Read the Book or Watch the Movie?

"Der Richter und sein Henker" at the Intermediate Level Author(s): Elizabeth C. Hamilton Source: Die Unterrichtspraxis / Teaching German, Vol. 35, No. 2 (Autumn, 2002), pp. 141-147 Published by: Wiley on behalf of the American Association of Teachers of German Stable URL: . Accessed: 16/12/2013 16:37
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The bound himto Gastmann readermeetsBarlachas an olderman.Only matt'sDer Richter und sein Henker (1956)2 towith a little-known. onthe novel weeks. cancer. lary. Neumaier editedby William 1961).Friedrich loved.149 on Mon.3 eponymous film of 1976. students spend andthe half orhalf a semester.As younger men. eviland thenature ofchance. (Boston: he investigates killed an unhisyoungcolleague. activities described. Despitebeinga witness that was able toprovetotheauthorities Gastmann forthe man's death. in wasawarded the Deutscher "Filmband Filmpreis in1979. Barlachand Gastmannhad takenopposingsides on a wagerthat theperfect crime couldorcouldnot killed a manbefore be committed." films. Wheresome teachersemphasizethe rewards thatwell-placedvisuals yield. Richter undseinHenker (1957) and Maximilian undseinHenker Schell's DerRichter (1976).Ifteachers agreethat quently should increase their active vocabustudents year and expand proficiency.otherwellofthe thedisplacement founded decry arguments tobe the wordwith whatis often written perceived ofa literlesssubstantive image. so allow me to acknowledgemy biases here witha brief of each work. 16 Dec 2013 16:37:09 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions .91. Schmied.Dorrenmatt's detective description within a dramatic of novelintertwines investigation crimeand character an engaging debate on good vs. sickwith another thatof murder. his of human nature and uses knowledge again Thefilm the latter hasbeenreleased for distribution. Schl6ndorff's 141 This content downloaded from 147. andannotated edition 21usethe teaching glossed Gillis and JohnJ. the written word overthe Instead ofsimply favoring thebest-for using strategies image.for languagelearners students' needsaremost varied isthelevelatwhich are conseand forwhichappropriate materials secondmostscarce. suchprogress.hone grammatical there iswidespread distheir critical skills. a factthathas responsible hauntedhimthroughout his professional lifeand in pursuit ofjustice. during witha new partdercover investigation. thinking on thetexts or media thatbestenable agreement I wouldliketo reframe thisdebate. Thehighest critical distinction catego"Filmwith "Bester Spielfilm" ry programmfillender inthat bandin Gold"which to Volker yearwent Die Blechtrommel. Houghton Franz Peter Wirth's Der 3Twofilm versions exist.1 and eventheworst-ofeach totheir on thecombined use ofa becenter Myinsights Durrentext.I shallsuggest fullest extent. Thosedistinguished mansystem offinancing directors with tomake more films money provided isinthe films. Hamilton Visualization has become a keyconceptinforrodwithand isa lightning pedagogy eignlanguage in professional debates on how bestto teach language.a prize with shared sixothers that Silber" "weitere yearin the category programmfullende oftheWest Thisaward waspart GerSpielfilme. Together Gastmann once Birlachencounters ner.Read the Book or Watchthe Movie? Der Richterund sein Henker Level at the Intermediate Oberlin College Elizabeth C.A film adaptation raises thestakes and its valueas a priarywork only islikely tomeetwith recoursetext mary polarizing for ramifications sponse.Thisdebate has practical this at theintermediate level. and inmyopinion. lach's eyes and challenged Barlachisuntothecrime. Such an admittedly uneven combination is bound to raisequestions. Tschanz. Gastmann Barhimto provehisguilt.75. much-read literary were for STheseactivities second-year developed atthecollege level butcanbe modified to students inupper-level school courses students German high Atmyinstitution five anda as well. vastgether inferior Maximilian Schell's ly adaptation.

