1 Issue 2
Now Cee Truth

Rulers of the Divine U, March Parliament

!"##$% '()*%+ ,(--%./

Þrlze ($100): 1y'LasL AslaLlc of n?
Þrlze ($30): Wlse klneLlc Allah of uurham, nC
Þrlze ($23): Þenny uavls of layeLLevllle, nC

1lckeLs drawn by Þrlnce uhura


Men of Islam
Gods cultural perspectives and Topics

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1he PundredLh Monkey LffecL ls a supposed phenomenon ln whlch a behavlor or LhoughL spreads
rapldly from one group Lo all relaLed groups once a crlLlcal number of lnlLlaLes ls reached. 8y
generallzaLlon lL means Lhe lnsLanLaneous spreadlng of an ldea or ablllLy Lo Lhe remalnder of a
populaLlon has heard of Lhe new ldea or learned Lhe new ablllLy by some unknown process
currenLly beyond Lhe scope of sclence. 1he sLory behlnd Lhls supposed phenomenon orlglnaLed
wlLh Lawrence 8lalr and Lyall WaLson ln Lhe mld-Lo-laLe 1970's who clalmed LhaL lL was Lhe
observaLlon of !apanese sclenLlsLs. Cne of Lhe prlmary facLors ln Lhe promulgaLlon of Lhe sLory ls
LhaL many auLhors quoLe secondary, LerLlary, or posL-LerLlary sources LhaL have Lhemselves
mlsrepresenLed Lhe orlglnal observaLlons.

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1he sLory of Lhe PundredLh Monkey LffecL was publlshed ln Lyall WaLson's forward Lo Lawrence
8lalr's º8hyLhms of vlslon" ln 1973, and spread wlLh Lhe appearance of WaLson's 1979 book"
LlfeLlde". 1he clalm ls LhaL unldenLlfled sclenLlsLs were conducLlng a sLudy of macaque monkeys on
Lhe !apanese lsland of koshlma ln 1932. 1hese sclenLlsLs purporLedly observed LhaL some monkeys
learned Lo wash sweeL poLaLoes, and gradually Lhls new behavlor spread Lhrough Lhe younger
generaLlon of monkeys-ln Lhe usual fashlon, Lhrough observaLlon and repeLlLlon. WaLson Lhen
clalmed LhaL Lhe researchers observed LhaL once a crlLlcal number of monkeys were reached-Lhe
so-called PundredLh Monkey-Lhls prevlously learned behavlor lnsLanLly spread across Lhe waLer Lo
monkeys on nearby lslands.
ken keyes, !r. furLher popularlzed Lhls sLory wlLh Lhe publlcaLlon of hls book º1he PundredLh
Monkey". keyes' book was abouL Lhe devasLaLlng effecLs of nuclear war on Lhe planeL. keyes
presenLed Lhe PundredLh Monkey LffecL sLory as an lnsplraLlon parable, applylng lL Lo human
socleLy and Lhe effecLlng of poslLlve change. Slnce Lhen, Lhe sLory has become wldely accepLed as

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1he orlglnal sLory of Lhese monkeys goes LhaL Lhe sclenLlsLs had Lhe sweeL poLaLoes dellvered by
hellcopLers Lo Lhe monkeys. 1he sweeL poLaLoes would drop on Lhe ground Lhus gaLherlng dlrL and
whaLever Lhey landed on. 1he monkeys would collecL Lhe sweeL poLaLoes and eaL Lhem as ls. 1hen
one day a young monkey washed Lhe dlrL off Lhe sweeL poLaLoes and llked Lhe LasLe of Lhe dlrL free
clean and salLy LasLe from washlng Lhem ln Lhe ocean salL waLer. She Lhen (lL was sald Lo be a
young female monkey) showed her slbllngs, frlends and moLher. Who ln Lurn showed oLher
moLhers and young monkeys. now Lhe old monkeys for some reason conLlnued Lo eaL Lhe sweeL
poLaLoes as ls when dropped. neverLheless, Lhe behavlor spread Lo monkeys ln Lhe nearby lslands
who had no conLacL wlLh Lhls populaLlon of monkeys: Lhus Lhe sclenLlsLs concluded LhaL ln Lhe
monkey collecLed consclousness a crlLlcal mass of LhoughL energy was reached and was drawn up
by allke monkeys' sub-consclousness.
We musL keep ln mlnd LhaL unallke aLLracL and allke repel ls Lhe new World Crder of ?acub and hls
geneLlcally manufacLured chlldren. 1he 8eal World Crder, Allah World ManlfesL ls allke aLLracL and
unllke repel. 1he laLher sald, "lf our mlnds are a llke Lhen we are allke". So l encourage all Lhose
sLrlvlng Lo ralse Lhe Cod Consclousness of Lhe planeL Lo keep bulldlng dolng Lhe nexL rlghL Lhlng
golng accordlng Lo maLhemaLlcs. 1he Sclence of Llvlng MaLhemaLlcs was preserved for Lhe Sun of
Man Lo ralse us from our menLal deaLh and power. MaLhemaLlcs ls our unlversal language from
cell Lo cell. lslam ls MaLhemaLlcs and MaLhemaLlcs ls lslam. Allke mlnds are comlng LogeLher Lo
expand Lhelr consclousness. ln reLurn a crlLlcal mass wlll be reached: Lhus knowledge wlll add a
clpher and all Lhose LhoughLs wlll be Lransferred and recelved by all Lhose open mlnded allkes.
uon'L worry abouL Lhose LhaL wanL Lo sLlll eaL Lhelr sweeL poLaLoes wlLh Lhe dlrL on Lhen, [usL keep
bulldlng. LvenLually Lhey'll geL lL Loo.

ÞLACL 120,

!usLlce Paklm Ll Allah

2"+(A- ;B.CA/%

naLlon bulldlng ls essenLlal Lo Lhe growLh and developmenL of our fuLure. As a naLlon of men and
women, Cods and LarLhs lL ls lmporLanL LhaL we are organlzed pollLlcally, soclally and economlcally.
lL ls lmperaLlve LhaL we consLlLuLe a sLrucLure Lo whereas we communlcaLe ldeas and execuLe
declslons for Lhe greaLer good or beneflL of Lhe naLlon. Cur maLhemaLlcs when applled allows us Lo
effecLlvely funcLlon on a supreme level of rlghLeousness. 8lghLeous meanlng whaL ls [usL and Lrue.
ln order for Lhls ldea Lo become a reallLy we need [usL and Lrue Cods and LarLhs ln a poslLlon of
responslblllLy Lo carry ouL requlred duLles wlLhln Lhe pollLlcal, soclal and economlc sLrucLure.

