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Informat|on by Dr.Sakunta|a Dev| ( 8DS )

D|sc|a|mer :

The dates and information provided in
this file are collected from online sources,
past students and personal experience.

I have taken care to provide the accurate
information that I have gathered during
my preparation. But you are requested to
treat the information here as basic ideas.
Always check out the official govt. website
of UPSC for the most accurate information.

All the best for your exams



LAN CI LkAMINA1ICN......................................................................................

kLLIMINAk LkAMINA1ICN .............................................................................

MAIN LkAMINA1ICN ..........................................................................................

IN1LkVILW 1LS1 ...............................................................................................

S1kA1LG .........................................................................................................


!"#$ &' ()#*+$#,+&$-./012 /31 0140/05617

(24 August)

(14 Dec)

(|n Mar]Apr)

1he compeLlLlve examlnaLlon comprlses Lwo successlve sLages:

l. C|v|| Serv|ces (re||m|nary) Lxam|nat|ons (Cb[ect|ve 1ype) for Lhe selecLlon of candldaLes for
Maln LxamlnaLlon, and

ll. C|v|| Serv|ces (Ma|n) Lxam|nat|on (Wr|tten and Interv|ew) for Lhe selecLlon of candldaLes for
Lhe varlous servlces and posLs.

1he rellmlnary LxamlnaLlon wlll conslsL of Lwo papers of Cb[ecLlve Lype (mulLlple cholce quesLlons) and
carry a maxlmum of 400 marks ln Lhe sub[ecLs seL ouL ln below SecLlon. 1hls examlnaLlon ls meanL Lo
serve as a screenlng LesL only, Lhe marks obLalned ln Lhe rellmlnary LxamlnaLlon by Lhe candldaLes who
are declared quallfled for admlsslon Lo Lhe Maln LxamlnaLlon wlll noL be counLed for deLermlnlng Lhelr
flnal order of merlL.

1he number of candldaLes Lo be admlLLed Lo Lhe Maln LxamlnaLlon wlll be abouL Lwelve Lo LhlrLeen
Llmes Lhe LoLal approxlmaLe number of vacancles Lo be fllled ln Lhe year ln Lhe varlous Servlces and
osLs. Cnly Lhose candldaLes who are declared by Lhe Commlsslon Lo have quallfled ln Lhe rellmlnary
LxamlnaLlon ln Lhe year wlll be ellglble for admlsslon Lo Lhe Maln LxamlnaLlon of LhaL year provlded Lhey
are oLherwlse ellglble for admlsslon Lo Lhe Maln LxamlnaLlon.

CandldaLes who obLaln such mlnlmum quallfylng marks ln Lhe wrlLLen parL of Lhe Maln LxamlnaLlon as
may be flxed by Lhe Commlsslon aL Lhelr dlscreLlon, shall be summoned by Lhem for a ersonallLy 1esL
(lnLervlew for). 1he number of candldaLes Lo be summoned for lnLervlew wlll be abouL Lwlce Lhe number
of vacancles Lo be fllled.

Marks Lhus obLalned by Lhe candldaLes ln Lhe Maln LxamlnaLlon (wrlLLen parL as well as lnLervlew)
would deLermlne Lhelr flnal ranklng. CandldaLes wlll be alloLLed Lo Lhe varlous Servlces keeplng ln vlew
Lhelr ranks ln Lhe examlnaLlon and Lhe preferences expressed by Lhem for Lhe varlous Servlces and

!8("+*+$#89 ()#*+$#,+&$

1he LxamlnaLlon shall comprlse two compu|sory papers of 200 marks each.
1he quesLlons wlll be of mulLlple cholces, ob[ecLlve Lype.

aper I - (200 marks) Durat|on: 1wo hours

CurrenL evenLs of naLlonal and lnLernaLlonal lmporLance.
PlsLory of lndla and lndlan naLlonal MovemenL.
lndlan and World Ceography - hyslcal, Soclal, Lconomlc Ceography of lndla and Lhe World.
lndlan ollLy and Covernance - ConsLlLuLlon, ollLlcal SysLem, anchayaLl 8a[, ubllc ollcy,
8lghLs lssues, eLc.
Lconomlc and Soclal uevelopmenL SusLalnable uevelopmenL, overLy, lncluslon, uemographlcs,
Soclal SecLor lnlLlaLlves, eLc.
Ceneral lssues on LnvlronmenLal Lcology, 8lo-dlverslLy and CllmaLe Change - LhaL do noL requlre
sub[ecL speclallzaLlon.
Ceneral Sclence.

aper II- (200 marks) Durat|on: 1wo hours

lnLerpersonal skllls lncludlng communlcaLlon skllls,
Loglcal reasonlng and analyLlcal ablllLy
ueclslon-maklng and problem-solvlng
Ceneral menLal ablllLy
8aslc numeracy (numbers and Lhelr relaLlons, orders of magnlLude, eLc.) (Class x level), uaLa
lnLerpreLaLlon (charLs, graphs, Lables, daLa sufflclency eLc. - Class x level)
Lngllsh Language Comprehenslon skllls (Class x level).