and Barlach romantically. a firm commandofadjectives comparforms as wellas participial ative.142 UP 35.From three thecharacters picturesof men.75. 16 Dec 2013 16:37:09 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . as moreis revise orreplacetheimagesofcharacters in the class known. nateinthescreening well-founded will be able tocreate students mester. Chance "perfect willintervene on behalfofjustice. hunt ofGastmann for themutual tory thisantagocharacterizes The novel. vocabulary can at manystagesofreading Visualactivities thenoveland as prepaaidsfor servebothas study At a later ofthefilm. attributes. activities for ratory screening thissimpleactivity an earlystage in the contrast.91. response"to literature positionbetween the worldofrealobjectsand thereader'sown worldof This content downloaded from 147.nortofoster Insteadmygoal is ence for thenoveloverthefilm.Mystudents discussing text. The readerfills process experience" sections or gaps" as partofthe theliterary the "indeterminate to consider here. with photographsor magazine advertisements focus on characters by enabling helps students and character identification. ofa philosophical nismas theresult debate.Iserdescribes is helpful "basic aesthetic textas holdinga "halfway (12).Indeeditisprecisely ofchanceand morality discussion allowsthelarger in questionfaciliThe murders to be investigated. inwhatIserterms ofthereading Iser'sdiscussion 4 Wolfgang (10). Anna.Whatdo students expectfrom Whatkinds ofcharacters tective typically apstory? do theyexpect pear. engage in rigorousanalysisof the written and form. and actions. theclasswill literary analyengageinrudimentary with a brief discusthetext sis. to reject thisfilm hereis neither My intention instudents a smugpreferoutofhand.and whatkindsof questions abouttheir actions and motivathenoveltoanswer tion? I ask mystudents to prepareforeach class by in short ofthenoveland writing. in equal measureon content focusing Even in thisintermediate-level language course.exammurtheexampleofan unmotivated inedthrough this lackofmotivation that der. clothing and havetheclass tothepictures Return frequently.Inorder abstraction. stateof is.theychoose the best choice. Included study subjunctive thatincorporate worksheets are samplegrammar from thenovel. or guilt. agencyor complicity. makethoughtful comparisons and the The quality of students' comparisons in will determined be of their conclusions depth in with and flexibility familiarity largepartbytheir thenovel'smajorthemes.isrevealed with bothGastmannand Tschanz. physicaldescription in severalpictures ofmen and women.and Bring bestrepresent to choose theones that askstudents orfour inthenovel. ingthis need and settings. substantialgrammar review so that students to understandthelexicaltoolsnecessary sharpen In order to identify and describe narrative.Do theyall belongtogether.149 on Mon. students need motivations. DUrrenmatt underwork that tatetherealdetective in takes. forexample.Ask themto explaintheir ofthepictures tothesubtler their attention qualities the characters. age. revisesthis Schell's film adaptationradically the murdered merunnamed story by replacing a young womanwhombothGastmann chant with Laterinthefilm. and ask how well theyrepresent Have themnote facialexpressions.workthatis obscuredby thelove stories thefilm. beitsdrawbacks tolayoutwaysfor usingitso that from tools. reading segments I to plot-level content answers German.2 (Fall 2002) about evidenceto bring morethanconventional The displacement ofone and execution. come productive Operating teaching is partofthereading that visualization thepremise I shallsuggest herea steadyprogression process. their or how neat or unkempt health. the displaying pictures Engage or are clearly as well.and so I introduce a desionofgenre. judgment istheliterary vehimurder byanother investigation demonstrates thatthe cle by whichDurrenmatt crime"willnot go unpunished.and superlative In order of to express wholecomplexes adjectives. attheend ofthis mode. for students characters example. commandofthe students need a firm and predict. assignresponsibility command of the passive studentsneed a firm tospeculate toexamine voice. uallyinvolved the inserted and expandedwithin The love stories forthe competition befilm providemotivation and Barlachand thespoilsofvictweenGastmann and Tschanz. inpositive.4 culmivisualaids that ofactivities with well-placed Attheendoftheseofthefilm. students to listen sometimes beginclass by asking an overhead severalquotations to or read from who said what to fromthe novel and identify recallthe whom. and ofboththenoveland thefilm interpretations betweenthem. Draw Barlach. questions. These activities help students mainevents ofa givenscene and allowtheclassto I incorporate proceedwithcommoninformation. pursued tobe sexthedeceased's fianc&e. In orderto a firm commandofrelative pronouns.

