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A. To be read in conjunction with all trades, all systems under scope of MEP works, and shall be binding on MEP contractor for intended adherence & full compliance. Shall be read in conjunction with Division 13, Division 15 (mech.), Kitchen and Laundry design and layouts. Shall be read in conjunction with all other specialist consultants designs including ID.




DESCRIPTION Lightning Protection Facilities for the Disabled. Security Systems Access Control Fire Detection & Alarm System and VES Electrical Services for Mechanical Works. Earthing System. Trunking. Wires and Cables. Conduits And Boxes. Cable Trays. Wiring Devices. Lighting Control System. Diesel Engine-Generator Set Central Battery System. Static Uninterruptible Power Supply Variable Frequency Controls. Power Factor Correction Capacitors. Transfer Switches Medium Voltage Switchgear (MV) Main SwitchBoards (LV) Distribution Boards Motor Control Centers Bus Bar Trunking. Interior Lighting Exterior Lighting Voice and Data Communication. PA/BGM (Public Address System) MATV/SMATV System.

A. Related Work 1. Section 13100 2. Section 13750 3. Section 13760 4. Section 13770 5. Section 13851 6. Section 16045 7. Section 16060 8. Section 16115 9. Section 16120 10. Section 16130 11. Section 16139 12. Section 16140 13. Section 16145 14. Section 16231 15. Section 16265 16. Section 16267 17. Section 16269 18. Section 16280 19. Section 16415 20. Section 16440 21. Section 16441 22. Section 16442 23. Section 16443 24. Section 16450 25. Section 16511 26. Section 16521 27. Section 16715 28. Section 16720 29. Section 16780

WB4733 Al Ghurair City Expansion Phase II

16010 April 2008 Rev - 0

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B. General description of work 1. Verification of existing conditions on site prior to tendering. 2. Coordination/liaisoning/approvals with DEWA, ETISALAT, DU and Civil Defence Authorities. 3. Finalization of the design to include specific equipment offered 4. Provision of all labour, equipment and materials required to complete the works to operate according to the Design Intent shown on Drawings and described in Specifications. 5. Provision of additional hardware, incidentals and any other work can be reasonably inferred as necessary to ensure safe and correct operation of each system, whether such work is detailed in Specifications and on Drawings or not. 6. Provision of temporary power supplies for construction purposes for the duration of the works. 7. Arranging for installation of permanent supply by DEWA, including obtaining necessary approvals and paying all relevant costs. 8. Arranging for and obtaining necessary approvals with TECOM for the voice/data network system and with CDA for the fire alarm and evacuation system. 9. Provision of shop / construction / installation drawings for approval of the Engineer. 10. Provision of LV (400 Volts) distribution cabling and equipment, switchgear, switchboards, distribution panels, earthing system etc. 11. Provision for MV (11KV) Distribution Switchgear, Cables for Chillers and necessary earthing system etc. 12. Provision of diesel generator for emergency and essential services 13. Common and Landlord Areas: All designated shell & core areas i.e. rentable offices,Retails etc. and areas in hotel tower & else where as speciality restaurant or special purpose function areas etc. shall be dealt & provided in conjunction with the layouts available in MEP design contract or ID in compliance with the intent . Complete MEP infrastructure in all such areas shall be provided whereas Fire alarm, voice evacuation and emergency lighting system shall be provided fully supplied, installed & commissioned in compliance with CDA & AUJ. a. Provision of final sub-circuits and electrical services such as power and lighting. b. Small power installation power outlets and equipment outlets. c. Provision of internal, external, Exit and emergency lighting. d. Provision of a control system for internal and external lighting. e. Provision of Data and Telephone Communications system (backbone and horizontal cabling as applicable). f. Lightning Protection system g. Power supply for signage and Cleaning equipment h. Aircraft warning Light at roof and intermediate levels. i. Central battery emergency Lighting system 14. Areas to be Tenanted (Core and Shell) a. Provision of power submains terminated in approved local DBisolator

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16010 April 2008 Rev - 0

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16. 17. 18. 19.

20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.

26. 27. 28.

29. 30.

31. 32.

