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Alien of Fortune grew out of The Aliens early collaborative efforts in 1983.

At first called Cursed Net the collaboration was stalled until !arado" for#ed a few years later then rena#ed Assylu# $see the #ys%ace %ages in %rocess&. The Alien who obviously had no ability to %lay anything wrote and recorded a few songs with no vocals. This recording is now lost since The Alien recorded over it to record the first Alien of Fortune albu# e%yno#ously titled. This albu# was recorded in one day in early su##er '83 and contained eight songs. The first song on the albu# (The )li#e *ave + was the first song with lyrics The Alien ever wrote. ,t was intended to be (a dis on all the fuc-ing %un-s and new wavers + The Alien had recently witnessed growing in %o%ularity in .unior high school $he was about to begin his first year in high school at the ti#e of recording&. ,n an ironic twist The Alien actually beca#e a %un- and arguably a new waver during his senior year. The song ()har- *atch + is in #any ways an e"%ression of The Aliens %hiloso%hy. ,n general the song relates a #an hunted by a shar- with no way out. /ust acce%t your fate and consu#e i#bibe and ingest $no doubt ins%ired by his father The 0ig Alien as the lyrics (1ou can fight20ut you will loose2)o .ust rela"2And drin- your boo3e+ clearly de#onstrates&. (The Cree%er+ %laces the listener in the song as so#eone hired to hunt the fabled creature who (scrounges+ and (-ills for its delight.+ 4e -ills it (by farting+ and the villagers who e#%loyed hi# all cheer (how s%arting $sic&5+ 0ut then after learning that the %ri3e is only 61.37 you the hero discover that they actually did not want the Cree%er to be -illed after all. They all s%ontaneously re#e#ber that (it was their %et.+ (They hate you now5+ they e"clai#. (1ou -illed their %et5+ Then after a hail of insults the listener retreats in #oc-ed disgust. 8usically the albu# is a#ateurish to the e"tre#e. For e"a#%le listen to the recurring guitar solo throughout (!if )ong+ and you will agree. The recording 9uality of the first albu# can only accurately be described as shit. The trac-s on each channel do create a stereo effect but since the only instru#ents are a chee% :e#co electric guitar $doubling as a bass& and a bro-en %lastic har#onica $%layed with absolutely no regard to %itch and -ey& the %otential for any auditory %leasure is doo#ed fro# the first ta%e;hissed #illisecond. The vocals on the albu# sound li-e a cross between :etty <ee after being s#ashed in the genitals with a led %i%e and !eter 0radys cut vocals on (*hen ,ts Ti#e to Change.+ Chec- u%dates for descri%tion of other Alien of Fortune albu#s.