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Table of Contents august/september 2009

success stories
Go wireless for the biggest income……26
Ben Sturtevant is realizing major financial success with the hottest
trend in the home business industry: Wireless.

creating a fortune from home
is easy as $, $$, $$$………………………………24
Successful entrepreneur Jhonathan Rodriguez went from “rags to
riches” and counts every day of his life as an incredible blessing.

Six figures in a week? you can earn
that and more……………………………………30
Darren Salkeld has proven that anyone can earn a multiple six-
figure income with a simple Internet marketing business.

manifest prosperity in your life…………34
Once a minimum-wage dishwasher, muti-millionaire Randy Gage
can help you create success.

Third time is a charm. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38
Shawn Noonan finally found the perfect opportunity—one that offers
immediate results from its products, compensation plan and marketing system.

driven to success . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46
When the car industry began to head south, Scott Miller traded in his
corporate job for a lucrative home business and hasn’t looked back since.

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TrueWealth 06
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IN Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about starting a
business of your own, leaving the commute, cubicle, and

boss behind? Do you think about what it would mean
to have your own business--more control over your life,
more time with your family and more money in your
bank account?

S Story

Ben Sturtev
ant is rea
major fina lizing
ncial suc
with the cess
hottest tren
home-busi d in the
ness ind
WI RE LE ustry:

go wi r
biggese less fo
t incom rt to n

r es

Most bus

Li madtrened.eJustss. think ofgettheahefortad uneof a
iness professiona
know it ls
pays to spending

Your ateApp
money on
all, the opp anyway. B

y in
ortunity boa
succ by those who inve

things Ben sts al
sted in knows are

Pe r
cre le and Mic
u rosoft stoc successful needed f
y he lp yo ago. But do ks decade bus iness: stab
tor you know s leadership, le comp
S e c what else a product
e SS Gag takes to

make a it people tr

True Wealth talks to hundreds of people every month who are now
c c d y want, a

Su an bus iness real lucr ative com
re R lucrative?
Ben Sturteva ly pensati
plan, an
nt does, and unbeatable

-mill re.
he’s got system, an
the only impeccable
rnitu home-busine
opportunity timing.
was his fu time in that’s letti ss Ben has been
dish lling
to se rkest tal people take ng average in the indu
-w age so rted th e da a pivo adv anta 12 years, givi stry fo

living that dream and want to help you get started in your own business
um he re le it was came ying world’s mos ge of the ng him the
minim to recogniz experienc
rity Whi ly be gan stud t powerfu
ea ospe actual of income: l new sou e a realistic
Onc st pr e, it ndy
princi e
ples the wireless rce when it com opportunity
anife can do his lif point. Ra s and industry. es along.
an t to m ing you it in g law ca m e th Led by a
rock -sol success with He gained
uw th ne turn ersal
be to with years id compan his first
If yo e best ho has do h to univ they him of leadersh y but soon business,
e, th and led ip experie started to
ur lif eone
w coac e the rity, tually 0 in Ben’s team nce,

so you, too, can be in charge of your personal and financial future.
in yo som tor or ov of pr
ospe even m $55,00 ire, has taken company’s the
llow men to m that world—incl the wireless leadership.
is fo ing a t way s. And way ent
fro iona uding cell the unethic “I didn’t like
y. Hav fastes path e w ti-mill ps, phone and al behavio
alread u is the al succ
th e ess. H in g a mul lationshi S u c cInte eS
rnet service— with my
rs involved
handsS St
to re r in su cc m re a and put it in the former com
e yo bette beco sitive was oage
guid gg ling e ag e. bt to t po It e
aver ry indi that exp
pany, but
afte r
stru on yG de attrac y again. th earn viduals, erience, I
from be no an Rand mos
t n to led to a commission who what to look really lear
may u th the bega health ation that ming income on wha
s and resi for in a com ned
there lp yo of mee
t, got m beco
dual pany.”
to he one ever and ansfor olution: t people are So when
the Internet
world y is yo u’ll Ra nd y
ar tli ng tr s ev rs. ,
pick up beg an to
Rand people sy. st in hi othe or ld speed, he
ays ea ugs step h for e w knew he had
s th