1he quesLlon papers wlll be seL boLh ln Plndl and Lngllsh.

LxcepLlon - CuesLlons relaLlng Lo Lngllsh Language Comprehenslon skllls of Class x level (lasL lLem ln Lhe
Syllabus of aper ll) wlll be LesLed Lhrough passages from Lngllsh language only wlLhouL provldlng Plndl
LranslaLlon Lhereof ln Lhe quesLlon paper.

Note: 1he marks of Lhese Lwo papers are added Lo quallfy candldaLes for Lhe Maln examlnaLlon. 1here ls
no lndlvldual cuLoff for aper l and ll.

*#+$ ()#*+$#,+&$

1he wrlLLen examlnaLlon wlll conslsL of Lhe followlng papers:

aper Sect|ons Descr|pt|on Marks
aper I

Lssay 230
aper-II Genera| Stud|es-I lndlan PerlLage and CulLure, PlsLory and Ceography of
Lhe World and SocleLy
aper-III Genera| Stud|es -II Covernance, ConsLlLuLlon, ollLy, Soclal !usLlce and
lnLernaLlonal relaLlons

Genera| Stud|es -III 1echnology, Lconomlc uevelopmenL, 8lo-dlverslLy,
LnvlronmenL, SecurlLy and ulsasLer ManagemenL
aper-V Genera| Stud|es -IV LLhlcs, lnLegrlLy and ApLlLude 230
aper-VI Cpt|ona| Sub[ect aper l 230
aper VII Cpt|ona| Sub[ect aper ll 230
Sub 1ota| (Wr|tten 1est) 17S0
ersona||ty 1est 27S
Grand 1ota| 202S

AparL from Lhls Lhere wlll be papers on Lngllsh and reglonal language, 300 marks each. 8uL Lhese wlll be
only of quallfylng naLure. 1here marks wlll noL be counLed ln flnal analysls.

Marks obLalned by Lhe candldaLes for all papers (aper l-vll) wlll be counLed for merlL ranklng. nowever,
the Comm|ss|on w||| have the d|scret|on to f|x qua||fy|ng marks |n any or a|| papers of the

1he ma|n Lxam|nat|on |s |ntended to assess the overa|| |nte||ectua| tra|ts and depth of
understand|ng of cand|dates rather than mere|y the range of the|r |nformat|on and memory.

1he naLure and sLandard of quesLlons ln Lhe Ceneral SLudles papers (aper ll Lo aper v) wlll be
such LhaL a well-educaLed person wlll be able Lo answer Lhem wlLhouL any speclallzed sLudy. 1he
quesLlons wlll be such as Lo LesL a candldaLe's general awareness of a varleLy of sub[ecLs, whlch
wlll have relevance for a career ln Clvll Servlces.

1he quesLlons are llkely Lo LesL Lhe candldaLe's baslc undersLandlng of all relevanL lssues, and
ablllLy Lo analyze, and Lake a vlew on confllcLlng soclo- economlc goals, ob[ecLlves and demands.

1he candldaLes musL glve relevanL, meanlngful and succlncL answers.

If a cand|date's handwr|t|ng |s not eas||y |eg|b|e, a deduct|on w||| be made on th|s account
from the tota| marks otherw|se accru|ng to h|m.

Marks w||| not be a||otted for mere superf|c|a| know|edge.

Cred|t w||| be g|ven for order|y, effect|ve and exact express|on comb|ned w|th due economy of
words |n a|| sub[ects of the exam|nat|on.

1he scope of Lhe syllabus for opLlonal sub[ecL papers (aper vl and aper vll) for Lhe

examlnaLlon ls broadly of Lhe honours degree level l.e. a level hlgher Lhan Lhe bachelors' degree and
lower Lhan Lhe masLers' degree. ln Lhe case of Lnglneerlng, Medlcal Sclence and law, Lhe level
corresponds Lo Lhe bachelors' degree.

1he quesLlon papers for Lhe examlnaLlon wlll be of convenLlonal (essay) Lype.

