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The Role Of Fiber In Colon Cancer Prevention


Grain Fibers Prevent Colon Cancer White Rice and President Cory’s Colon Cancer Movement to return to Mother’s Breastmilk Movement To Return To Whole Grains-Flour-Bread


I. DISCUSS THE IMPORTANCE OF PRENATAL CARE. To start our discussion, let us first dispel the prevailing notion promoted, probably unwittingly, by the push towards medical check-up and a series of follow-up to the health center or in the hospital or by the family doctor. This notion is that pre-natal care only means medical check-up, or care by a doctor or midwife. While that is true in part, yet, pre-natal care must not be seen as a task where only the doctor or midwife is responsible of. Pre-natal care is first and foremost the function and responsibility of the pregnant wife herself and her husband, their extended family and of the society in general. These persons and sectors (medical sector, the wife, the husband, their family and the community or society at large) should form and act as a team. This team has the main task to create an ideal environment conducive for the total development of the child – safe and conducive for its physical health, mental development, emotional development, cultural, moral and spiritual well-being. What is the main purpose of this team? Their mission? No other purpose and mission should they pursue in pre-natal care save that of the Father’s purpose which is: creation of a child after His likeness (e.g., physical appearance) and image (e.g., character). All team members – wife, husband, family, community or society as well as the medical profession – are commissioned to help achieve what Jehovah-Jesus had in mind when He created mankind: “Let us make man after our own likeness and image,” He spoke of His purpose in creating man. While the doctors and midwives concern themselves mainly with the physical wellbeing (referring to the “likeness” or form and health) of the mother and child, the other stake-holders (team-members) are more importantly bound to work together for the molding of the character of the child. Both physical “likeness” and spiritual “image” are important. But you will find out that the spiritual image is more important because it is what is intended to last forever, the physical body only as a temporary instrument while the child lives here on earth with his physical body.


When the myopic belief prevailed that pre-natal care belongs to the medical profession and mother, many neglected to behave in such a way that the spiritual development, safety and protection of the child is given priority. When we say spiritual, we refer to the mind (mental development) and heart (emotional development), both of which consist the spiritual aspect of man. What I would like to correct is the wrong and limited belief that pre-natal care is all about physical health and that it is the exclusive job of the doctors or midwives. That is a myth – a lie. The truth is this: Pre-natal care (1) involves the whole person – the physical (body), the mental (mind-soul) and emotional (heart-spirit) aspects; where the mind-soul serves as the bridge or middle ground of matter (body) and spirit (feelings or emotions); (2) thus involves not only the medical people but everyone who can affect both mother and child before, during and after the birth of the baby; (3) and finally, pre-natal care, as one expert said, involve a long preparation on the part of the mother, long before she becomes a mother, yes, even during her childhood!

THE MOTHER’S PART When you see pre-natal care, the focus is the mother, and then, the unborn child. One expert said that the preparation for a healthy pregnancy starts when the mother was still a baby or a little girl. This is obvious. So, it is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that the mother-to-be, that is, their little daughter will grow healthy in body, mind and emotions. Then, the responsibility of preparation gradually falls into the growing girl herself until she becomes a budding lass, then, a marriageable lady, then, a pregnant wife. Throughout this long period when the girl transform herself into a woman, the preparation should begin. In other words, it is paramount that a girl should know that the other reason why she should keep herself healthy and clean is her future children. She should understand that the healthier and cleaner she is, the better are the chances that her children will be healthy and clean. That’s the logic. So, again, I would like to repeat the wisdom of a medical expert: Pre-natal care starts when the mother is still young where she should keep herself healthy and clean so that when she becomes pregnant, her child will be in the best and healthiest environment inside the womb. That’s the best gift a mother can give to her child, which is more important than when the child is already outside her womb. Accordingly, this includes physical health, mental health and emotional health of the mother.


Pre-natal care includes the mental-emotional care of the child while it is inside the womb. So, it is paramount that pregnant mother maintains the best kind of attitude – positive attitude during pregnancy, because her feelings or emotions, and her attitude will be transmitted to the child. If she is negative, her child will partake of it and such negativism will manifest in weak or sickly body and/ or bad attitude and behavior in the child. One technique for wise moms to maintain a happy disposition is MUSIC – good music. If you can recall, the mother of Cecile Licad, the child prodigy from the Philippines, who ranks among the best pianists in the world today, testified that she exposed her stomach to music when she was still carrying the baby in her womb. Cecille’s fingers are like lightning. You can sense the emotion in every click of the ivory and ebony. Her music is not mechanical; the sound of her piano is emotion, not mere do-ri-me. Great feelings of inspiration would engulf every listener when Cecille plays the piano. In the point of view of education, I would like to pose this question: IS NOT THE SHORT PERIOD OF NINE (9) MONTHS WHEN THE BABY IS INSIDE ITS MOM’S WOMB THE BEST TIME WHEN MOM CAN TRANSMIT SO MUCH POWER IN TERMS OF MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL DISPOSITION OR INTERESTS TO HER CHILD THAT CAN GIVE THE CHILD THE VITALITY AND ENTHUSIASM THAT YOU SEE IN A LITTLE YELLOW BIRD, THE DILIGENCE OF AN ANT, THE HUMILITY AND MEEKNESS OF A DOVE, THE FORESIGHT OF AN EAGLE, THE AGILITY OF A MONKEY, THE STRENGTH OF A BUFALLO, THE SWIFTNESS OF A HORSE, THE PROWESS OF AN ELEPHANT? If only we can realize that during this 9-month period, the mother can give her best and her all to give a very good start to her child. Then, that would also help our teachers a lot of ease and speed in teaching an already inclined and emotionallymentally educated child – a prodigy, that is! I regret to see how many mothers have let their pregnancy time passed by without doing everything to pass to her child all the best that she had or she can give in order to make her child very intelligent and loving. So that is the mother’s part. Included to this is her need to stay physically healthy and to avoid heavy work or exertion that might endanger the fetus. Many miscarriage occurred when the mother is not as careful as ancient mothers. Climbing high stairs, doing heavy physical works, etc., can lacerate the fetus from the placenta and cause miscarriage. 5

These pre-cautions ought to be known by every girl going to be a new mom. THE HUSBAND’S DUTY First, it is the husband’s duty to earn enough and provide his wife good food, to ensure best health. This is not necessarily requiring big amount of money, but rather, the wise decision to buy and eat food that are whole (not refined or stripped of nutrients) and natural/organic (chemical-free). The emotional side is important. Husbands should exude love and maintain a loving atmosphere in the home, so the wife will be happy and satisfied, affecting positively the baby inside her womb. He should make her know and feel that she is loved – that she is cherished. This will give tremendous health to the growing child in the womb. So, how happy a child is to be is already determined or decided when he or she is still in the womb. The positive attitudes of his or her father and mother are the greatest factors. THE ROLE OF THE FAMILY Since the extended family and in-laws are the most immediate circle of influence to the emotional-physical health of the pregnant mom, all family members should exercise utmost care and love to create an ideal environment to make her have the best of health and happiest disposition. This is not difficult if love is the main ingredient that fills the atmosphere both inside and outside the heart. Everybody should supportive in all aspect to build a family environment very conducive to life and conception. RESPONSIBILITY OF THE COMMUNITY OR SOCIETY IN GENERAL There is no amount of personal and medical pre-natal care that will work in a society who will just kill your child or rape your young daughter as soon as she becomes a lady or in some cases, while she is only a tot! Some rich people defend themselves from the predator society by erecting a high iron and concrete fence around their mansion or home. To some extent this helps but as the free human wolves fill the streets especially during night, while you confine and keep your family inside a house which is now like a large prison cell surrounded


