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Tivoli Storage Manager

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Speaker: Chris Dedham, Business Continuity Specialist, Mainline Information Systems Chris Dedham: Hello my name is Chris Dedham and I am a Business Continuity Specialist at Mainline as well as a TSM-certified professional. Today I am going to bring you up to date with TSMs latest release version 6.2.2. The agenda is as follows.
Tivoli Storage, IBM Software Group


TSM 6 Benefits (Review from v6.1) TSM 6.2 Updates TSM 6.2.2 Updates TSM 6.3 TSM for Virtual Environments

2009 IBM Corporation

TSM has a celebrated history.

Tivoli Storage, IBM Software Group

15 Years of Leading the Way in Data Protection

July 93: IBM ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager (ADSM) launched; 1st diskbased backup solution TSM V4.1: backup for mobile systems and tape library sharing TSM FastBack: Continuous Data Protection for Windows servers TSM 5.3: Improved performance and enhanced application support IBM acquires Tivoli

TSM 5.4: improved application availability and encryption key management

1993 1994

1995 1996

1997 1998

1999 2000 2001 2002

2003 2004

2005 2006 2007 2008

ADSM V3.1: enhanced UI, improved performance and integration w/ systems management applications

Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) V3.7, succeeds ADSM ; added enterprise management

Tivoli CDP for Files: protection for desktops & laptops

TSM V4.2: journal-based backup, LAN-free backup for the Backup-Archive, client and SANergy support

TSM 5.5: enhancements to data security, Deeper Windows application coverage, protection of VMware environments and scalability

2009 IBM Corporation

Since its inception in 1993, TSM has been a leader in disk-to-disk backup and you will see that disk-to-disk backup has been taken to a new level is version 6 of TSM.

Tivoli Storage, IBM Software Group

Continuing to Deliver Unified Recovery Management

Employees Branch Offices
Applications File Servers VMware Servers

Data Center
Clients TSM for VE + TSM B/A Virtual Machines

D/R Site
IBM System Storage


FastBack for Workstations

Server Tiers of Storage

WAN FastBack Server FastBack for Workstations Tiers of Storage

TSM Server

Tivoli Storage Manager Admin Center

Install / Upgrade Monitoring Reporting

Configuration Set Policies Execute Backup / Restore

and Tivoli Integrated Solutions Portal

TSM is the granddaddy of unified recovery management -- Lauren Whitehouse, ESG

2009 IBM Corporation

Explosive data growth along with shrinking backup windows and reduced recovery times has precipitated the deployment of different technologies like block-level backup, snapshots and continuous data protection. The emergence of these new data protection technologies has prompted manufacturers to develop unified recovery management platforms.

Tivoli Storage, IBM Software Group

Customer Benefits: Scalability Improvements

Manage 4x* as many objects as the industry-leading TSM 5.5
At least double the internal database size (from 512GB to 2TB, minimum)

Support for at least 2 billion objects* with a single TSM server

TSM integrates with TSM Fastback to successfully manage and protect remote office data

Run an increased number of concurrent operations*

9x increase in the size of the internal Recovery Log enables running more backup jobs from a greater number of clients, and/or an increase in the size of existing backup jobs Result = Potentially shorter backup windows
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TSM 6 can effectively

meet the challenges of the tidal wave of data
Storage Manager 6

* Results will vary depending on users environment, systems/processors, type of data, 2009 IBM Corporation expiration policies, data change rates, etc.

TSM version 6.1 was a significant change to the underlying architecture of TSM version 5 because it replaced the catalog of the TSM server with IBMs enterprise class DB2 relational database system. The introduction of DB2 has brought many improvements to TSM, for example the TSM DB2 database can manage the four times the number of objects that version 5 could allowing the database to scale to 2 terabytes in size versus a practical limit of about 150 gig with version 5. These result in fewer TSM servers to manage the same amount of data, also the recovery log is now 9 times larger.

Tivoli Storage, IBM Software Group

Customer Benefits: Performance Improvements

Improvement in backup performance demonstrated in the lab for multiple clients backing up small files
Improved backup throughput may reduce backup windows and/or increase the workload that can be managed within existing window

Improve Recovery Point Objectives for DR planning

Addition of Active Data Pools to Disaster Recovery Manager (DRM) in Tivoli Storage Manager 6 Extended Edition Track, manage and recycle active-data pools as required by policies

100% improvement* in expiration processing

New granular expiration process and parallel process execution Fine-tune expiration policies by specific client nodes, node groups, or nodes belonging to a specified domain
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* Results obtained in lab conditions for multiple clients backing up small files. Customer results will vary 2009 IBMrates, Corporation depending on environment, systems/processors, type of data, expiration policies, data change etc.