Provision of Telecommunications cabling between Consolidation Point (CP) and Floor Distributor (FD) c. Complete Fire Alarm &voice evacuation system for core and shell only. Tenant to finalize positioning based on final layout. Provision of electrical services for other trades. Power and relevant controls for, elevators, fire protection equipment, air conditioning, ventilation, duct heaters, VAV boxes etc., plumbing and auxiliary equipment, kitchen equipment, electric water heaters, electric hand dryers, other miscellaneous equipment, etc. Motors, starters, controls and the like, electrically operated doors, interlocks between electric doors and the fire alarm system where required. Dampers and other devices operated by signals from fire alarm system. (The supply and final connections of mechanical equipment is specified in Division 15). Provision of approved Fire Detection &Alarm, incorporating integrated Voice Evacuation and Fire Warden Telephone system. Provision of CCTV and Security Systems. Provision of support systems for cables and wiring, e.g. cable ducts, ladders, trays, conduits etc. Provision for containment works in transformer room and RMU room as per DEWA sub-station drawings, termination of DEWA transformer cables in the main ACB/LV panels at the incomer side. Provision to UPS system, BMS, AV/IT System containments. Provision to interfacing of services to other systems. Earthing & Lightning protection system to all metallic parts,Equipment,Buildingstructures etc. Provision to installation of wiring circuitsincluding containment to external Lighting & Faade lighting. Provision to telecommunications cabling including ID drawings. Provision of electrical services to all other trades as per respective areas,layouts,systemsequipments,specialist system vendors requirements but not limited to the following: Kitchen equipment, laundry,Boiler auxiliaries, Air system, ID related requirements, swimming pool system, irrigation, external landscape & facade etc. Builder's work, ducts, inserts and sleeves required for the works Identification for all systems cablings/wirings on their respective containments i.e.cable trays ladders,trunkings,wire baskets, ducts etc. Provide fire sealants / barriers at crossings of services through the fire rated walls/slabs such as tray , trunkings, bus-bars, ducts etc. in compliance with CDA requirements and any other AUJ. On-site coordination with all other services and trades, liaison with members of the professional team, attendance on meetings as required. Testing, commissioning and certification that the work has been completed and inspected in accordance with the requirements of the relevant Regulations. As Built drawings, Operation and Maintenance Manuals and other project-specific record documents. Training of the Owners staff in the operation of the systems installed.


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16010 April 2008 Rev - 0

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Defects Liability. Equipment guarantees and overall warranty - 24 months system warranty and guarantees on labour, parts, materials and equipment.

C. DEWA High Voltage Switchgear and Transformer Earthing: Provide earthing system to the high voltage switchgear and transformers proposed to be installed by the DEWA to the local substation of the building. Co-ordinate with the DEWA to ensure compliance. D. Electrical Supply 1. The Supply Authority DEWA will make available, at the incoming terminals of the main switchboards (Low Tension Panel), a 3 phase, 4 wire, 400 V, 50 Hertz supply of adequate capacity and having the following tolerances: a. Voltage + or - 6% b. Frequency + or - 4% E. Climatic Condition Refer Clause 1.3 Ambient conditions in DEWA Regulations. F. Regulation Codes And Standards Design, manufacturing, erection and testing of all system equipment shall conform to the following: Regulations for electrical installations (DEWA) issued by the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority. BS7671:1992 Requirements for Electrical Installations (IEE Wiring Regulations) by the Institute of Electrical Engineers, 16th edition and its Amendments. Recommendations of the International Electro-technical Commission (IEC). British Standard Specifications (BSS). Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL). International Organisation for Standards (ISO) Certification. EU Council Directives for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). TECOM National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). CDA - Requirements.

All materials and equipment shall be the best of their respective kind. The Contractor shall ensure that each proposed category of equipment or material shall be from approved manufacturers who would assume single-source responsibility of the product.