Simpleactivities liketheseare bothfunand decides when the action fromits segmenttakes foras students analytical.Atother guage. Arnold throughout students Durren15-17. Whenstudents illustrate lo. This content downloaded from 147. tothis orderto completea task.intobelieving thatonlythatwhichcan be repretermination and social climbingwill invariably sentedvisually is worthy ofmention.and the landscape and birds tialdrawbackis thatpictures can enticea student seem to comment on hisapproach. dentscan and shouldbe askedto consider theliminsights Time and sequence are morechallenging no. place withrespectto the segmentsfromother subtleties intoclearer relief and render groups. 6Theyoung wanted to be a painter. Tschanzuses visual evidenceto render un.and thencutup short thenoveland passages from opposingsides developing? tempole an appropriate reconstruct the plot. forexample.Theirinvolvement suited with Maps5areideally is twofold: not novel. draw Itis important to acknowledge herethat visual (68). Takinga pivotalconfrontation Dirrenmattconveys a numberof complex tween Barlach and Lutz.when performed.I drawright and I neither them.I am intheinsights that interested theprocessofdrawing reveals.7Ask nal encounter inthetaxiis one exampleofa scene themto focuson the discussionon pages 63-68 that.thefilm willwatchlater reorders thescenes. 16 Dec 2013 16:37:09 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . Sharewith ownquestion onthe limits andpossibilities of matt's ist "Wann derMensch darstellbar?" representation: inArnold.Students thenreconstruct and read aloud theybring theabstract concrete. necessarily revealtheir intoTschanz'scharacter. explain theirchoices. can represent thisnovel'sconception ofjus5TheGillis and Neumaier edition includes two good maps.for and. bepresentation.they (ornoteasily)representable.Tschanz'sde. Have them tions for an illustrator. and that appearstoward theresult ofoveruse. to thelanguageofthenovelitself.Tschanz isusually potenclimbsand climbs.ifanypicand so itis herethat scorethevisualqualities I photocopy ture. tempted here. along with collectnorgradetheir drawings.acters.mustfirst restate the special subjunctive as direct relationships can interpret thatlanguage quotations so that thelinescan be spoken. Birlach and Gastmann's above all.torender Students willsee thebitter Students can acquireand demingthemurderer.See as wellthemapsin Seifert (50. revealsthe simultaneous and discussin particular how to visualize therela. firelationships including minimal preparation. Haller 136). map they languagetonegotiate deduces aboutSchmied'sfinal routeand thendis.DER RICHTER HAMILTON: UNDSEINHENKER 143 Is a hierarchy or a to.A liveperformance tionship uns fUr lich. will that which is not Stuhere. irony: cult passagesclear.opposition and interdependence ofthesetwochardescribedin Gastmann's also brings out itssuswords.drama. thatof Gastmannand Barlach.75."Wahr.workin smallgroupsand ponderwhat. cationand movement.91. reconstruct a segment students ofa sceneso to grammar preparethemforviewingthe film:ask students thatitprogresses logically according what contemporary actorswould play the parts and tothecontent ofthenovel.its of images to illustrate thisnovel. 54--55). Readers preparethemselves moreover foranalyzing how learnlater that Tschanzhas onlysharedthisinfor. I under.e. (quoted Gesprtiche will meet with student assignment invariably 7This of "I can'tdraw!"Although I am often protests toassert thesame. students with symbolism and pictoriallan.149 on Mon.eine Nachtkettete ewigzusammen!" pense and humor. scenescan be performed from thenovelwith by makingactual pictures. drawselected from thetext.Each groupinturn well.The greatest finally approachesGastmannto killhim. Within each image?Whyor whynot? have students Followup suchan activity with a question that will group.I explain that. Students are iftheyare encouragedto focustoo emergeagainstthebackdropof nature's warning shortchanged which he ignores. at times. 65).structuring ofthescene.muchon that whichis representable at thecostof signs. a lengthy Such rebuilding ofa passage ofthetext. Theyshouldtry attention They to ascertain whatBarlach'sfocustruly is. German in thisparticular place figures prominently activity Students can out what Tschanz onlymust create theredeceptively.. Visualscan further assiststudents in locating scene is an exampleofa cooperativelearning actheactionand tracing ofcharacters tivity themovement inwhichstudents in exchangeinformation within thenarrative.they must also payspecial cusswhyBarlachisnotimpressed. Another good scene to have students theend ofthenovelwhere Tschanz activities inclasscan also be problematic. they himfrom mationwith Barlachto distract diffiUse "living identifyvisuals.6and students Have themsketchor times. ofnarrative.onstrate truth their a script for by preparing proficiency clear. Dirrenmatt He studied arthistory to paint and continued and sketch his life(Crockett 3-4." i.