Meaning that significantly more jobs can run concurrently allowing more work to be completed in a shorter period of time and the performance of backing up small files and database expiration processes has also improved dramatically.

Tivoli Storage, IBM Software Group

Customer Benefits: Enhanced Data Reduction


Built-in Data Deduplication

Tivoli Storage Manager 6 Extended Edition includes data deduplication for sequential-access disk pools, at no extra charge Improves recovery times relative to recovery from tape as many more recovery points can be stored on disk; or reduces the amount of capacity needed Operates as a post-process / no impact on backup performance / automatic space reclamation Complementary with the IBM TS7650G ProtecTIER Gateway
TSM 6 built-in data deduplication and the TS7650G ProtecTIER Gateway can coexist to meet different customer needs
Tivoli Storage Manager 6, combining progressive incremental data capture with data deduplication, does a better job of reducing storage capacity requirements than pure data deduplication solutions

2009 IBM Corporation

Finally, in an effort to deal with explosive data growth, TSM 6.1 took disk-to-disk backup to a new level by introducing server side data deduplication.

Tivoli Storage, IBM Software Group

Functions / Topics v6.2.1

Windows Backup/Archive Client Support for GPFS 3.3

Higher Limits on TXNBYTELIMIT and MOVESIZETHRESH parameters

Windows Passthru Driver Automatic Deployment for Windows Clients TSM for ERP: Improve TSM Handling of Very Large Objects Microsoft Hyper-V full Guest Backup Using Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) Simultaneous Write During Storage Pool Migration Concurrent Access to Centera Volumes Auto-discovery of New VMware Guests VCB Gen II - VMware vStorage for Data Protection API integration Security: In Flight Data Encryption Using SSL Client-side Data Deduplication Incremental Backup of Windows System State
2009 IBM Corporation

Now let us discuss TSM version 6.2. TSM version 6.2 has delivered on a number of new features and for the sake of time, I will only address a few of these in detail but I will run down the list first. Windows VA client 4 for GPFS 3.3. In the past there was support for only AIX and Linux. Higher limits for transaction byte limit and move size threshold parameters which helped take advantage of high-speed tape drives and the limit has been increased to 32 gig. Windows pass through drivers allow you to install the native Microsoft driver since TSM device drivers are not supported drivers. There are considerations for both approaches, which should be researched before implementing one or the other. Automatic deployment of windows clients, TSM for ERP, which has improved the handling of very large objects, which can reduce the possibility of the TSM recovery log being corrupt, full backup support for Microsoft Hyper V, VSS and simultaneous rights during storage pool migrations and concurrent access to Sentara volumes, which works the same as the concurrent access TSM gate to the file device path in version 5.5, auto discovery of new VMware guests, VCB generation 2 support, which is now called the V storage API for data protection, SSL support and in addition to server side data deduplication, TSM version 6.2 now can do client side deduplication to further reduce the amount of data that must be processed, incremental backups of the systems state can be conducted with can reduce a lot of backup activity especially with Windows 2008.

Tivoli Storage, IBM Software Group

Comparison of TSM Data Reduction Methods

Client compression
How data reduction is achieved Client compresses files

Incremental forever
Client only sends changed files

Subfile backup
Client only sends changed subfiles

Server-side deduplication
Server eliminates redundant data chunks

Client-side deduplication
Client and server eliminate redundant data chunks Yes Backup, archive, API Redundant data from any files in storage pool Yes

Conserves network bandwidth? Data supported

Yes Backup, archive, HSM, API Redundant data within same file on client node No


Yes Backup (Windows only) Subfiles that do not change between backups No

No Backup, archive, HSM, API Redundant data from any files in storage pool Yes

Backup Files that do not change between backups No

Scope of data reduction Avoids storing identical files renamed, copied, or relocated on client node? Removes redundant data for files from different client nodes?






Available prior to V5

Available 6.1

Available 6.2

All of these data reduction methods conserve storage pool space

2009 IBM Corporation

The name of the game today when protecting data is data reduction, the less data you have to store, the better your data protection coverage is. TSM has a history of reducing storage requirements with a progressive backup methodology also known as the incremental forever for backup. Now TSM can further reduce storage requirements with its client side and server side data reduplication capabilities.

