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Born Again! What Do You Mean?

Charles Hunter

Scripture quotations are taken from. The Living Bible, Paraphrased TLB!. " #$%# T&ndale House Publishers, 'heaton, (L )sed throughout this book unless other*ise stated +e* ,merican Standard Bible. " The Lockman -oundation #$./, #$.0, #$.1, #$.2, #$%#, #$%0, #$%1, #$%3, #$%%. The ,mplified +e* Testament ,mp.!, " The Lockman -oundation #$34, #$32

Born Again! What Do You Mean?
Think for a moment. Do you really know the answer to that question? Could you honestly and effectively tell someone who had never heard of the Bible, or the expression, born a!ain" what it really means? #f they had no knowled!e of $od, %esus, or the &oly 'pirit, could you convincin!ly and yet simply !et the messa!e across? &ave you ever tried tellin! someone what bein! born a human means? &ow does it happen? (hat causes it? &ow can that happen? )ittle children often ask questions which stop the most

knowled!eable parent or !randparent. *ommy, how was # born?" (hat really happens when you are born a!ain? (hat does that mean? &ow do you know that you are born a!ain? #t is hard to put into words an explanation that makes sense to others. +ne of the most learned men of the Bible times asked %esus, Born a!ain, (hat do you mean? &ow can an old man !o back into his mother-s womb and be born a!ain?" .%ohn /012. (e will come back to %esusanswer a little later, but let us look at this question from a human, earthly, explainable view. $od and his 'on %esus always were3 they always existed3 there is no be!innin! or end of their lives. The Bible !ives us that answer and $od

has left us with si!ns of his creation like the sun, the moon, the stars in their perfect function, and many other proofs that there is a $od, a hi!her bein! than man, so the truth of the Bible is demonstrated. $od made his first earthly resident from the dust of the !round and breathed into him the breath of life. $od not only formed this body of man, but he put his own breath into him to make him alive. The second person, the woman, was made from a rib of the man. This was a remarkable miracle of creation by a $od who could make somethin! out of nothin!. $od had made the first humans, male and female, and had created within the two of them a way of reproduction. (e know this because $od told them to 4*ultiply and fill the earth" .$enesis 50672.

8pparently they did not even have to ask $od, &ow do we multiply?" $od had made a reproduction method and caused them by his 'pirit to at least understand what to do to multiply. (e have evidence of this by billions of people who live on earth today. $od also said, 8nd look, # have !iven you 4seed9bearin!- plants... .$enesis 506:2. 'eed is another creation of $od. #-m not sure even science has been able to explain how a seed can reproduce itself when placed in the ri!ht circumstances. (e do know that a seed has life in it3 an ability to reproduce itself. #f we plant a seed into !ood soil, then water and care for it, it will brin! forth others of its kind, ;ust like $od told us. $od-s creation, man and woman, those two beautiful people" whom

he loved, did not obey $od-s simple instructions. They sinned. $od had told them that if they ate of the fruit of that one tree out of the whole !arden, they would surely die. Did they die? (e see in the Bible that they lived lon! lives after that, Their bodies did not immediately die, but somethin! else did, $od had created mankind with a spirit and soul which would live forever, and placed the everlastin! soul and spirit into a temporary house called the body. Behold, all souls are *ine3 the soul of the father as well as the soul of the son is *ine. The soul who sins will die" .<=ekiel 5701 >8'B2. $od continued in that same chapter to say that if man would obey him and not sin a!ainst him, . . . he will surely live" .<=ekiel 5705?2.

(hen 8dam and <ve sinned, they broke fellowship with $od. This relationship that $od had wanted so much to have with his created bein! had been destroyed, so he set into motion a plan to redeem his lost creation3 to brin! life back to mankind. @or the wa!es which sin pays is death3 but the .bountiful2 free !ift of $od is eternal life throu!h .in union with2 %esus Christ our )ord" .Aomans B06/ 8mp.2. $od-s plan for redemption started with the knowled!e that even thou!h $od and %esus are spirit bein!s, %esus would have to become $od in the flesh on earth, and would have to die for the sins 8dam and <ve committed and the sins that followed them in their offsprin!. Then $od planned that %esus would come back to life a!ain, so that we,

