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Official SlIracuu Area: Weather
Snow today; fair and cool
Mrs. Rose Kennedy
Grieves for Deap. Son
In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand
and caused the seal of the United States of America
to be affixed.
Done at the City of Washington this Twenty
Third Day of November the Veal' of Our Lord
Nineteen Hundred and Si ty-Three, and 01 Ute in
depelldence of the U'lited ate. of America Ute One
Hundred and EightyEigh
. Lyndon B. Johnson.
Now, therefore, I, Lyndon B. Johnson, presi
dent of the United States of America, do appoint
Monday next, November 25, the day of the funeral
service of President Kennedy, to be a national day
of mourning throughout the United States. I ear
nestly recommend the people to assemble on that
day in their respective places of divine worship,
there to bow down in submission to the will of aI
mightly God, and to pay their homage of love and
reverence to the memory, of the great and good
man. I invile the people 0 the world who share our
grief to join us in this da of mourning and rededi
WASHINGTON (AP)-President Johnson Issued
Saturday the following proclamation to Ute people
of Ute United States:
John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th president of the
United States, has been taken from us by an act
which outrages decent men everywhere.
He upheld the faiUt of our fathers, which Is
freedom for all men. He broadened the frontiers of
Utat faiUt, and backed it wiUt Ute energy and the
courage which are Ute mark of Ute nation he led.
A man of wisdom, strength, . and peace, he
molded and the power of our nation in the
service of a world or growing liberty and order.
All who love freedom will mourn his death.
As he did not shrink from his responsibilities,
but welcomed them, so he would not have us shrink
from carrying on his work beyond this hour of na
tional tragedy.
He said it himself: "The energy, Ute faith, Ute
devotion which we bring to Uti. endeavor will light
our country and aU who serve-and the glow from
that fir. can truly light Ute world."
* *
President Lyndon B. Johnson
Proclaims Day 01 Mourning
* * *
Quiz Second Man in As
I . DALLAS, Tex. (AP) - Dist. Atty. Henry Wad.
saId Saturday he is confident of getting the ,Ieath pen-
Old Cabl
e net alt) for 1.<'0 Harvey Oswald. charged WIth murder in
the assassination of President Kennedy.
'Th;s man killed the President." said homICIde
ICapt Will Fritz positivelY'. Oswal<\, 24. a 'Tlan pouc
-II It say. is proud of bemg alS C'lt!1;i"t. ... .enied he
I . rod anyone. He is als<\'(' god ,;l!r. r in tne
,_ tj:lg (If 2 Dallets po1.ctr \ f
I Wade salli Oswald will ldod flfst-probably 10
th J h' midJC\nuary-in the death 0 the President.
I 0 nson
"If we get the deaUt penalty as expected, there
. . will be no need to try him in the other case." said
i I Wade. He has prosecuted 24 murder case and ob
\ WASHINGTON (AP) - President Johnso. asked tained Ute death penalty 23 times. He got a life ver
members of the Kennedy cabinet to stay on the jObj diet the other time.
saturday, and got their pledge to remain as long as I Officers continued questioning a second man de ,
he wants them. scribed as a known subversive and friend of Oswal<L
The new chief executive held a fullscale session who was discharged as undersirable by the Marine
of Ute official family on his first full day in office, and Corps resene.
renewed the request he had made to most o( the mem But Fntz said "We are con.
bers just after his return to the capital Friday night. vinced beyond any doubt that
White Housf! Press Secretary ( Oswald is our man."
* * * PielTe Salinger said the meet lie added: "Without going in
ing lasted about 25 minutes. to the evidence, I can tell you
K d L
a He said Johnson opened it this-this case is a cinch. This
with a minute of silent prayer man killed the President." He
for slain President John F_ brushed aside all other ques-
Kennedy_ tions.
In State at
Then, Salinger said. Johnson I President Kenned}t was killed
asked cabinet members to con- from ambush Friday by a gun-
tinue to serve, "saying he need-" man who snapped off II rapid
ed their help in the time ahead." ,-olley of shots that also wound-
't H Secretary of state Dean Rusk ed Gov. John Connally of Tex
Ie ouse
and U.N. Ambassador Adiai as.
Stevenson responded, Salinger The Defeose Depariment an
said. nounced in Washington that Os'
F. Kennedy came back 18 death cabinet and 5aid the cabinet f\. ureman probes the ruins of the Golden Age undesirab)e discharge re-
Saturday to the White House -- nursing home near Norwalk, Ohio, where about 60 versed.
and the homage of the mighty, (Contlnud 011 Par .2, Col. 5) t This raised a new question-
on a dull, gray dripping pa lents of the rest hom. perished when the ,,hether the real target was
And a new president. Lyndon All F d D d Kennedy or Connally. The two
eare eo Capt Will Fritz
a national go'-ernment dazed by 6 shots ripped from a bigh-pow Case 'Is Cinched'
the slaYing of its chief. 3 M. . BI ered rifle on the sixth floor of .--------__
The towering Texan conferred a building o"erloolting thel-
with Seccetary 01 Stale Dean 1551n9 In azemOlo'eade as it leU downtown Inside P-S Today
Rusk, Secretary of Defense Dallas.
Robert S. McNamara and for Chief of Police Jesse CUrrJI--------...:.-
mer President Dwight D. Ei said: .. (think his actual target SEtTION 1
senhower, perhaps In indication was the Plesidenl. I say this . Page
of questions of de- Aldous' .Huxley, NORWALK, Ohio (AP)-Six because he hit the President Telegraph 125816
fense and national unity ty.three persons were missing twice from about a 75yard Editorial 4
most on his mind. and presumed dead Saturday In distance on a slant. and ap Political Front 4
t:ack a lire that swept a path of de\'a- partly he was an expert .::::::::::: :
the helm of government with a Auth D station through a nursing home last Off Tuesday Kennedy in the Sunday's Crossword 6
plea for God's help slipped . 0 r "es for the aged, infirm and men head one in the neck Another Literary Journal 6
away to S1. John's Episcopal ., II tally ill. Twenty-four others slug' tore through Connally'S Society 9-10.11
th: . the OAPE C\NAVERAL, Fla.\taur which burns high. energy
of the Church LOS ANGELES lJ'l - Author- a godless, mechan year-old Golden Age Nursing CAP)-An Alias-Centaur rocket liquid hydrogen in its second Saturday. Around the Paddock .... 11
-DISCiples of Ch.nst. s.cholar, Aldous Huxley. 69. the society where .e\"en babies Home near Fitch,il1e, 15 miles and an Interplanetary Monitor.'stage, will be launched on a test Oswald sharply denied both Theaters 12
Johnson Monday, member on.e. of arnve on a produchon Une. southeast of here. The one-story IDa Platform-fMP _ both Vital flight intended to determine ef. shootings. "I didn't kill the l\lusic 13 or Kennedy s funeral, a foremost Accurately he foresaw tele. concrete building burned quick. . .. President. I didn't kill anybody" The Arts 13
national day of lies, died of cancer Fnday mght. vision, jet planes, tranquilizing ly, fed by a propane gas lank stepPing &tones in the Umted fectL'eness of extensive deSign he told reporters. lladio & TV Listings ..... 14
ordered ali ofllces In "Private services have al. drugs and other medical ad. and tar roofing A brisk wind Stites' goal of manned conquest changes made since the first Oswald was arrested "IUlln Birds ............... , ... 14
;nd h
of Washmgton closed ready been conducted," said a vances. fanned the flames of the moon-are scheduled for lest fhght vehIcle exploded an hour after the PreSident dIed Rambling 'Round ........ 14
e dar th I f th brief announcement from a Huxley wrote more than 40 But there was no explanalJon leuncbmg here Tuesday above Cape Canaveral 18 Police dragged him screammg 'Radio & TV News J5
wo Id
1e he pcop e 0 daughtermlaw, Judith Huxley. books, Includmg a dozen novels for the flre's ongm About Here's the lineup for the slg. months ago and struggling from a movie Prize Puzzle Solution 15
th r P w d't'are our
gne, Huxley's physlCJan, Dr Max Of these, "Pomt Counterpomt" am Gov James A Rhodes. nlflt:apt space doubleheader If 11 k II h C -- Astrological Forecast ... 15
e rcS! amallon Cutler, saId he had been 111 for "Eyeless m Gaza" and who new to the scene from his Centaru, forerunner of ":'ill t (Continued on Pare 5, Col 3) Puzzle Quiz 15
(Continued 011 Page 2 Col 2) about three years of cancer of1Many a Summer Dies the Columblfs office, ordered a f.u11 a vehicle destgned to land un earth g e SEtTlON 2
mouth, "which had ex Swan" were Widely acclaimed m\'esugatlon by the OhIO Htgb- manned Explorers on the moon News .
r tended." and read. way Pattol and the state flrf! ad"ance of manned expediJ The and S T d State News 18.19
The British-born titan of let Aldous Leonard Huxley was office.. tlons. is schedulE'd for firing be f hsted now 0 oy Markets 21-22
ters had made his home in,born July 26 1894 in Godalm. Amut the stones of horror- .een 10 a.m. and 4 p_m. "es.e our pnmary test ob A Business Post 22
Southern California since 1937. 'ing, Surrey, the of Leonard elderly persons trapped in the -IlIP is Sf't 10 blast off atop JectlVes: nd Colder SPOrts 23-24.25
HOUSE The forthright author. wholand Julia Arnold Huxley. beds, other crippled or too weak a Delta rocket between 9:50 1. Demonstrate ability of the Kceping Posted 23
blazed a wide path tllrough the His paternal grandfather was to walk and siill others crushed C.JJ;I. and 11:20 p.m. to so A.t I a sCentaur, structure to Snow Hurries wiU hit the l'portsman's Corner ..... 24
LIVING' world of in the 1920s and the great naturalist Thomas by the collapsing roof T two ar radialion which threatens wtthstand aerodynamic loads. Syracuse area today. Pm Points 25
'305.. had a lifelong pastime: Huxley and he was' the elder heroes emerged. They th f,Slronaut lunar journeys. The 2.. Demonstrate performance The high today will be 34 Dealh Record ........... 26
A New Facet taking n:'an .apart to see what of biologist Julian who were satellite's main assignment. of. flrstand secondslage separ, and the low 25 degrees. Winds Just Tell John 26
in American, him tick. . Huxley. drtvmg by on U.S. 250 and ent be to evaluate whether orblt1ng allan system. from the west at 20 to 30 miles Apartment SectL.m .. 27.28-29
Family Life! HIS best known worl was HUlr.ley leaves his widow Lau- into the butldJng to save .lives. htStruments can be used tb pre 3. Demonstrate ability of Cen an 'hour will diminish later 1n Classified. 3031.32-33
"Brave :V0rtd," whicll sold ra Archera Huxley; a son: "Mat-. The. two who risl;ed their Jj"es diet when great flares will taur liquid hydrogen propulsion the day. .. of the Week 34
Far Detaill See copies .fnce Its thew, Washington, D.C.. and m the deadly smoke and n9me"jon the $un's surface. xpewmg system to start successfully and There will be fatr skies and Stamps ............... 34
Pages 27 to 29 10 1932. . two grandchildren, Trevenen are Henry Dahman, a truck giant c lou et s of dangerous achieve stable operation. ICOOI temperatures tomorrow. Your ChUd's Health 34
In It Huxley __ -- cosmic onto space. 4. Evaluate accuracy of the The high yesterday was 6f Stars Above 34
25th century, draWIng a chill (Coatlltud OD Pale!. Col. I) (CoDUaued 0. Page 2, Col. I) The long-sufferinc AtlasCen guidance system. " degrees with a low of 51. \ Post Scripts .... 3
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Last Strongholds
White Supremists
Refuse to Bend
16 THE
PERTH. Scotland
of a brand new home for Capt.
Donald J. Coleman, who is
10,000 miles away in the Ant
arctic island of South Georgia,
JOHANNESBURG, South AI- ment will have no part of the are being assembled in 1,500
rica (AP) -The Republic of Portuguese idea of multiracial packages here.
South Africa and the Portu- territories In Africa. An Ango- At the end of this month the
guess possessions of Angola and Ian government spokesmen. on packages, with their 270 tons of
Mozambique have one thing in the olber hand, .&aid: building materials. wilt leave
eommon. They are the last "We in Angola and Mouun London by ahip for South Geor.
.trongholds or white supremacy bique belleve the solution to gta, where Capl Coleman Is
In this massively black conti- our problem lies in multlra senior administrator of the
nenl cial rsociety. We have little in British-governed island. I
Arrican nationalism Is going common with South Africa apart Sailing with the material" will
to lind it tough to change the from the delerminatlon to stay be eight men who will erect the
domlnating white of these terri- in the only home we have ever new house, which will have six
tories to black. Both seem ada- known-in our case Angola. We rooms, central heating and
mant on one point-they will not do, however, fight a common Medalist means of melting the snow on
Bill C. Burnett, 39, dis. too
independent Africa. the white man out or Africa." plays the Purple Heart he Every item for the house has
Although South Africa and Few outsiders can be found to got in the mail Wednes to be shipped from here. In
: day for injuries suffered
over by African nationalism, racia1.1sm 11 right for the terri. in 1943 in the Battle of chose the drapes and the rugs
they do eye to eye on the tories they govern. Whites In the Solomons. He got the on a recent vislt to Perth.
practical application of white both countries seem determined medal after his son wrote The Colemans ha.... lived on
minority rule. at this .lage not to budge from another man hurt in that South Georgia since 1159.
White South Africa is solidly their government's policies no battle _ the late Presl. The nearest civilization to the
dent John F. Kennedy.
tlon of its various population sure becomes. (AP Wirephoto) 700 miles away, in the Falkland
groups whites, Africans, Indi-l----'-'==------------'---Iislands off Argentina. Three
ans and coloreds (mixed bloods). whaling fleets use South Geor
Po,tugal's p,ovinees of Ango CrlOtlOes and .Proponents gia - Japanese, Argentine and
)a and Mozambique fa'-or a mul- Norwegian.
tiracial society. with integra -----
tion of their white, African and C S Tiff Kentucky Opens
Into civil and ontm
ue eaway 0
Angola's thr....year-oJd "little Wood-use Center
DETROIT '" _ Is the It. McCann. "We are makiDI more
six per cent of the t.rritory, has Lawrence Seaway a boon or 8 of a dent"e;r year. Bdut it will
burden? t;: at Quicksand willi the hope It
po cr When the sprawling Inland T1me for the economy of our can help revive tIte economy in
Yk d hit tr waterway opened in 1959 it was nation to grow so that It aches the del?ressed mountain. area.
.ac oops, hailed as a "miracle of trans with the need of more transpor- The center Is in a regiOn of
eqUlPp;.d h7\th same. portation" by officials all along tation facilities, and time for the Appalacian Mountain h a r.d.

ters the Lakes. Transportation'." !lumber demonstration facility.
side 'in factories and stores. But It hasn t worked
Wounded black and white troops as are qwck tO!r .
are treated In the ,arne hospi. POlOt out Cntics a,goethat the Tdeas from
tals Seaway 15n't paYlng Its own I 1.1
there are posters and may never be .able to h G tB ],,..,
sbowing clasped white and clImb out from undec It, 1130 t e rea OOftO..
black hands as a symbol of ra- million .debt to the U.S. Treas-
cial u ty Postage stamps have ury which Is compounded an
blacks, whites and nually at the rate of per .A GREAT THINKER LOOKS AT un
coloreds. ce!1t: The has $10 Dr. rtlortLmu J. Adler Is recognized as .. of the great
Many white Portuguese set million this doesn t even original thlnkel1l of the 20th century. After rcoctriag his Ph. D.
tiers in Angola do menial jobs cover the mtereest on the loan. from Columbia University 1n 1928, Dr. Adler JiIDed Robert M.
or road diggeJ'S and even shoe with his fin Hulchins at tbe University of Cbicago, where y Introduced
shine boys. Although litUe out ger 10 the dike IS Joseph H. Me courses based on readiDg and discussing the t Books. I.
ward evidence of racial dis Cann, who was appointed ad 1946 tbls acth'ity was extended to adulls lbrough Great BO?b
crimination is apparent, a hard ministrator of the St. Lawrence Foundation. Dr. Adler now is director of tbe 1 e for Phd.
economic barrier tends to segrc.. S:eaway Corpora SophlC31 Researcb in Cbicago.
gale Africans from whites. Few tion by President Kennedy. --
m: :4m:ttt: is creating more a.nd
emas or restaurants. go behind original projecti.OD5 for people. This can ob1o'lously be used to goad
Portugal bas an estimated 40, in its first four years of opera- What have the great given us that might g
GOO. strong army In ita Mrican tion. But as the waterway .po individually and coUecUvely u society. III
territories. Each man Is a "pby proaches the end of Its flfth timet
cbo-social" soldier. He I. expect. year, McCann feels there is lots JAMES R.
ed not only to wage war against of room for optimism. t01 VI a
terrorists but to propagate the With the 1963 season coming Syracuse.
multiracial line amongst the AJ to a close, McCann says 28.5 Dear IUr. Buchanan:
rlcans and win them over to the million tons (last year's high) .Most mature people, if they were asked whether woul.d
Portugese ideology of racial in have already passed through be happy idle all the time, would reply in the nega . their
tegration. the maze of locks as of Oct. answer would be the same, though perhaps if
is in marked contrast to 31. By the Dec. 1 closing date, they were asked i! would be playmg aIDUS!ng
South Africa's apartheid. 1m he expects this figure to ap- themselves all their hves long. domg nOthi?,g .... plaXmg
posed and enforcro by law. The proach or surpass 30 million represent for most people the malO aspects of free tIIIle -
South African military forces tons. the waking hours in which they iD"e frfe" from wort.
are for all practical purposes In answer to Seaway alOes, In an. era the amount
completely white. There is, how McCann says that original es. of free time has mcreased so
ever, 8 move to build up a timates or tonnage proiectlons greatly, the common attitude
small colored army contingent were too high, and that many that our "off" time should be
and nonwhites are extensively businessmen have been slow to devoted chieOy to idleness and
used in the police fcrce. take advantage of the Seaway's amusement raises an alarming
Apart from association. 1m. low toll rates. Another prob. prospect. One envisions mil
posed by working needs in a lem that has slowed Seaway lions of people at their wits' end
country where the mass of the growth is the fact that the trying to think of something to
labor force is African, there is Great Lakes ports are open fill up thei: time, to "kill time,"
minimum contact between black only nine months, from April as the saYing goes.
and white. Africans cannot use to December. The Greek philosopher Aris
white bars. hotels, restaurants. McCann says he is seeking a totle would have considered suctl
cinemas, swimming pools or two-week extension of the Dec. an attitude ridiculous and im-
transportation. They have their 1 closing date. He says this tional. As he saw it, free time
own segregated entertainment would allow many ships to is the precious portion of our
and transportation arrange make an additional trip to lives in which we can engage in
ments. Nowhere can black and Great Lakes ports and provide the intrinsically valuable activl
white together In public. millions of dollars In added ties of learning, and
White clerks serve in all the big bUsiness. public $ervice. These are the
stores, even though most of The Seaway is capable of activities that make life worth
these do business with all races. carrying 50 million tons an living and which fulfill us as
There Is simmering discontent nually, says McCann.. He ex human beings.
....mong the more politically con pects a 10 c.ent in<:t"ease in Tbese acUvltle.
sclous Africans. There have tonnage until the maXlmum Is what Aristotle called "leisure." Buchanall
been a few bombings and dyna- reached sometime In 1970. As he uses the term leisure is not synonymous with &ee time
mitings which briefly"'disrupted "We ou.ght to be paying off as itla for most of today, but it is one of the waya JD which
.communications, but none on a the prinCIpal of the bonds by we use free time. Play and idleness are among the other ways
large scale such as occurred then," he says. in which we use free time. Aristotle considered play good
frequently d\lring the commu- But a lot of work remains to thing, when pursued in moderation, because It provides recrea.
nist rebellion in Malaya. Asmall be done. McCann aU Sea- tion from the fatigues of work and thought and aIforda pleasur-
number of whites have been way ports lDust do their part to able enjoyment.
killed in tsolated outrages. But p!'omote the Seaway and. P:o- If we apply Aristotle's recipe to our present situation, we
South Africa so far has not had Vide adequate harbor facilities would divide our time in the following manner. Ftrst would
to cope wIth an organized and ca.n accommodate come the economic activities which are necessary to proVide us
effective armed uprising like gOlOg shIps. Some ue laggmg with the mateclal of exis.lenee. Then would come play CONVENIENT SHOWROOM HOURS FOR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING
the terrorist war m Angola or behind, Includmg and physical relaxation to prOVide us WIth recreation and reo
the Mau Mau rebellion that tied .In rebruary pubhc hearl.ngs cuperation. Finally, and most valuable. would come the leisure '
down thousands of white troops will be held in both the Uroted activities which help us to grow as individuals and 81 members . 9 10
in Kenya for eight years States and Canada to set Sea of the community OPEN WEEKDAYS AND SATURDAYS A" UNTIL P...
The country" ,trictly toll ,,es. This will be the la tha lattec ;'tego,y beloag our cultu,,1 activities, 'uch os .m. .m.
security laws make it hard for fll'st toU smce the Sea- serious study and artistic production _ for their own sake, not
African nationalists to organize way open . to make a living. To the works of leisure also belong our social
politically or to build up any- problem Is another and political activities - again amateur, not professional _ for
thing like an effective armed malor Issue that has confused the common good. Leisure is the productive use of free time. and
rebellion. 8.o-called subvers.iv:: its fruits are t.he development and perfection of the mind and
suspects can be thrown into lad rt ti f d t of the commumty_

brought to trial. Many anti- s H:rt of Michi. during our waking hours. On the contrary, higher even than
apartheid politicos.white and gan and ;rank Lausche of Ohio i:, what!! "rest," and have caUed "quiet."
black. have found Uungs 50 hot are expected to hold heating or sundar terms. By rest, I mean the great, pre
for them here that they have on rates and other Seaway prob. holy Sabbath.moment,. when we have cess.ed from useful
quit the country .' lems in early 1964. - both the and the leisure k.llld - and are
The government clauns Its In the meantime McCann Simply open to the highest reaUty, to the baSIS ad eare' of
stroOng army, navy and feels Seaway rates become things. "Rest" th.e time of prayer. or worship
air force, dedicated to defend lower as larger sbips are en. :- those nonutllitarJan whIch all of us must resort to
white supremacy and befter abled to carry more cargo. m order to complete ourselves.
equipped and armed than an.r "Right now" says McCann I would divide the time of our lives, tben, into tbese five parts
other forces in subSahara Mn "Seaway are often or activities: (1) sleep, (2) working for a living,. (3) play, (4)
ca, ara. capable of dealing with significant they can mean the leisure, and (5) "rest," in the Sabbath sense. It IS the last two
any threat from within our out- difference between losing or that are the essentially human activities, whereby we perfect
aide her borders. . keeping .' customer, between ourselves as human beings.
The South Afncan govern profit and loss_"
. For example, he cites the
ELECfRONIC new European market for Yo.u can win a U.volume let of the Great Books of tile West-
BENTON, Ky. (AP) _ Vol frozen tart red cherries grown era World by writing a leUer, not to exceed 150 Words. IDcor
Kidd has a backache and his in Michigan and Wisconsin. poratfog a queslio. or geueral Interest for Dr. Adler to con 1165
wife suffers {rom arthritis but More than three mUlion pounds sider (or Inclusloa la this columa. Eaeb week he will select 7
they solved the problem of who were shipped in on. month, he first prize winners the writers of the three best letten. He will
would go out to the highway to said. use ONE Df these letten 81 a basis for a future columD and wlr
let the mall by installing an McCann says motl and more answer it In terms of the Intellectual heritage of the Great Books
electrle motor to draw the mail markets abroad are openlng......f43 worb by 74 alltbon, spaanlag 3G centuries of thought
box up to their front porch and every day. Address the letten to Dr. Mortimer J. Adler in care of TIle Post I .
return it. "It's low process." laid StaDdarcL ."

