There is talk of a vist by Obama to China in November this year.

But really, China should just tell Obama to get lost. There are easily ten reasons why China should not welcome Obama. One, Obama has failed to reverse the US tradition of massacring innocent civilians abroad. People are still being killed in many places outside the US for the simple crime of not being American citizens. The US is still more than ever, a master genocide nation. Secondly, the US under Obama is still as sinister as ever. Even as people in the Korean peninsula start taking some small hesitating steps to reconcile themselves, US politicians are busily meddling and interfering and insisting on the maintaining of evil sanctions. The US more than ever wants the Korean people to remain as divisive and as bitter as never before. Thirdly, the US is still fighting the very imaginary war on terror. While US bombs and missiles kill innocent civilians as part of its plans to defeat religious groups in south-central Asia, many other countries like Somalia and S.E.Asia are being totally forgotten and out of the picture. Extreme religious groups exist in these places too. The US is only interested in fighting religious groups in areas that have strategic locations. In other words, the US wants to be in places where the borders are known to be at or near certain countries like, for example, China or Russia or OPEC nations. The so-called war on terror is simply as fake as counterfeit US dollar bills. The fourth reason is the level of hypocrisy is just as bad as ever. US politicians and leaders moan about social events abroad but are totally blind towards incidents at home. There so many shootings, killings, riots, racial conflicts and arson and homicide cases in the US, yet the US government is always busily looking at other countries with its magnifying glass. Its inner cities, prisons and detention centers are full of human horrors. Why not take a close look at its own infamous jails for a change. Fifthly, the US is killing innocent people abroad not only with guns or bombs but also with diseases like AIDS and the A H1N1 bug. The AIDS epidemic originally exploded and spread in the US before US citizens gave it to the rest of the world. And this year the A H1N1 pandemic was able to spread globally and have now become unstoppable because the US could not contain the disease at its (southern) border with Mexico. Obama was more interested in holidaying and travelling than in fighting the disease while it was still in its early stage. Poor countries now have to spend precious funds to fight the disease, and so other critically important projects have had to be shelved. The 6th reason is the US under Obama is just as fiscally imcompetent as it was under Bush. The budget deficit and the trade deficit are threatening to shoot through the roof and Obama could not care one bit less. Instead he is fully focused on his vacation, holiday and his endless visits abroad. Other top leaders in other countries are expected to work twelve hours a day 365 days a year, but in the US, being a leader is not how much work you could put in, but how much spin and how much hot air you could put out. The 7th reason is the US is still so helpless when it comes to the matter of the environment. Every year without fail, massive forest

fires erupt in the US with vast acres of trees destroyed along with people's homes, yet the US is always so ready to lecture others. They never point out that on a per capita basis, the US is still the worst offender that contributes to present global environmental ailments. US car companies having failed in their own home markets are now in other markets trying to clog the roads and streets in other countries with their gas-guzzling products. Where is the responsibility ? ? The 8th reason is the US is still unable to assure a secure or stable future for the world economy. The US is still clinging tightly to its corrupt capitalist practices such as speculating and manipulating the global prices of commodities that it does not even own or produce. It is really like allowing crime syndicates to supervise & run legitimate businesses. Racketeering and all other fraudulent practices are being given a legitimate cover on account of crooked US capitalism. The 9th reason is the shameless farce being perpetuated by the US in its dealings with other countries. The US is actually holding a preplanned 'election' for Kabul to ensure that its puppet client would get to be viewed as legitimate by the rest of the world. Clearly, it is sham democracy at work in Kabul. Sham democracy is when a minority within a minority from a chosen minority is proclaimed to be the all winner in an 'election'. What happened to the silent majority is no one's bother. It is a complete farce. No wonder in many countries in the world today, sham democracy is the preferred choice. The 10th reason is Obama's lack of morality in the recent al-Megrahi furore. Obama clearly tried to play to the gallery, so to speak. The US public has always being highly emotional whenever it comes to the matter of white lives. Killing innocent people is a despicable crime but lots of innocent people have been killed within the US itself in the last 100 years. Lots of innocent people have been killed outside the US in the last 100 years. No one should forget those who died on Cubana Flight 455 that was attacked by Posada, a CIA-hired, US-paid criminal who is still at large in the country. And the innocent ones on board Iran Air Flight 655 that was attacked by a US ship just off the Iranian coast. And the innocent civilians who died in Tripoli and Benghazi. Obama is definitely and senselessly very hypocritical here. Obama has no answers at all to the vast multitude of uncertainties now facing the whole world. He is reduced to making pompous speeches and empty words. That is, if he is not vacationing or partying. He has no right at all to visit another country which is working very, very hard to be a country of the 21st century. People like Obama have nothing to contribute, instead they only could unbuild. Who is Obama, to think he could tour here and there, as if the foreign places are all part of the US Empire. Obama as US leader has also failed to respect the territorial rights of the PRC just like past US presidents who insisted on flying or sailing into areas belonging to others which resulted in clashes and confrontations. The exact reason why the world came to know about Lockerbie and el-Megrahi. China should just tell Barack Obama to stay home and try to solve his country's many pressing problems. Obama should spare a thought or two for those of his countrymen now rotting inside the so-called correctional facilities or penitentiaries. Obama should spend more time visiting the unemployed wandering around in the US inner cities. Obama should lend an ear to those who came home disabled from the

battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many are scarred for life, and for what reason or cause ? It was nothing but a totally senseless game, and Obama must shoulder the responsibilities. Don't while away precious time visiting here and there, smiling and waving. Obama should just stay at home. It's much safer too. And it the unnecessary wasting of public funds (or perhaps foreign Staying at home will also allow more opportunities to enjoy beer summits with fellow citizens. Just stay at home, Obama avoids funds). more !!

China absolutely does NOT need any of your fart. Just keep it all at home, please !! !! !!

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