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CV Template: career change sample CV YOUR NAME CORE SKILLS & EX ERIENCE This is where you can give

a brief overview of your career history. You can either write it as a short paragraph or as bullet points. This is also the place to briefly talk about why youre making a career change and explain why youd be good in a new role. Look at the job ad and what skills/experience the employer wants and briefly use examples from your old career to showcase why youd be good in the new one. Transferable skills are key to this ERSONAL !ETAILS A!!RESS EMAIL !urrent address "est email to reach you on

TELE "ONE #obile and/or home phone NOTE: You do not need to include information on your gender or date of birth but you may want to state your nationality in this section if you are "ritish or your right to work in the $% if not. EM LOYMENT &'T() *f you +uit your job to change careers and have been studying for new +ualifications, mention this at the top of this section with details about your courses. !ATES: -tart date of your most recent job # when you left your job $O% TITLE: Y&'r ('ll )&* t+tle COM ANY: ,'ll *'s+ness name &( -&'r c&mpan. sentence briefly explaining what the company does. RES ONSI%ILITIES .dd bullet points briefly highlighting your key responsibilities here /ead the job description of the job youre applying for and keep it relevant. This is even more important for you as you need to showcase why a possibly completely unrelated job has prepared you for this new role. You dont want to put too many bullet points here 0 certainly no more than 12 as a general rule. AC"IEVEMENTS 3id you win an award4 #aybe you consistently beat targets4 5erhaps you were commended by your boss for a particular skill4 "rag about it here 6/epeat for all of the jobs you have had7

A!!ITIONAL SKILLS.ATTRI%UTES 8ere you can add in any additional personality attributes like being punctual, a team player, motivational or ambitious. .lso add in any extra +ualifications or skills you have, from #icrosoft (xcel skills through to the ability to speak another language. E!UCATION Un+/er+st- 0ates 1+( appl+ca*le2: UNI NAME 3UALI,ICATIONS: List any +ualifications gained. C&llege.S+4th ,&rm 0ates 1+( appl+ca*le2: COLLE5E NAME 3UALI,ICATIONS: List any +ualifications gained. Sch&&l 0ates: SC"OOL NAME 3UALI,ICATIONS: List any +ualifications gained. 9&'T() if you have no +ualifications, include details of your school attended but leave out the +ualifications section: RE,ERENCES .vailable on re+uest