com/ Overwhelmed by the staggering wealth of written works gathered from the dawn of recorded knowledge through to the present day, many will lament, “Nothing original remains to be done”. Every song has been sung, every story been told, every concept conceived – RUBBISH! Random Word Stimulation is an indispensable power tool for anyone involved in the many distinguished arts of creative writing. Writers are a unique breed that perceive the world in a larger sense than most of us and that well understand the critical importance of original ideas. In writing, just as in life, it is ideas that matter. It is ideas that lead the way. New ideas that spawn and mature to find form and expression - sculpted to perfection by the minds of their creators. But where do these new original ideas come from? How are new ideas created? Writers also know better than most just how difficult it can be to generate something truly original. Even worse, what happens when it has to be done consistently, reliably, on demand whenever it is needed? Where can one go for a reliable source of inspiration to find the elusive way forward, the innovative approach, the new “twist” that fits? Random Word Stimulation is a productive, uplifting, mind bending technique that literally draws original ideas directly from the writer’s subconscious to mind any creative writing endeavor. Random Word Stimulation is a potent technique to stimulate new directions of thought. The theory behind Random Word Stimulation is much more complicated to explain than it is to use. Using Random Word Stimulation is actually very simple, direct, and automatic. Random Word Stimulation provides the kind of fresh inspiration that only occurs when confronted with forces that emerge at random from the mysterious unknown. Throughout history, the

moments of great innovation and invention have actually manifested completely by accident. Unpredictable random occurrences, an extraordinary convergence of coincidence, or the infamous “Happy Accident”. These elusive moments have been known by many names, but in common they describe spontaneous events, that happen completely by chance, in an unforeseeable future beyond our deliberate control. New experiences recognized from random events that take place outside of the mind, force a reorganization of familiar synaptic response. The mind naturally adapts as new experiences are absorbed and processed. Deeper insights are illuminated as the brain restructures its neural pathways to integrate new information into its collective consciousness. It is within this newly expanded framework of enhanced awareness and understanding that new ideas are born. Some shrug off these chance events as mere quirks of circumstance, irrelevant and unworthy of serious consideration. Some interpret these fateful events as divine intervention or mystical sign. Still others believe in the fortunes of luck (good or bad) and know full well that the immutable Law of Averages dictates it’s just a matter of time before they come around our way. These moments are fleeting and most often pass by completely unnoticed. One must be constantly on alert to recognize these events as they happen and be ready to seize upon the opportunities they reveal. But to be in the right place, at the right time, under the right conditions, and in the right frame of mind – for the myriad of unrelated random factors to spontaneously come together in just the right way to ignite the spark of inspiration is a very rare and precious moment indeed. Random Word Stimulation is a way to produce these magical moments on demand whenever you need them. A virtually infinite supply of fresh inspiration, drawn from the full measure of human experience, is now in hand and ready to serve at your command. Even the most stubborn of writer’s block, or for that matter any type of mental block, has no hope for survival. There are no formulas to learn, no flowcharts to follow, no rules to obey, no complex theories to struggle with. Random Word Stimulation is a very simple and powerful technique once you learn how to use it. Traditional education emphasizes memorizing existing information, and understanding information strictly within the context from which it is given. In contrast to the traditional approach, Random Word Stimulation directly stimulates the mind to generate its own unique information by exercising the brain’s primordial ability to think for itself. This open-ended approach to selfinduced, self-inspired, and self-directed learning is a stark contradiction to the linear methods of traditional education. And yet these two methods of learning are not in conflict, they are complementary and of equal value, like two sides of the same coin. Many will find this new way of thinking unfamiliar and a bit disconcerting at first. You may feel some apprehension from the uncertainties inherent in beginning a self-propelled journey whose final destination is completely unknown. A relaxed attitude is the key to success. Keep in mind that it is precisely the unknown that you seek to discover. This is your time to cast free from the mental restraints of inhibition and boldly strike forward in confident anticipation of what new adventures and riches lay before you. Acquiring new modes of thinking is a process of growth which inevitably means that old modes of thinking will change, if you let them. Your mind is a living, constantly evolving matrix of infinite complexity whose true nature extends far beyond any imposed limitations. Random Word Stimulation works in a synergistic complementary relationship. Random Word Stimulation presents the mind with unexpected random experiences to prompt new thinking that can lead to something new and useful. The forces that dwell in the unpredictable unknown are now harnessed and held patiently at bay until called for. Results are immediate, even to a beginner, and can easily be tailored to suit your specific requirements and personality in ways that are entirely up to you to discover through selfguided exploration. Your imagination, unleashed within this open-ended playground of endless possibility, will begin to adapt and discover many ways to utilize the abundant stimuli it provides.

Random words work individually and in combination to produce new life experiences in your imagination without ever having to leave the familiar comfort, security, and convenience of your own desktop environment. Writer’s Block – Goodbye! Is a new type of writing environment that is based on Random Word Stimulation. Visit and download the free trial so you can try it out for yourself. Now when you have those empty moments, when your thinking seems all but depleted, you can always find exactly what you didn’t know you needed.

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