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Front Lines


| Advertising Sales
Publisher/President Arthur M. Horwitz
Sales Director: Keith Farber

Ordained In Germany
Account Executives: Ann G. Abrams, Jan Haskell,
Melissa Litvin, Heidi Martin, Rick Nessel, Dharlene Norris
Senior Sales Assistant: Kim Metzger

| Business Offices
First German-trained Orthodox students become rabbis. Customer Service Assts.: Maya Brodsky, Jan Shain
Billing Coordinator: Pamela Turner
Collections Analyst: Hazel Bender

| Shelli Liebman Dorfman munications and planning. | Creative Services
| Senior Writer Burg first met Balla last year in Creative Director: Deborah Schultz
Germany where Burg worked with the Contributing Graphic Designer: Lindsay Schwartz
Lauder Foundation to develop strategies | Production By VERTIS INC.

R abbi Steven Burg was able to
observe firsthand the growth
of Jewish life in Germany on
a visit to Munich where he attended the
first Orthodox rabbinic ordination of
to inspire Jewish teens, something he
strived for during his four-year tenure at
the Southfield NCSY regional office.
During his time in Detroit, Burg cre-
ated NCSY’s Latte and Learning program,
Site Manager: Scott Drzewiecki
Designers: Iris Dembeck, Jeffrey Meyer, Pam Sherevan,
Michelle Sheridan

| Photography
Staff Photographers: Angie Baan, Armando Rios

German-trained rabbinical students. bringing high school students to coffee | Editorial
Rabbis Balla and Burg following ordina- Editor: Robert A. Sklar
Burg, international director of NCSY, houses to discuss the relevance of Torah
the New York-based Orthodox Union in secular life. The program is now in tion of the German-trained Orthodox Associate Editor: Alan Hitsky
(OU) youth program — who lived in the place in dozens of cities across North rabbinical students.
Story Development Editor: Keri Guten Cohen
Detroit area while serving as associate America and has expanded to Chile,
director of NCSY’s Central East region where NCSY has a thriving presence. indicate we were successful in our goal.” Arts Editor: Gail Zimmerman
from 1996-2000 — joined Jews from Burg was joined in Germany by Rabbi In addition to attending the ordination Senior Writer: Shelli Liebman Dorfman
around the world at the history-making Zvi Sobolofsky, of Yeshiva University in ceremony, Burg and Sobolofsky led 20
Senior Columnist: Danny Raskin
event. New York and NCSY Kollel, a program of students of Yeshivas Beis Zion, including
The two new rabbis — Zsolt Balla, 30 touring and learning in Israel for high the two new rabbis, on a mission touring Columnists: George Cantor, Robin Schwartz, Steve Stein

and Avraham Radbill, 25 — graduated school students. Poland. Copy Team:
from the newly established Orthodox “We wanted to show the young men Senior Copy Editor: David Sachs
rabbinical seminary, Rabbinerseminar zu A Momentous Event who had just finished a yeshivah pro- Copy Team Assistant: Sy Manello
Berlin. The seminary was founded by the “The rabbinical ordination that recently gram their Jewish roots,” Burg said.
Central Council of Jews in Germany and took place in Germany was a truly sig- Further cooperation is planned
the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation. It grew nificant and momentous occasion,” Burg between NCSY and Am Echad, the Youth Editor: Lynne Konstantin
out of the programs of the Torah-study said. “This extraordinary ceremony was and National Outreach Department of
Executive Editor: Gail Zimmerman
institution Yeshivas Beis Zion in Berlin. televised throughout Germany and left Lauder Yeshurun, which is dedicated to
There are seven more students in the rab- everyone in attendance inspired, our eyes facilitating Jewish education for young
binical program there. brimming with tears and shining with Jews in Germany. | Young Adult Advisory Board
Gayle Friedman Gold, Jordan Glass, Robin Schwartz,
Having already met Balla on a visit to pride. “The recent rabbinical ordination, the Brad “Bubba” Urdan
Germany last year, Burg reconnected with The fact that the German minister of fact that Am Echad is flourishing and the Published by: Jewish Renaissance Media
the new rabbi at the June 2 ordination the interior was there to witness the event day school in Germany that is growing Chairman: Michael H. Steinhardt
ceremony. And Both Balla and Radbill is unbelievable when one considers that rapidly, all signify the growth in building President/Publisher: Arthur M. Horwitz
had previous OU connections, having vis- the same position was once in charge of b’nei Torah [children who follow a Torah Chief Operating Officer: F. Kevin Browett
ited the agency’s New York headquarters the Gestapo during the Holocaust.” way of life] in Germany,” Burg said.
Controller: Craig R. Phipps
last August to participate in a seminar Rabbi Joshua Spinner, vice president “The purpose of this trip was to Editorial Director: Robert A. Sklar
on kashrut laws. Balla also collaborated of the Lauder Foundation, said, “We advance the cause of passionate Judaism, IT & Circulation Director: Deanna Spivey
Marketing Consultant: Kelli Baird
on the Hungarian and German editions intended for the day to be a statement and give strength and moral support to
of the NCSY bencher, edited by David that Torah Judaism is alive in Germany, those all over the world who are in the | Fulfillment
Olivestone, OU national director of com- and impressively so. Responses to the day trenches of that cause.” ■
Customer Service Manager: Zena Davis

| Departments
General Offices: 248-354-6060
Display Advertising: 248-354-6060
Drake Road Construction Eugene and Marcia Applebaum roundabout. The signals will stop traf- Fax: 248-304-0032
Circulation: 248-351-5174
The Road Commission for Oakland Jewish Community Campus in West fic entering and exiting the roundabout Classified Advertising: 248-351-5100
County expects to close Drake Road Bloomfield, is expected to remain to allow pedestrians to safely cross the Fax: 248-304-0049
at both the north and south sides of closed at the roundabout until Aug. 14. road. Deadline: Monday, 4 p.m.: Editorial
Fax: 248-304-8885
the Maple/Drake roundabout in West The work will reconfigure the “split- Unlike traditional pedestrian-cross- Deadline: All public and social announcements must
Bloomfield on July 13 so the round- ter” islands, adjust some of the curbs walk signals, the new signals will be typewritten and received by noon Tuesday, nine
days prior to desired date of publication.
about can be modified slightly to and install the crosswalk signals. remain unlit unless a pedestrian press- Subscriptions:
accommodate new pedestrian cross- The signals are a new form of es the crosswalk button. 1 year . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $69
2 years . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $129
walk signals. pedestrian-activated signals, and will — Keri Guten Cohen, 3 years . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $155
Drake, a crossroads for the be placed at all four entrances to the story development editor 1 year out-of-state . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $96
2 years out-of-state. . . . . . . . . . . . $180
Per year foreign . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $142
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