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Year 1, Issue 3 The continuing journey...praise reports.

August 29, 2009

Dear Family and Friends, so ure this time has been.

here we are for the third time Only God could bring
 During our time here so far
and loving it! All I can say is such relationships to- we have had people,
relationship, relationship, gether ...and so He did! through relationship, place
relationship!!! money into our hand…
sometimes a lot and some-
 Remember the family times it has been “smaller”
in amount, however, every
with the camp? We’ve
penny from a loving heart
had such great times of
is such a blessing.
sharing while living
We serve a God who hon-
there and were so
ored the widow who gave
blessed by their kindness.
the mite with actually in-
We asked God to bless
cluding her and her sacri-
them and He did! In fact
 The Lord smiled on us fice in scripture. You never
The Forceformation

the camp booked up - so

know what God will do
we needed God to find a within another relation-
with our obedience.
place for us once again. ship with a dear sister in
God provided. Another the Lord. She blessed us
dear family, we’ve re- with not only a free
 Also, through new relation-
cently met, gave us the night’s getaway.. a won- ships, that we asked God
freedom to stay with derful treat.. but has also for, we’ve had furniture
them till the Lord pro- made it possible for Dana offered to us for free that
vided us with a place. to have a much needed we will use as we seek the
While here they have break and time of feeding Lord’s counsel for our
incredibly blessed us by at an upcoming women’s belongings that are still in
exampling God’s gener- conference. Her generos- storage in the U.S. God’s
ous love. We’ve had such ity is an example echo- intimate provision for us
wondrous times of fel- ing the heart and just reminds us of His care
lowship through laughter prescriptive example of for the birds and the truth
and tears. What a treas- the early church. in Matt. 6:26/Luke 12:24.
Wow! God has done it!!!

Family Fun Day!!!

We had a great time during our collective community outreach event. We were a part of a group of people
putting on an outreach/fundraiser event. It was called the “family fun day”. We supplied relevant fun and
ministry to the people from the surrounding town and area that attended.
There was time of song and worship, fun activities for the children as well as lots of good food to eat. We
were blessed with the opportunity to go first in the musical line-up for the day. We ministered one song of
Dana’s, one song of Rory’s and one related worship song. During all of the festivities there were of course
more opportunities, as the Lord would have it, to make more connections and to even do one-on-one minis-
try like prayer and God honoring counsel. What a privilege it was, and so moving, to worship Christ in the
open air arena with other believers and the unsaved.
Dana was excited about how the children’s program went as she had invested herself in it during the “think
tank” part of the process. Some of the games were fishing for toys, water balloon toss, dodge-ball tourna-
ment, cake walks as well as face painting and much more.
Another special aspect was that the whole endeavor was multidenominational. Beautiful. It was a mani-
fested example of Christ’s heart for His people as He prayed for all of us to be “one as You and I are one.”
How inspiring it is when that which has separated comes down and Christ is honored above our man made
The event was also a fundraiser for the organization that runs both the soup kitchen and the food bank in
the local town. The Lord blessed the event with a big turn out and funds were indeed raised. Hallelujah!!!
To support us financially you may A frank moment with the Forces:
send your contributions to the mail-
ing address below or through PayPal Please help us keep our feet beautiful!!! Romans 10:14-15 reminds us of this holy and crucial
(with your PayPal acct send it to love- process of bringing the “good news” to those who need it. for con- The gospel is even relevant for those who are not well but who think they are...and those who
venience. Please do also reach us to are so used to dying that they don’t know what true life is like. People, sometimes, have
notify us of your commitment of
“walked with a limp” for so long they forgot they had one...till they meet Jesus. Our life’s healer.
faithful prayer, support and for more
We endeavor to share with people who are without Christ and the vibrant relationship with Him
information on our work, at either
the email or mailing address below. that in turn brings life. We seek to go to those who live like this life is all there is… and the
Thank you. closest to heaven that they’ll get they live for themselves. Don’t let those people go to hell
being right! Help us as we labor to ensure that this place is as close to hell as they will ever get.
Rory and Dana Force
RR #1 Nipissing From Eden till now the tragedy is the same - selfishness. People need the truth about themselves
Ontario Canada and about Christ and His help..His glory. They need saving. We’re seeking those in and out of
POH 1WO the church who need Jesus. We’re working to exhort the churched to Christ-likeness and to call