celebrated Thanksgh'ing to the
delight of their Greek guests.
"I could find no pumpkin, no
squash, no tomatoes nor even
lettuce in the markets," Pan'in
commented. "We used arti-
chokes and Cried leeks for veg-
etables and I mashed ozanots to
look like sweet potatoes.
f ami I y love pecan pie for
Thanksgi"ing dessert, so I made
them of tasty wainuts."
Living in a \'ery unThanks.
gh'ing atmcsphereon the shore
of a shnoy blue sea-the
Knightons and their guests tried
to visuallze the American scene.
In honor of their guests, Parvin
included a typical casserole the
G r e e k s lo\'e-cheese, ground
beef, a sauce and herbs.
Memories of the November
holiday in foreign lands make
it more meaningful to Ameri
cans. No matter how diHicult it
Is to reproduce lhe Thanksgiving
holiday, it is part of the Amer
ican beritage.
graduate work in business education. She is dressed
in a native outfit of cherry silk brocade high-waisted
skirt and jacket. Rather than restrict herself to
spencling the holidays with her special family, the
J. M. Beckermans, Betty will broaden her scope by
visiting another family in Palmyra where she will
be a part of the Thanksgiving Day celebration.
A Thanksgiving dinner table
decorated with sweet aromatic
oranges, pomegranites and
Quince accented by tufts of pine
is a far cry from a Central New
York holiday table.
Parvin Knighton wife of Maj.
Ralph Knighton at Hancock
AFB used what Greece had to
offer in the way of decorations,
but she did have a fine, fat tur
key. The Knighlons, Mark and
Reginald, who lived in Alhens,
Really had two celflbrations-
one American and one British.
Mary Hickman was impre;;;sed
by the l\lidland traditions. "The
people would decorate the
churches with all the har-
vest produce-corn, wheat and
Mary Hickma.'1 invited a
neighboring English family to
share their Tbanksgiving. As the
guests were more accustomed to
roast goose. they loved the suc.
culent turkey. "We had to order
our turkey from Denmark as
they fire restricted in England."
ister, Sharon, join with
H. Rich, in a prayer of
f the Church of Jesus
, the Riches strengthen
ily that prays together,
clice this belief.
not celebrate Thanksgiving, but
they observe Harvest Day, also
in Novemb4lr. Col. David E.
Hickman, 1)eputy Base Com
mander at Hancock, Mrs. Hick
man, and tbeir children, Brenda,
David and Lavina Jane, once
spent Thanksgiving in England.
The Hickman family lived In
tlie Midlan4s, a farming country
close "to tile North Sea. They
bursting with the special scent of
roast sturred turkey, althuugh
the Swedish oven -was barely
big enough to hold it.
Mrs. Scbmidt recalls the prob-
lems of preparing a traditional
"Vegetables were scarce
and we made do witb Jerusalem
celery. (hllge roots) and frOlen
peas. I ordered mushrooms in
Swedisb and lOt 10 pounds of
them by mistake. Potatoes were
so small, it took all day to peel
Miss Betty Park of Seoul, Korea makes arrange
ments for her Thanksgiving vacation with Mrs.
Frederick C. Wall in the Hospitaiity Committee of.
fice of World Affairs Council at Syracuse Univer
&.it)'. An alumna of Ewha Women's University,
Seoul, where she majored in English literalure,
Betty has been living here nine months and Is doing
ular work day tor scbool chil.
dren. Col. and Mrs. James K.
SchmIdt had to gel permission to
allow their children to celebrate
Thanksgiving. Col. Schmidt, U.S.
Army Attache in Sweden, now
as sign e d to the Nortbern
New York Sector Reserve Pro-
gram, and his family lived in
Djurholm, a diplOJllalic secUon
just outside of Stockholm, for
four years.
Their children, John (who was
born in Sweden) James, Katb-
erine and Elizabeth. loved the
preparations for Thanksgiving.
It was due to their mother's per-
lIistance In finding a turkey that
the family had aD American
Thanksgiving dinner.
Wben the Schmidts first lived
in Sweden, turkeys were hard to
come by-few and far between.
Mrs. Schmidt managed to get'
one-but to her dismay, it was
to Share, Thanksgiving Family
Take Thanksgiving Around the
NOVEMBER in Sweden is a reg-
lavtted Germ8ll frleacls aDd their
ehlldren to have a typical Amer
Icaa ThungtvIng dinner."'
Gen. and Mrs. Whitehouse and
son, Wink. and daughter,
Wendy, Jived in Lanzburg. Ba
varia, where they had a very
special maid, welleducated.
born into royalty and regarded
one of the family. Sbe too sat
down to partake of stuffed ttlr
key. and all the flXin's.
Anne Whitehouse recalls she
made three pies: a pumpkin
chiffon pie from Mamie Eisen-
hower's cookbook, an apple p
because it is her husband's fav-
orite, and mincemeat for tradi
And as customary in Ameri-
can Thanksgivings, AM'S table
In Germany was completed b)' a
hornof-plenty. spilling out fruit
and vegetables.
a perilous became our
revered forefathers.
Also in Leydon there is a mu
seum where a collection 01 arti-
cles of clothing, furniture and
personal possessions were leU
behind when the Pilgrims sailed
Wbile Thanksgiving is typical
lY American, in these days of
many Americans livilll abroad,
the holiday often requires com-
promises and inventiveness to
provide a traditional ThanksgiV-
Ing. Among the Americans like- -
ly tp spend Thanksgiving in lor.
. lands are our service faml
Ann Wblteboulle, wife of Gen.
Thomas Whitehouse. commander
of the Air Defense Sector at
Hancock Air Force Base, reo
members a Thanksgiving in
"I made it as American as apo
pie pie," Anne rem:nlsces. "We
Military Wives
MI LLION S OF Americans
-at hOOle or abroad-celebrate
Thanksgivlnl in the tradition of
our forefathers.
Many countries celebrate the
rall harvest bounties but one
town in Europe joins with us in
observation of Thantsliving
day. Each year on the last
Thunday in November. a little
town in Holland bas a special
Dignitaries, townspeople and
American tourists in Leydon ob-
serve Thanksgiving day in St.
Peterskirk, the town church.
This is the town where the Purl..
tans fled to escape religious per-
secution in England. There they
tarried until they could make
their way across the Atlantic to
r:ew way of life and freedom.
There is a plaque on tbe
churCh waU commemorating the
amaH band of people who after
Our Oldest
By HELEN RENSHAW lin. Frank Cbunlna Soule 61 Fo,jtUevWe. who Jill. 'P!lll
h Ud her! hed a 101 of lime on Clpe Cod, says Thanksglvlnl dlnner there ofle
THANKSGIVING is our oldest American a ay, . C s included a corn pudding, actuaU, a souffie, for a "egetable dJ
be f tb oud trad1tion inherent in It. Part 'of thiS Thanks .
cause 0 e pr I r t tarted in the Plymouth A seafood cotktall preeeded dinner and the turkey ml
giving eelebraUon II tht annua eas. s boast a delicious chestnut stuffing. Dessert, naluraUy enou
colony in lUI. I I I would be a cranberry sherbet or special tce box cakes, rna
It wasn't unUl 1883 that Thanksgiving was regu ar y e- with cranberries and figs in a lady finger mold and a topp
brated throughout the nat ion of whipped cream.
brought about maJ?ly by err Mrs. Ray R. Dirt of 210 DeWitt Road was brougbt up
editor of a woman s :aga:::. a surprIR to the Pilrrlma. Minnesota, daulhler of Scandinavian parents.
Tbe first III esls would bring 10 "We 81n)'l forgot oar uaUve dlshes 011 Thanksgiving,"
The aettlen diu t bow their ladIaD gu U' rememben. "My panola came from Swedea and waated
maay aabowa roods and would do most of the cooking as we . tbu uythlq else to be true Amerlcam.
The was an Indian summer day "The family alwaYs gathered after church for R lradiU
Massasott of the Wampanoags and Capt. j American Thanksgiving dinner much the same as I've alwa)'l
that the first han'est, although. should be celebrated by served my own mashed potatoes and gravy.
the small intrepid colony of Pdgnms. squash, cranberries and mince or pumpkin pie."
History recounts that the groaning festive held oysters Mrs. William C..Egan of Maple Drive and ber family spent
and clams, fish, wild fowl, .. Indian corn, beans several years in Houston, Tex., and remembers that the holiday
and peas, wild cranberries (called l-blmJ or sour berry, .by often was associated with a big football game.
the Indians), nuts and Everything was baked Indian "Texans afe crazy about footItaJl," said Mrs. Egan, "uti
fashion, under the ground 10 p . f I very often eat out on Thaaksglvtas before or alter the game.
'I'Iuulbglvlng Is noslalgic tlDie. the time or renew ng There's never any suow", .he added. "III fact, It's apt to be
famllJ' Ues and counting blesslnp. raJaln."
The aroma oC roasling turkey drifting from the kitcben Foods served are much the same as here with the possible
brings vivid memories of childhood - grandmother'S. a addition of black.eyed peas, though many used to drt
table decked wtth candles, gleaming snver and linen; to Galveston for a seafood dinner.
the family with clasped hands and bowed heads (while grand-
asked the blessin ) and tantalizing peeks that made the Mrs. Arthur Rich of Fayetteville up Payson. Utah.
b bl g a little town just south of Salt Lake City, and JS a member of
waiting un eara e. the Mormon church.
ALTHOUGH TURKEY SEEMS to have remained the tradi. "We always went &0 grandmother's house," Mrs. Rich lIald,
tional main course throughout the nation, folks who grew up in "I remember there were always 30 or 40 members of the famO,
ther arts of the country remember. with mouthwatering gathered for lurtey with !lage stuffing, candled yams-sad
o p th if 11Th ksgi I f asls always, a special relish made with raw cranberries and orangea
aOf H::t wbo spent ground together."
her childhood In Elba, deep In Alabama, recalls the meal always Mrs. Rich explained the Mormon does not have sen
started with an oyster cocktail. The turkey usually had a corn- lees on Thanksgiving, but that eacb family conducts a pra
bread stuffing, there was a green vegetable. peas or string beans, service as a unit in their own hom.e.
and of course, candled yams. "We always try to see that those in the church wbo do not
Waldorf salad was a southern Thanksgiving tradition-but have famUfes of their own, older people or service men, are-
made with southern pecans rather than the walnuts used here. taken care of and Included in a family celebriltion.
For dessert-Lady Baltimore cake or ambrosia-a combination "We feel this Is a day to share wltb someone", she ex.
of fresh oranges, freshly ,rated coconut, pineapple and topped plained. ,. IIL__ .-. _ .......
with whipped cream. Mn, Rich, whose family still lives out "'est, has two daugb-
"Our Thanksgiving was a very religious boliday," Mrs. lers and plans &0 in\'lle lueral servlc:emen for dinner, "so we'U
Bynum recalls. "We always went to grandmother's-it was a at least have a family of eight."
real gathering of the clan, probably a bold-over from the old Families of the Mormon faith believe many of the problemc
plantation days. But first we always went to church and stopped concerning young people today could be eliminated if families
at Shiloh, the little family cemetery, to place flowers on family work, play and pray .together, and they try to pause at lem
graves." ONCE A DAY, not only on Thanksgiving, to gi\'e thanks to God.:
By MARY ANNE YOUNG In their thanks giving, stu be a pleasant day .of invitations for the holiday Week-leat regard creed. or po. r.e\'isit their hosts: Some faml; takes place for wivf:S of There also are five volunteers
WHEN READS ARE BOWED dents will remember the HOllpi mg recalhng end. IItlcal belief, a couadl spotes- lies entertamed s!udent5 students and thelr children. who assist in orflce duties once
Thanksgiving Day in gratitude talily Committee of tbe World of family bfe and Thanksgwmg in the committee iliad asserted. . years after their grad. The y may attend English a week. They are Mrs. Russell
for His many benefits and bless A(' -' . customs. office assigned students to fam- Thus the work of the Hospi. uation. classes, baby care courses and. .'
jngs foreign students fro m th It is SEVERAL WEEKS AGO dies, keeping in mind nationall. tality Committee gives the in. In addition to tlie home has- also participate in clothing and Seredmcky. Mrs. Da\ld D. SCD-
University will lift th t
be MEMBERS f th H itaUt ties, common interests and ternationaJ students 2 new lease pitaJity program, the commit. furniture excbanges. field, Mrs. Frederick Webster.
their hearts and voices In a e s u en.s ave .In . . 0 _ e osp y fields of activity. on life. Rather than leading tee plans other activities for Involved in this work are Mrs. Floyd C. Carlson and Mrs.
"adopted" family circles. .. share m matled letlers to 500 uWhen bome hospitality II ar. purely academic lives, family foreign students. There are teas Mrs. Frederick C. Wall. exec. Josef Bjron.Hanson.
Th" 10 a orne away :am ome. families In Onondaga County relationships are developed every Wednesday for American ulive secretary of the World Af- There are 612: students repre-
a e st';ldents _Some students.will 08 who expressed interest in ra.aged It. 15 with the expedll. from mere pleasant friendships. and international students. fairs Council, and Mrs. Charles senting 11 countries enrolled at
y offer prayer In. their na tive costumes will add to the program at Uea that an hosts eatertalnlq Following completion of work Wives of faculty members are O. Maxwell and Mrs. Gordon the Uni.ersity. The largest na-.
tiffe :dngue or join 10 prayers color and g3Jety. of Thanks- Syracuse Umverl1ty. bttenaatloaaJ vtsltora wl1l reo for graduate degrees, many stu hostesses. Bowles, hospitality committee tional groups are from Canada.
o er '1 their bosts. 11VU1g Day celebration. It will taneoual1 100 studenb recelved celve &HIll .. iDdJ'fIdaaII wf&b. dents return to this area and Once a month a special event adminlstratora. China and India.
600 Foreign
Servicemen Guard Casket of Late President
On View In East Room of the White House
Executive Office BUilding. It was the
new President's first p hot 0 in 8
business conference. (UPI Telephoto)
2 THE PElM'STANDARD, Syracuse, N. Y. Sunday, No..mber 24, 1963

Basic Policies
For Defense
Seen Stable
WASHh'lGTON (AP) - Little She wanted it to stimulate
WASHINGTON (AP) - The John and Caroline Kennedy sense of history and their
Kennedy "&dmin1stration's basic tol.d the sad news of
defense polides probably wiD er s death and wetn With their "Many !irst families loved this
march forward under President mother to a private Mass in the house _ and that each and every
Johnson without breaking stride. great East Ballroom of the one left something of themselves
But one major polJcy-mvolv- White House Saturday. behind in it .."
tng the U.S. military role in Mrs. Jacqueline Renned)', J:<ennedy w.ilIlt3Ve much
change direction. whose courage had been reo behind. In We W.hlte House, but
t Johnson has indicated marked at bv all who saw her'Is.he will take With her the ter-
- tried to console her children. rlble of the two
:- which, under the late President Alter all she had been great tragedies that struck her
: Kennedy, took second place to through the 34 _ year _ old 1i!e in the past three months.
! civilian space exploration. The widow' of President John F. There the death last
; Pentagon position has been that Kennedy still faced the ordeal of an Infant son, then
of the funeral, with the hoods Friday s shock of havmg her
E space weapons could do mOe of many states coming to pay to death as he. sat
tribute to the (allen leder. beSide her m an open car In a
::' can do it far more cheaply. -Mrs. Kennedy will riee Sun. Dallas Motorcade.
Secretary of Defense Robert day in a slow. mournful proces-
S. McNamara probably wUlslay sion as a caisoon, drawn by
- in the Johnson Cabinet. Johnson seven horses, carries Kennedy's
- bas spoken admiringly of MeNa- body-to rest in state in the roo
mara, calling him the strongest lunda of the Capitaol, where she
;- man in the Kennedy Cabinet. used to send him hot lunches
::. There is no indication that when he served in the Senate.
; This picture, made moments after PresI- to M J h C 11 'f of T e x a s'
z dent Kennedy was shot in Dallas Friday, e
lishment. shows his limousine speeding toward Park- (AP Wirephoto) funeral Mass.
- Associates said McNamara's For more than 16 hours arier
relations with Johnson have ...... - 63 M her husband was shot Mrs. Ken-
been very friendly althOllgh the ,'ssl'ng nedy refused to leave the body,
two have not been particularly accompanying the casket on the
i as the senior Cab- (Concluded from Page 1) o\'er in InIn (Concluded from Page 1)
Inet officer present in Washing said, "to loin us in this day of sharp features Deputy P 'ce a limousine in DaDa blood prayers were offered up also in. -- thesda Naval Ifospital Frida)'
- ton. met Johnson when be ar- mourmng and rededication" Chief M W. Stevenson said s streaming from In his St. Peter's at the Vatican. from Sarber, Pa.. and night to be prepared for burial.
rivetf from Texas Friday night. Strock down by an assassin's wald was arraigned late F ay head and neck...f In many lands, as in this CIiIrord French.. 21, a graduate She had little sleep. It was
- rifle fire in Dallas. Tex.. Friday night on a charge of murd ng At the Dallas ital to country, sports events were s.tudent !rom after 4 a.m. when she again
Kennedy Jay in a closed. Bronze Kennedy. wbich Kennedy rushed, called oIf, business came to a tist Semlllary In Ponliac. Ahch. rode the ambulance to bring
E C d D' ct casket in the famed East Room Justice of the Peace \'e Mrs. Kennedy had resed as standstill. bars were closed, oa frenCh "'as .to h0!I'e Kennedy's body back to the
o eIre S of the White House. Jobnston ordered him held th final kiss on his Jips.,allpped her tlonal legislatures adjourned. m OhiO, With hiS wile, While House to lie in state in
- In ahppier moments. this \'ast out bond. ring onto his Hng asked Here in America. Negroes Elaine. 22. , the East Room. Fifteen close
,FI D' I beautiful room is the scene of A presidential jet brou the a priest to "pray .... mourned the death of Kennedy Both Dahman. and relatives and friends joined in
ag ISP oy concerts. dances and gay fes- dead President and the ng Her .husband gone, the as the passing of a second Abra to work:-<lulckly and eUI'la short prayer. 75 attend.
tivities. President back to Wash on was etch her face. ham Uncoln. Two Southern gov Clently-resClung many of the ed the Mass later.
. Saturday, candle light flick- Friday night. and '. B ,nzaJez, D croon Kennedy bit- and empl.oyes. Throughout it all, Mrs. Ken-
n ourn,ng ered on a casket. Priests Johnson went into a s of Ta. I t bear to terlyy on 0:ffl :,ghts spoke more Twent)-one made It outlnedy bore up bravely but was
:t" prayed. An honor guard stood conferences with defense, . i. watch. klndJ, of him In death. .. additIon to threeISO. dazed that she would not per-
.:.: WASHINGTON (AP)-Displayat attention. Relatives, friends tary and congressional I en1 Mrs. Kennedy t tbe night Gov. Ross Barnett of MISSlS' nurses. :)Ome surrercd second mit anyone to help her clean or (Concluded from Page 1)
of the Bag b civilians In mourn- and assoC18tes of the dead Pres- -after promISing to do hi t at the naval has in Bethes. SiPpi said he was "profoundly and third-degree burns and change her bloodstained plOk __
- Ing for President Kennedy is Ident, government omCialdom, and asklOg the help ol aad da. then rode 10 ambulance shocked and deeply" distressed were taken to FlsherTltus Me'lsmt She wore It all through the and Teresa Huxley. Also slll"Viv-
;: provided tn a code adopted in diplomats, a former preSident, the American people. that brought casket and at the cou'ardly act of assas monal Hospital. Fou: were ust-1lo'ng hours, a symbol of her 109 are the brother. Srr Julian.
i 1924 by veteran and 0 t be r fJ.Jed by 1D mournful tribute Kennedy's 1:JocI;y' was ta n to bo<!Y tq the House at Iinatlon. Gov. George C. Wal ed in serious condition tragedy and two haIr.brothers. DaVid
i patriotic organizations. A bundred yards -away. in the the naval bospital In a. a. M. Jace"of Alabama said the assas- It was more than elgbt hours The White House did not and Andrew, of Lonc!on.
i The rocedure Is not covered west wmg of the executh'e man- lid. for preparations f hing She sUD wore pmk SUit lID must be filled Wlth umver- after the predawn before ment today on how )Irs Ken- His Belgian-born first Wife
by statute, but tn gen.. sion, Johnson came to work. to In state and burial. In black sbe bad 011 in , .... malae. toward all " firemen an,d other oIrlclals could was bearmg up There the former ),tana Nys, died of
eral It Is IlimUar to that used. consult and be consulted on the houn before dawn. nedy willi the lIfe-bl ber d)'U1g begm mOl 109 bodies from the were reports tbat canCi!r m 1955 afk'r 36 years of
- the milita m8S!1ve problems that pressed came back to the WId House Cb. smoldenng structure she was prepanng to meet With mamage. In 1956 the 6 foot.4
by ry down upon him from the fnstant for the latt time Aa..honar' til Marines a ,net Bodies ....Tapped m green plas- Mrs Lyndon B Johnson to dis-l t ed t Italian.
:; The Bag Is fltst run up to the Kennedy died. paced the amb u tic bags ""ere taken to a morgue cuss transfer of tbe White Jouse wn er was mam a h
top or em of nag pole or From tbe breadth of diU With 5 wi- Wldte H set up In a cafetena and gym. premises to KEnnedy's succes- born \'Iobrust Laura cera.
flag staff and then towered to stu ed rid f dow. Jacqueline. was .;Itb hill Th "III d (Coacluded from Page 1) naslum or the Fltchville grade sor On April 4,1962..o\ldous lluxlev
the traditional half-staff post- dJJl
WO ':d
C! con- * * *.. ro et wal __ school IdentlhcatIon was a dlf- ThiS also would be a sad task t:POlte to a capacity aUdIeac.e ot
tlon. 'Whendt II reb:ieved after H ence to the de th was prepared to lIerve the hcult task. Bodies were charred for Mrs Kennedy who as FirS 1 200 persons in Heildncks
display, tbe"llag apln 11 boIIt a:earoa: the :c led f en I President as long as he wanted: and shriveled beyond recogm. Lady had de\oted herseU to the Chapel, Syracuse Unwerslty. In
from lI'-s1atf pOatlOD e without ham E e w eepia m. them to serve" lion and the rest home's rec. of restoring and refur. a speech sponsored by the
peak a 1 othe out by II 0 a Inger said all members 'Of ords were consumed In the fire blshlng the historiC White HutchlOgs Society and the De-
. moval J a.... the , (b cabinet were nursIng bome supervisor House parlment of Psychiatry
The mllitlr1"8 services -"" J tlrst setWlon the In the Whlte House gUIdebook He spoke on "VISionary Ex.
vide '. pPlacfIIJ 1D SoViet' Premier Khrushcb 10 :.\ I' ltite hosplta'tj s!\n Mrs Kenjnedy penence" and hq\v It could be
mourmng wh e D us b'l garbed lD black hurried to .. r addition. Salincer let of them had no noted the had been done attained by such methods as
'f marcldng troops, a custom not American In Moscow ftii these oIficials were on h8 t: known relaUves and seldom reo "for all the people y,;ho the sobtude, Intense concentratlon'l
E applk:able to ordinary clvWan to express his sympathy. WASHINGTON (AP) _ JtpIare !.;":o at Theodore Sorensen, sped;aI celved ViSitOrs, she Slid White House each year The hypnOSIs and psycho-ohysl
iJ dIS p la y. In this case, t 1t' a Khrusbch who eb s dent Kennedy win be burlel! ho At the h of the counseJ to the PreSIdent, Jer- The \1ctlm!t _ almost evenly number bad come to a record of methods such as the br JIg
.5: streamers ob black crepe about Kennedy m:viJeld ArUngton Nationa CemeteJ7 a Navy U ant wi ed orne B Wiesner,. SCience ad dlvld!!d between men and wom over a minIOn while the Ken- exerCIses 10 Yoga and direct
7 feet long and 12 incbes wide band, said that "the Wish ol the ramily'" vlser to Kennedy, Waller W. en-were in a least 13 rooms of nedys were there chemical lneans
i to the peat of the "The death of President Ken- This was announced Saturday Two th ds tJle spra.... hng L-shaped Luild-
. .:; nedy is a hard blow to all peo by Pierre SaUnger, WhIte Bouse bowed,. et oth J RIOrdan secretary of iog h K lk
: pIe who cbenshed the cause of press secretary. He said he on loW' lNlal!hes. prayi tly the' cablOet Budszet Director "Tar was melting as fire l .
- No Involvement peace and SoVletAmerlcan co- could not pinpoint at tbIa time for the ftftt Roman to KermIt William Moy- back through the bUlld- rlS Ins 0
- operation." the exact site of the IJ1IYe. reach tb ....esJdeney. ers. deputy of the peace mg. said Emmett E\ege, 49 a
- Se . 51' The bJg unanswered question Kennedy wiD become the sec- An eDOl!lllous spray co s and a close Jobnson as. pallent at the borne for three '"
t en In aYlng How will Khrushchev get along ond president to be buried in lWes and earnatIons George Reedy Special \ears He and hiS roommate. L k d G if
WIth Johnson? the wooded. rolling cemetery the west II4e of the e assl to the Vice Ross Hopkms, 61. were the last OC e In rle
WASHINGTON CIt - State De- In DaUas,_a young man With Just across the Potomac from StartiDI at 10 am, on and\aUn er. p , to get out. he
partment authorities said Sat an attachment to the Soviet Un- the capitol city. Former Prest- through the day. me of a Sahngefdid not say but SIOCi! E\'ege saId limbers were fall.
urday they bave no evIdence 1JI.. ion was charged With the deed dent William Howard Taft Is famn,. IUt has known ,of Stevenson jotned Rust in prom- jog from the roof as tried to DUGANSTOWN. Ireland (AP)[farm at Duganstown the lnsh
of that sent a shock wave of hor- buned at Arhngton, the site of great mceess and n- ising to remain as lona: as John- rescue some patients Some of -The Wldow Ryan wept and Kennedy's and Ryans lomed the
on or any If Orelglt ror around the globe. the Tomb of the Unknowm:. a1 traa'idr. intimate f and son Wishes the pledge appar- the folks came out of their could not be comforted. For Widow In common mourmng.
power In the assanlDatlon of Lee Harvey Oswald insisted Up to the time of the aDo UfiOdata of the Ken and ently the other Ken- rooms, but got confused young John Kennedy. her third They had come here on a day
f that '1 did not kill the Prest ftouncement there had beta al- offic:ials from all b of nedy advisers ""ho like the went back to the rooms agam, COUSin was dead Just five months ago to ..... elcome
f'!1 thra ormer denl I did !tot kill anyone I most a presumption that burial gove1'lUllellt moved U N ambassador not act. he said Kennedys and Ryan and PreSIdent Kennedy when be re--
:e Yb
don't know what thiS is all would be m Kennedy's naUve Sunday and Monday oreb uaJly cabinet I fnends and neighbors gathered turned to the land of hiS fore.
cf1carged With th
abouL" Massachusetts after some cere- Q8J')'peopleKennedy will Johnson set up the cabmet F . Ch' f around and put comforung fathers The \\ldow and tbe oth.
Dauas Tes Fnda g Dist. Atly Henry Wade who many in Boston have their opportumty honor meeting on short notice orelgn Ie S hands on her. but nothlOg they er cousms and distant relathes
D' en! authonties filed the assasslOation - murder Kennedy's body Will be taken him. His body wlll lie" ltale, He was a minute late leav- k said or did could staunch the reh\ed Chat day last summer,
said they of no eVl charges agamst Oswald. 24, told to ArlfngtDll Immediately after =.the of In 109 the VIce preSidential offices As ed to Stay now of tears. the sobhmg saYing orten "00 you remem.
deuce that Cuba was involved 10 reporters Richard Cardmal Cushmg 01 Cap rotunda SO ndMr US In the executive office bUlldmg For Duganstown the birth- ber ?"
the assassmation "There is no one else but Boston, a personal fnend of the 1. I :mncra
u_'7"'" until across the street, his 'buSlOesS WASHINGTON (AP) _ Presl- place of the dad Prestdent's They remembered how they
hun." assassmated chief executive. of Aa.m. a y headquarters most of the dav dent Jobnson has asked allinsh lmmlgrant greatgrandfa. had put out long tables 'ilolth
Oswald worked in the school flelates at a Solemn ReqUiem t ecomparued by for the 2: 30 pm seSSIOD at chiefs of US foreign missions ther. Patrick Kennedy. was deep cakes and pies for the biggest
STOCK EXCHANGE CLOSED textbook warehouse from which Mass in WashlOglon's St. Mat the White House proper. to stay on the Job and not sub In tcars and mourmng And so party tbe place had c\er kno.... n
NEW YORK (AP)-The malar police said the bullets that thew's Cathedral Monday :b fan wn :.... take Secret ServIce agenlJ and a mit the usual resignations was New Ross, down the road. And how the widow bad served
Itoct markets of the United snuffed out Kennedy's life were In addition to the funeral serv- th: Wb: 'rOj bandful of aldes made the short The State Department an and and Cork and \Vex. John tea They called him Sean
States will remam closed Mon- flTed.---A rifle was found there 1Ci!, there Will be graveside ntes and then OlIse dO Ie Qip 10 walk With him nounced thiS Saturday, mcreas ford and Limenck and he took two lumps of sugar
day as the nation mourns the - Oswald lived In Moscow for at the cemetery. services Mon to fiDeral The cabinet meeting broke ing the belief Jobnson IS eager The Widow 1.Iary Ann Ryan. a In bls tea, ate a sandWIch and
slain PreSident Kennedy. The three years, mamed a Russian Salinger said the route of the CathObC-CatblJ:al ler
up a few mlOutes after S pm to empbaslze a continuatIon of Kennedy before ber marnage, cut the cake that Mary baked
New York and American Stock gIrl, tried to give up hiS Amen funeral procession will be an- nortb of the Whit ';0 ew s and the PreSident returned to the foreign POhClf'.s of President was John F Kennedy's crosest for hIm
Exchanges announced early can citizenship in 1959, and be- nounced Sunday Johnson woo h use. ed his of(fee 10 the executive ofJce Kennedy. who was assassmated relalJ\'e m Ireland, and 'I:latly Remembermg made the gnef
Saturday that there will be no longed to a pro-Castro orgamza- \ He also reported that the fam- fully reco' red f as :-:-=_' -'::p;-ro-;u;;;d"O"f"",..1=At",the ancestral deeper
trading in securities of any tion called "Fair Play for Dy may permIt teleVISion and ta k he at r "
kind by any brokers through Cuba". radlo broadcasts of the funeral nightS t hn b' apent .. < _ JO '#
the.ll" facilities Authonties said the trall led Mass as '"'" " '.
Spring Valley section of BOrth <{ .fI
west Wasblngton.
It was 8:55 when he,..uacbed
the Wrote House Sattfl'thl,. morn.
Shortly after noon, the Presi-
dent and his wife. both ill black.
drove to special church WVlee
at Sl John's and heardlbe rec-
tor, tbe Rev. John C. Harper,
ask God to grant the President
the "authority, wisdom and
strength to know and to do thy
The rector told reporters that
the service was arranged at the
request of Johnson.
Mrs. Kennedy and her dUJ-
dren, Caroline and John Jr. at
tended a private Mass in the
White House, along with 75 rela-
tives and friends.

dren were told Friday night of
their falber's death, but 5alIn-
ger said be did not know who
Iold them.
In Hyannis Port, Mass. Ke.
neely's mother went alone to
Mm at 7 a. m. and remaiDed
through a second one at 8. Then
she breakfasted with Joseph P.
Kennedy, the late Presideat's
;emiinvalid father.
The tl'agic news had been
kept from the elder KeDMdy
until Saturday morning. Re 101-
fered a stroke in December.
lHl. aDd never hu reCovered
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TIIEE PAJlKl1iG-A.'ir CL'''-U