!ob performance should be monlLored and Lracked Lo measure accounLablllLy, communlcaLlon and
lnLegrlLy. !usL because someone comes ln Lhe name of Allah doesn'L mean LhaL lndlvldual ls
quallfled Lo carry ouL requlred duLles Lo advance Lhls naLlon. 1he ºbuddy-buddy concepL" of
enLrusLlng Lhose wlLh duLles Lhey fall conLlnuously Lo carry ouL musL sLop. 1hose LhaL are dlshonesL
by mlsapproprlaLlng funds Lo beneflL Lhelr own personal ob[ecLlve musL sLop.

WhaL makes one quallfled Lo make lmporLanL declslons for Lhls naLlon? WhaL ls Lhelr resume?
WhaL ls Lhelr Lrack record? 1hese are some of Lhe hard quesLlons LhaL musL be asked. When Lhese
quesLlon are asked, answered and addressed Lhen we wlll be able Lo confronL Lhe real devll or
hlnderer ln our mldsL.

Cur lessons Lell us LhaL a devll ls also a colored man. Color ls a resulL of someLhlng LhaL has been
dlluLed. A dlluLe ls a solvenL LhaL dlssolves or weakens a subsLance. A subsLance ls an ulLlmaLe and
fundamenLal reallLy. Colored ln Lhls perspecLlve represenLs an acL Lo keep you bllnd or unaware Lo
Lhe ulLlmaLe reallLy of ones decelLful lnLenLlon. Lveryone LhaL looks llke you, walks llke you and
Lalks llke you aren'L you. Some use Lhe dlsgulse of broLherhood and slsLerhood Lo conceal Lhelr
unrlghLeous ob[ecLlve. So we as a naLlon of wlse lndlvlduals musL examlne Lhose who Lake on Lasks
as Lreasurers, or are enLrusLed Lo hold and manage Lhe flnances.

llnanclal records (such as recelpLs and bank sLaLemenLs) should be shared wlLh Lhe commlLLee,
group or board durlng Lhe board meeLlng. MlnuLes or wrlLLen records should be kepL of every
slngle board meeLlng Lo ensure no confuslon of who aLLended, whaL was dlscussed and Lhe clarlLy
of Lhe meeLlng agenda.

1hose who have a poslLlve LransparenL ob[ecLlve should make pollLlcs, or declslons LhaL are made
Lo advance Lhls naLlon. 1he culLure of Lhe naLlon of Cods and LarLhs ls based on a sLrong prlnclple
of morals, eLhlcs and honor. lL ls our responslblllLy Lo Leach Lhls LruLh noL only by words buL also by
becomlng a llvlng reallLy of Lhe Leachlngs LhaL we hold ln hlgh regards.

Soclal means Lo advocaLe a socleLy of men of group of men for one common cause. ln order Lo
work LogeLher Lo accompllsh our common goal we have Lo speak and acL Lo defend whaL ls rlghL
([usL and Lrue). no more Lurnlng a bllnd eye and deaf ear Lo Lhe hypocrlsles of Lhose around us. We
are held accounLable for whaL we know, Lherefore we have Lo hold each oLher accounLable for
Lhelr acLlon and lnacLlons.

ln closlng l would llke Lo say we all should have a purpose Lo lmprove Lhe developmenL of Lhls
naLlon. Many of us conslder ourselves quallfled people Lo carry ouL Lasks relaLed Lo our purpose,
however some of us haven'L learned or educaLed ourselves on how Lo effecLlvely compleLe LhaL
Lask. 1he sclence of llvlng maLhemaLlcs should be applled Lo all faceLs of llfe so LhaL learnlng never
sLops. lL ls lmperaLlve Lo flnd a purpose, learn lL and carry lL ouL successfully. l am your broLher.

DE-)%.% =$$"F


'F.%% =GHA-(/FH%-+/ A# =$$"F
8y Allah l-laLher Supreme

1he laLher advlsed and cauLloned hls 3°ers agalnsL Lhese Lhree Lhlngs. 1hls ls someLhlng LhaL has
been passed down Lo me by Lhe Llders of our 3° naLlon of Cods and LarLhs. 1he laLher was surely
a wlse man and vlslonary. 1he quesLlon comes Lo mlnd ºWhy?" Why no dope, swlne, and whlLe
women. l wlll ln Lhls arLlcle brlefly examlne Lhe effecLs of Lhese Lhree Lhlngs on us as Crlglnal
Þeople and how Lhese Lhlngs run conLrary Lo Lhe poslLlve and healLhy growLh and developmenL of
our naLlon.

1. uope: uope ls a drug, commonly heroln, however lL may refer Lo cannabls, cocalne,
oplum, meLhampheLamlne, or oLher drugs wlLh a prlmary effecL Lo change and alLer
Lhlnklng (usually negaLlvely).
lL's commonly known LhaL drugs have plagued our communlLles and has changed our
Lhlnklng leadlng us Lo acL oLher Lhan our own selves. 1he crack era of Lhe 80's separaLed
homes, produced hlgher raLes of vlolence and deaLh. ln Lhls year of 2013 Lhe devll has
managed Lo produce more drugs LhaL are now becomlng popular such as Lhe new drug called
ºmolly" whlch ls supposed Lo be anoLher sLronger form of ecsLasy, whlch ln lLself ls a
comblnaLlon of drugs. uope desLroys Lhe mlnds of men, women, and Lhe youLh. uesLroyed
men and women leads Lo desLroyed famllles, desLroyed famllles leads Lo desLroyed
communlLles, and evenLually a desLroyed naLlon. We are advlsed Lo be healLhy sLrong, and
good, breeders. A Clear naLural mlnd free of dope leads Lo clear naLural ways and acLlons
and ob[ecLlves. lL ls sald ln our lessons LhaL we are masLered by belng kepL bllnd Lo
ourselves.dope ls one of Lhe bllndfolds.

2. Swlne: We Leach LhaL lslam ls a naLural Way of Llfe. A Clean and PealLhy way of Llfe. Swlne,
pork and pork by producLs are Lhe causes of many physlcal allmenLs ln our 8lack CommunlLles from
hlgh blood pressure, Lo hearL dlseases, eLc. We are essenLlally whaL we eaL. 1he plg ls Lhe fllLhlesL
anlmal on Lhls planeL. uon'L Lake my word for lL, do Lhe knowledge (research). We acknowledge
LhaL Lhere ls no mysLery Cod and our 8odles are 1emples, Lhe plg was made as a Lrash recepLor, yeL
our bodles were noL.