too, could come back from the spiritual death caused by the sin of 8dam and <ve. But someone may ask, 4&ow will the dead be brou!ht back to life a!ain? (hat kind of bodies will they have?- (hat a foolish question, Cou will find the answer in your own !arden, (hen you put a seed into the !round it doesn-t !row into a plant unless it 4dies- first" .5 Corinthians 5D0/D2, &ow would $od make %esus into a man? (ould he a!ain make him from the dust and breathe life into him? >o, $od had already desi!ned a way for human birth. (hen you and # were born, it happened this way0 +ur earthly father planted his sperm, which is the human seed containin! life, into the womb of our mother. This seed or life was nurtured in our mother-s womb until it developed into a

completed body, arid we came out of the womb as a livin! person. (e were born. $od !ave %esus a human body throu!h a divine and human combination. &e chose *ary, a vir!in, as the earthly mother of a divine 'on. Then the seed of life was placed in the womb of *ary by the &oly 'pirit of $od. 'he went throu!h what we could call a normal" pre!nancy, carryin! a child in her womb for nine months, but the difference was that it was not %oseph who planted this seed. #t had been divinely implanted, 8s a result of this, %esus did not call %oseph his father, but he called $od his @ather. %oseph, son of David,- the an!el said, 4don-t hesitate to take *ary as your wife, @or the child within her has been C+>C<#E<D BC T&< &+)C 'F#A#T" .*atthew 506G2.

'o %esus became a human bein! in the same physical manner as you and # did. (e have human bodies, and %esus had a human body, but his spirit was divine as well as human because of his divine @ather. %esus not only had to be born on earth to fulfill $od-s plan for our souls to live, but he had to die. &e, like the seed, had to be planted into the !round and die, in order that he could brin! us life, restorin! eternal life to our souls. &e did that for us in order to fulfill $od-s plan for our redemption. %esus said that in order for us to have this new life from heaven, we must be born a!ain." &ow can this be? (hen @rances first heard the expression, born a!ain" she thou!ht, *y mother is dead H how can # be born a!ain?"

(here would $od provide a seed with life that could brin! new life into a dead soul? 8braham was too old to have a son throu!h 'arah when $od told him that he would have this child. $od did a miracle by brin!in! life into the seed, the sperm, of 8braham, as well as performin! a miracle in 'arah, and #saac was born when 8braham was about a hundred years old. $od promised 8braham that his children would be as numerous as the sands of the sea and the stars in the heavens. (ere the children of 8braham that $od promised to be throu!h his son #saac? (as $od speakin! of his human descendants? 8braham believed $od and trusted him so much that when $od told him to sacrifice his only be!otten son, he obeyed without

questionin! the purpose of $od. &e reasoned that if $od promised all these descendants throu!h #saac, $od would raise him from the dead if he killed his son in obedience to $od. T&8T-' @8#T&, @aith in a promise of $od, (hat did that faith accomplish for us? >ow the promises were spoken to 8braham and to his '<<D. &e does not say, 48nd to seeds,- as referrin! to many, but rather to one, 48nd to your '<<D,- that is, Christ" .$alatians /05B >8'B2. Aemember that it was $od-s &oly 'pirit who planted a seed into the womb of *ary so that %esus could be born a human bein!. Cou have been. re!enerated H born a!ain H not from a mortal ori!in .seed, sperm2 but from one that is immortal by the ever livin! and

lastin! (ord of $od" .5 Feter 506/ 8mp.2. %esus said those mysterious words to >icodemus, (ith all the earnestness # possess # tell you this0 Inless you are born a!ain, you can never !et into the Jin!dom of $od." Born a!ain," exclaimed >icodemus. (hat do you mean? &ow can an old man !o back into his mother-s womb and be born a!ain?" %esus replied, (hat lam tellin! you so earnestly is this0 Inless one is born of water .physical birth2 and the 'pirit .spiritual birth2, he cannot enter the Jin!dom of $od. *en can only reproduce human life, but the &oly 'pirit !ives new life from heaven3 so don-t be surprised at my statement that you must be born a!ain, %ust as you can hear the wind but can-t tell where it comes from or where it will !o next, so it is with the

'pirit. (e do not know on whom he will next bestow this life from heaven" .%ohn /01972. &ow can one be born a!ain? The same &oly 'pirit who placed a seed, a sperm so to speak, into the womb of *ary, would be the $od who would !ive this new life from heaven to those who are dead in sin. (hat seed would $od use? $od had prepared this seed lon! before when he referred to it as the seed of 8braham, the Christ3 %esus, his only be!otten 'on, 8!ain ;ust like in the birth of %esus, $od-s &oly 'pirit was to plant a seed into the spirit of man, and this seed from $od would brin! new life into men. &e would be B+A> 8$8#>, %esus had to be conceived by the &oly 'pirit to be born physically. (e need to be conceived by the

