Matsya spitting the pearl: Sacred place within Sacred space I wanted to post this to get interest and

momentum behind psycho-energetics. Before I go into briefly my suggestions for modification of Dr. X’s protocol. et me start with an introduction with food for thought that will ma!e the smaller footer much more satisfying. In any standard feng shui diagram we see that the south-eastern direction is attributed to the element of "in-fire. #he corresponding meridian goes to the tip of the middle finger. #his is the Saturn finger. Saturn is the lord of death. $e can see the strong association already to death. #he important understanding of yin fire is its interaction with geomagnetic force. %ence &flying arrows'. (oltergeist acti)ity is an e*ample of this. In business+ at ones ,ob+ feng shui is important to pre)ent emotions from being pic!ed up and carried along these lines of force and becoming &flying arrows'. #he ma,or issue with feng shui+ besides the )arious technical issues+ is the basic fact or -uestion that arises in the mind of someone. &$hat good will feng shui do for me+ if I cannot accord to cure+ if I do not own the house+ if I am a bro!e college student+ if I am homeless+ ect.'. .*actly that’s the point. /eng shui is sacred ( 01.M.2# within a space. #he theorys differ+ and simply placing ob,ects around the house or mo)ing furniture does not really ha)e a ma,or effect on anything. If it ma!es you feel better+ then do it. If you are sensiti)e to bad feng shui+ there is a reason+ if it feels bad+ ma!e a change. If you loo! at a laundry lists of do’s and don’t’ and you see more do’s than don’t then ma!e changes. %owe)er+ understand that Shar is metal energy. Its generated by the en)iornment. $e do not fight fire with fire. $e don’t ma!e a metal cure so powerful that it can fight shar and cancel it out 3445. Its not really humanly possible. $e use a wood cure using the fi)e element theory. Shar -i generated by the en)iornment is a formidable obstacle+ perhaps more than most can handle themsel)es. $hich is why you hire -ualified+ hopefully they are -ualified+ helpers. 2ow what do you do when you are so bro!e that you cant afford to hire anyone. 6r you’)e read 34 boo!s on feng shui and they all say something different7 1lassic case of &the map is not the territory'. $ell+ remember what I said about placement. "ou want to ma!e a sacred space first+ and then establish a place within that sacred space. I am pretty much the forerunner of this theory right now. Because I ha)e ideas of my own and I ha)e already in the last few days begun to implement a protocol. 8astu or )aastu or )ashtu means sacred space+ not sacred place. #his is why it is said that one is the bridge to the other. #a!e the basic fact that feng shui is &modern' technology. 0nd yes+ it is technology. Saturn rules technology. #echnology does not mean it runs on electricity+ it means an understanding that can be used for good or e)il. #his understanding changes from moment to moment on a case-to-case basis. By the time you read this+ you will ha)e learned something new. #he earlyest mention of feng shui is the Boo! of burial. 0s much as can be deri)ed from the name+ it has something to do with death and burial. %owe)er+ not e)eryone practices burial. 1remation certainly is more &traditional' in terms of eastern philosophy and religon is concerened.

So feng shui is not all that old. $here you cremate the dead+ is of utmost importance. 9emember what I said about the south-eastern location. #his is the doorway sector to the &e)il -i'. #he south-eastern sector is the most inauspitious+ and this is where we tend to put cremation grounds. #herefore it is ironic that I am unfortunatly+ currently residing in the south-eastern section of the united states. /eng shui doesn’t really wor! here. #his is as good as any transition in to psychoenergetic re)ersal.. $hen feng shui doesn’t wor!+ or is not appropriate+ )astu must always be the solution. 0 )astu yantra is not that e*pensi)e. #he yantra is not needed+ but it is the thought-pro,ection of the mantra. Mantra’s ha)e four dimensions and yantra is that :th dimension. #antra is really ,ust a form of mnemonic de)ice. I’ll gi)e you that one for free. But what is so important about )aastu7 #he mantra )aastu for powering up the yantra is: Aum namo vaastu purushaya namah. I call my protocol &matsya spitting the pearl'. #his is appropriate if you meditate upon the !oi fish. Matsya is the a)atar of )ishnu that incarnates to clean the en)iornment for perfect harmony and balance. #here is an old saying: &$ithout guru there is no siddhi'. $hich is why its really important to hire someone who is not ,ust a practioner but a pre-emminent of feng shui or some other modality. ;uality is always better than -uantity. It is appropriate that )ishu is the lord of siddhis. 2ow you are beginning to understand what I am proposing more and more as you progress in this e*position. #here is a saying in chinese: & in Bing Dou <he =ie <hen ie ;ian Xing' which has a tradition of being poorly translated. #his is in reference to the nine syllable mantra. It is not the true nine syllable mantra which is said to ma!e one completely in)icible from any type of attac!. 0gain its only a mnemnoic. #his nine-syllable formula relates directly to the weapons of )ishnu+ as the statute’s arms are holding weapons. #he mudras corresponding to the nine-syllables are symbolic representations of the weapons of )ishnu. #he !ey here is the weapons of )ishnu. #he idea of a hand holding something ie. Dou. 8ishnu or /u*i if you li!e+ being the heat that was born in the )oid of the waters >2on-euclidian space? and the a)atar of )ishnu as a great fish+ matsya is the &indwelling consciousness' to e)o!e to create sacred space for us. I ha)e now established the psycho-energetic basis for the concept of &$ithout guru there is no siddhi'. %owe)er+ more importantly I ha)e filled a gap in the psycho-energetic protocol in upgrading the usage of the phrase &sacred space' mentioned in Dr. #iller’s white papers. Sacred space #%.2 sacred place within the sacred space. 8aastu creates the sacred space from which you will create sacred placements. #his need not be physical ie. Memory palace. 2ote+ placement alone may not be &sacred' lets consider some common sense here. 2o sacred space+ no siddhi. So much for the &controlled en)ionment'. 2ow we ha)e the modern technology to ma!e it wor!. In closing+ herein is the protocol >in short? that I suggest that: #he )aastu yantra be incorproated into the IIED design. #he )astu mantra be used to acti)ate the yantra as custom or design or intent dictates.

#he sacred space be created Manifest as the great fish that see!s out )ibrations needed to be cleared balanced. and gobble up thought forms and -uantum entanglements clearing and purifying the en)iornment li!e a carp spitting out pebbles. I proclaim the @oi fish motif the &banner' of SA>B?. 2ote: I wanted to go into more detail on my plans and protocol then decided that less is more. #here is enough food for thought for &those who !now'. 9eferences: 8astu pyramid: http:CCt.coCntl1cf0-gi http:CCtherei!!CinformationCpower-of-intention.html Steps for Mo)ing (sychoenergetics Science 9esearch Into the %ands of Interested Deneral (ublic 9esearchers: http:CCcurtischappell.comCblogCwp-contentCuploadsCB44EC34CIntroduction-to-Intention-%ostDe)ice-9esearch.pdf http:CCwww.scientifice*ploration.orgC,ournalC,seF3GFBFdibble.pdf

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