by meal fence and barbed wire, there is no absolutely guarantee that you and your children will be safe from an increasingly evil world. The approach should have been holistic – read: wholistic where each man of the family should work together to seeing to it that all members of every other family are well-cared so that no one of them would become a rapist, a criminal, a kidnapperfor-ransom, who would eventually in one moment or another put your daughter or wife in grave danger. Aside from crimes that endangers your child, we also have other dangers such as substance abuse (e.g., drugs) and the proliferation of processed foods that can already do much damage to the fetus. And not to forget the chemicals thrown into the rivers, waters, and air by the mining and industrial companies. These men and businessmen are not thinking that they are stakeholders of the health and spiritual well-being of every child. So, what are the results? We see a lot of devastating effects among workers in the mining firm as well as among long line of people residing and living in the areas where the effects of mining could reach. Let’s get specific and logical. First, is the workers who inhale or intake the chemicals such as mercury, asbestos, used in processing the ore into different separate metals and minerals. Plenty of documented cases proves that these chemicals are giving them cancers. Then some of these chemicals went up as smoke and polluted the sky. The liquid form of these chemicals are either thrown into the rivers where the chemicals – read: poisons – are brought to the rice fields or farms on one hand, the chemicals entering the grains or proceeding to get eaten by the fish in the seas, thus, in both cases entering into the food chain, that is, becoming part of the food which we eat. Because people in the rural areas drink the fresh water from the river, unaware of the chemical contamination, these poisons or toxic chemicals are drunk by the residents. Studies also showed that even those chemicals thrown in the ground would eventually especially during rain, sip into the underground water table (aquifer) joining with the water that people pump (artesian well) and drink. So, both water and food are contaminated. The air pollution too is difficult to contain. Nobody knows how poisonous already the air especially around a mining operation (usually in the mountains) and in


industrial complex or factory (many of this are in the city), usually at a riverside where throwing the liquid wastes is easy. Mercury and other chemicals have resulted to diseases among adults (read: mothers and fathers), fetal death and abnormalities, child cancers. In banana plantations, the constant spray of DDT and other pesticides thought to be safe, has resulted to sterility of fathers, or weak sperms which, if it succeeded to pro-create a child, resulted to weak infants. As a matter of fact, many workers complained of having produced children with many deformities. Collaborating studies in other parts of the world show that inhaling or intaking DDT and other pesticides cause the sterility, miscarriages, high infant mortality as well as infant deformities which are not seen in places where such chemicals are not used. So, you see, AIR, WATER AND FOOD – none is spared, none is left safe. Here, you should already be convinced that more than ever, pre-natal care should and must be a task of the whole society. Men, fathers and husbands should work as brothers among themselves to see to it that their businesses like mining and food manufacturing are not harming the wives and children of others. And the key to ensuring the health and safety of mother and child is the (a) food and (2) the environment. If the food that the mother ate had not been ideal, the health and mind as well as emotion of the child will greatly be affected. Also, if the environment is full of negative thoughts and emotions, this will greatly affect the pregnant mother which will also be transmitted as a negative emotion to her child. If the environment is full of chemicals or pollutants, then, this will also affect the health of the mother, and then, the child. So, you see, everybody must contribute to help make the whole environment conducive for the growth of the baby from fetus to successful adulthood. What future do you give to mothers and children if you operate a mining business that throws harmful chemicals into the air, waters (that is, water table, rivers and seas) and to the food? How can the mother give the best her child needs if she is sick of cancer due to the chemicals she had eaten? Businessmen should give thought to how their business and activities are affecting the health of mothers and children, and not just think about their own wife and child exclusively. We, as a whole society, should begin to feel guilt regarding to the many acts or negligence that we have collectively and individually contributed that resulted to mental destruction of many women and children (e.g., insanity, metal retardation, etc.), physical harm and sicknesses as well as great sorrows due to a 8

badly pre-nataled child who grew up into a criminal, a mentally retarded person, or any form of disability and liability. Criminal? Yes, criminal. Because a fetus or unborn child can be made a criminal already in the womb. Surprise? Let us quote US Education Secretary William Bennett: The mother who used cocaine to ease the pain during delivery or who has been addicted to it already even before she was pregnant “the baby would be born a cocaine addict.”1 This means to say that infants can be prepared for a life and adulthood of addiction which is synonymous to criminality or crimes! So, be it bad health, a criminal mind, or an immoral life – society or the environment has a big stake. *** And what are we talking about? We are talking about men – rich businessmen and industrialists as well as their workers – throwing chemicals that harm the physical as well as the mental well-being of all: fathers, mothers and children! We are talking about a society making both mother and child addict to prohibited substances that can eventually twist their mind and moral! We are talking about companies and the men who own them who manufactured foods that are causing serious health problems to both mother and child. So, this is the fault of the whole society which is mainly composed of men or fathers. In other words, pre-natal care should be a work of the men who make up society. *** Let us now proceed to read the following three quotations: First Quotation: “Harlem Hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit (ICU) is not very big but a very busy place. Too busy. It is a place that treats babies born addicted to cocaine. Neonatal units weren’t intended to care for drug addicts. But in large American cities, a lot of them do. In the spring of 1989, the doctors in Harlem Hospital’s neonatal intensive

The Devaluing of America, William Bennett, p. 93


care unit told me that the word on the streets was that if you were pregnant and you wanted an easy delivery, cocaine – especially ‘crack’ cocaine – would help. Crack is free-base cocaine; when smoked, it is extremely potent. What the doctors told me was true: crack would ease the pain of delivery, though the baby would often be born prematurely, at six months or earlier, sometimes weighing a pound or two, with a bulb head and Popsicle limbs. These infants – “cocaine babies” in the modern-day lexicon – are so tiny and vulnerable that they look barely human. And apart from their size, the exposure to cocaine often causes them pain, irritability, anxiety and constant, uninterrupted crying. When I had my first look at a cocaine baby in April of 1989, I thought about the child Elayne, my wife, and I were expecting the following month. In one of the rooms at the hospital I saw tiny babies linked up to elaborate monitoring and support systems. For each baby there was a nurse, doctor, or paramedic nearby, constantly monitoring the baby’s well-being. When you see infants like this, the real stakes in the drug war becomes most evident.” Former US Secretary in Education, William Bennett, “The Devaluing of America – The fight for our culture and our children Second quotation: “I see LOVE in the One who created the Womb As the first haven of the little Life I see love when God created the Breasts That this little child sucks its mother’s milk. I see love when God equipped her milk with colostrums To help build a strong immune system in the child To help him resist sickness and diseases when grown into a man I see love when God put the genuine taurine in the milk To help every person attain peace, balance, harmony and stability In his body, mind and emotions. But he who introduced inorganic nitrogenous fertilizers That produce nitrates and nitrites That combine with the body’s amino acids, fat or protein, To form into nitrosamines, The deadliest carcinogens (cancer-causing agent), he who delivers nitrosamines into the womb And makes cervix or womb cancer No. 2 cancers among women – he who kills mother Or makes the Womb the child’s first grave – How can love be in his heart? He who sends nitrosamines to the breasts 10

And mix it into the mother’s milk -he who converts it into a milk of death – he has no love!? He who has made breast cancer the women’s No. 1 cause of death Is the one who does not know love. He who has made the breasts the child’s second grave, Surely there I find no love! He who sent chemicals and carcinogens Into the Womb and Breasts of mothers So that mother and child will die, I find no love in him. He who is rejoicing that Barrenness, Miscarriages, Deformities, Cancers Are killing little children with their mothers, Wiping the human race off the earth, How can love be found in him? How can it be called love unless it is pity, compassion, mercy? I SEE LOVE IN GOD, BUT I HAVE WITNESSED HATE IN SATAN!” Quoted from the poem “I Seek Love, I Find Love” Third quotation: “There is a growing scientific evidences and discoveries – read: empirical data that CHEMICALS, WHICH ARE NOT GONE THROUGH THE PROCESS OF PHOTOSYNTHESIS (sunlight-initiated cleansing) INSIDE THE LIVING PLANTS’ LEAVES, hence, still toxic, ARE BEGINNING TO BE SEEN AS THE CULPRIT OF THE APPEARANCE OF NEVER-HEARD-OF-BEFORE DEADLY DISEASES LIKE CANCERS (mainly due to various chemicals present in inorganically grown food, and in chemically processed food), DIABETES (mainly due to chemically made sugars2, etc.), CARDIO-VASCULAR DISEASES, etc. The up-to-now seemingly inexplicable shortening of our age (lifespan) from a hundred (enjoyed by our grandparents) to 50 years old, and the equally inexplicable presence of these painful diseases in the last half of our life – are [and no longer maybe] associated, as new scientific discoveries are beginning to show, to the advent of chemicals that enter our bodies as drinks, food, smoke, medicines, skin beauty enhancers, etc., etc.

White sugar is reported to have been through 1,000 plus chemicals in the process; brown sugar in less than a 1,000 chemicals; kinugay is the safest being manually processed without use of any chemical.