&oly 'pirit to be born spiritually. %esus called $od his @ather, and when we are born a!ain, we too call $od our @ather, &allelu;ah, Those who let themselves be controlled by their lower natures live only to please themselves, but those who follow after the &oly 'pirit find themselves doin! those thin!s that please $od. @ollowin! after the &oly 'pirit leads to life and peace, but followin! after the old nature leads to death, because the old sinful nature within us is a!ainst $od. #t never did obey $od-s law and it never will. That-s why those who are still under the control of their old sinful selves, bent on followin! their old evil desires, can never please $od. 4But you are not like that. Cou are controlled by your new nature if you have the 'pirit of $od livin! in

you. .8>D A<*<*B<A T&8T #@ 8>C+>< D+<'>-T &8E< T&< 'F#A#T +@ C&A#'T )#E#>$ #> &#*, &< #' >+T 8 C&A#'T#8> 8T 8))2 Cet, even thou!h Christ lives within you, your body will die because of sin3 but your spirit will live, for Christ has pardoned it. 8nd if the 'pirit of $od, who raised up %esus from the dead, lives in you, he will make your dyin! bodies live a!ain after you die, by means of this same &oly 'pirit livin! within you" .Aomans 70D9552. >o one born .be!otten2 of $od .deliberately and knowin!ly2 habitually practices sin, for $od-s nature abides in him H &is principle of life, the divine sperm, remains permanently within him H and he cannot practice sinnin! because he is

born .be!otten2 of $od" .# %ohn /0: 8mp.2. What Should I Do to Be Born Again? %esus is our 'avior, so we can simply ask him to for!ive our sins, our wron! habits and wron! attitudes, and he will. &e will remove them from us as far as the east is from the west, never to be remembered a!ain. Then if we really, truly want %esus to live in us, to be our way, our truth, and our )#@<, we can ask him sincerely and he will come into our spirits, put there as the seed of life by the 'pirit of $od, ;ust as our earthly father placed life into us by his seed in our mother-s womb. Believe that %esus is the 'on of $od, that he really did die for the resurrection of our life in him,

that he was resurrected from the dead and now lives in !lory at the ri!ht hand of $od the @ather. #f you do that simple thin!, your spirit will be conceived by the &oly 'pirit, and the 'pirit of %esus will mer!e with your spirit and you will be B+A> 8$8#> spiritually, $lory to $od, @or $od so loved the world, that &e !ave &is only be!otten 'on, that whoever believes in &im should not perish, but have eternal life" .%ohn /05B >8'B2. The first visit of the &oly 'pirit in the earth9life of %esus was to brin! life into him as a man. The second visit was for the specific purpose of brin!in! him power. $od was always present with %esus, but %esus had no supernatural power to do miracles until he was endued with the power of $od-s &oly 'pirit.

%esus !rew in wisdom and stature as a child, but until he received the power of the &oly 'pirit, he could not do the supernatural. &e could not cause the people to believe him until he performed miracles of healin!, castin! out devils, turnin! water into wine, raisin! the dead, and other si!ns and wonders. +nly then did they believe that he was the divine 'on of the 8lmi!hty $od. >ow it came about when all the people were bapti=ed, that %esus also was bapti=ed, and while &e was prayin!, heaven was opened, and the &oly 'pirit descended upon &im in bodily form like a dove, and a voice came out of heaven, 4Thou art *y beloved 'on, in Thee # am well9 pleased.- 8nd when &e be!an &is ministry, %esus &imself was about thirty years of a!e, bein! supposedly the son of %oseph, the son of. . . ,"

and the rest of the chapter !ives the parents of each parent back to 8dam who was the son of $od .)uke /0659 6/ >8'B20 The very first evidence of this heaven9sent power in %esus was when he was in the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. &e discerned the spirit of the unseen 'atan, and spoke the 'criptures back to him, and won his first battle with the devil. Then immediately followin! that, )uke tells us, 8nd when the devil had finished every temptation, he departed from &im until an opportune time. 8nd %esus returned to $alilee #> T&< F+(<A +@ T&< 'F#A#T" .)uke 105/, 51 >8'B2. %esus was able to overcome the temptations of the devil because he was operatin! in the power of the &oly 'pirit. &e looked at the

powerless lives of his disciples, and knew that they had to have a !reater power within them than they had as sincere followers of his teachin!s. &e had to send them somethin! special to overcome their weaknesses when he went back to heaven. &e saw Feter, who loved him so much that he left everythin! to follow him and was willin! to die for him, turn into a defeated man who denied him and even cursed him for fear of his own life. Then we see that same Feter, after he had been endued with this power from heaven, fear no person or no thin! as he boldly proclaimed that %esus Christ was the 'on of $od. #t was only after he received the baptism with the &oly 'pirit that he could truly put %esus above his own life. (hy? Because he had been endued with somethin! supernatural,

