How We Can Grow…Naturally!
There are a lot of different ways to “grow” a church. Some of those ways bring quick numbers that die out at the slightest change. Others follow individual people or programs and rise when times are good and fall when times get tough. The best way to “grow,” however, to grow naturally (that’s true for people, plants, AND churches!). So when the Annual Conference asked each church to come up with a Strategic Plan to become more “fruitful” (i.e. to “grow” fruit from our ministries), we naturally turned to a program called Natural Church Development to help us in that effort. Natural Church Development is a process that has been undertaken by tens of thousands of churches worldwide in an effort to better understand the reasons for church success and areas that need improvement. Methodists around the country are using the process to evaluate their church’s effectiveness. We are looking into using this valuable resource to help us be more effective too. But we need your help. The process will not work without participation from people within the church. That’s why we are having an all -church lunch (lunch is pot -luck so bring something tasty to share) on August 30th after worship to discuss this process. Rev. James Graham of Verdigris UMC has offered to “coach” us through the process and will present what Natural Church Development has meant to his church and what it might do for us. I hope each of you will make an effort to come that Sunday and then to participate in the process. If you have questions, please bring those to the lunch on the 30 th. See you then!

The Pumpkins are Coming...
Every year, Southern Hills UMC is invaded by a sea of pumpkins. This year we will again be hosting our annual Pumpkin Patch, under the able leadership of Katie Alfred and Sarah Ferguson for the second year! This year’s patch will be a little different than previous years but the fun and fellowship will stay the same! Of course, we will need volunteers to sell pumpkins and to tell stories at story time. Regular patch hours will be 12 -7 (two shifts, 12 -4, 4-7). We only need a couple of people for the 12-4 shift and probably three during the 4 -7 slot. If you would like to help with story time (read pumpkin stories to groups of kids), consider signing up to read one day each week (every Tuesday during the three week patch, for example) or share a day with someone and rotate weeks. We will be handing out the "Pumpkin Cards" the first of September at church service for any other services you wish to offer. We also need carts or wheelbarrows. If you have and can loan us carts or wheelbarrows, we would greatly welcome them. Be sure to put your name Here next month’s on the cart so we can get are important dates to put on your calendar forand the orangeorange invasion:the patch. set up day for the big tent fencing around it back to you straw and October 7th, 5pm— pallets delivered. Time to be determined later. after the patch. Contact Katie or October 10— PUMPKINS ARRIVE, after service Come dressed in clothes to help unload the truck (or bring a change!). Sarah 743-2940 to October 11— 7, with two shifts 12 -4, 4-7) (Patch hours are 12 volunteer your — Patch Officially Opens Time hours are 9:30 -12:00 Tuesday -Friday) — time or wagons. October 12 Story Time Begins (Story October 13— Last Day of Patch and Great Pumpkin Gifts October 31—