3. WhlLe women: Cod ls Lhe Crlglnal 8lackman and LarLh ls Lhe Crlglnal 8lack woman. uo we
haLe whlLe people, no, we are noL pro 8lack nor are we anLl whlLe. 1hough mlscegenaLlon helps
desLroy a naLlon. As a people we have dlsLlncL culLures, values, eLhlc and morals LhaL are also
shared wlLh our geneLlc and ancesLral bond belng Crlglnal Þeople. 8esearch wlll show LhaL
LhroughouL Llme when we wenL ouLslde of our communlLles for love, and companlonshlp LhaL we
ulLlmaLely recelved noLhlng. A greaL lndlcaLor of Lhe Love of Self ls Lhe accepLance of Self. Cur
8lack women are a reflecLlon of ourselves as 8lack men. uo you haLe Lhe person you see ln Lhe
mlrror? knowledge of Self leads Lo Lhe Love of Self and llke. PealLhy bonds beLween 8lack men and
women manlfesL healLhy chlldren, communlLles and naLlon.


1he naLlonal lnLelllgence CommunlcaLlons neLwork Agenda / WebslLe

Þeace Lo all and welcome Lo '04 2='?62=< ?2'4<<?@42:4 :65512?:='?62D 24',6!7D
webslLe. We are ln Lhe buslness of enllghLenlng and Lhus, ralslng Lhe menLal and splrlLual
consclousness of Lhe world's people (Lhe enLlre human famlly of Lhe planeL LarLh) by provldlng
Lhem wlLh Lhe lnformaLlon or lnLelllgence whlch our company vlews as belng essenLlal
Lo Lhelr galnlng undersLandlng of Lhe many conLlnuous evenLs and clrcumsLances whlch we all
wlLness belng played ouL on Lhe world sLage each and everyday.

WA8, ulSLASL, CA1ACL?SMlC LvLn1S, SCClAL Anu ÞCLl1lCAL un8LS1, ulSCCu8SL, Anu
unuL8MlnlnC, Su8!uCA1lCn Anu uLS18uC1lCn Cl nA1lCnAL LCCnCMlLS ALL CvL8 1PL
LA81P, 1PL uSu8ÞA1lCn (lC8Cl8LL SLlZu8L) Cl 1PL LAnuS Anu CCvL8nMLn1S Cl SCvL8LlCn
nA1lCnS Anu 1PL uLnlAL Cl 1PLl8 8lCP1S 1C uL1L8MlnL 1PLl8 CWn uLS1lnlLS 8? 1PL
CCvL81 Anu CvL81 AC1lCnS Cl lC8LlCn CC8ÞC8A1L
ln1L8LCÞL8S Anu Þ8CvCCA1Lu8S ln1L8vLnlnC ln Anu
CCn18CLLlnC 1PL AllAl8S Cl 1PLl8 CCvL8nMLn1S.

We vlew all of Lhe above as an obsLrucLlon Lo Lhe soclal,
pollLlcal, economlc, educaLlonal and psychologlcal asplraLlons and
advancemenL of Lhe human famllles of our planeL. We are Lherefore
encouraged as consclous men and women Lo work Lowards Lhe
developmenL of a soluLlon Lo Lhese problems. 1hls webslLe belng
Lhe foundaLlon of Lhe means Lo accompllsh our goal. Cur
deLermlned ldea belng Lo provlde you wlLh Lhe lnformaLlon or
lnLelllgence whlch ls key Lo your galnlng undersLandlng of Lhe LruLh
and reallLy of Lhe acLual cause of Lhe chaos ln our world. And, who
ls causlng all of Lhls Lo happen.

We are Lhe lnLelllgenL and consclous llve ÞercenL of Lhe
LarLh's, men and women. 1hose who are wlse, and aware, and have
been awakened Lo who, and whaL ls Lhe cause of Lhe dlssaLlsfacLlon
and dlsharmony amongsL us, Lhe human famllles of Lhe LarLh. We
have ldenLlfled Lhe cause of Lhe sympLomaLlc, programmaLlc, and
sysLemaLlc schemes of Lhe rlch, ellLe and hldden conLrollers and
manlpulaLors of humanlLy. We know LhaL Lhey are powerful, operaLe
ln secrecy, have a hlsLory of bloodllne descendency whlch
predaLes Lhe foundlng of Lhe Amerlcas and oLher lands and naLlons,
and are deLermlned Lo malnLaln Lhelr rule Lhrough Lhe agency of
meLhods Lhey have long employed Lo enslave Lhe LarLh.
1he prlmary meLhods have been and are lnlLlaLed Lhrough Lhe
medla, rellglon, pollLlcs, Lhe manlpulaLlon of law, by force of mlllLary
oppresslon and, Lhe lmplanLaLlon of fear as a weapon Lo suppress
any opposlLlon Lo Lhelr wlll and Lhelr deLermlnaLlon Lo lmplemenL
Lhelr new World Crder.
We are deLermlned LhaL Lhe people know Lhe acLual facLs of
Lhelr condlLlons and predlcamenL here ln Lhe LarLh. 1haL Lhey be
emanclpaLed from LhaL whlch has alded Lhem ln Lhelr lgnorance of
Lhe facLs and lead Lhem Lo accepL lles and bellefs, con[ecLures
(speculaLlons, Lheorles, assumpLlons) and oLher surmlsed
lnferences ln reference Lo Lhe Lrue purposes and lnLenLlons of Lhe
bloodllne famllles who have Laken conLrol of our planeL and are
responslble for lLs presenL wreLchedness and chaos.

We welcome you Lo 1PL nA1lCnAL ln1LLLlCLnCL
CCMMunlCA1lCnS nL1WC8k WL8Sl1L and we lnvlLe you Lo
become a member and Lo become a parL of a unlque and necessary
experlence LhaL has been Loo long ln comlng. A medla (world wlde
web, lnLerneL) assoclaLlon of consclous and rlghLeous researchers
and Leachers who value LruLh and Lhe lmporLance of rlghL and exacL
lnformaLlon. A [olnlng or, comlng LogeLher lf you wlll of dlverse
personallLles and characLers who are unlLed ln Lhe common cause
of addlng "LruLh Lo power" for Lhe purpose of enllghLenlng you Lo
reallLy and moLlvaLlng you Lo acLlons whlch wlll empower you Lo
Lake back our planeL or reallLy. lL ls Lhe llluslon casL lnLo our world of
rellglons, pollLlcs and fabrlcaLed law LhaL has lefL you lgnoranL
powerless and sub[ecL Lo Lhe wlll of Lhe persons and meLhods
whlch have enslaved us all aL some polnL ln our llves, even we who
are now free ln our Lhlnklng and appllcaLlons of our knowledge and

1he naLlonal lnLelllgence CommunlcaLlons neLwork ls here for
our people wherever Lhey may be LhroughouL Lhe planeL LarLh. lL ls
lmporLanL LhaL we communlcaLe Lhe LruLh noL only Lo oLhers yeL
ourselves as well.
Cur people are Lhe dlssaLlsfled who are ln need of guldance ln
Lhelr search for LruLh, happlness and peace. Who are ln need of and
are ln search of Lhe LruLh. Who are Lo be Lhe shapers and molders of
Lhe sLeadlly advanclng Lomorrows. Who know LhaL Lhelr fuLure ls
conLlngenL upon Lhelr galnlng power ln Lhe LarLh Lhrough Lhe unlLy
of consclousness LhaL wlll be achleved Lhrough Lhe galnlng of
knowledge, wlsdom, undersLandlng and rlghLeousness as a culLure
for Lhe enLlre planeL and Lhe human famllles whlch now occupy lL.