%esus promised this power to all his believers and said, but you shall receive power when the &oly 'pirit has come upon you3 and you shall be *y witnesses both in %erusalem, and in all %udea and 'amaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth" .8cts 507 >8'B2. That promise is for us today, &allelu;ah, (hat is the difference between bein! conceived by the &oly 'pirit, and bein! endued with the power of the &oly 'pirit? Do you receive both at the same time? #s it the same &oly 'pirit doin! both works? #n the earthly life of %esus it was the same &oly 'pirit who planted the seed into the womb of *ary to !ive him human life, who later came in the form of a dove to endue him with this !reat power of $od. %esus !ave $od the credit for this supernatural power many times in

the Bible. #n *atthew 56067 . >8'B2, for example, he said, But if # cast out demons BC T&< 'F#A#T +@ $+D...." Can we humans today have the same power which %esus possessed? %esus said we would receive this power when the &oly 'pirit came upon us. # want to share with you a personal experience which will, # believe, make it easier to see what happens when we receive the power. %ust as it is easy to understand our spirits bein! conceived by the &oly 'pirit when the seed9life of %esus was planted into us by $od, we ou!ht also to see how he plants power into us. Cour spirit is exactly the same si=e as your body, #n 5:B:, %esus visited me in an unusual way. # had spent over a

thousand hours meditatin! in the Bible, searchin! for ways that # could please $od and Christ %esus with my life. <arly that evenin! %esus had spoken to me audibly and # was exuberantly, profoundly filled with the !reatest ;oy # had ever known, # woke up in the early hours of the mornin! and was praisin! %esus for lovin! me enou!h to speak to me personally. # was thinkin! how awesome it was that he would do this to one ordinary person in a city of three million people. (hile # was awake praisin! him, another mi!hty miracle took place. # was lyin! on my back with my arms restin! alon! my sides, lookin! up to $od with thanks in my heart, ;ust lovin! him and thankin! him for speakin! to me. 'uddenly # saw another body the same si=e and shape of mine, lyin! in

the same position as # was, suspended in the air about ei!hteen inches above my body. 8s # observed this, # saw that the face was identical to mine. # thou!ht, (hat can this be?" and then reali=ed that $od had taken my spirit from my body and allowed me to see it, ;ust as # would see another person, except that the spirit body was transparent. #t looked like a thin cloud or fo! throu!h which you could see, but had exactly the same shape as my own body. The cloud" body had no more apparent life than any other cloud in the sky until suddenly my thinker" moved from my physical body into the spirit body. # suddenly was aware that my thinkin! ability and my feelin!s had transferred from my physical body to the spirit body, and # no lon!er had any sense of bein! in

the flesh. # know now that my soul for a moment had been divided from my spirit, and then had moved from my physical body into my spirit body. 8 lady who was prayin! for me that ni!ht had said she would lift me into the li!ht of $od in prayer. #n the 'pirit # saw her with her hands under my back, liftin! my spirit body hi!her into the air. 8t the same time, # felt waves of ener!y movin! throu!h my body from my feet upward to my head3 the waves, like repeatin! H waves of the sea, increased in frequency and speed and after risin! hi!her than the hands of the lady, my spirit body moved at a tremendous speed upward throu!h space. # saw nothin! until suddenly a few seconds throu!h space, # was stopped and # looked about. (hat # saw cannot be described in our

human limitations, but it was a brilliant yet soft li!ht which lit the whole sky." # knew # was bein! held in the li!ht of 8lmi!hty $od. # was thinkin! normally, ;ust like # did in my earth body3 # had felt the ener!y and movement, ;ust as # would in my earth body. # wished # could have stayed there forever, but in too short a time, the same dynamic ener!y of the 'pirit of $od moved me downward throu!h space until within short seconds # felt my spirit enter back into my earthly body. 8t that moment # felt in body exactly like # always have, but # knew by the experience, by faith, and by the (ord of $od that my spirit and soul had left my body to !o on an excursion to heaven.

