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We were reminded of that Sunday Morning! I’m so thankful for the was old and not updated, but we were working on a new one. It’s still not be held Saturday, October 10th at 1:00 P.M. at Village Greens.
GRACE of God. It not only is the unmerited favor of God, but it’s also fully completed, but so much better than the other, and it is CURRENT! $100 will sponsor a hole with your business name on a tee box,
God exerting His influence on our lives in order to get us to turn to Christ. This site will have lots of media on it…video clips of things and copies of and cost is $60 per person or $240 per team. Entries and money
the message. There is also a Pastor’s Blog where I’ll be putting things
Oh, how the Father loves us! This gift of GRACE will redeem you! are due October 2nd. See Ritchie Nelson for more information.
Christ’s death on the cross paid the ransom that was necessary to purchase weekly. We have the plan of salvation on this site and a link for NEW
us. Through that payment, redemption is extended. GRACE also releases PEOPLE. There they can get answers to our style of worship, how to find
their way around, an a form to fill out just to tell us about them. Lots of SENIOR ADULTS who plan to go on the train trip need to sign up
us. We, who were totally bound by sin, now have been made free from
the dominion of sin (Rom. 6:14). Sin used to control me…now, the Lord wonderful stuff there and more stuff COMING ! ! ! Let us know what and pay no later than September 13 th.
Jesus controls me! GRACE reconciles. There was a “partition” of sin you think.
between us and God. Christ’s death and payment for our sins removed EVERYONE IS INVITED to attend the wedding of Stephanie
that partition and brought us back into fellowship with God. Lastly, I WANT TO TAKE A FEW LINES HERE to express appreciation to Loftis on Saturday, September 5, at 3:00 P.M. at Selma Baptist
GRACE removes. One translation of Col. 2:14 says that He “erased the John and Jeanne Nemitz, and Craig and Mendy Nemitz for their excellent Church.
record…” HALLELUJAH!! ! My past record of sin and lawlessness is work with the F.R.E.E.D. group. The group just celebrated their 2nd
gone. In the words of the old hymn, “What sins are you talking about, I anniversary of ministry. I know many people don’t understand the
SOFT DRINK FUND RAISER - Orders are now being taken for
don’t remember them any more. From the Book of Life, they’ve all been struggles of those with addictions, but unless you’ve walked in their shoes,
soft dinks and bottled water with proceeds going to the Building
torn out, and I don’t remember them any more.” how can you understand? Our church is blessed to have caring and
compassionate people whose heart is to see people totally FREE from Fund. Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Diet Mountain Dew
WHAT TRULY AMAZED ME Sunday morning was the many attempts their addictions. They know and we know that this truly only happens will be available by the case for only $5 each, and 20 oz. Dasani
of the Lord to get people to accept His GRACE. The Word of God was through life change. They know and we know that the only true life Water by the case will cost $6. Orders must be placed by
delivered, the Holy Ghost gave several messages and interpretations, and change is knowing Jesus as Lord and Saviour. They consistently show September 20th , and you may do so by contacting Brad Burnett or
also a Word of Prophecy….all telling us that we needed to look to Jesus Christ in their lives and make it known Who the source of strength and call the church office.
and that we needed to “cut loose” from the things that hold us back, and power is. Please let the Nemitz know how thankful we are for their
“come” to Jesus. If for some reason you were here and did not service to our church and our community. Next F.R.E.E.D. meeting will NO Children’s Drama Practice this week.
respond…it’s not too late! Hear the Spirit of the Lord speaking to you be held Tuesday, September 8 , at 6:30 P. M. CHILDREN will go skating September 26th, and they MUST sign
even now…”run to Me, run to Me, run to Me.” His GRACE is sufficient up in the CLC.
to handle anything and everything you are facing. Let Him do it today! COMMUNITY REVIVAL DATE has been set for September 27-
30. The meeting will be held at Woodruff First Baptist Church and the
A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO ALL the wonderful ladies of our
TODAY IS THE BEGINNING of a brand new Church Year. God has time is 7:00 P.M. Community Prayer Meeting dates are September 14th
blessed us over this last year in immeasurable ways. We praise God from
and 21 at 7:00 P.M. at Selma Baptist Church. Choir practice dates are
great church . The surprise birthday party you gave me this past
Whom ALL blessings flow! And while we are thankful for His blessings September 8 at Bellview Baptist at 7 PM, September 15 at Cavins Baptist week will always be a treasured memory. You all are so very
last year, we look forward to even more this coming year. Elections are at 7 PM, September 19 at WCOG at 10 AM, and September 27 at First special. Thank you for the cake, cards, skit, and the “money
finalized and teachers will be in their places this coming Sunday. Please Baptist Church at 4:30 PM. dress.” I love you very much.
give them your full support by faithfully attending class. What a place to Lisa Terry
learn the Word of God and at the same time enjoy fellowship with PRAYER LIST: Nancy O’Shields,Dianne Arnold, Clyde Taylor ,
brothers and sisters in Christ. Support them with your prayers, to Catherine Blackwell, Houston & Brenda Cobb, Jordan Fogey, John YOUTH - Wednesday, September 2, is “School Spirit
empower them in their study and presentation. Lastly, support them in Lipsey, Brian Clark, Kay Brandenburg, Steve Sawyer, Joseph Young Sr., Night” in FTH Class.
helping “pastor” the class and if members are out, make contacts. You John Thomas Taylor, Those sick with virus & allergies, Shut Ins, and
can, and rest assured that it will be a blessing! Don’t forget our C.E. those in Nursing Homes. Christian sympathy to the Mary R. Durham on
Appreciation Meal on September 17th at 7 PM All teachers from last year the death of her brother, Malcolm Riddle. May God bless and comfort
and new teachers for this year are invited along with their spouse. Please this family. September 8th, at 6:00 P.M. All members of this board need
sign up in the main hallway, leading down toward the Nursery. to be present for this important meeting.
* Greeters - Jeanette Bragg and Libby Hyman
* Sunday School Greeter - Robert Sloan
* CLC Greeter - Travis Cooper
* Head Ushers - Charles O’Shields and Bobby Brown
* Usher Team # 1 - Robert D. Sloan, Larry Young, Michael
Brown, Dennis Crocker, Rick Priester,
and Brian Arnold
* Finance Committee - Ryan Ballard, Charles O’Shields, and
Marvin Grubbs
* Nursery - Wednesday - Dianne Brown
Sunday A.M. - Ann Knight and Taylor Cobb
P.M. - Lori Crocker
* Kiddie Church - Jonathan and Angela Atkins
* Our Church Family Spotlights:
In Honor of Anna Henry on her 5th birthday,
Given by Mom and Dad.
* Music - Wednesday - Kathy Arellano
Sunday A.M. - Lisa Terry
P.M. - Jonathan and Jessica Murphy

***BAND PRACTICE is at 8:30 A.M. Sunday mornings.