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Sunflag Iron and Steel Co. Ltd. is a prestigious unit of the SUN FLAG GROUP.

It has set up a state-of-art integrated plant at Bhandara, India. The plant has a capacity to produce 360,000 tonnes per annum of high quality special steel using liquid pig iron and sponge iron as basic inputs. The plant comprises 2,62,000 tonnes per annum irect !eduction "lants, to produce sponge iron for capti#e consumption in the $teel %elting $hop. This shop comprises a &0'60 tonnes ultra high po(er )lectric *rc +urnace (ith )ccentric bottom arrangement, -adle refining furnace, Tan. egassing and Bloom'Billet double radius caster (ith *%-/ 0 )%$ and T type tundish. The billets produced at the steel melting shop are rolled at the %annesmann emag esigned ultra modern 20 stand /ontinous mill. This mill has a dual fuel type ( hearth reheating furnace, quic. roll-changing facilities, a 6& metres long (al. and (ait type modern cooling bed and abo#e all computerised process control and controlling the #arious stages. 1ithin a short period of its inception in 2343, the $56+-*7 $T))- has established itself as a ma8or global force. This modern comple9 pulsating (ith (orld-class technology, e9pert human resources and a commitment to e9cellence, has created a distinct niche in *lloy $teel, $tainless $teel 0 %icroalloyed $teel and attained the position of leader in the segment. Today $56+-*7 $T))has also embar.ed on an e9port thrust and is regularly recei#ing prestigious orders from :apan and many other +ar )ast, *fro-*sian and %iddle)ast countries. The *$% commenced production in the year 233;, enabling $unflag to e9pand their product range upto 30 mm dia !ounds, ;& mm !/$. * capti#e "o(er "lant of 30 %1 capacity has already been comissioned using (aste gases.

The Blooming %ill, state of an art commenced "roduction in the year 2022 (ith (ide range of rolling co#ering from ;& !cs ' !ound to 260 !cs ' !ound in all Sunflag is Actively engaged in Pollution Control. "ollution control< "ollution control equipments are an integral part of the production units. They are maintained li.e any other equipments of production units. *n amount of about !s. & crores is in#ested e#ery year in the operation and maintenance of such equipments. *nd the performance is audited by internal and e9ternal auditors, as required by the prestigious =$ - 3000 certification. 1ater pollution control< irect cooling (ater is treated in )ffluent Treatment "lant. The treated (ater is re-circulated in the system. The sludge from the )T" is used for land filling in the plant. The /ooling To(er Blo(do(n 1ater is utili>ed for (ater spraying on the roads for control of fugiti#e emission and gardening purpose. *ir "ollution /ontrol The ma8or equipments of *ir "ollution /ontrol system are ust settling /hamber, 1aste ?eat !eco#ery Boiler, )lectrostatic "recipitator @)$"A, ense "hase /on#eying $ystem, %ulticone /yclone, +ilter Bag ?ouse, 1et $crubber, + /ooler and I +an. %odifications are carried out continuously for impro#ed performance. In the fiscal year 2000 2002, an amount of !s. 24 -a.hs (ere spent. To pre#ent pollution from +ly *sh generated from the "o(er plant, a bric. plant (as put up a cost of !s. 20 -a.hs (ith a capacity to produce 20,000 bric.s per shift. The bric.s find use in ci#il construction. 1ithin the premises of the factory massi#e tree plantation is carried out, (hich helps .eep the en#ironment of the surrounding #illages clean. /elebrate &th of :une e#ery year as 1orld )n#ironment en#ironment. /arry out in house controls and chec.s, using latest testing equipments, to ensure proper maintenance of pollution le#els. ay (ith much fanfare, (ith an aim to spread the message of clean

SUNFLAG IRON & S !!L CO. L " 33 %ount !oad, $adar, 6agpur BB0 002 India U# C!R IFICA !

ISO $%&&$ & O'SAS $(&&$ C!R IFICA !

"!C/)$$ !C5T) +C! I!C6 0 "C1)! IDI$IC6

"!C/)$$ !C5T) +C! $T))- IDI$IC6

)e Peo*le *n organisation is .no(n by its people. *nd here (e (ould li.e to introduce you to the people behind $unflag. Our Founder+ $hri $atyade# Bhard(a8 C)air,an+ %r. ".B Bhard(a8 #ice C)air,an and -anaging "irector+ %r. !a#i Bhushan Bhard(a8 .t. -anaging "irector+ %r. "rana# Bhard(a8 /oard of "irectors+ r. ).!./. $ @ irectorA %r. $. 7a8endran @ irectorA /* :ayesh % "armar @ irectorA /ompany $ecretary/$ %u.esh . "ara.h %r. B.1. !amte.e @6ominee irector - I BI Ban.A %r. $urendra Eumar 7upta - irector 0 /)C