Others might reordering When with thecasetodivine intervention. agreement through todismiss these more notions as "unwith a number students found fault of sophisticated My quite noteasily Mostegregious however. that allow for five toten minutes dis. home to to such particularly attempt Although a next. They might spend thenovel events from that thefilm placement here evokes a conventional whodunit. and gratuitously graphic atthis that tostudents mean.further ofpreparatory found his scene tobe oddly reflection. byhimself. Thefilm doeswhat a film can report. students believed that the Finally." analytic vocabulary screening ewig andevaluation ofthe1976film. Somegroups wrestle codesoflaw andthe meal that Barlach eats tocelebrate his might huge andsuggest suchicons as thescales ofjustice ora identifying as Schmied's Tschanz Often murderer. 16 Dec 2013 16:37:09 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . storyboard script film version ofthe novel. my although earned marks from scenes undseinHenkerlendsitself Several well myclass. This students torecall elements scenemight thenovel's illustrate examinarequires plot nicely thenovel.9 stages film's ofkey the visualization elements from novel. project compromised quality film ormini andcast list for a class class. through 9The exoticcatand theold womanrecallDurrenmatt'splay Der Besuch der alten Dame (1956). function This content downloaded from 147.a long time. Tschanz hasnot known andthus this. reveal? methods hard tobelieve. found further that these love They Asa penultimate cancreate students a stories in the of the bond that. offers and D~irlengthier span glosses time. from several minutes tion ofthecosmos. andhuman its crime. Inan intermedi. representable.91.tothenarrating time andconvey ofview efobjections groups. fruitful ask what to scenes should come lach's kill him. intactile I em. plays the would back in? What was novel? What muses on the he reveals to that Tschanz cosmos. version 8 time and institutional resources allow. they put Atthebeginning introduced or expanded? of a Barlach andGastmann haveknown for eachother summarize classsession. namely ing If from other isstrong there dis. they him and transporting to Bern. named "Friedrich" classdiscussion afterwards.Barlach is present at this encounter time. point I encourage orfrustration. they and tento fifteen minutes of contradictory.144 UP35.werethemelodramatic sented forms divorced from context. sits at a chessboard as Tschanz During interrogates elicit immediate in the students' reactions andthen him. attribute Barlach's success students that felt the ofscenes waswargavel. Ask evaluate suchdiffer-renmatt's theclasshowthey is of little appearance unfortunately more film enrich the ences.8 After cancarry namely that the notion the unsfir this. students should their re. in thetextofDer Richter und Theyare notpresent sein Henkerand have arguably onlya decorative in thefilm. inthe cussion beforehand Thewriter. nature. Thus werevisit the as theimpulse for Nadine thewager unfolding ques. investigator Mystudents judged shared with us?What kinds ofdiscoveries canhis these tobe not but also only segments superfluous.they had taken suchpainsto understand.Students were at first to see Friedrich excited isbest insegments Dtirrenmatt ate-level thefilm viewed himself on thescreen. it novel.with binding tions of that weaddressed atthe of themto one another. mettheir What was removed from Tschanz Astheauthor chess and expectations. the classnot fectively voiceovers. andjustifiable. thefuneral falters as a result ofostensibly audiencescene.lovestories ofAnna. I havefound it receives marks from the an explicit motivation tobreak Barinto previous screening. key conveying inaneven over orportrays of The insight that thenovel is lost. "[kettete] they wager skills and their to a zusammen. posecomparative questions. ofNadine andlater Thefilm phasize point literary and the elevatesBirlachand Gastmann's ingis madebythesequenceof events relationships of the narrative." Theyaresimply repre.149 on Mon. findings.2 (Fall 2002) with tice. Ask them but inthe whether hehasfeigned illness andsent film. this discussion film. This is apparent in two beginning genre I askspecifically thesemester.scenesand sequences. however after class. Doesthe orreduce narrativeconsequence than the andthe oldwoman leopard certain aspects? bychanging placed amongthe other propsin Gastmann's atvarious howthey would Ask rate the house. novelDer Richter high the enactment of Schmied's concluded that Schell's including finding body to film adaptation. photograph with the unconventional focus lachandGastmann's hasthe homes. If encourage with oftheir students tofollow a film own.75. howthis detective lengthy and through theplacement flashbacks of novel hasmet their ofthe inboth BarWhat Nadine's framed as props expectations genre.ranted these bound to meet with students are do introduce flashbacks and hold on well.