Cod ulvlne Þrlnce Allah aka
Sambo 7

lounder Þrlnclpal
LxecuLlve 1he
naLlonal lnLelllgence CommunlcaLlons neLwork

5E+FA$AIE J/K !%"$(+E
3A(-I +F% L M%#A.% +F% N

OE DF".%%H 1-((*% =$$"F

undersLandlng ls Lhe besL parL, whlch ls galned by acLlvaLlng Lhe knowledge of Supreme
MaLhemaLlcs. now ls Lhe Llme Lo show and prove LhaL we are vlcLorlous wlLhln our
clpher overcomlng all false knowledge and menLal blocks LhaL are lmplemenLed by Lhe devll Lo
keep us off our square. 1he ablllLy Lo see Lhlngs clearly for whaL Lhey are ls whaL allows you Lo be
vlcLorlous ln any clpher, because you wlll noL be bllndfolded Lo Lhe LruLh ln Lhe clpher, buL you wlll
galn Lhe besL parL you may enLer.

As Lrue and llvlng Cods we show our and probe our knowledge Lo be rlghL and exacL by Lhoroughly
dolng Lhe knowledge before applylng or speaklng on anyLhlng. knowledge ls Lhe foundaLlon so you
musL have Lhe proper knowledge and acLual facLs Lo supporL Lhe lnformaLlon LhaL you presenL,
oLherwlse you have no solld foundaLlon Lo sLand on when you are sLrlvlng Lo show and prove your
knowledge. 1hls ls Lhe case wlLh a loL of broLhers Loday who are sLraylng away from reallLy and
deallng wlLh myLhology and LheoreLlcal bellefs, because Lhey speak on Lhlngs wlLhouL properly
looklng, llsLenlng and observlng wlLh respecL Lo whaL lnformaLlon LhaL Lhey aLLaln.

1he laLher Allah made knowledge born Lo us LhaL we shouldn'L Lake anyLhlng on face value buL we
show and prove knowledge Lo rlghL and exacL. A myLh ls a half-LruLh or a flcLlLlous sLory, person or
Lhlng and myLhology ls a body of myLhs LhaL are usually based on acLual evenLs. MyLhology ls
broughL abouL wlLhln our naLlon whenever one Lakes cerLaln hlsLory, degree or plus degrees on
face value wlLhouL swlmmlng 9,000 mlles for Lhemselves.

1he knowledge of 120 ls Lo be applled accordlngly Lo llfe so LhaL you wlll have 120 of wlsdom, only
Lhen wlll you be able Lo recelve Lhe besL parL of Lhe musllm lesson, whlch ls 120 of undersLandlng.
knowledge, wlsdom and undersLandlng of 120 wlll brlng forLh a compleLe clpher of 360 degrees of
reallLy, whlch can only be aLLalned by keeplng lL real wlLh yourself and noL [usL quoLlng anyLhlng
LhaL someone presenLs Lo be Lrue wlLhouL facLs Lo supporL lL. lL's lmporLanL LhaL we deal wlLh
reallLy and beware of false knowledge, raLher Lhan breed myLhology by dolng Lhe 2 before Lhe 1
and speaklng on sub[ecLs LhaL are half-LruLhs and have no solld foundaLlon of LruLh aL all.


Peace to the true and living! I come in the name of Almighty Unikue U Allah aka Divine
Unikue U Allah born through my mother in the heart of Medina (Bed-stuy). I don’t know if
many ever heard about the year the nation went to rest (but that’s another build), anyway
they were not resting like people think they were because that’s when I was born with the
knowledge of self in the heart of Medina. My enlighteners who gave me knowledge were
two different people; my enlightener was and still is Rayheim U Allah from Pelon but did
his teachings in the heart of Medina. Rayheim took me through the 1-14 and if any one
knows him they knew he was hard to keep up with during the time I got knowledge.
Many people fell victim and it wasn’t funny this was a time when we needed all we could
get and we had people that did not like us at all. There was really a war going down and
the 5% of the 5% stood strong over all. I recall when I was a baby outlaw; we were leaving
the gangs and getting the truth injected in our brain. This was a time when one did not
go on the streets and say, “the Blackman is God”. That year it was real hard because we
had to fight almost everyday. I can’t talk on the 60s, but they paved the way and we
made the way, now lets move on because I type with two fingers LOL. I met the two little
giants in the 70’s if I recall right it was in 72 or 73. The names are Aljarrmarr and Elsun.
If you heard them build and didn’t see them you would think they were 7 feet-tall; man
was the math being born back then, anyway as I said in the 70’s so many fell we use to
find lessons in the trash cans. I had so many add on degrees on cap that no one would
oppose me. One day I went to Ajarrmarr and told him I needed a set of 120 and he said
“what?” See Rayheim and Rayheim gave it mouth to ear. I couldn’t keep up with him, so
Aljarrmarr said all the shit you be in and you don’t know 120 and I thinking I knew it all,
said “so what are you going to aid me or not”, so he did his job and started teaching me;
seems like yesterday. You know what’s so nice about the nation? We still love each other
love, hell, right or wrong. We will always pull together. If I was a better at typing I could
go on for hours about the time of god cipher. Take what the father Allah gave us and use
it right and exact, (379) understand god being born. The times and the names I could
build on could take a lifetime…peace

ºuevoLlon of Þurpose"

Allah -u- !usLlce

l sLand ln Lhe wlngs of Allah, under Lhe foundaLlon of LruLh, manlfesLlng Lhls revelaLlon Lo you wlLh
Lhe LhoughL LhaL my wrlLLen words wlll bear frulL ln your mlnd and ln dolng so, Lo open up Lhe
1emple LhaL lles wlLhln Lhe lnner chambers of your menLal belng, born supreme llghL, havlng LhaL
magneLlc degree of aLLracLlng Allke mlnds lnLo Lhe sLaLe of oneness.