SUNFLAG IRON & S !!L CO. L " 33 %ount !oad, $adar, 6agpur BB0 002 India

The 5nits $56+-*7 $T))- uses the @$ponge iron F -iquid %etal F $crapA--)lectric arc furnace--adle heating furnace--D '*C --/ontinuous casting machine--!olling mills route, bac.ed up by the state-of-the-art technology and computeri>ed process control. The production facilities include<

$inter "lant @$I6T)!A< * 33 %2 sinter plant, designed by Bei8ing $ino-$teel Industry 0 Trade 7roup /orp.@$$ITA and :iangsu "ro#ince %etallurgical esigning Institute @:$% IA /o. -td. The technology is based on principle of economical, applicable safe and operational. The annual production is 3,6B,000 Tonnes.

%ini Blast +urnace @%B+A< * Blast furnace of ( #olume 3&0 %3 designed by %)/C6 -td. to produce 3,00,000 %T ' annum of basic grade hot metal has been installed and sucessfully commissioned. The hot metal is mainly used in the steel melting shop as a ra( material and surplus hot metal poured in pig casting machine. The "ig casting machine is designed by EB$ "aramount 0 capacity

400 Tonnes per day @T" A. The Blast furnace gas is used for sto#es heating, heating of preheating furnace of bar and section mill, heating of boiler ,sinter plant. $lag (hich is a byproduct is mainly sold to cement plants. irect !eduction "lants @ !"A< Based on EruppGs /odir process. The !"s can produce 2,62,000 tones per year of $ponge iron from iron ore and coal. *dditionally, the flue gases help generate 30 %1 of )lectric po(er.

"o(er "lant @""A< * 30 %1 /apti#e "o(er "lant is ha#ing t(o turbine set and t(o boilers. Cne boiler operates on 1aste 7as from the !" and another on /oal fludised bed .

)lectric *rc +urnace @)*+A< * %annesmann

emag ma.e

&0'60 tones 5ltra--high--po(er and )ccentric-- bottom-tapping )*+ (ith computer controlled continuous charging and dynamic energy management system. It ensures lo( tramp elements li.e bismuth, copper, tin etc. and at lo( cost.

-adle ?eating +urnace @-?+A<

* %annesmann


ma.e &0'60 tones, rating 3 %D*, continuous *rgon

purging in the ladle bottom through porous plug, equipped (ith /ontinuous *lloy +eeding $ystem, 1eighment $ystem and /alcium silicide (ire feeder to refine and control morphology of inclusion.


egassing 5nit @D A< 7.*.

anielli, India has egassing 5nit

supplied a 60 tonnes capacity Dacuum

ha#ing 4 e8ectors (hich deli#er a pump do(n time of & minutes to 2 m bar. -iquid metal is treated for remo#al of ?ydrogen, C9ygen and 6itrogen. -o(er pump do(n time ensures consistent and predictable drop in temperature during the D process- *#oiding the re-heating of metal completely. 7uarantee to reach desired #acuum le#el in all the heats. )ffecti#e degassing leads to #ery high cleanliness le#el 0 lo( gas le#els ensures long trouble free component life. This (ill pro#ide the capacity to manufacture high #alue added $teel needed for critical applications. /ontinuous /asting %achine @//%A< ouble @20.2&'24

metersA radius, 3 strand //% is equipped (ith automatic mould le#el control, automatic po(der feeder (ith liquid metal controlled at F'-3 mm, auto start up of cast 0 uniform rate of po(der feeding, special tundish design, close casting, computeri>ed secondary cooling, infra-red therometers for surface temperature monitoring, ceramic and bello( shrouds to pre#ent re-o9idation and )lectromagnetic stirrer for homogeni>ation. $upplier is %'s /C6/*$T I6 I*. /aster is feasible to /ast larger sections up to 240H320 mm (ith long %etallurgical length of 26 meters. It has a pro#ision of online automatic heat number system.

Blooming %ill < @B%A

The 430 mm dia t(o high aineli

re#ersible blooming mill is supplied by %'s

%orgardshammar, $(eden. %ill is facilitated (ith 60T"? dual fuel reheating furnace @ aineli /entro ma.eA , 2&0 Bar

escaler unit, %anipulator (ith inbuilt bar tilter, Turn o#er cooling bed, hot sa( cutter and automatic gauging system etc. Blooming mill rolls bloom si>es of 2409320 mm, 2B09240 mm, 2209230mm, 2609260mm and ingot si>es of 6209&20 mm. The product si>e is round ;& to 260 mm and !ound /orner $quare @!/$A ;& to 260 mm. 7rades manufactured are /arbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, free cutting steel 0 stainless steel.