Pastor Jeff Writes
I love vacation. Who doesn’t? It’s nice to get away from everything, rest for a while, and enjoy a change in scenery. I’ve been fortunate in my life to be able to take some pretty great vacations and, like every kid, looked forward to every school break for a chance to get away (from school if nothing else!). But there are a couple problems with vacation, that, looking back, even existed in those days in school: 1) trying to get everything done before the break and 2) getting caught up and in gear after the break is over. Before vacation starts you have to rush to get everything done before you leave. Back in school, this meant the teachers usually found ways to cram projects, tests, or more homework in before the break started… meaning less sleep and more stress. While I no longer have tests, getting ready for vacation for me now means planning extra worship services and making sure everything is lined up. I even try to cross a few things off the to-do list that have become regular fixtures there. Sadly, the end effect is pretty much the same: less sleep and more stress before leaving. And just when you think you’ve de -stressed while on vacation, you come back into the thick of it when you get back. I can easily spend days on the plethora of e -mails in my inbox, the pile of regular mail in another inbox, and voicemail on my phone inbox. All that can make me want to climb into a box…or take another vacation! And yet, just like the kids who are streaming back into schools around the state, there comes a time for summer break to be over and get back in gear for the Fall. We all take breaks in one way or another and we need to—it’s good for the soul. Even God took a break at the end of creation, and then called us to do the same. Taking a break recharges the batteries in preparation for what is to come. But the time comes when we can put off the future no longer and must move into that next phase. Call that getting “back in gear,” “back in the swing of things,” or “back in the saddle again” —whatever you call it, once you’ve recharged those batteries, it’s time to put that energy to good use. And now is a good time to do that in the life of the church. Because September is a time of change in the culture at large (new seasons start for schools, sports teams, tv networks, etc.), many people use this time to look for a church home. Maybe that is you this year. If so, welcome to Southern Hills UMC! If that is not your situation, maybe you can make an effort to sit next to one of the guests who will be joining us in worship, welcoming them to our church family. Or maybe you might want to invite someone you know to try us out this month. Maybe getting in gear for you means going next door and checking in on your neighbor. Maybe it means calling that person who’s been on your mind. Maybe it means being more consistent in coming to church or Sunday school. Maybe, like me, it means working on new programs and ministries to find new ways to connect our church to God’s people in our community. I know a lot of our committee chairs are doing that too. And we as a church are working on new ways to become more fruitful through the Strategic Plan and the Natural Church Development program (see the article on the front page for more info.). Maybe you want to help us in this important effort—and that’s how you “get in gear.” There are many ways to “get in gear” this month. The choir is back from summer break, UMW is ready to meet and eat, and our 50 th anniversary is right around the corner. These and many more are great opportunities for you to use some of that energy you’ve gained over the summer. Call the church office for more information on these and other activities re -starting this month. I’m glad to have had a little break at the end of the summer. I hope you had a good break too. But I can’t wait to “get in gear” and see what God does with all those newly recharged batteries! Peace,

A Tulsa District Event benefiting All God's Children. September 20 from 5 to 7 pm Circle of Care (a United Methodist agency to care for children and youth) is sponsoring a chili and dessert (cakes only) cook-off to raise funds and awareness of their programs. Each Methodist church in the Tulsa area is requested to enter at least one chili (with typed recipe), and two desserts (cakes only with recipe). If we do not offer a chili entry, then we will be asked to donate something for the silent auction. Please let Katie Alfred (743-2940) know if you would like to enter your chili or dessert recipe for this event. Tickets for the event are only $5 for adults. Children 12 and under are free. I will have tickets with me at church starting August 30 so have your money ready for some tasty chili and great cakes. Please support the great work of Circle of Care. Chili and dessert (cakes only) entries must be submitted to our committee by September 11 ( with recipe). Some local firefighters will judge the best recipes. Entertainment will be provided by some good friends of our church: Joesf Glaude, Lon de Ada and Pete Astor. Thank you for supporting Circle of Care.

Book Club Tuesday, Sept. 8, 7:00 pm Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
By Barbara Kingsolver Author Barbara King solver, in her first nonfiction book, sets out to discover the truth behind the age-old statement, “ you are what you eat.” She and her family leave the comfort of their home in Arizona for family-owned land in the Appalachia. Together they face the challenges of eating only foods that they grow or purchase from neighboring farms. It is written as part memoir, part cookbook, and part journalistic investigation. It will make you more aware of what you are putting into your body, where you shop and how you cook in your kitchen. It also will raise questions about the how our “choices will effect our future, our health and our well-being. Animal, Vegetable and Miracle is more than a story of one family’s experience. Consider it a valuable resource to living.

Join us Tuesday, September 8, at 7:00 pm for good discussion and possibly some “local” fare. If you have not read anything by Barbara Kingsolver, this is a good place to begin. She is a good storyteller.

Young Adults in Labor!
No, this is not a baby announcement…baby Jaynes is still a couple months away. It is a call to labor —the work kind—for young adults across the state. The Young Adult Small Group here at Southern Hills UMC is joining together with the Young Adult Ministry Council for the Oklahoma Conference of United Methodists to spend a day of labor on Labor Day weekend ( Saturday, Sept. 5 th to be exact). We will be working to help our brothers and sisters at Billy Hooten Memorial UMC in Oklahoma City, a church in the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference. We will be working from 9am to 4pm so our group will need to meet at the church around 7am to make it down to OKC in time. Families are more than welcome, they are all invited to join in on the fun (other kiddos will be down there as well). Please contact Pastor Jeff ASAP if you’d like to be involved in this fun day of work and fellowship with young adults from around the state. There will still be plenty of time later in the weekend for a trip to the lake!