Lach paper wlll be of Lhree hours duraLlon.

now we wlll see Lhe compleLe syllabl for all Lhe papers.

!usL scroll below .


Syllabl of Lhe papers lncluded ln Lhe scheme of Clvll Servlces (Maln) LxamlnaLlon are glven as follows :


Lssay: CandldaLes wlll be requlred Lo wrlLe an essay on a speclflc Loplc. 1he cholce of sub[ecLs wlll be
1hey wlll be expecLed Lo keep closely Lo Lhe sub[ecL of Lhe essay Lo arrange Lhelr ldeas ln orderly
fashlon, and Lo wrlLe conclsely. CredlL wlll be glven for effecLlve and exacL expresslon.


Genera| Stud|es- I: Ind|an ner|tage and Cu|ture, n|story and Geography of the Wor|d and Soc|ety.

lndlan culLure wlll cover Lhe sallenL aspecLs of ArL lorms, LlLeraLure and ArchlLecLure from
anclenL Lo modern Llmes.
Modern lndlan hlsLory from abouL Lhe mlddle of Lhe elghLeenLh cenLury unLll Lhe presenL-
slgnlflcanL evenLs, personallLles, lssues
1he lreedom SLruggle - lLs varlous sLages and lmporLanL conLrlbuLors /conLrlbuLlons from
dlfferenL parLs of Lhe counLry.
osL-lndependence consolldaLlon and reorganlzaLlon wlLhln Lhe counLry.
PlsLory of Lhe world wlll lnclude evenLs from 18Lh cenLury such as lndusLrlal revoluLlon, world
wars, redrawal of naLlonal boundarles, colonlzaLlon, decolonlzaLlon, pollLlcal phllosophles llke
communlsm, caplLallsm, soclallsm eLc.- Lhelr forms and effecL on Lhe socleLy.
SallenL feaLures of lndlan SocleLy, ulverslLy of lndla.
8ole of women and women's organlzaLlon, populaLlon and assoclaLed lssues, poverLy and
developmenLal lssues, urbanlzaLlon, Lhelr problems and Lhelr remedles.
LffecLs of globallzaLlon on lndlan socleLy
Soclal empowermenL, communallsm, reglonallsm & secularlsm.
SallenL feaLures of world's physlcal geography.
ulsLrlbuLlon of key naLural resources across Lhe world (lncludlng SouLh Asla and Lhe lndlan
lacLors responslble for Lhe locaLlon of prlmary, secondary, and LerLlary secLor lndusLrles ln
varlous parLs of Lhe world (lncludlng lndla)
lmporLanL Ceophyslcal phenomena such as earLhquakes, 1sunaml, volcanlc acLlvlLy, cyclone
eLc., geographlcal feaLures and Lhelr locaLlon- changes ln crlLlcal geographlcal feaLures (lncludlng
waLer bodles and lce-caps) and ln flora and fauna and Lhe effecLs of such changes.

Genera| Stud|es- II: Governance, Const|tut|on, o||ty, Soc|a| Iust|ce and Internat|ona| re|at|ons.

lndlan ConsLlLuLlon- hlsLorlcal underplnnlngs, evoluLlon, feaLures, amendmenLs, slgnlflcanL
provlslons and baslc sLrucLure.
luncLlons and responslblllLles of Lhe unlon and Lhe SLaLes, lssues and challenges perLalnlng Lo
Lhe federal sLrucLure, devoluLlon of powers and flnances up Lo local levels and challenges
SeparaLlon of powers beLween varlous organs dlspuLe redressal mechanlsms and lnsLlLuLlons.
Comparlson of Lhe lndlan consLlLuLlonal scheme wlLh LhaL of oLher counLrles
arllamenL and SLaLe LeglslaLures - sLrucLure, funcLlonlng, conducL of buslness, powers &
prlvlleges and lssues arlslng ouL of Lhese.
SLrucLure, organlzaLlon and funcLlonlng of Lhe LxecuLlve and Lhe !udlclary MlnlsLrles and
ueparLmenLs of Lhe CovernmenL, pressure groups and formal/lnformal assoclaLlons and Lhelr
role ln Lhe ollLy.

