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Zevrix PDF Checkpoint Now Can Convert Colors of PDF Documents

Zevrix Solutions announces PDF Checkpoint 1.6, a feature update to its PDF preflight and conversion solution for Mac S. !e"arka#l$ fast, PDF Checkpoint auto"aticall$ preflights, exports as i"ages, splits and opti"i%es &do#e PDF files. 'he progra" is e(uall$ suita#le to process hundreds of files as )ell as single PDF docu"ents. 'he ne) version lets users convert o#*ect colors in PDF docu"ents to selected +CC profiles, i"proves user interface and offers other productivit$ enhance"ents. Toronto (ON), Cana a (Decem!er "#, "$#%) -- Zevrix Solutions today announces PDF Checkpoint 1.6, a feature update to its PDF prefli htin and conversion auto!ation product. "e!arka#ly fast, PDF Checkpoint auto!atically prefli hts, exports as i!a es, splits and opti!i$es !ultiple %do#e PDF files. PDF Checkpoint is an ideal pro ra! for users &ho need fast, afforda#le and easy-to-use soft&are for efficient PDF &orkflo&s. 'he ne& version allo&s users to convert colors of PDF files to the selected (CC profile. For exa!ple, user can convert ")* files to C+,- profile for professional printin , turn color docu!ents into rayscale, convert all colors to s")* for &e# vie&in and so on. .sers can choose to convert all o#/ects or only i!a es, raphics or text. (n addition, the update offers strea!lined user interface, i!proves handlin of duplicates durin conversion and includes nu!erous sta#ility and productivity enhance!ents. PDF Checkpoint is popular &ith raphic desi ners, advertise!ent a encies, prepress houses, pu#lishers and printers. 'he key features of PDF Checkpoint include0 -%uto!ate #atch prefli htin and conversion of !ultiple PDF files. -1ie& all PDF fonts, colors, i!a es and !etadata at a lance. -2fficient handlin of PDF files #ased on prefli ht result. -Convert colors to selected (CC profile. -Split PDF files into sin le-pa e docu!ents. -2xport PDF as i!a es and specify output resolution, color and pa e scale. For exa!ple, users can prefli ht a folder of PDF files and convert the! to '(FF i!a es at 344 dpi &hile scalin each pa e #y 546. 7r opti!i$e PDF8s colors for the &e# and !o#ile devices &hile reducin file si$e dra!atically #y do&nsa!plin i!a es to the screen resolution.

Pricin& an availa!ilit'( PDF Checkpoint can #e purchased fro! the Zevrix Solutions &e#site for .S95:.:5, as &ell as fro! authori$ed resellers. PDF Checkpoint is #undled &ith free )raphic (nspector soft&are ;a 93:.:5 value<. 'he update is free to licensed users. 'rial is also availa#le for do&nload. PDF Checkpoint re=uires +ac 7S > 14.5-14.:. )!out Zevrix *olutions ?ocated in 'oronto, Canada, Zevrix Solutions provides auto!ation and productivity solutions for %do#e Creative Suite soft&are, PDF and raphic file dia nostics, as &ell as +icrosoft 7ffice on +ac 7S. Zevrix Solutions is dedicated to helpin professionals increase their profits throu h auto!atin their everyday tasks, producin error-free docu!ents, savin disk space and cuttin production costs. For !ore infor!ation, visit http0@@&&&.$!. Contact( ?eo "ev$in 7&ner Zevrix Solutions 145 +cC%.? St, Suite 341 'oronto 7ntario +5' A>B Canada C5C-A46-464D !ediaE$! http0@@&&&.$! ,-nds,