Soviet Radio THE POST STA:DARD :yraeuse N Y, Sunday November 24 1963

Says Shooting
Was Political MotIvatmg Smper Slaymgs
Viet (ong Hit
Oswald s Family
The family of Lee Harvey 05\' aId arrIves at the
Dallas Police Station Saturday for more questlomng
about the man held In the assassmatlon of PreSIdent
Kennedy Fnday Leadmg 1S hiS mother Mr$i
Marguerlte Oswald caIT) 109 hiS infant child
Behmd her IS Oswald s wife Marma and m the
rear hIS brother Robert (i\.P Wirephoto)
Assassination of an Portrait
Lee Oswald--Loner and Marxist
DALLAS lJ'ex (AP)-He was
a loner and kept pretty much to
himself all hiS life He held rad
leal VIews but wasn t regarded
as a troublemaker Deep WIth n NEW YORK (AP) - What Amencan Psychiatnc Assocla Currenl stresses In the na
MOSCOW (AP) _ Moscow assaSSID to squeeze the
alien ideology enunCiated a cen radiO charged Saturday mght Can m 0 r e assassmatlons be olds 9iho transfer their own m there IS less national an ety and
tury ago by Krl Marx thal nghtist elements m Amer prevented? ncr problems 10 others particu phenomena of rapId change Re-
Th S was the portrait that are attemptmg to cast the Promment psychlatnsts gave larly to people of pronunence actions to change brmg out the
emerged Saturday of Lee Har arne for PreSident Kennedy s these vtews In telephone inter such as world leaders They "1Jlnerable people who are
'Yey Oswald, 24 accused of the assassination on the Com v lew s With The Ass 0 c I a t ed make the leaders the victims of fr ghtened
8ssassmation FrIday of Pres mumsts Press rumor espec alb of a slander We are deahng w th some.
esse Cur =- Dr Karl Men n 1 n g e r of the Violence
ry s8Jd Oswald has readily ad lice verSion about the responSI It IS logical to belte\ assas homiCide and is not too differ
mltted he s a Commumst wh:t u
ther results of the ID\ estiga bil ty 10 this temble trag be members of a persecuted day
added He dldn t try to lion eel) group The) go beyond reasonl \\ e need more ser ous
hide Il The rad 0 commentar on the There IS no sIn g I e s mple or log c thought and research Into anti
Although formally charged arrest of Lee Harvard )Oswald cause for VIolence Whatever 1\ mam defense IS agamst social aggress \e behav10r As
With the murder of Kennedy an avowed MarXISt and former becomes known about the man any form of extremle:m By the we ha\ e an opportun ty to learn
Oswald has WIthstood all efforts defector of the Sovet Un on who pUlled the trIgger the dan ory thIS type of action stemslabout the assassIn of PreSident
by authorlt es to gain any ad stated The head of the Dallas gee IS that in our angcr and an from unsolved anx et es amonglKennedY we mlght help un
mlSS on from him of any lnnd n pol ce s3..ld thai Oswald aUe gUish we will seek a scapegoat masses of people A defense IS prove SOCiety to some degree
the assasstnat on edly admJtted that he was Jl:
I don t th nk have e\er to get theIr conf dence We need 1t mlghl help mobilize aclion
He has told newsmen J did member of the CommunJst ar taken the problem of crime sen more study of how we can subh Can we learn anyullng construc
not kill PreSIdent Kennedy I ty but the more details anlan ouslyenough Cnme 18 a great mate or subst tute for thel! anti tlve out of this shocking trag
did not kill anyone nouncements are made the problem In thiS country in big SOCial dr \es edy
Oswald Is 5 feet 9 weighs 160 more susp c ous and dark th s form and little form
pounds He has a f rm Jaw reg Charged as Kennedy s AssaSSin case appears We assume Violence 111 hu
State Department offICials never seemed to get any maillh dden some\\here landlord It sa d that Oswald a
and def ant -even arrogant at said that fhe r records sho \ He was al\\ays polte and a Johnson sa d charged wtth Kennedy s slay ng sn t
times _ under uesllontn But that 0 Nov 2 1909 In Mosco\\ gentleman sa d h s landlady I Dallas D st AUy HeRr,}' Wade after 10 hour... of mterrogat on I
he can smile g Oswald turned III hs American Mrs Johnson but..he ddntjSaJd after quesLioRlng Os\\ald Ibut there was no eVidence Every President has been
What k nd 01 a man was Os fn:ff :; 1 don l think he Is a nul T could prove this accusa
wald before h s arrest glance s to the Sovet SOCial st t y y th nk he Is sane J don t mean Th I thOs t II e th ngs ha\ e be"n sa d
c Republ c es ;he housekeeper Earlene olve euie about each preSident
later OswaJd marned a RUSSl8nlROberlS 58 recalled 1 told and he IS sharp the Uruted States m the assas- Personal vlluperatlon of the
1\[y father d ed before I was gll'l Manna N cholae\na an at myself 1hat he was a peculiarl Mr.. Oswald also was ques jSlnauon of the Pres dent It PreSident tends to In fl ue n ce
)orn tractive pet te blonde who man I took It for granted iliat tioned-through a RUSSian Inter s3..ld people who are suggestible who
HIS WIdowed mother brought 111 a hospital m Mmsk he didn t care for people But preter because she speaks only For the fU'St time Saturda of;:e
her family to Fort Worth and e was pregnant WIth the r he never bothered anyone Ibroken Enghsh She bore m her the So\"Iet news report men; re."1 ent ate e IRgs I ey
set about at a var et) of lobs to when m January 14nother roomer said I didn tarruS her two months old sec tl00ed that Oswald aUegedJt agamst
.upport three sons T swald wrote to Sen John know hun by name E\ erybody ond daughter The first 1$ two wss In the Soviet Umon f err ammOS1 es an ates an
Mrs Howard Green Wife of R Tex 8S disenchant left h malone I)ears old IThe young ex 1anne defe ears
Texas Slate representatl\ e m!f:tt set III Oswald s landlord Johnson Brought from Fort Worth was ed to the SOVIet Uruon m 1 Jt IS an easy step from fan
taught Oswald m the sixth grade Se defector pleaded s;ud he al\lo ays talked In a for Oswald s mother a short \\om but returned home In 1962 w th tasy to achon for somt! people
of Forth Worth s R dgely Ele- IRce Julv 20 1960 I haH
language when he talked an WIth gray salt and pepper a RUSSian Wife and b b Hate frustration hurt pnde and
mentary school HIS grades unsuccessfullv applied for a So- on the phone-a was eIther Ger ha r daughter a a bllter feel ngs lead them on to
were below a\erage and her de- Vlet eXIt usa to leave th s coun man or RUSSian I \liould sa She S31d of her son He pull the trigger
scnption of him from her mem jtry The Soviets refused 0 per y doesn t come around any more foscow radio commentato Dr Sandor Lorand New York
OlJ was in mtro\ut, bookISh mIt me and mv So\let wUe to Durmg the fndav noon hour I ha\ent st'en him 10 a }ear \alentin Zorln countered Cltv Whatever the assassns
a loner lea\'e the So",et Un on I am a :\frs Roberts the housekeeper She added that the stigma of charges thai was he was a father
A Fort Worth policeman ask ICltizen of the Uruted Stata; of a watching a teleVISion re Oswald s Russ an ad\enture \ICtim of a Ie
lng that his name not be used 1\menca and I beseech ,}'ou port of the shoot ng of President bothers him a)"11Ig Those
l!i31d he knew Oswald from firth Sen Towcr to nse (SIC) a ques Kenned.}' 'He ne\er saId "hy he doesn I ilie secunty of Many normal people are fuU
grade until his entry mto AIhng 110n of holding by the Sov et Un She s3..ld of Oswald He came come to the house ht< J know nedy IS orgamred Imow that 1 of v olenee We learn to control
ton He ghts High School in Fori Ion of a CItizen of the Uruted 1Il nmmng llke the dickens and Os\\ald continued It s be- IS not poSSlble for a fanatic to It When the controls break
Worth States ag8Jnst hiS will and ex I said to hun You sure are m cause he doesn t want them 10 commll such an assasSUlaUon down a person can want to at
The former classmate re pressed deStre. a hurn but he dJdn l say anv persecute me They all It if not aCCIdental that 1t tack the \lihole commumty and
ea11ed 'He was alwa}'s opposed Tower's oU ce referre the let thing-Just ran to his room and\tumed thelr backs on me beJore took lace m the South e\er one he thmks IS mistreat
to any kind of diSCIpline He ter to the State Department and got a short tan coat and ran and will turn thetr backs slates hleh are well kno as mg him He thmks of hlmseU
seemed to hold 1t agamst peo tn Februrarv 1962 it was de back out on me agarn He knows a steo hold of raost and other as a fIgurehead sa\lng the
pIe up authontv He Clded after a reView that Os Police cia m that a search of how they ve treated me He Fasci m It IS preclselv world
never was like any other kid He 9iald ne\'er had actually Oswald s room turned up Com wanted to shoulder It huuself here at (Anzona Sen Barn) The responslbilitv I es m all
didn t asSOCiate hardly at aU achle\'ed SoVlet CItizenship mun st hterature I fm broken hearted aboullGOldW ter who s ooe of the of us 10 rna ntam and strengthen 2 SBLI s qucllty protection It IS sub-
but he wasn t a trouble maker Tllerefore he was gIven a pass We had seen those thIS He IS really a good bo} conte e for the presldenc} the controls o\er our Violence a Ject to the some str ct State lows 05
He talked a good b t in high port and prOVIded With the cus books He must ha\e kept them she declared get! lUPPOt1.. It I es particularly With Ihose
school about how th ngs should tomary loan aV3..llabie to Amer leaders \\ hoever 1hey be Vi ho any other life nsuronce company and
be pcans stranded abroad - in 1h s * * disrup the normal adjustment IS superv sed by both the Stote Bonk
In an altercalion \'1th the case $435 It Is not clear \\heth of mdl\1duals by preach ng \ 0- Ina Deportment ond the Stote Insur
coach of the school s B football er the money ever \\as repa d 10 M I lence v;ho encoura<7e Ihe \ ew once Deportment
team the pol ceman recalled Back III this country Oswald Uran __ that Tebell on anl OPPO" tion
OS9iald shouting turned up in hiS native New Or ale all nght "ven f carr ed to 3 SBLI IS exclus ve Soy ngs Bonk L fa
It s supposed to be da fUDe 25 he re (Concluded from Page 1) the President was shot Ihalf features and tI e: pOint of violence The, \ 0 s ova loble at th s bonk
counLt:,y a man s suppose U,I e Y app or passport __ \ 11le assasswaUon wcapoq W , m tn t presses to tnce hat to break through and only to people who I ve Or work
to do what he Id to Europe and the theater in a shoppt\lg distrt found partIy hidden bchln r 'tIhe 1 angry and de \\ e nol be led b hose In New York State Once you buy
in fr:::om he became In where they had gone In pursu books and amid scraps of fried fl ho tr) to dlsr pt vho express saLi of course you own It even f
own admiSSion hiS conver volved In a dispute WIth an anti of a man who had gunned down1chlcken on the sixth noor The docsn t kno\\ viole Ice Pres dent Kenne<h was you should move out of the State
lIon to communism already was Caslro Cuban Carlos Bnngu er a Dallas pohceman a few police homlc de bureau s3..Id il-oswald reached the Oak CI ff far from challenging people to WHY IS SBll lOW.COST?
ell al who sa d minutes earlier was a 65 mm bolt act on TIne sect on across the Trlmt}' R \ 'o'lOlence He bet C\ed m com
wHe he became mterested He offered hlIl1seU as a for DlSt Ally Hcnrv Wade apparent!) of Hal an make er fro rl"wntown Dallas prom '!'if>
in Marxism at the age of 15 mer Mar ne to tram Cubans for ' dlp Curry tOld
A"bocllaled The ch ef bebevcs T pp t the Dr Konneth Appel Ph ladel
when a CommunISt pamphlet an R\ as on I was susp c ous of e S 0 enne y an I ress repor er e c e "slain off r spotted Oswald ph a past presIdent of the
fell nto hiS hands Later he dis hjm from the start franklv I pol1ceman J D T pplt Oswald carned the r ne to work from broadcast descr pllon Amencan Psvchlatrlc Ase:oc a
covered Marx s Das Kap tal thought he mIght be an agent Os\\a1d returned about a vear \\ith h m Fnday mormng and and stopped him for quest on 110n \\e ha\e ha.d a 101 more
the b ble of comrnun sm from the FBI or the CIA trying ago from a three lear sla} n passed It off as wmdow shades lag OS'ol.ald fIred a p stol and a sass nations than Ens;:la Id
At the age of 17 Oswald With to flRd out what we might be,:UsSla where he marned alwrapped In hea\y broy,n paper tbe offlcrr dropped dead A elt \\helber thiS y, th h gh em
drew from school 23 days after up to uss an woman to the man "ho gave h m a rideltzen name unkno\\n later phasls on 10dl Iduallt) and al;
starting 10 high school He 'Then a few days later J en Four )ears ago he s\\ore al downtown called for help on the police-Igressl\eness and a cnme
promptly ]0 ned the Mannes countered him on Canal Street leg-lance to the SO\'1et Umon and The first susp CIon of the slim man s pro"1 car rad 0 Irale and lack of respect for
HIS military career Vias not 8 distrIbutmg Viva Castro I tera tned to renounce h sUS Clti black haIred maq \\as b) a po. T I authonty as compared With
luecess TwIce he faced courts llure We took all hIS propagan IzenshlP II ceman who saw Oswald In the hen a susp ClOUS character En land needs to be thought
martial for !Dfract ons of regu da away from hun Then the The Stale Department later building lunchroom The officer was reported In the Texas the- h Encouraging the Idea
lations His occupation specialty police came and arrested the held he: was stili a cItizen and pulled a gun on Oswald but ater S J: ofhcers entered and a can do anythmg he
was electromcs operator He lot 0' us ICOUld return to Amenca Oswald when the manager sa d Oswald found OSll.ald 10 a seal near Ihel wa: to do Is unwise
served overseas In Japan but Oswald appeared on. radio says he IS now a member of thelworked there he was allowed to rear
ne\'er rose above the rank of program IR New Orleans In Fa r Play for Cuba Committee go This 1S Jl, Oswald s3..ld In England there IS more
pnvate first class IwhlCh he descrIbed himself as Curry said Oswald readdv A. bUilding porter saId he took spring10g from hIS seal He tolerance more respect for au
A man who sen;ed with hun a Marxist but not a Communist admitted he is a Communist Oswald to the sL'tth noor In an grabbed hiS plStol but it faUedlthont) and more of a feehng
Allen D Gray Buffalo N Y Howe\er Dallas Police Ch ef and apparenUy is proud of It ele\ator When he got out Os to hre for gradual change
said He was a lonely lOtro Cum saJd He sa d the second man ques wald asked the porler to send The officers dragged OS\\ald Compared With the usual
verted aloof boy He "as b tterl Actuallj Oswald has never tioned worked n the same place the car back up for him The out in handcuffs murdprer Appel said the a"sas
about the tough time his moth drawn any distmct on between as Oswald a pri\ate fIrm which porter went to the ground noor Curn sa d Os\\ald dechned to sm has more background of
er eOnded CommIttee on Un and dis:nbutes the Kennedy motor
Sept 11 1958 when he was re Amencan ActiVities hsts Os The chief sa d FBI agents re After that Curry sa d It is mme from powder resIdue tlon and severe nfenor ty He
leased from act\e duty to aId \\ald m ts records as secretary ported after Oswalds arrest known that Os\\ald descended. whether Os\\ald had fired a gun had fnends shoL It IS the same ARE THERE OTHER ADVANTAGES
in the support of hiS mother HelOf the New Orleans chapter Oflthat they had Intervtewed hIm a/and left the building on fool were pOe:ltlVe. ThIS meant Os sorl of personarhty TO SBll",
was put mthe Inactive reserve a group called Fair Play for week or so ago But he sa d h" n thin minutes police broad _aid had fired a weapOn WIth Dr Damel Bla n of Pennsyl
but later receIved an undes ra Cuba had not confirmed th s cast a descrIption of him He Is in a short Ume before he was varna Hospital PhiladelphIa Indeed there are Quant ty d scounts ore
Oswald was In T s:;:: 1:0 former medical dlredor of the avalloble on amounts of 55000 or more
Moscow On Oct 30 1909 he FaIr Play for Cuba organ zalion both They wouldn t say 0 vldends are payable as earned starting
appeared at the Amer can Em said Oswald was ordered held Warren Cancels the f rst yeor L berol cash and loon values
bassy where be announced hiS We have never Issued a Without bond by Justice of the on 011 SBlI pollc es except Term
his Amen Peace David Johnston COUrt Session
He told offiCials I am 8 He could be There is no one
Mannst however named Oswald who IS
Later Oswald was quoted in an off c al of the comm Uee
an nterv1ew as saying Cap anvwere 0 the Un ted States
tal sm has passed ItS peak I On Sept 26 Pres dent Kenne
would Itke to spend the rest or dy S plans for a VISit to Dallas
my lUe here were announced A few days
later Oswald got a job at the
Texas school book depos tory as
Truly said He was a pretty
qu et indiVidual His work was
f ne and I had no reason to be
he e-no Idea the man had ever
been In RUSSia He was \ ery
qwet with n ce manners and a
mce appearance
On Oct 14 With just a satchel
and a few dothes on coaU ang
ers In h s possess on Oswald
rented an S8 a Vieek room from
Mr and Mrs A C Johnson on
Dallas North Becklev Street
lt was a barren 5 by 12 foot
room devOId of pIctures furn
Ished WIth a small stand an an
clent dresser and a small
clothesholder The walls were
painted baby blue White cur
tams covered the Vo'tndows Two
throw rugs were on the noor
Regularly between 9 30 and
10 p m Oswald retired for the
mght to I sten for a Lime to h S
small radio He kept hiS room
neat and clean although he
brought 1D fruit to eat and made
sandWlches and coffee for hIm
Oswald kept fe\\ clothes In the
room and never spent weekends
Offtcer Paul Bentley
Arrested Oswald He liked to read Westerns He
Rlehlman AssOils Chicago's
$64 Million 'RaId' on Treasury
Those are tough words tougher still when \ Olced
hy the usually mild mannered soft 1
spoken R II alter Rlehlman Onondaga
County sable r..epresentative m Congress
Rlehlman a Republican has hiS
dander up 0\ er what he apparentlv
feels 1S a $64 million federal giveaway to
the Clly of Chicago long a Democratic
The House of Representallves Pub
hc Works CommIttee has voted on
StrIct party lines to reimburse ChIcago Blhen
to the tune of $64 million for the bond fmanced ChI
cago Skyway Project a cIty bUllt to" bridge which
has now become a part of the federal Interstate HIgh
way System
Rlchlman has been stnv ng for years Without
success to get Congress to appro\ e reimbursement
to New York Slate for the 500 miles of lhe bond II
nanced New York State Thruway a toll highway 'lhe
Thruway was SUbsequently deSignated a part of the
federal Interstale Highway Syslem
The Congressman report<: hiS bills to achieve thiS
purpose ha\e conSIStently been rejected hv the Pub
lic Works CommIttee because the Congress has not
recogmzed the prlOcIple of reimbursement
Rlehlman pledged rr thiS bill to reimburse Chi
cago 15 brought before the House I will use every
means at my disposal to defeat It It IS nothmg more
than a blatant polillcal raid on the Treasury
rr Congress IS gOlOg to change Its polic) Riehl
man stated It should do so for all the states" bieh
ha\e bUilt hlgh\\ays With theIr own money and al
10\\ ed them to become part of the mterstate S) stem
Every state sbould be treated allke
They Stili Overlap
to merge duplicating and 0' erlaplimg Clt'\ and county
Local \ oters were led to belle\ e that \\ hen Wil
1Iam F Walsh became mayor and John H Mulroy
county executh e great strIdes \\ ould be taken to con
soltdate some city and county functIOns to promote
econom) and effiCiency
Doubling Already?
\\ eek \\ hen they heard some of those mvolved In the
plannmg are talking about a $12 millIOn Onondaga
Commumty College campus mslead of the $6 million
l,}utlay ongmally discussed
Who's In Charge?
around to\\n because pohce officers of top command
rank-notably chloI and deputy ctaefs-are scarcer
Ulan hens teeth around police headquarters on \\ eek
ends At one tIme lasL weekend the top rankmg man
at headquarters was a sergeant
Pollee Chief Patrick V Murph) explamed that the
department has deVIsed an elaborate duty system
whereb) a chIef or deputy chief IS ah\ ays only a tele
phone call 3\\ ay at all times Local reSIdents can t
forget however that some of the earlier pohce de
partment problems stemmed hom a lack of constant
on the spot supervlslOn by top command per... :mnel
Reporters have noted le.... ently too that ChIef
Murphy IS seen more and more frequently alound
headquartel s In CIvil an clothes When he fITst came
here qUite a pomt was made of the fact that the chief
mtended to exeIClse hiS command functIons In full
pollee unifOlm complete" Ith stars
Just a Slight DIscrepancy'
folks can t understand the fIscal shenmgans In Al
banv E\ en the state s top fiscal experts can t a!rree
It \\ ould seem that a dollar IS a dollar ev;n 10
and that 1110 top state offiCIals ought \0 be
able to agree on "hat happened to It e\en if one IS a
Repuhllcan and the other a Democrat But they can \
or at least they don t
State Comptroller i\.rthur LeVitt a Democrat has
compIled and Circulated hiS 1963 annual report on
state fmances
Gov Nelson A Rockefeller RepublIcan has IS
sued hIS annual New York State BUdget Summary
1963 64 Rockefeller s fIscal experl who prO\odes the
figures Rocky uses In the report IS State Budget Dl
T Norman Hurd also a Republican
Figures m both repOrts among other thmgs are
supposed to reflect inCome and expenditures for the
fIScal) ear endmg March 31 1963
The h' 0 reports agrefi" that In round figures the
state spent aboul $2 59-1 000 000 10 the fIscal year
\\hlCh ended March 31 thIS }eaT
But they are $41 million apart on hOIl much
money v. as taken In Le\ Itt sets the total Income IJ1
round I1gures at S2 056 000 000 The Rockefeller Hurd
lotal mcome I1gore IS $2 59; 000 000-$41 000 000
Rockefeller" mamtams the state ended the year
WIth a $3 million surplus LeVItt contends ho\\ever
that expenditures exceeded mcome by $38 000 000 On
top of that the comptroller lOSlSts net cash outgo for
first Instance advances from the CapItal Construction
the total excess of outgo 0' er lOcome to
Slate taxpa)ers might lIell demand the top
offICials explam '\ hy theJr figures are so far apart-
$41 million m one case $66 million m another
Politicil Front
bll(JusBlivell /'
Ban on Canadian Bread?
1964 seSSIon to Dass a bill curbmg the flow of C3na
dian made bread mto border communities such as
Buffalo the NIagara FrontIer Watertown Massena
and OgdeJISburg
Kennedv tell ng \\hen Pnme MlnJster
Lester Pearson of Canada \\as about to see
him at Hyannis Port
Naturall) one remembers the nc dents
that are personal I recall another Inc dent
when 1 as dinmg at lhe '\\ hlle House at a
state function In honor of PreSIdent Betan
court of \ e.nezue.:a
\fter" ard the \ lee Pree: dent now Pres
dent Johnson told me of a Uille con\ ersaiion
hlCh took plaC't> upstairs bet'" een PreSidents
Kennedv and Betancourt
When \\ e go do\\ nSUllrs Kennedy told
Betaneourl .. ou meet a newspaperman
\\ho has been a great friend of '\ours-Dre"
Pearson I WIsh that he was as fnendl) to me
as he IS to ,}'ou
In 'enezuela replied Betancourt }ou
have a much better press than 1 do too
I had a hard t me Pres dent K nned
said explammg that this \\as a paper len
0\ er from the Truman Adm mstratlOn and that
the Pearson referred to "as Dre\\
enee between Jack Kennedl and h s brother
Bobby If anyth ng Robert Kenned} IS more
efflc ent than his late brother He \orks even
harder knows go.. ernment extremely "ell
But Bobb.. lacks the \\armth the understand
ng of human nature that featured h seider
It was th s great understandmg of human
Ity that prompted Kenned} s dme for CI\ II
nghts and hiS C'hamplone:hlp or the underdog
Some people \liondered how a )oung man so
full of life who lo\ed galet} who enJo\ed hiS
fr ends from Ho11\1\\ood could be so ser ous
so detenmned In hiS crusade for the Negroes
and Ule les pnvdeged
I am sure It \\ as the long penod he spent
10 hosp tats reco\ ermg from hIS back InJurv
when he had noth1Og to do but renect on the
proillems of mankind
Sometimes 1 have thought that the Ulmg
that ga\e the late Pres dent hiS depth of un
derstanding "as h s suffer ng 10 \\orId War
II Before that he "as I ke the voung Clnd
debonaIr Frankhn D Roose ell h " al
tack of polio But WIth human suffer ng
Roosevelt took on stature Ihat c\ entually made
h m one of lhe great PreSidents of the Untted
lo\\ed the queslionable behav or department to
be monopolized by the executive branch In
fact the b ggest headline getter n that area
has been the Senate s former maJonty secre
tary Robert G (Bobb ) Baker too Is one of
the celebrated reS1gnees produced In fall
of 1963
The House has run a poor third In pro-
dUClng headlmes comparable to the abo\ e
T"o Texas COl gressmen did manage to
stage a m nor f ght The) \\ ere Rep Ed for
man a Republican and Rep Henry B Gon
zaJes a Democral One e 1 the r pushed or
sho\ed the other vhen Foreman called Gon
zales pmk and Gonzales objected
Soon after that altercation Rep \Va,}'ne
Hayes (D Oh 0) found himself under attack
because he took the head\\3Jter of the House
dmIng room to Pans as a member of the
off c al U S delegalion to the NATO parlia
mentanan s conference
milled to Iv ng abo t how he used a CRr he
rented for $18 on off Clal gove nment business
Thellon Henderson who left the depa t
ment No\ I at f rst lRaccurately lold b s
superiors that he did not use tI c car to dr \ e
the Re\ Martin Luther Kng Negro c v I
nghts leader fom Brmngham Ala to
Selma AI.-: on Oct I:>
Except for the Alabama Congress onal del
egahon s loud obJeclions Ihe Henderson af a r
has not been treated as an equal to the Otepka
case or Korth s res gnallon
tion Stuns Te xans
fore about 800 people at a '" Brothers dmner
With the usual introduction, "Ladles and gen
I trust he sa d tblt the bre\:lly of
Drew s mtroduct on \\ as dictated by com en
tion I was hop ng to get h1:6l on the record
Edwin J Saffop!
Some Red Faces in Washington
From The Post Staadard Bureau
r ve offle al5 10 !hI ee federal agenc es have
res gned or ha\e been dlsmlued. as the result
of questionable behaVIOr '
Onl} In one case-the d1a
missal of Stat e Department
Ch ef of Evaluat ons 0 t t 0 F
Otepka - have formal charps
been made
Otepka s case ho \ever has
accounted for t"o more of the
fn e res gnat ons John F ReiUy
Deputv ASSistant Secretary of
State for Secunh and hiS
ordinate Elmer D Hdl head of
the DIVIS on of Techmcal Se" Safford
IceS resIgned last :\fondaJ
Reilly and Ii II have been charged With
poss ble penury before the Senafe s Internal
Seetlnty Subcommittee by the u nit s Vice
chairman Sen Thomas J Dodd (D-Conn )
slgnees IS former Na\y Secretary Fred Korth
Formerly a member of a Tl!.{as bank s board
of dll'ectors Korth resigned when hiS use of
Na\y Department slat Olcrv for letters to the
bank s clients was quesLi.Oned
Korth also allegedly used the Na\y s }acht
SequOia to private fr ends and
prospective clients of the same bank
The fifth man to resign was a 29 year old
attorney 1D the Justice Department ho ad
* * *
key measures With unaccustamed
asks for any particular legISlatIon that
Mr Kennedy had been urgmg such as
the tax reduction bill It IS very likely
to be enacted
Whether Mr Johnson "ill see fIt to
retrench materIally on foreign aid and
try to balance the budget to meet the
tax loss 15 a blg question that remams
to be answered
On CIvil fights the new PreSident Is
hkely to be more persuasn e \II dh bls
Southern colleagoes tban Mr Kennedy
ever was
POSSibly because he bchcves In
fundamental buman fairness Presi
dent Johnson may be able to obtam
the passage of human fights legisla
bon which will not cause tbe Soutb
to revolt
* ON THE ISSUE of international rela
tions - which means specifically the
U S attitude toward the communis
"orld - Mr Johnson IS sure to flOd tha
the responsibIlities of the PreSIdency
put him m a most unenViable posItion
Nlltita Khrushchev while profcssm
grief over the death of PreSident Ken
nedy }S almost certam to be probm
and testmg the strength and willpowe
of Lyndon Johnson
Alter the first flush of grief wears 0
around the world we will probably se
some 50\ let contrived CrIses deSIgned t
discover how far the new PreSIdent c
be sho' ed around
\\ e thmk Mr Johnson must realiz
that the only thing the Soviet UnlO
respects IS strength He \\ ill have hI
people "Ith hIm If he stands firm 0
every test - "hether m Cuba on th
Autobahn In South Vietnam Laos
And bere again the memory of
John Fitzgerald Kennedy rna, prOle a
valuable 111 firm and
consistent mternahonaJ pohc) Here
agam his memory rna, be stronger
than were bls achons under the con
stramt of a nuclear tbreat to mankinct,
State Budget Proposal
Republican leaders propose a constI
tutIonal amendment to specify that the
slate bUdget must be submlltcd by the
second Tuesday 10 January each )ear
This would enhance the present Febru
ary 1 deadline by several weeks to per
mit more time for study
The change should be made as soon
as pOSSIble LegIslators don t have
nearly enough time to examine the
budget It IS becoming more and more
complex and the budget elisputes that
arose durmg the 1963 legislative seSSIOn
emphaSize the need for additional time
While they are about It Republican
leaders also should resoh e to conduct
open budget hear10gs These hearmgs
now gomg on are closed to the Demo-
crats and the press Why should they
be barred? This IS the public s busmess
Partisan and secret conSideratIon of
the budget can t be Justilled The tax
payers '" ho prOVide the funds are en
titled to know \\ hat IS gomg on
The deadline advance must be ap
proved by the Legislature lD 1964 and
196;> then by the voters 1!1 November
196;> before It can become effective but
a shift to open budget hearmgs could
be made any time It should be done
I U.
.". 1-"
6u;u tund..
3 Mea. I lola
'40$1 .US
215 .15
ON T ANALYSfSj the com
pletely unpredictable IMl political sit
Dation it would appear that on the Re-
publican Side Senator Barry Goldwater
has lost an Important advantage and
that Governor Nelson A Rockefeller has
therefore become relatively stronger
This conclUSIOn IS based on three ob
VIOUS factors
1 Lyndon B Johnson will aJmost au
tomatically have first chOIce for the
Democratic nommation to succeed hun
self It would be strange politics to
nommate two Southerners to oppose
each other for preSident
2 The anti Kennedy sentunent which
had been expected to turn the solid
South toward Goldwater has now
evaporated as a political factor AI
though some of the arch conservative
Southern states may not be exactly
bappy With PreSident Johnson s per
sonal Cl\ iI fights poliCIes they" ould
certainly be more mclined to support
bun than to have backed Mr Kennedy
So No longer would much of the elec
torate conSider a race between the
Democratic Presldenland New York 5
governor merely a contest between
two men of sunllar pbllosopbles Lyn
don Jobnson IS not regarded to be as
liberal as Mr Kennedy was Some
conservative strength might swmg
toward the new PreSident especlall,
from New York state s Rockefeller
hatmg clement
Rockefeller Stronger?
1964 Political Picture Confused
regular ..t Pl.rty p
for his pobtica; support
PresIdent Kennedy and his brother
Attorney General Robert Kennedy had
their own personal network In key spots
throughout the country Mr Johnson has
no such mdlVldual support except pos
sibly In his home state of Texas
On the other hand early Indlcatinns
are tbat President Jobnson will de
pend on the present cahlDet aDd key
ofhcers of government to stay with
him in the Dew administration If
Utere IS any Significant cbange it IS
most IIkelv to be ID the PresIdent s
personal WhIte House staff and It will
be tbe cbolce of these ad,lsen "bicb
will be most closely watched by tbe
Richard M NIJWD has conslstentl) pro-
tested that be IS not a candidate recent
developments may push hIm further
mto the political spotlight
Much will depend on "hether Con
servative Republicans who will go to
any length to defeat Governor Rocke
feller appear to be swmglllg more
toward NIXon than toward PreSIdent
ObVIOusly lhere will be no swing In
either direction unhl and unless the
Consen atlves become convinced they
can not put Barr) Goldwater across
BmfjJ H Keller Publuhn-
J Lumard Gorman Editor
M4no ROSS1 Managing Edlt01'
Lortm Bn lev t\ e10S Ed tor
John N Whltnev CltV Editor
" Sunday November 24 1963
confIdence what may happen on the
political horizon but speculatIOn IS
For one thmg It seems clear that
PreSident Johnson will turn more to the
Published Every Dav 1n the Year by
300 East Favette
Syracuse 1 N Y
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Power from the Grave
MartyrdomMaySpeed Legislation
FROM THE GRAVE John Fitzgerald
Kennedy the Martyred PreSident, may
exerCIse an even greater influence on
the affarrs of thIS nabon than he was
able to Wield from the WhIte House
For Now he belongs to the ages
r- His martyrdom has enshnned him m
the hearts and mmds of the Amer can
people as no livlOg act of hiS could pos
slbly bave done
His assassmation has silenced hIS po-
"litical enemies and hIS personal Critics
Around the globe - even 10 unfriendly
lands - mJlhoDS hail hiS memory and
the causes for whICh he fought
HIS struggle to mamtain peace with
bonor b,s battle for greater buman
equality aud for Civil fights even bls
personal pbilosopby In domestlc af
fairs-aU these suddenly bave become
SauCtifled by the death of a young
President wbo bad beltned In these
the people tend to glorify - almost to
deify - hiS memory
Just as Abraham LIDcoln became
,., virtually a national samt after he was
assassmated m 1865 and Just as hIS
memory has stoed as a symbol of hu
man freedom for nearly a century so
is John F Kennedy likely to be regarded
by hlSto!'lans of tomorrow
The tremendous psychologIcal reac
tion to Mr Kennedy s death botb 10 the
government and among the masses of
the American people will give an
enormous boost to those political alms
Wlth which he was Identified
A surge of bl partisanship - of to-
getherness lJ1 the emergency - IS al
most sure to sweep the Congress \\ hlch
had been almost deaf and blind to
Mr Kennedy s urgent pleas for what he
considered essential legl5.latlon
nere will be almost certainly au
atmosphere of ensls in these weeks
IDlm.wately ahead and In this spirit
of co-operation and self reproacb at
having Ignored the late president for
so mauy munths the House and the
Senate may weU pusb througb a few
Oied Noyemb<r 22, ,963 BOtn M.y 29, 1911
John Fitzger I
For, as
address II
Reta" Trade Bureau,
Syracuse Chamber of Commerce
In Tribute to Our Dead PreSident, John F. Kennedy
In the words of President Johnson's proclamation,
"John Fitzgerald Kennedy .. upheld the faith of our
fathers, which is freedom for all men. He broadened
the frontiers of that faith ... All who love freedom will
mourn his death."
Monday, November 25, 1963, has thus been pro-
claimed a day of national mourning.
We grieve with all Americans in the death of John
F. Kennedy.
With them we offer our prayers for our late Presi-
dent's bereaved family.
And we join our fellow Americans in offering our
patriotic support to our new president, Lyndon B.
President Kennedy said in his inaugural
. the trumpet summons us again ..." On
this day and on the morrow of national mourning
Monday, November 25.
And Sex Topic
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J4AA Salt Springs Road.
Foreign Method Urged
To Beautify Syracuse
To frEd; or _/ POII5tonJuJ
With RTeat interest' lollow
the letters written by Dean
Kertnt'th G Bartlrtl. "Ice-
of Syracu e Unt'er
Sit,. ly family and I are cib-
zens of Ui .. U S. and we are
rroud to be rt>'i1denl.s of Syra
CU1:e 195fj
'aturally .... e feel a part of
UuJ community, and as such
we haH a responsibility to
thlS commumty We watch
"ery clo t'ly the ruture de"el-
opment of "our city."
I quote from Mr. Bartlett's
letter: "Flowers are every
"'here--one rtally e Inn 0 t
s('1( the flower boxes in Lon
don. etc "
Ir. Bartlett expressed ('x
aClly our f('('lInls how .... t
could upgrade the Ippeannce
of Syracust'. Let Ut: grow
trct'.'i. IN us pUI now('rI, IN
U5 build water founlalns. l!'t
us build rt>!lit banks
ever there b ample S(lace.
Our aard!!n clubs are domg
already a line Job to grow
no...ers in the downtown area.
Tourists ",,'11I \'Isit our city ir
Uie City IS ,,"ith flowers beau
tifled. and clean. This is an
other chapter and I think It I
.orthwhile 10 mention It 1ft
connection With Mr. Bartleu's
We ha'e Hry decln Cities
right here in the l,;. S. I re--
turned rectntly from Cali
forma and 'Isltoo 58" Fran
cisco. Thr city of
and we <b re<;;ldents-ha\'e to
be ashamed to Stt San Fran
CbO clean and our CIty dirty.
Mrs. Farr from the City
Council does almost every.
thin' to get a job in OtiS city, but what
she needs is the eooperallOn
or every citizen, of e,'ery
store owner. of every home
owner in the City, in the
f was raised in a small
town In norUiern Germany
with the name Lingenern",.
near the Dutch border. Ire
member this. Each Saturday
afternoon 1 had to sweep with
my sister in front of our prop
erly until the middle of the
street, and if necessary we
had to hoae down our part of
the slreet.
In the late afternoon the city
policeman ""ould walk along
the street and check {or clean
liness. A friendly reminder
would help in most cases
where the elunin. was not
done. The habit of cleaning
the streets comes actually
from the Netherlands where
this Is practiced (or centuries.
Applied to Syracuse. lt
would be ne:essary to change
the city ordinance. but to havc
Syracuse clean an year
around it would be ...orth
while 10 do it.
I think it was a smart mo"('
to lent some uperts abroad
to wbat is loin&: Oft out
Mory Bowen
We must not mourn har ,one!
A pebble dropped in quiet
Spreads ripples to the farthest
So does HER Iile of .entle
For those who knew and
loyed her.
Go on ... and .'ar on.
Leave Without Pay Urged IL
For Campaigning Rocky Jlterary
TflInt EJilor 0/ TIlE P.JjSltmJorJ: tilion would not ha"e thl' Pri".j Journal
Ha\"e been I reader or your lIege to look for a lob
valu,ed paper for 37 years and on the company tune-he
during that lime you have been would be docked o.r fired.
good enough to let me alr my Furthermore T might as wen
views, through lhe "Morning's get the rest .out of
)faiJ" column. It has betn said before Gabriel blo\\5 hiS horn
lhe best way to find out any. for me. Will someoroe tell me
thing is to ask questions. AI. why Congressmen, Judges _or
though I'm 61 years old and anyone by or holdlOg
should be prniol for a sWlrt a. goo;ernment Job .ha,'e the
and eao;;y death. instead I asn nght to mcrea..e theJ: salanes
euriOU'i and too busy tn;n; to Just by a motion bemg made
find an answer to what's "buR:- and _ .
ging" me.
All who have &Overn a mere 25c or aGe an
ment posllions whether Cny. hour it's an) rrom $100 Syracu!;an :\tanfred F. De-
County. Slate or. Federal re- to $1.000 a month, without bat. Martino. a practicmg p'r-
Cf.ive their from tax Hng an eyelash. Tht>n when cltologist and holder of an
reYl!flue. Taxes are paid by the go'ernment "kitty" or M.A. degree 10 clinieal psy.
the people so they really ar: "J:l'avy bowl" runs low, tht'y chology from S}'Tacuse Urn.
employes of the people. RIghI. work their heads-not fingers ,terslty. has as....embled in this
How come then so many of -to the bone thinking up new '"olume many discusc::ions of
:he heads of Government, City, ways to gouge and lax the !icxual behavior as It is reo
State or Federal. take time off people. Don't they realize laled to human personality.
for p,pr5onal and still there is a "boHom" to every Cc::ntnbutors include Albert
receive their salaries? I refer thing? Ellis. A. H. Maslow, Hugo G.
in parlfcuJar to GO"ernor Nel- When a ch'ilian office or fae Biegel. CUlford R. Adams,
s(ln Rockefeller. tory e.mploye wants a rabe. it Leon Salzman, Karl M. Bow
He is supposed to be "keep- ha.. to be O.K'd by the em man. Wallt>r R. Stokes and
Jng store" at Albany and not player fir Sometimes they Gustave Newman.
ron all over creation trying to must and by the time !\Ir DeMartino his own
sell himseJr lor a bettcr job at thc unions and employers j%ct chapter entitled "Dominance
the laxpalers' expense. Some the employe has IOH SpcurityIn.. ecurity
one wiU say the Li!!utenanl more than he can e,'er make and Sexual Behavior in Worn
hne to have a Governor? cost of in dt'lall.
If he is so persistent to be Can anyone tell me where In Tht> book is more con
come Pre'ildenl, try i n g to our Con s tit uti on, BtU of C'ernoo wth what klOd of in
"charm" the people then why Rlti:hts. b)laws or amend- di"lduals engage m certain
doesn't he take a leave of abo ments can be. found a law that practices. rather than tn the
seRce without pay for the time sanctions. approves and sup. statistics of how many.
he "Ki.!;hes to I for ports the acts of the above Thert> are many case hi,.
one would gladly consent to ('lected or chosen gO"ernment and those readers seek
ginn$:: hIm time off perma h('ads? the lewd or thl' prurient
MRS. EDITH G SCHULTZ. Will lint'! passages. but
A p,prfion emplo)'ed In a fac 213 Eldorado St. tht' j:len"ral approach IS digm
tory. oHkt or any civihan po- S)rscu..e. hed and scholarly and unobo-
--'------'----'-----------, J(, tionable to mature. normal
The book is intrnded primar
U" for of human psy.
ehology. not for seek
Ing a ':'1carious thrtll.
Series Suggested
T.,IIE J,'or./ Tltf PtISttJo,.J:
In )'our editorial on
Nov. 17, concerning the dis
mtuaJ of the charges lIair)st
dille who committed <:ivy
diIobedience for the cause of
civil rta:bls. you made the fo1
Iowiq slltements: "Most of
u.s want to fight discrimina.
UDn lD Syracuse" and, "There
.... m,ny ways of showing
I1IIlpathy and support for the
rtabts of our Negro citizens."
May we suggest that you
implement these statements
by a series or articles or edi
torials on the widespread'" 'io-
lalion of the state law against
dtacrimination. for example
tbe dJscrimlftation practiced
b,. real e.'Uate men in Syra
now a dar to day r'elahation
bet.em lite ('Quotn..... flf
an Arab J would 11k,. to
"ee this prindplt' applied to
t ,.1 __hos. radIO 1'48
heft" attackina all the
l"-rl or Arab un
1_ te.i'l c:on'liders them
t'OmmUnlltts' It IS OOle
to mpntlon th,t the
of Q:.lro did attack the
It.Alm wt "u con"ld
a pro-communist. Anti
or pre-communlu 1$ not In
til. DI tho RadJo or
,t:it ,'"
on cb a t'n! "Nasser',
10te-nU, expanl"lomst poll
cle,." f chaUE'nJ;e .Ir.
tG IPHl an ('xRmple l':JO'pt'!li
In Ih, drh'e for
unity l!ii only the ilcceptance
or rduaal of tht" initial ateps
bkf'n etther by or Iraq
or both. This Is trut> anti a
nat fad beknt)\I. n rrom the
of Arab unm' 5ince
Expan Ion 10 the M.lddle
East Is only conceived from
Israel ."hleh is not content
with the territory Ri"en to her
by the U.N. 1948 resolu
tion (as it actually occupies
more). .nd had attac!lied
in 1956 and declared
that Iftai ls pan of Israel.
At that hme neuher en.
G rue n In g nor Mr I.e"is
called IhlS an expam'lon ptll.
fey and for cutting the
aId to Israel
Fmally. of saying
that John Bordeau IS bia.sed
in Egypt's favor. it would be
mor!' rauonal 10 ask our el'es
why e"ery U.S. ambassador
to Eg)l)t takes thiS position.
}o'acts are the only answer,
and If faet5 are known
to ev!'ry American. all the
U.S. cittzens will like the U.S.
ambassador's posihon.
But what can we do about
the hiased U,S. press that
the facts and
untnle picture of the situation
in Eg)'pt and other Arab
countries? To give the N!:ader
an Idea about this attitude. I
recommend the reading of the
religious magazine "Christi.
anity Today" February issue,
concerning the ney' anti.Chris
Uan wave that sweeps Isr.el,
but 1$ not mentioned as it
should be In the U.S. news-
One cannot help but wonder
bow the American press
would react hid similar acts
erupted In any part of the
Arab world
U.A.R. Student at S.U.
e church seen in the bock..
the Presbyterian Chun:h.
h celebrated its one hun..
niversory in 1945, for on
r 23. 1845, ot 11 o'clock 0
s held in the new meeting..
"r..' JOIW ,,_Il. M.!.... I.r- &M
T.... .,e.-m-
loe Mile Creek Associotion
od in 1831 ond in 1832 the
miles long, was constructed.
it was sold to the Conol Com-
rs to serve os a fe.e.Mr for the
I. In 1922 0 heavy c1oud-
complotaly filled the conol
which washed down from the
above that its usefulnes.s WQS
Historic Central NewYork