Be sure to check out the success stories in this issue and learn how
essful asn’t alw ith dr next y coac in to
travel osperity
s life
od w ed for
st pros
perit ndy
y Ra manifest Creatin
but hi oubled ch was arre
a tr d
he w
as Toda
e’s au g a For
thored erous

tune fr
had l, an hool lping es. H eated nu
m When
al coho y by the of sc he liv m e it co mes to
own d beco rs Rodrigu
Home is

and er out age ess,
robb rown um-w their succ ces, an ke ez
top. No , known as
to ri
armed was th resour -after spea

ordinary people—moms, dads, students, retirees—are
inim s on
He a m book video ht w a su J-Rod
, ha
15. d as ive.
up th
e o and t soug erences.
worke surv way
audi e mos nf h is J-Rod
l entre
of th ns and co coac incred

$, $
r to a
ashe d his ca me one ccess os t. ible bl counts
w ke be tio su m young es sing. ev ery
dish he w
or he leap nven as
s th
at co new role He an

Yet until made the lishe th an
son, en
joy a d hi

, $$
iling e His y re ding s wi
er, to there,
he But th Rand e rewar fs someth life th

creating an extraordinary life, from building ladd rant. liefs, one belie ing J-R at is ric
From n restau the is m
or iting od fea h
ager. e be r lim are

red wo

man ing his ow
s ne
gativ rienc
hing shatte tness they st uld
en of hi d inexpe ople ea e be Before

to op tion ing pe the gr have th Elenny his
bina l, an help into . “I su

y By
co m pi ta ain. n ep ys ha d liv
of ca
he d st sa
!” TW where
fail ag ad w d an ,” he ld ed

: re
lack to he bl e of w or he owne

wealth to bonding with their families.
m a an capa hole
ed hi Ion firm.

nie sa
e to ness the w They d a
doom gs cam
busi s. Le
job in r Mat dy’s again were
Thin taxe In Fo on ran abdu

iz ed id , e st their
ey r ,
se unpa on Mo ation ches armed will fo
f for no m se. For inform d spee
d it of job, and
get w
or > For
more , book
s, an or ca
ll money
. Th
auct r, no dn’t y blog
no ca ings coul t worse… , perit
Gag e) or lucky e Ro
with s ge ar pros ll-fre kidnap to es
y felt n alway xt ye ww.r 04 (to but th cape
Rand th e ne s go to w 94 6.78 l).
an ey with
ca r hi 0. na th eir ho d were fea
gs Ove riorat
: 1.80 rnatio me, fam forced red re
But did. dete lf- us at (inte to flee
they alth his se 1111 J-Rod ilies,
and ha the co

Best wishes on finding the home business
And his he ble, and uld had to untr
316. have rd-ear
y saw um he co , the ca make
money ned fortune
Rand ps cr hen ey pital to
nshi e. W e mon He sh start a quick
relatio evaporat any mor free an
ares ho
w he be business.
ly, bu
t he
d reve
esteem er borrow succes als ho at the
od ds
ng s storie w he to beco
no lo s of th is help me fin

opportunity that’s right for you!
eir ow ing ot an
n. hers ho
True We w to c
alth: Ho
were co w did
mpletely you reb
broke uild a
and try fortune
ing to so quick
J-Rod: sta rt your ly wh
I did en y
the on some life over?
ly wa resear
networ y to qu ch an
ickly d the
k mar proof

TrueWealth team
credit keting. build was th
a life

cards But th from ere:
and a e only nothin
I near laptop. tools g was
ly max I had
out a ed ou were
few co t all of my
was a mpani my cr
huge es, edit ca
problem but soon