For examples. The most dreaded carcinogen, NITROSAMINES, comes from chemical products like the commercially sold chemical fertilizers which contain “nitrites,” “nitrates” (e.g., 14-14-14) and “amines” (e.g., ammonia, urea) to form NITROSAMINES. Nitrosamines find their way into the food chain, e.g., in the rice or corn that we eat. It is very dreadful to know that nitrosamines have been discovered inside the womb (e.g., uterus, placenta) and breasts of women!? This finding offers a concrete answer why breast cancer is the No. 1 cancer killer among women, and cervix cancer the No. 2! And take note that here already in the womb and breast (milk), this generation of children has already been exposed and fed with nitrosamine- containing milk! Because of the un-replaceable colustrum and taurine in mother’s milk which are very important for the immune system and physio-emotional stability of the child respectively, I do not advice against breastfeeding. Instead, I advice against the use of fertilizers and pesticides in farming and chemicals in food processing that leads to the formation of nitrosamines and other carcinogens and find their way in the womb and breasts, supposedly the two havens of a growing child! Unfortunate were those who could not make it in a womb made infertile (barren, unable to give life) by chemicals. Equally pitiful are those fetuses miscarried because they could not withstand the toxicity of the chemicals inside the womb. Heart-rending are those who survived but with different forms of deformities, e.g., no eye, defective nose, no ear, two heads joined, one head two bodies, etc. And what mother can stand to see her child growing up lovable only to be taken back soon after a sudden yet very painful bout with cancer which the child got from the nitrosamines of its mama’s womb and breastmilk? When mama knows this, can she forgive herself? Oh no, she should look at things in perspective. She should not blame herself. She should, however, for example, see the chemicals sprayed in the farms and the greed of chemical companies. I am not teaching hate; I am saying, “Let’s abandon chemicals! They are the scientists’ and merchants’ malicious attempt to usurp from God the power of foodmaking where they do away with God’s plant, photosynthesis and chlorophyll and have their own chemical plant/factory, and chemical synthesis using their artificial light, instead of God’s sun, and having their own chlorophyll instead of God’s plant’s original chlorophyll.” Quoted from: “CHEMICALS AND MODERN DREADFUL DISEASES By: Arnulfo Yu Laniba, Agasoft DISCUSION: 12

Question: What points do we have in the previous quotations? Answer: Drugs and chemicals are some of the greatest dangers that both expectant mother and the medical sector have neglected in their pre-natal care and in their books about pre-natal care. That is why drugs and chemicals have made their easy way to perform the greatest destructions on both mother and babies! There are drugs which are legal but are nevertheless destructive to the mother and child. Among them are: caffeine in coffee, pills and many contraceptives, which are, although intended to prevent the formation of life (pregnancy), sometimes unable to do so and instead rendering the unborn and later-born child abnormal or defective. There are chemicals too which are considered safe but which are doing much harm in the most silent manner. In our discussion, we have the inorganic fertilizer which produces the by-product chemicals called nitrates and nitrites which will form nitrosamines when these come into contact with amino acids (fat or protein) in the body. As revealed, nitrosamines create cancers. There are many chemical food additives used as flavorings, preservatives, colorings, texture enhancer, or part of the ingredients which are serving as feeds or fertilizers to future cancers. Chemically-processed sugar (e.g., white sugar, brown sugar, confectioners) and chemical sugar (e.g., aspartame) serve as feeds to cancer cells.

THE SAFEST RULES AND GUIDES FOR PREGNANT MOTHERS AND BABIES ARE THESE ONES: 1. EAT FOOD MADE BY PHOTOSYNTHESIS (IN PLANT’S LEAF), NOT BY CHEMICAL SYNTHESIS INSIDE CHEMICAL PLANT; This is natural photosynthesis in God’s ‘natural’ plant versus chemical synthesis in the chemical plant or factory. 2. EAT ONLY FOOD THAT COMES FRESH FROM THE PLANT WHICH DOES NOT USE CHEMICAL IN ANY POINT FROM PLANTING TO HARVESTING TO STORAGE OR PROCESSING. 3. EAT WHOLE FOOD, NOT REFINED FOOD. WHOLE RICE, for example, is the one which has still the bran (epidermis, skin) and the germ (the part of the seed which germinates). If you retain the bran and germ, the grain contains some 30 nutrients; but if you refine it, that is, remove its bran and germ, only 2 nutrients remain. So, those who eat white refined rice, or wheat or bread or refined sugar stands to become mal-nourished or undernourished, not to mention vulnerable to sickness. 13

4. FOR NON-PLANT FOOD, LIKE MEAT & FISH, THE RULE OF THE THUMB IS: EAT THOSE THAT DID NOT USE CHEMICAL IN THEIR GROWTH AND PROCESS AND WHICH ARE PHYSIOLOGICALLY MADE TO BE CLEAN, SUCH AS THOSE LISTED IN LEVITICUS 11. Unless we, as individual parents or as a collective body, do enforce and follow these laws, then we are to witness mentally defective and physically abnormal kids!

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II. WHAT ARE THE DANGER SIGNALS OF PREGNANCY? Danger signals of pregnancy or during pregnancy should be well-known by those in the medical sector as well as by mothers and would-be mothers, so they can avoid harming children still inside the womb. High blood mothers manifest symptoms that can alert her to take pre-cautions such as to avoid fat and cholesterol, to ensure that during the delivery, her blood pressure would not jack up to abnormally high levels! Mothers with weak heart should also take the precautions their doctors and other knowledgeable persons offered to them. Another difficult situation is when the pregnant mother is suffering from a cancer! Chances are the unborn child will also contract the disease. Sometimes, when the cancer reaches stage 4 during pregnancy, the mother and child would both die. More than any other periods of time, today is the most frightening because of the so many major sickness and diseases that are befalling the human race, mothers not excluded. We do not want to remind everyone that what was once considered the two havens of a child, namely: the womb and the breasts are now one of the most dangerous places for a child. The womb and the breasts are full of dangers – read: chemicals. The womb is now full of chemicals from fertilizers, pesticides, from pills, from food additives, from chemical sugars – the list of sources of chemicals is endless. We have also seen that the breasts which used to be full of the best substances that can be offered to a breastfeeding infant, namely: colostrums and taurine, among


others, are now filled with nitrosamines and other cancer-causing substances from the food fertilizers, pesticides and additives. So, to me, the physical health conditions of the mother as well as her mental and emotional health are the three most important indicators whether dangers exist for the growing child in side the womb.

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What many of you, as public and consumers, do not know is what happens during processing, such as during the milling of the rice or wheat into grain and into flour and during the processing into different food-products like bread. Let us take corn, rice or wheat, the staple food of many nations. We need first to understand the GRAIN. The grain, every grain, which is also the seed, is composed of four parts: (a) hull or husk; (b) bran; (c) germ; and (d) endosperm (white center of the seed which is mostly starch or carbohydrates). What I am about to reveal to you is the tragic fate of the grain which God created to be a full pack of nutrients for the health of the mother and child. Let us begin our no-holds bar expose. *** In order to be able to ship and store flour in long periods, flour manufacturers removed 28 out of the original 30 nutrients of the wheat. These 28 different nutrients are found on the grains’ skin or so-called bran and in the germs (that part of the seed that germinates). So their flour is easy to do. You simply have to grind the grains “mimis,” as we term it, that is, polished, branless. No more bran, no more germs. More nutrients (vitamins, minerals, sun-light-subtances (phytochemicals) are found in the outer part of fruits or seeds or grains (that is, in the bran) because it is where the sunlight touches especially during its maturing stage! Nutrients or life or power or energy comes from the sun. Some energies such as those of the minerals, come from the deep of the earth but these too are not fit for human consumption/use (poisonous) until these are cleansed (purified) by the 15