SallenL feaLures of Lhe 8epresenLaLlon of eople's AcL.
AppolnLmenL Lo varlous ConsLlLuLlonal posLs, powers, funcLlons and responslblllLles of varlous
ConsLlLuLlonal 8odles.
SLaLuLory, regulaLory and varlous quasl-[udlclal bodles
CovernmenL pollcles and lnLervenLlons for developmenL ln varlous secLors and lssues arlslng ouL
of Lhelr deslgn and lmplemenLaLlon.
uevelopmenL processes and Lhe developmenL lndusLry- Lhe role of nCCs, SPCs, varlous groups
and assoclaLlons, donors, charlLles, lnsLlLuLlonal and oLher sLakeholders
Welfare schemes for vulnerable secLlons of Lhe populaLlon by Lhe CenLre and SLaLes and Lhe
performance of Lhese schemes, mechanlsms, laws, lnsLlLuLlons and 8odles consLlLuLed for Lhe
proLecLlon and beLLermenL of Lhese vulnerable secLlons.
lssues relaLlng Lo developmenL and managemenL of Soclal SecLor/Servlces relaLlng Lo PealLh,
LducaLlon, Puman 8esources.
lssues relaLlng Lo poverLy and hunger.
lmporLanL aspecLs of governance, Lransparency and accounLablllLy, e-governance- appllcaLlons,
models, successes, llmlLaLlons, and poLenLlal, clLlzens charLers, Lransparency & accounLablllLy
and lnsLlLuLlonal and oLher measures.
8ole of clvll servlces ln a democracy.
lndla and lLs nelghborhood- relaLlons.
8llaLeral, reglonal and global grouplngs and agreemenLs lnvolvlng lndla and/or affecLlng lndla's
LffecL of pollcles and pollLlcs of developed and developlng counLrles on lndla's lnLeresLs, lndlan
lmporLanL lnLernaLlonal lnsLlLuLlons, agencles and fora- Lhelr sLrucLure, mandaLe.


Genera| Stud|es-III: 1echno|ogy, Lconom|c Deve|opment, 8|o d|vers|ty, Lnv|ronment, Secur|ty and
D|saster Management.
lndlan Lconomy and lssues relaLlng Lo plannlng, moblllzaLlon of resources, growLh, developmenL
and employmenL.
lncluslve growLh and lssues arlslng from lL.
CovernmenL 8udgeLlng.
Ma[or crops cropplng paLLerns ln varlous parLs of Lhe counLry, dlfferenL Lypes of lrrlgaLlon and
lrrlgaLlon sysLems sLorage, LransporL and markeLlng of agrlculLural produce and lssues and
relaLed consLralnLs, e-Lechnology ln Lhe ald of farmers
lssues relaLed Lo dlrecL and lndlrecL farm subsldles and mlnlmum supporL prlces, ubllc
ulsLrlbuLlon SysLem- ob[ecLlves, funcLlonlng, llmlLaLlons, revamplng, lssues of buffer sLocks and
food securlLy, 1echnology mlsslons, economlcs of anlmal-rearlng.
lood processlng and relaLed lndusLrles ln lndla- scope and slgnlflcance, locaLlon, upsLream and
downsLream requlremenLs, supply chaln managemenL.
Land reforms ln lndla.
LffecLs of llberallzaLlon on Lhe economy, changes ln lndusLrlal pollcy and Lhelr effecLs on
lndusLrlal growLh.
lnfrasLrucLure: Lnergy, orLs, 8oads, AlrporLs, 8allways eLc.
lnvesLmenL models.
Sclence and 1echnology- developmenLs and Lhelr appllcaLlons and effecLs ln everyday llfe
AchlevemenLs of lndlans ln sclence & Lechnology, lndlgenlzaLlon of Lechnology and developlng
new Lechnology. Awareness ln Lhe flelds of l1, Space, CompuLers, roboLlcs, nano-Lechnology,
blo-Lechnology and lssues relaLlng Lo lnLellecLual properLy rlghLs.
ConservaLlon, envlronmenLal polluLlon and degradaLlon, envlronmenLal lmpacL assessmenL

ulsasLer and dlsasLer managemenL.
Llnkages beLween developmenL and spread of exLremlsm.
8ole of exLernal sLaLe and non-sLaLe acLors ln creaLlng challenges Lo lnLernal securlLy.
Challenges Lo lnLernal securlLy Lhrough communlcaLlon neLworks, role of medla and soclal
neLworklng slLes ln lnLernal securlLy challenges, baslcs of cyber securlLy, money-launderlng and
lLs prevenLlon
SecurlLy challenges and Lhelr managemenL ln border areas, llnkages of organlzed crlme wlLh
varlous SecurlLy forces and agencles and Lhelr mandaLe


