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I was a little late I was grounded with out computer for like 2 months and I just got it back Please don't hate me! The updates will be sooner now! Ok guys in this story all the Cullen’s are vampires but they can eat human food but they have to drink blood they can’t drink water, they can but if they do is like they are sick with fever and stomach pain for more than a month, is like an allergy je, je. The eyes of Cullen’s can change in 3 different colors: black when they are hungry, golden when there thisty and the color they had as humans when they are regular And for lovers of Jacob don’t worry im gonna put him in some of the chapters but I don’t know witch one. Ok so now I’ll shut up so you can read the story Chapter 3: angel Point of view of Edward I was sitting in the cafeteria waiting for my angel to come, Bella. She is my class mate in math and science. It's very difficult to concentrate with her by my side and in the same room! Since school started I knew I was in love with her, every part of her, her big chocolate eyes, her hair, her lips that I want to kiss but I have to resist every time, but she is very beautiful and perfect she doesn’t like someone like me, she deserves better. Of course who wouldn’t like a person like me the most handsome and popular boy in school and all that but it fell as if she seemed to ignore me, as if I didn’t existed, as if I was invisible. sure it was better for to ignore me because I'm only a danger for her, a vampire, and not only that, a family of vampires pretending to be human and eating human food it’s not so bad but it’s still is not the most appetizing thing in the world, we prefer the blood, blood from animals of course we couldn’t bear the guilt of killing an innocent person and of course not Bella. And I couldn’t force a conversation with her, because I couldn’t breathe because the smell her blood is very powerful to me, that's why I better stay quiet to avoid her death. She was entering the cafeteria to sit with her friends, I quitted starring at her. I didn’t wanted her to see me starring at her, I waited a few minutes and then I stared at her again but I realized that she was watching me too her beautiful chocolate brown eyes focused on me, but then she looked away, and then blushed. You think she did that on purpose? I think not! You think I like her? I couldn’t know not even because I have the power to read minds and she is immune to it and it drives me crazy sometimes! , and I’m not the one that’s going to ask her. I ‘m lucky that my sister is her best friend, Alice she is the perfect vampire who can act as a human and all that! Sometimes it frustrates me so much! "Alice" I yelled and then she looked towards me.

"What do you want?" She thought. "Can you come please?"I whispered so she could only listen. I saw her telling her friends that she was coming in a minute and then she came here. "I hope this is something important, because we were talking about Robert Pattinson……" she snarled. " it is I need you to make me a favor" I whispered. "What?" she Wondered irritated. "Not that I care but do you know if your friend Bella likes me?" "Oh My God you like Bella!" she Whispers. "Psh of course no i’m… just curious" I said as I rubbed my nose with my fingers. "Mm hum whatever you say, I'm glad that you finally like someone! Why I did not see this? Anyways you guys make such a good couple! Why didn’t I see it before? I mean you were there and Bella and then the way you see her at the halls! Please let me organize your first date! I can imagine what Bella is going to-" “Alice! Are you going to ask her or not?!” now I’m the irritated one. “Sure sure” "Mmm okay, but don’t tell her that I asked you to ask her because then she’ll think that I like her and…. Just go ask her please?” “Fine but you own me one” she said while smiling "you already know the answer! Why don’t I just read your mind?" "Nuh hu I will not leave it so easily!" I growled. "Ha, ha bye!" and with that she went back to her table. What do I do if she does not like me? I know she is my soul mate I can feel it but what if I killed her? If I can not resist her blood? What if I can’t even be near her? But what if she likes me? Can her kiss? So even touch her? well I’ll find out sooner or later. The bell rang at that moment; I saw that everyone was going to their classes, I get up heading for the door when I feel like somebody pushed me.

. "Watch where you walk" grunting, but then I turned to see Bella on the floor. “Sorry…for be-…ing so…clumsy!” He said between sobs. "Oh god Bella are you okay?" I said shocked. I approached her and offered my hand, she hesitated for a long time but then grabbed it, When took my hand it felt like electroshocks were passing between us, it seemed as if she felt it too needier of us said nothing about it "Forgive me for being so rude, are you okay?" I asked again. "I, um ... sorry for falling on your back," she said while blushing "it’s ok but, are you sure you’re ok?" I insisted. "I’m sure I’m ok, um I think we're going to be late for science" "I think so too, would you mind if I accompany you?" I ask. "Of course not, c’mon," she said while looking for her stuff and her backpack. We started walking down the hallway and resisted the urge to go and put my arm on her shoulders or give a kiss on the cheek, she was so beautiful in that blue shirt and black pants that I could almost eat her, but refuse to do so. When we arrived at the room everybody turned to look at Bella and me and of course Bella was blushing while she took her seat. I could hear the thoughts of her friend Mike that I think is really gay at least in his thoughts. “¿What was that girl doing with my Edward! Edward is mine! But he still doesn’t know. How dare is that slut be with him?! Ok shut up! You have to stay quiet or everyone will know our secret, what would I give to kiss him right know... “ I left mike’s thoughts I didn’t want to have that image for the rest of my life I switch to the thoughts of Samantha better. what is Bella doing with edward! She looked so happy when she entered the classroom, what happened!? I want all the details! she better not have kissed him! She knows that I like him he looks like Edward like in the movie twilight. Ahh is like a dream come true. But it doesn’t mater I mean I want her to be happy because I know that she doesn’t like anyone, or maybe she changed her mind…it’s fine with me just don’t you dere touch my Robert, he. Is. MINE! Oh, how I want to kiss him right now… I left Samantha’s thoughts another image I did not want in my mind. But what if she’s right? What if Bella changed her mind? Do I have an opportunity with her?

My thoughts were interrupted by the bell, wow that was fast, I think I will have to wait to answer all these questions at lunch but until then just I’ll just be thinking of one thing. My angel. Bella.

The next chapter from the P.O.V of Bella! Leave me a comment please!!!!!!!!! love you bye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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