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August 31, 2009

10 am CDT

Jim Keysor, Katy Branham, Seffanie Kolbus, Liz Stoppkotte, Derek Deroche, Todd
Hamilton, Kelsey Angle, Lisa Schmit, Jamie Bielinski, Jeff Colton and Jen Zeltwanger

Overview of questionnaire

• Webinar Groups
○ Servant Leadership: Kelsey, Jen, Jamie, Jim
○ Core Values: Beth, Kelly, Lisa, Stef
○ Power vs. Authority: Jeff B, Katy, Liz, Ashley
○ Mentoring: Jeff C, Todd, Derek
○ Groups will begin to meet and plan webinars on their own.

• Core Values
○ Discussion of replacing core values with a different topic
○ Survey suggested communication as a replacement
○ Majority voted to keep it and enough volunteers to cover it, so no

• Webinar Order
○ Majority wants to keep webinar in same order as discussed on previous

• Secondary Groups
○ Marketing Group: Kelsey, Derek, Todd, Stef, Jim
○ Month of Service Group: Jeff B, Jen, Beth, Kelly, Lisa, Jamie, Liz
○ Use in either group as needed: Jeff C, Ashley, Katy

• Webinar Timeframe Established
○ Servant Leadership: Early November
○ Core Values: Late February or Early March
○ Power vs. Authority: Early June
○ Mentoring: August
○ Month of Service: September

Other Items

• DVDs
○ Revisited previous discussion of DVD production
○ Instead of distributing to offices, may post on wiki or blog instead
○ Possibility of 2 videos – Johnnie “clips” and end-of-year wrap up
○ Derek and Jen volunteered to help with video production
• Motto
○ Group decided to pass item to the Marketing Group
○ ACTION: Marketing group will develop motto

• Logo
○ Ashley was not on the call, so will ask for update off-line

• Blog Update
○ Two facilitators now online with full access and editing to blog
○ ACTION: Jen will follow-up to try to increase participation
○ Jamie is having access problems with blog and Facebook group
○ ACTION: Jen will look into the problem

• New Project
○ Derek and Beth (and 2 others from LEAD 2008 class) talked with Scott
Mentzer at the High Plains Conference about a possible new project
○ Concern about past applicants quitting the application process
○ Scott suggested the start of a mentoring or advisory program to help
others with the application process (details still being worked out)
○ ACTION: Share any ideas about this project and how to accomplish this

Next Call
• Webinar groups will now begin to work together
• ACTION: Begin working in smaller webinar groups
• ACTION: Next large group conference call for progress report – early October
(Jen will handle logistics)