8y Lhe Loken of Llme Lhrough Lhe ages, surely man ls losL and cannoL accepL Lhose who have
knowledge of self and Lhe undersLandlng Lhey need Lo enable Lhem Lo llve accordlng Lo Lhe
rlghLeousness and dedlcaLlon of our sLruggle. Many people have a Þurpose and many people have
uevoLlon, buL few people have ºuevoLlon of Þurpose". 1hls ls exacLly whaL lL wlll Lake Lo brlng our
people up ouL Lhe chalns of lgnorance LhaL surrounds Lhelr bralns ln Lhls day and Llme, noL even
durlng Lhe Llmes when our people where ln physlcal bondage have we ever been as losL as we are
losL Loday. More Lhan half of Lhose who Lhlnk LhaL Lhey are of Lhe rlghLeous are llvlng an unclvlllzed
way of llfe, yeL Lhey Lhlnk LhaL Lhey are ln Lune wlLh Lhe unlverse. 8elng Cod ls noL someLhlng LhaL
we preach, buL raLher whaL we pracLlce each and every momenL of Lhe day. Þeople Lhlnk LhaL lf
Lhey can preach knowledge by learnlng lL, Lhen LhaL ls enough. LlLLle do Lhey reallze LhaL preachlng
ls whaL preachers do, whlle aL Lhe same Llme Laklng Lhe peoples money, hopes and dreams. 1hose
who are llvlng Allahs MaLhemaLlcs have a hell of a [ob Lo do, because we have Lo noL only flghL
agalnsL Lhe devll and Lhe 10°, buL also agalnsL Lhose who profess Lo be rlghLeous buL are so caughL
up ln Lhe devlls clvlllzaLlon LhaL lL has robbed Lhem of Lhe ablllLy Lo pracLlce supreme equallLy and
Lhey do noL even reallze lL!
1hls ls why lL seems as lf we are noL maklng any progress, because for every sLep we Lake forward
as a people, we end up [umplng flve feeL back because everyone ls sLlll funcLlonlng as lf Lhey are a
parL of Lhe devlls clvlllzaLlon. 1hls ls why 1he Ponorable Lll[ah Muhammad sald LhaL he wanLed
separaLlon from Lhe devll ln a land where he could bulld hls own clvlllzaLlon, because he knew LhaL
lL was a maLLer of Llme before Lhe devll would murder all of our leaders and Lrlck Lhe people back
lnLo belng slaves wlLhouL Lhem even reallzlng lL. Slaves of a menLal deaLh and power, menLally dead
and belng used or uslng Lhelr own people as Lools and slaves all Lhe whlle Lhlnklng LhaL Lhey are
free. Always keep ln mlnd LhaL mosL orlglnal people fear Lhe devll noL reallzlng LhaL Lhe devll fears
Lhem. Pe fears Lhe day LhaL Lhe Crlglnal man Lruly wakes up. A loL of people have woken up as far
as geLLlng some form of knowledge, buL noL llvlng accordlng Lo Lhe knowledge by belng ln Lune
wlLh Lhe unlverse. 1hey sLlll don'L reallze Lhelr Lrue power, Lhe power LhaL lles dormanL wlLhln
Lhem, so Lhey never dlscover lL.
Cur moLhers cannoL walk down Lhe sLreeL aL nlghL wlLhouL Lhe fear of belng robbed or raped, we
canL send our chlldren Lo school wlLhouL Lhe fear LhaL Lhey mlghL noL reLurn home unharmed or
worsL, our chlldren are losL Lo Lhemselves and our elders are dlsgrunLled and dlsappolnLed. no one
wanLs Lo sLep up and make Lhe klnd of sacrlflces LhaL Lhe laLher, Malcolm, ur klng, 1he ÞanLhers,
1he ?oung Lords, Lll[ah Muhammad, and counLless oLhers made for fear of belng Murdered, or fear
of acLually havlng Lo be who Lhey porLray Lhemselves Lo be. Cod ls noL suppose Lo have any fear!
1haL whlch ls meanL Lo be wlll be. lL ls Llme for Cod Lo sLand up and proclalm Lhe Lhrone or lL wlll be
forever losL. Cod musL sLand up and clean up Lhls mess, because Lhese frauds LhaL are saylng Lhey
are Cod are seLLlng us back and Lhe rlghLeous cannoL [usL slL back and waLch lL. 1here was a Llme
LhaL Lhe Cods were Lhe sLrongesL force ln Lhe wllderness, we were unlfled, we were supreme
bullders LhaL were noL Lo be fooled wlLh. now we have Lhese gangs Lerrorlzlng our communlLles
and our prlsons, seLLlng us back counLless years, and worsL Lhey are Laklng our bables from us! 1he
laLher LaughL us Lo ºSave Lhe 8ables" , noL allow oLhers Lo capLure Lhelr mlnds and Lake Lhem Lo
hell. 1he degree sLaLes LhaL we would glve all LhaL we have, all LhaL ls wlLhln our powers Lo see Lhe
day LhaL we have walLed 379 years for. WhaL day ls LhaL? 1he day when Cod would domlnaLe Lhe
unlverse, noL go from Lhe many Lo Lhe few. 1he many are wonderlng almless ln Lhe devlls
clvlllzaLlon Lhlnklng LhaL lLs all abouL geLLlng money, when lL was hls masLer plan Lo caLch Lhelr
mlnds wlLh ºCold". now Loday everyone wanLs Cold and Lo be aparL of a clvlllzaLlon LhaL suppose
Lo be explred. LlLher Lhey don'L undersLand whaL Lhey Leach or Lhey wanL Lo explre wlLh Lhe devll.
lL wlll come and lL wlll caLch many wlLh Lhelr eyes shuL because lL wlll noL be Lelevlsed.
8emember, everyone LhaL comes ln Lhe name of Allah, lsn'L Allah. ?ou wlll know hlm by Lhe frulLs
LhaL he bears. Cne who doesn'L bear CCCu frulL has noL reached LhaL level. l am golng Lo leave you
wlLh Lhose LhoughLs of llfe. unLll Lhe Sun shlnes our way agaln, Þeace and profound love.

l Am
Asean 8ornsun Allah
Supreme 1eam LLC
Supreme Llfe Clvers ?ouLh lnc.

P7%%C(-I (+ 9.%/FQ OE 4E% @AG =$$"F "-G RB%%- RBH()" 4".+F

Þeace! Lye Cod Allah and Cueen Cumlca LarLh are a SLrong Couple of 16 ?ears, here ls Lhelr bulld
on keeplng lL fresh ln Lhe ulvlne unlon of 8lack Man and 8lack Woman, en[oy and caLch Lhe [ewels:

CuesLlon: "So whaL advlce would you glve Lo Lhe young 8lack Couples ln Lhe naLlon and ouLslde,
and [usL couples ln general?":

Lye Cod: 8e Lrue Lo each oLher and keep lL real. keep lL100, LhaL's all Cod, keep lL 100°. Þeace!

