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A Few Reminders


Degree Requirements
In order to receive the master's degree in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, students must complete all
requirements of the degree within three years (six terms, excluding summer) with an overall grade point
average of 3.0 (B) or better. The 36-point program is composed of eight 3-point courses and three 4-
point seminars.

The three core courses must be taken first. Five electives are required and may be taken in any order.
Students must select at least three electives from the intermediate core courses. Up to two approved
electives may be chosen from the course offerings in other schools or departments of the University.
Students may take additional electives beyond those required in order to deepen their study of a
particular area. Not all courses are offered every semester.

Three master's project seminars (12 points total) are required. Important note: The capstone project
requires that you attend an orientation and begin your thesis work a semester before you enroll in
the seminars. Please plan accordingly.

Registering for classes outside of your program is a notoriously difficult process. Permission depends on
the course, the school that offers it, and your academic status within the School of Continuing Education,
as well as your background and what you might bring to the course.

However, the basic procedure is as follows:

You need to fill out an add/drop form (available online:
drop.pdf), obtain a signature of permission from the instructor or department to enroll in the course, and
then submit it to the Registrar in 205 Kent Hall. You will need to contact the instructor or a program
coordinator to determine how to proceed. In some cases, you should plan on attending the first few
sessions of the class to request permission in person. For more information about the different schools,
please see:

Directory of Classes Legend

L Code Course Approval Codes Day Codes
L Limited Enrollment D-I Department and Instructor M Monday
DEP Department T Tuesday
I-D Instructor and Department W Wednesday
INS Instructor R Thursday
SIP Consult SIPA Website F Friday
S Saturday
U Sunday

Beth Fisher-Yoshida, Director Connie Sun, Program Coordinator
212-678-8106 212-678-3081
232E Horace Mann Hall, 232G Horace Mann Hall,
Teachers College, Columbia University Teachers College, Columbia University