sun(light) during the process of photosynthesis which takes place inside the leaves in the presence of the sun during day time. These nutrients are naturally delicious and fragrant, hence, attractive to the insects and micro-organisms to eat which action we view as decomposition which produces decolorization, putrid odor, even poisonous, thus, rendering the grain or flour not fit to sell or eat. Since big capitalists monopolize the production of flour and so do the milling in selected few sites, this means that as they market their flour worldwide, longer time is needed for storage and shipment. In this case, whole grains and whole flour where all the 30 original nutrients are intact are not feasible because whole grains and whole flour have very limited storage time; insects and micro-organisms would get into them sooner before the ship reach its market destination. So, to prolong shelf-life (shipment and storage life), they do not opt to put preservatives (although some may do) but prefer to grind or mill the grains into a polished or refined manner, that is, remove the bran and germs which get easily spoiled. So to make workable their system of business of monopolized production and market, they deliberately or inevitably threw the nutrients away, leaving only two. What happens to the bread which children eat, what happens to the children who eat nutrients-deficient bread – these are not of great concern for these flour makers and bread bakers. Their business is for the sake of profit, not health of the people. We are merely to imagine 28 essential nutrients lost per grain of rice or wheat or 28 such nutrients lost in the flour-bread that we and our children eat. Add those countless grains of rice or wheat or add the bread that we eat for the whole day or month and then year, and you will see somehow how much we have missed. Those milligrams of nutrients in every grain will add up to grams and even kilos after some months or years. This accumulating nutritional deficiency will result to: If it is vitamin A deficiency: night blindness, retarded growth; rough dry skin; dry eyes, susceptibility to eye cancer; If it is vitamin D deficiency, the results may be: rickets in children; osteomalacia (bone softens and shortens, increasing the likelihood of fractures and stooped postures) and osteoporosis in adults; muscular weakness; muscle twitching; Vitamin E deficiency: lack of vitality, problems in fertility later in life; Vitamin K deficiency: hemorrhages especially in newborn babies; Vitamin B1 deficiency: confusion; muscle weakness; leg cramps; swelling of the heart (disease called beri-beri); Vitamin B2 deficiency: skin disorders, including cracks around lips and corners of the mouth; sensitivity to light; Vitamin B3 deficiency: skin disorders; diarrhea; confusion; irritability; mouth swelling, smooth tongue (pellagra);


Vitamin B6 deficiency: skin disorders – dermatitis, eczema; anemia; sore mouth, lips and tongue; dizziness; nausea; convulsions; insomnia; cramps; tingling; numbness; Vitamin B12 deficiency: pernicious anemia. Folic acid deficiency: anemia; smooth tongue; diarrhea; poor growth; impaired absorption of all nutrients; pernicious anemia during pregnancy; Pantothenic acid deficiency: fatigue; abdominal cramping; muscular weakness, insomnia, muscle cramps, tingling or burning feet; Vitamin C deficiency: Scurvy: weakness; bleeding gums; fatigue; bleeding in joints and skin; aching bones, joints and muscles; poor wound healing; irritability; poor appetite; weight loss; Calcium deficiency: Children: distorted bone growth (rickets); adults: osteoporosis (porous, fragile bones), decay and loss of teeth; Phosphorus deficiency: loss of appetite; weakness; malaise; poor bone and teeth formation; muscle cramps; joint pain; Magnesium deficiency: muscle tremors or twitching; muscle weakness or cramps; insomnia; irregular heartbeat; abnormal calcium deposits; Sodium deficiency: nausea; muscle cramps; headache; low blood pressure; seizures; coma; certain kidney disorders; Potassium deficiency: abnormal heart rhythm; muscular weakness; cramps; fatigue; insomnia; indigestion or constipation; Iron deficiency: anemia with fatigue, weakness, paleness, and shortness of breath; lowered resistance to infection; Fluoride deficiency: excessive tooth decay; osteoporosis; Zinc deficiency: fetus: abnormal brain development; Children: growth failure; failure to mature sexually; loss of appetite; delayed wound healing; skin rash; diarrhea; Iodine deficiency: adults: goiter (enlarged thyroid and reduced hormone production); Newborns (whose mothers were deficient): retarded growth; mental retardation; protruding abdomen; swollen features; Chromium deficiency: abnormal sugar metabolism; Selenium deficiency: cardiomyopathy (disease of heart muscle); abnormal white blood cell function; Source: Parents’ Guide to Nutrition, pp. 46-60 Dras. Susan Baker and Roberta Henry BENEFITS WE’VE LOST (VITAMINS AND MINERALS): FOR LOSING Vitamin A FOR MISSING THESE NUTRIENTS

WE MISSED: Healthy skin; clear vision/ healthy eyes; proper bone growth; proper tooth


Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Vitamin K Vitamin B1

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B12

Biotin Folic acid

Pantothenic acid

Vitamin C

development; proper growth and repair of tissues Effective regulation of calcium and proper phosphorus absorption; proper bone mineralization; proper tooth formation. Vitality; fertility; proper formation of muscles, read blood cells and other tissues; prevention of oxygen injury to tissues (anti-oxidation/decay); anti-aging Needed for blood clotting; maintenance of normal bone metabolism Breakdown of carbohydrates for energy; growth and repair of tissue; maintenance of nervous system, heart, muscles and intestines. Breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for energy; growth and repair of tissues. Breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for energy in conjunction with Vitamins B1 and B2 Carbohydrate, protein and fat absorption and metabolism; absorption of vitamin B12; formation of red blood cells; Carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism; red blood cell production; formation of genetic material (RNA and DNA). Formation of fatty acids; release of energy from carbohydrates Formation of genetic material (RNA and DNA) with Vitamin B12; red blood cell formation; protein metabolism Release of energy for carbohydrates, proteins and fats; formation of hormones; never function; synthesis of cholesterol, steroids, and fatty acids. Formation of collagen (substance that holds cells together); strengthening all connective tissue, skin, bones, teeth, muscles, tendons, cartilage, and capillaries; protecting vitamins A, E, B1, B2 pantothenic acid and folic acid from










Fluoride Copper


combining with oxygen; thus, acting as anti-oxidant/ anti-decay, anti-cancer. Building and maintenance of bones and teeth; normal growth; absorption of B12; needed for blood clotting and muscle contractions Building bones and teeth; metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats; growth and repair of tissue; storage and release of energy; transmitting nerve impulses and maintaining healthy nerves; Building bones; transmission of nerve impulses; regulation of body temperature; use of vitamin B, C and E; metabolism of calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and potassium Proper function of enzymes; detoxification of compounds that may otherwise be toxic to the body Maintaining the balance of: a) fluid and electrolyte (with potassium) b) calcium and phosphorus for proper heart function; c) acid and base Proper fluid and electrolyte balance; muscle contraction; transmission of nerve impulses; release of energy for carbohydrates, proteins and fats; maintaining normal heartbeat Balance of body fluids, acids, and bases; activation of enzyme in saliva; production of necessary stomach acid (hydrochloric acid) Formation of hemoglobin (ironcontaining part of red blood cell that carries oxygen to lungs) Formation of strong, decay-resistant teeth; maintenance of strong bones Allows iron to be absorbed and used for hemoglobin formation; protein metabolism Formation of RNA and DNA; is part of many, many enzymes; absorption of B



Chromium Manganese

Molybdenum Selenium


vitamins and use of vitamin A; normal bone formation and development of fetus Production of thyroid hormones (thyroxin and triiodothyronine) which regulate metabolism, energy production and growth rate Metabolism of glocuse Nervous system function; normal bone structure; reproduction; lactation; vitamin B12 activation; cholesterol formation (part of many enzymes that metabolize carbohydrates, protein and fat) Mobilization of iron for the liver (as part of the enzyme xanthine oxidase) Preventing breakdown of fats and other body chemicals (works closely with vitamin E). Constituent of vitamin B12 Source: Parents’ Guide to Nutrition, pp. 46-60 Dras. Susan Baker and Roberta Henry

WHICH OF THESE NUTRIENTS (VITAMINS AND MINERALS) ARE FOUND IN THE BRAN OF WHOLE GRAINS (RICE, WHEAT, CORNS, BARLEY, ETC) AND IN THEIR GERMS? NUTRIENTS BRAN of whole grains, legumes, other seeds and in whole flours Vitamin A FOUND IN GERM OTHER SOURCES of whole grains, legumes, other seeds and in whole flours Eggs; liver; fruits and vegetables; dark green leafy vegetables; butter; fish-liver oils Sunlight; egg yolk; fish-liver oils; butter; tuna; salmon; sardines; shrimp Most abundant Vegetable oils;

Vitamin D

Vitamin E


Vitamin K

Vitamin B1


Vitamin B2


Vitamin B3

Abundant brown rice) Abundant


Vitamin B6

Vitamin B12 Biotin

Folic acid

Abundant wheat)

Pantothenic acid


Vitamin C

margarine; soy beans; raw or sprouted seeds; sweet potatoes; nuts Green leafy vegetables; (this vitamin is made in the human intestines except in newborns) Brewer’s yeast; nuts and seeds; liver; soybeans Liver; brewer’s yeast; milk; cottage cheese; yogurt; eggs Liver; potatoes; brewer’s yeast; peanut butter Bananas and other fruits; seeds and nuts Liver; milk; yogurt; eggs; cottage cheese Liver; egg yolks; nuts; dark green, leafy vegetables (esp. Avocado; fruits; eggs; cheese; milk; dark, green, leafy vegetables Liver; cabbage; cauliflower; avocado; eggs; nuts and seeds Fruits and vegetables: guava, black currants, red pepper, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, green pepper, cantaloupe, strawberries, mango, cauliflower,