,.' 'f."

Sunday Crossword Puzzle
now exists. If for one blissful
moment yOu thought you were
being noble, forget iL The peo.
pie of Srracuse have had a
tax (sales) for quite a few
yt>aT5. Has it ht>Ipt>d"l
You m the city enjoy. 24
hour dun' cycle paid pclice
dCPL. a funtime lire depart-
ment. You enjoy trash collec
tion which is included in your
tans. You have sidewalks to
walk on. a million. so it seems;
tralfic liJ!hts and school cross
ing guards to protect )'our
children during the off school
You ha,-e quite a .few public
parks, swimming pools and
fIf.'Ople to staf! them. In sum
mer they wa5ft down )'our
strttU and pick up your
leans in the fall. \ YOll
have a dept. of public work!i.
esped,Uy the executive eche--
Ion. These all ha"e to be paid
for. You cry o,'er a hole in a
mud puddle and expt>ct the
D.P.W. to have it filled when
you return home from wher
ever you are. Read the gripe
column in The PostStandard.
You enjoy a sewage disposal
for which the to.....ns art as
sessed but do not get any ben
efit from. You have more pub
lie officials. experts in their
Une. I imagine than rve got
slones in my driveway. They
don't li"e on peanut.. either.
Why don't you try doing some.
tiling for yourseh"es for a
We 1ft the town" I think T
can safeb and wllh clear
conscience !'By. an not
plea:o;ro "ith our tax
bon which has probably grown
about 100 or 400 per cent In
the past 15 year!i_ But ifs n.'C
es:o;ary and we do the best ..-e
can. And we're doing all nght
and taking care. of our 01fft.
Our supenisors had nothm,
to do with your sales tax. yet
lours had the gaU to try to put
it through for us. What', mine
is mine and 3o'ours is mine too
Wby are town sUPf'l'Vison
not eligible to vote in matters
pertajnin, to city busineu. )..t
tbey have a "oice 1ft oun. If
roa care to be noble. lr')' G
et'tiTlK a UttJe .xplanatinn in
\bat nold.
Beaorstll1, ..hynol. try holl>
lnIllr. Kennedy' Such pubhc
mdeavon would be appred
&1111. U .. want chana:es
...... w...... fullY quaJifted _... _-
urpooe. U,.,. <all ..... "".
wrecialo lite efrort, but
Jund.. UI.
&wIulIllII Ii lip lrilb'. IlOep
7otD' nose oat of out affairs.
The Morning's Mail
Sift Criticism
Of Teachers,
Parents Urged
Opponent of Tax
Cites City Advantages
, .... u, TIw P.$t.nJ."J:
III reply to the Jaycees'
amamenu and public-spirited
attitude In reprds to help for
Onondaga County'S tax prob-
lema. I have these rew words
to ..y.
You will never. never al-
IeYiate th_ U:J: probleM as it
To 1M Eli,.., Tilt P.w...s,.,.d.dJ
John Doe Is while. J'OU are
Nf.'KI'O. but DGe doft not
know you: he doelll't even
talk to you,
_ .... 11 ... Inwlnd. It
Is just tit.. then', no encoan
tel" and thr.-efore no opportll
!lily to Yisit
You could provide opportu.
mly. lhoueh, JUII by allend
1nI events at Doe'1 dIurcb.
y ...d not be cball.....,d, II
his church I. Ute most others
in Syracu.w, for brotherhood
hu tweome a feature of the
Divine Party Line. (Which is
not to ..y that every pari"h-
loner I"DIbes to shake the
bands 01 newcomers).
AttendlnI a white serviet,
of eoane. loses you the bene--
fit of Nesro SeTViees ocror
!"lnI' at the same lime. You
fof'elO ltearing a Negro pas
tor bemoaning the plight of
Negroes, you forego any
pleuure tn feeling martyred
In company of othert of your
And you defy at teast one
local egro minister whom. 1
1m told, condemns 8S traitors
any of hts noele who attend
.hlte services. (Perish the
thought that he speaks from
lo.e of tithes).
Church events Ire not lim
Ited to religious services.
There are occasional public
suppers. for example, as an-
nounced in local ,hoppeMl'
weeklies If not also in The
Spiritual and psbic boons
Islde. scatteTlnr among white
ehurches can bring Negroes
Inddental b n e fit-which
would deftlop tn this way:
About three months ago J
tried in persuade a white
church member to rent a nat
to a Negro-which he refused
to do. At about the same
time I dined at a .upper put
on by his ehurcb-tlnd saw no
Negroes clininl. If on future
church occasion this bndlord
became aequa1nted ...t.h He-
croes. obaerYocI _ ihey ...
..wle himself and hi, chums
1DIIht he not thea rent to
That same church Is part of
.,. America-wide stet .hich
has teeftlt!J decided to strive
for "!lacia) JllStice Now." ,
door is open., wai\1ng for )ou
to enter. to see artd to be
seen. Chatting about cab
baces and kings with tb6 par-
tsltioaen could lead, after a
few weeks, to I house or an
QU'tmtlat for )'OUr famOy!
". E. _ Avo,.
T.IIMEJ_., Tlte P..I.SIonJ.,Jt
'The treatment of our
tuc:hen today I. appalling.
They are stiOed In their at
tempt. to give Ole services
tbey are capable of. Many
bave left this dedicated prafes-
,ion because of criUcism of
pupil and parent alike.
Too often a parent blames
teacher beuuse 8 child failed
to ,tudy, or perhaps teacher
gave repri-
mand. So Instead of
aut the reason teacher is re-
ported to the prinCipal or
lehooI board
We who were pnvileged to
tnow these wonderful people
or our time remember them
as friend. coon. elor. mother,
guide and rOT many other at-
tributes. To carry home an un
kind remark about teacher
meant a tnp to the 'Woodshed.
Into their hands every year
aur young ont's are entrusted.
To a little one thrust out into
a hostile world it can br a
elCT"f:rience. But
the teacher mother to
many and many a
c:hild become.. attached be-
aUle or conditions at home
Eve.ry nation is only u
moral. eu1tural or progressive
as its teachms. )fany of our
teadbtI citiHnl have
atfd thftr SUttnl to a teacher.
So if Jolnmy cGDles home
and eomplatns about teachf'r
don't listen to him. Find out
the fada, then Kive him tile
m...... wbf.'RdwilldDtbe
............ Ihne ....... -.
a teacher to a child wu merited.
'I1loY .... _-_
....... _.......,.. ...... _._Job __.
..... S!IPPott and _r