Take Steps to Fight Hunger! Bring in your Memories!
Each year hundreds of people in Tulsa gather together downtown to take steps to fight hunger in our city and our world. They do so by participating in CROP Walk, an annual fundraiser for Church World Service —a Christian International Relief Agency. This year, like last year, our very own Pastor Jeff is leading up the local effort for CROP Walk and Southern Hills UMC is a sponsor. The walk itself will be Sunday, October 4 at 1:30 but please talk to Pastor Jeff today about participating in this important event. Each year we’ve exceeded our goal for fundraising and walkers and we want to do the same again this year. So take the first step by contacting the church office today and let Pastor Jeff know you want to walk to fight hunger! You can also go to and sign up online. As we prepare for our big 50th Anniversary celebration on November 15th (circle that date on your calendar now!), we need your help. Many of you have pictures, articles, and other memorabilia of the life of the people at Southern Hills UMC (or even John Wesley Methodist -our first name). The group planning our celebration would like to compile that information to showcase it on the big day. For more information, call the church office.

Parish Nurses Back in Action
After a short summer break our Parish Nurses are back in action! They have many things planned for us this fall to keep us safe, healthy, and informed. October is Disaster Preparedness Month. They will focus on plans for the home, church, community and even our precious pets! Watch your October newsletter for details. Don’t forget to check out the nurse’s bulletin board next to the kitchen!


Walkers will be suspended during the months of September and October. November will be a good time to get those walkin’ shoes on, Make a Joyful Noise: Join the Choir! take a walk, and be thankful What a wonderful time of the year this is. School for the wonderful body God has started, schedules are put in place, gave us. Please plan to join Fall and Winter are on our minds and we me in November, even if it is for 50 steps." begin planning for the rest of the year Wendy Reeder activities. Even the Choir begins to plan for the rest of the year.

Schools…of FISH!
As kids go back to school, people in need have even more expenses to face that take away needed funds from rent, utilities, or even gassing up their cars to take the kids where they need to go. That’s where we can come in. Through our FISH program (Furnishing Individuals Support and Hope), we can help alleviate some of the burdens for these families while helping them return to self -sufficiency. We are in the process of planning for Thanksgiving and even Christmas for our music. However, we need MORE VOICES to do any of our music justice. That’s where you come in … If anyone would like to join in and help us sing, just come on Wednesday nights to the church sanctuary at 7:00 and join us in praising God through SONG. No training or special skill is necessary, only a willing heart and the voice God gave you. There are no auditions and all are welcome!

If you would like to help this important If you know anyone who would like to sing, effort, you can donate funds (just mark FISH on invite them to come with you. The church needs you and your envelope or check) or time (to meet with God needs you. prospective clients). Any and all support is more See you Wednesdays! than welcome. Please contact the church office today with questions or to offer your support. Jessie Feather

Non-Profit Org.

Return Service Requested
U.S. Postage PAID 6160 S. Lewis Tulsa, OK 74136 Tulsa, OK Permit #72 Phone: 918-743-2013 Fax: 918-743-3151 Email: shumchurch@shumc Rev. Jeff Jaynes: Pastor@shumc Linda Sisemore, editor: Linda.sisemore@shumc

Church School Classes 9:45 a.m. Worship Celebration 11:00 a.m. Monday Prayer time 7:00 a.m.

Our Mission We are disciples serving God, Building a community of grace and love.

UMW Salad Supper
Look Inside

Sept. 1, 6:30pm
The United Methodist Women’s program September 1st will be a salad supper and book review. Please join us at 6:30pm. All women of the church are invited. The Trinity and New Haven UMW are invited as our guests. UMW members should bring a big salad and come early for set-up. For more information, contact Becky Hamby at 827-4739.

Pumpkins in your future? Do you smell chili?

Road Trip!

Choir Wants You!

Our Vision Focusing Outward, Growing Together, Practicing the Presence of God, Living Lives of Worship and Inviting Others to Come and See.

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