Sodium Potassium Abundant

Chloride Iron

Fluoride Copper

tomatoes, oranges, grapefruits, potatoes; dark, green and leafy vegetables Dairy products; sardines and salmon with bones, collards Brewer’s yeast; calves’ liver; milk; cheese; yogurt; seeds and nuts; tofu (soy beans) Nuts and seeds; dark, green, leafy vegetables Meat; fish; poultry; eggs; milk; legumes; nuts Table salt; foods with salt Fruits and vegetables; esp. avocado, lima beans, soy beans, banana, mango; blackstrap molasses; brewer’s yeast; seeds and nuts; meats; dairy products Table salt Liver; red meat; tofu (soy beans); brewer’s yeast; blackstrap molasses; dark, green, leafy vegetables; dried fruits Fluorinated water; seafoods Oyster; nuts and seeds; legumes;



Abundant wheat)

Iodine Chromium Abundant

Manganese Molybdenum Selenium

Abundant rice) Abundant Abundant

(esp Abundant wheat)

Cobalt (part of B12)

oatmeal; mushrooms; milk (esp Liver; eggs; nuts; oatmeal; ricotta cheese; chickpeas; lentils Seafood; iodized table salt Cheese; brewer’s yeast; meat; dried beans; peanuts (esp. Fruits; oatmeal; nuts Legumes; liver; kidney Seafoods; liver; meats; egg yolk; garlic Liver; poultry; milk; eggs; yogurt

Source: Parents’ Guide to Nutrition, pp. 46-60 Dras. Susan Baker and Roberta Henry From the website, we find the following information about the contents of whole wheat grain: Vitamins: A, B1 (Thiamine), B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin), B6 (Pyridoxine); Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin H (Biotin), Folic acid, Pantothenic acid, Inositol, Choline. Minerals found inside wheat are: calcium, iron, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, manganese, copper, sulphur, iodine, fluorine, chlorine, sodium, silicon, boron, barium and silver. This list seems to contain more than what Drs. Baker and Henry have listed in their book “Parents’ Guide to Nutrition”. Furthermore, the website states “plus others generally found in bran and wheat germ and other trace elements”. That is why many authorities say wheat is one of the most complete food ever created for man’s benefit.


Perhaps, reading the list of vitamins and minerals are less real and less interesting to you than to read the following facts from the website promoting the use of whole wheat and whole flour: “The wheat from which most bread is made has proven to be one of nature’s most perfect food, full of vitamins, minerals and many trace elements.’ “Mother nature has never been more kind as to have given us the wheat as a food so complete in its make-up that all trace elements, minerals, and chemicals found in the human body are also found to approximately the same proportions in the wheat seed!” Like all other seeds or grains, “the seed of wheat is made up of many parts consisting of 3 basic categories: 1) the bran which is made of many layers (imagine a pad of paper) of vitamins, minerals and rich in high quality proteins, forms the tough outer covering. This part of the wheat also provides valuable roughage (call it fiber!) which acts like a sponge to absorb and remove unwanted poisons and toxins from our digestive system. “2) The germ is the life-giving part of the seed. It is the embryo from which springs life. It is packed with vitamins B and E, but once milled, it can only last 72 hours at room temperature before going rancid. [This is the reason why the miller remove the germ from the grain and flour]. The wheat germ is one of the richest known sources of B and E vitamins and contains proteins, fat and minerals. “3) The endosperm, (or the white centre) is mostly starch with very few vitamins. It is where cellulose, starch, and gluten are abundant, but very little in the way of vitamins and minerals. This is the part of the wheat that most of today’s store bought milled white flour is made from.” “To ensure today’s milled white flour lasts long enough to sit in warehouses and on shop shelves for months on end, today’s millers have had to remove all trace of the bran and germ – losing at least 22 of the known 26” or according to other findings, losing 28 out of the 30 “known vitamins and minerals in the process and all of the valuable roughage our bodies need to absorb and remove unwanted toxins and poisons within our digestive system.” Sure, “you get whiter, fluffier bread, cakes or pastries but you get them at a price. Health problems such as obesity, diabetes, hypoglycemia, heart disease, bowel or colon cancer, and tooth decay are just some of the major diseases on the upswing since the introduction of white flour in the 1900s. Many nutritionists agree that white flour which come from white refined grains and other refined foods are largely responsible.”



“High cholesterol is indeed a common problem in many countries and in the whole world today, killing the most number of people in the world through heart attack, stroke etc. Now, lecithin is a key nutrient in the metabolism [e.g., melting, use and disposal] of fats and is found in any unrefined food with oil such as whole grains, legumes, nuts and other seeds. Yet sadly the refining method of the food industry destroys lecithin. Fresh milled whole grains contains lecithin as well as B6, inositol, and choline – all essential nutrients for the production of lecithin.” GRAIN FIBERS PREVENT COLON CANCER “The removal of the fiber and the nutrients from the grain or flour has directly or indirectly caused many of the common diseases that now plague our country.” “Grain fiber helps remove fat from the walls of the colon, thus, helping prevent colon cancer. Fiber also promotes fresh bile production. Bile is made by the liver out of cholesterol. The key nutrients for keeping cholesterol levels in check are in our freshly ground, daily baked whole bread and in our whole grains.” “America and Great Britain are the most constipated nations in the world. Constipation is basic cause to a whole list of diseases which could be avoided were the fiber not stripped from our foods. Fiber increases the bulk of the stool, yet softens the stool by absorbing water much like a sponge would do. This decreases constipation as well as shortening the transit time of the stool in the intestinal tract. Doctors everywhere agree that constipation is due to one factor only – the lack of fiber in the diet. If fiber, especially grain fiber, were added back to our diets, this would end the need for laxatives. Above all, this will also keep our intestine clean; thus, help keep colon cancer away!” “Thirty five percent of cancer is caused by diet. Fiber keeps our colons thoroughly cleansed, thus eliminating the possibility of infection and toxin build up. Grain fibers are known to actually leach carcinogens from our systems. Wheat and most grains may absorb up to 20 per cent while grain sorghum has been found to absorb as much as 50 per cent. Thus fresh milled grains, can help avoid cancer.” PREVENTION OF DIABETES “One of the testimonies we hear over and over, once people begin to mill their grains or make their own whole bread, is that of reduced cravings for sugar. The demand for energy is now being adequately met with a diet rich in complex carbohydrates. Glutamine is the amino acid that is directly related to the metabolism of sugar and its richest source is wheat. Since sugary foods tend to weaken the immune system and fed causing bacteria, we have seen a tremendous improvement in health especially the prevention of diabetes with the elimination of these types of foods…”


Rice which is the staple food for 2/3 of the world’s population, does not fare far behind. It too is rich in carbohydrates, dietary fiber, protein, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, and minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, etc. Having read the facts about the value of whole grains in general and wheat in particular hopefully have stirred your interest and commitment to settle for nothing less than whole grains and whole bread. This must move us to work towards the elimination of REFINED GRAINS AND REFINED FLOURS FROM THE MARKET. By being a conscientious consumer and wise customer plus a loving parent, you can help shift the trend back to whole grains, whole flour and whole bread! We can also prod our lawmakers to reverse the trend toward more refined foods. The present addiction to refined foods, especially refined (some call it ‘polished’) grains and flour, is causing me – and you should be too! – some great worry as this will contribute in the most major way to the deterioration of the health and mind of our people, especially our more vulnerable children! If we do not take care for our children to possess strong body and strong mind, then, expect that the future will be bleaker than what you have even seen! Declaration: Grains like rice in the Philippines and wheat in the USA and some other parts of the world, are our staple food, that is, the food that we always eat every meal, while the rest are rarely eaten or seldom available or are expensive to obtain. In poor countries like the Philippines, there are far more times when the average family does not have other food than the grains, corn or rice, and one kind of vegetable or fish. The grains are always present, save a few instances when there is some banana or root crops that can serve as substitute, but that seldom happens. What I would like to emphasize is the fact that WE DEPEND SO MUCH ON THE GRAINS (RICE OR CORN) AS OUR MAIN FOOD. For this very reason, I feel so sad and hurt to see our rice or corn (a) made nutrition-less by refine milling; and (b) made poisonous by the qualm-less use of poisonous chemicals in the form of fertilizers and pesticides during planting, then the chemicals used in storing, transporting, processing, preserving. I know, though I have no power to determine who and how many, that right at this very minute, the plague of cancer continues to assault our people especially our mothers or women, whose cervix and breasts are being attacked by nitrosamines, the deadliest of all carcinogens (cancer-causing substances). These nitrosamines derived from nitrites and nitrates from nitrogenous fertilizers that we use for our rice and corn fields. Nitrites and nitrates become nitrosamines when they combine with amines, amides, protein or amino acids in the environment or found inside the bodies of animals (meat) or inside our body. 26