Cueen Cumlca: 1he Cod, Lye Cod ls good, he can Leach aLhelsLs ln one llne (laughs). Þrlnclples,
values, morals, and LruLh. 1o Lhe man Lowards Lhe woman, always make her feel slgnlflcanL. 1o
keep lL LogeLher llke Lye Cod and l, geL somebody who's golng ln Lhe same dlrecLlon. Love goes
beyond Lhe physlcal, LreaL hlm (woman Lo man) wlLh respecL, and he's Lhe head. MalnLaln love,
you'll have challenges and dlfflculLles, Lhough LhaL love wlll keep you bonded. 1haL love ls llke a
glue. l been blessed wlLh hlm and he's been blessed wlLh me. Learn who you are and who your
parLner ls. Pe could speak Lo me wlLhouL Lalklng, when l'm lncorrecL he'll speak on lL, when l'm
rlghL and exacL he'll supporL me. When you love somebody, Lhere's no greaLer Lhlng Lhan Lhe love
you have for each oLher. Pave lnLegrlLy and prlnclples wlLh no compromlse. Learn Lo laugh wlLh
each oLher, flnd humor, laughLer ls a healer. 8e wllllng Lo Lalk, communlcaLlon. 1he number one
Lhlng ls love, have Lhe rlghL moLlve, when you're rlghLeous you wanL Lo share your rlghLeousness.
Þeople wlll doubL whaL you say buL Lhey wlll belleve whaL you do, llve accordlng Lo LruLh. uon'L
come LogeLher lf you're noL sure, cause you could do bad all by yourself. ?our love has Lo exceed
Lhe physlcal, you have Lo know and feel (menLally and emoLlonally) each oLher. keep oLher people
ouL of your relaLlonshlp. 1he devll wanLs Lo keep us menLally enslaved, by keeplng us separaLed.
When you love somebody you [usL don'L love'em when Lhey're happy, you love Lhem when Lhey're
sad. Love has paLlence. ?ou can'L have Þeace on Lhe ouLslde wlLhouL havlng peace on Lhe lnslde
(Lhe home). 1he home sLrucLure ls lmporLanL.


Home of Islam
Earths cultural perspectives and topics

!"#$ &$'( )*+,-!
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5,#<(1> <1481 '$,6+''*' (1* '(+5* #2 45-#,+-8*9 ?+(*2$3 +-0 '64(*2$3 +,* (1#'* <1# '$66,*'' (1*
6#'4(4@* *22*8(' #2 A*+8* '# (1+( -*5+(4@4(/ 8+- =+B* C*@43' #$( #2 /#$ +-0 =*9
D(4-54-5 34B* + ;**
D=+,(4-5 34B* + <146
D=*334-5 34B* @4-*5+,
E' (1* '8+3* #2 ;+3+-8* (#''*' +-0 2346' +33 (1* 5,4( $-(43 /#$ 5*( + 5,46 +-0 '4( 6#4'*0 +-0 8#-(*-(
<4(1 1#< 6,#0$8(4@* $ 1+@* ;**-9 F2 /#$ 0# -#( ,*+81 (14' 6#4-( #, *7(*-(> 24-0 #$( <1+( <*-(
<,#-5> +-0 ;* 2,** (# '(+,( +33 #@*, +5+4-9 :1*,* 4' -#(14-5 <,#-5 <4(1 4(9

