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Lewisham Central & Hither Green
Autumn ‘09

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Recycling targets set to be missed Fine targets not fine
Recycling rates in Lewisham have fallen Consumer watchdog Which? has
further. Labour-run Lewisham council told the criticised Labour-run Lewisham for
public that 22% of waste was being recycled unfairly issuing parking fines. Which?
and composted. However, the latest figures found that in breach of government
from April show just 14.26% is in fact being guidelines the Council issues targets for
recycled. issuing tickets and fining motorists.
Labour-run Lewisham was already in the Earlier this year the Labour-run Council
bottom 20 councils in England, before this also failed to pass on the VAT cut for
‘discrepancy’ was uncovered. “This means parking costs.
the amount they have been telling us has
been recycled has been over-estimated in the
past,” says Cllr Chris Maines, Lib Dem
prospective Mayor.
James Jennings says “Labour promised to
improve recycling rates and they have failed.
Local people want to get recycling but the The Lib Dem team are campaigning to
Council leadership have not done enough.” improve recycling rates in Lewisham.
Under Labour the recycling rate has
“Recycling targets are missed, targets to fallen to amongst the worst in the whole
improve local homes are missed and our The Lib Dem team campaigning for
of England. fair parking charges
taxes keep on rising. Lewisham’s Labour
leaders have failed us too many times. Voters at the election next year,” added Councillor
will have an opportunity to deliver their verdict Dave Edgerton.
Costly failure on housing
Lewisham’s Labour Mayor is set to break
another promise. In 2006 he promised that all
Pollution action needed now in town centre council homes would be improved by 2010.
Lewisham Central ward has some of the highest years, including the need to increase green space and However three times more homes are
mortality rates in Lewisham. The area also suffers trees in the town centre" says Andrew. classed as ‘not-decent’ today.
from appalling air pollution, according to data Promised future improvements are under
James Jennings added "The Labour Council admitted
obtained by Cllr Andrew Milton in a recent question
only this year nitrogen dioxide levels in Lewisham threat. Labour announced they will withdraw
to Lewisham Council.
centre are too high. Fast action is needed to ensure we ‘Decent Homes’ money from failing
"Liberal Democrats have raised this issue over the all have cleaner air to breathe.” management organisations like Lewisham
Homes – the Council’s ‘Arms Length
Management Organisation’ (ALMO).
Hither Green landmark Kids Corner saved Conservatives struggle
An application to redevelop the art deco Conservative voters angry with the failure of
landmark Kids Corner has been rejected by the Conservatives in Lewisham have been
Lewisham planning committee. switching to the Lib Dems.

Max Calò says “There was strong local The Conservatives have had a string of poor
support to preserve this landmark. The local by-election results in Lewisham. At the last
local election they only held on to 3
community have come up with some
Councillors whilst the Lib Dems, the official
imaginative ideas to get this building back into opposition to Labour won 17.
use and regenerate the shopping parade.”
At the Council Chamber the Conservative
Right Decision Councillors regularly back the Labour Mayor,
Tam Langley says “Rejecting redevelopment instead of holding him to account. They even
was the right decision. I joined Max Calò and choose to sit with Labour in the council
chamber and supported Labour’s increase in
the team collecting petition signatures.
council tax by 2.5% this year – making
Residents have told me how much they like Lewisham council tax the highest in inner
The local Lib Dem team Tam Langley , Cllr
Dave Edgerton, Cllr Andrew Milton, & Max this art deco landmark.” London. To great surprise they also failed to
Calò celebrate the decision not to redevelop Find out more about the campaign to get the Kids support the Lib Dem tax freeze proposal.
Hither Green landmark Kids Corner Korner building turned into an arts and community Only the Lib Dems can beat Labour here!
centre email:

Lib Dems - Working for you all year round
Working for Lewisham Central Maines4Mayor
Chris Maines and the Lib Dems have been fighting plans to The Council By Cllr Chris Maines
close the Tesco side (platform 4) exit from Lewisham station. wasted £900 Lib Dem candidate for Mayor of
Labour Ministers will decide on this issue. James Jennings installing a speed Lewisham
(left) says “Commuters need this exit.” hump in front of a
brick wall in Mercia People often ask why Lewisham's
Grove. Labour Mayor has set such a high
Cllrs Andrew Milton and Dave council tax - the highest tax rate
Edgerton tackled dumped rubbish
The Lib Dem in inner London. There was an
on the Mercator estate.
team are working opportunity this year to freeze the
to get the broken tax at last year's level. However,
The Ladywell Playtower has bench outside with the support of Lewisham's
been left derelict for many the Leemore tiny Tory group, Labour pushed
years. Cllr Dave Edgerton centre replaced. through a 2.5% hike.
says “When I was a child I Lewisham
used to use this venue as my Town Centre The Lib Dem team have uncovered high Council tax is an unfair tax
pool. It is a crying shame pollution levels in central Lewisham (see because it does not take into
such buildings are not being story overleaf). James Jennings says account a person's ability to pay.
put quickly back into use.” “Action must be taken to reduce the risk to During this recession council tax is
people’s health. Labour have ignored this really hitting hardworking families.
issue for too long.”
The Lib Dem team We probably all know of examples
campaigned against cuts to where the council has wasted
Over 600 people have so far money, and at a time when every
A & E services at Lewisham joined the campaign for a safe
Hospital. Unfortunately the household is feeling the pinch.
pedestrian crossing at the Courthill
Labour Councillor failed to Labour should at least try and be
Road/Hither Green Lane junction.
join the campaign or turn up You can back the campaign at careful with our money.
to Council meetings when A small example of this waste is a
the closure was discussed, road hump in Mercia Grove - a tiny
despite Labour putting him cul-de-sac off Lewisham High
on the Health Committee. The closure of local community Street.
facilities, such as the Spotted Cow pub,
have been challenged by the Lib Lewisham have put a speed hump
Max Calò and the Lib Dem just yards away from a brick wall
Dems. “A vibrant local community
team are alerting local at the dead end of the road. They
needs community spaces”, says
residents to a parking “honey-
trap” at the George pub. The
James Jennings. say it cost less than £900, but it's
bollards preventing people just one example of wastage. And,
parking on the land of the of course, there are the staff costs
“The entrance to Hither
closed pub were removed. Green station could be
of planning and arranging this
Those who park there have so much better, that is redundant hump.
been fined and had their cars why we supported the
clamped. Dave Edgerton says
A more serious example of
flower boxes outside the wastage is Lewisham's appalling
“Land owners L&Q should get station,” says Cllr Dave
on with the development.” collection rate for unpaid council
tax. It means more people get
away without paying the tax, while
Investigations by Cllr the rest of us have to pay more
The recent planning application to redevelop the old Andrew Milton helped each year to make up for the
cinema “Kids Corner” was rejected. Tam Langley says uncover a Hither Green
“This is the right decision. I joined Max Calò collecting
shortfall. And there's no excuse. In
Lane property “lost” by
petition signatures. Residents have told me how much Lewisham homes. It neighbouring boroughs councils
they like this art deco landmark.” had been left empty have succeeded in improving
since 2007. collection rates. They recognise
James Jennings says how important it is to collect every
Local residents are furious at Lewisham Council's failure to act “Over 20,000 people are penny, especially during a
on the nuisance caused by a garage business in the Hither on the housing waiting recession. Labour have overseen
Green area. "They have known about this for months" says Cllr lists in Lewisham. Many a collapse of the economy
Andrew Milton "but have ignored pleas from local residents' homes don’t even meet nationally and are failing with
groups and panels to work with the police to sort it out." decent homes finances locally.
Brownhill Road/South Circular standard.”

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