Cancer-causing chemicals like nitrosamines find the best condition for cancer growth in our body if what we eat are deficient of nutrients – that is, no or less vitamins, minerals and phyto-chemicals. These nutrients – I repeat, these vitamins, minerals and phyto-chemicals are our tools to shield us from all kinds of diseases. They empower of immune system to fight invading germs, virus, bacteria, chemicals, and the likes, and keep us strong and healthy. If we eat nutrients-less food, such as the branless and germless, refined grains and white flour, our immune system is weak. We can’t resist the attack of cancers and other diseases. Nobody can see, no one can attest, what I feel – the pain inside my heart from the bleeding that started when I learned that our staple food, the grains and their byproduct, the flour, have lost 28 of their original 30 nutrients which God, the wise and loving Creator, ordained it to be, for the health and happiness of us all, especially our children who need these nutrients the most in their for their growth, health and intellect. Many are wondering why our children today are becoming weaker mentally. Nobody from the top can give the correct answer/s why during a national NEAT exams conducted recently, 95.5% of our Grade VI pupils failed to quality to proceed to high school and no one has the right answers why during the yearly international IQ tests, our pupils and students, selected from the best schools in the country, always lag behind the rest; e.g., got the 42nd place out of 45 participating countries!? I can give four answers – causes: 1) TV; 2) chemicals in food; 3) lack of parental support, e.g., guidance and encouragement; and 4) nutrition-less food. There are other causes; there are many causes. But one basic cause is the assault on our food which they did in two ways: 1) remove the nutrients through refine milling, etc.; and 2) the addition of chemicals from seeding phase up to when they are eaten as grains, bread, etc. The downward trend our children are being swept into helplessly towards diseases bodies and poor IQ is a very sad and painful event that looks similar to one accident when a mother in the river bank saw her 5-year old boy snatched by a large crocodile and was being pulled into the middle of the deep and wide river. She heard him cried for help which she could not give, knowing her helplessness. And she saw her beloved little son slowly disappeared as the crocodile swallowed him! This is the kind of helplessness that I felt or that I’ve noticed to have characterized our nation in general, and parents in particular. Our children are getting sicker and sicker, and their minds dumber and dumber, but we have not made any substantial progress as to how to stop this downward fall!


We have not enough time, my dear fellow parents. We must look at one of the major culprits right in the eye: the refined grains and flour and the chemicals added on them! The quickest solution is: GO BACK TO WHOLE GRAINS, WHOLE FLOUR AND WHOLE BREAD! “Whole” means “still complete with the nutrients” God had ordained to be found in them. We must remove those chemicals – STOP the use of those chemicals from planting to processing to cooking or baking. And we must keep them whole – that is, the bran and the germs are intact when we eat them! Because it is the corn or rice or bread that our children eat more often and regularly than anything else, the return to ‘whole’ grains, ‘whole’ flour and ‘whole’ bread, will quickly produce a big impact at restoring the health of our children, both body and mind. There is no need to spend. Not even a single additional centavo. Just let us go back to whole grains and bread and which are organic. “Organic” means “no more chemicals throughout the process”. Just as it was in the ancient time. “WHOLE AND ORGANIC” – WAO! that’s the first and second solutions combined: restore the nutrients and remove the chemicals. After these first and second solutions have been installed and implemented, the next is the control of the bad ‘deed’ of the television, namely: the TV discourages our children from studying or it distracts their attention. In this fight, we must get actively involved, not just in controlling or throwing away the TV, but also in encouraging our children to study well. We must impart to them the reasons, the motivations to study. They must understand the value of study. They must know why they should study and why they should do it diligently. Teaching and learning will then be very smooth and fast if we had remove the obstacles of (1) malnutrition (which makes our children drowsy and weak during classes), (2) chemicals which over-stimulate our children’s body and mind to the point that they become hyper-active – read: unable to concentrate, possessing only a very short attention span which is anathema to the quest of understanding, memory and learning. Short attention span prevents the children from understanding the lessons. It prevents them from memorizing and remembering. In short, it hinders their learning. There are still countless causes of why our children are weakening in bodies and mind. But as they used to say, if we can single out and conquer the few major ones, then, the rest will be easy to deal with.


I have no doubts in this! If we want to survive as a people and make real progress in the greatness of character and achievements, then, we must listen to the will of God, one of which is this that I am discussing. Let us go back to the ancient way – the God’s way He taught to our ancestors. Nature’s way, unaltered by godless scientists and greedy businessmen. Quoting from what our Lord declared in His preaching, we must “REPENT OR PERISH”! Either perish spiritually or just physically, both matters to us! Physical health and spiritual salvation, which constitute to us long life, are both important to us, more important than any other things and treasures. So, as we give importance to our spiritual condition, we also should pay attention to our physical health, healing, safety and protection. Why? Because, it gives us happiness to be healthy and to live long. Disease seems to always be a synonym to unhappiness. Like the apostle John, I wish you, brethren and your children, that you be all in good health even as your soul prospers spiritually. This is my wish. What I have written is my firm position. Our factual stand. The truth in which we must stand. That truth that can set us free. Free from diseases. Free from weaknesses. Free from dumbness and degeneration as individuals and as a people. Free from unhappiness. May the true, all-loving and almighty Father in heaven, Jehovah, help us in this! *** This leads us to realize that altering (or removing) God’s natural packaging such as the “pak-pak” of the palay (rice hull), to further process the whole grains into flour FOR A VERY LONG DISTANCE AND STORAGE does not suit to God’s design or will. God’s will is that rice or wheat must be preserved as grains, with the hulls serving as natural packaging, but not as flour. It is said that once ground into flour, the grains can last for only 3 days, too short for international transport and long storage. But look what man has done: he ground the raw grains in such a way that the easily-spoiled nutrients are removed from the grains so that the resulting flour is nutrition-less but now could last longer. The use of man-designed packaging such as the sack for the flour is not good. And it is also foolish evil what they call “fortification” or the process of adding iron, vitamins, etc., to the nutrients-less refined flour simply because after they had removed using chemicals the original nutrients, altering already the natural wholesomeness of the grains, they then return or fortify one or two of the removed 29

nutrients, using also chemical in this fortification process. Thus, the iron or other mineral and vitamins they are to add or return (fortify) have been badly corrupted and spoiled. So, this remove-and-then-add thing is never giving the people the health, long life and safety they deserve if only we love our neighbor as ourselves, as God commanded. Thus, we have covered much of the emotional-mental (spiritual aspect) of prenatal and post-natal care for the child. Now, I would like to end this long article by focusing on the DIET that children will need to grow into strong and healthy adults. This is about the

What does Whole and Organic food mean? And how important and crucial is the shift to whole and organic food to the life and future of our children and ourselves? The following will answer these questions.