Jochen. that students leave myclasswith expandedabilities Appendix.with Diirrenmatt playing This content downloaded from 147. Bairlach rietihm:Sei so Kriminalromanen Uberdie Detektivromane (smart as thesnakes) und gehalten': vonFriedrich Durrenmatt.Supplemental Grammar to interpret and evaluateliterary and filmic narra. Wolfgang. aufder Hohe sein! Dirrenmatt.Activities to Accompany Der Richter tive. thoughtful engagement Die 32. WorksConsulted A. ation 171-210."Re-Visiting Der Besuch der altenDame: fuhren muBte. Wolfgang nachTwann? Dusing. Darrenmatt. 1971. dassder Fahrer betrunken als sei. Jahrhunderts. "Visualisierungen DaFand rigorous witha com. und sein 1952..Modem Associ.ichhabe nievielvon "'Umehrlich Richter. further) Jamie. Er Gesprdche ordentlich 1961-1990."Die Unterrichtspraxis. andthe Reader's Iser. Politemention ofDer Richter namedin Jan Knopf's zu Leben und "Zeittafel undseinHenker does appearinRoger Crockett's Werk"(193). ___ (unusual) Der Richter undseinHenker. Neumaier.141-53. Friedrich Oberdie GrenHaller. J. rauchennicht (other)Mitarbeiter andUniversity 1995. Zimmern (other. (1989): 24-34. Was wUrde Modem Lutzsagen? Understanding European Literature. for and Interaction at theInterAufdemSchreibtisch Strategies Interpretation .die zu Knopf. mediate Level.By considering tionwithitsfilmic I am confident representation.Maximilian Schell. William Gillis and JohnJ.Perf. Michael.denn itsnotable lackofmention in major critical a small but significant role" (6). Beck. The filmis also given studies ofDUrrenmatt. bronze) Schlange. Darrenmatt: zen.75. lege Foreign Language Programs. "Successful ColDavid. nalistisch Henker.Friedrich Arnold. wolltedem fremd__ Mann nicht sondern amtlich.fand am AlphonsClenin. book:"In1976itwasfilmed under thedirection of are apparently to forget thisfilm. lageine (large. cedes. D.149 on Mon. Munich: eine Tur.. 99:Part 1. Mensch kam erauf das Naichstliegende. Erglaubte. nent." mit demKrimias thedoves). 1-45. Stand der Kriminalistik Mifflin. Ed. WiefSngt die Geschichte an? von Twann. Crockett. Tschanz nimmteine -----Lang. Ed. UP. 1976. Oldenbourg.The approach I have outlined herehas pro. pleasingdevicesofromanceand sex. I also sharetheir While viewthat thenovel qualities. DerRichter Friedrich. Jacqueline Ritt. menschlich Zirich: begegnen. 16 Dec 2013 16:37:09 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . weilderMann tot war. to be a product oftheir Arthaus-Filmverlag Caroline in modernen L.1996. 1990.DERRICHTER UNDSEINHENKER HAMILTON: 145 Martin Robert attribute Jon Voigt. Didaktik Analyse cludethefilm in latercoursesfor comproductive Munich: 1975. A. Dir. Der RaumbesaB keineFenster. 4 vols.91. Alle _ krimi(Swiss)Polizisten muissen P. Friedrich Der Richter undsein Seifert. doch injederWand Jan. Die Goldberg. Friedrich Roger andLatin American B. Houghton hier! andElizabeth B. Clenin wuBte nicht waser Arche." and of its rich visual pelling contemplation 81. der Autoren.der Polizist 1949 einenblau MerMorgendes dritt Novembers ed. Experimente (gentle nalroman: in der deutschsprachigen Ein Erzahlmodell Literatur des 20.2 174Unterrichtspraxis (1999): novel Lehrbtichem. Gesprdch. thisassessment ofthefilm 1976. Rita Calderoni.1980. Boston: Ich binerschittert den (primitive) uiber 1961.und sein Henker vided both pleasurable and effective means to makeabstract concrete without concepts forfeitingAdjektive intellectual rigor. C. Understanding Darrenmatt. zu sein.. "Indeterminacy Response. Zur und desKriminalromans. meinemBuro. warummussBarlachso Language (impertiofAmerica. Was hat Tschanz inBarlachs Getan? Wohnung gesehen? Zirich:PendoVerlag.Friedrich Darrenmatt.Rieger. Walter. Ed. theprosetext in conjuncparison. Rankin. 