Genera| Stud|es- IV: Lth|cs, Integr|ty, and Apt|tude

!"#$ &'&() *#++ #,-+./( 0.($1#2,$ 12 1($1 1"( -',/#/'1($3 '11#1./( ',/ '&&)2'-" 12 #$$.($ )(+'1#,4 12
#,1(4)#156 &)27#15 #, &.7+#- +#8( ',/ "#$ &)27+(9 $2+:#,4 '&&)2'-" 12 :')#2.$ #$$.($ ',/ -2,8+#-1$ 8'-(/ 75
"#9 #, /('+#,4 *#1" $2-#(15; <.($1#2,$ 9'5 .1#+#=( 1"( -'$( $1./5 '&&)2'-" 12 /(1()9#,( 1"($( '$&(-1$;
!"( 82++2*#,4 7)2'/ ')('$ *#++ 7( -2:()(/;

LLhlcs and Puman lnLerface: Lssence, deLermlnanLs and consequences of LLhlcs ln human
acLlons, dlmenslons of eLhlcs, eLhlcs ln prlvaLe and publlc relaLlonshlps. Puman values - lessons
from Lhe llves and Leachlngs of greaL leaders, reformers and admlnlsLraLors, role of famlly,
socleLy and educaLlonal lnsLlLuLlons ln lnculcaLlng values.
ALLlLude: conLenL, sLrucLure, funcLlon, lLs lnfluence and relaLlon wlLh LhoughL and behavlour,
moral and pollLlcal aLLlLudes, soclal lnfluence and persuaslon.
ApLlLude and foundaLlonal values for Clvll Servlce , lnLegrlLy, lmparLlallLy and non-parLlsanshlp,
ob[ecLlvlLy, dedlcaLlon Lo publlc servlce, empaLhy, Lolerance and compasslon Lowards Lhe
weaker secLlons.
LmoLlonal lnLelllgence-concepLs, and Lhelr uLlllLles and appllcaLlon ln admlnlsLraLlon and
ConLrlbuLlons of moral Lhlnkers and phllosophers from lndla and world.
ubllc/Clvll servlce values and LLhlcs ln ubllc admlnlsLraLlon: SLaLus and problems, eLhlcal
concerns and dllemmas ln governmenL and prlvaLe lnsLlLuLlons, laws, rules, regulaLlons and
consclence as sources of eLhlcal guldance, accounLablllLy and eLhlcal governance, sLrengLhenlng
of eLhlcal and moral values ln governance, eLhlcal lssues ln lnLernaLlonal relaLlons and fundlng,
corporaLe governance.
roblLy ln Covernance: ConcepL of publlc servlce, hllosophlcal basls of governance and problLy,
lnformaLlon sharlng and Lransparency ln governmenL, 8lghL Lo lnformaLlon, Codes of LLhlcs,
Codes of ConducL, ClLlzen's CharLers, Work culLure, CuallLy of servlce dellvery, uLlllzaLlon of
publlc funds, challenges of corrupLlon.
Case SLudles on above lssues.

Cpt|ona| Sub[ect apers I & II: |ease check the sy||abus |n USC Not|f|cat|on pub||shed on

L|st of Cpt|ona| Sub[ects

! AgrlculLure
! Anlmal Pusbandry and veLerlnary
! AnLhropology
! 8oLany
! ChemlsLry
! Clvll Lnglneerlng
! Commerce
! and AccounLancy
! Lconomlcs
! LlecLrlcal Lnglneerlng
! Ceography
! Ceology
! PlsLory
! Law
! LlLeraLure of any one of Lhe followlng languages:
! ManagemenL
! MaLhemaLlcs
! Mechanlcal Lnglneerlng
! Medlcal Sclence
! hllosophy
! hyslcs
! ollLlcal Sclence and lnLernaLlonal
! sychology
! ubllc AdmlnlsLraLlon
! Soclology
! SLaLlsLlcs
! Zoology
Assamese, 8engall, 8odo, uogrl, Cu[araLl, Plndl, kannada, kashmlrl, konkanl, MalLhlll,
Malayalam, Manlpurl, MaraLhl, nepall, Crlya, un[abl, SanskrlL, SanLhall, Slndhl, 1amll, 1elugu,
urdu, Lngllsh.

now for a denLal sLudenL lLs geLs llLLle Lrlcky Lo
choose Lhe opLlonal sub[ecL (AL8 1 & AL8 2 )
As aL presenL Lhere ls no excluslve denLal
sub[ecL as such. 8uL Lhere are sub[ecLs relaLed Lo
medlcal sclence. 8elow ls Lhe llsL of Lhe medlcal
sub[ecLs LhaL are approved ln Lhe exam.