This morning Mama and I were discussing about colon cancer. Colon cancer has become the ‘sensation’ in the Philippines these past weeks because our former Philippine President, Cory Aquino, is in her deathbed due to colon cancer. I am writing this into an article, discussing the connection between colon cancer and white rice/wheat, white flour, and white bread. “White” refers to refined grain or flour, after the fiber-rich bran has been removed from the grains through thorough (repeated0 milling. What are the causes of colon cancer? I can cite two major causes:


First, the entry of the cancerous dirts (read: chemicals) into the body or specifically the intestines; these ‘dirts’ that cling in the intestine walls for decades will give way to colon cancer; Second, the absence of fiber in the diet. Fiber is the main stuff that serves as the cleansers of the intestines. Fiber acts like a monkey that hangs on the walls of the intestine and tears off (removes) every dirty thing that dares to sticks in there and do damage later on. I told my mother that whole grains, whole flour, and whole bread are the only kind that still contains the fiber-laden bran. When you refine-mill the grain, you will have removed the bran that contains the fiber. What is the solution to colon cancer? Since when you equate ‘solution’ to ‘cure’ would be too late, I would like to emphasize that ‘solution’ here means ‘prevention’. So what is the ‘prevention’ of colon cancer? There are also at least two solutions-preventions directly related to the two causes mentioned above, to wit: First, chemicals should be avoided in the diet (food and drink) and other manners through which chemicals enter the body. Second, fiber must be restored in the diet of people, especially nowadays that unscrupulous food producers and manufacturers lack the conscience or the full understanding of the effects of some acts. How to implement these preventive solutions? Chemicals are strong agents or substances that can injure our delicate cells, turning the wounded cells sick, that is, cancerous. So the use of chemicals in the entire process of food production and manufacturing MUST be stopped. This leads us to the beginning of the process – at the field. Chemicals used in planting take the form or names of “herbicides,” “fertilizers,” “pesticides,” “insecticides,” etc. Those which use these chemicals in growing their crops will produce what we call “inorganic” rice, corn or wheat, etc. They are what do we call “inorganically” grown. “Inorganic” refers to “chemicals”.


In other words, the prevention of colon and other cancers start at the first step – at planting: stop use of chemicals at the first base, the field. Next, during the processing of grains into bread, we must stop using those chemicals such as artificial/imitation flavors, artificial/imitation colors, texture enhancers, preservatives, and the likes. “Artificial/imitation” means “chemicals,” “not natural”. Today, our bread, pastries, cakes and the likes use a lot of these chemicals to enhance the flavor (taste and smell), the beauty (e.g., color), the shelf life, etc. Because flours are already laden with chemicals during the process and storage, and because the bakers are adding greater number of chemicals during the baking and preserving process, therefore, the bread, pastries, cakes et al are the most poisonous or one of the most poisonous food found in the market today. The poisons however do not kill you instantly but gradually, but fatally when they give way to cancers. We must now produce “organic” rice, “organic” corn, “organic” wheat and the likes so that THE GRAINS, THE FLOUR AND THE BREAD ET AL THAT WE WILL EAT WILL NO LONGER CONTAIN CANCER-CAUSING CHEMICALS! Return to organic, natural, chemical-free food: grains, flour, bread, and other by-products. That’s the first thing to implement. Now, the second thing to implement is: RETURN TO WHOLE FOOD, .e.g., whole grains (rice, corn, wheat, etc.), whole flour, whole bread. “WHOLE” means “complete,” e.g., the nutrients-filled, fiber-laden bran is still intact. The grains (be it corn, rice or wheat or barley, or what) must not be refine-milled. Refine-milling or over-milling removes the bran which contains the fiber. The remaining or resulting refined white grains-flourbread which no longer contains the bran-fiber does two bad things in connection to colon cancer, to wit: 1) DELAYS STOOL. the white, refined rice (Visayan: mimis), for example, does not hold enough water and is stickier, therefore, produces a drier and stickier stool that drags along or moves slowly through the intestines, thus, resulting to constipation. This same is true with other refined food, such as refined wheat, refined flour, refined/white bread. Constipation refers to too-long-than-the-safety duration or stay of stool inside the intestine. Authorities emphasize that we must remove our bowel everyday. If we don’t or can’t do that (and it is called constipation), the overdue or stuck up stool will turn poisonous and will eventually poison the body!?


2) ASSISTS CHEMICALS. The stranded stool during constipation, also means ‘stranded chemicals’. And these chemicals find the sufficient time to attached themselves in the walls of the colon (intestine) for future development of the “colon cancer”! There you can see that making “whole”, non-white food into white (that is, refining them while removing the bran-fiber in the process) is not a bright idea!!!!

The Role Of Fiber In Colon Cancer Prevention
Fiber performs at least two crucial functions that prevents colon cancer, to wit: 1) Fiber hastens the elimination of our stool; it prevents delay of or overdue bowel movement (constipation), thus, give the poisons or chemicals no more time to attach themselves in the walls of the intestines. Fiber quickly eliminate those poison and chemicals with the stool. 2) Fiber cleanses the intestines of its dirt. Grain Fibers Prevent Colon Cancer “The removal of the fiber and the nutrients from the grain or flour has directly or indirectly caused many of the common diseases that now plague our country.” “Grain fiber helps remove fat from the walls of the colon, thus, helping prevent colon cancer. Fiber also promotes fresh bile production. Bile is made by the liver out of cholesterol. The key nutrients for keeping cholesterol levels in check are in our freshly ground, daily baked whole bread and in our whole grains.” “America and Great Britain are the most constipated nations in the world. Constipation is basic cause to a whole list of diseases which could be avoided were the fiber not stripped from our foods. Fiber increases the bulk of the stool, yet softens the stool by absorbing water much like a sponge would do. This decreases constipation as well as shortening the transit time of the stool in the intestinal tract. Doctors everywhere agree that constipation is due to one factor only – the lack of fiber in the diet. If fiber, especially grain fiber, were added back to our diets, this would end the need for laxatives. Above all, this will also keep our intestine clean; thus, help keep colon cancer away!” “Thirty five percent of cancer is caused by diet. Fiber keeps our colons thoroughly cleansed, thus eliminating the possibility of infection and toxin build up. Grain fibers are known to actually leach carcinogens from our systems. Wheat and most grains may absorb up to 20 per cent while grain sorghum has been found to absorb as much as 50 per cent. Thus fresh milled grains, can help avoid cancer.” Source:


“Fiber, also called roughage or nature’s broom, is the undigestible portion of edible plants that ends up in the large intestine after the body has digested and absorbed protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and water from these foods… ‘Dietary fiber (there are fibers that are not edible!) is important to both children and adults. Wholegrain breads and cereals, fruits, and vegetables – good sources of fiber – provide the necessary bulk that helps eliminate solid waste matter. In its role as a natural laxative, fiber absorbs water, softening the stool and making it easier to pass.” Source: Parents’ Guide To Nutrition Dr. Susan Baker and Dr. Roberta Henry

White Rice and President Cory’s Colon Cancer

The most sensational health news these past weeks in the Philippines is the ongoing suffering of former President Cory Aquino of colon cancer. Question: What is the connection between white rice and President Cory’s colon cancer? Answer: President Cory does not eat enough food with fiber which could have cleansed her colon regularly. She has been eating white rice!!!!!!!!!!!! And she eats so much dirt (chemicals) not knowing that she has not enough “brooms” (fiber) for her intestines’ cleaning. Warning: Unless the nation returns to whole grains with the fiber-filled bran, the people will lack this important ‘broom’ in this time of increasing dirt to clean inside our intestines! In other words, more dirts – read: poisons and chemicals, no broom (fiber)! Without doubt, colon cancer will increase without limit!!!! Why I moved for the end of using chemicals in the whole food chain and why I am emphasizing the return to whole grain-flour-bread? I moved for the end of chemical use in each step of the long process of food production and manufacturing because CHEMICALS CREATE CANCERS, with special mention to nitrogenous chemicals such as inorganic fertilizers, e.g, ammonia, urea. After these nitrogenous fertilizers are being utilized in the fields, some chemical by-products are produced such as: nitrates and nitrites.


Nitrates and nitrites are the first ingredients of nitrosamines, the most deadly substances that cause cancers. When these substances combined with amine, amides, amino acids, protein which are found in the environment as well as inside the animal and human bodies, these will form nitrosamines. In the environment, nitrosamines can already be possibly formed. Now in the bodies of animals, nitrosamines are formed. In our bodies, taking in the foods or drinks which contains these nitrates or nitrites can pave the way for the formation of nitrosamines in our bodies! The risk is compounded if we eat the meat of animals which already has nitrosamines! If we are great meat-eaters, the danger is indeed great! So, it is wise to slow down with or even skip today’s meat, if it is possible with us. But this alone cannot protect us from nitrosamines which can be formed inside our body with out the meat of animals. Our amino acid (or protein) is enough to work with nitrates/nitrites to produce nitrosamines. Why more women are plagued by cancers, especially breast and cervix cancers? These substances (amino acids, protein, nitrosamines) are fatty and these like to stay in fatty tissues, best examples of which are the breasts and/or milk! In medical research in Europe and I believe also in America, nitrosamines are found in breasts that were “cancered”. It does logically mean that nitrosamines caused the cancer of the breasts! So, “birds of the same feather flock together”, fatty substances flock together: breast tissues, milk, nitrosamines! Placenta or the womb is another place where fats are found. It is not also difficult to understand why cervix cancers abound among women, not to overlook other causes such as: pills (which are chemicals), germs due to sexual impurities (read: immoralities and perversions), etc. Because the womb and breasts are the two places where our children are first nurtured, the presence of chemicals like nitrosamines should doubly alarmed us!! For there are two very important people here whose very health and lives are on the line – the mothers and the infants!! All ye husbands read: your wives and your children! All ye sons and daughters: your mothers and your younger siblings!