A. Selection and Erection of Equipment. It is anticipated that the contractor will at least arrange to access to, if not posses
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the various standards, codes, rules and regulations referred to by name in the Specifications bearing in mind that the responsibility for the correct selection and erection of equipment will rest with the contractor. 1. Conformity of equipment and material with the relevant standards may be attested by: a. An official conformity mark granted by the standards organisation concerned, or b. A certificate of conformity issued by an internationally recognised laboratory, or c. A declaration of conformity from the manufacturer. 2. External influences: Electrical installations should be selected, erected, located and /or further protected mechanically against damage from external influences based on IEC-364 , IEE Wiring Regulations and applicable local standards, such as ingress of water, humidity, dust, rust, heat, fire, atmospheric corrosion, wind, solar radiation, vibration and mechanical stress. Minimum degree of protection provided by an enclosure (IP code) shall be subject to acceptance by Engineer, as follows, unless otherwise indicated more stringently elsewhere in the Documents: IP44/55/65 for wet areas like bathrooms, kitchen and pump rooms. IP55/65 for outdoor installations. B. Single-Source Responsibility: Ensure that each category of selected material or equipment shall be of a particular range of one manufacturer who would take full responsibility of the product. C. Certificate Of Origin: Provide certificate of origin along with the packing list on delivery of material and equipment. D. Warning Signs, notices and label is: Provide warning signs, as well as prohibitions mandatory and safety signs for giving safety information in accordance with BS 5378 Part 1: 1980. Label and identify materials and equipment and circuits so marked for easy recognition in a durable and lasting manner as required by the IEE Wiring regulation, 16th edition and relevant British Standards. E. F. 1. All related works like containments, power supplies & interfaces etc, with regard to Division 15 Mechanical specifications. All related works like containment, power supplies, interfaces etc. with regard to ID Layouts, Kitchen & Laundry layouts etc shall be included by the electrical scope of works to its extent. TESTING Testing and commissioning of equipment and services of a specialised nature shall be supervised by the manufacturers' technical representative(s). A visual inspection of the installation should be made to ensure all equipment
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and materials comply with the relevant standards and regulations. A checklist for initial inspection should include those items indicated in the IEE wiring regulation, 16th edition. During erection and/or completion electrical installation shall be tested before it is connected to the supply. Sequence of test and testing methods shall be as stipulated in the IEE wiring regulations, 16th edition. 1.05 INSTALLER'S QUALIFICATIONS

A. Electrical installer shall be registered at the Central Tenders Committee as Class II. The Contractor shall appoint one graduate Electrical Engineer with 15 years experience in similar works for the supervision of the electrical installation works. The same qualifications and experience of the nominated Engineers shall be submitted to the Engineer for approval within 15 days of the date of commencement of work and only the person approved by the Engineer shall be appointed by the Contractor. 1.06 SUBMITTALS

A. General: Follow the procedures specified in Division 1 Section "SUBMITTALS." 1. Shop Drawings - Initial Submittal: 2 additional blue prints. 2. Shop Drawings - Final Submittal: 3 additional blue prints. 3. Product Data: 1 additional copy of each item. 4. Samples: All samples or as demanded by Engineer/Client shall have to be provided for inspection & approval prior to installation during the material submittal approval process & shall be kept at site in a designated sample room facility and shall remain at site or as instructed, during the entire construction period till the completion of project. B. Preparation of Shop Drawings: Tender drawings indicate general layout of the requirements of respective electrical systems included. Co-ordinate with the drawings of all other trades (Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, HVAC etc.) and investigate prevailing site situation prior to commencement of work. Coordinated layouts shall cover all trades including locations of all equipments, wiring accessories and all ceiling mounted final fixtures respectively. 1. Prepare shop drawings showing all installation details including but not in a way of limitation, exact location of electrical outlets (power, light, communication and signal); electrical equipment mounting details (boards, lights, cables and cable trays, earthing, generator etc.) all in accordance with the relevant national and international standards, regulations and codes and to the recommendations of the manufacturer. Prepare schedule of points of distribution boards. Extent of information and circuit details required shall be to the satisfaction of the Engineer. Ensure that all builders work details for various electrical equipment, which are needed early in the construction programme, are well established in the early stages of construction. This includes, but not in a
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2. 3.

WB4733 Al Ghurair City Expansion Phase II



way of limitations, DEWA electric service ducts, generators and auxiliary services layout, switchgears, cable routes, telephone exchange, etc. The contractor shall accept full functional responsibility and compliance of all electrical, communications and fire systems to the regulations, specifications and standards stipulated in this specifications. In cases of conflict between requirements of local authorities and specified International Standards the former shall have Precedence, unless otherwise specified more stringent. Contractor shall submit method statements for installation, testing, precommissioning & commissioning for all items / systems respectively.



