hood lived in the forest of ... A) Nottingham B) Dunmore D) Sherwood E) Oakfield 12. A dragon is featured on the flag of: A) England B) Scotland D) Ireland E) none C) Yorkshire

C) Wales

13. The idiom “to buy a pig in a poke” means: A) not to find what one was looking for B) to buy something one has not seen before C) to change one’s ideas D) to prepare oneself to start working E) not to interfere with the affairs of others 14. Complete using the correct phrasal verb. Part of the roof of the attic has ... A) fallen off B) fall out C) fall behind D) fall in E) falls far 15. One of the greatest authors of “ghost” stories is: A) Mark Twain B) Edgar Allan Poe C) Jerome David Salinger D) Truman Capote E) Carson McCullers 16. If my teacher…….more slowly I would understand her. A) speak B) is speaking D) spoken E) has spoken C) spoke


17. Choose the correct prepositions and complete this rhyme. ……..eight o’clock Micer went…..the dock He jumped…..a boat And found a sleeping goat A) at/to/on B) at/on/to D) on/to/at E) to/at/on 18. “The Sunflowers” was painted by ... A) Raphaello B) Rembrandt D) Van Gogh E) Modigliani 19. Captain Ahab is the character in: A) “The Centaur” B) “Moby Dick” D) “The Smoked Shipper” E) “Martin Eden” 20. A chemist always puts a ……..on a bottle of medicine. A) label B) receipt D) ticket E) notice 21. ..., a German monk, began the Protestant Reformation. A) Johannes Gutenberg B) Martin Luther D) Calvin E) Winston Churchill 22. Potatoes are the….. diet for many European peoples. A) sum B) bulk D) staple E) important

C) on/at/to

C) Renoir

C) “Rip Van Winkle”

C) program

C) Martin Luther King

C) majority

23. When you … him tomorrow, you’ll think he’s ten years older. A) would see B) saw C) will see D) are going to see E) see 24. Which word can you put into the blank space: Going to Spain this year is ... question. A) outside B) out of the C) out of D) beside E) in 25. America was not free from British rule until ... A) July 1776 B) November 1782 D) September 1783 E) January 1777 C) February 1783

26. When they moved next door, we … in the new house for five years. A) are living B) have lived C) have been living D) had been living E) lived


27. Choose the correct answer: "Mike was very depressed at having to quit his job, although he was given a golden handshake." A) Mike received a handsome farewell bonus. B) Everybody shook hands with Mike. C) The General Manager of the company himself shook hands with Mike. D) Mike was given a gold medal. E) At the ceremony, everybody was wearing bright yellow gloves. 28. Choose the correct matching: 1. He who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is a fool; ... 2. He who knows not, and knows that he knows not, is a child; ... 3. He who knows, and knows not that he knows, is asleep; ... 4. He who knows, and knows that he knows, is wise; ... A) 1- c / 2 - d / 3 - a / 4 – b B) 1- b / 2 - a / 3 - d / 4 - c C) 1- b / 2 - d / 3 - c / 4 – a D) 1- b / 2 - d / 3 - a / 4 - c E) 1- d / 2 - b / 3 - a / 4 – c a. wake him. b. shun him. c. follow him. d. teach him.

29. Which British king abdicated in order to marry an American divorcée? A) King Edward VIII B) King George VI C) King Henry VI D) King William IV E) King Henry VIII
30. It was the wife of a monarch who introduced the custom of drinking tea in

England. What was her name? A) Mary Lipton B) Catherine de Bragança D) Elisabeth Tetley E) Norah Teastrain 31. What is a crocodile covered with? A) feathers B) fur D) shell E) skin

C) Phillipa of Lancaster

C) scales

32. The following is an extract from ... “In a little time I began to speak to him and teach him to speak to me; and first, I made him know his name should be Friday, which was the day I saved his life.” A) W. Shakespeare’s “Anthony and Cleopatra” B) D. Defoe’s “Robinson Crusoe” C) W. Scott’s “Rob Roy” D) O. Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Grey” E) J. Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels” 33. Reporter: What would you have done if you had known you would live that long? Centenarian: I’d have taken better care of myself! What is „I‘d” short for? A) I should B) I could C) I had D) I would E) I had better 34. I was wondering why ... take the train; it'll be quicker. A) don't we B) we don't D) will we not E) we can’t C) we won’t


35. A person who breaks into houses to steal is a ... A) pickpocket B) burglar D) smuggler E) robber

C) shoplifter

36. DIY comes from "do it yourself". It refers to: A) doing your homework without the help of parents, sisters or brothers B) getting a job without the help of anyone else C) getting rich in an honest way D) doing the things required of you by yourself E) making repairs or improvements to one's house without the help of professional workers 37. Choose the correct series: ... a little kindness To your living day by day. ... the kind of worry That can constitute dismay. ... your time by turning Each frown into a smile. ... your efforts For a total that’s worthwhile. A) Add / Substract / Divide / Multiply C) Add / Multiply / Substract / Divide
E) Add / Divide / Substract / Multiply

B) Divide / Add / Multiply / Substract D) Substract/Add / Multiply/ Divide

38. Choose the right proverb: There's something wrong with the fridge and we must have it repaired before it gets more serious ... A) Curiosity killed the cat. B) Time and tide wait for no man. C) A stitch in time saves nine. D) While there's life there's hope E) When the cat is away the mice will play. 39. Gaelic is the traditional language in ... A) Scotland B) Wales D) Australia E) Texas 40. Good-bye” is a shortened form of: A) "Good be you." B) "God be yours." D) "Good by your side." E) “God be with you“. C) Canada

C) "Good be with you."


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