They rds by
were with came trying
make suppos how to reali

money ed to mak th eir sy ze there
weren’t — I wa e it sim stems wo

. So I s mak ple fo rked.
ing m r anyo

that I though oney,
could t, ‘The but m ne to
had to make re y
this wo ’s got to be teammates

a syste rk anothe
m arou for everyb r way

ay Pho
nd th ody.’
ese co I knew
» I

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success story jacqlyn mori

ben sturtevant is realizing
major financial success
with the hottest trend in the
home-business industry:

go wireless for the
biggest income
Most business professionals spending money on anyway. Best of
know it pays to get ahead of a all, the opportunity boasts all the
trend. Just think of the fortunes things Ben knows are needed for a
made by those who invested in successful business: stable company
Apple and Microsoft stocks decades leadership, a product people truly
ago. But do you know what else it want, a lucrative compensation
takes to make a business really plan, an unbeatable system, and
lucrative? Ben Sturtevant does, and impeccable timing.
he’s got the only home-business Ben has been in the industry for
opportunity that’s letting average 12 years, giving him the experience
people take advantage of the to recognize a realistic opportunity
world’s most powerful new source when it comes along. He gained
of income: the wireless industry. success with his first business,
Led by a rock-solid company but soon started to question the
with years of leadership experience, company’s leadership. “I didn’t like
Ben’s team has taken the wireless the unethical behaviors involved
world—including cell phone and with my former company, but after
Internet service—and put it in the that experience, I really learned
hands average individuals, who what to look for in a company.”
earn commissions and residual So when the Internet began to
income on what people are already pick up speed, he knew he had to

truewealth 16
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go wireless for the biggest income continued

get on board. “When I got wind
LUXURY CAR BONUS: Just one of the
of the wireless industry, I knew I perks Ben enjoys with this business.
wanted to be a part of it. Wireless
technology is the hottest industry
out there,” he explains. “There are
over 270 million wireless users,
and that’s just in America. We are
the only company that has our own
wireless product, and it’s backed by
the nation’s largest, most reliable
wireless network.”
More importantly, the services
Ben and his team provide are
already being used by millions of
people. “Everyone in the country is
already using a cell phone; they’re
already using the Internet,” he says.
“What attracted me to the wireless explains. “I added up all of my capitalizing on the opportunity with
industry is that you don’t have to bills, and that was my goal. Today, wireless. There’s no competition.”
sell people on it. You don’t have to just my residual income covers all “This is something I believe
convince them they need it, and of my bills. I haven’t made less anyone could succeed in,” he
you don’t have to teach them how than $30,000 a month in three or continues. “My business has
to use it. It’s the easiest conversation four years.” allowed my family to do things we
you’ll ever have.” But don’t expect to find this never would have been able to do
As for the compensation plan, kind of opportunity elsewhere, before—financial investments, real
Ben’s team enjoys huge upfront Ben stresses. “We’re the first and estate investments—and my wife
cash bonuses, luxury car bonuses, only company in the U.S. to offer and I are only 30 years old. Now
travel expense accounts, and a people an opportunity to earn a our focus is to try to help other
true residual commission every residual income on wireless,” he people achieve the same thing.
time a customer pays a bill. The says. “It’s a $150-billion industry, Hundreds of billions of dollars
company’s proven system is also and the only people who have been are already being spent on these
backed by an income guarantee profiting from it are the big wireless services. You might as well be
that’s hard to find anywhere else. companies. Now that’s changed. getting paid for it. There’s a kind of
“I am totally financially free,” Ben We’re the only home business that’s no-brainer brilliance to it.” TW

> For More Information
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success story bridey orth

When it comes to “rags to riches” stories, Jhonathan
Rodriguez, known as J-Rod, has one that’s difficult to
top. Now a successful entrepreneur creating a fortune
Creating a Fortune from from home, J-Rod counts every day of his life as an
incredible blessing. He and his wife, Elenny, and their

Home is EASY as young son, enjoy a life that is rich in both money and
time, something J-Rod feared would never happen.
Before his success, he and

$, $$, $$$
Elenny had lived in Venezuela
where he owned a telemarketing
firm. They were abducted and held
against their will for four days by
armed thugs who were after their
money. The Rodriguezes were
lucky to escape with their lives,
but they feared retribution by the
kidnappers, and were forced to flee the country, leaving
their home, families, and hard-earned fortune behind.
J-Rod had to make money quickly, but he didn’t
have the capital to start a business.
He shares how he beat the odds to become financially
free and reveals how he is helping others how to create
success stories of their own.

