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Hadrian POWR 1 word

Hadrian’s first submission to the Parliament of the
World’s Religions 3-9 December 2009 in Melbourne

A Spiritual Perspective

Discription: Brief summary to be edited for
the 2009 Parliament program book and
Website. (200 word limit).

Mid 2008 Hadrian Judge became mentally confused
at work. Government process ensured he lost his
public bus license and therefore his job. When he
was over the shock he turned his attention to
reconstructing the events. He found laws that took
away his right to be heard, legal and medical
processes which implied an understanding of life
that suggest the universe only proceeds
mechanically. Hadrian's research and his life
experience indicate otherwise, that it is the Human
Spirit that makes Applied Kinesiology (AK) possible.
Potentially it is an improved diagnostic method for

‘I didn't know why it happened. One day I just
became mentally confused and turned up the
wrong side of the road at the wheel. I was so
surprised. It was an enormous wake-up call for me.
I was suspended pending investigation. Because no
medico seemed to know what was wrong with me I
went to a Chiropractor who practices AK. Amongst
other things she found I'd developed a brain virus.
The confusion was short-lived but there were other
medical problems too. I recovered because of my
Chiropractor's accurate diagnosis and advice. As I
got better I turned my attention to how and why it
all happened’.

Format: Interactive Discussion. See Hadrian
POWR 1.pdf

How does your program relate to the 2009
Parliament theme: Make a World of
Difference: Hearing each other, Healing the

A close look at a Spiritual Perspective's narrative
(my case notes), will reveal that Applied
Kinsiesology (AK) can make a significant difference
to the ability of GPs to make difficult medical
diagnoses. If the medical establishment can take
on board the fact that there is something spiritual
that can be measured in a double blind trial - which
there is. The necessary proof for this has been
preceded by fifty years of practice by AK
practitioners and the positive effects they have
had on the health of their clients. A double blind
trial will demonstrate the positive effect AK can
have for medical diagnosis. AK is not a substitute
for microbiology. It is a
quickstep process to determine what ails the body.
The sloppy way in which general practice has been
far too often allowed to proceed in Australia leaves
much to be desired. This is very possibly so
elsewhere too. If AK skills are adopted by GPs it will
vastly enhance their ability to make difficult
diagnoses. Proof of the spirit will be an irrefutable
gift of the outcome of such a double blind trial.
Proof of the spirit will vastly alter the perception of
doubting Thomases and thereby the outlook of
much of the world to spiritual matters.

How does your program relate to the
following goals of the Parliament:

In seeking justice and sustainable living, we
actively express our commitment to a better
In recognizing the humanity of the other, we
create the conditions for community.
In deepening our spirituality, we experience
personal transformation.

A Spiritual Perspective embodies these aims, so
too does SGF (my other submission); these two
objectives are my work in the world to bring about
the Parliament's objectives.

How do the content, format and design of
your program help to achieve these goals?

A Spiritual Perspective embodies the Parliament’s
aims because the quality of feeling I refer to in this
submission is the foundation value common to all
mankind. Together this study and the SGF project
are my work in this world to bring about the
Parliament's objectives.

Who do you predict your primary audience
will be? Why?

I can see a practical way that will enable people in
the world to understand what’s involved to bring
about Inner Peace and through that World Peace.
Peace is primarily an inner condition that's without
boundaries, a bit like Dr Who's Tardis, except its
not a material thing like his police box, its a quality
of feeling, good feeling that bridges differences
and reforms man's inner mistakes. Spiritual people
will recognize it. What I have to say is totally
inadequate by comparison. So my audience is just
Spiritual People, if I can reach them and get them
involved both my aims will meet their objectives,
the objectives of this Parliament.

A Spiritual Perspective is a particularly difficult
focus because of resistance to change within
medicine and its vested interests. With the help of
The World Parliament of Religions it may be
possible to bring about this objective. It is
certainly needed.

Both of my objectives address all three of the
itemized goals above because of their focus.

Main Presenter:

Name Hadrian Judge

Religious Tradition: Bahai

Biographical Statement: Brief statement to be
edited for use in the 2009 Parliament program book (75
word limit).

Raised in Sydney’s lower north shore and boarding
school. Early 60s worked and traveled in UK and
Europe, then overland to India. Had life-changing
experiences in Iran. ‘The events sank deep into my
sub-conscious then resurfaced 17 years later’.
Became a researcher into life’s spiritual
fundamentals through faith and the life-changing
effects of the life force. Promotes an Arts-Oriented
Life-Instruction program for Junior Youth to achieve
a plethora of communication, spiritual and social