1. Human Anatomy:
Applied anatomy including blood and nerve supply of upper and lower limbs and joints of shoulder, hip and knee.
Gross anatomy, blood supply and lymphatic drainage of tongue, thyroid, mammary gland, stomach, liver, prostate, gonads
and uterus
Applied anatomy of diaphragm, perineum and inguinal region.
Clinical anatomy of kidney, urinary bladder, uterine tubes, vas deferens.
Embryology: Placenta and placental barrier. Development of heart, gut, kidney, uterus, ovary, testis and their common
congenital abnormalities.
Central and peripheral autonomic nervous system: Gross and clinical anatomy of ventricles of brain, circulation of
cerebrospinal fluid; Neural pathways and lesions of cutaneous sensations, hearing and vision; Cranial nerves, distribution
and clinical significance; Components of autonomic nervous system.
2. Human Physiology:
Conduction and transmission of impulse, mechanism of contraction, neuromuscular transmission, reflexes, control of
equilibrium, posture and muscle tone, descending pathways, functions of cerebellum, basal ganglia, Physiology of sleep
and consciousness.
Endocrine system: Mechanism of action of hormones, formation, secretion, transport, metabolism, function and regulation
of secretion of pancreas and pituitary gland.
Physiology of reproductive system: menstrual cycle, lactation, pregnancy.
Blood: Development, regulation and fate of blood cells.
Cardio-vascular, cardiac output, blood pressure, regulation of cardiovascular functions;
3. Biochemistry:
Organ function tests-liver, kidney, thyroid
Protein synthesis.
Vitamins and minerals.
Restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP).
Polymerase chain reaction (PCR).
Radio - immunoassays (RIA).
4. Pathology:
Inflammation and repair, disturbances of growth and cancer, Pathogenesis and histopathology of rheumatic and ischemic
heart disease and diabetes mellitus. Differentiation between benign, malignant, primary and metastatic malignancies,
Pathogenesis and histopathology of bronchogenic carcinoma, carcinoma breast, oral cancer, cancer cervix, leukemia,
Etiology, pathogenesis and histopathology of - cirrhosis liver, glomerulonephritis, tuberculosis, acute osteomyelitis.
5. Microbiology:

Humoral and cell mediated immunity
Diseases caused by and laboratory diagnosis of-
! Meningococcus, Salmonella
! Shigella, Herpes, Dengue, Polio
! HIV/AIDS, Malaria, E. Histolytica, Giardia
! Candida, Cryptococcus, Aspergillus
6. Pharmacology:
Mechanism of action and side effects of the following drugs
! Antipyretics and analgesics, Antibiotics, Antimalaria; Antikala-azar,Antidiabetics
! Antihypertensive, Antidiuretics, General and cardiac vasodilators, Antiviral, Antiparasitic, Antifungal, Immunosuppressants
! Anticancer
7. Forensic Medicine and Toxicology: Forensic examination of injuries and wounds; Examination of blood and seminal
stains; poisoning, sedative overdose, hanging, drowning, burns, DNA and finger print study
1. General Medicine:
Etiology, clinical features, diagnosis and principles of management (including prevention) of: - Tetanus, Rabies, AIDS,
Dengue, Kala-azar, Japanese Encephalitis.
Etiology, clinical features, diagnosis and principles of management of:
Ischaemic heart disease, pulmonary embolism.
Bronchial asthma.
Pleural effusion, tuberculosis, Malabsorption syndromes, acid peptic diseases, Viral hepatitis and cirrhosis of liver.
Glomerulonerphritis and pyelonephritis, renal failure, nephrotic syndrome, renovascular hypertension, complications of
diabetes mellitus, coagulation disorders, leukemia, Hypo and hyper thyrodism, meningitis and encephalitis.
Imaging in medical problems, ultrasound, echocardiogram, CT scan, MRI.
Anxiety and Depressive Psychosis and schizophrenia and ECT.
2. Pediatrics:
Immunization, Baby friendly hospital, congenital cyanotic heart disease, respiratory distress syndrome, broncho -
pneumonias, kernicterus. IMNCI classification and management, PEM grading and management. ARI and Diarrhea of
under five and their management.
3. Dermatology:
Psoriasis, Allergic dermatitis, scabies, eczema, vitiligo, Stevan Johnson's syndrome, Lichen Planus.
4. General Surgery:
Clinical features, causes, diagnosis and principles of management of cleft palate, harelip.