Tivoli Storage, IBM Software Group

TSM Client Deduplication

TSM clients deduplicate file and application data

Deduplication for file and application data Reduce network traffic by deduplicating data before transfer Reduced storage pool space requirements Faster backups Optimized to reduce network chattiness when identifying duplicate data New Backup-Archive Client statistics report on deduplication and data reduction savings

Storage Manager 6

Conserves Bandwidth

Saves Storage

Duplicate files or portions of a file are not moved over the network Conserves bandwidth used during backup operations

Only unique files or portions of a file are stored on disk Indexes are used to act as pointers to the original file

2009 IBM Corporation

TSM client side deduplication uses a file device flat storage pool on the TSM server with de-dupe turned on so redundant data is filtered off before it is sent to the server and there can be many benefits to the setup such as reduced network traffic, faster backups, and reduced storage pool consumption.

Tivoli Storage, IBM Software Group

TSM Client Side Data Deduplication

File 4

E DeduplicationEnabled Disk Storage Pool

File 1 B

1. Client creates chunks 2. Client and server identify which chunks need to be sent

TSM Client TSM 6.x client


4. Entire file is reconstructed during Backup Stgpool operation to nondeduplicated stg. pool

TSM Client
3. Client sends chunks and hashes to server so that it can represent object in database

Copy Storage Pool (non-deduplicated)

File 1

File 4

File 2

File 3

File 4

hash Index

2009 IBM Corporation

One of the benefits of client side deduplication is to provide global de-dupe and so if client B has the same files as client A TSM wont backup the redundant files from client B. Data that is copied from a TSM storage pool to a physical tape is rehydrated.

Tivoli Storage, IBM Software Group

Client Deployment for Windows BA clients

Updating Windows BA clients is:
TSM clients
Admin Center

Less time consuming More reliable Less labor intensive

TSM client updates

Storage Manager 6

TSM administrator obtains Windows BA client maintenance release from the FTP site From Admin Center, TSM admin selects a maint. level to be distributed to a list of existing clients

TSM admin defines a policy and schedule

Distribution & code updates run automatically on the clients, based on the predefined policy/schedule From the Admin Center, TSM administrator can review the client distribution status Windows Backup-Archive client maint. distribution for upgrade from 5.x or higher to 6.x or higher

2009 IBM Corporation

Now existing TSM clients have version 5.4 or higher can be upgraded by the TSM server to version 6.2 in an automated scheduled manner. Distribution of the updated TSM client is managed from the admin. center.

Tivoli Storage, IBM Software Group

Simultaneous Writes During Storage Pool Migration

Active data pool 1. Data sent Client Server 2. Data stored 3. Migration Copy pool 2 3. Simultaneous copy Copy pool 1

Data flow

Primary storage pools

Combines windows for migration, storage pool backup, and copy active data
Reduces total time for these operations Frees server resources for other operations

Compared to existing simultaneous write function

Reduces the need for tape during client store operations (backup, archive, client HSM) Can reduce client backup window
2009 IBM Corporation

Part of the challenge today is making a DR copy in a timely manner before they pickup. Simultaneous rights will allow you to make the DR copy at the same time you are migrating your data or writing data to the active data pool.

Tivoli Storage, IBM Software Group

VMware: Off Host Backup Enhancements

Auto Discovery of new VM guests
Leverage vStorage API for Data Protection for file-level backup & recovery LAN-free backup of virtual machines from a centralized proxy server
(VMware released v1.5 of Consolidated Backup Framework which supports legacy VCB operations with ESX/ESXi 4.0)

Benefits: Eliminate manual processes for tracking VM guests Low impact backup and recovery
2009 IBM Corporation

Auto discovery of the new VMware guests allow TSM to be aware of new guests that have been added to the ESX server for backup purposes, thereby minimizing the risk of VMs and not being backed up or by reducing the possibility of overloading the system by having to catch up from VMs that have not been backed up at all.

Tivoli Storage, IBM Software Group

In-flight Data Encryption using SSL


Extended platform support Linux Solaris HP-UX Available in TSM 5.5: Windows, AIX


Storage Manager 6


Benefits: Secure data transmission between client and server 256-bit AES encryption for in-flight data Compatible with TSM server- or client-side deduplication Simplified deployment and validation of TSM server certificates
2009 IBM Corporation

There can be a secure transfer of data using SSL, which works well for both server side and client side data deduplication. The TSM database manages their certificates.