True Wealth: How did you rebuild a fortune so quickly when you
were completely broke and trying to start your life over?

J-Rod: I did some research and the proof was there:
the only way to quickly build a life from nothing was
network marketing. But the only tools I had were my
photography by: kevin jamesday photography

credit cards and a laptop.
I nearly maxed out all of my credit cards by trying
out a few companies, but soon came to realize there
was a huge problem with how their systems worked.
They were supposed to make it simple for anyone to
make money— I was making money, but my teammates
weren’t. So I thought, ‘There’s got to be another way
that I could make this work for everybody.’ I knew I
had to create a system around these companies. »
truewealth 24
creatinG a fortune from home is easy as $, $$, $$$ continued

Technology is always changing, which is why I took what was successful about the
100K System and improved upon it. I’ve already received a ton of great feedback
TW: How has your money-making system
from people who’ve made money using it in days.
helped others duplicate your success?
HIgHlIgHTS of THe upgRaded 100K SySTem:
J-Rod: I developed the 100K Income • completely turn-key
System—it’s highly automated, and • industry-leading conversion rates
the simplicity of it is attracting so • time tested and always improving
many people who have never had • plug-n-play advertising mediums
success in network marketing • ability to piggyback on top-earners’ advertising campaigns
before. I’m never going to tell • sales professionals who follow up and close prospects automatically
somebody to buy leads, make
a list of friends and family, or like a lifetime. Every day I get to spend
spend long hours in front of a with my family, I know I’m blessed.
computer. Anything that is too
time-consuming, I’m not going to TW: Who can benefit from the 100K
tell you to do it. Income System?
This system is plug-and-play…
it makes it easy for anyone with the J-Rod: It’s duplicatable, so anyone
desire to succeed to start generating can follow it, but the people who
an income. I have people on my really do well with this are the ones
team from 21 to 80 years old and with a commitment and desire to
when they start seeing results, to succeed. A lot of people are looking
me, that’s more rewarding than for a lottery ticket or a quick fix.
more money in my bank account. Unfortunately, that’s not how life
works. Success takes effort; success
TW: Besides earning $10,000 or more takes passion and the right mindset.

photography by: kevin jamesday photography
each week, how has the 100K Income I created an easy system that saves
System changed your life? you time, money, and headaches, and
gets you to your financial goals much
J-Rod: Ultimately that income gives faster than anything else IF you are
me time freedom: I am able to spend serious about changing your future.
so much time with Elenny and our Those are the people I’d love to talk
J-Rod rebuilt his fortune
son, Aaron, and enjoy a normal life. to--I’m looking for direct partners to
from scratch with this simple
We like to stay home, but we also share my system with, so that they can
yet effective online system.
go out to dinner a lot, go to nice achieve their goals and dreams. TW
restaurants, and we love going to
the beach and scuba diving. > for More inforMation
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caught the attention of Bill Gates,” he notes. “Imagine
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company in Carlsbad, CA that is using the network But it was his conversation with company co-founder Zack
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Vera-based drinks: Aloe Control for weight management, marketing systems that he sold to many of the largest network
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These products produce immediate results, Utilizing the techniques recommended by Zack,
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unlike anything I have seen in the wellness industry. Immediate
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For those involved in the American Yep—up to $30,000 a week. Not
auto industry these days, it seems like bad considering he didn’t get his
any news is bad news. From CEOs business up and running until May

Driven to
begging for bailouts to factory closings of 2008, sticking with the dealership
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Success tumultuous times in its history.
Scott Miller knows this better than
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a comfortable six-figure income as “If I didn’t find this opportunity, I
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back since.
summer. “I knew I needed to make family and kids. Any activities they
a change or I was going to be in real have, they know I’ll be there. Whether
trouble,” Scott explains. it’s a school play, a school dance, I
That change was a home-business know there is absolutely no way I’ll
opportunity with an Internet miss any activity. Coming from 60 to
marketing company. He stumbled 70 hours a week in the car business,
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ways to promote an e-book he was in “I want to make this business
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discovering how Internet marketing and bring as many people with me
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