Laryngeal tumor, oral and esophageal tumors.
Peripheral arterial diseases, varicose veins, coarctation of aorta
Tumors of Thyroid, Adrenal Glands
Abscess, cancer, fibroadenoma and adenosis of breast.
Bleeding peptic ulcer, tuberculosis of bowel, ulcerative colitis, cancer stomach.
Renal mass,cancer Prostate..
Haemothorax, stones of Gall bladder, Kidney, Ureter and Urinary Bladder.
Management of surgical conditions of Rectum, Anus and Anal canal, Gall bladder and Bile ducts
Splenomegaly, cholecystitis, portal hypertension, liver abscess, peritonitis, carcinoma head of pancreas.
Fractures of spine, Colles' fracture and bone tumors.
Laprascopic Surgery.
5. Obstetrics and Gynaecology including Family Planning:
Diagnosis of pregnancy.
Labour management, complications of 3rd stage, Antepartum and postpartum hemorrhage, resuscitation of the newborn,
Management of abnormal lie and difficult labour, Management of small for date or premature newborn.
Diagnosis and management of anemia. Preeclampsia and Toxaemias of pregnancy, Management of Post menopausal
Intra-uterine devices, pills, tubectomy and vasectomy. Medical termination of pregnancy including legal aspects.
Cancer cervix.
Leucorrhoea, pelvic pain, infertility, dysfunctional uterine bleeding (DUB), amenorrhoea, Fibroid and prolapse of uterus.
6. Community Medicine (Preventive and Social Medicine):
Principles, methods, approach and measurements of Epidemiology
Nutrition, nutritional diseases / disorders & Nutrition Programmes.
Health information Collection, Analysis and Presentation.
Objectives, components and critical analysis of National programmes for control/eradication of:
Malaria, Kala-azar, Filaria and Tuberculosis,
HIV/AIDS, STDs and Dengue
Critical appraisal of Health care delivery system.
Health management and administration: Techniques, Tools, Programme Implementation and Evaluation.
Objective, Component, Goals and Status of Reproductive and Child Health, National Rural Health Mission and Millennium
Development Goals
Management of hospital and industrial waste.

So as you see most
of the topics in
ielation to meuical
science aie NBBS
topics. Theie is no
exclusive topic that
is fiom uentistiy

You can of couise
choose fiom the
topics listeu above.
But aftei
inteiacting with
uentists who aie
piepaiing foi civil
seivice exams you
can choose public
health & any othei
topic of youi
inteiest. It's always
bettei to choose a
topic on which you
have some piioi

+$,(8:+(; ,(<,

! 1he candldaLe wlll be lnLervlewed by a 8oard who wlll have before Lhem a record of hls/her
career. Pe/she wlll be asked quesLlons on maLLers of general lnLeresL. 1he ob[ecL of Lhe
lnLervlew ls Lo assess Lhe personal sulLablllLy of Lhe candldaLe for a career ln publlc servlce by a
8oard of compeLenL and unblased observers. 1he LesL ls lnLended Lo [udge Lhe menLal callber of
a candldaLe. ln broad Lerms Lhls ls really an assessmenL of noL only hls/her lnLellecLual quallLles
buL also soclal LralLs and hls/her lnLeresL ln currenL affalrs. Some of Lhe quallLles Lo be [udged
are menLal alerLness, crlLlcal powers of asslmllaLlon, clear and loglcal exposlLlon, balance of
[udgmenL, varleLy and depLh of lnLeresL, ablllLy for soclal coheslon and leadershlp, lnLellecLual
and moral lnLegrlLy.

!1he Lechnlque of Lhe lnLervlew ls noL LhaL of a sLrlcL cross-examlnaLlon buL of a naLural, Lhough
dlrecLed and purposlve conversaLlon whlch ls lnLended Lo reveal Lhe menLal quallLles of Lhe


! 1he lnLervlew LesL ls noL lnLended Lo be a LesL elLher of Lhe speclallzed or general knowledge of
Lhe candldaLes whlch has been already LesLed Lhrough Lhelr wrlLLen papers. CandldaLes are
expecLed Lo have Laken an lnLelllgenL lnLeresL noL only ln Lhelr speclal sub[ecLs of academlc
sLudy buL also ln Lhe evenLs whlch are happenlng around Lhem boLh wlLhln and ouLslde Lhelr
own sLaLe or counLry as well as ln modern currenLs of LhoughL and ln new dlscoverles whlch
should rouse Lhe curloslLy of well educaLed youLh.