lila __
aIt;r "-J GAIO
-==-' ....
Benefits Seen
For Negro at
White Church
Each year thousands of families and individuals
_ PoslrStandard Want Ads to make money.
Here are lome of the waYI your neighboI'l! profit
through using these powerful yet inexpensive
HttIe ada.
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for needL
Placing your want ad is easy, Just dial HA 2-1431
and ask for Want Ads, A friendly adtaker
will help you word your ad, And If you havi
a phonl I1ated In your nam., you can "chari' It."
PHONE HA 2-1431
ficials calling to pay their respects
to the dead President, J 0 h n F.
Keuuedy, shot fatally in Dallas.
(AP Wirephoto)
Former Presideot Dwight D. Eisen-
hower arrives at the Portico
entrance to the White House Saturday
to head the line of distinguished
present and former government of-
* *
President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
Others in the background are not
identified. (AP Wirephoto)
Former President Harry S. Truman
arrives at the White House yesterday
to pay his respects to assassinated
8 THE POSTSTANDARD, Syracuse, N. Y., Sunday, November 24, 1963
Humble and Great .Paying Final Homage
WASHINGTON (AP)-Like a magnet of tragedy,
the closed, f1agenveloped casket of John F. Kennedy
is attracting the great and humble of America, and
leaders from across the seas.
Paying homage Saturday 8'i ---------
the slain President lay In theler material, because an Ameri.
historic East Room of the White can flag draped it completely
was a taut-tn-ced Beneath the stars of the nag reo
and sorrowing posed the handsome head struck
mcludmg the new President. by lhe assassin's gunfire.
Lyndon B. Johnson.. Two priests knelt at praying
Also: President. Harry benches nearby. their eyes
S. Truman, three poss!bUUies downcast In silent supplication
for .Republlcan presuiential for the President's soul. At the
N::lsO;ort four corners of the stood
George W. Romney of Michi. e!1hsted men-Army, Ma
gan and W. Scranton of
r1ickcrlng light of four tall can
George C. Wallace of Alabama. the glow of the chan
Sunday, and. on. Monday .
morning, common folk, mallJ' of Against casketl8:Ya spray
whom cried In the 01' of white hiles and white carna-
hearing the news of Kenned.v'e and behind it on 8
assassination. will have telplcce was a nreat vase with
turn to pray silently at l.he'iClr "hododendron, the sheen. of the
In the great rotunda of the leaves set off agamst the
Capito!. Ilght walls.
Then on lo.'londay, at the fu At I p.m. Sunday a caisson
neral servlce<;. the bowed heads drawn by sven white horses
will be those of such men as: wllI take the body to the Capi-
President Charles de GaaDe of tol. Ceremonial troops, military
France, his differences with musicians with murned drums.
Kennedy dissolved by deatb. the Joint Chiefs of Staft will be
Sir Alex Douglas-Home. In the procession.
prime minister of Britabl. andl Treading behind the caisson
Prince Philip, will go a single serviceman
Queen Elizabeth II. =:bearing the presidential nag.
King Baudouin of Be . Then motor cars carrying
Chancellor Ludwig E d of Jacqueline Kennedy, other
West Germany and M.,... Wi!- members of the family. Presi
lie Brandt of West BedID. dent Johnson and his wife, Lady
Foreign Bird.
Ohira of Japan. The same procf'ssion will ac-
Anastas I. BrIt drp- company the body when it is
ut" chairman of the Concll of taken on MondaY to Sf.
of the U.S SA thews for the Eisenhower Calls
And from the Old Sod of Ken In accord with what is con-
nedy's ar.ccstors. Prestdfnt Ea sidered seemly, President John-
mon de Y.i1era of Ireland. the son did not set up his headquar-
81year-old rebel VihOit lPirit is tf'n in the White House on Sat-
still indomitable d failing urday. But he \'isited it several
times, to pray at the casket. to
The funeral servi had not study the stale or world affairs
been fully determi b!yond In the maplined "situation
a Requiem. lass to lebrat room" where secret reports' S h SIC F'
ed at noon Monday I. around the globe are ymlnat Y ent annan Ire
thews Cathedral b' Richard screened. I Jf
Cardilla! Cush!og, ar shop of And Ihen again he and . Irs. S,'gnals Gr,'ef
BostOL JohnJOn. shielded by umbrellas.
But President Joh n pro dashed across the raindrenched B TZh h h
;n Soaked ). rus c ev Of New Tark
II and invited the worl people.aslunctioning. 10 greet formcr ALBA:-IY ll'-A cannon
their MOSCOW W-Premier Khru. one and only meeting With Ken. boomed e'o'ery half hour from
K Wh
- H V- -Ii Coming in of steady,theell: 85 the man who preceded the man \loho faced conference on cold Viar the lawn of the state capitol
.. te ouse '2"1 cool rain that imd m lhejKennedY litcpped out of large Kennedy in the cold IS<;UCS In Vienna in 1961. Rockefeller flew to
, II II II \great white pi s White black llmousine. war-I'1 the Cuban crlm and Then with Foreign \\ ashmgton Saturday to express
1 House nprth a tbel His face solemn and his bear_'thc tenSions in BerHn-mOUClied .\ndrei A. Gromyko 2t his side. thp sorro..... of New Yorkers
Imourn....w. h Obn ereely 11.11 old soldier western opponent Saturday Khrushche\' signed a book of upon the df'ath of President
WASHINGTON (AP)-Stand.and wbere now an honor guard onally across the et. where to be forgetten, :hower would S3Y to newsmen,and said IllS death was a blow condolences set up ncar Ken.\Kenned,y. ..
lng and staring in the rajn, alof stood at rigid at-lin 1951. a Wh.ite guardl In the of the (,,,,,as: "I came to pay my rc- lo those who work photograph in the hall of In commumtles across the
crowd of several hundred keptjtention before a doorway drap- had glYen hiS life to save,Room, wllh ltS priceless spects." In an extraordinar)' \'ISIt of con- Ko!ller's residence. Ipopulus state, normally
vigll outside the White House1ed in blaek bunting. !pres,ld,ent Truman from an as'lchandeliers overhead. 5 AmonJit other callers drivlng,d,olence to tl.le, U. S, emba'-sY'j Khrushchev sent messages 10 b. rISk lempo of dally life slowed
as a nf lim In the gathering gloom as the S3ssm s bullet. catafalque draped In blae uP. to north portico .... as said .he and na- President Lyndon B, Johnson to the somber pace of mourn-
OU5Jnes bore digmtarles to the afternoon rain wore on, the And still the crowd hung on"vet. On It rested the cas Chief Justice Earl Warren and tlon \\:crc deepl) bcrea\cd. and Mrs, Jacqualine Kenned}' Illg; .
bier of the slain President. White House grounds looked'silent and solemn, in the rain One could not tell wheth rs. Warren. Tears were e1,'i The SO\'ict leader IOtcrrupted lie told Johnson: I. reSIdents of all
Some of the mourners bad strangely desolate. Uniformed on Pennsylvama A\'enue. Sun- casket was bronze, or som dent on Mrs. Warren's cheeks, a tour m the So\let Vnion anti. "Th h' us . ti n of faiths to special
been there since the earliest guards moved silentlv through day, up the avenue at thel dressed m black, called on U. S, h U t to t sernces at their churches and
morning hours when the body of the sodden leaves and' tele\'islon 'Capitol, they would be per- * Ambassador Ro}' D. Kohler to ten. a es resl en a a synagogues. to pray for the
John Fitzgerald Kennedr was cameramen huddled under plas. to file past fallen * express his sorrow. For 20 min- i' , felled by an as-
taken from the U.S, Naval Has- tic cloths beneath the barren President for the last time. utes he recalled to Kohler his . 0 0 In crnat , s bullet.
pital at Bethesda, Md... to the trees but a sense of emptiness hon f a athletic and other
ust room of the White House. 'ded th h I has. n open or lmprovmg I public events were canceled or
As a heavy rain pelted down perva . e w .0 e scene. relations between the .U.S.S.H., postponed, Dances, parties and
out of a gray leaden sky, the No tounsts mO\led through the the .Umted States .. okes the other social aHairs were called
crowd gathered beneath the: east gate to. see !he changes of Soviet .people off as griefstrlcken New York
trees in Lafayette Park ot' hud. that Ker1!'edy had ag.amst the culprtts of thiS base ers retreated from public life
died under umbrellas and ..No buses enme. to the privacy of contemplation.
oewspapers behind a rope along'lined up In the. st;eet. "The SO\'iet government and A rabid fan of the New York
the sidewalk on Pennsylvania treasurr l':o. VISIt the So,;et people share the Gian t s professional football
Avenue. Silent for the most part,!ng delegation waIted grief of the ..\merican people team summed up the feelings
and still seemingly stunned, they1m the garden. No helicopter 0\ er this great loss . . of many when he was told that
kept track of the comings and p?lSed
ondthe south "The dealh of President Ken Sunda)"s game would not be
goings of the cabinet I?- t e J nedy is a hea\,' blow to all telecast.
me s S'o\lOgs an 0 n 0 n s people who cherish the cause hIt's all right," he said. hI
er dignitaries through the north sand box. stood of peace and Soviet-American ha\'e no heart for an}1hing like
gate via transistor radios. For a time, a lone mo\'- cooperation." Ihat right now."
What little conversation along A\'enue Khrushchev expressed hope .Slate Education Commis still rellected under diS' lust the White H0l;lSe that the "!!iearch for setUinJ:l dis. slOner James E. Allen Jr. said
belief at this gross national gale carrymg a homemade sign putable questions a search to that. while he. had no authority
tragedy. than 24 hoW'S att that read., "1 J.F.K. and which President i F. Kennedv to order public schools closed
er the PreSident was gunned;God purnshed hun. made a tangible contribution Monda)', the day of the Presl-
down by a sniper" bullet firedi "How could you? How could would be continued in the in: dent's. funeral. it would be "ap-
from the wmdow of a. Dallas i you? Have }'ou no shame," 8 terests of peace, for the beneH! propnate" for local officials to
warehouse, the man. m the, woman. in lears, screamed at of mankind." close them for part or all of
street. The man standmg and bim. K cd h'd 'the day "where feasible."
staring in the on Pennsyl- Police hustled bim off to the " enn Y
be Jal 'tl 'h
)Iany. comflIumties already
of the crime and of the nation's away most of his message. He tlon t:l
all slate go\'ernrnent offices
loss. identified himself as the Rev. !lego a, se emen so. e: closed Monday, and Chief Judge
".1 just. can't .myself to Sidney La,nsing of the Church \\ hleh Charles. S. Desmond. of the Slate
believe It yet, said street of Crusadiana in Norfolk, Va, " Court of Appeals directed that
cleaner Floyd Johnson, sweep- Lansing said he had pro- To ?!lrs. Kennedy, Khrushchev all courts in the state be closed.
tng the leaves from the gutter phesied the President's death wrote: as well,
in front of the north gate. ':Just warned him that "if he tested "All people who knew him In Albany, the president of
last week I saw the bombs in the God greatly respected hIm and 1 the local Chamber of Commerce
come riding out that gate m would see and remember and shall always keep the memory urged businessmen to shut'<lown
his car, smiling as usual, full punish." of my meetings with him. Ac during the noon hour Monday
of youth and vigor. How could The pall of mourning ex- cept my most sincere condo, so that employes could attend
this be?" tended 'beyond the lighted win- lences and expressions of church services in conjunction
Others echoed Johnson's dis dows in the east room, where wholehearted sympathy with with the funeral.
belief. In between the bleating the President lay in repose. It your grievous bereavement." The New York State Teacher's
of the traffic along the seemed to hang in the air and Khrushchev's wife. Nina, also Association said Monday's open-
and, the crackle of reach up to. the heavens, like rt'lrs. Kennedy. say Ing session or the annual house
ra?ios, a murmured litany of gray emmence of Wash- Ing: "I ask you to accept at of delegates convention in
gnef ran crowd. Itilngton monument nSlOg up this hour of sorrow my sincere Rochester would be restricted
caught the ear m disconnected through, the barren branches of condolences and sympath\' with to necessary business, A lunch-
and snatches: the House trees. <?r like you and your entire famiiy," Jeon and various social events
U only the weather had been the ram-soaked flag f1ymg at zOrdinary Russians joined the planned for the day were can-
like this in Dallas, they'd have hali staff on Blair House, dlag- stream of diplomats and others celed.
the bubble and he'd be who called at Spasso House to Many churches In the state
today . C be. sign the book of condolences. tolled their bells In recognition
I was getting on a bus .wh,en U a ommlttee The first were four young men of the 30day period of mourn
a woman leaned out a taxt W1n- Led by Reds from the Moscow Engineering-ling proclaimed by the
dow and cried that the Pres!- PhySics Institute. They said nor yesterday.
dent was I felt arms . . they had come as lndi"o'iduals to At Rockefeller's direction. the
shock. . . r:;EW YORK. (AP)-1'!te pay their respects. Nallonal Guard began firing a
A tragiC and unnecessary P I a y for Cub a Committee. lfl Americans in Moscow were singlegun salute at half-hour
death ... why don't they put wh.lch Lee Har.ver Oswald by an or'inte.nals. from 8 a,m. to sun-
those., ..crackpots away some c1alDled IS a pro- sympathy from Russians e"ery-Jdown Saturday, from the lawn
. orgamzation where. lin front of the state capitol.
StU of our 36 preSidents m the U: S. Senate as hna.need "How could such a think hap- On Monday. the firing bat
have been shot at and lour of and dommated by C(lmmumsts. pen in A.merica'' asked one'terv wlll deliver a 91gun salute
them killed.. It does no good to ,But Theodore Lee. ,na- shocked 'elderly "Andlat -noon and a 5O.;n salute at
,ay these things happen. Why tional dlfeclor of the orgJ3mza- to such a fine man:' sundown. A memorfal service
do they tion. said in Buffalo. N. Y.: Thousands of also "''ill be conducted at the
while ther have never issued. a char alerted to the Presidents death capitol Monday.
whtIe .they . waited, limOUSine In area. I don t know by radio reports Friday night. Rockefeller. accompanied by
after limOUSine. pulled up If Oswald IS a He could Arrive to Pay Respects stood. in line to buy newspapers his wife, flew from the West.
the north portico of the White be ... There 15 no one, .how- containing reports of the as- chester County airport to Wash-
Bouse, where Kennedys named Oswald IS an Gov. arid Mrs. Rockefeller and Sen. Jacob K. Javl'ts ts to 1 te d K d sassination. Newsstands were Ing!on to view the President'.
used to greet thelr guests lor offlclal of the committee any- pay respec a Presi ent enne y. sold out minutes after they body at the White House thil
PJ and sparkline receptions where in the United States." (R-N.Y.) arrive at the White House yesterday to (UPI Telephoto) opened. afternoon.
Stunned and Silent
of John A. Nichols
School Par e n t Organization
will meet at 7::i0 p.m. Tuesday
In the school basement. Mrs.
Oli\'e Erwin, probation super
visor of the juvenile probation
department or Onondaga Coun
ty, will discuss "Youth and
Their Problems." Fifth grade
mothers will serve refresh
ments and an award will be
given to the class with the
highest rel'resentation.
MiSS Helen Adelle Pulsifer is
engaged to Stephen Hill Alven
of 421 Douglas St., son of Mr.
and Mrs. Alfons Ah'en..o( Dallas,
Texas, formerly 01 S)T8cuse.
The brideelect Is the daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Al!cn H. Pulsi.
fer of Johnstown.
Miss Pulsifer is an alumna of
Mount Holyoke College. She is
a candidate for a de
gree in English education a.t
Syracuse University.
Mr. Ah'cn graduated from
Pebble Hill School and Dart-
mouth College. He is associated
with Conklin, Lab:;; & Beebe,
jPulsifer -Alven
THE POST-STANDARD. Nov. 24, 1963
Mrs. Michael'R. Byrne
Miss Duval
Takes Vows
Miss Mary Margaret Duval
and John Patrick Henneberry
exchanged nuptial vows yester.
day In Most Holy Rosary
Church. The Rev. Robert Bren
nan officiated at the 10 a.m.
The bride is the daug;hter of
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Duval of
313 Elliot St. and the bride
groom Is the son of Mrs. Marion
Henneberry of 1219 Park St. and
the late John P. Henneberry.
The newlyweds departed for
NeW' York City after a reception
in the Pastime Club. They willl
make their home at 701 Court
Miss Patricia Straub was
honor attendant. Mis Sandra
Ottinger, Miss Patricia O'Grady
and Miss Linda Terrell were
Edward Conan was best man.
John O'Brien. Thomas Dotterer
and Robert Hollemback ushered.
tiS!; Carol Ann Tracey.
daughter of Mr. and !'olrs. Sam'
uel J. Tracey of Cicero. Is en
( i
nicky of 203 Wells Ave., North Mrs. William R. Bond
They will be married Dec. Mr. and Mrs. Edward McKeon
28. Miss Patricia A. Haley of Nedrow. was married )ester
-='--C.--------"""lr-------I A of North Syracuse Mr. and Mrs. Domenick De- day to William R. Bond of Rich.
School Lorio of Seneca Beach Drh'e, land. son of :'tlr. and )Irs. Br.Jce
I Y ns Baldwins\'iUe announce the be. R. Bond of Cusick. Wash.
1I11ss. attended the Unto trothal of daughter. The Re\. Francis E. Horrigan
\"erslty of C.oral Gables. Patricia Ann Halev. to Pvt. performed the U a.m. ceremony
Fla. Sh.e IS by Syra'IRonald F. Padden. USA. son of and celebrated a nuptial .Iass
ense Umverslly Research Corp. Mrs. Catherine Padden of 211 in St. James (Catholic) Church.
Ulster St. Miss Haley was grad :\lrs. and Mrs. Bond went to
uated from Baldwins\;Ue High New York City, following are
Scbool and is employed by John ception in Fayette\'ilIe Inn. They
Hancock Life Insurance Co. P"L will Ji\'e in Richland,
Padden is stationed at Fort Dix Bridesmaids were Miss Linda,
N.J. ' MJSS Margaret and Miss
reen McKeon, also sisters of the
Mrs. John P. Henneberry
Constance Brown Wed
At Double Ring Service
"ardC1l 81udlo.
Mrs. Paul Watson Jr.
Mrs. Arnold R. Redhead
Miss Duell of Mexico
laround the paddockl
There's no mistaking the sharp thin notes that stir
Uke wild magic iIi the autumn air. It is the weep of
the huntsman's horn, a signal of GO for members of
Limestone Creek Hunt Club who met for the second
time this season last weekend. The long dry spell
eaUed a halt during the past few weeks of aU bunting
activity, but thanks to an abundance of recent rain,
all activity happily was resumed.
\l'ith Mark Thompson doing ----------\
an excellent job as master, as.\ Argentina arrhed with five
Iisfed by Debby horses, but only two were fit
:dd Constance May Brown,brother of the bridegroom"
hounds moved off from tile 10 was the worst fO.rIO .of virus he ,daughter of Mr. and Mrs. a breakfast in the
8.m. meet had encountered In Olne years of aid C. Brown of 127 W. Matson I 1
RidJDg ber sbow horsehunter, inlernational competition. Ave became the bride yester. a
KlDg Charles, Debby Thompson - day"of Cpl. Gary Alan Springs. was gtven In rig on
::.. USMC, 50n of Mr. and Mrs. The newlyweds will In
field behbld the rlne range and days. Each year students at St. George Springs of 3158 Midland Norfolk., Va. the bride
OD the Troop K pounds. Charles School of Equitation in Ave. groom IS
After a pause it was Hinckler, Ohio organize .a The Rev. William Esposito of.
the creek onto Sp;mgs, Chr is t mas party for ficiated at the double: ring cere Havens _Foisia
w:ntroperty of MISS Mildred mony In St: Anthony of Padua .
Circling back behind the Cav platter or their hands. Church. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Havens of
airy Club after over an hour of -2 handfuls of sweel feM Miss Lorraine Stolusky was Taunton Heights Drive make I
almost complete galloping the 4 carrots honor attendant and Miss 5hnr known the engagement of their
group made it back for Inter 2 apples on Cappy of Cortland and Mrs. daughter Miss Loretta Marie .8tudlo
vale Farm and a welcome hunt 1 stalk celery Bradley, of .the Havens,,' to Lawrence .rosePhjl Mht. ouglas R. ChJShOlm
l breakfast at the clubhouse. 2 tablespoons sugar bndegroom. .....ere bndesmalds. .. lIiss Patricia Ann Balon,
The gala cllma! to the bunt 4 handfuls oats .John Mulhern was best man. FOlsla, of Mr. and Mrs. .1
Beason II the day after Thanks 1 handful corn Paul Morgan and David Springs, John Wilson of 411 Marcellus dauahter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray
giving, ,..heD boots and spurs 1 handful bran St. mond M. Balon of 153 Lau:e11
are enhanced for danclnl slip Dice carrots, apples, c.elet:Y M T z.. The future bride Is an alumna Ave., Liverpool, was
the annual Junior Hunt and MIX U1 iss ezy,c of West Genesee Central High yesterday to Douglas Roderick Fimento .. Parks
Beginninc with a punch party remammg mgredlen s. Ch h School and Pauldine's Beauty Chbholm, son of Mr. and Mrs.
at the home of Chris and Cindy UTC Bride School. She Is a hair stylist at Robert Chish?lm of 1209 05.
MISS AI b e r fa J Fm\ento. M L d Le L h Thanksgl\lng tea will follo\9
.. Onondaga at 10 ?\:rs. I.30.p.m. Mrs. John A.
guests) members and their Mls.s Patncia Ann Tezyk was The prospectl\"e bridegroom a.m, In Immaculate Heart of to Robert Thomas Parks. son lphere or 905 E. Molloy Road I" _'--C.eh_a_"_m_a_n. _
friends will proceed by char is employed by the City of Mary Church, Liverpool. The of Mrs. Ann Parks' of 115 Fourth Mattydale announce the engage:
tered bus to Drumlin,s for dinner GI I e e.v
;ter department or trans Rev. Edward Ryan officiated. North St. mcnt of their daughter. Miss
and dancing. Music will be fur c th a bl ass portahon. Miss Anne Costa was honor They will be married in the Linda Lee Lamphere. to Eugene I
nished by Jack Kreisher's or es e I ess lttendanl. Miss Annette Ba:lon summer. IRaymond Cook, son of 1Ilr. andl
chcstra. 109 upon e ;:ouP cere 1M Miss Dawn Anne Childs Miss Fimento is employed in i\lr!\. Eugene E. Cook of Smoky
a.m. were bridesmaids. . the credit department of 110110"': Road. Baldwinsville. 1\1;.
A horse wltb lots of beart and gu Charles Bradey of Ene. Pa., Roebuck and Company. She IS1Cook IS a gr,aduate of PhoeOlx
a rider with skUl to bun ... this Parents of the couple are Mr. wu best man. George Usher jan alumna or Auburn Central Central School and emplo)'ed
ta &he wlnnlns combioaUoD or and John Joseph Tezyk of wood and Philip Childs ushered. High School. by General Electric Co.! .t ue;'.
Apollo and Sharea Clark that 554 Hickok Ave. and Mr. and The parents were hosts Mr. Parks served three yearsl oi.;.;._i;;;;_;;;; .,
pat Syracuse OD the map at the Mrs. Josepb Donad of 507 N. at reception in PLAV hall. with the Army and is associ r
Mad1Icm Square Garden Hone McBride St. taler The ne.....lyweda: left for a aled. with Merchants parcels
Sltow. In a class or 94 hones, Mr. and Mrs. Tezyk enter haDeymoon. Servtce, Inc.
-- . by
- dasses. Competing against TildeU Studio ceplion In LeMoyne Manor. The CORRECTIONI M e
:: Miss Anna Hajney . r. amp
!n ladles hunter and Mr. and Mrs. George P. HaJ' their home at US Linwell Ter. IN OUR ADVERTISEMENT ON PAGE 10
fifth again. 18 OPCD working ney of 101 Rich St. Miss Peggy Ozogar was maid IN TODAY'S PICTORIAL ROTO SECTION $1
50 class. the engagement of thClr dau8.h. of honor. Joanne Milhaus
- ter. Mi,;s Anna Hajney. to Air en of Auburn, Miss Eleanor Dal. ITEM SHOULD READ-
A new Virus, or pel'haps the man 2.C. Edward H. McConnell. kiewicz and Miss Patricia Del.
old one, struek again at the USAF, son 01 .Ir. and Mrs. Ed Vecchio. niece 01 the bride- WASTE KING UNDER COUNTER NO APPOLlIlTMENT
Royal Winler Fair In Canada. ward C. McConnell 01 7302 groom were bridesmaids. DISHWASHER $18995
:m If having a GLAMOUR CENTER
man Jumpers. and all but one of from Blodgett Vocational party, give one room your big- MODERN KITCHENS OF SYRACUSE, INC. HaIr Stylist.
the nine United. Statu team High School and is employed by gest decorative splash 10 it be- 111 w. Jeff"" 8&.
-. lb' N... York TeiaphoDo eo. ..... 1Ilo IlUtr _"
Byrne-Labbe Nuptials
Miss Weir Joseph Tatusko Weds In St. Brigid's Church
Bride of Mr. Redhead. Is Married Miss Elizabeth Tilley
The marriage of Miss MarilynlMiSS Suzanne Pachoud and Mll;S MISS Lmda WeIr and Paul . A_ 8t Brigid's Church Daniel ReiHey escorted his niece to the
Mamie Duell and Arnold R Red. Donna Rouse were bridesmaids Watson Jr......ere married yes Elizabeth Anne Tilley heard UP: exchange of \'ows aliar .
head took place at 1 p.m. ;ester. in Episcopal bride is the daughter OflehaUd were flower girls and
day 1n First Methodist were flower girls. the Rev. Robert and Mrs. Stephen. Tatusko of took In St of. the 9:;d Michael B)'rne was bearer.
l'exico. The Rev. Calvin Ztm'l Charles Duell, brother of the Llgtion. . 261 Holland St. She IS Hills reb. Bloomfield Hills. brItegroom 15 the ,;on of Mr. Richard Byrne was hiS broth
mer offlciated.b':ide. wa.s best man. The bride is the daughter of ter of Mr. J. C. Til oberta Wollmers of arid rs. Geor e R. Byrne of 128 er's best man. George Byrne"
The bride is the daughter of Nleczkoski and Werner Pittorf Donald G. Weir of 403 McCool ley of Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Jadis e. Fla., was mal.d of 5t g another brother and Wavne
Mr..and Mrs. Duell . .. A\'e., East Syracuse and the The Rev. Gerald Flanigan Helen of Mrs. Arthur Walker was honorlFox ushered.' . Mr.s. Frank B.
MexiCO and the IS \las sened m,late Mrs. Helen Weir. Ha'H N. J . Sally attendant. Mrs. George Martin, A reception was given in flo Marned :yesterday In ;\Iost
the Ion of Mrs. Merion Red Salisbury s 'fhej The bridegroom the son Of! S h diS Neptune. N..J.. and sister of the bridegroom, and tel Syracuse Country Holy Ro!\ary Chapel were hS5
head of Central Square. newlyweds will h"e In l\lr. and Mrs. Paul Watson of C e u e Ml.o;s Gr.adY of Rochester :\1. Sandra Dobkowski were The newlyweds ha\"e departed. lareia Curtin and Frank
Miss Nancy Due.ll. sister of Syracuse after. a boneymoon In 110 N. Highland A\Te., East The 5t: de Paul Ro- were maids. brN,esmaids. for a honeymoon at Niagara R. Stille. The Rev. William ).
the bride, was maId of bonor. Ole Adirondacks. Syracuse. sary Society IS plannulJt Its an Step ,ft. Tatusko was best Michelle Martin, niece or the Falls. They will live in Lake Kelley offiCIated at the 10 a.m.
Miss Marilyn Thoma! was,nual Christmas. party Tuesday. brother. Edward bridegroom. and Jo.Ann hh. land. nuptials.
maid of honor. Miss Judith Wat Dec. 3 In Manon Hall. A cov J Cal_'. of Scarsdale. Robert The bride is the daughter of
sister of the bridegroom. ered dish supper -:'111 be sen'ed Gall Bath and Salvatore B 'd Francis ClHford Curtin of
and Miss Linda K. Smith were and JambeShM. MI"SS Tracey WI'II Be rl e I32ClairmonteAve..
bridesmaids. Specl.81 guests will be the Re\'. and D . ey, rot ers . Ii'. Curtin. The bndegroom IS
Gilbert Walter was best man Edwin T. Comeskey. modcr of the ,sen'ed on the Of M S d" 1-... D 28 'the son of Mr. and )trs. Frank
and Wayne ""eds .for Can. r. ere nZCIQj ec. Miss
Follo"'ing a reception In the Adam R. Smalley. ada after receptionB;n Mr Serednicky was graduated Elizabeth Curlin of Cambridge,
parish hall Mr. and Mrs. Wat of school. club WIU Lakes Club, oomfle from' Christian Brothers Aca. :\1ass., sisters of the were
son departed for the south. proVide entertamment. ,HillS. demy and Officer Candidate:attendants. Donald Kmght "as
School. Lackland Air Force best man and Donald Paulus
Base, San Antonio. Texas. ushered. .
He served in France with the ':' In the
U8th TaclJcal Fighter Squadron bnde s mo er s .
and presently is with the 174th
T act i c a I Fighter Group.
. Hancock Field. The
prospecth'e bride.ll:room Is a
senior mathematics major at
Syracuse University.
lot! of fresh cranben-y 5:1Ueo
and vavy special
fideetion of polatOClll and 'f"eretahlet
and, of conne, harvest
frait eop . hot roll
many holiday ..extr....
all topped of{
with ere.tm1Pumpkin pl'e.
Mrs. William K. Shaver
Spactous banquet
This year, let everyone enjoy
Dinner (and ..e do the dishes)
Free Ample Parking For Reservations Call: 4-5492H-
Complete Dinner, 3.25
Child's Portion, 1.95
Thanksgiving i' a time for
tndition and feastin; why
not make rhu the ThanksIiTin;
the entire family enjoyed
alrtlly mazlorable holid.1y.
Our nmpltloo5 Thanksgiving
dioDer includes
teoder rout turkey,
Judith Hamilton
Becomes Bride
A breakfast and reception in
Liverpool Country Club follow Shaver Creaser Weddl"ng
ed the wedding yesterday of -
Miss Judith Anne Hamilton and
Rites in FayettevIlle Church
the 10 a.m. ceremony in St.1
Lucy'S A reception in the W. S.haver uf S14 Fay.
The bride IS the daughter of House, Cazenovia followed the,cltc\"llle.Manhus Road.
marriage yesterday of
the son of Mr. and 1ilrs. Edward Kathryn Ann Creaser and WII"and Miss Harriet Hatlee were
N. Ripley of 125 Hickok Ave. lliam K. Shaver. The couple ex bridesmaids.
Miss Aliece M. Thompson was changed vows at 11 a.m. in thel Daniel Apgar Jr. was best
honor aUendant and, Miss Kath United Church of Fayetteville. man. Richard La Rose and
leen Ripley and MISS pameIa\The Rev. Ross Blake performed Robert F. Apgar USh.cred.
Hall were bridesmalds. the ceremony. I and Mrs. Shaver will live:
Robert Purple was best man Parenls of the couple are Mr. In the Beech Haven Apts., Man-
and Elmer E. Soper and Alan and )lrs. Howard e. Creaser of lius aIter a weddmg trip to
Hahn ushered. !Chittenango and Mr. and Mrs. Miam_i_B_ea_e_h,_F_la_. _
New Furniture and
formerly auoelated with
G. Y. Bentley Studio
m RiChland Sl
Syracuse 8, N. Y.
Phone ''l'2-!1U
Constance Lloyd Jones to he Bride
0/ Timothy Prynne 0/ Looe, England
Mrs. Richard A. Ripley
Bridegroom's Father
Officiates 'at Ceremony
A breakIast and reception iRjbridegroom is the son of the
LeMoyne Manor roUawed the late Mrs. Catherine Manning
marriage yesterday of Miss Vincent. I
Phyllis Frances Daniszewski Miss Mary Schneid was maid
and Joseph Manning Vinceln of of honor. Bridesmaids werel
Ull James St. The wedding Mrs. James Smith. Miss Dolores,
service took place at 10 a.m. in Ostrowski. Miss Elizabeth\
Sacred Heart Church. Pierce and Miss Judy Killoran.
The Rev. Bernard J. Vincent Brian J. Vincent was best
of Portchesler, father of thel man for his brother. Ushers
bridegroom. heard the exchange;were Robert E. Vincent. another
of vows and the Rev. James A.'hrother, Joseph Daniszewski.
McCloskey, director of Conrra,brother of the bride, Patrick
ternily of Christian Doctrine, Vitacolonna and Ronald Barnell.
celrbrated a nuptial Mass. The newly..... eds ha"e left for
The bride is tRe daughter 0(' a trip to Bermuda and will
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Daniszew reside at the James Street ad
ski of 514 Hamilton St. and the dress.
Pirro Cox
Mrs. Richard S. Corriero
POST.STANDARD, N. Y., Sunday, November 24, 1963
Carriero La Rose Nuptials
In St. John the Evangelist
Family Togetherness
In Our Town
Miss Diane Pirro, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Pirro
The Papal blessing. was be LeMoyne Manor. Later :Mr. of 113 Colony Park Drive, is The Rev. Robert Overmier
:::: engaged to Pfc. Stephen G. heard the exchange of
LaRose and Richard S. Cor Cox. USA, son of Mr. and Mrs. vows ;yesterday between 'Mus
riero. The Rev. Thomas Doran . , Roy E. Cox of Rockford, Ill. Suzanne Lee Skinner and Don
Miss Pirro was graduat,ed aId Richard Price. The cere
Church. Ikiewicz, Miss Carol Maurer and, from North Syracuse money was perfonned iD Evan
Parents of Uie couple are Mr. P:iscilla Sutor we r e High School and is associated gelical United Brethren Church.
and Mrs. Francis James La bndesmaJds. Kathleen Clarke, with Lincoln National Bank aad Parents of the couple are Mr.
Rose of 126 Fayette Blvd. and niece of. the bridegroom, was Trust Company of Central New and Mrs. William E. Skinner
was best man. York. . of 225 Matty Ave. MaU)'dale
The bride's parents ente.r. Ralph Fred Lester and .p\.t. Cox Is servmg at Fort and lli. and Mrs. DoDald D.
tained at a buffet luncheon In Foster DiFIore ushered. Dlx. N. J.
B\' l\JURIEL T. KERR Dr. and Mrs. Edward ;\Irs. Peter J. and
BETTER lJ-P and take notice gals in the Mullin. 2nd :\1rs. James. :'tl.l;\lrs. John and :\Jr. and
Elmer V. Perry. family the .head of at Hotel Syr.
shares the cooking chores, In fact he always stuffs the erick Sacbs, . Jr. and :\1rs. Ber acuse Country House ""ill be
holiday turkey ... and has been doing it ever since theinard Smith, Jr. and :\Ir. and ano :\lrs. Joseph F. Scott, :\Ir.
first year of their marriage. ,.\frs. James ,Cuddy..:\Ir. and and Mrs. Thomas J. Hughes,
. T d l\1r. Perry doesn't like highly seasoned tuff 't Arthur and :\Ir.IJr.. :\1r. and :'tfrs. Joseph F. Me-
. g ra Itlon . . s mg ... 1 and Mrs. H. W. Hemmgway all :'t1ullen and Mr. and Mrs. Josepb
on Sg
lVln spoilsthe true navor of the bird, he thinks, so he makes 01 Auburn. !)ICAVOy. Jr.. 01 Bullalo.
hiS With bread and butter ... and walnuts ... that's' )Ir. and I'Ilrs. RJchard Pepper
By JERRY board, Mrs. all. HPurely selldefense." Mrs. Perry says, but admits will entertain JUr. and fUrs.
SKANEATELES: HIstory _ YOU could start 8 petition for the dressing is really delicious. Frederick Car g ian, 31r. and
is very much alive! Con- Planning to move into Skane- your favorite candidate. A tel. . Sheelagh Perry, sophomore at Ohio ar
sider the evidence written ateles about ephone call to the school office rives home Wednesday to spend the weekend With her )Irs. Tbomas Perr". )Ir. and
on our annual calendar the parents of the Phillip Cnm will acquaint you with the legal parents. 1 I;urs. John GOdrre)' and il1r. and
holidays. mDeonnns,s ruDleoSn!torwafi,.ltinugnlil 'lay'. Mrs. Perry entertained at a the first and last Friday of each ;'I[rs. William P. Collins. I
miscellaneous shower Thursday month-through Apnl For thel Dr and Mrs Rob e r t C.
Because Washington was on Academy street half of the for Constance Lloy d Jones, Tuscarora Golf Club w0 men, Reichert are giVing a dlnnl',
the father of his country, year and 10 Dallas, Texas. the ice d h f M plans are afoot for a da\'t1me party In their home for Dr and
we celebrate hIS birthda remaJnlng haIf. They will come IS collecting clothing In conne<: al,1g ter 0 rand :'tIrs. John bowhng don t'ha\e Mrs George l\J Millert, Mr. andl
Ch tt
Y' from Worcester, Mass tiCVl, with our Thanksglvlnr ob . f 203''R . Sf: Pr!d ,Jones......ho will be mar to be a golfer to join . .(Qhn Reichert and and
Because nst 15 Wrl en 1\elcomeaJsoto Mr. and Mrs. t!fvance thlS year iLm. nee 0 ,..." -\' Saturday to TlmoijlYopemng meeUng date In March Donald RctchUL
into the annals of history, Webb Abbott and family who mumty at large IS Invited to Mattydale. ynne of LoO(!, Cornwall, Eng _ and l'lrs James O..... ens'
we have Christmas. arrived last week from Gull help In thiS effort which wilt Mrs Nicholas DeTor as land. at the party were Fflends who play b rid g elguests for cocklalls Will be 'MISS
B th Pi I . ford, Coan. They make High benefit persons all over U1e matron of honor ConOie S co,"'orkers at Syracuse together once a month. WIll have Betty Boyle and her hance, C.
ecause e g r m5 land Avenue their address. world through the Lutheran Ru hes Miss Patricia Umverslty Library. their annual prehollday hlsl c Zican, and MISS Sandra
weathered a fearful wmter ,- , World Rehef program Dona g !\Irs. Perr) has been elected party for their husband!; Sal Furslnss and Ernest CUI ran,
in Massachusetts 343 years 81. Mary s of Lake san tlons of clothing may be made and Mrs Wilham R S chairman and Mrs. JameSluFdav Dec 14 This )ear the both of Rochester
ago and then prospered the nual ThanksgIVIng card party is at the church or to Mrs Ru were bridesmaids LlRda She p par d. president. of the Heldens \\ III be hosts atl i'lr and Mrs FranCIS L. Os.
f U
1 scheduled at 8 pm Tuesday m dolph ShiRlay, Wife of the and Balbara FranCIS Lal\les Benefit AssoclaUon of cocktails before dinner tn theltrom Jr have invltcd friends to
o owmg year, we ce e the church pastor lor attendants Christ Church, 71lanhus 'Irs ICavalrY Club ha\'e' \\ith thrm The)'
brate therr day WIth therr Open to the people of the com - Sheppard succeeds Mrs. Thomasl Cou les auendlO v.i11 be :\1r. arl': Mr. and ;'IIrs. Cbar I e S
kind of ThanksgIvmg feast. mumty, who are asked to take About noon e.. ery Tuesday DaVid Pnce was best man for Walllngrord. The Walhnglords d tr Ed"" l Dw hI Flo-I M d M R 11
theu own cards the party v.J11 Skaneateles sees the wet headed hts brother Roy Hughes, Fred. move next month to Princeton, an "rs ar yer. r. Cu.; ler. r an rs. usse I
In a sense, we Interpret thiS offer dessert, and pnzes return of these :young matrons erick Miller and WlUlam R. N. J. and Mrs Russell Gray. Mr and J. Greene, '[r. and lItrs. Joseph Mrs RIchard J. Krick
as the trtumph of good over accordmg to Mrs John P a u I who spend the mormng keepmg Skmner. brother of the bride,1 The Rev and Mrs Almon W. Pierce Goold Mr. and Claln. Mr. and 'Irs. Charles F
evil, of tenaclty and persever DaVidson, chairman physlcall}' fit through shmnas usheced. Leonard Ski nne r. Babbitt have m\lted the Walling. Mrs Marl..1n Mr and Mrs IScherzlDger, Mr. and Mrs. EI Kral's
ance over tragedy. tics team games and SWimI Robert Shlp\lay. Mr and Mrs James Connell. Edmund Ostrom, eanor
The people of India. too. cele. Her comrDlltee mcludes Mrs mm' at the YMCA 001 m Au. nephew of the bnde, was rlDglfOrds, the Sheppards and the Nelson Hork)', ?lIr and !\Irs Ar'IMISs Rosemary Finle). Dr. Tim
brate the tnumph of good over James Mrs. ?eorge bur: p bearer d M I f I Perrys to dmner Friday mght thur Schal and :\tr. and Mrs Galin an and 31iss VIrginia B S Brl'de
evtl at thiS time of year W1th Evans, William 'Warbur- Mrs Da\ld Shlnaman Mrs Mr an rs Price e t or for a farewell get.together. Wilham F. Gremke Jr. who Cabill ecome
Dussehra and Dewall fes F} c:' L. l'!lcholson III, Mrs a 11:: - have sent out 100 Mr and John F Lawton M.r. and ),1rs Richard J.
tivals. Ch Mr wm Cott GlOpohs. Mrs. Donald H. Sauer. t 114 S Fl 'd R d M U. Mr. and Mrs. James H. their c<ocktail party next week land. "Ir. and Joseph F. Krick who were marned yes.
Each In his own way, Amerl"M asey s. R J hr.. frs. John Walsh. ),Irs. William I . Ort a oa. a y Sweeney Jr. who've just re end. Lav.ton. Jr. Will be hosts at tcrda; will honevmoon in Wash.
cans welcome the warmth ofI' rs. ranCJs at , rs. ? n Talbot. Mrs. William Maybee, a e. turned after a whirlwind two'l - cocktails in the latters' home. ington' DC'
Thanksghing. And yet. the tra Sarto, Mrs. Charles K. Se\er lIrs. Thomas Simms, Mrs. Ro1>-' week tflP to Europe-Paris. In addlUon to those we men- Attending will be and ),Irs '.' ..
ditional way centers around the son, Mrs. Ja.mes Doyle. Mrs. ert J. Bastian, Mrs. Jam e s Geneva and London-v.ill leave;tioned In last week's sev Robert B)Tnes. Mr. and )lrs. ;'Itrs. :'tfiss
gatherings of families H. Wallon. Mrs. James G. Walton, Manlius area Dec. 4 to Ihe,eral other cocktail and dmner,Angelo Grosso. ::'.tr. and )Irs. Eleanor IS
friends. and the feast itself. IJ I
. .0
e nson, rs. Mrs. Russell 2:echman, "lrs. AI. In Westchester ... or lowerlparlies have be.en planned be GregoQ' P. Dunn. )Ir. and :l1rs. hter
d oSth
I 0
i\[r. and )lrs. Homer Ackles 0 n . wg ey. fred Luhks. Connecticut. !lIr. Sweeney has fore the Catholic Autumn Alum George Rickert. and )Irs. an e ate rs.
Beginning In 1944, four Skane in bridegroom is the son of
Thanksgiving and then go on to ateles. whose husbands was guest of honor Friday at a' - William J. and Mr,,)lrs. Anne Krick of 824
a weekend \'islt with Mr. and were
ld a luncheon gi\'en by Mrs. Robert Trinity College alums and their, and Mrs. James J: o.conilor. 'I. "e. and the late Jerome
!\lrs. Loyd Dunning, formerly of reaall eat' s d t 10 W. Bourke. husbands meeting for COCktailSl1ur. and Mrs. WlllJam G. Cas. The couple exchanged \ows In
Fayetteville now residents of y tthf 0 eac ti8 er
_ and dinner in Randolph House sidv Jr. will entertam Dr. aoci Immaculate Heart of
Darien, ree? e our are s . par Lillian Milner, grandaugbler will be Mr. and .Mrs. Frank :\lrs: Gerald F. Stiner, Mr. andlchurch. Lh'erpool.
Turkey and all the trimmings f.f today whosethnunble of !'tlrs. William J. Thorne and Clark. Mr. and Mrs. John Eng Mrs John E. Ferris. )lr. and Mrs. Percy was hon
will be present when Mr. and p y ne . es as e eve fllr. and Mrs. Oscar F. Soule, !ish, Mr. and Mrs. Will i a m Mrs: Thomas J. Johnston. Jr. of or attendant. Mrs.
Mrs. William Talbot celebrate mng s then;. will sing with tbe Oratorio So- Houston, Mr. and Mrs. GeOrgel'FUltOn and )Ir. and Mrs. Joseph1and :'IIiss JOdnne Rcals were
lC lon, at was be:lt man
and her sister, Mrs. Gerald Devoid of a of!l. Dec. 15 in Rochester. Daugh. T. Robbins, Unuse for cocktails are Mr. and and 1\Iichael Percy and Bernard
Whiter of Ilion. rer,;.., e\en Without a ."Chrls, ter of the B. C. l\JiIners of Port Also Mr. and Mrs. Francis iIIrs. Richard D. Perry. Mr. andlKrick ushered.
_ Uan name. the club hkes It Washington. L. I.. Lillian. al------
Always a closeknit family, that way, and boasts a pleas. June graduate of Wells College. r-__
the Harold W. Dandos will be ant, relaxed atmosphere, a het Is teaching at the Batavia
School for the Blind.
a portion of Thanksgiving feast of the Individuals or the moods Miss Paula G. Steinbach The Eugene C. Whites of Man
to their grandmother in her OfTthh.e moment. 1 t k t hus, who are planning their third
home on Fennell Street. IS group met as ,:,ee a PI S' R' annual preholiday co c k tat I
All are Central New Yorkers Mrs. M. . .....n1!'!l an prIng lies party Dec. 6, will spend Thanks.
and they include \'tlr. and 1'Ilrs. At a prevIOus month s meeting, MISS Kathleen A.. Donegan giving in Johnstown with
Alfred Pitman and daughter Mrs. Rounds, one of .the F A May wedding Is planned by her and sister,
Norma, Mr. and Mrs. Rexford Donegan.. ram Miss Paula Gertrude Steinbach Mr. and Mrs. Wallace D.
banker in .New Hampshire. Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. and James Wallace Mitchell, Pickett. _
and Mrs. Barry Pickard and Items like .can do .Iead Done an of 428 Stolp Ave. an. son of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace The William G. Currans will
daughter, Amy 10, and little to gOO? political, diSCUSSions. g . A. :Mitchell of Mexico. be hosls today at cocktails. They
Jimmy Keech from the Cayuga Who saId a woman. s group flOunce the engagement of thelf The future bride is the daugh'also entertained last week. The
I County Home. . . together wlthou't gossIp- daughler. Miss Kathleen Ann ter of Mr. and Mrs. Hermann'Raymond W. Cummings had a
Mrs. puts the spmt of members are Miss Irene Donegan, to James D. Fram, Mansonville, P. Q. cocktallbuffet last night and are
the day words she Arthur Mrs Samuel Townsend son of Mr. and Mrs. James W. MISS Steinbach was having a second night. I
says. "Being IS more II M' G:lb rt H cd M Fram of Constantia. from Royal Victoria Hospital -
than the trappings." Ed..... He:n:ann :lrs
'Les;:; A spring wedding is planned. School of Nursing, Montreal. The William B. Starks invited
The The.odore Ha.nsburys Tucker !'oirs Moore Miss Donegan was graduated P. Q., and is a stafr nurse there. a group of friends to dine with
watch the big parade In New Mrs. . ianss. Mrs: from Technical High M:. Mitchell is a thE'm last night at Bellevue
. --.. Charles M. Evans and Mrs. School and IS employed by the student at Urn Country Club.
york City m?rn Ch I R d Marine Midland Trust Company verSlty, Montreal. He IS a alum. -
109 on for It bn!'gs esR s. tl tired of Central New York. nus of Mexico Academy and Beginning Friday, the Univer
fond l crh 0 0 I Mr. Fram is an alumnus of Hamilton College. ' sity Club will sen'e fish buffets
D';Mer, a family board and a teacher by train. Central Square Central School\r;;o.;o;;o.;o"'"""""''-''''''''--__ ...........
ing. out that Mrs..G.or. fs
lUrs. Hansbury makes her don Elbert, only Motors Corp. BENDER & WHITING
potato casserole, ac. woman on the board lOCI
cording to tbis recipe, a week in dentally, a too, In an
ad"ance and freezes it for use other school), will complete her TO SPEAK DEWm
on Than.ksgtvlng: Mrs. Bertha Campbell, nurs
Is there not another qualified ery school teacherdirector at
of sliced sweet potato sprinkled and interested woman in the Brockport State Teachers Col
with salt and dots of butler, and community who would consider lege, will speak tomorrow at the
layers of peeled sliced apples, running for this post? Women, Association for Nursery Educa
a ?:;:;.nof tion meeti?g. It ,:ilI take pla.ce
potatoes. Pour in enough apple tlonal, and can therefore con, at 8 p.m. to DeWttt Commumty
cider to reach top level of sweet tribute to the over all effective Church. 1...._,;;.. --'
Fru Parkin,
SlIrQCUII' SlImphClnJl
Punster Wayne
Finds New Line
On Trip in Spain
S3.00, t.5G, %.00
In )Iclfiory or Prcsiden( Kenncd.'
SUNDAY, NOV. 24 7 P. M.
FORD CARell'an 01 ""sic
the iolk and jazz wing-ding
I 8tO Eo
"Lilie.l 01 the Field"
"Lilies o( the Field," which won awards at the
Berlin Film Festival, will open Wednesday at the
Riviera Cinema. Above is a scene from Ute film
which stars SIdney Poilier. Lilla Skala aud Stanley
IRoles Listed
For 'Diary of
Anne Frank'
9,800 Pupils to View
'Tom Edison' Musical
Jack Lemmon as Hogan, the landlord. uses a
stethoscope to listen in on the conversation of ten
ants, Carol LynIey and Dean Jones, in this scene
(rom HUnder the Yum Yum Tree," comedy at the
A real "Wheeler Dealer" doesn't wheel and deal for
money. Money is jUst the way he keeps score.
And James Gamer knows the score in "The Wheel-
er Dealers," a comedy now playing at Loews. With
attractive Lee Remick as his co-funster. Garner
makes his point that oil. collected with drill or
brush, comes in handy for lh'mg high on the hog.
"The Wheeler Dealers"
"Unde, the rum rum Tree"
Wheeler Dealers
In Romantic Comedy Ranks

