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China's largest ecovillage , the Second Home of Lifechanyuan


Invitation to Media, Experts and Scholars Come and Experience the Communism Life
Xuefeng 21th December, 2013 (Translated by Ailian)

Communism, the ideal life of Utopia which has been dreamed of by human beings for thousands years has realized here, that is the life of the econd !ome"

#here are one hundred fifty permanent residents in the econd !ome" #he oldest is eighty$si%, and the youngest is fi&e" #he ma'ority of the members are females" #he econd !ome has been e%isting for four years, and we actually ha&e realized the below wonderful dreams(

1" )et each person do his best and gi&e what he needs" 2" *o one poc+ets anything found on the road, and doors are unbolted at night"

3" *o marriage and no nuclear family" ," -lderly are loo+ed after properly, and children are well brought up" ." #here is no rules or commandments" /aradise management is realized here" 0" #he record of criminal, 1uarrel, and fighting is zero" 2" 3oney is not needed within the community, and the en&ironment is 'ust li+e Xanadu" 4" -&eryone is worry$free about food, clothing, accommodation, transportation, birth, ageing, sic+ness, and death" 5" -&erybody is happy, 'oyful, free, and blessed" /eople rarely get sic+" 10" /eople li&e in harmony with people, society, and nature" 11" 6f there is no e%ternal disturbance, our community will be impro&ing better and better"

Chinese nation is a nation of wisdom, it is a great nation" #he noble desires of human being for thousands of years ha&e become li&ing reality, which should be the pride of Chinese nation"

#his is the crystallization of all human wisdom" 7nd it is the result of continuous pursuit and endea&our by the sages and people with lofty ideals in all times" 6t is the hope of all the people who are diligent, +ind, simple, sincere, and trustworthy"

#his is the biggest mental and spiritual wealth for human beings" 6t is worth cherishing, transmitting, searching, e%ploring, and learning"

China's largest ecovillage , the Second Home of Lifechanyuan

6n today8s ac1uisiti&e society, here can be called a pure land"

9e hope that all media around the world, all the e%perts and scholars around the world who do research on humanity and social studies, and all the people with lofty ideals who are dedicated to the freedom and happiness for all human beings, come and e%perience, obser&e, research, and e%plore" #ogether we pass this spiritual wealth to the ne%t generations, and lay the foundation for the bright future of human beings"

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