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A 75,000-a-year cap on the number of EU migrants to the UK will not happen, the business secretary has told the BBC. Vince Cable accused the Conservatives of being "in a bit of a panic because of UKIP", as he responded to Home Office proposals leaked last week. Home Secretary Theresa May has not ruled out a possible future cap, saying there is an issue over "free movement". When asked if there was a crisis in the coalition over the issue, Mr Cable said there was "quite a lot of tension". The Lib Dem echoed earlier comments by his party leader, Nick Clegg, arguing there should not be further restrictions on freedom of movement. Restrictions on movement of Bulgarians and Romanians within the EU are due to end on 1 January and there have been warnings that the UK could see an influx of migrants. But earlier on Sunday, Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev warned that David Cameron's plans to toughen rules on immigration could harm the UK's image as a "great global power that pioneered integration".
'Illegal and impossible'

Mr Cable told BBC One's Andrew Marr show a cap would be "illegal and impossible to implement". "The Conservatives are in a bit of a panic because of UKIP, reacting in the way they are. It's not going to help them, I think, politically, but it's doing a great deal of damage," he said. UKIP, which has called for withdrawal from the European Union and greater restrictions on immigration, has seen improved poll ratings this year. The party, led by Nigel Farage, is expected to gain seats at next year's European Parliament elections. But Mr Cable said politicians had a responsibility to look at the facts. "There is very little evidence of benefit tourism from people coming from eastern Europe. All the evidence suggests that they put far more into the economy in terms of tax than they take out in benefits," he said.

Mr Clegg said that "sticking a big no-entry sign on the cliffs of Dover may be politically popular. and pressure group MigrationWatch UK. Mr Cameron has said he wants the annual net migration figure to be less than 100. nationalism and short-term political approaches". In response.Speaking of a cap.000 non-EU citizens and 77." He asked whether Great Britain today was "writing a history of a switch to isolation. Mr Plevneliev said Britain should not play on people's fears over immigration.000 were EU citizens. said about 8. 'Isolation and nationalism' In an interview with the Observer. it could not be a completely unqualified one.000 people who immigrated to the UK in that period. with no return within a year Quadrupling fines for employers not paying the minimum wage Official figures released last month suggested net migration .000 in the year to June. He went on: "Bulgarian people are raising a lot of questions today about the democratic. 183. He had already condemned Home Office plans for a possible cap. The government is planning a range of measures to toughen welfare rules for EU migrants." he said." Deputy Prime Minister Mr Clegg had earlier told the Sunday Times curbs on migrants' benefit rights were "sensible and reasonable" but a cap would not work. Of the 503.000 British citizens.the difference between the number of people coming to live in the UK and those emigrating . Last month. Bulgaria's ambassador. but at a huge economic cost".was 182. tolerant and humane British society. he said: "It isn't going to happen.000 migrants a year from Bulgaria could come to the UK after the interim restrictions on freedom of movement are lifted. as "illegal and unworkable". which were leaked to several newspapers last weekend. But no-one knows for certain what the numbers will be. Konstantin Dimitrov. There were also an estimated 242. He said politicians should be "ready to say the inconvenient truth" and "fight for unpleasant but necessary decisions". and Nick Clegg's made it very clear he isn't going to let it happen. has estimated 50.000. "Do we want the NHS to fall over and the City of London to grind to a halt?" he said.000 people will move to the UK from the two countries each year for five years. Downing Street said that while free movement was a principle of the EU. . "Isolating Britain and damaging Britain's reputation is not the right history to write. which campaigns for tighter immigration controls. including: New migrants not getting out-of-work benefits for the first three months Payments being stopped after six months unless the claimant has a "genuine" chance of a job New migrants not being able to claim housing benefit immediately Deportation of those caught begging or sleeping rough.

Cable says [/news/business-25484804] PM sends Christmas message to troops [/news/uk-25480224] BBC © 2013 The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. these people are all human beings as well. Maximusmichaelus 1 HOUR AGO This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. without people on low wages you wouldn't be able to buy your commercial tat for as cheap as you can now LINK TO THIS REPORT THIS COMMENT +6 1415. Explain. LINK TO THIS REPORT THIS COMMENT 0 1413. s ci t i l o P U K e M r o Syria should answer for death . David Cameron says her son's death is a "sickening and appalling tragedy".PM [/news/uk-25486064] In a letter to the mother of a British surgeon who died in a Syrian prison. Markgw 1 HOUR AGO You people do realise free housing is a myth? Believe all the media hysteria if you like. LINK TO THIS REPORT THIS COMMENT Comments 5 of 1417 Sign in or Register to comment and rate comments Show More All posts are pre-moderated and must obey the house rules. Reconsider Help to Buy. not crazy benefit stealing monsters like you would be led to believe. . Dave 1 HOUR AGO Sorry Mr Cable but sadly as others have said this country does not have an infrastructure in place that will allow more people to come and live here.Comments This entry is now closed for comments All Comments 1417 Order by: Latest First Highest Rated Lowest Rated 1417. Do not blame me if you burn your fingers in the fire for your stupidity. Stealing our jobs?? Sorry people that's the joys of a free market. OnlySerious 1 HOUR AGO I am happy we are "all in this together" still. get our unemployed into work forcing companies to employ the unemployed British who if they refuse then their benefits must be stopped. derbyshirered 1 HOUR AGO At least we will get the chance to destroy the Lib Dems once and for all come 2015. All you want Vince is a job for you and Cleggy in the EU when you are voted out LINK TO THIS REPORT THIS COMMENT +5 1414.they just do not understand ordinary peoples concerns. LINK TO THIS REPORT THIS COMMENT -5 1416. Read more. We should stop immigration.

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