The present day world is full of miseries, violence and sins. Some people are dying of starvation, others of over-diet. Some are working hard but unable to earn their bread, others are lying idle playing in millions. The discrimination on the bases of caste, colour and creed is so much that we cannot believe we are living in a civilized age. The hatred, injustice and violence are too much to be tolerated. For the reasons cited above, the world deserves to undergo a big change. But this cultural change cannot occur on its own. Someone has to bring about this change. I, too, thought several times to bring about this change myself. But I had been searching for some colleagues to shoulder this burden. Now I have decided to do it alone. I have made up my steps and strengthened my resolve. I have determined that one day I’ll change the world. The sex distinction in our world is too much. This is very inhumane, too. I have seen no mathematical problem to be solved by men only, no kitchen dish to be prepared by women only, no musical instrument to be played by men only or no disease to be cured by women only, and not by the other sex. Thus I have come to the conclusion that men and women are equal and at par. There should be no disparity or disc\tinction between the two. Both the sexes should be taught to respect each other and no torture whatsoever should take place on sex basis. The communal forces have also caused several cries. Men of one community consider themselves superior to those of others and look down upon them. Since every man is bound to get born in some family, this or that, and every family is bound to follow rules of this community or that, so every man is bound to belong to either of the communities which is purely accidental. Therefore, no person has

any right to claim any superiority over others on communal basis. Furthermore, all men are sons of one God. So they are brothers among themselves and must love one another as there own sould. Men of one community are further divided into castes and sub-castes. Likewise, man of one caste or sub-caste claims superiority over those of other castes and sub-castes. It is ironical that the ancient people whom modern people call semicivilized, were divided into only four castes whereas today there are over four thousand castes and sub-castes. The entire humanity is tied with this caste-chain which has no scientific basis whatsoever. I shall try my best to untie this chain and free my brethren from this inhuman bondage. The root cause of communal, caste or colour divisions is illiteracy. If true education be given to men and women, they would come out of these bondages. Education must be compulsory for all human beings. There must be compulsions from the crown as well as from the society that all parents send their children to school. Education must be free as well, otherwise all parents cannot afford to educate their children. Education needs be one and the same so as to do away with each and every kind of discrimination. God has endowed man with the qualities of truth, non-violence, compassion, love, duty, service and sacrifice. These qualities provide one with immense power to struggle and sacrifice. But as the flowers are surrounded with thorns, virtues are also surrounded by vices. Man should be taught to overcome these vices. If the plant of virtues is watered with love, peace, devotion and service, man would become free from the thorns of vices. He would then look at the entire earth as his home and flourish the idea of a world citizenship, free from all discrimination, torture and violence.

The earth is capable of feeding the entire humanity adequately. It is the uneven distribution of grain and money that has caused hunger, starvation and misery. Similarly, knowledge is capable of freeing man from all inhumane bondages. It is ignorance that has caused hatred, violence and sins. If man be taught the lessons of true knowledge and good deeds, he would be free from misery and sorrow. Patience is the secret of success. A human generation emerges in a period of 25 years. I will work for 25 years, teaching people the lessons of diligence, justice, duty, love, service, peace and sacrifice. I will take my lessons to the children of all nations, islands and continents. All these children will grow with these lessons and deeds, and indeed spread the pious human culture everywhere on the earth. Thus changing the minds of a complete generation, I will successfully and peacefully change the world one day.