Email: the lost - in hopes of accurately representing Christ and to introduce them to Christ.
In saying this ...we need your help everyone. Every prayer and resource is needed and appreci-
“To look like Jesus, in order to honor the Fa- ated regardless of its size. Do not forget the widow’s mite and its eternal significance. We need
ther , but only through God’s life changing
faithful, careful and obedient prayer partners, for apart from Him we can do nothing. We also
Word and by His Spirit’s power!”
need people faithfully supporting us financially, regardless of amount so we can minister with-
Please pray for and consider the following needs.:
out monetary hindrance . We would greatly appreciate your help! Please, do ask the Lord to
 We need prayer supporters - we are working on guide your involvement with us. Scriptural precedence for co-laboring and its worth to you is
the front lines here.
in Prov. 19:17 and 2 Cor. 8:3-4;9:5-13 and Matt. 10:41 and Gal. 6:9-10. As He leads, please,
 We need an appropriate and affordable place to
live A.S.A.P. including first and last month’s adore Him and lovingly, obey Him… regardless. Thank you. As you stand before Him, looking
rent as well as storage in California brought up. into His eyes — you’ll never regret it.
 We need wisdom and resources as our Ameri- We love you all and are grateful for your love and support!
can car needs to be made Canadian (ex. $1000+)
 We need more monthly support for living costs.
Love, Rory, Dana, Jacob, Chaeli and Samuel

What’s Been Happening in Canada?

The more we settle in - the clearer our niche in Some exciting new things are on the horizon  There was a woman who came in to the
the body becomes evident. with our involvement in the church. As things
food-bank who was discouraged by the
grow and develop, then so do our dreams.
treatment of others because she was drug
 Recently we were part of a “V.B.S.” for
free for over a year. A journey like that is
the community kids in the town sur-  Through conversations Rory has come to
hard enough without others eating away
rounding the church we call home. It a concerning discovery. It’s apparent that at your confidence and success. Just a
went bigger than previously with atten- not all Christians are prepared “in season little love - a little support and encour-
dance growing from a little over 50 to a and out of season” to “give an account” agement and the woman was in tears
little over 80 kids. There was fun, high for the hope that is in them nor to cor- with overwhelming gratitude. She shared
participation and solid teaching. rectly “handle the Word Of Truth.” that she was there because she knew she
There is an alarming amount of presup- was loved!! The effective love of Christ
position, good intentioned yet inappropri- was given… and received!
ate “personal takes” and even self serv-
ing lie that people are holding as the truth  Another exciting development in the
of the Lord.
food-bank has been the prayer/
Upon talking with the head pastor Rory
counseling room. We’ve already seen it
was given the opportunity to facilitate a
put to good use. Two women shared,
discipleship equipping short course on
after receiving one on one attention, that
the fundamental truths of the faith.
 As relationships progress, becoming
Rory is tremendously excited about it
they’d never been to a place with such
more defined, the one-on-one dynamics nice people. Wait till they meet Jesus!!!
and also desperate for the Lord to be
start to yield fruit. In following God’s
honored and for the people to grow more
lead by offering accountability, encour- Christ-like and be actually the better
agement and a safe place for vulnerabil- equipped for it.
ity - God then affords growth. This, in
turn, allows equipping and God honoring
fellowship to take place. This has all The loving of people, hands on, at the food-
been such a joy and privilege and we see bank proves more and more crucial.
God bringing increase along the way.