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Context: INNOVATING key audience MADE IN… process tools used the


visionary and
2004: Alexander Osterwalder com-
the model strategy:
pletes a Ph.D. dissertation on the topic Alexander and Yves decide they can’t game changing… Written: Lausanne, CH
Designed: London, UK The core team, consisting of Alexander, Yves, and Patrick start the project • Environmental Scanning 9 1,360
of business model innovation with credibly write a book about entrepreneurs / Edited: Portland, USA with a number of meetings to sketch out the business model of the book. • Business Model Canvas
years of
Professor Yves Pigneur at HEC Lausanne, business model innovation with-
consultants / Photographed: Toronto, CA and practice

did this
• Customer Empathy Map
The Hub is launched to co-create the book with business model innovation
Switzerland. Fast forward. 2006: The out an innovative business mod-
Produced: Amsterdam, NL
approach outlined in the dissertation el. They ditch publishers and launch executives Events: Amsterdam & Toronto
practitioners throughout the world. Creative Director Alan Smith of The
Movement hears about the project and put his company behind it. Finally, content and r&d:
470 countries
the Hub, an online platform to share Hub member Tim Clark joins the core team after recognizing the need for an • Customer Insights
starts being applied around the world co-authors
based on Alexander’s business model
their writings from day one. Anybody
with an interest in the topic can join
editor. The group is completed by JAM, a company that uses visual thinking
• Case Studies 137,757
to solve business problems. An engagement cycle is started to pump fresh

blog, notably in companies such as 3M, the platform for a fee (initially U.S. $24, “chunks” of content out to the Hub community for feedback and contribu- open process: views of method
online before
Ericsson, Deloitte, and Telenor. During which is gradually raised to U.S. $243 tions. The writing of the book becomes completely transparent. Content, • Online Platform book chunks book publishing
a workshop in the Netherlands Patrick to keep the platform exclusive). This design, illustrations, and structure are constantly shared and thoroughly com-
• Co-Creation
van der Pijl asks “why is there no and other innovative Revenue Streams
finance the book production in advance
mented upon by Hub members worldwide. The core team responds to every
• Access to Unfinished Work
8 13.18
book accompanying the method?” comment and integrates the feedback back into the book and design. A “soft prototypes

itself is an innovation as well. It breaks GB of content
Alexander and Yves take up the chal- launch” of the book is organized in Amsterdam, Netherlands, so members of • Commenting & Feedback
lenge. But how does one stand
the format of conventional strategy and
management books in order to create
the Hub can meet in person and share their experiences with business model
innovation. Sketching out participant business models with JAM becomes the
design: 200 28,456
out in a market where countless more value for readers: it is co-created core exercise of the day. Two hundred special limited edition prototypes of the • Open Design Process copies of a Post-it™ notes used
274 strategy and management books highly visual, and complemented by (unfinished) book go to print and a video of the writing process is produced • Moodboards 275
up test print

are published every year? exercises and workshop tips. by Fisheye Media. After several more iterations the first print run is produced.
• Paper Mockups
• Visualization 77 hours of work

• Illustration
• Photography
discussions 521
Skype Calls