<01> ?@ +A>B30/40 .1C525B42

1. WhaL ls requlred Lo geL Lhe posL?
! uevoLed sLudy
! Cood wrlLlng sLyle
! 1o Lhe olnL Approach
! 8aslc command over Lngllsh and ApLlLude
! Cood grasp over currenL affalrs
! PealLhy compeLlLlons and feedbacks.. l.e. crlLlcal self assessmenL
! CuallLy maLerlal and guldance
! aLlence and Self confldence

2. When Lo sLarL Lhe preparaLlon? (for Lhe nexL year's rellmlnary exam ln AugusL, followed by
! Cne should sLarL preparaLlon around one year prlor Lo Lhe exam. lf noL posslble, aL leasL
elghL monLhs prlor Lo Lhe examlnaLlon l.e. laLesL by november.
! lf you are golng Lo prepare lmmedlaLely afLer graduaLlon, Lhen don'L wasLe Llme, sLarL
lmmedlaLely afLer your flnal exam.
! lf you are golng Lo sLudy whlle worklng, lL ls posslble buL sLarLs earllesL. uon'L delay Lo
sLarL oLherwlse you wlll experlence Llme crunch laLer.
! lf you are preparlng durlng graduaLlon, generallzed plan cannoL be suggesLed, so dlscuss
personally wlLh us Lo evolve an lndlvldual plan.

3. Pow Lo sLarL preparaLlon?
lf you are sLarLlng on your own, Lo begln wlLh follow Lhe lnlLlal sLeps.
! Analysls of prevlous quesLlon papers
! undersLandlng of Syllabus
! 8eadlng of baslc sLudy maLerlal
! SLarL wrlLlng... easy quesLlons

4. Pow Lo selecL Lhe opLlonal sub[ecL?
1hls ls very lmporLanL declslon. lorLunaLely ln Lhe new formaL CS ls much more lmporLanL. So
don'L Lake Lhls declslon aL Lhe beglnnlng. llrsL sLarL preparlng for CS and Lhen afLer some Llme
Lake Lhls declslon. 8ecause ln four CS papers you wlll be lnLroduced Lo varleLy of opLlonal
sub[ecLs llke PlsLory, Ceography, ubllc AdmlnlsLraLlon, ollLlcal Sclence and Soclology. 1hls wlll
help you Lo deLermlne your lncllnaLlon Lo a parLlcular sub[ecL. Lvery sub[ecL has lLs own demand
(l.e. Lhlnklng paLLern, wrlLlng sLyle, presenLaLlon Lechnlques eLc). ?our personallLy should sulL Lo

lollowlng are some baslc crlLerlons.
! lnLeresL and undersLandlng ln Lhe sub[ecL (abouL whlch you wlll come Lo know when you
sLudy for CS Malns)
! Analysls of Lhe syllabus and prevlous years' quesLlon papers of Lhe shorLllsLed sub[ecLs
! WrlLlng sLyle and presenLaLlon Lechnlques sulLable for LhaL parLlcular opLlonal (abouL
whlch you wlll know once you sLarL wrlLlng for CS and essay)

! 1hlnklng aLLern expecLed for a parLlcular opLlonal (you wlll come Lo know abouL yours
afLer you prepare for CS.)
! AvallablllLy of sLudy maLerlal
! AvallablllLy of guldance
! WelghLage of opLlonal ln CS
! CraduaLlon background

! AparL from Lhls, some glve lmporLance Lo Lhe lengLh of Lhe syllabus.. Whlch ls an
unfound crlLerlon

Whlle preparlng for CS Malns, you wlll be also preparlng for PlsLory, Ceography, ubllc
AdmlnlsLraLlon, ollLlcal Sclence, Soclology eLc. lL wlll help you ln decldlng your lnLeresL ln a
parLlcular opLlonal sub[ecL properly.
8aLher Lhan selecLlng an opLlonal wlLhouL havlng knowledge of oLher sub[ecLs or wlLhouL
knowlng your own wrlLlng and presenLaLlon sLyles and Lhlnklng paLLerns, lL ls beLLer Lo delay Lhls
declslon. lL wlll prove more lnformed and raLlonal declslon afLerwards.
1hls opporLunlLy has been presenLed by Lhe new paLLern, so avall lL.

3. Pow Lo manage oLher examlnaLlons llke MSC along wlLh uSC?

AL Lhe beglnnlng lL ls beLLer Lo concenLraLe on uSC alone as lL wlll cover ma[or porLlon of MSC.
?ou can dedlcaLedly prepare for MSC for some Llme prlor Lo prellms dependlng upon Llme
Lable (unforLunaLely Lhls keep changlng every year)

6. Can l prepare whlle worklng or pursulng graduaLlon?

?es you can.. ?ou need Lo be menLally very sLrong for Lhe whole year Lo mange everyLhlng. A
break of Lwo/Lhree monLh's ln-beLween wlll brlng doomsday.

D120 E52F12G