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French and Eglish won't show you this story in the movies.

The battle, which could save Poland and whole Europe
In 1939, Poland did not have to be conquered by Hitler's army. Could also avoid
the 45 years of Communist slavery, which began in the 1944 wage
World War II could last only a month. Poland could be saved as a result of the
battle, which the Germans made the French. Around two-week border war in the Third
Reich has already accumulated a lot of myths.What went wrong?
World on the verge of war

The agreement of 19 May 1939, France and Poland have agreed that their armies will
take military action against Germany if they attack first. French Army Commander
Gen. Maurice Gamelin assured the Polish side that in the event of war, France will
invade Germany with "prevailing forces no later than 15 days from the time of
mobilization. France and the United Kingdom is also committed to an immediate air
attacks on Germany, if the military operations are launched against Poland.

The plan was offensive, but the real sentiment in the armies of the Allies,
however, were quite different. The best proof of this are the words of Deputy
Gamelin, General Alphons Georges, who said that he had been ordered to invade, it
immediately podałby to resign. This resulted in all operations undertaken by the
French were extremely cautious and have a border in nature.

The last hope for Polish

September 1, 1939 Germany attacked Poland. Six days later, the Polish General
Staff asked by radio to General Gamelin asking for swift military action, which
would force Germany to divide his forces in order to pass some of them to defend
against invasion from the West. French mobilization was already at that time in
progress, but the 85 divisions were scattered guarding the border with Spain and

The French originally wanted to attack the Germans from the flank, but this proved
impossible, because the neutrality of Belgium announced in ongoing conflict and
are not allowed to use this to their territory. Therefore, Gamelin decided to
attack in the sector between the Rhine and the Mosel Saar. The invasion of German
territory was chosen 2. Army group, whose commander was General Andre Pretelat.
Good start invasion

On the night of 7 on 8 September a number of French units entered the German
territory on the section length of 32 km. September 9, they received support from
individuals 5 Army, 3 Army approached the forest Wandtod from the west. While
Gamelin committed in advance to make an invasion by forces of the majority, but
the attack was attended by only 15 divisions.

The French did not seize his advantage on the western front, where there were only
25 German divisions, poorly trained and insufficiently equipped to repel
aggression. Germany had neither tanks nor planes, as all the machines were sent to
conquer the Polish.

Cowardly war in snail speed

In the West, however, was only a few skirmishes. The French were so cautious in
moving that enough shots of one machine gun platoon uziemiły whole. Gunners on
both sides were shooting exceptionally imprecise. French forces have not used a
tank, which placed the Saar. The fear of German reprisals Paris did not agree to
the bombing of Germany, exerted in this case the pressure on the British Royal Air

Waiting for the blow

2. When Poland uginała gradually under the influence of German aggression, 2. Army
Group moved forward at a snail. To 12 September was able to enter only at 8 km
into the territory of Germany, covering 20 villages evacuated by the Wehrmacht
even earlier. Gamelin ordered Pretelatowi then stop offensive against the
Siegfried line in anticipation of a possible German counterattack through Belgium.
Five days later, in the face of the invasion of the Soviet Union, Polish fate was
sealed. September 30 French forces withdrew under cover of night from the occupied
territories before the Saar. In mid-October the Germans had on his western border
has 70 divisions.October 16 the German forces attacked the remnants of French
troops, displacing them from the border-region in just two days. Losses on both
sides were symbolic. It is worth noting that most of the French loss was the
result not so much a struggle as a victim of minefields.

Phoney War on leaflets

Command of the French army justify its decision to withdraw the fact that Poland
was still able to survive until spring, or until suitable can be taken offensive.
. Gamelin also claimed that the Polish and French Governments have not concluded
the relevant political agreements (which complement the military treaty), but in
fact this happened on 4 September.

Also the United Kingdom had failed to fulfill its obligations to the allied
Polish, limited to dropping propaganda leaflets on Germany. British during the
French offensive could not even gather the forces that had come within their
expeditionary force. Germany meanwhile reckoned with the fact that the French
could organize a major offensive on the Rhine, which could even change the course
of the war. Instead, it began a period of "strange war", which led in 1940 to
defeat the Allied forces in France. At their own request.