TuesdaY and Wednesda)' forliments with electricity. and fl'
fwe performances of "Young naUy his dramatic and lOgenious )'fiss HlrneUe Robinson will
Tom Edi..on," a musical "uslon demonstrauon of his ability as a appear in the role of Mr!, Frank:
featuffs 14 longs .'hen the S y s
and Imentors. tn the cast arl' AUan Scharr as "The Diary of
pedormauce.s of Tom Edison, plus. hcbel Re Anne F ran k"
Tom EdlsoD" ha,'e bel'B gao, Charles Hull. Inna Rogers. Friday and Satur.
postponed a wetk due to Ute Armand Brown. Cynthia Benne- day e,enings al
laUonal day or moumlll' for field. Art Ostrm and larilyn St the Unh'er<;lty
resldtnt K"nned)". The per James Walter htehell Cree j- Regent Theater_
ormantts "ill Jlt:htn at 9_ director. She h a ..
'1:40 a.m.. and 1:31 p.m. onl Jar Harnlck and Robert K worked. with the-
nee. 2. Adam". th@ team that dirtcte(' ST.." GE Play-
wtll be mtt at l. 'otting- and produced Tom Edi en. Kl!n Bowie
ham School by women ..on," came to children'!\: tht"ater and the Snacuse
guide.'; supplied ,the member- from a vaned backRTound In Itobtnsonwttle Theater in
ship of Clvle.Mornmg Mu!'icals, "The Guardsman." "Harvey"
and mto dl's, mck now directs th@ and "Arsenic and Old Lace." As
l2Rated sections of the hall. Melody Top and the New MUSIC a graduate of Theil College 5he
Teachers are aecompanyingl'Tt"nt in Milwaukee.. has studied at the
their classes to the event. Adams. formerly nahonal pro Rock Center of Music and
A well-coordinated transport duction manager of. NBC, reo Drama.
plan has been worked out with <:ently at the
the combined eHort<; of Frank Uruvefslty Regent Theater and
Lise; principal of Charles An_,has toured such musicals a,
S ch 001 and Ravmond, "West Side Story," "Kbmet"l
and "The Student
in grades, 'French' Actress
Never Saw Paris I
9,800 'AU! see the play .... hich Willi Fjfj D'Ors8Y, the explosive
,be pre!\enled at 9 and 10.40 a.m "French" star disco"ered by
Elalu LI'Da Lecoaard Jacobs
no aflernoon show on Wednes-' FOx's "What a Way to Go! ", Casl tn the rol@of Margot, thel
day. Ire\'ealed she is writina her au sophisticated aister or Anne, Is
"Young Tom Edison" Is the toblograpby. Elaine Lena. Mi55 Lena altended
story of Edison at 15, just 1001 Entitled "I Nl'ver Saw par.,' l:lica 01111"1" where she worked
)urs ago. We see his aUemptto Is," the name refers to her in with tM Gasllghters
fly. I playmate by feeding .hlm troductlon to thepubUc who was, the partol Moll Shane; In "Give
Seldlitz Powders. Later Edison told at the time she was a na- Us Ti_ to Sing." She has ap-
is shown on the job as a candy t1\'e In reality, Miss peared 1D "An Italian Straw
bUlcher and (he was bo.rn in Canada. Hal" ,. the Svracu5e U tie
hi!\: own paper) on the Grand which fact was disclosrel I year Thntre .
Trunk Railroad. and the ,.xplo- later Mr Dlluel, the fidgety Ind
!'OmetiJDII comical man who
a.J v 1F. ,7_. the Franks and the Vao
'{ORiOn1: IV1[Clf. reports Oft D.. th." hidln, f,om lI1e
Llf E AnIT in be
rl J 5 is a graduate of
The b.-ht romantic comedies grade. "That Touch of . hnk" I.A' Coil I" g e wben be
are at the bos An e:dubioon. or paintings by Frank Goodnow :fel'
a.nd 'The Wheeler Dealers no.... , eptember" with Rock Hud on contemporary American paint and Cart Raters from U1e School hI torY at. GilleUf' Road Jun- Rehearse for Symphony Program
It Loew's is in this category. and Gina Lol1obrigida scored Ini on loan from. hdtown, of. Art faMllty and I .portralt ior HJ2h hool 10 .' 0 rt h
as a Texas "Wheeler 24R pt'r cen "Irma La Douce" Syracu e. Director James de Blaisis (left) stage music to be performed Dec. 6 and 7
lS Garner With Lemmon Shirl,.)' 'ew York Clt\. collection of prmts and ----- ec or (or the Syracuse Symphony by the S)'racuse ymphony. Actors
made._ bit In 'Thrill All MacI.alne was the t. non on \iew at the W111 be on new thrOUR:h Nonm. frl.ars orchestra has a rehearsal session will) (ro mIen are ,!aU Breakey. enacting
opPOsite DO;,lS Day. In \\hler road.sho,:" atuacuon III Uruted Lowe Art Center ber. Lowe Art Cl'nter is (our actors who w1H read verses {rom Oberon; Lucille . farkson. Titama;
De a I e r s be romane!!'s Lee \rhsts at S)TaCU I" Uni. dally from' Lo 5 and 7 II 10 G G th d
Remick. Curre.ntly III are two \.er itv. In addi. Saturday' to 5 and Sa II dI)' resent "A .1tdc;ummer l. Dream" by inger ra,in as e Fairy; an
Af.1m whlcb doe! good. a,er other ll.e:ht comedies on theIr bon it "eril's of t to 5 Shakespeare with the .Iendelssobn Bet5Y Drew as Puck,
is rated as way onr the 100 per c.(Onl mark new' prlnl, and . 1__-========
achie\'ed a box offlce mark of-"Take Her. \Hth otht>r retent ac- ge VIeW
C b
loopelcent.... I qm"tions ...hibll1onof"mi.' ..... stud.nt Symphony to om .ne
On .basls The Thrill of and .. U.ndEr tht' \'um Yum the uniyersity nor master" European drawinR
It All hit the 206 per cent Tree ",tb Jack Lemmon. GonI.. Mad C'Ollection a 1I 0 from the lith to the Itth 1M
art' belll.t! sho\\ n. On \'iew to J)(oc 20, UII drama of {;n1\.. rSlty B d d M d I h
The most impr...h, ..orb on exh'bl110n Is on loan from lb. Coli... 'W.' "'" pr"enl aran en e sso n
\ito'" ue the print' of Xew \'ork Dra.lOa Shop on.\rth twO-Bet play. "A
A et'l"!f"!\ of 10 Madison A,,enue. "VII'.... nt Brldtl;e," It R 301 I
etched portnlls A beautirul exhibition and well pm.: 8 and 7 at tht" S'ra Oppntng U,e S)rlcuse m Gin GravI\tls altne p n HOI I YWOOD (\P) _ Cle<ht
fa\'l)rltr the instaUed, intimate draw, ("U \ l' ily Regent Theater rhOIl)'5 set"Ond John nl" Vi Ith ellher the brst
show thl IRtf'rnabonally Ings In pencil. chalk and ink Burt. house manager conccrt" on Fndav and Sutur Co and the EJUnge GuUd -or [)\.In of thr :!>ear He

American Prlntmaker at are admirably suited to for . Regent Thea da\' Dec & ami 7 at t Incoln Beby Drew, a ne"'come:- to m SpklO making . CIrcus
hts ",.ry be t, Baskan first and hand.lioms !lmall For teq d tIe appearance of thr alldltonum, 'Alii be an unU5U8j )r8 u coun 10 ...ears 01 World" for Samuel Bronston
I. a maloter craftsman a)"one drswlIlS''>, or 81. ht're is the, step presentatIOn of thf' muslt' ,..-\ theater Production"
\\ lth unusual abiJzue a a for lbo'le v.ho appreciate exqUi' in .lldsummpr &hl s Drl'am ' by a a dancer. aC"trc sand JliG- On a locauon night Bron;,ton
ltne and a!l,,<hsccrmnR draul;hts- filte < another h.shillil a . f'VII York Stale l(lur :\Irndel ohn. ut::!r in her bac:kl::l'ound She arranR,ed for a prevIew
man. The rcoplenl of man}' rna I'ra, thIS IS a "ery rewardmg Ine CUlt of drama In addit:on to "ocal 'iOlolst5 .... as a mcmbc-r of the RadIO of ".I<:UrW>ek." Wa\nc's latest
Jor a\\ards and fello9..!lhlP5 both exhlbltJon. . froa variOUS coUl'ees and unl' and C'horu four at tors: Will Clt\ ':\Iu.!ic Hall Ballet Co. as rno\."e. aboard the plane.
here and abroad. 8a IOn pro- Th,. range or 51JbJee:t material, rrad 'er es from the producer of Pilgrim Pro, TI nd Duk
of pnntmakinJ:' at Smith and style \"aries Jtrl'at.Jy from WIle on Syracuse Uni\"er- as a tribute to the 400th ductlons Theater for Children seat t:
. _ po r t r a i t "ItUdies to quJd: 111 Climpu the Oswego troupe anOl'.. er5arr of Sbakf'SPf'are, in.('\I.'" York bette;" view it. He !'at down be-
One. of the most prohbc of rrom reU,lous and II wtD gue ts at a one-act p!ar Cnder the direcuon of Jlmt'5 .Iatt Bruker, a student at Side a ",oman coffee.
Amencan contemporal?' artist!. legoncal themes to the utrava to by Syracuse Unt:\1. deBla.sls, 5ymphony $tage OnQndaRa Community ColIl!J:;e, The ..... oman got so uened that
Ba km IS a pnnunaker, gant baroque qualllie'i often"''''' students, director. wtll be Luctlle Mark has a prared in leadin roles she the coffee aU over
book (1fe found 10 17tb and 18th Cen., .;on portraying TJtania. GIrt8er with trl" GE Players. the Syra- Duke.
be gnen a large tury French landscape painting, I t SU Grann a the Fall1', Bets) <."Un L ttie Theater. the Cnlc ..
tn e onf' man show a.t the Mu . fy parbcular favont Include er a Dr,.w 8!'1 Puck and Break. Co. and the FaYI'Uenlle Play. It hot,ter 1han hl'll.
seu!6 of .fod,.rn Art In lK4) an "Ingre hie" ....omans char I ey as Oberon. S8JS "aYDe, so I Jumped up.
We are very fortunatt< In be- portrait by a 18th CenturyI luclll,. .larKson. acU,'e in Also on the Dec,S and 7 pro- z:n)' balance .. and took a
10' able to ee thiS late!'-t port French Ihf' Emde IA'\"}' Children ,,irtl:Iallr all pha'ie'i of theatl'r gram ". be R1chard trauss' In the
of prtnts from the um,e.r pencil tJtled 'The Salon work With thl! Kl'n BO\li'lrs com- TIl err} \\hen tile plane,landed. Duke
collectIon th4t how Ba.. kIR JlU?"" the \\dlJam Von i\obf'1' panv. this lleason directed Prank:,>" and RaH1 s "Daphrus walked off 1I1th hiS SUIt_SPOtted
10 lop fonn.. 11 .fa. serna landscape, the Italiln O. et ChiN' Suites 1 and :! and torn. Someone hun
are tbe Introspecu",e GuerClno's ink wa h drawlD ns penlng what happened
GO)'a. the Barladt and The Repentant .Iagdalene '"You might sa'... quinpt'd.
the superbly dl'taUed GIOtzlus and the red chalk drawlRg of I R 01 Ma esc W'II Slng Duke, ,th.1t the Wa)nt m Spam
and SrI' din portraits, One of the ceremonial seenI' by Pam Bor Tht Chil- OS 10 r 0 I falls mamly on the plane:'
.. tronge t mflut.ncp<; In Amertcan done (Italian 1571). dren'1 Tht"ater W111 the T' I I' 0 IT I
pnntmaJun.. Ba kin c1earl) Each "ork on vi... IS b.auti 3ro'lle" Crimm', famous slo,, It e Ro e In pera osca
Shows ",hy lR the..e beauWul 6 (ully framed or matted 1n a ."Ide of SanJel and Gretel as adapted
ac" IntrrCity Opera, nr.\wam will play C
qUITI'd prints by the (a,"Ulty 01 lector of drawingl. IRecent Theater. ,Xicholas Guahllo dIrector. an Mal"ro has sung fn leading opera
the MlOneapolis School of Art lSI _ It will be thl' Rfoup's first pro- nounces that around the world mclud-
on \'Iew, Roy SimmOn! Jr. Is to bf' con. ducuon under the dJrection of will sing the tit I e role. In 109 La Scala and the Royal Op- KARL KRITZ, Coodador
. The loan exhibition of paJnt,gratulated for the Sklll and tat;te. rl'l. Fay Golden, director of "Tosca" on en and Hayward, a FRI.. SAT.; DEC. 6-7
mRS at the Lowe, Ce n t e r is thus far In chooslO$:' the Chlldren'l Thealer since Dec. 14, in LlOcoln AuditOrium tenor, has sung \\Ith the -:..::;"-:'====..::.....:....-
soml''Ahat lIne\"l"n 10 quahty. cxhibilions (or Gallery One. It lfi Septembrr. tlIiss Mart<sca made her debut NBC Opera rrom . ,
-------------------1 Two powerful drawings, state a P I I' a sur e to see a "com. At Tufts University she and as "Tosca" IR 195'l at the Teatro'and Philadelphia Grand O!lera. Midsummer Night s Dream
B d B S
ments of high qualily and con, muc!al" gallery in our area set husband. Dr. Josrph Golden. j 'uo,o in Milan. She was ae 'i)-h
it 1'or
roa way ox core ccpt by Rica Le Brun. are truly up WIth ca1c:uJatl'd simplicity so,asSOCiate professor of drama at by both press and pub
. Til Eulenspiegel
NEW YORK If't-The critical happen if a person's fondest poorly orRanized. lchost<n by Mr. Simmons shoUld1f>xpUu'nental theater for chil-IStates Soprano Hailed'\'> Giulio Llnl.":otn AUditorium, 8:40 P_11.
thumbs werl' down la.5t wcek on, wish could come true. for. 24 Ink drawings on cloth by Pres Ih. elp to educate Syracuo;e area dreD-first or Its kind In thelCalfoOlerl, 1.lalY's leading critic,
Broadway show arnvals. Two hours. Other performers under'ltoPlRO are per:o.onal and imagi art patrons by showing the besl Unlled Slates, in EpOea wrote, "Maresca with
productions opened-i!lRd bothBeginald Denham's dlrectlon nallve. "The Conference" is al,m drawings and prints from the The play wilt be given at her f.inesse lR phrasmg. her ca
closed, .....ere.Ralph Dunn, Russell Nype'lPSftlCUlarlY movmg work. past and of the present. Gallery 10:38 a,m Dec. J4 and 21, Sat llaclty to vary colors, her scenic
"The Golden Age:' at thelB.onme J.ones, DorothY Sands Leon an 8.rllst I ha\-e;One Is open Tuesday through urdays, and at 2 p.m. Dec. 15. bearing or great expressive no
Lyceum, received only one vote and Martin Ross. Designed and long admired, reprpsentl'd by Friday (rom 1 to 5. Sunday. Marlow Burt, house bllity came forth as an extraor-
of approval from among rep- hJt:hted by Feder; costumes by two deccpti\'ely Simple land I - manager for the Regent. saId dinary 'To'!ca'"
resentati\'es or the city's six A.udre. Produced. by Sur scape paintinJ,t:li showmg sensu An. exhibit/no of graphics the prices will be 50 cents for Philip Maero wlll appear as
newspapers and closed afterlg.'"oand Bruno DI Cohsml. I. ous pamt quality and lush color opens today at Muggleton Gal'lchildren, 25 cents for adults. Baron Scarpla and Thomas Hay
eight performances. ffBroadway, t e cr hcs that a very close con.!lcry In Auburn. Artists repre. - ---
An entertainment de\;sed by 'A:ith nalure: "Yellow Mead1reseoted include Leonard Bas
Richard out or poems. Clay" at Writers Stage was lfi. lR .Its B:aque, Bernard Burte!.
diamonds and <;JK'eches fromI k 'd b 32' R' . coloration. Purple Flcld wah Hoyt, Robert Man"
the era of England's Elizabeth 0
C RocJt.o;" is a hne In t u it i ...--e.J'nedlaender. R I" n 0 i r andl
I, the offering was lX'rformed . . 'Rpualt. This is a superi.or eX_hi"
b" four actors three vocalists . _ "S M t A h Selgfrll.d.Remhardt lr. contrast,bition of graphiCS 'Ahlch will;
and a quartet 'of instrumental. /rn He 0dj S 'Iis a mtlJcu!ou, realist whopntmue on view Dec,
lst es. at e an .us, sa.p' !painls \liith great skill and pre- 21. Muggleton Galltry is open
and Humorous" a pro.,ed .rne of Its clsion. Reinhardt C'an be a mag daily except Wedne!"da)' from 10
proved the Times. nif.icent painter but the two
to 5 and on Sundays from 2 to 5
edIy SIURgish" declared _ the' "Tambourines to Glory." gos- The current-;;l exhibition I':
Hrrald-Tribune;, The AlI!lOC18ted sonR-drama at Broadway's treatment than others I ha,-e,tbe Minoa Free Library ft<aturesl
Prtss rat,e. it" A genteel, IUb-'ILltUe Theater, closrel after 25,,! e e n. "Ex:altation", however. ,the work of pror. If'rlln Pollock'
dued exhibIt. . performances. lhas amaling passages of greatlOf Syracus@ UniversIty in a fine
The cast included Douglas' ,beauty. shOWing of rect!nt paintings and
Campbell. also directed; C h'll A Schoener Is represented sketches. Pol1ock has been the
r\ancy WickWire. Douglas RalO og I t.o ppearIb'. three that ,'erge reciPle.nt 'Jf many a..... ard'! ln
Ind Lester Rav.. lins. Produced A UC L from the semlabstract to the'area regtonal exhibitions. He Is
by E. E, Fogelson and Arthur t ecture richly pamled abstract "Moun_jrepresenled in the pt"rmanent
Cantor. tam Pass" that is beautiful in collec:tJons of run..
"Once ror the Ask!ng:' .Eugene Coghill, first solo horn tts warm range of colors. Proctor Institute, E,-erson lu
dy the Booth. failed to fmd 'A,th the S)'IIlphony Or George Grosz is represented seum. Syracuse Unherslty. Art
. smgle supporter, and "''-as will be.featured by a waler color.and a luseum Of. N'e.... Britain, conn.
Wlthdrawn after one perform mentalist at the Dec. 2 meetlllg lithograph titled "The Forgottl!n and Washburn Gallery III To
anee, "Ab}smal" snorted 1h of the Prelude to the 'tan". These are strong <:barae- peka, Ran
Post. The AP said: "Labored I e c: t u r e senes at Urn'er teristic works. (Work by Mr. This e"hlbltion is open dail
llJld Jan Sterling performed \\ith the
headed the cast of the play by National Symphony orche,;tra ent In New York Ctty.) '15. The exhibition was pJanne I
Owen G. Anao about what might land the Toronlo Symphony. Recent acquisitions include and arranged by George Kunak.
by Sandra Dee and her boyfnend.
played by Philippe Fnrquel. The
CmemaScope, DeLuxe color comedy
is playing at the Paramount.
ert resort. Among weekenders who
paIr off are fat leftl Troy Donahue
and Ste(anie Powers and (at right)
Conme Stevens and Robert Conrad.
Music in the Round
the Ed
Dt'libi's: Ivla & Coppella Dean Dixon condltcUntt
Ballet ,ultt's: Anatole Fi5tOU' run k S)hlphony Orche'ilra;
Ian and Geor.e:e Sebasltan con- Pathetique: Srm.
'dueting the RIAS SymPhony Or phony No, 6 (E"erest Stereo)
chestra, (Everest. stereo) ... Xcgro Dixon could not
ifestations of the Uth Century. conscious America and so h.
popular works of music pro-,took himself to Europe where
duced In a period when patron he is conducting SOr.1e of the
age was no lonl'!er the source of finest orchestras of the world.
U,,'elihood for composf'rs. Flamboyant and unorthodox
They.were forced to rely on in dres: he is ultra cxacting
of theIr [n and con.'enati"e as conductor.
thiS excellent. reo Hc almo!>t totallv lacking in
Flstoulan IS one of thr mannerisms
world <; leading co?ductors and With Ihe more famous and tern.
has toured the Umted State<; J)('raml'ntal mae tros. C. S.