Bar and section mill @B$%A< The 60 tones per hour, 20 stand, 2 high continuous %annesmann designed rolling mill is equipped (ith duel fuel ( hearth type re-heating furnace, process control through *BB automation, Cnline gauging system, /losed circuit TD system for billet and bar mo#ements. Dariable !eduction mill @D!%A is being installed after stand I 20 to produce close tolerance product. "roduct si>es - !ound @2&-&3 mm diaA, ?e9 @23 to 34.& mmA, 1! @22 to 34 mm diaA, 1!B @B.6 to 26 mmA

*lloy steel mill @*$%A< This specialty 3 ?i re#ersible cross country mill produces the product si>es round dia B& mm upto 20& mm and !ound /orner $quare @B&-220 mmA in alloy, carbon, spring, free-cutting and stainless steel grades. The *lloy $teel %ill consists of 2B T"? duel fuel "usher type re-heating furnace.. +i#e stands (oth one stand of 3 ?i roughing, t(o stands of 3 ?i intermediate and one stand of 2 ?i finishing, !oller table, ?ot sa( cutter and !a.e type cooling bed etc.

1ire !od Bloc. %ill @1!BA< 20 stand @?ori>ontal #ertical configurationA (ire rod bloc. mill, supplied by anieli %orgardshammar, $(eden produces the product si>es from (ire rod B.6 mm to 26 mm. This mill is facilitated (ith B

nos. (ater bo9, high speed shear, pinch roll, laying head, 40 mtr stelmor cooling con#eyor, coil re-forming station and coil handling system. %ill is running (ith *BB automation. Cnline gauge monitoring system installed for close monitoring of (ire rod si>es along the length. %a9 rolling speed is 30 m's. %a9. /oil (eight J 2600 Eg. /oil I 'C stainless steel etc. K 300'2200 mm. 7rades manufactured are /arbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, free cutting steel,

7arret /oiler @7/A< $upplied by anieli %orgardshammar, $(eden. 7arret /oiler (ith !oc.(ell control system, oil circulation for lubrication, 3 pinch rolls, coil unloader 0 $(i#eling )le#ator (ith hydraulic motor, 2 $lat con#eyor. "roduct ranges from (ire rod 22 mm to 34 mm coils, 7rades manufactured are /arbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, free cutting steel 0 stainless steel.

Besides these there are other finishing facilities a#ailable at $56+-*7. In-house bright bar facilities from 6 mm to 200 mm dia. Both peeled and dra(n bright bars can be manufactured. 200L %agnetic "article, )ddy /urrent Testing 0 5ltrasonic inspection is being done for all bright bars. ?eat treatment facilities are a#ailable for @aA 6ormali>ing @bA $pherodi>ed *nnealing @cA *nnealing @dA $tress relie#ing @eA $olution *nnealing @fA ?ardening 0 Tempering

@gA Bell +urnace for /oil annealing Brand sa( cutting facilities for supply of material is specific length.

*ll abo#e facilities has assisted $unflag to crescent its share and the tonnage of steel that $unflag can sell. *ll this has brought the $unflag on par (ith any of the alloy steel plant in India.

)e Products
The $56+-*7 $T))- is an I$C'T$ 263B3<2003 and I$C-3002<2004 appro#ed, 6*Baccrediated * 2000 %er.blatt 1C /ertified from T5)D-6C! , bac.ed up (ith sound management practices and a highly moti#ated team. It is a small (onder the $unflag products are e9ported to a number of countries The products include< +lats< The spring steel that goes into the automobile and rail(ay suspension. The grades include $ilico %anganese, /hrome, %oly, Danadium steel. In (ide, and & mm to 24 mm thic.. specifications li.e< I6, $*)'*I$I, B$ The si>es from BB mm (ide to 220 mm

!ounds< In carbon, free-cutting, spring, /?=, alloy, bearing and stainless steel . In specifications li.e< I6, $*)'*I$I, B$ et cetera. In si>es from 2& mm to 260 mm in diameter. +or the forging, automobile, spring industries.

!ound /ornered $quares @!/$A< In carbon, free-cutting and alloy steels. In specifications li.e< forging, automobile industries. I6, $*)'*I$I, B$ et cetera. In si>es from B&9B& mm to 2609260 mm. +or the

?)M < In carbon, free-cutting, alloy steel. In si>es from 23.& mm to 34.& mm. +or the forging, automobile and industries. 1ire rod ?e9 from 23.& to 2&.& mm.

/oils < In carbon, free-cutting, spring, /?=, alloy, bearing and stainless steel . In specifications li.e< I6, $*)'*I$I, B$ et cetera. In si>es from B.6 mm to 34 mm in diameter. +or the forging, automobile, spring industries.