10I1 Shaw. Route.audacious) sein?! Heinz Ludwig..Zirich:Diogenes. Bissett." MitBarlach besprochen? SelectedPapers theEnglish Aspects Er wartete ofNarrative. Welles. recht. Columbia: U ofSouth Carolina 1998."Profession 2001.. from vor einer (halfopen) Institute. Hillis Miller. . Friedrich Dfrrenmatt. o1Scholars trying Maximilian himself Schell. Henker. DUrrenmatt: is themoresatisfying I shallcontinue to inwork. tunsollte. Was passiert unterwegs Frankfurt: Peter 1993. New York:Columbia Tuiir.

deren. wurde dieUntersuchung (most preferably) geht Wirthaus amAnfang derSchlucht.) franz6sisch! Relativpronomen Satzemit denangegeSie diefolgenden Erganzen mit aus Tatsachen benenRelativpronomen passenden demRoman. Gastmannistder Mann. (Perfekt) zahlt. dass Schmiedein UP35.. Jedes vorkommt? (1.. Wurde warum gemacht. Twann inder. Sch6nler ist ist das Dorf. Schmied ware so (slowas thedevil)gefahren. Frau Sch6nler ist Barlachistder Mann. 4. Die Polizei in Bern ist in Aktivsatze A.Benutzen B. Komparative und Superlative.146 Fahrer war. indieLucken. Barlachistder Mann. Bern istnatOrlich werden wird than) Futur (larger gemacht Twann. In Twannsind die mann (mostinteresting) eingeladen. (rich)Eltern ist diePerson. Die Gesellschaft im den Roman mitFreunden Sie besprechen chen worden.DerM6rder (mossen) gefunden.) Polizistim Dorf. This content downloaded from 147. Lamboing sondern deutsch. Barlachistder Mann. hat.. (Prasens) und haben unddie anderen vonGastmann bedie Steuern 9. Frau dieFrau. Auskunft uber Twann. der. Stimmt. wird vonBarlach 2. Barlach 1... 2. 4.. Das Geheimnis der Namenliste (mussen) und Bern..91.der 4. (careful) Barlachbetonte. 6... (acc. 1.B. formen aus denAdjektiven ist worden Perfekt gemacht worden war Plusquamperfekt gemacht 1. aus undSchauplitze Sie die Figuren Vergleichen werden Prasens Bilden Sie KomparativundSuperlativdemRoman. ist(Prateritum) worden ins inBern vonLutz uber6. indenen anderes kein Subthan)die inChicago Sieman Benutzen (moreold-fashioned oderinNewYork. denSchussunterbrowardurch 8.. indem. Mit derehernen Schlange inTwann ist GastHausern 5. Biel. Gaste inTwann derMord vonClenin entdeckt 5. die.) Tschanzmeinte. Siedieangegebenen Modalverben wurde z.. es deutlich Schmied einen 10. SchreiC..2(Fall 2002) dieFrau. Barlach ist derMann. (5. 3.. 16 Dec 2013 16:37:09 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions . 2. dass SchmiedseinenWagen"den (Greek) Sage. die.. (Futur) 7.(dirfen) wurdeerklrt.... wurde Priteritum inKlammern. Sinn macht. nommen. Schreiben Sie diefolgenden mit im noch PrAsens.den ....dessen . FrauSch6nleristdie Frau. DerM6rder muss noch gefunden 1.149 on Mon. jekt in derSchweiz aber findet die Polizisten 3. 