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Resistance to Change: A new view of an old problem

Focuses on how to deal with resistance to organizational changes. Techniques on what kind of change to implement; Strategies to adopt.

Simple !rocess Simple to describe "t occurs whene#er we replace the old with new.

"mplementing change is incredibl$ difficult. %ost people are reluctant to lea#e the familiar behind & Suspicious about the unfamiliar. 'aturall$ concerned about how we will get from the old to new( especiall$ if it in#ol#es learning something new and risking failure.

)esistance as a Sur#i#al %echanism

%an$ corporate mergers fail because of cultural reasons rather than economic ones. %anagers need to understand wh$ people resist change )esistance is simpl$ a #er$ effecti#e( *er$ powerful( *er$ useful sur#i#al mechanism.

The biggest obstacle to change is past success. Asking wh$ changes should be made when things ha#e gone so well is rational and reasonable.

Selecting Changes..
)esistance to change helps us select from all possible changes the one that is most appropriate to the current situation. "f we accept that some changes must be a#oided and that other changes must be accepted.

An$ change selection process must compare e#er$ possible option not onl$ with all the alternati#es but also with what it is replacing.

,. .. 2. 5.

The consideration of what is being replaced brings four new questions+ -h$ is the old status quo no longer sufficient + -hat will it cost to make the transition from old wa$ of doing things to the /new0 fangled method1+ "s this /Cost of transition3 4ustified b$ the incremental benefits of what is being proposed+ 6oes the proposed change support and reinforce e7isting core #alues+

'eed to upgrade $our compan$9s accounting s$stem. !resentl$ : %anual s$stem : for a number of $ears. 'ot capable to handle the pace of $our compan$9s recent growth. Command from high back to $ou0 /Adopt or 6ie1.

Few strategies that could make change more acceptable. ,. Assign the computer department to in#estigate alternati#e options and also include members of the accounting department in the e7ploration of alternati#es. .. Allowing them into attend workshops or subscribe to magazines that re#iew new accounting s$stems( or e#en hire new accountants alread$ e7perienced in new s$stem.

'ow it would be up to the accounting department to propose their own change and e#en fight for the budget necessar$ to implement their #ision. )esult is that the people affected b$ the change are committed to it. The$ implement the new s$stem without that change being forced on them.

)ational *s "rrational
"rrational resistance does e7ist. The$ simpl$ don9t want to change. ;ow the$ are managing in an organization is depends greatl$ upon the organizational culture.

-hate#er else $ou do( fight for as long as possible the temptation to re4ect resistance. )esistance to change is normal and natural. "f there is a reason for change( *oice it "f there9s no reason to change ( A#oid it.

"nstead of re4ecting resistance( LISTEN LEARN LEAD