G/* A*+8* G+,(1 ?+H4-+

7-AS(-I +F% 4TB"$(+E +A C.AGB)% @AG
1he oLher day l sald ouL loud, ºgo Lhrow Lhe Lrash" and usually slnce lL's only Lhe glrls and l Lhere
my older daughLer would have Lhrow lL, yeL on Lhls parLlcular day my son Lllyas was Lhere and he
sald ºAdama, you heard mom, she sald go Lhrow Lhe Lrash." She looked aL hlm and sald, ºl'm Loo
preLLy Lo Lhrow Lhe Lrash and your here LhaL's whaL boys do, you Lhrow lL" lnsLead of allowlng Lhem
Lo argue back and forLh, l Lold Lllyas Lo go Lhrow lL. .. l LhoughL Lo myself. Lhere ls much work
needed for Lhem Lo undersLand Lhelr roles.
now Lhls ln no way means LhaL l Lhlnk only boys should do cerLaln Lhlngs and only glrls should do
cerLaln Lhlngs. 1he ldea LhaL only men work ouLslde Lhe home and women sLay home Lo Lake care
of Lhe chlldren (home) has changed, nowadays lL requlres boLh Lo work Lo be able Lo malnLaln Lhe
household. ?eL naLure does dlcLaLe Lhe roles we fall lnLo as male and female.
We should know and undersLand Lhe lmporLance of men, who and whaL Lhey are, Lhelr hlsLory and
Lhelr dlvlne order ln Lhe unlverse. Men are Lhe naLural proLecLors of women and Lhey should know
Lhe value of Lhe woman. Cur sons need Lo be LaughL whaL Lhelr poslLlon ln Lhe unlverse ls and Lhe
responslblllLy LhaL comes wlLh lL. Men are Lhe naLural provlders and proLecLors of women and
chlldren. Cur daughLers musL also undersLand Lhelr poslLlon ln Lhe unlverse and Lhe responslblllLy
LhaL comes wlLh lL. 1hey are noL [usL here Lo slL around and be provlded for, Lhey musL undersLand
LhaL Lhey are co-creaLors wlLh Cod and from Lhe momenL Lhey are concelved and sLarL Lo develop
ln Lhe womb Lhelr enLlre purpose ls Lo creaLe llfe. 1hey are Lo creaLe alongslde of man and be
producers of Lhe energy LhaL ls glven Lo Lhem, Lhey musL also learn LhaL Lhey have Lo be able Lo
work wlLh man Lo creaLe llfe. Powever, we cannoL leL Lhem Lhlnk Lhey are [usL malds and baby
makers. 1helr role and purpose ls Lo creaLe llfe, noL [usL a physlcal chlld, Lhey also have Lhe ablllLy
Lo creaLe Lhe quallLy of llfe around Lhem.
values and morals musL be LaughL Lo our chlldren. We musL Lake Lhe Llme Lo bulld wlLh Lhem abouL
who Lhey are and whaL Lhey wlll become. We musL lnsLlll ln Lhem a sense of purpose and
responslblllLy. noL only musL we Leach Lhem Lhe lmporLance of Lhe dlvlne energy wlLhln Lhem we
musL Leach Lhem Lhe dlvlne energy wlLhln oLhers. Much care and respecL musL go lnLo Lhe Leachlng
and Lralnlng of our chlldren because Lhey wlll produce exacLly whaL we Leach and show
Lhem. SLrlvlng Lo be Lhe examples of lnLegrlLy and humlllLy wlll be some of Lhe greaLesL glfLs we
can glve our chlldren. 1hey see so much LhaL ls oLher Lhen rlghL and exacL ln Lhls world. We are ln
a Llme where evll ls falr seemlng and compleLely accepLed. We musL Lraln Lhem up Lo be sLrong and
rlghLeous, Lo know exacLly who Lhey are and Lhelr worLh because lf we don'L Lhe ways of Lhls devlls
un-clvlllzaLlon surly wlll Leach Lhem lL's ok Lo go agalnsL Lhelr dlvlne naLure.
8oLh male and female have Lhelr naLural roles and lL ls our responslblllLy Lo help our chlldren Lo
undersLand Lhelrs. uo we wanL our young boys Lo grow up lnLo men LhaL hurL, lle, or damage young
women? uo we wanL our daughLers Lo grow up wlLh low self-esLeem, or Lo allow a man Lo use her
and dlscard her? We all wanL Lhe besL for Lhem and LhaL ls why we musL Leach Lhem Lo knowledge
Lhelr own LquallLy (havlng self worLh, dlgnlLy, and self love) and Lo knowledge Lhe LquallLy shown
Lo Lhem by oLhers, Lo only accepL Lhe besL and maklng sure Lhey only allow people ln Lhelr llves LhaL
meeL Lhelr sLandards, Lo noL seLLle for less and Lo demand Lo be LreaLed llke Lhe klngs and Cueens
Lhey are by naLure.
l work every day Lo reflne my behavlor and Lo lmprove myself so LhaL l can be Lhe example Lo my
chlldren. 1he oLher day as we lefL a sLore and walked up Lo our car, l Lold my son he ls supposed Lo
geL my door and he looked aL me and sald, ºyou should geL my door, l'm Cod", LhaL's when my
daughLer Lold hlm, ºyou don'L Lake care of yourself or oLhers, how are you Cod?" Pe sald, º8ecause
l'm Lhe 8lackman". l Lold my son, ºyou are rlghL, yeL she ls rlghL as well, as Lhe genLleman wlLh us,
Lhe rlghL Lhlng Lo do ls open my door for me because l am a woman and you are a young man". l
Lold hlm, as a young man Lhere are Lhlngs you should do for a woman because LhaL ls whaL a self-
respecLlng man should do. 1o have manners and eLlqueLLe ls parL of belng Cod as well. lL's Lhe
way you show someone you respecL yourself and Lhem. 1hlngs llke openlng doors, pulllng ouL
chalrs, and sLandlng unLll your woman Lakes a seaL. 1hese are [usL parL of havlng respecL for
yourself and Lhe woman you are wlLh.
1he besL parL of whaL l learned from my chlldren wlLh Lhls ls noL only musL we Leach and Lraln Lhem
Lhe lmporLance of clvlllLy and rlghLeousness we musL also Lraln Lhem ln manners and eLlqueLLe,
because Lhese Lhlngs are Lhe cornersLones for naLlon bulldlng.
knowledge Lhe LquallLy Lo produce Cod. 1haL should be Lhe goal and we musL puL ln Lhe work Lo
produce Cod.
WlLh love ln my hearL, Þeace lamlly!
1he LarLh Mecca lslam

0AS -A+ +A %"+ $(*% 4$(U"F
8y Seesun SclenLlflc LarLh

Lll[ah Muhammad suffered from hearL Lrouble, bronchlLls, asLhma and dlabeLes before dylng of
congesLlve hearL fallure. Lll[ah Muhammad wroLe Lhe coveLed book" Pow Lo LaL Lo llve", a dleLary
lnsLrucLlonal book for Lhe naLlon of lslam and Lhe overall black communlLy Lo follow as Lhe dleL for
Lhose Lo wanL Lo eaL Lo llve. 1hls book had some good polnLs for you Lo follow such as how noL Lo
eaL pork, how Lo prepare your own food, and Lhe lmporLance of fasLlng. lL's deflnlLely a book Lo
check ouL and a flrsL of lLs klnd! Powever Lhere are some polnLs ln boLh volume one and Lwo of Lhe
serles LhaL wlll have hls followers sufferlng from Lhe same problems he dled from. 1he unhealLhy
dleL Lll[ah spoke agalnsL ls Lhe same he advocaLed ln Lhe same breaLh. 1he consumpLlon of meaL,
dalry and Lhe ellmlnaLlon of greens ln one's dleL ls noL Lhe ldeal dleL for Afrlcan Amerlcans Lo follow
and conLrlbuLed Lo hls own demlse.

LeL's Lake dalry!
Pow Lo LaL Lo Llve, 8ook 1, ChapLer 17
13. urlnk plenLy of mllk and eaL buLLer lnsLead of so much of Lhls arLlflclal buLLer made of vegeLable
faL, and you wlll have beLLer healLh.
Cver 80° of all Afrlcan-Amerlcans worldwlde are lacLose lnLoleranL. 1he dlgesLlve sysLem does
noL produce enough of Lhe lacLose enzyme Lo break down Lhe complex lacLose sugar lnLo slmpler
sugars. 1he lacLose sugar fermenLs ln Lhe small lnLesLlne, produclng gas, bloaLlng, cramps, and
dlarrhea. 1he Amerlcan Academy of Allergy, AsLhma and lmmunology reporLs LhaL cow's mllk ls Lhe
mosL common food allergy among chlldren. SympLoms of a mllk allergy are frequenLly delayed ln
appearance. So, someLlmes you have a mllk allergy because Lhe sympLoms can appear as common
skln condlLlons, runny nose, or consLlpaLlon. Mllk also speeds up puberLy. Mllk conLalns powerful
hormones for baby calves Lo grow buL sLudles show 80° of nlne year old chlldren developed
masslve breasL developmenL because of dalry consumpLlon. So nexL Llme you see a nlne year old
looklng llke a LwenLy year old sLrlpper, Lhlnk mllk. So Lo advocaLe Lhe consumpLlon of mllk ls [usL
Lurnlng hls followers lnLo consLlpaLed, overgrown chlldren and acne rldden obese adulLs.

Pow Lo eaL Lo llve 8ook 2 ChapLer 19
"uo noL eaL Loo many green greens. 1hey are noL good for you. Lspeclally Lhe collard greens and
Lhe cabbage sprouLs. uo noL eaL Lhem."

