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The Brand I like most –PEPSODENT
G.A.Gopinath, Roll no-18,

The Brand which I have taken for this project is Pepsodent. I have been using
Pepsodent for the past 16 years, Overall, it's not bad toothpaste; it's just that Pepsodent is not
the most sophisticated toothpaste available. However, I personally have used Pepsodent all my
life and I never had any problems with it.
The Brand which I have taken for this project is Pepsodent with wintergreen flavor.
It was formerly owned by Unilever but, since 2003, by Church and Dwight . Pepsodent is still
sold as a Unilever property in India. Pepsodent, launched in 1993 in India, was the first
toothpaste with a unique anti-bacterial agent to address the consumer need of checking germs
even hours after brushing.
Reason why I like this brand:

I have been using Pepsodent for the past 16 years, starting from my
sixth standard and I’ll continue using it and will also recommend it to my children.
When I was young it wasn’t in my hands to decide which paste to use and it depended
on my dad’s decision. So I had no other option than to use what was purchased by my
dad and it happened to be Pepsodent. I still remember the taste and I started liking it so
much that I started to eat and would wait for my turn to brush everyday just to eat the
paste. When I grew up I began to understand the ingredients present and its uses like
the "I.M.P." which was purported to whiten teeth. I eat a lot of chocolates and my teeth
really needed an expert care thus pepsodent became my aching teeth’s guardian angel.
The freshness in breath is what that attracted me the most and Pepsodent never let me
down when it comes to whitening the teeth. I do have a good set of white teeth which
others really envy and that had brightened my smile. This particular reason has made
me emotionally attached to this brand. I still don’t remember a day when I used
other toothpaste instead of Pepsodent but I can remember days when I refused to brush
the whole day, when my sister tried to change our toothpaste. Pepsodent has proven
cavity fighting formula. It helps remove plaque with proper brushing and it’s specially
formulated to help get teeth their whitest and the most important fact is that it’s not
harsh on tooth enamel. Its ingredients are

Active Ingredient:
Sodium Monofluorophosphate 0.8% Wt/Vol Of Fluoride Ion
Inactive Ingredients:
Water , Flavor and Cellulose
Hydrated Silica
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
SD Alcohol 38-B
Sodium Saccharin

Titanium Dioxide
General view about Pepsodent:

Pepsodent comes in a tube that is easy to handle--just squeeze out as much as you need
to fit on your toothbrush. Pepsodent is the oldest and most well-known toothpaste in
India, since the beginning of its existence has always provided more than just basic
efficacy. Pepsodent was the first toothpaste in India that launches fluoridated paste
back in 1980s and the only paste in India that actively educates and promotes proper
habit of brushing through school program and free dental check up service. Pepsodent
has completed its range product from basic cleaning to complete benefit paste ever

Things which impressed me and made me stick to this brand:

CSR - Pepsodent School Program & Free Dental Check Up

Pepsodent is the only toothpaste brand in India that really put its mission into
action. Cooperation with Indian Government of Health and Education Departments
and recognized by local dentist association (PDGI), since 1990s Pepsodent has done
School Program which is until 2008 it has reached more than 3.2 million children under
12 years old in all over India and the number still growing. This program promotes
proper and early habits of brushing teeth to prevent any dental problems, especially

Oral health, a serious and generally ignored health concern in India, with
periodontal diseases affecting 90-95% of the population and 60-80% of children
experiencing dental caries, the new program will help to improve oral health education
across the country.

That is why Pepsodent Free Dental Check Up program is specifically designed to
reach these people by giving free dental treatment & education in fun and approachable
way so that with the program, the whole family can have better oral health and good
oral habit. It is also an effort to encourage India people to go to dentist regularly as a
part of cavity prevention habit.

Pepsodent Night Brushing Campaign:

Habit & Attitude survey has indicated that only about 34 % of Indian people
brush their teeth before going to bed. Even from clinical research found that in early
morning bacterial counts are multiplying two times faster at night than any other time
in the day. This implies that bacterial growth increases the most during the night and
can increase possibility of cavity. Recent evidence also supports brushing with

Fluoride toothpaste before going to bed at night due to its extended protect for a longer
time at night. That is why Pepsodent feel the need to use Night Brushing as its health
campaign to make Indian people brushing their teeth before going to bed at night as a
part of cavity prevention habit.

Key facts:

Pepsodent is the leading brand in most Asian Countries with Indonesia and India as the
biggest market.

In 2005 Pepsodent is the only one of the toothpaste brand that recognized by FDI,
World Dental Federation in addition to local dentist association (PDGI)

There is no way you would have missed this ad from Pepsodent.

A kid is roaming around in a super market singing different versions of "Akkad,
Bakkad, Bambey, Bo" and choosing something for him from a huge variety of chocolates,
lollipops, toffees and stuff. His mother notices and there's an obvious worry. Then, the voice-
over talks about the 10 problems caused by eating so much of sweet sugary food. The 10
problems are then, put up on the screen too. The voice continues with claiming Pepsodent helps
fight these problems

The `Dishoom Dishoom' campaign of Pepsodent shows a school scene in which a kid
using Pepsodent is enjoying his ice-cream, while his friend is being spanked by his mother for
doing the same thing, which is supposed to be bad for the teeth. The commercial signs up with
the Pepsodent user saying, *`Dishoom, Dishoom to Pepsodent ka kam hai'

There is always a conflict between mothers and children when it comes to eating things which
are considered bad for the teeth. In this commercial, we have linked the brand proposition,
Pepsodent fights germs hours after brushing, to a consumer's benefit. The emotional benefit is
that the mothers needn't fight with their children and allow the toothpaste to do the fighting,''


Pepsodent’s biggest competitors in India are Colgate and close-up which
equally has a good track record in serving people’s tooth. There are several toothpastes
in our country but they aren’t a big threat to Pepsodent’s market share as Colgate and
close-up are. Yet I still prefer Pepsodent because there is something in this toothpaste
which `is holding me from switching brands, the feel of freshness and its potential to
fight germs even hours after brushing.