mUS1C. Sebastian IS an equally tn- and would hke some da" to
skllled conductor, kno"n best In return to it. He turns lR a ..
Europe, He presented to Iderlul account of in thtS
of Pathetique..
lof the World.." No 0111' In T"'hb World Is Like
Don Franks (Kapp) .. 1f off
Winner OrUfes' Clte Award PuUfur Prlze Drama beat pro\'lded by
pr6UIu one either. He J1;t'nuineJr fefls
that he has lom!!"hlOg to sa
What controversy he'll create IS
The Three Suns
"Take Her, She's Mine"
James tewart (nghll as Daniel
Boone at a co!'tume ball in Pans fmds
that his costume IS disintegrating,
Lookmg on are hIS daughter enacled
"Palm Springs Weekend"
In "Palm Spring, Weekend," opening
Wednesdav at RKO Kelths, hundreds
of collegians seek fun. adventure and
romance at the famed CaHiornia des-
Palm Springs, Nuns, Presley
Featured tn Films to Open
by ,In. Fenster
On Stage at University Regent Theatre Lh,. and S'AinJ\:lnJ\:: Dakota
Nov. 29 and 30 (Fri. and Sat.) 8:30 P.M. Stallon (Cnlled ArU"is Stneo)
TICKETS ON SALE NOW . lakes ,.OU rI,h' ,. 111. e"
$1.50 $2 $2.50
many of the Jazz fa'orites:
..:;;;;;;;;;. L. .....Broadway... "Misty;' etc.
The (our maIO prln4: als o( "Cleopatra," now play.
'Fun in Acapulco' ing at Shoppingtown theater, been drawn by
Elvis Presley and Elsa Cardenas are shown in a the caricaturist Cristiano In their respecth'e gUises
scene from the new Technicolor musical, "Fun in for the ToddAO romantic spectacle, Not in costume
Acapulco." filmed in lIIeXlco and opening Wednes and seated in the dlreclor', chair is Joseph L. lIIan
day at the DeWitt Driveln. kiewicz surrounded by his three stars, Rex Harrison
ANKA IN I B8.\NDO AS HAYDE " (Julius Caesar), Elizabeth Ta 'lor (Cleopatra) and
Paul Anka will be the first Marloo Brando b being tal P.d Richard Burton (Mark Antony." "Grt Morl' Out of 1.. 11'. , tT.AKESHORE DRf\EI .... _' To "LIlliE'S of the field" openlnA;
entert.ainer f.rom thiS. of for a motion ver Go Ollt 10 a 'Io"le'" IHell and Back" i 15 pm at the RIl'If'ra Cln
SlOg In Poland at the IOvltatum Slon of Hayden 5 IUto N A Feb I . 'The Out"ider' g 16 pm' cma Thratt'r. Is an
of the Polish government. He is Ibiography. "WandNer" about ew rt arm om Ines Now Playing 'fan Is an Ic;land" 11 10 pm and IHt:ht hearlt'd stOI1 of an
on hiS fifth mternatlona132'CltYIHaydt>n's life as a andl LOEl\ S-'The "heel r Deal HOUl'WOOD - "Spl'C1al \\bo come'5 upon and as
___ tour of the continent. ,hlm 15tar. ! Visual, Electronic Methods I o\? in
d 7
'7 .30 pm' The lam Attrac chapl'l In the heart of the
LAST' ._ .", NOW! DOOR," 12 Noen . 4 """ 110n' 8 pm ,<0" d"rl
-:!t 1 CINEMA: Wilhelm Kirch!it:ae _ I palO- hI." work as a painter. Even Take H r I The him 'Aon three awards
A:l._____ thou h him was uhlized as the She s . hne ..2 05. 2 OS, 4 05
4021 .; SJa tu, bas de\eloped I M art. .e: . ' 1S.05 and 8. 51 pm, . New Shows Open at th! reu'nt Berlin Film Fesu
II " _ .. fonn which combmK I and he not cOnsider . HOPPI'GTOWS _ "Cleo. ,al. t",o of th,.m specW Clla
SUPERB! ViI..... ,qalV electronic He has Pentagramm a motion PIC' patra' 2 and ; 30 pm WED'"ESO.\Y _ RKO uons and the Wrd to
-tlFE $aN been to "bow hi pro- ture. Rf\IER.\ n,'"E'U - 'Lord of P:;Jm Wee end. Dey POll er for best pErform
1\D8 ducbon .'Penta at F The producbon. which Is a FUes 2.3:;5.5:10.6 4$, WED. 'ESOAY-DI'WiU Dnl'e. anct". lit'! the .only actor I1l

**** .,...,.. m Drc 1. a1 G' ford lynthesu: of musIC and nsual 529 and 1 55 pm fn. fun.n Acapulco." history of the f tint to
:tnhtonum it B Crou Hall art. was conceived In 19.51 alter RKO KEITH'S- The Haunted WED'\"ESD1Y _ Ril'lera the honor tWIce Ills pre\IOl'5
af TarFlA
-rR ... aVp HED It)' Sc I:! ma Lillie<; of the FIeld" htl part In The
IVIiiI IV, .. ttY r" techni tuc:b nf work plre 201. S 11 and 2D p m. '\t Easterlime wmf> 11....
-HE GKirchgaesser a 0 :t 'us actomp! hrel In the labnra ECKF.L- L'udcr \he '\ um '\ urn <;tudenlS from all O'er the I:his ud
"'rU1laa", ........ al tn.... I ennany. b
n I c tones of Bayer and Ad'a at Tree 12 1 Sil, J SC, S Sf. lnitt'd ' tates floc),,; to that 10 to 'Ieaco ror bi lair t
_&raW .,rib... ml'at15 "hlc v. para e to Lev,.r1tusen 7 52 and 1 50 pm. uon) and thafs the ical. 'f'UD La Ac:apul o' In
1'rt4.: "UU... el 01.. " ..101- '\t the of producUnn t FIt\ - Thf' T ro I a DbadgrouDd aDd ourCt.' of OPf'Dlnc W"meso
was not pos Iblf' to produce col Hor e . 130, 5 lS and I pm for "Palm Wrekend" at tbe DcW"1U Orh,111.
on by electrol1ie mUM and II "The Mongols 3 IS al3d 7 oJM' lfedaesday It RKO Thf' hIm beg1nS U lth a beau
. as to apply color pm Keith'$. ulul al!'riaI shot of A
':a!lualJy to t"ach of the 10000 IB,LLET GEE EE - 'The Thfl starring cast compnses and then narro I down lI a
fram of the rom. Each i'i Long t Day. 1 U, S and Tr HardlO as a husky Teun )ac:ht crosS1nl the t..:. \\"oe
lhf'".fore an and not a 5 10 pm.. turned 11 0 II y '*0 0 d 'it'lntman; tOg on l1l1s yacht :s P!"<;-
copy OE"ln ORn.I- Rtng ofTror Donahue as lhf' capwnJev an ar1i!1 ha
. ITerror' '; 15 and, P m. of a co1l!!'t:e ba'Sketball team recently dropped b s brothu
"Blood Feast 533 and 11 Jet h>Q<e m tht< Conn:e dunn thelr acl. cau him to
Strapping Actor P,U\CE- Cartoons '1 5Q pm d:ngasn : l;
Was Polio Victim Da)" 2.25
Ron It r 'i g :0 ORTII oRnEI' - RQ("i \. D;,ke as a coUegian "'lth Ca!'>a- .... ho pla)1s the SOCial
RII"\'Ue cnntn ('t a lor a a Bab\' 7.15 p m Thrce no\'8 notions. and Ste.Jame direclor of 8 rl' on hotel E1\'ls
mJ'ln\alld at the of IwO VlOll'n! r,.n', J3 pm "Doo' PO",'(!J'"!'> the daughter of the 5mgs 10 ne'A fiOn;:S and oue old
h,.n h,. was strul"'k down b}' Ghe lp tht< ShIp' 11 pm. loC'al"chicl of police fa"ontp
1110. -
Tods a!l a guest star tn
-'SI",!"." the Dec 11 se'gment
o( ''The Vlrgtnlan." Hay f' I

anylhlO'- but an in\'alJeI
: :
i CbU'nD Caftr tJ pan I
i nu lSCA& BUTE" i
I TJ){f; 'to'o'1GBT I
, Tr- i
! (I) i
I All'" ... I
jlrU,.,. 8l1li .... '. 3.......11 TI' ....... I
I .'.11 I J111\.. "',
I <u .. i
i i
I m
aau1lo. it".... un.'
IUanager. or dO'llfntov. n
movie hooses have anDounc.ed
that tbe day of mourning
M 1 all thealers will be
dD5ed UDtU p.m.
This 11'111 Include Lotw.,
ParamOQot, Ke.lth's, aDd Ektl.
Howenr, the moUOD pldure
h.,uses ..Ill be open as usual
12 THE Syracuse, N. Y" Sunday, November 24, 1963
Theaters to CloseI
Monday Until 6
Edie Adams....ho is starring
In "Under the Yum Yum Trrt>"
and "Irs a lad. Mad. Mad.
Mad World" opt'ned her act this
v;eek at the Rinera Hotel. Las
Ye$::as, with a bit:' number en
titled. '']1'5 a . lad. lad. Mad.
Mad World." She wdl wear furs
valued at $i5.000. including full
length sable pajamas made (or
her by widely known designer
Galann!. and coats of chinchilla,
leopard and sable.
Ji..... Run PN.-w TheatN

BOX OFFICE orES 7 P..){.

r .... ta.c:ar H... t .....
L.-\ST 3 . ITF.
:bid BIT
THE POSTSTANDARD. Syra":"'. N Y. Sunday, November 24, 1963 15
Jackpot Hits $2,475
In P-S Puzzle Game
Manlius School Review
To Honor New Cadets
A colorful tradition at The us shield to a new cadet rnem
Manlius School wl1l be observed ber from each companv Fol
on the Ichool parade grounds lowmg thiS ceremony Ll Col
at 4 30 pm today when some
115 new cadets will be honored Sedgewtck commandant 0 f
m tb, annual Recogmtion Re- cadets will pass through ranks
vIew afflXUlg the tnslgma on the
Thil II the ceremony at other new cadets tF TODAY ll YOUR BraT'BDAY You can WU1 $2 475 this week
whIch all DeW cadets at the i5- The tradItional parade will Wd=":ndtl';g:.;:&t.. In the cash pnze crossword
year-old military preparatory bot.b to use. thiS the big
school are ofhClally accepted quarters band In the event of Christmas In your life
as fun fledged members of the Inclement weather the reVIew tomorro" s Post Standard
cadet ba1tahon The reco:nu will be staged in Barber gym With the new entry rules and a
tion becomes Imal v;hen "Ute naslum
school Insigma IS attached to WED 63 YEARS the big jackpot
the new cadets uniforms and Mr and Mrs N F Ernest of Here IS the fmal que"tion 18
they pus In reVIew before the 233 Medford Road celebrated Mano Pel the noted hngwst the , ..00 bonus Puzzle QutZ for
entire battalion and school of thetr ttJrd 'A edding anniversary calls Swahih the wortbJesl wtth tomorrow 5 entrv
f1clals Thursday RIght a1 the Schmtt most dignified of alI African 0 II the .uthor of the Keel>
Brig Gen James K Wilson elbank with (rlends and reJa Negro tongues" He recom mg Posted
Jr school president, will make tives Mr Ernest 11 a retired mends It as a national language
the Ntagara. Mer nationJ aouth of -A-nsw-ar-,
haJJ" WIth a flick of the WrIst His
busmess IS boommg WIth turkey.
earvmg time a few days away
- Yes and No
ThIS man, who sharpens knives for
restaurants, exhibIts the nonchalance
of a boulevardier as be plies his trade
In view of passersby. He <:an cut a
Radio and Television News
'The Cowboy and the Tiger'
Crackerjack Thief Really Nice Man
By HARVEY PACK lasy enl1tled "The Cowboy and Texas boy anxious to own a a ftw thmgs and went west"
NEW YORK -Statistics tell the Tiger' at 2 30 p m Thurs horse befriends the tiger and He landed a part In 'Meet the W R d .--/
u, tha A:uencan peopla do no Iba wild animal" was a click on oman ea er Explanation of Clues
devour their Thanksgiving Day keep the youngsters out of the The boy Is played by Paul Jack clauns the role of tiger Clues Across Clues Down
dinners at a set time Some way while pop attempts to 0 Keefe the narrator is DaVId really carne easy to him be Wl'ns Sl00 Pr S CROCKS not frocks The 1 MANLY not datly or early
famillel pther round the bird carve the b1rd, or mom e1eans Wayne and the mean uger IS the cause he IS a great arnmal iml Ize clue word 'replaCE:menl,' fa It Js work to do early' rather
a1 noon. otliers tn mid afternoon up the mess depending on cracker]ack man Jack Gilford lator which he prot;mnently vors CROCKS Frocks are not than 'early work to do He
and In a few homes the feast which Side of thE! day the tn I ve been working steady on pro,ed by expertly mJmlClng the Of Consolatl'on replaced In the direct sense presumably has daily work to
takes place In the early evenmg diVldual family eats for the past eight raCial exprpsslons of about five CROCKS rna)' be do dunng the work week and
ABC IS making a gallant at The tiger In the title rerers years, explained hger Jack breeds of dogs 1 HARRY not carry It sa' rna} well hale MANLY v;ork
tempt to catch most of us away1to a feroCiOUS beast who escapes and I ve appeared on many In fact thiS ability may land The Jackpot In the gigantic nUisance to have to HARRY to do'
from the table by presentmg alfrom the zoo and while the TV shows But III the past SlX him a role In a highly touted cash prize crossword puzzle WIll men but It IS a burden, rather 2 DRINKS not drunks Con
Thanksglvmg Day musical fan whole Clty IS terrorIZed a httle months I ve suddenly become TV senes where he would than a' a ce to sldered 1e tt f
chtldren ask me for a fIreman who lo\es the fIre chmb to $2475 thiS week have to n Parryjtaste
my autograph I ve even house s dalmatian and also Get tomorrow s Post Standard lS not good tam drunks are unquestionably
been recogmzed by feUow pa looks lIke the caRIne With the new entry rules and 8 BOYS no boss His BOYS unpleasant
trons In restaurant restrooms Audiences thIS theatregoer In all the words you need ma)' have more money' HIS 4 ROOF not room StressIDg
and all because of the eluded mvarlably v;alk out of ACTOR HARLaN BRANDO boss presumably, has 'more' a buIlder' pomts to ROOF
crackerjack commerCials" A Funny Thmg Happened to jOins motion picture You have until 9 30 a m money conSidering one kmd structur'
Gilford Is currently breaking Me on the Way to the Forum' s tar s. producers directors Thursday to get your completed 9 PLANS not plane or plant ally superior to another The
up audiences on Broadwav in noting that only ex burlesque enines ':: ModiI1calions to a plane or comparative ments of different
the Welt Coast to POints aeC{t

Thmg Happened to Me on the to burlesque 5ald Jack but 1 f Re is (f e techlUcal personnel would parUcular
at 730 ;: ay Wit speCia 5 COST not cast Doubt!
has even helped the hit musl hour theatre CIrCUit They were WednesdaY' on WHEN TV We don t payoff In turkeys would hardly be ill advised' about the COST are a questJon
cal s pubhclty because whene\er a bIg thmg m the old days If If lOU WID you 11 get cold hard (defined as done Without duel of
It s shoun on Johnny Carson s you showed up at the thcatre cash consideratIOn) PLANS IS the poss ease e ou a au
shoy, the audience applauds and cQrnpeted you receIved 3Top Games Ncver entered thiS contest be most apt m the context of the the casl In a man
and Johnny tosses In a gratu $150 the winner got S5 second fore? Give It a try Work out clue ner cting or examp e may
ItOUS plug for GIUord and the was good for $3 and third a solution Just as you would for 15 SPARE not spa c e or be the/roblem which IS qUIte
show For th:)se of you who only meant $250 J thmk we had ,to any crossword puzzle There IS spade Since a SPARE IS pro anythmg In a bus
watch hard sell deodorant roes pay commiSSIon out of that Scheduled 0 one exception-we supply a list vlded for a future requirement 6 SOLE not some SOLE 15
sages In the crackenack spot Gillord s wonderful face has al ncontalmng among others all this Jinks up espeCially well t th d th
Jack pIa,s the nasty daddy who so been employed by the Metro the words you need to Win With the Idea of foreSight
steals hiS kid s crackerjacks politan Opera for thelr pro There IS a wmner every Space and spade lack this par acter \ery often chan es
and tries to wolf them aU down duction of Fledermaus and TV lIursd week The wIDner of last tlcular aptness smce either Some could represenj verygJim.
before he is caught the fact he was the first non ay v;eek I Sl00 consolation prize could easllyhave been needed' lted res nS1bllit a h h
You don t have to hit people singer to playa major role in was Mrs Mary DIXon 13g Cool because of newly de\eloped would h.::'dI ha;e
over the head to sell 'explamed an opera that of Frosch the tdge Ave who sUbmItt,ed an en, working conditions say Implied tn clue Thus
Jack Sales are up cne third drunken jailer Is one of Jack I The Bay Packers bat try Wlth fJve errors ,Frocks 11 SCOT not spot "A tough would need to be better uali.
Since they began the campaIgn proudest boasts He also stages tlIDg for their thlJ'd 5traJght Na mstead of crocks boss in SCOT of course caD be fled q
I might add thiS has been ac the comedy sequences for the tional Fooa.n League cham of 'loaf mstead formidable' (defined as that 12 GAME not name GAME
comphshea wllhout m;:ntiomng Met plonshlp meet the Detrolt Lions or ,!oad ,car, mstead of ts to be feared or dreaded OflLs mort: satisfactory It ts more
the pme lD e' ery box I In any event your young at TIger Stadium DetrOIt ID a bar and tries instead of strength Size, difft a question of a familv, say go.
Gilford Is a Brooklyn bon: ae l:lotus won t be frightened by the tradilJonal ThanksglVlng Dav trees ), if the occasion at1ses mg back to remote times rather
lor v;ho couldn t make It 011 tiger m ABC s The Cowboy game to be br03dcast at noon The runners up WIth stX. er A tough spot 1S esselltlaJly than Its name
Broadway until he went to Cali and the Tiger' on Thanks81vmg Thursday OD WHEN 1"\ rors each were Mrs Bernard' fOrmJdable Shot and slot are 13 ZEST not rest He :needs'
forma 'I heard about a re\'lle Day because lI's played by U del ted U Hand, 211 Draper Ave Solvay too vague ZEST when "ra d lth
Santa Comes to Channel 9 In Los Angeles that was gOlngla ruce gentleman whose onl)' Leo J MOWlns, 311 Mildred Ave 19 LOAD not loaf LOAD Is'hard work' If
Santa Claus arrives at 10 p m Thursday on WNYS to cross the country and maybe knO",-rJ vice 11 stealing cracker the naUon ad already named and Ellen M Heath FreeVille apt The deU, enng of JUst one ately WIth a hard day's work, '
TV t d J f
come to New York so I hocked Jacks host team for the Cotton Bowl Each week no perfect solution loaf to a restaurant seems It mdlcstes the begmnulg of a
I} rea etters rom the boys and gIrls and to game meets traditional nval is submitted, $100 will be qwte unllkel) and therefore,' day' presumably after a
entertain them WIth cartoons and to) s Thereafter VA t M 1 Q t- - Texas Atif at: Kyle FJeld Col to the should be further qua1ifJed m mght's rest Thus b" would
Santa WIll be seen-from 3 30 to 4 P m each weekday 0 01 ues IonnOires lage Sta"... Texas or, Thanks- ':!.e 1b;4cTIruSE b 'ncad a rast after do"'g It.
_O_n_WN_Y_S ----l TAil P , R _. ke) words correct and the few A.\!USE them som
: oiling
o enslon eClplents Thursday 011 pm esl arrors among tha ramauung!bing Ibat tha school laacher or pilmg Th< manner 01 bemg
lba Th D B words IS not p3Jd to do (Ie 'Its'qualifled" favors
ey 01 9 In the lS.,..'ounty area served address sbould be copied exact- CI; t ad:ltiOn
;:e hart of his job ') even which takes cert..,tn skiU and
by tIM! Syracuse VA Regionally as it appears on the fonn Ican Foo eague WIll meet J:cJ..;t Ii entI') ..;:gab e ftta
do 11
at, times 1r8.lntng to do properly Filing,
By STEVEN R SCHEUER Iday Whlc.h of us is rlgbt" _ R S Office some 19000 annual in This early distribution Pigott IR a Thanks ng Day game tn be $1900 with bonuses of thing
Questloo-Wbo Is Dew Lake AHred Flor come questionnaires will be The $f1l5 available not do crrcumstanC:s which not
comedienne tbe Jackie Answer - It's a draw You matled wtth Nov 30 penston cards at once while those with p mover S TV t at 3 30 The largest bonus IS $.500 for 2;:1 GIN not gun The 1dea of ob\Jous In the clue
:= checks according to James E earRings or changIng Incomes The 64th nual Army Na'V
ttme back? I personaU" think/and older women who watch the Pigott manager tall until flet :Ci
ga be questions together With a per case of a gun there are ques There s many a
.'s the beat tlliq to happeD soap operas and Ute late holir These annual Income ques- tlJon th orms or 0 er In or- TV m ay on WHEN fecl solutIOn lions of SUitability etc it IS schoolgirl that studies
tile GleBlOD Sbow" l0D8jmoVles lfowever thIS ooly cov tlonnalres go to veterans 8Od::.m. order 10 among: avy IS uecond FOI home dehvery of The not just a question of Latm to be able to form an opm
V., dependents of VeteraiJs and re-- It' because he hked It on Thus Labn does not swt

