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Ancient 0er-al mint remed1 is effective2 safe pain reliever2 ne3 st)d1 finds
Wednesday, December 16, 2009 by: Sherry Baker, Health Sciences Editor ( at!ral e"s# Bra$ilian mint, kno"n to botanists by its %atin name Hyptis crenata, has lon& been !sed by traditional healers in Bra$il to treat 'ain and discom(ort (rom a )ariety o( ailments, incl!din& stomach aches, (e)ers, (l! and headaches* +n (act, researchers at e"castle ,ni)ersity in the ,nited -in&dom say that the mint has been handed do"n as a 'rescri'tion (or 'ain relie( (or tho!sands o( years* .nd a ne" st!dy /!st 'resented at the 2nd +nternational Sym'osi!m on 0edicinal and !trace!tical 1lants held in e" Delhi, +ndia, concl!des the ancient herbal thera'y is, in (act, an e((ecti)e, nat!ral treatment (or 'ain* 2he research is slated (or '!blication in an !'comin& iss!e o( the /o!rnal Acta Horticulturae* A team of Ne3castle Universit1 scientists2 led -1 Graciela Roc0a2 carried o)t a s)rve1 in 4ra!il to find o)t specificall1 0o3 t0e 0er-al medicine is t1picall1 prepared and 0o3 m)c0 s0o)ld -e cons)med as a treatment5 60e1 learned t0at traditional 0ealers )se t0e mint in a decoction2 meaning t0e dried leaves are -oiled in 3ater for 3& min)tes and t0en allo3ed to cool -efore -eing cons)med as a tea5 3ocha, "ho is ori&inally (rom Bra$il, noted in a statement to the 'ress that she remembers bein& &i)en the tea as a treatment (or )ario!s childhood illnesses* 42he taste isn5t "hat most 'eo'le here in the ,- "o!ld reco&ni$e as a mint,4 she stated* 4+n (act it tastes more like sa&e "hich is another member o( the mint (amily*4 When the researchers tested the herbal tea in laboratory e6'eriments "ith mice, they (o!nd it "as /!st as e((ecti)e at relie)in& 'ain as the 'ain relie)er dr!& kno"n as as indomethacin in the ,S and indometacin in the ,-* 0arketed !nder many brand names incl!din& +ndocin, +ndocid and +ndochron E73, indomethacin is a hi&hly 'otent non7steroidal anti7in(lammatory medication !sed to red!ce (e)er, 'ain, sti((ness, and s"ellin&* ,nlike the nat!ral herbal mint 'ain relie)er, indomethacin is associated "ith a host o( serio!s side e((ects incl!din& stomach !'set, &astric irritation and the risk o( heart attack* o" the e"castle ,ni)ersity scientists are readyin& clinical trials to test the e((ecti)eness o( Bra$ilian mint as a 'ain relie)er in 'eo'le* 4Since h!mans (irst "alked the earth "e ha)e looked to 'lants to 'ro)ide a c!re (or o!r ailments 77 in (act it is estimated more than 80,000 'lants are !sed "orld"ide (or medicinal '!r'oses* Besides traditional !se, more than hal( o( all 'rescri'tion dr!&s are based on a molec!le that occ!rs nat!rally in a 'lant,4 3ocha said in the 'ress statement* 4What "e ha)e done is to take a 'lant that is "idely !sed to sa(ely treat 'ain and scienti(ically 'ro)en that it "orks as "ell as some synthetic dr!&s* o" the ne6t ste' is to (ind o!t ho" and "hy the 'lant "orks*4
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