Tivoli Storage, IBM Software Group

TSM 6.2.2 Client Content (GA 12/17/10)

Windows Vista and Windows 2008 ASR support Unicode support for NetApp SnapDiff Linux b/a client support for SnapDiff VMware backup proxy support for vStorage API VMware full VM differential backup

2009 IBM Corporation

Now let us talk about what is new in version 6.2.2 of TSM, the most current release. There is new platform support for automated system recovery which includes Vista, 2008 and Windows 7. There is a VSS writer for ASR and it now relies on the Windows preinstallation environment. Also there are enhancements to the snap-tif function for Netapp, which came out in version 6,2 and there is also a VMware proxy backup for the V Storage API that will allow you to do full VM backups.

Tivoli Storage, IBM Software Group

TSM Backup Client with Snapshot Differencing for nSeries

Initial backup
TSM client creates a Snapshot version* TSM backs up all files from Snapshot Snapshot name is stored in the TSM server

Subsequent incrementals
Name of the previous Snapshot retrieved from TSM server TSM client creates a new Snapshot version* Snapshot differencing API compares previous and new Snapshot versions and reports file and directory differences to TSM client, UnicodeNew names are supported (Data ONTAP 7.3.3) TSM client backs up files identified in the report New Snapshot name is stored in the TSM server for use in the next incremental TSM client deletes the previous Snapshot version*

* Initial snapshot is always a full snapshot, use diffsnapshot option on subsequent snapshots

N series

Changed File Report

foo.doc bar.ppt

Snapshot Differencing API with Unicode Support

Snapshot n-1 Snapshot n

Win/Linux Files

Win/Linux Files

NFS/CIFS foo.doc bar.ppt

Windows, AIX or Linux New TSM Client

To TSM server foo.doc bar.ppt


2009 IBM Corporation

Snap-tif allows TSM to rapidly backup large quantities of files from Netapp or N series by quickly reading the differences between 2 snapshots. There is support for the non-7 bit ASCII files using TSM client 6.2.2. with data on cap, 7.3.3 or 8.1 with the file access protocol. You can backup files that change, or are new or are deleted without issues. There is expanding support to Linux, Redhat 5.0 and Slice Pen.

Tivoli Storage, IBM Software Group

Offsite Vaulting Using DB2 HADR

Site A
Near-realtime replication of database (HADR) DB2 DB2

Site B
Copy Storage Pool


TSM Server Storage Hierarchy

Deduplicated storage pool, optionally with client-side deduplication

Deduplicated Copy Pool (iSCSI/CIFS/NFS)

No special hardware/software required Deduplication gives storage/bandwidth savings All data in primary hierarchy could be replicated, after initially being stored in deduplicated primary pool 1:1 replication only TSM Server in Site B spins up only in a DR scenario

Pay attention to suitability of network-attached storage (resiliency, performance)


2009 IBM Corporation

Since TSM uses DB2, DB2 has the ability to conduct log shipping between two databases. This allows the TSM server to replicate its database to another TSM server, which can greatly speed up the ark since the TSM server does not have to have its database resorted.

Tivoli Storage, IBM Software Group

TSM for Virtual Environment VMware Integration

1 User launches the restore UI from within the guest (or any other machine)


Full VM recovery will be handled in a similar way to what currently exists, other, more granular recovery options will be handled differently, here is an outline of the recovery methodologies.

User access the data on TSM disk storage pool and mounts it locally.

Tivoli Storage Manager Storage Pool

User performs file restore or nearinstant volume restore


2009 IBM Corporation

Released on March 13 of this year is the new TSM for virtual environments. TSM for VE uses the V storage API to make a single pass of the VMBK while delivering volume image of file level recovery and additionally change block tracking is supported so backups are faster since less data is backed up. The data that is backed up can be deduped by TSMs client side dedupe technology.

Tivoli Storage, IBM Software Group

TSM for Virtual Environment VMware integration


Full VM recovery will be handled in a similar way to what currently exists, other, more granular recovery options will be handled differently, here is an outline of the recovery methodologies.

Administrator launches the restore UI on the proxy server (or any other windows machine)

Tivoli Storage Manager Storage Pool

2 Administrator access the data on TSM disk storage pool and exposes it using an iSCSI target interface

User/Administrator maps the mounted volume back to the guest (or any other machine) and performs the restore


2009 IBM Corporation

With TSM for VE it is possible to do an instant restore by immediately accessing the VMVK on the TSM server storage pool.

Tivoli Storage, IBM Software Group

TSM 6.3 (GA 3q11)

TSM 6.3 Server Key Content TSM for z/OS Media Node Replication TSM Server DB B/U enhancements Reporting enhancements for Time to value Client push for non-Windows platforms PVU calculation and report (with Client) TSM 6.3 Client Key Content Security enhancements Client push for non-Windows platforms PVU calculation (with Server) JBB on Linux Windows Usability simplify cluster configuration HSM enhancements DP for SAP enhancements Greater VMware support

2009 IBM Corporation

TSM version 6.3, typically will release TSM version 6.3 in the third quarter of 2011.