These are the two beloved peoples that are in grave dangers – already for so long because of the use of chemicals like inorganic fertilizers. Movement to return to Mother’s Breastmilk I appreciate – even admire – the courage of a group or number of women who campaign for the return to the use of mother’s milk. They have convincing reasons why mothers should breast feed their infants and avoid relying on bottle feeding (cow’s milk). Of these reasons, I know three very important ones, to wit: colostrums, taurine, and love. May I expound a bit. • Colostrums This substance only found in mother’s milk and only during the first milk at the start of breast feeding, is responsible for the development of a strong immune system of the child which can spell the difference when he grows into an adult! While we, adults struggle to boost our immune system to cope up with the highly mutated germs and diseases, spending unaccounted big sums of money, one basic act that we, parents can do to spare our children and grandchildren of the cost and the sufferings, is to ensure that they are breastfed. In God’s perfect Order, breastfeeding is an essential step of human growth and development. I believe that skipping this important step will have irreparable damage and unrecoverable cost in the life of the unbreastfed child. I have the suspicion that the loss of power in a person’s immune system for not being breastfed when he was a child cannot be fully compensated or supplied by whatever amount of whatever herbs, vegetables, fruits, or food supplement being discovered and introduced to the market. That colostrums must be given at the earliest days of a child surely emphasize the need to start early in the building up of one’s natural defense system. Realizing this need and trying to address it only later in life, e.g., when you are an adult, may prove to be too late… or shall I say, you will already have missed a lot in terms of happiness through good health, accomplishments, beauty, intelligence, etc.! • Taurine Like colostrums, taurine is another unique substance made in the mother’s breast and exclusively found in the mother’s milk which has been found to possess a remarkably important role in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of every person. Initial scientific findings revealed that taurine shows the characteristics which concretize what we have for so long believed to be purely abstract, such as peace, emotional stability and balance , mental stability and balance and overall personal maturity. Taurine shows the characteristic to be the substance that implement or carries out the will of peace, emotional and mental balance and stability.

When in the 1800s mothers in the ‘progressive’ nations of America and Europe abandoned breastfeeding for the sake of convenience and personal upkeep and bottle-fed – read: cow-fed – their children, the generation that was produced was lacking in emotional stability and balance; thus, they belligerent - war-like. They lacked the capacity to impose peace. They were easy to get angry, hate, and resort to war instead of peaceful solution to difference. When this particular generation reached the age of 16 to 45, they plunged the world into the most horrible wars of all time – World War I and World War II. From the scientific point of view, the main cause of these wars was the rejection of mother’s milk with its taurine. As early as the last half of 1800s, taurine was already discovered, its role already understood. But the giant cow’s milk manufacturers, with their huge financial power, funded the campaign to erase taurine from the awareness of the people. When in 1980s ‘cow’s milk’s’ scientists successfully mimicked the true taurine from a substance in the bones, they lifted up the cap that had covered taurine. They now heralded the importance of taurine…because they now have a taurine that they can sell. Before when it was only an exclusive product of human mother’s milk, facts about taurine were being withheld from the people. Now, that they can make taurine using the bones, they now let taurine be made known. Now the question is: Is the bone-taurine the same as the milk-taurine? In God’s way, ‘No to that which is not the original’! Got the hint? • Love My old grandmother had a wisdom which I now price greatly. When she saw a mother resorting to cow’s milk to feed her infant, my lola would quickly run same statement repeatedly: “The infant who is fed with the milk of an animal, will behave like an animal.” I could not fathomed the meaning or reason of it. But the simple fact that by bottle feeding a child with cow’s milk, the natural bonding between mama and child was reduced because gone were the countless minutes where the child could have fed on its mama’s breast. It is this lost opportunity or rather opportunities, that separated the child from the mother --- emotionally. What then is the casualty? Answer: LOVE. The basic love was reduced or even died when a child is not breastfed. That child will grow lacking in love. Since every human being’s purpose of being here on earth is to “love God above all and your neighbor as yourself”, this loss of love at the very first phase of life is a great tragedy indeed! There are other important losses for not breastfeeding. For example: greater alertness of the mind, and healthier and more beautiful bodies. The women who know and realize this are bravely campaigning for the return to breastfeeding and the banning of milk companies to attempt to replace mother’s milk with the very inferior milk products.


Grave QUESTION of the hour: If the mama’s milk nowadays contains nitrosamines, that terrible cancercausing agent – if the mother’s milk is now being dangerous and harmful, or at least, suspect, what’s the point of returning to breastfeeding? Alas, not to breastfeed is bad, now to breastfeed is beginning to be perceived as worse. This is a case of ‘damned if you will and damned if you won’t’! WE MUST FIRST RETURN TO ORGANIC FOOD ESPECIALLY ORGANIC RICE OR GRAINS, IF WE WANT TO MAKE BREASTFEEDING SAFE AGAIN! This same is unfortunately true with another important aspect in life, namely: the return to whole grain. Movement To Return To Whole Grains-Flour-Bread Now that an increasing number of us are realizing the great losses in terms of nutrition and happiness for eating bran-fiber-less polished/refined white rice, white flour, white bread and the likes -- now that the movement to return to whole grains-flour-bread has picked up momentum, the problem that we face now is this: THE RETURN TO WHOLE FOOD IS NO LONGER THAT SAFE BECAUSE OF THE PRESENCE OF CHEMICALS ON THE SURFACES, OR EVEN BRANS AND GERMS! Look, let’s take the case of rice and I believed this is also true with wheat and other grains. This is a fact that all people should know, namely: the grain hull or husk that serves as the grain’s outer hard shell of protection habitually opens in the morning to meet the sun. Indeed, to spray poisonous pesticides during these ‘open’ hours would mean that some of the pesticides entered to the grains, settled on the bran and some of these penetrated into the deeper part of the grains. From a simple logic, under this conditions, more chemicals would settle in the most exposed part of the grains or seeds, and what is that most exposed part of the seeds or grains? The outermost part of course! That is, the bran and germs! This is where the problem comes. We realize the indispensability of the bran and the germ but here this danger poses: the highly important bran and germ are chemical-laden – more poisoned than the other parts of the grains or seeds! It is exactly the same to the grievous fact: that the mother’s womb and breasts (read: milk) nowadays are dangerous to your child!


Alas, I would like to add to the ad “Smoking is dangerous to your health” with “Breasts and womb are dangerous to your babies”! And this as well: “Whole food is dangerous to your health” or “Bran and germ are dangerous to your health”! MARK THIS VERY WELL: The mandatory pre-requisite to a safe return to breastfeeding is organic chemical-free rice in particular or organic chemical-free food in general. And the mandatory pre-requisite to safe and clean colons or intestines safe from cancer is whole rice et al intact with the bran which contains the intestine cleanser, fiber. Conclusions: What is the connection between colon cancer and white grain-flour-bread? White grain-flour-bread delays stool elimination (constipation), drags the stool and its dirts and chemicals inside the intestines, thereby allowing those poisons and chemicals to attached themselves in the walls of the intestines – often for life or until colon cancer becomes a reality! Therefore, a drastic return to whole food is in order! What is the connection between breast and cervix cancer and inorganic grain-flour-bread? Inorganic grain-flour-bread contains residues – read: ingredients – of nitrosamines which largely contributed to the development of breast and cervix cancers. Therefore, if we wish to greatly reduce or even eliminate the incidences of breast and cervix cancers, we must start at going back to ORGANIC RICE ET AL. Summary conclusion: WHOLE AND ORGANIC FOOD (WOF1). WHOLE ORGANIC RICE (WOR). WHOLE ORGANIC FLOUR (WOF2). WHOLE AND ORGANIC BREAD (WOB). AND THE LIKES. One of the most major solutions to the complex problems of our health today can be summed up in these few words: RETURN TO WHOLE AND ORGANIC (RWO). In Christian terminology, RETURN TO GOD’S WAYS. In a word, REPENTANCE! And as the Lord Jesus forewarned, REPENT OR PERISH!


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