@rom this experience, # reali=ed the meanin! of the 'cripture which says, @or the word of $od is livin! and active and sharper than any two9 ed!ed sword, and piercin! as far as the D#E#'#+> +@ '+I) 8>D 'F#A#T, of both ;oints and marrow, and able to ;ud!e the thou!hts and intentions of the heart" .&ebrews 1056 >8'B2. # personally believe the soul directs the function of the spirit body similar to the way our brain controls our physical body. $od is 'pirit3 %esus is 'pirit3 'atan is spirit3 all an!els both !ood and bad are spirits3 and we humans are spirits. $od-s 'pirit is described as wind," as breath" and moves like an ener!y or power that flows or blows like wind. %esus said he felt healin! virtue .dunamis, power2 flow from him into the woman with an

issue of blood. That was the power of $od-s &oly 'pirit. (e can understand what fillin! a bottle with water is like because our physical mind can see and understand and measure physical thin!s. (ithout our spirit eyes bein! opened by $od, we cannot see into the spirit world, therefore we have more difficulty seein!, understandin!, and measurin! the spirit realm. But what must happen for us to be bapti=ed with the &oly 'pirit, with $od-s power? (hen we bapti=e Christians in water, we put their entire body under the water. #f that body was like a bottle, it would be filled with water. #n a similar way, our spirit body must be bapti=ed with or in the &oly 'pirit in order to follow $od-s way

of bein! endued with power. Ficture your invisible spirit like # saw my spirit. Ficture it bein! submer!ed under water. >ow, since bein! bapti=ed with or in the &oly 'pirit .breath, wind2 is different than bein! bapti=ed in water, what covers our spirit body when we are submer!ed in $od-s &oly 'pirit? #t is submer!ed in and filled with $od-s &oly 'pirit. &is 'pirit is everywhere3 it !oes to and fro about the earth. %ust as you can hear the wind but can-t tell where it comes from or where it will !o next, so it is with the 'pirit" .%ohn /072. (hen two streams of water come into one river they become alike after they are thorou!hly mixed with one another. 'imilarly, our spirits are mixed with $od-s 'pirit so completely that %esus said, # have !iven them the !lory you !ave me H

the !lorious unity of bein! one, as we are # in them and you in me, all bein! perfected into one H so that the world will know you sent me and will understand that you love them as much as you love me" .%ohn 5?066, 6/2. (hat an awesome thin! it is to reali=e that the life of the 'on of $od is livin! in our soul and spirit to make us one in him3 and that 8lmi!hty $od, our @ather, actually dwells in our soul arid spirit and that he fills us entirely with his &oly 'pirit. Think of it, the !lorious unity of bein! one with $od and Christ %esus our )ord and 'avior, $)+AC, The &oly 'pirit came on %esus like a dove .probably similar in appearance to the cloud9like spirit # saw2. +n the Day of Fentecost, for the very first time, the &oly 'pirit came on all believers present.

'even weeks had !one by since %esus- death and resurrection, and the Day of Fentecost had now arrived. 8s the believers met to!ether that day, suddenly there was a sound like the roarin! of a mi!hty windstorm in the skies above them and it filled the house where they were meetin!. Then, what looked like flames or ton!ues of fire appeared and settled on their heads. 8nd everyone present was filled with the &oly 'pirit and be!an speakin! in lan!ua!es they didn-t know, for the &oly 'pirit !ave them this ability" .8cts 605912. >otice that the &oly 'pirit came like a (#>D, and that they were @#))<D with the &oly 'pirit. #n 8cts 50D we are told that %ohn bapti=ed you with .or in2 water, ... but you shall be bapti=ed with .or in2 the &oly 'pirit in a few days."

