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THE PITCANOOK LYetume tt Published Annually by The Associated Students of ‘Yakima Valley Academy Granger, Washington MCMXXXx, Oo Copyright x Ghe Pitcanook Foreword omorvow stores ua i the face; tomorrow aome of us wil no longer be part 0) this student bady, ond all will have approuched iretievaly ome step nearer to 0 Jal ishertonce of eicnship, Man's dreama mat be ever of the future, but hi fe wil alioays be enriched by memorien of the pat. ‘he years are golden trearares; though they past we may Keep them in ou store ouae of rclection, drawing from them windom and heppinece they come and 00. “Held prises sssays wil be the memory of eur deye in Yaka Valley Academy; there se made our frst real steps toward preparation for serve; there we formed the friendohipe and learnad the las which ale Ife worth living. Distance lends splendor to an object: some day we shal look hack with rapture on ‘hove happy days of 90. We shall wish to gave once more onthe faces of ol friend, to reve thote tiring venta which attended oer acho! life. Then we shall tern t ox Connual fo vatafy thet longing—shall treasure in our Wovarie this epitome of one olden yoar—1989-0. ear fell students, may this annual be to you a pleccant reminder of bygone ays ot Yakina Valley Academy. he Pitcanook Dedication THAT ther love and soerifoe may be, ‘ee emell way recogni; THAT they may see that we sympathize ‘eth them i their oper: (vethold of our careers, our thoughts are on them; WE DEDICATE thi beok—to the denrent end best ‘OUR MOTHERS AND FATHERS,