7. W6rter hat? falschen Namen benutzt (Prasens) 1. Gastmanns Hundwird erschossen. (Perfekt) E Ordinalzahlen. ist 5. Vondenvielen worden.spricht Wortvon ihmistnicht Passivsatze um. so durfte er das Gymnasium hatte. In derNahesindvieleguteRestaurants..dem . 4. indenVereinigten Staaten. Gastmann ist (richerthan) alle tum) inTwann.) die im Roman Kleinstadt. Schmied einen warum wurde benutzt erklart. werden. Schmied wurde as) die (as smart (Perfekt) get6tet. 3.. wurde (k6nnen) werwird vonBarlach entdeckt 6. grol3en (Prateritum) get6tet mannsdas (mostbeautiful) Mittwoch Abend zu Gast4. Bern dieStadt. ja. ist der. Wer Das Passiv E. Fragen einige inKlammern als Schreiben Sie dieZahlen Kommentare.Schreiben Siediefolgenden Passivsatze um! inFallen. (Plusquamperfekt) beiGastmann. (3. Mappe (k6nnen) falschen Namen DerGrund. (sollen) 5. Frau Sch6nler dieFrau.. Ichverstehe den 3.. InTwann werden Kade-Haus.bei dem . (mussen) inBern DieKriminalistik wurde verbessert. Wie heiBtdie 2.. (blue) Charon"nannte.75. Obwohl Charnel 7. SeineLeiche (Praterigefunden. Der Name stammt aus einer Wirlernen. Gastmanns These debattiert. Charnel. .. Schmied wird an einem 6. gut Satz nicht. DieWahrheit wohl den. (sollen) wurde Schmieds analysiert. Einwohner anderen istBarlach einmal fast 3. erinnert Barlachdaran. Die Untersuchung wurde begonnen.die . oder? nicht besonders (2. 2.) Deutsch.dass Schmied Tschanz besuchen.

anfange logisch (verletzen) Barlach dabei ? E. ware . Nicht man eine Leiche. Barlach wOrde . undeinaktives Verb 6. Ubersetzen Sie diefolgenden ins Satze Deutsche! inChicago Wenn Lutz ware.. Die Untersuchung wurde inBielbegonnen. aber danach wurdesie in Bernfortgesetzt.....75.. Dertote Mann wurde nachBern gefahren. 4. Wiegeht es weiter? Schreiben Sie diefolgenden Satzvon Barlachselbst S(iiberraschen) zuEnde.. 16 Dec 2013 16:37:09 PM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions .. 4. sollte. 1... A.149 on Mon. benSiediefolgendenden Benutzen Sie use instead: beiBarlach) Passivsitze man imPrasens. Washatte Schmied anders machen miissen? WennSchmiednicht nach Lamboing gefahren This content downloaded from 147. Schmied hadbeen invited toGastmann's house. ImWirtshaus neuer Wein getrunken. sollte. wenn . ware.... ware .B. ware .. (hbren) 2. . sollte.. 5. He wasn't much. 2. Bei Gastmann werdenprominente Leute wie undPhilosophen Schriftsteller.. the (omit subject. geblieben ...... (sehen) B. . Schmied wasmurdered. LutzwOrde.. spricht. Musiker. very helped inTwann z. 6. 3. findet jedenTag Konjunktiv 1... Gastmann's dogwasshot. (zu Wenn Barlach nicht rauchte.. Verben PassivsAtze 1.. hatte.. EinEinbrecher inBarlachs Siedie Erganzen Wohnung. Barlach von irgendeinem Gersusch (wecken) 3.. ha~te. hatte. D.. 2. 3. In Lamboing werden Franzosich undDeutsch gesprochen. Der Einbrecher 5.. 5.Nicht eineLeiche jeden Tagwird gefunden. .Bilden und SieS tze im Nebensatze um Uber Konjunktiv.. wird 4.. Barlach's home wasbroken into.. .. Man dassder nicht mal Einbrecher sagt..DERRICHTER UNDSEINHENKER HAMILTON: 147 um. Gastmann) Gabees nicht so viel Nebel. VonSchwendi als ob .. gesehen.. mit denangegebenen imPerfekt.. Tschanz Urlaub nicht hatte seinen unterbrochen. dieHauptfiguren desRomans zusprechen..91. Tschanzworde. Schmied's funeral wasinterrupted bytwodrunken men. NichtsMerkwulrdiges von den anderen Nachbarn .

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