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Heuristic Evaluation Report

Heuristic Evaluation Report

CSC-456: Human-Computer Interaction
Group Members
Muhammad Waseem Iqbal Ahmed Mian Aslam Kiran Khan

Heuristic Evaluation of the Web Site Report of XXth April 2013
{My instructions and comments are contained inside curly brackets. Remove them before you hand in your work!}

1 Executive Summary
{Executive summary of the main results from the heuristic evaluation aimed at higher management (1 page).} {Your client's manager will not read the whole report, but only the executive summary, and wants to know how the evaluation was done and what the main findings were.}

2 Evaluation Methodology
{Describe what a HE is and how it is done in your own words. Do not copy a description of HE from the web or anywhere else. Provide proper reference of the material read} A good description of the heuristic evaluation method is given by its inventor Jakob Nielsen.

3 User Profiles
{Describe the kinds of user your product is trying to attract.} {Group these users into categories according to their characteristics.}
file:///C:/Users/ibm/Desktop/Heuristics Evaluation/Heuristic Evaluation Template.htm 1/5


Heuristic Evaluation Report

{Describe the tasks these different kinds of user might want to perform.}

4 Extent of the Evaluation

{Describe which parts of the interface were evaluated (if there was too much to evaluate it all).}

5 Evaluators and Evaluation Environment

The hardware and software used by each evaluator is shown in Table 1. {Tabular overview of the different evaluators and their evaluation environments: demographic data, hardware, browser, type and speed of internet connection, etc.}
Evaluator Age S ex Web Browser Operating S ystem Muhammad Waseem Iqbal Ahmed 24 male Firefox 3.0.7 de Windows XP SP3 26 male Chrome 14.3 Mian Aslam 31 male Opera 9.63 en Kiran Khan 25 female IE 8.0.6001 Windows Vista Home

Windows XP SP3 M ac OS X

Internet Connection 8 mbps, cello, cable Monitor S ize Monitor Colours 19" 32-bits

8 mbps, tele2, dsl 7.2 mbps, Orange, mobile internet 8 mbps, aonKombi, dsl 17" 32-bits 1152x864 1152x864 2009-03-28 15:15-16:30 17" 32-bits 1280x1024 1280x1024 2009-03-29 11:00-12:30 11,3" TFT 32-bits 800x600 800x600 2009-03-28 14:30-15:30

Monitor Resolution 1280x1024 browser Resolution Date of Evaluation Time of Evaluation 1280x1024 2009-03-28 09:00-10:00

Table 1: The evaluation environment used by each evaluator.

6 Analysis of the Main Problems

{One paragraph and screen shot for each of the top five most severe problems.} {Screen shots should always be captured in PNG format, since PNG is lossless and has very good compression. Make scaled-down versions of the screen shots for here (approximately 600 by 400), which you can edit (draw on) to highlight your point, but also link to local copies of the unedited full-size originals.}

6.1 Yellow Text

The main problem with... as shown in Figure X.

file:///C:/Users/ibm/Desktop/Heuristics Evaluation/Heuristic Evaluation Template.htm



Heuristic Evaluation Report

Figure X: On the home page... {Here follow the next four problems in the order they appear in the final severity rankings, each with an illustrative screen shot...}

7 List of Problems Found

{Aggregated list of all problems found, in descending order of average severity.} {The name of each screenshot should be linked to the screenshot itself.} Table 2 shows a list of all the problems found in the evaluation, sorted in descreasing order of average severity.
Found By S everity

No. 1

S hort Description Title Yellow In the chat room, Text the default text is an unreadable yellow colour.

S creenshot Heuristic n01-kascreen.png

Location (how reproducible?)

MW IA MA KK MW IA MA KK Av y y 4 4 4 4 4.00

Aesthetic dreamland/chat.html and M inimalist Design Chat - M yChat Options

... ...

in descending order of average file:///C:/Users/ibm/Desktop/Heuristics Evaluation/Heuristic Evaluation Template.htm



Heuristic Evaluation Report

order of average severity until... ... 87 Green Links Visited links are displayed in green, which conflicts somewhat with the light grey background. prob87.png Aesthetic Everywhere and M inimalist Design y 0 0 1 0 0.25

Table 2: Aggregated list of all problems found, in descending order of average severity.

Code Meaning MW IA MA KK y Muhammad Waseed Iqbal Ahmed Mian Aslam Kiran Khan Found by this evaluator Legend: Name Codes. Severity Meaning 4 3 2 1 0 Av Catastophic problem Serious problem Minor problem Cosmetic problem Not a problem Average severity

Legend: Severity Ratings.

{References to related work and related studies.} [Nie2013] Jakob Nielsen; Heuristic Evaluation ; Visited 2013-03-14. h t t p : / / w w w . n n g r o u p . c o m / t o p i c / h e u r i s t i c e v a l u a t i o n /

A Heuristics Used by the Evaluators

The evaluators used the Andrews General Usability Heuristics 2013 found in file h e u r i s t i c s . p d f

file:///C:/Users/ibm/Desktop/Heuristics Evaluation/Heuristic Evaluation Template.htm



Heuristic Evaluation Report

B Individual Evaluation Logs

The individual evaluation logs are listed below. Name Harald Roth Thomas Geer Sally Smith Log File l o g W a s e e m s . t x t

Christian Took etc.

C Spreadsheet
The filled-in spreadsheet of all problems and positives including their ratings is h e l i s t . x l s . Please note that this template has been taken from the course website of Prof. Keith Andrews available at HCI Practical Excersises

file:///C:/Users/ibm/Desktop/Heuristics Evaluation/Heuristic Evaluation Template.htm