Tivoli Storage, IBM Software Group

Node Replication with Deduplication

Site A
Database TSM Server A
DB2 Node C Node B Node A

Site B
TSM Server B Database

Metadata and deduplicated data

Node X Node Y

Storage Hierarchy

Storage Hierarchy

TSM server would replicate all data and metadata for specified nodes to another server, ensuring node completeness and consistency of data/metadata Incremental client data transfer with deduplication to minimize bandwidth consumption Remote TSM server could be hot standby for primary server, for improved RTO Native TSM solution with no dependency on specific storage device Many-to-1 transfer to target server (recovery manageability) Supports dissimilar hardware and configuration at primary and remote sites

Remote vaulting without manual tape transfer Efficient use of bandwidth through deduplicated replication Allows hot standby at remote site
2009 IBM Corporation

It will have several new interesting features and an exciting feature for those who are trying to improve the DR recovery objectives and to get away from handling physical tape will be the TSM server replication at the node level with deduplication and today the TSM server can copy its storage pool to another TSM server or variety but must rehydrate the data first. Now bandwidth can be saved with deduplication and replication can be done at the node level and not at the storage pool level and more importantly DRTSM servers are active for the replicated data at the DR site is readily available.

Tivoli Storage, IBM Software Group

Faster TSM Internal Database Backup

Faster backup and restore of TSM internal database


Parallel streams for backup/restore processing give improved throughput


Reduced time for database backup/restore

Increased scalability of TSM server without expanding database backup window


2009 IBM Corporation

Since there is more data in storage pools, TSM databases are getting larger which is therefore taking more time to back them up and today only backup stream can be initiated and so if there are multiple tape drives available they cannot be used to increase the backup throughput of the TSM database.

Tivoli Storage, IBM Software Group

TSM Reporting

Installation install, configure and use reporting and monitoring within 2 hours

Automated post-installation configuration Additional out of the box' reports Integrated Cognos reporting engine providing better creation of 'custom reports' capabilities Create a custom report in 30 mins or less
An aggregated view of reporting and monitoring for the entire TSM environment

Ability to build 'custom data collection agents' with the newest IBM Tivoli Monitoring end-user license More TSM data-collection agent performance features
TSM activity log custom-data collection in the TSM data-collection agent

Storage Manager 6

Storage Manager 6

Storage Manager 6

Storage Manager 6

2009 IBM Corporation

In version 6.3 the TSM DB can have parallel streams during the backup process and Tivoli continues to enhance reporting but more of the out of the box reports in the integration of Cognos into Tivoli Common Reporting. TCR can use both BRT and Cognos to create reports from the data warehouse.

Tivoli Storage, IBM Software Group

Client Updates
Deploy maintenance updates to non-Windows platforms
AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, Macintosh

Allow Backup-Archive client to upgrade to 5.5 or 6.1 versions

Client updates in TSM 6.2 only allows Backup-Archive clients to upgrade to version 6.2; this allow administrators to update clients to lower (supported) versions of the client, e.g., 5.5 or 6.1
Today Windows
Admin Center


Solaris HP Linux

Client updates

Storage Manager 6

30 2009 IBM Corporation

The popular Windows client deployment from the TSM server has been enhanced to include other operating systems for upgrade and maintenance purposes.

Tivoli Storage, IBM Software Group

PVU Estimation Reporting

Estimated Processor Value Units
(PVU) reporting for Backup-Archive client and API applications

TSM clients will scan system and send processor data to TSM Server TSM server will store processor data and calculate PVU value

Ability to report on client-device

and server-device at a node level

Allow TSM administrator to change classification on a pernode basis

PVU summary report (example at


Full-Capacity licensing only

Virtualization Capacity (Sub-Capacity) customers are still required to use the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) to create, verify, adjust, sign and save reports
2009 IBM Corporation


Since TSM licensing is based on the number and type of processors and cores of the servers as protected, customers have had struggles keeping track of the processor counts for TSM licensing purposes. There will be now be a processor value in a report which will help with license compliance. Thank you for attending todays recording on TSM version 6.2.2. Another way of experiencing version 6.2 is in a virtual lab environment that mainline can provide you. You can take TSM for test drives or simply sharpen your skills with the new features TSM 6.2 has offered and if you would like to learn more, dont hesitate to contact us.