A. Prepare record documents in accordance with the requirements in Division 1 Section "PROJECT CLOSEOUT." In addition to the requirements specified in Division 1, indicate installed conditions for: 1. Major raceway systems, size and location, for both exterior and interior; locations of control devices; distribution and branch electrical circuitry; and fuse and circuit breaker size and arrangements. 2. Equipment locations (exposed and concealed), dimensioned from prominent building lines. 3. Approved substitutions, Contract Modifications, and actual equipment and materials installed. 1.08 SUBMISSIONS

A. Shop Drawings / Product Data 1. Submit in accordance with Section 01340. 2. Provide shop drawings, to a scale acceptable to the Engineer, showing the following and obtain approval before commencing work: a. Exact runs and sizes of conduits, cable trays and trunking, cables, bus ducts. b. Layout drawings for each separate electrical installation showing the actual locations of points, suitably identified, the locations of switchboards and distribution boards, details and types of fittings. c. Schedules of points, indicating how the various outlets are connected to the distribution board, size of circuit wiring, the rating of the protective device and the type and size of appliance or fitting. d. Schematic diagram of connections of distribution boards, and equipments to main switchboards showing sizes of feeders etc. e. Underground cable layout for the different services, showing routes, sizes and types of cables. f. Any other data necessary for the proper maintenance of the installations. 3. Drawings shall be standard size. Lettering shall be stencilled. B. Project Record Drawings 1. Submit in accordance with Section 01720

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C. Operation And Maintenance Data 1. Submission of operation & maintenance manuals shall generally cover system description, system mode of operation, start-up & shut downoperation, control sequence, maintenance procedures, schedule of equipments, recommended spare parts lists & manufacturers/suppliers addresses, copies of testing & commissioning records, copies of Gaurantes & Warranties, related schematics, construction & As-built drawings. Submit in accordance with Section 01730 and containing: a. Manufacturer's technical catalogues, dimensional drawings and wiring diagrams for each piece of equipment. b. Operating instructions for each system and piece of equipment. c. Maintenance manuals for each system and piece of equipment. 2. Prior to installing identifying tags and nameplates, submit their nomenclature for approval. 1.09 JOB CONDITIONS

A. Sequencing 1. Lay electrical works in advance of pouring concrete slabs and construction of walls. Obtain Engineer's approval before commencing builder's work in connection with electrical installations. B. Co-Ordination 1. Check with other trades to ensure equipment and material can be installed in spaces provided. 2. Provide other trades with information necessary for them to execute their work. 3. Details on Drawings, which are specific regarding dimensions and locations, are for information purposes Co-ordinate with other trades to ensure work can be installed as indicated.


A. Refer to individual specification sections for detailed requirements. B. Prior to placing order for any equipment or material, the contractor shall submit comprehensive documents comprising working drawings, catalogues and descriptive literature of components, maintenance manuals, samples etc for engineers study and approval.

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C. Approval of the Engineer does not relieve the Contractor from his contractual obligations for deviations from the requirements of the Contract Documents. 2.02 LABELS

A. For Switchboards, MCC And Distribution Boards: 1. Engraved nameplates, black with 6mm high white lettering. B. For Distribution Switches And Circuit Breakers 1. Where individually enclosed or in power centres, switchboards and panel boards without doors: engraved nameplates, black with 3mm high white lettering. 2. In panel boards with doors: directories mounted behind transparent plastic covers in metal frames. C. For Wires And Cables Of Feeders 1. To be wrap around labels. 2. For primary feeders, and secondary feeders in manholes and handholes: fibre or non-ferrous metal tags, fastened with nonferrous wires. 3. Fastenings for metal tags shall be same metal as tag. D. For Device Plates of local toggle switches, toggle switch type motor starters, pilot lights and the like, whose junction is not readily apparent: 1. Plates to be engraved with 3mm high letters describing equipment controlled or indicated. E. For Bus Bars 1. Phase identification letters shall be stamped into the metal of the bus bars of each phase of the main buses in each power centre, switchboard and panel board in addition to color identification. 2. Letters shall be visible without disassembling current carrying or supporting elements. F. For Doors 1. Where switchboard rooms, cable chambers, metal screened spaces and the like contain electric power cables, bus bars or equipment operating at voltages exceeding 600V: enamelled sheet metal, red on white, reading "Danger - High Voltage". G. For Rooms 1. To switchboard rooms, electric closets, metal screened spaces assigned to electric equipment, and the like: enamelled sheet metal, red on white, reading "Electrical equipment Room - No Storage Permitted". H. Languages 1. Nameplates with directional, operational or warning labels shall be in Arabic and English. 2.03 FABRICATION
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WB4733 Al Ghurair City Expansion Phase II

A. Steel Frames 1. Steel frames and like components shall be thoroughly cleaned to remove all scale, rust, oil and grease, treated with an approved rust inhibiting solution and painted with two undercoats and one coat gloss finish before leaving the factory. Supply an adequate quantity of paint for final touching up on site.