8nd Feter replied, 4<ach one of you must turn from sin, return to $od, and be bapti=ed in the name of %esus Christ for the for!iveness of your sins3 then you also shall receive this !ift, the &oly 'pirit. @or Christ promised him to each one of you who has been called by the )ord our $od, and to your children and even to those in distant lands,-" .8cts 60/7, /:2. What Should I Do to Be Baptized With the Holy Spirit? Cou must be bapti=ed in or with $od-s &oly 'pirit H filled with the wind, the breath of $od himself, &ow can you do this? 8sk %esus to bapti=e you with the &oly 'pirit, because he is the bapti=er with the &oly 'pirit ;ust as

he is the one who brin!s us for!iveness and life in him. (hen @rances and # received the !ift of the &oly 'pirit several years after we had been born a!ain, we were told a very human thin! to do. (e were told that on the Day of Fentecost, the ordinary human bein!s be!an to speak in other ton!ues or other lan!ua!es as the &oly 'pirit !ave the utterance, the ability, or the supernatural lan!ua!e. (e were told that all lan!ua!es were made up of a lot of mixed up syllable sounds3 different sounds. (e knew that on the Day of Fentecost the people did the speakin!, but $od did the supernatural part, the miracle of !ivin! the ability to speak in lan!ua!es they didn-t know. (e were told that if we would, by faith, ask to be bapti=ed with or in

the &oly 'pirit and believe that we would be, ;ust as we had believed that we would be born a!ain, we would receive. (e also were told that because all lan!ua!es were made up of a lot of mixed up syllable sounds, we as humans would have to !ive some simple sounds of praise and love to $od, but not in <n!lish because we can-t speak two lan!ua!es at once, and the &oly 'pirit would !ive the 'pirit lan!ua!e .the utterance2. (e were to continue to !ive the sounds by faith, but with our voice, and $od would continue to !ive the lan!ua!e of the 'pirit. (e believed, we asked, and by faith we be!an to love $od and praise him, but not in <n!lish, but by lettin! a stream of sounds like rivers of livin! water come forth from our hearts, and sure enou!h, the lan!ua!e be!an to freely flow ;ust

like sprin!s of livin! water, and we spoke in another lan!ua!e, one we didn-t understand, but one that $od did. $od has shown us in # Corinthians 5106, / that we were talkin! to $od in a spirit, unknown lan!ua!e. But if your !ift is that of bein! able to 4speak in ton!ues,- that is, to speak in lan!ua!es you haven-t learned, you will be talkin! to $od but not to others, since they won-t be able to understand you. Cou will be speakin! by the power of the 'pirit but it will all be a secret." &ow are we born a!ain? By faith in %esus, and by an act of receivin! him, and by bein! conceived by the &oly 'pirit. &ow are we bapti=ed with or in the &oly 'pirit? By faith in %esus, and by an act of receivin! the &oly 'pirit3 by allowin! the 'pirit to come

in with power and to !ive us evidence of it by a si!n and a wonder. 8nd these si!ns will accompany those who have believeth in *y name they will cast out demons, T&<C (#)) 'F<8J (#T& ><( T+>$I<'" .*ark 5B05? >8'B2. %esus said it. # believe it. #t has happened to me, and %esus commanded us to be born a!ain and filled with the &oly 'pirit. (hat evidence do # have in my life that # have been born a!ain? *y whole life chan!ed. *y attitudes chan!ed, my desire to please $od and Christ %esus chan!ed3 %esus became real to me. The evidence of the nature of $od came into my life and a =eal to want to be more like him was ever present. (hat evidence do # have in my life that # have been bapti=ed with

the &oly 'pirit? The results of invisible wind an be seen, even thou!h the wind cannot. The results of the invisible &oly 'pirit in my life are visible daily. @rances and # see the miracle workin! power of the &oly 'pirit evident everywhere we !o. (e find witnessin! is spontaneous, we find that exaltin! %esus is natural, we find that doin! miracles of healin!, castin! out devils, speakin! in lan!ua!es we don-t understand, !ivin! prophecies and interpretations of ton!ues, operatin! with words of knowled!e and wisdom are as natural as breathin!. (e have had many reports from people who understand other lan!ua!es say they heard us speakin! in lan!ua!es we didn-t know as the 'pirit !ave us the supernatural lan!ua!e. @rances talked over ten

minutes in conversation with a man from #ndia in the #ndian lan!ua!e, but she didn-t know a word of that lan!ua!e. # talked to a youn! %ewess one ni!ht in perfect &ebrew which she understood, but which # didn-t. %esus said to him, 4# am the way, and the truth, and the life3 no one comes to the @ather, but throu!h *e" .%ohn 510B >8'B2. 8nd do not !et drunk with wine, for that is dissipation, BIT B< @#))<D (#T& T&< 'F#A#T, speakin! to one another in psalms and hymns and 'F#A#TI8) '+>$', sin!in! and makin! melody with your heart to the )ord" .<phesians D057, 5: >8'B2. Cou must be born a!ain, Cou must be filled with the &oly 'pirit, (elcome to the body of Christ,

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