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Allen High School Computer Multimedia & Animation Technology 09-10 Syllabus

Computer Multimedia &
Animation Technology

Instructor: Karen Adams
Room: B201
Phone: 972.727.0400 x2205

Tutoring Times
Tuesday: 7:45-8:10am
Monday, Wednesday: 3:40-4:40pm

Course Description
A technical year long course, which develops advanced knowledge and skills in the use of computers for
multimedia presentations and digital animation. Extensive utilization of Flash, 3D Studio Max and Stop
Motion Animation Techniques provides hands-on experiences in this exciting new medium of
communication. Students will develop their sense of the world around them by observing and applying
those observations to characters and 3D models to bring them to life through rendering and animation.

Units of Study
History of Animation
Principles of Animation
2D Animation - Adobe Flash (Tweening, , Morphing, Interactivity, Video, Basic Actionscript)
3D Animation – 3D Max (Modeling, Animating, Inverse Kinetics, Lip Sync., Special Effects)
Stop Motion Animation
Careers as Animators

Adobe Certified Associate – Flash CS4
Students will be eligible to test for certification during this course in Adobe Flash. This certification is a
credential that validates entry-level skills needed to plan, design, build, and maintain effective
communications by using different forms of digital media. This certification is recognized by employers

I am a proponent of making the classroom as “green” as possible. I have pared down the supply list to
the bare minimum and most of our work is turned in electronically.
A Box of Kleenex
Folder with pockets OR a spiral with pockets
Notebook paper for taking notes.
Small Sketch Book
Pens and pencils

Sketchbooks due every 3 weeks. One exercise will be assigned each week.

Last Revised 9/1/2009
Allen High School Computer Multimedia & Animation Technology 09-10 Syllabus

Grading Policy
Daily Grade = 50% (includes daily work, quizzes, and group work)
Tests Grade = 50% (includes tests and projects)

Make-Up Work
It is the students’ responsibility to inquire about missed work.
Students will make up missed daily work during tutoring in B205 or B201 and completed within
five school days from returning to school. After that, Late Work policy applies.
If a test, quiz or assignment due date is missed, it must be made up during tutoring upon return
to school. Failure to do so may result in a zero for the test/quiz missed.

Late Work
Assignments must be turned in on their due date.
If your work is late, you MUST put your name on the dry erase board near my desk otherwise you will
NOT get credit for the work.
Turned in the next class period = deduct 11 points (Grading starts at 89)
Two class periods late = deduct 21 points (Grading starts at 79)
Three class periods late = deduct 31 points (Grading starts at 69)
Zeros will be given if a student fails to make up work within an acceptable period.

Work Expectations
Class Work – Most of the work for this class is done IN class. Attendance is IMPORTANT.
Out of Class Work – Sketchbook due every 3 weeks.
Weekly Employability Skills Grade
An Employability Skills grade is given each week as part of our mission in Career and Technical
Education. Each Employability Skill is worth 25 points for a total of 100 points weekly.
The Employability Skills grade includes:

1. Workplace Attitudes Be trustworthy, honest, and ethical.
Show respect for self, others, and authority.
Show a desire to work.
Have a positive work ethic.

2. Responsibility Arrive to class promptly and prepared.
Follow directions promptly.
Complete tasks on time and to expectations.
Accept responsibility for actions.

3. Interacting with Others Use classroom appropriate language.
Listen well.
Consider the contributions of others.
Be willing to "give and take."
Work towards group goals.

4. Basic Academic Knowledge Write clearly and to the point.
Use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
Present ideas in a clear and logical manner.
Locate information from a variety of sources.

5. Computer and Internet Operate a computer with ease and confidence.
Skills Possess basic word processing skills.

Last Revised 9/1/2009