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A. General: Sequence, co-ordinate, and integrate the various elements of electrical systems, materials, and equipment. Comply with the following requirements: 1. Co-ordinate electrical systems, equipment, and materials installation with other building components. Proposed location of all equipment cable routes, fittings, ducts, outlets etc. shown on the drawings is only indicative. Exact location shall be determined at site during construction. 2. Verify all dimensions by field measurements. 3. Arrange for chases, slots, and openings in other building components during progress of construction, to allow for electrical installations. 4. Co-ordinate the installation of required supporting devices and sleeves to be set in poured-in-place concrete and other structural components, as they are constructed. 5. Sequence, co-ordinate, and integrate installations of electrical materials and equipment for efficient flow of the Work. Give particular attention to large equipment requiring positioning prior to closing in the building. 6. Where mounting heights are not detailed or dimensioned, install systems, materials, and equipment to provide the maximum headroom possible. 7. Co-ordinate connection of electrical systems with exterior underground and overhead utilities and services. Comply with requirements of DEWA regulations. Provide required sleeves for DEWA 11KV cables. Provide DEWA earthing for 11 KV switchgear and transformers to their requirements. The contractor to include in his price for such works. 8. Install systems, materials, and equipment to conform with approved submittal data, including co-ordination drawings, to greatest extent possible. Conform to arrangements indicated by the Contract Documents, recognising that portions of the Work are shown only in diagrammatic form. Where co-ordination requirements conflict with individual system requirements, refer conflict to the Engineer. 9. Install systems, materials, and equipment level and plumb, parallel and perpendicular to other building systems and components, where installed exposed in finished spaces. 10. Install electrical equipment to facilitate servicing, maintenance, and repair or replacement of equipment components. As much as practical, connect equipment for ease of disconnecting, with minimum of interference with other installations. 11. Install systems, materials, and equipment giving right-of-way priority to systems required to be installed at a specified slope.

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A. Generally 1. Test the completed electrical installation or a distinct and separated completed portion thereof in accordance with the requirements of the current IEE Wiring Regulations. 2. Tests shall be observed by the Engineer and an Inspector from DEWADubai. 3. Tests shall include but not necessarily be limited to: a. Verification of polarity b. Effectiveness of earthing c. Insulation resistance tests. 4. Results and readings obtained shall not be less than the requirements stipulated in the IEE wiring Regulations. 5. Instruments and tools provided for testing purposes shall be new and accurate. Hand instruments and tools shall be supplied to the Engineer for use during the Contract. 3.03 COMMISSIONING

A. Generally 1. After connection of the mains supply, commission all parts of the electrical installations and demonstrate that they are in excellent working order. 2. Where necessary for specialised equipment, inspection, testing and commissioning shall be supervised by an Engineer from the manufacturer. 3. Shall provide commission charts detailing the time and sequence. 3.04 CLEANING AND ADJUSTMENT

A. Noise Limitation: Ensure fastenings of sheet metal plates, covers, doors and trims of enclosures are tight. 3.05 MAINTENANCE

A. Maintenance Service 1. Furnish complete service and maintenance of the complete electrical system and components during the construction contract and warranty & maintenance period. 2. Contractor shall as precautionary and preventive measures list all anticipated defects and notify the Owner. This shall include the cleaning, adjusting and maintaining all equipment. 3. In case of failure of any of the systems included, the contractor will rectify and do necessary work. He shall show deep diligence to any defect within 24 hours. 4. Shall rectify all faults observed and repair or replace parts that served their expected service life. He shall use parts produced by the manufacturer of the original equipment.

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6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Shall maintain in UAE an adequate stock of replacement parts for emergency purpose, and shall have qualified personnel available for the maintenance work without loss of time. Spares shall be available for a minimum period of one year after handover of works. The maintenance work shall not be assigned or transferred to any subcontractor without the written approval of the Owner. Train and provide periodical instruction to the Owner's operating/ maintenance staff according to an approved logical program. Contract will be required to attend to any emergency call during the maintenance period, within 24 hours of such call. Defects liability period shall be for 12 months.

B. For operation and maintenance of the respective systems reference is made to Div. 1, Section 01730.


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