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Aim of the Project

The aim of the project is to make a robot which can follow the desired path and can extinguish the fire on the path. The robot can be used in the rescue operation. Thus the robot can act as a path guider in normal case and as a fire extinguisher in emergency.
INTRODUCTION-: The firefighting robot is designed to search for a fire in a small floor plan of a house, extinguish the fire. This mission is divided into smaller tasks, and each task is implemented in the most efficient manner. The navigation of the robot throughout the house is achieved by data provided by a RF Module. The target ac uisition is achieved by data provided by a camera. The deployment of the extinguishing device is implemented with a Fan controlled by Motor. !long with these crucial tasks were other design constraints, such as the si"e, speed, and supply of power. #ach defining characteristic of the robot is described in more detail in this document. Software De i!"-: The software for the robot was coded in $, because of compiler availability, our familiarity with the language, as well as the greater control of the system offered as compared to other higher languages. %hile our Microcontroller supports assembly, it was avoided because it&s a difficult to maintain, and varies greatly from processor to processor. $ allowed us to easily break apart the components of software design so that different members of the team could code the system. The software design had four major components, including interfacing its peripherals, control of its motors and servos, navigation, and target ac uisition.

De i!" S#ecificatio"
'. For proper functioning of the robot needs a voltage supply of about (.)* and current about +.,!. -. .t should stop and extinguish fire and restart only after making sure that the fire has been extinguished. ). This could not be run using the dry cells because of the current re uirement.

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A##$icatio" :'. The robot can be used as a guider to guide the visitors from the entrance to the main office . -. .t can help doctors to carry the medicines from one ward to another .

). The main purpose is to rescue the people by extinguishing fire in a building .

%imitatio" a"& f't're E(te" io" :.t can be extended to a real fire extinguisher by replacing the fan by a carbon7di7oxide carrier and by making it to extinguish fires of all the room using microprogramming. !lso the robot could not be run through the batteries because at some conditions the current re uirement for the circuit rises to about .8! which is very high and can not be obtained using batteries.