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DECEMBER 22, 2013

Our Purpose...
To reach people with the love of Jesus Christ, provide a safe and supportive environment, proclaim the standards of Gods truth, duplicate the Christian life in others, and celebrate the majesty and works of Our Great God.

New to Salem Heights?

elcome! e are "lad youre here! e invite you to seek out the folks wearin" the #$sk %e& bad"e. Throu"h them you will find information about the ministries of 'alem (ei"hts Church and how to become involved. )lease fill out a *isitor Card and drop it in one of the offerin" bo+es as you leave or scan this code to "o directly to our website and fill out a visitor card. e have an e+cellent nursery and pro"rams for children newborn throu"h hi"h school. $ny of the ushers will be happy to direct you to the proper classroom. ,f you feel more comfortable havin" your infant with you durin" the service, the last row in the $uditorium will be reserved for parents with small children. There is a private room for nursin" mothers across the hall from the $uditorium with a rockin" chair, chan"in" table and portable crib. -or your convenience, it also includes a monitor to enable you to still hear and view the service.

Sunday Worship


"u$e %&'() '*
Presented by
Pastor Justin Greene
And suddenly there appeared with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among men with whom He is pleased. !u"e #$%&, %'

In+o , News
Important Upcoming Events
Christmas .ve 'ervice, /ecember 01, 2)% Church Office closed Christmas .ve 3 Christmas /ay (i"h 'chool inter 4etreat, January 567, 0891

Christmas Eve Service December 24 at 6 p.m.

(oin us as we celebrate the birth of our )avior (esus with candlelight and traditional *hristmas hymns. Childcare Provided

Past r R
-any o+ you ha.e in/uired as to how you 0an help with the +inan0ial needs o+ Pastor 1on and "orna. +und has 2een esta2lished in Pastor 1on and "orna3s name to help pro.ide +or medi0al and tra.el e4penses. I+ you are interested in helping in this way please send your 0he0$ written to 5S0ha+er -edi0al ssistan0e 6und5 07o -i$e and Tammy 1o2erson to& '899 Twin Hills 1d SE) :e++erson) O1 9;(<%. Please note that this is not a ta4 dedu0ti2le gi+t. I+ you ha.e any +urther /uestions) please 0all the 0hur0h o++i0e.

Mens Retreat Is Coming!

Men, mark your calendars for January 17-19. ur annual Mens Retreat !ill "e taking #lace at Cam# $admor! %ign u#s continue today in t&e foyer and !ill "e a'aila"le t&roug& %unday, January 1(. $&e cost is )99 and our s#eaker !ill "e *astor Jim Cecy.

During Christmas week, many ministry activities are cancelled. Check with your ministry/small group leader if you have questions as to whether your ministry is taking place.

=alendar o+ E.ents
:;97 a.m. <;88 3 99;88 a.m. <;88 a.m. )rayer 6 4oom 087 orship 'ervices Cross 4oad Colle"e 'unday 'chool

MONDAY =;88 p.m. TUESDAY C(4,'T%$' .*. 2;88 p.m. WEDNESDAY C(4,'T%$' /$> THURSDAY The %ost .+cellent ay

Office Closed Christmas .ve 'ervice Office Closed %inistry cancelled


!an "# !an "*+", !an ."/ .. $NO %&e 'a(m) Men-s Retreat Women-s Discip(es0ip res1mes

High SchooL Retreat 2014

at Big Lake Youth Camp


Cost $75

( ith t-shirt!

! >pdate
The ministry of 'alem (ei"hts Church is funded entirely by the "enerous "ivin" of Gods people. >ou will notice that we do not pass the offerin" plate? however, there are offerin" bo+es in the back of the auditorium. e have done this so no one "ives out of compulsion. e believe from the ord of God that the 'pirit of God will lead people towards "ivin" back to God of their first fruits. #...God loves a cheerful "iver& @0 Cor. <;=A and we know (e blesses those who take (is ord seriously in every re"ard. Thank you for prayerfully supportin" 'alem (ei"hts financially as we desire to reach the lost and disciple the 'aints. 3Pra4er51((4 consi6er 70at t0e 2or6 7o1(6 0ave 4o1 6o89
Decem:er TOT$B G,*,CG D==,:0< MONTH2Y &UD$ET NEEDED D98=,888

MONTH2Y NEED E WEEK ; &UD$ET /ecember eekly Ceed $ctual Givin" 4eceived FG6 D00,=88 D50,11< D 00,2:8 D D 6D07,992 &UI2DIN$ FUND Current Halance D18,0=< Given to /ate This -iscal >ear D<,=99

eek 9 D09,188 eek 0 D09,188 eek 5 D09,188 eek 1 D09,188 eek 7 D09,188 -iscal >ear to /ate FG6

How =an I Ser.e?

