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In my darkest hour I will praise the Lord,

For He is worthy of all praise honour and glory,
And I will overcome by the word of my testimony,
Whatever befalls me I will proclaim Him as Lord.

When I am troubled he carries me through,

And what He’s done for me He can do for you,
When I feel deserted and all alone He is there for me,
His love, grace and mercy He pours over me.

When my brothers and sisters turn against me,

I focus my eyes towards my Saviour and it is Him I see,
Looking at me with such love and compassion,
A love that goes beyond all measure , there is no comparison.

When sin get’s in the way, His Spirit convicts me,

And I know I must repent and go back to the foot of the cross,
For one moment in His presence means more to me,
Than a thousand days spent on a luxury cruise.

When struggling financially I remember Jesus is my provider,

And He has never left me without a roof over my head,
My needs have been met, I have not gone without my daily bread,
So I will not stress, I need not worry for I am resting in the arms of my

When my body says I am sick I remember that my God heals,

I know also that as one who has suffered He knows how I feel,
And I remember that He loves me and wants to see me healed,
I will declare “By His striped I am healed” for often healing I have received.

When I feel as though fear wants to take a nasty grip,

I will seek the living waters and take more than a sip,
For God has not given me a spirit of fear but of sound mind,
A mind which is being transformed to be of the Jesus kind.

When I start to look inward thinking it’s all about me,

I will turn around and focus on the One who died to set me free,
For it is only when I am walking in obedience to Him,
It is only in that place that I can know real satisfaction.

When He seems afar off and His voice seems distant,

I will cry out to Him, chase after Him, I will be His pursuant,
For one thing for sure I have learned through the years,
Without Jesus at the centre of my life only brings tears.

When I feel unhappy with my lot in this life,

I remember the One who is the giver of life,
And I know that He is for me and not against me,
Then an unspeakable joy rises up within me.

So, praise be to God for He does all things well,

Of His goodness I will continue to testify and tell,
I am on a wonderful journey and I don’t go it alone,
It’s not always an easy road but I am never on my own.

Joy is rising up within me for Jesus is my surety,

And I know that with Him I will spend eternity,
To know Him more is my greatest desire,
Come Lord now and within me rekindle the fire.

Irene McGough ©2009