Leafy green vegeLables are easy Lo dlgesL. We are well sulLed Lo eaLlng leafy greens because
Lhey do noL cause Lhe dlgesLlve problems broughL on by Lhe cellulose and sLarch ln many oLher
vegeLables. 1hey conLaln no faL or cholesLerol and are low ln sodlum. 1hey are also a good source
of Lhe vlLamlns A and C as well as lron and ascorblc acld. When you eaL vegeLables, ouL of season,
Lhey were probably grown ln arLlflclal condlLlons and wlll lack Lhe nuLrlenLs, flavor, and LexLure LhaL
you would geL lf lL were ln season. So maybe Mr. Muhammad dldn'L Lake lnLo conslderaLlon LhaL
Lhe greens when properly cooked and ln season are LasLler and more nuLrlLlous. SclenLlsLs from Lhe
unlverslLy of noLLlngham found 40 relevanL sLudles conducLed around Lhe world beLween 1980
and 2007, abouL how eaLlng greens can prevenL asLhma. 8esearchers found LhaL people who dld
noL geL enough vlLamln A or C from Lhelr food had a hlgher rlsk of becomlng asLhmaLlc. uldn'L
Lll[ah have asLhma, maybe he wasn'L eaLlng enough greens.

And lasLly, MeaL.
Lll[ah goes back and forLh abouL Lhe consumpLlon of meaL. Cn one hand, he encourages Lhe reader
noL Lo eaL meaL, buL on Lhe oLher hand, he says he's sure you golng Lo eaL meaL so lLs okay as long
as you geL Lhe rlghL Lype of meaL.
Pow Lo LaL Lo Llve, 8ook 2, ChapLer 17
4. 1C LA1 MLA1 ls agalnsL our llfe and shorLens Lhe span of our llfe. We eaL meaL because lL ls a
hablL from chlldhood. 8uL lf we eaL meaL only once a day or every oLher day or Lwlce a week, lL wlll
noL be so hard on our dlgesLlon. lL won'L shorLen our llves as fasL as eaLlng lL Lwo or Lhree Llmes a
day. 8eef ls hard on our dlgesLlon. lL ls Loo Lough and coarse.
14 8y naLure, Lhe human body was noL made Lo dlgesL meaLs. MeaL causes a greaL shorLenlng of
our llves. We all eaL meaL. l eaL meaL also, buL lL cerLalnly ls noL good for us. l do noL, however, eaL
14 lf you musL eaL meaL, always eaL Lhe cleanesL, such as healLhy and Luberculosls free beef. 1he
lamb ls Lhe besL. MosL beef ls Loo coarse for our sLomachs. 1he lamb ls a much flner gralned meaL.

lf you are golng Lo do drugs, Lhen do cocalne, cause crack wlll klll you. l'm sure my
comparlson of cocalne Lo meaL mlghL be golng a llLLle far, buL noL really. 1hey are boLh addlcLlons,
and Mr. Muhammad mlghL be glvlng Lhe reader Lhe ok Lo have LhaL addlcLlon because he has lL
also. 1he Amerlcan uleLeLlc AssoclaLlon noLes LhaL "mosL of manklnd" for mosL of human hlsLory
has llved on vegeLarlan or near-vegeLarlan dleLs." Cur bodles are really noL deslgned Lo dlgesL
meaL. All meaL Lakes 3-4 days Lo dlgesL. Mr. Muhammad was rlghL abouL LhaL, buL Lo make lL
accepLable Lo eaL meaL lf lL's clean, maybe sLreLchlng a llLLle Lo paclfy Lhose LhaL do eaL meaL. MeaL
consumpLlon ls reachlng an all-Llme hlgh, quadrupllng ln Lhe lasL 20 years!

As Lrlc Schlosser noLed ln hls besL-selllng book lasL lood naLlon, ºAmerlcans now spend more
money on fasL food-$110 bllllon a year-Lhan Lhey do on hlgher educaLlon. 1hey spend more on
fasL food Lhan on movles, books, magazlnes, newspapers, vldeos and recorded muslc-comblned."
WlLh Lhe lncrease ln meaL consumpLlon, lL's a decrease ln vegeLable consumpLlon. And we wonder
why Amerlcans are Lhe faLLesL and unhealLhlesL people ln Lhe world.

1he eaLlng regulaLlons ln Lhls book were declared mandaLory for hls followers. l can lmaglne LhaL
when Lhls book came ouL ln Lhe 60's, lL made a large lmpacL on Lhe dleLs of black people and
Musllms allke. 8uL now ln 2011, we can'L hold on Lo LhaL lnformaLlon as lf lL's sLlll Lrue Loday
because lL lsn'L! We know beLLer now! ln Lll[ah Muhammad's Pow Lo LaL Lo Llve, Lhere ls so much
ouLdaLed lnformaLlon, we can only embrace Lhe book as a classlc and as a parL of our healLh secLlon
shelf on our bookcases!

1he ldea of freelng yourself nuLrlLlonally from Lhe oppressors' dleL ls revoluLlonary Lo me, buL Lo do
lL lnLelllgenLly ls Lhe mosL lmporLanL key! So even Lhough Pow Lo LaL Lo Llve was a phenomenal
book and deflnlLely one ahead of lLs Llme, we should know by now how noL Lo eaL llke Lll[ah!


The Best Part
Children’s cultural perspectives and topics

By: Shabazz Born
Akee Wise & Essence Funny Papers

Akee, Wise & Essence

Righteous Riddles Rules


Pave an adulL cuL ouL Lhe cards and lamlnaLe Lhem so LhaL you can use Lhem over and over agaln.

Pow Lo play

A) ?ou can place all Lhe cards lnLo one plle. Þlck Lhe Lop card and read Lhe rlddle ouL loud Lo

8) ?ou can place Lhe cards lnLo Lhree dlfferenL plles. ln one plle puL all of Akee's rlddles. ln anoLher
plle puL all of Wlse's rlddles. ln Lhe lasL plle place all of Lssence's rlddles. Þlace Lhe Lwo Akee, Wlse
& Lssence rlddles ln any of Lhe Lhree plles.

Who reads Lhe cards?

A) Cne person can be Lhe hosL of Lhe game and read all of Lhe rlddles.

8) Cne person can be Lhe beglnnlng hosL by readlng Lhe flrsL rlddle. 1hen Lhe one who answers Lhe
rlddle rlghL can be Lhe hosL and so on.

Pow Lo wln

1he ob[ecL of Lhe game ls noL Lo wln. lL ls Lo have fun learnlng.

1haL's lL have fun