/o you own a 'mart)honeI 'can the coded icon below to view opportunities to serve the body of 'alem (ei"hts Church. >ou can also visit our website at www.salemhei"htschurch.or" for more detailed information. Helow are some areas in which you can immediately become involved;

e need help durin" 9st or 0nd service carin" for tiny tots, a"es infant throu"h 0 years. ,nterestedI Contact the church office. e have immediate need of substitute teachers for our 'unday 'chool staff. ,f you are interested and would love to spend some time with children, please contact 4uss Bibby or 4on Groves throu"h the church office.

!1stin $reene
Senior Pastor/Elder

'ar( '0ica
Pastor of Family Life/Elder

Lay Elders
'01c< Moore Te6 Ferr4

Matt Mac'o((in
Pastor of Mens/College/Elder

A! Ac<er
Music Ministry

Ron $roves

R1ss 2i::4
Director o5 Ministries

Tim Sa55ee(s
%id (i"h %inistries

!ason &ro7ne((
(i"h school %inistries

$ina Weigan6
Office Staff

'0rista Ka0i(i
Office Staff

Scott H1nter
Facilities Manager

'onnie 2i::4
Office Staff

!enn E((iott
Office Staff

!1(ie &ernar6
Womens Ministry

)lease see our %ission Hoards in the foyer for current active missionaries.
Sa(em Heig0ts '01rc0 #*= Ma6rona Ave8 S8 Sa(em/ OR ,*#>. =>#+=??+>@># 5aAB =>#+=??+=##? O55ice Ho1rsB Mon6a4 + T01rs6a4 ? a8m8 + @ p8m8 Fri6a4 ? a8m8 + # p8m8 S1n6a4 Wors0ip ServicesB , C "" a8m8
Message 'Ds are avai(a:(e in t0e Registration Area 5or D@8 P(ease visit t0e 6es< in t0e so1t07est corner to or6er an6 pic<+1p 4o1r 'Ds8 Yo1 can a(so c0ec< t0e 7e:site 5or o1r po6cast8



Luke 2:13, 14
Presented by Pastor Justi Gree e De!e"#er 22, 2$13
One author writes, Throughout history, people have continually looked for deliverers, majestic leaders they could hail as great saviors from all their troubles. It was no different at the time just prior to Jesus birth. The !omans hoped for some kind of world savior, and archaeological evidence shows that they actually gave "aesar #ugustus the title $avior of the %orld.& 'ut while "aesar #ugustus was in !ome feeling the pride and prestige of that status, the true $avior of the world was born in obscurity in 'ethlehem of Judea. Jesus "hrist was born in a small, little(known town, and at first no one knew about it. )one of the residents of 'ethlehem or its many visitors knew. The officials in !ome and the inhabitants of Jerusalem had no idea what had occurred. *or anyone who was near enough to hear it, Jesus infant cry was just the cry of another baby. The event was so far from center stage that no earthly authority was even aware enough to make a community announcement. +owever, ,ary and Joseph knew that an e-traordinary, unprecedented birth had transpired, and others would soon reali.e it as well. #ll heaven broke loose when angels appeared and started praising /od to a small and most unlikely audience. $ome anonymous shepherds were about to hear news of one of the greatest events in the saga of /od s eternal plan0&1


#re )*rist"as trees in the 'ible2

Tradition started by Lut*er 3+osea 1456,78

%as Jesus born on the 2+t* of 9ecember2

Possi#,e 0 not -ro#a#,e. :ey5 !omans 1454(7, ;;

9o angels si


They /i/ 3Job <=57, >8

They 0i,, 3!evelation 65?8

*or now they a ti!i-ate 31 @eter 151A(1;8 and -ro!,ai" 3Buke ;51<8 /od s restoration plan.



)ote5 @raising /od C Ei.*t times in the )ew Testament 3si- by Buke8 C always witnessing the a!ti6it7 of /od

+ighest C The T*ro e %oo" of /odD

The shepherds were called to 0it ess one of the greatest e6i/e !es that /od was still on the throne 0 the birth of )*rist3


Shalom E Se!urit7, well(being, *ea,t*, prosperity, soundness, !o"-,ete ess 0 all in e8ua, "easure.

The announcement was that the ( e who is -ea!e was on eart*3



)ote5 In &u"ra hymns this phrase E #e,ie6ers3


#re you at -ea!e with Go/2

%ill your celebration reflect the angels



in the Manger, The Miraculous Birth of Christ, John ,ac#rthur, F ;AA1 % @ublishing /roup