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Thoughts for Christmas

Often when one reads of a title like this, one's mind conjures up some profound thoughts or even a theological dissertation. You will be pleased that I cannot achieve an such heights. !hat could the be" Christmas to me from childhood and for a long time was all about celebrating Christ's birth# perhaps uni$ue in that he was born of a %irgin. &erhaps even the birth of our 'aviour. (irthda s are meant to be celebrated. !e celebrate our own birthda s and those of our loved ones and friends. I carried on it seems as all others did. That was until I read a stor of a little child in a nativit pla . If ou have heard it before and ou had heard that it was not a true stor please don't tell me. It was one of the most inspirational and moving stories that I have read. It was about a child that had gone with its parents to a nativit pla . The child had no words to sa . )ll the child had to do was to carr a star. !ise men and shepherds followed the child till the child stopped in front of the manger, stretched out its hands and pointed to the child in the manger. The child then stepped aside for the shepherds to e*press their pleasure to see the new born child and to tell the parents that the had been told of his birth b hosts of angles singing, 'Gloria in excelsis Deo' and that the would find him wrapped in swaddling clothes and l ing in a manger. The delighted parents dul acknowledged. +ar if she had an lingering doubts about whether she reall was going to be the mother of ,od would now be convinced that it had all come to pass. -ere were the angels who had announced to the shepherds, just as she had heard the angel announce it to her. Then she had e*pressed her doubt. 'he was more prepared to hear it now. %ersed in the scriptures, knowing that the appearance of a star would announce the arrival of the +essiah the would need no further evidence and what the wise men told them would have e*pelled the last vestige of doubt. The wise men spoke of how through their stud of astronom the knew that a great event that was to change the histor of the world was to take place and how the had been led there b the light of a star, the appearance of which the assured the parents announced the +essiah.s birth. &erhaps the startled the parents. /oseph had got over the shock of a virgin conception. 0ow he realises that the child is the long awaited +essiah. It must have been mind blowing to the mind of a simple carpenter. Together the knelt before the babe and said, 'ma it come to pass according to Th will'. -ow could the come to accept that the helpless infant bab cr ing to be fed shivering in the cold and totall dependent on them was also the ,od who created them and all creation" (ack to the child. On the wa home the parents felt that it might have been a disappointment to their daughter that she had no words to speak during the pla . Tr ing to find words to console her, their thoughts were interrupted b the child when it most gleefull told the mum and dad that she had a ver important part. 'It was I who led them to Jesus.

I do not know what effect it has on m readers. It meant ver much more than Christ's coming into this world. Unto us a child is born. Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. God sent His only begotten son to save us. he gave birth to her first born son and wra!!ed him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger. )ll this and more is true of Christ's birth. (ut it was all about Christ coming to meet us. "any more words now had a dee! and different meaning. # $ome all ye faithful% $ome and behold Him% $ome ye to &ethlehem. 'nd they hastened to the manger to see the child wra!!ed in swaddling clothes. 'nd the Wise men% they were awaiting his arrival and no sooner than they (new that he had arrived they came in haste to worshi! him. Yes, Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ and his coming to be with us, but if we do not go to meet -im in the manger and if we do not lead others to meet -im too it is not Christmas. &erhaps ou ma ask, but where do we meet Christ. The answer lies in Christ's own words# 's long as you did it to the least of my brethren you did it to me. &atricians at this time of giving are given the golden opportunit to respond to the needs of our brethren, the students and staff at 't. &atrick's College. 1r. 2ector has given us such an opportunit . -e launched the appeal to raise funds for the building project# New Primary Block 2014. -e has encouraged individuals to donate in three categories# ,old categor 'ilver categor (ron8e categor 34566 or more 37456 or more )ll other donations

0ames of donors and the categor of donation will be carried on a pla$ue unless individuals wish to remain anon mous. )ppeals for donations will be made to all alumni associations. I have little doubt and 1r. 2ector will look forward with great anticipation that our association now proudl boasting entering the prime of life, having com!leted three decades of existence, will be the most generous association. The target is 345,666. &lease remember to make our donations to '&C )lumni )ssociation 9: to be able to take advantage of the ta* relief. &lease see further details on the web site.

!ish each and ever one a happ Christmas, with blessings in abundance from the Infant /esus ; )nother happ and fruitful new ear when it will be our privilege to work for /esus and serve our )lma mater

)rulraj /oseph