ra HeUer Is welcome mdeed) cOnSists of all alll on the VA I non celving pension under the law In annual ce classtc at Phlla lion department OutSide of "D 0 c K S the clue hreference to the av.
talented pei'former s name types of fans, from an old man connected penSton rolls and to eUect prior to JuJr 1. 1980 are delphia' MUniCipal Stadium Syracuse and Onondaga County A R R Y 0 0 0 tri S tl
55 Heller bu appeared prl who wants to know the address parents of deceased veterans required to report oniy their an may W bring the Winner a consult )our telephone directory N lOY5 L ki f es b tnc y
manly on the stage and JD ;:;:;ev.::', who are receIVIng dependency I:; bowl game in for the 1isUng of thE! circulation P LAN S F H E
r:h:n the pnvate life of Ann Margret and indemnity compensation Wf'nt mtp effect July I, 1860 office In your community Y K G- z. 0 theoretICally hal e been done at
She e;;as done some TV work The que t Ion na Ire s are must also fill m a net worth NII kSt . 5 PAR E B the first attempt, hence sev.
but was never a runmng char Questlom-I saw a mo'le on punched cards which must be Item as reqUired by law e or allan Dual Roles I M C
aeler on any lenes TV 'Tbe Three Murder filled out With the reqUired In Laws go\ernlnJl nonservlce! LOA 0 satisfactory q
esses and would like to know formation and returned to the connect.eC! penSion pa'ments re N T M E T R 20 Ci\R t b CAR 1
Question-Who pla}ed tbewho lhc handsome young man VA before the deadhne-Jan qutre that the VA receIVe thiS ames wo en Of" A t I T c J E a ar f Imples
dark haired girl on the tbe film Is I think thiS rum 31 - or paYments \llll be sus Income mformallOn every year ,ers c or N 0 A A!t4[U 5 E I A
&eIlaDt" segment In v;hich Gar] rna\ ha\-e origlnall} been a for pended H after suspenSIOn no Payment of penSion depends on As M E I NOB T 5 place as anv In whlcb gto be
Lockwood bee a m e Invol'fed elgn film but It was dubbed In questionna1re IS submitted the the Indl\ Idual s need as deter anagers xc,Otement I found mcapabl W
with an officer's lonely wife" English when I saw It-D T pensIOner Will be reqUired to mIRed by the amount of Jncome Puzzle Solution 424 mote e ar IS re
Wun t she in mo\le WI Galnes\i1Ie, Ga pay back all payments re- recened annually from 50urces __-:-_
Paa.I Newman and Joanne Answer-A.lam Delon Is the celved In 1963 other than penSion E ereIt Dual roles are as
Woodward a couple of years actor Sooce he made Three These forms are machine Parents of deceased veterans :m Wren was .ppomted cult but tWice as exciting re St, Andrew1s
qo"-a S Newport, Art -Murderesses he has mo'ed up punched The VA requests these who are receiving dependency gent a.:oanager of the North ports Martin Milner v;ho por
Answer 'Ina Balln Is the ac m mternational film cueles He cards be handIed Wtth care so and Jndemmty compensation are Itati Network and local trays a ruthless assassm in ad
tress Sh-; appeared WIth New has appeared m manv of the they can be processed through remmded that VA insurance last v;eek dttion to his To Mark Its
man and MISS Woodward 18 top films made in Italy and tabulating machines when they benef1ts 5houJd be reported as esideat Erdman Stiles in the Route
.'From the Terrace France tncluding 'Rocco and are returned They must not be mcome rh N.
the finn ownmg I m Here to Kill a Kmg atr
Eclipse Pur folded tnmmedormutilatedm Additional assistance and in divi mg at 830 pm Friday 0 60th Year
QuestloD--Are they kidding pie Noon and the current Burt any manner formation may be secured from At the roa casting Co WHEN TV 1'------- '
1II'\&h tbe oew show Laughs for Lancaster starrer The teop-I They should be returned the VA Contact Office Room Newton arne time Nicholas Aetuallv Marty reports
Sale"" I caD't nmember a ard He is, currently filmmg promptly to the address tn the 1015 Chtmes BUildIng S]ra sales was appomted general dual roles v;here lOU are pla)
more ridlcolous show e\'er be Love Cage 'A'lth Jane Fonda upper right hanll corner ThIS cuse WOLFlDaUger of Northeast and mg two entirely different cher
Ing on TV And they toot a A natlYe of Denver Acters are not as dl
quiz show off for tbls piece of a graduate of tnf! Unner
junk -N M New Britain, Conn Den\er Be and hIS wile Gwen
Answer-ABC seems to be and thefr four children WIll re character I play
IlDxed WIth thIs night Side In Manlius not only looks like Tod Stiles QlU
time spot ..First, 100 Grand Newtoa his college but Is so Identi Brm
now for Sale education at Pomona <:allege Isms that he fools even
100 Grand lasted a qUick and lbe Uruversity of Santa (Glenn Corbett) who is T
= WIll teU Clara. wttb .dvanced studies at best friend Rule. cese of Central New York
g. City College of New York and The episode marks the first CANCR (June n-Jul7 211 nne ASSisting the Rev George E
QnesUoo-Who p I a y f'; d the New York University He and time since he started Route 66 Bates rector at the Thursday
part of the nlet In the movie children wUl
up ret t y GI r I' with Robert With an assassm '" ho St John s Church m PhoenIX
Cummings and Joao Crawford? COLLEGE CUTIES 10 kill an Arab kmg who Mr SIlbaugh graduated frorn
I recently &aW this film on TV Joy ce Buhlant who guest mg Niagara Falls The Amherst has a master s m Eng
and thought It "Was very fllDny, star" in th Beyond His Reach meehng between Tod hsh from Cornell UmverSJtyand
especlall)' the man who played episode of Chanmng has thiS assasSIn who looks hIS bachelor of diVInity degree
RE, Wbltlng to say about college cUlles A him to be hiS tWIlJ from the Episcopal The 0 log y
Answer-You have the title of School at Cambfldge
the ftim and the female star but. COoed WIth class goes to dent
pett; the professor shead Chevrolet sponsors the sefles
in the rJlm was played by Mel ...
ville Cooper veteran actor of
fUms, stage T.V I
QauUon-Did Burt Lancaster
ever have a TV le.ries of his
own 1D the early days or tele
vb:icm" I seem to connect blm
"dh a show In which be played
a detecth e who smoked a pipe
Am I rlfht or am I thinklD&' of
another: &(,tor' Has Burt Lancas-
ter eve.r done any TV work'_
L. D.. rtlanahattan Kansa.s
Answer - Lancaster has not
bad any TV exposure to apeak
of he clicked In tibns at 'ust
ebout the .me time TV W3I!Ii
begummg to make a bId for the
public s: attention Lancaster 1S
currently one of the bIg box
office names in tilJn3 and goes
from ODe tUm to another WIth
little time ott In betv.--een
Hu current release is "Ibe
Leopard and hu 1a working In
"The Train"
QDesUOD - I ban a bet with
1IlJ' pi frleDd _oat the type of
letters 10U neei've the most I
&:en..gera write asking for
me TV Itan' addresses
pIdaret- .ad Ibe ..,.S that
to ihIII watcll TV aD
allow for
\ Rambling 'Round
President Kennedy
following the death of
Stations Concentrating
On Presidential News
WNYSTV Channel 9 WHENTV Channel 5
Saturday Evening TeleVIsion
THE POSTSTANDARD, Syracuse, N. Y. Sunday, November 24, 1963/
Week'5 Radio-TV
WSYRTV Channel 3
8 3G-Wl\-YS-Dance Party
7 OO-WNYS-ABC Reports
7 15-WSYR-5ander Vanocur
7 3G-WHEN-JackJe Gleason
3G-WSYP.-Joev Bishop (C)
WNYS-LaVorence Welk
, OG-WSYR-Mo\ ie Count Your Bless-
man remember what we say
made warmth Judglng by the man y line
coffee pot of ste COpies of the address en\ elope-
simmering sou encased seen do.... ntown that
Radio and teleVISIOn listmgs for coverage of the President's dealh and chill
today and tomorrow <10 not appear funeral timNao voarm,baurl'laan 1what he Sald __
In The Post Standard today because these sta r1eIds griPped Also noted tbalday was the
local stations and networks are de Syracuse radIO stations have dis by the chilling Imposlng new addItion to the
Tuesday Evening TelevIsIon voting programmg to events related continued their regular programmg and ampty j Onondaga Counly SOHng, Bank
OO-WSYR WHEN WNYS-N e WI, Weatbu IShot but actually he only works 111 a to President Kennedy s death until after the funeral Penodic news
Sports cannery WSYR, WHEN and WNYS, Syra reports will be broadcast today and tempest tossed trees being planted on old Van
8 3G-WSYR-News HunUey Brmkley Report WHEN-Petticoat Junction A railroad cuse's three teleVISion stations, will tomo(l'ow Syracuse UmversIty radio No 'ember s a Joe Adam. derbJlt Square And tn the same
try to Junk the, continue to omit entertamment pro station WAER FM has discontinued lowering 5kv
munukunukuapuaa Kid A v;oman mar l\NI5-Greatest Shov; on Earth (C) grams and commercials until after Its regular programmg until after and puffs of smoke from wmd history is the 'cnerable Larned
rles a fortune hunter A former Circus star Is dYing and\ Prestdent Kennedy'S funeral tomor the PreSIdent 5 funeral Memorial sv;cpt blinds v;here hunters In Building
70G-WSIR-lUo\le The Accused' A she asks Slate to get some fnends to row mUSJC 'nll be presented by the sta ambush he -
9 Ja)na Man,llald, , __ __ti_on_to_d_a-=-y_a_n_d_t_o_rn_o_rr_o_w
WIIEN-i\lr Dlstrld AHorne)' The DA 100G-WN\S-Fuglfne Kimble tS badly Welk, Top Com'lc SWirling gales sweeping the minute r boarded a southbound
mvestlgates a burglary nng burned when he rescues some children runty earth bus and \lo alked nght Into an
'3O-WNYS-COmbat German and Amertcan from a burRing school bus Keepi ng Up It s a llme when the SOli has 'lther gabfest The dnver \las
patrols are sent out to secure the film WSYR-Andy llilliams (C) La.rence WI'III'ams' Guest gone to seed and now lies 5lum telUng another he hadllt had a
of a downed Allied reconnatssance Welk and Phil Hams guest With The benng yet out of the seed and smgle aCCident for 21 years
plane WHEN-Garry 111 0 0 r e R 0 Ii e mar y the soU Will come the mJIacie Then one day I had a beaut '
11 Bird5 Lawrence Welk plays the ac bIrth of spnng_ :f7
dence Sports The other day I found the No- he felt It was about time he hit
" Oo-WREN-Red Skelton George Gobel and 11 15-WNYS-Steve Allen when they are guests on NBC- vember air mVJgoratmg enough another
Jules Munshm guest 11 30-" HEN-Uo, Ie The Prisoner' A car TV $ The Andv Wllilams to enable me to nose out a 1yn - -
8 3G--WNYS-!\lcHale s Na\] A man steals dmal In an Iron Curtam country IS put P BURn Sho\l color "pcclal at 10 pm court bus m a race to the Mid But I arrhed safel) at Larry
the PT boat and puts McHale In ]all In Jail Alec Gumess and Jack Ha.... k Tuesda on WSYR TV land Col\ m corner Husso s emponum on 'alley
8 OO-WSYR-Rlchard Bonne Some MeXican illS AndyYopcns the show slngmg Bv somehow breakmg mto alDnve and picked urm) o'\nbus
people think a monthly VISitor Is a b1g \\S\ R-Johnny Carson (C) Feeder survey The lIut .... eek A towhee was seen in Fred Cockc)ed OptimIst then m
In No'ember nIanY or vou tal Schanck s yard In DeWllt Mrs troduces hiS S:luetss .... 110 Jom had Just enough gleen light and hue to put them In lhe books
Wednesday Event ng Teievision a
8 Ol)-WSYR WilEN WNYS-News, Weather WNYS-Prlce Is Right Troy Donahue m the hst The result belo.... are were reported by a mgen 0 er resuscltaung doze untIl almost Bruce orchards now "Ith only
Sports guests for 100 reports p rson near Krums Corners Ith Dunng the mformal spot downtown I was aVoakened by a the charred remains of the stor
8 Huntley Bnnkley Re- 9 Oo-WNY8-Beo Casey An opera star has English Sparrows usual aca but the wnter did not sign Welk accompames the Osmond loud gabfest as other tU! em age plant 5tandmg alter a dIS
port to have an eye operation were most abundant With 1550 h1S name Brothers and Andy in Sweet ployes got aboard astrous fire It happened at the
WHEN-News Walter Cronkite WSYR-Esplonage A Christian leads individuals ThiS II IOme\l hat Bohemian _axwlngs ow ere and Low Alone the Osmonds The matn tOPIC the wound peak of apple plckmg time and
lfNYS-Rawalian E)'e The boys track demonstrations agamst an Arab nation s more than the normal \'alue listed on several reports The slOg the Auctioneer s Sang 109 of Mike De John former must hale entailed a great loss
regime Next came starlings with their cedar and Bohemian wax"lng Then Andy slOgs II s a Good Syracuse hea\":rwelght m a unle'Ss there wa'S a demand for
down an embezzler WHEN-Be\'erly HlUbUlies Elly May usual numbers or about 600 The are practically Identical WhilelOav and talks bnefly about Flonda brawl But he couldlDaked apples But I \e watched
7 OO-WSYR-Dea'h Valley Davs (C) A. boy becomes attached to the ThanksgJ' mg above tv;o specIes are almost the average BohemIan IS larg Thanksgmng hit said one 'And so can I that orchard Jtrow from a few
tnes to avenge the death of Davy turkey and can t bear to have It killed ahlo3vs in greatest .bundance ler the tv;o species overlap Phil Harris and the dancers saId another if the other gu) sapl:.ngs on a hillside and It s no
Crocketl 9 Van Dyke Rob and More are those \l hlch and !l;lze IS not a certam held offer The South Rampart Just stands there applesauce to say the progres
WilEN-Biography Documentar\ of bu) a boat together come next For the IIrst time mark Street Parade for thetr pro - - <:lve Bruces like tl1e trees v;ill
Truman s )ears In the WhIte House 10 OG-lfSI R-Ele\enth Hour A father learns red"lnned blackblnls v;ere I n The only sare and certain wf Iductlon number Andy and PhU With loflter thoughts tban that blO!'iSom out next spring, bigger
13G-WS1R-'lrgIOlan (C) A \10 ealthY hIS boy IS about to become a father thtrdplace There were 4;:1 about ference bet"een the two Is In jom them on They Alwavs I crossed o\er to Lincoln ;\a and better
v;oman faUs for the' Irglman and goes mto a bhnd rage four urnes as many as "p nor the color of the undertaJl CO\ Pick 011 Me Floatmg Dov;n tlOnal Bank and lust mSlde the -----
WHEN-CBS Reports Story of motion lfJlEN-DanD\ Ka)e Mahalia Jackh'n Mally see on No\embcr sunev These are feathers \lhlch the Old Green River Fall entrance an attractl\:e gal 10
pictures exodus from Hollywood to for and Walker guest Cedar were fourth e-ctend from the bodv out under Rner Line Row Row qUire<:! sweetlY \\ould vou hke REQUEST FOR HAZEL,
elgn countries lfN1S-Channlng A man holds a pro With 375 ThiS IS the hlJ!hest the tall The] are ",hlte on the RO\li and S.... anee After a Lmcoln s Gettvsburg Address" Screen Gems producerc; of
WNYS-Ouie and Harnet June IS late feswr to blame in the death of a fnend count In the fnt! cedar waxnmg and rusty red on repnse of the parade number Yes please 1 said and thl> exceptlonalh succeuful
engagement With Da\e and II OO-\\SlR We8lher'l\cars this survey has been con the Bohemian waulng 4nd doses V;lth Amenca the v;hen I got the address I \\'lshed Hazel TV serle!) starnng Sf-Jr
IOO-WNYS-Patty Duke The director of a 11 All tinued In general cedar Voax BohemIan \Ioax-wm,gs are seen BeauUlul ' II could write to hun and teU ley Booth seen here at 930 pm
I e\e en " \10 mgs have been IncreaSing but from time to lime and I would him that he is and alwavs has on "SY:R T\ has re-
high school play v;ants Patty to play 11 A thiS 'ear there an about three be especlall) mterested to learn S,\LES SOAR been the greatesL And the hum cel\ed a request b' a large na
the lead major as IS men retreat v; en t ey are hmes as many as our a, erage of Any that are spotted Please The bl_gest craze 1.0 hn To- too as WItness the hne tlonal cham of domestic em
83G-WREN-Glynls Ke1th has mformanon Gary Cooper and Ph)lhs count let me knov; If the color of the k)o sIDce the Dale) Crockett that stands out as much as an' plovment agencies The outhl,
about an undernorld boss and Gl)ms b Next came c ckadees at 338 under tall COlerts v;as "cen DId caps IS \Ogl Bear sandals More other In thal masterpIece of \lhlch speclaltzes m IT:aJ.ds and
hires a bod)guard to protect him 0 nn) Carson (C) JaH at 2S4 and jancos at 19S any of tho<:e \lho hsted the Bo than t\\O million paJrs ha\p masterpieces of 100 \ears ago jhousekeepers v;ants to change
Cardmals v;ere IOmcwhal hemlan for the feeder sun.:ey see been sold smce July The "orld will bttle note nor Its name to Hazel Inc
Thursday Evening TeleVISion ".IiI.IilIlIlIiIIIIIiI1
OG-WSl'R WIJEN, Weather, to propose to Sally three befo that The reI official I
Sports 8 Ol)-WHEN-Perrv Mason A Sick woman ati\ely mtld v;mter may have Tuftert btm1b:
83G-WSIR-News Huntley BnnkJev Report. makes out a \10111 to lea'e e\er)thlng to kept some bl s In the North
WHEN-Ne"s Walter Cronkite her nurse Isuch as the re nged black IS1"bee ami Mrs S Tillotsen
"mS-Hawallan Eye A woman thmks WNYS-Jlmmv Dean The :\tagwre SlS bird, and have a wed others (spotted some of the Bald.....,ns
I]er husband s acc1dent \liasn t acci ters and Don Adams guest thke the cardma to hnd food ville flock Mrs Manm Landers
dental S 3G-WSVR-Hazel (C) Harold loses faith eaSily and not he It necesFiry of Auburn had two Titmice hale
f Ol)-WSY!l-TBA In hIS (ather \lhen a \Isltor says he to come to lel;!derl': As the .... in lbetn reported from these areas
WHEN-Man Wltbout 8 Gun A woman licked t6 father "hen were jh?r counts come can see before A new location was at
sees a murder and IS threatened by the 100G-WSYR-Arthur GOOfre) 'lhanbghlnglWhether the car a' pulatlon Mexico where Mrs Lucy Salle}
killer Shn.... (C) Tony Bennett Carol La\\ has at last Ie' el orr 01 had one at her feeder
730-"Sl.'R-Temple Houston A "'oman s rence Shan Le.... ls and Ur.a MmnelU .... hether It IS sull rl as It
Th{" complett tally \loas Can
husband dies and leaves hiS ranch to his guest J,as for the past 10 ,. ada Goose 125 mallard 4 sharp
foreman WHEN-Nur!les Gall encounters re l:falry woodpecker.. w more shin 2 redtall 3 harner 1 kest
WHEN-Password James Ste\\art sentment .... hen she goes Into the SIUmSjabUndant than usual and 10 W(>I Crei 2 grouse 3 pheasant 99
guests to heir an expectmg woman the chickadees Goldf ll1,bes ar(> killdeer 10 hcrnng gull 32
WNYS-Fllntstones (C) Fred takes l\NI5-Sld Caesar here In about tWice their usuaJ1nngbllled gull 15 mournmg
Pebbles shOPPing 10 30-WNYS-HolJ)wood and the Stars Stor) nllmbers dove 6 screech owl 1 horned
8 OO-WHEN-Rawhlde A man POStng as of the great lovers of molJon Pictures I There "ere no low counta onlOWI I PII"ated 1 redbelhed
Favor sells the herd II OG-l\SlR WN\S l'HEN-Sel\s, Weather, our usual bIrds WIth tb.Dcep ,",oodpecker 1 sapsucker 2
WNYS-Donna Reed Jeff tnes to get a Sports lion of the Engh<:h spar.row It hairy woodpecker 10.. downy
fnend to help him out but the fnend 11 Allen IS difficult to know whether thel136 kmgblrd 1 lay 284 cow 202
wants no part of It 11 HEN-lto\ Ie To.... n on Tnal A Enghsh sparro" populaUon on chIckadee 338 titmouse 11 wiUte
I 3G-WSYR-Dr Kildare Kildare v;ants to woman IS strangled John Mills and the feeder "un ey accurate or brea!itcd nuthatch 153 red
get nd of old hospital supplies Charles Coburn Inot I :o;uspect manv penons do breasted nuthatch 13 creeper
WNYS-My Three Sons Mike deCides WSYR-Jobnny Carson (C)
\Ioays 5Omev;hat lov; It WOUldl3 oU'e backed thrush 1 blue
Friday EvenIng TeleVISion be he1pfullf eHr'lOne would m bmi J golden crowned kmg
elude an estimate of the Enghsh let 6 rub\ crowned Innglet 3
6 OG-WSl'R WJlEr\ WNVS-News, Weather, 9 3G-WS\ R-UarC) s Girls The gIrls try to sparrow population Are there waX\\Ins:: 37;:1 shnke 1 starling
Sports fmd Harry a \lIfe 100 SO 70 or 10" Description.. 601 myrtle "'arbler 4 palm v;ar
8 30-WS1 R-Ne"s Buntle) Brmkley Report WHEN-Twilight Zone A spaceman IS such as a blR flock or mil bier 1 English sparrow 1530
Walter Cronkite stranded on anolher planet hons are figures that cannot meado.... lark 7 red.... 109 455 rus
WN\ S-Hawahan Eye A "oman s hus WN\ S-Farmer s Daughter Glen a d be used Sometimes one can ty blackbird 18 grackle 62 cow
band IS murdered Katv have to stay o\ermght m the esumate a flock bv a bird 135 cardmal 104 dlCkcls
f Redl of a Justice of the peace Ismail patch and then e!l;Umallng c;el 1 e'emng grosbeak ll4 pur
WHEN-Robin Hood A man IS asked to 10 OO-"S\ R-Jack Paar (C) Dody Goodman :;; ::; 1
escort a man s baniShed brother out of and Barbra Strelsand guest lrough value can be obtained fori Junco 195 tree sparrow 73 chip
the family manor WHEN-AHred Hitchcock A college s birds that came In larie num ping sparro\lo 9 field sparrow 11
,. Sunset StriP A policeman foothaU hero turnlS out to be an alco- bers wblte crowned 5 \lhite throat 11
accused of taking a bribe seeks Stu s hohc E\erllog grosbeak 'I1tP (ount fox !'parrow J6 song sparrow 58
help In hiS mnocence WNl: S-B(lxlng Jose Stable (W 22 L-2 was 114 Tn big years I snow bunllng 3
"SYR-Internahonal Showtlme KO s 6) versus Graland Randall (338 usually get about 250 When the 1.
WHEN-Young People s Concert Leon 413) Ifhghts are smal1 20 to 30 IS thel Ch h S .
Bernstem s first speCial of the sea if Weather UTe ervlce
8 3Q-WSYR-Bob Jlope (C) A Bnltsh mtel 11 All Ipect that thls will probably be a To Be Broadcast
hgence agent suspects a war hero of '1 e\ e en f I d r th
gmng secrets to the Soviets 11 30-WHEN-:\to\les 1he Hunchback of :----------
WHEN-Route 66 An assassm tries to Notre Dame" Story of a deformed beli becks came from scaltered 10 The Secret of Genuine
murder a Middle East ruler at Niagara rlllger Gma and Anthony catIOns such as Tupper Lake Th!mks.l:;lvlng \10111 be the ser
Falls QUinn Night Club Girl A brothel and Wlutne POint New Berhn mon subject of the Rev Ernest
WNYS-Burke s Law Burke gets a call h:s sister go to wood Edward Comfe: T\lexlco Oneonta Nor I Laycock when the North
from a psychiatrist that one of hlS pa NorriS and Vivian AusUn wlch Manetta and FJveltevllie Syracuse Baptist Church serv
tienls plans to murder hun WSYR-Jobnny Carson (C) Most of them sct'm to be still
S d D T I
vis Choir directed by Mrs RIchard
atur oy aytlme e eVISIOn !\Irs James Otlllle\l and Mrs Clark and the Semor ChOir led
8 55-WREN-Sign On 10 30-WSYR-Fmeball-XLS WNYS-Flicka C Maxwell each reported 25
7 Mouse 1 (C) I or:
n Lavcock also will :e th:
725--WSYR-Devotlons 20G-nNYS-Mo\le Danger pose the a\erage number wa" 110'1 of BIble Impact at 9091
73G-nSYR-Jamboree Six 11 Ol)-"SYR-Denms the ]s My Busmes so h nd 9 or 10 01
Gun Gold Menace llS;R_Mo'les
VaHey pm today over WFBL
II HEN-Flicker Fun WNYS-Casper of the Sun and Black renorts are Just as Important as -----
7 5G-WNYS-Hi Kids (C) l\ HEN-Rm Tm Tin beard of the Pratne large ones In us some IRON1' FALLS ON STARS I
8 Oo-Wr\lS-Lone Ranger 11 30-WSYR-Fury 2 SG-"NYS-Movie The thmg about the populatIons of We noted recentlv the Irony
WIIEN-Capt Kangaroo WNYS-Beame and Cvclops' the \anous kmds of blJ'd" Re- of Red Skelton s bemg made an
8 3G-WSYR-Popeye CeCil 4 OG-WNYS-FootbaJl The ports are welcome e' en If only honorary flre chief-while at
WNYS-Wilham Tell WHEN-Roy Rogers Grey Cup t\lO speCies are listed the same moment hiS house
OG-WHEN-Ahm Show 12 OG-lfSYR-Sgt Preston WIIEN-College S core FIfteen people reported. spe was burmng to the ground weill
WNY8-Afncan Patrol WNl: 5-Bugs Bunny board cles not seen by anyone else A last week the Beverly IlI11bli
S 3G-WNYS-Funny Co (C) 1\HEN-5ky King 415--WHEN-eBS All Amen hamer was spoued by JOhnlhes Irene Ryan smashed a
WHEN-Tennessee 12 3D-llSYR-Bullwmkle (C) can Team Longyear III of Hamilton A fender on her new car whlie
Tuxedo Kick 4 Herod screech owl was spotted b' Mr rushmg to make a 'safe dm
10 Draw 1 Arm y and IO\ls Ing tape for the I
lfNYS-5uperman \S Navy 5 00-1\SYR-NF L lhghhghts topher of Homcr MIS Lamb
WSYR-Hector Heath PiNYS-:\laglc Land of 5 3G-nSl R-)lovle Bom also had the only pileated wood "NSWER TO TOUY'S PUZZlE
cote (C> AlIakazan bar<her ' pecker seen W E Benning of T
Clyde had a red beUled wood
Mrs B W RCifenstein re
ings POrted a kingbird m her ya'"d
WHEN-Phil Slhers :\lrs DaVid Reed of Central
9 30-WNIS-Jerry LeWIS Square had a catbird A 'Aood
10 OG-WHEN-Gunsmoke thrush was seen by Mrs Mon
II OG-WSYR WHEN-Ne.... s son and a bluebird bv Mrs
II 3G-WSl: R-Mo' Ie Gun Runners Boward Eckerlin near Manhus I
WHEN-l\lo\les Operation Pacific Helen Gregory or Conifer reo
and Good Mormng Judge POrted a shnke and a dickCissel
WN1S-:\1ovles She Gods of Shark Mrs Henry Feele of Oneida had
Reef and The H)notic Eye a palm warbler j
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requJem wUl be celebrated at
730 pm
An open prayer service will
be conducted at 11 a m tomor.
roYo In the l\ORTIl SYRACUSE
Re\ Ernest La)cock palor of
CHURCH "ill conduct a memo-
rial sen ice at 10 30 a m tomor
row for PreSident Kennedy the
City to Follow Nption
In Day of Mourning
Riehlmall Offers
Final Respects
Goes to White House
A CIty mourns Its preSident
Tomorrow, Jommg the entire country m paymg
tnbute to President John F Kennedy, Syracuse \\U1
close many of Its busmesses, fmancIa1 mstltuhons, re-
tail stores and government offices
Theaters will remam closed until 6 p m TeleVISion
stations are devoting all time to the death of the
PreSIdent I
Sytacusans will pray board will be open to recel\ e
Churches and synogogues emergency calls and cert8Jn de-
throughout the area will be partments wdl have minimum
conducting sef'1nces for the na staffmg to handle such emergen-
tion s martyred leader toda) cles"
and tomorrow I AU state and Cederal opera -
The military 10 Svracuse will tions WIU also be shut down as
offiCially ob:.en e a day of much as poSSible
The l'ew York State DIVlslon
day off A Hancock Fleld of Emplovment announced per
spokesman said only those per lsons scheduled to be seen tOo
sons essenual for mamtammg morrow may report either Tues--
an alert status will be kept onl day or Wednesday Road tests
duty Gnffiss AFB Rome, will and vehicle bearings tn Syra.
follow SUit euse Os"ego Oneida and Au
Thousands of Syracu"ans will burn hale been canceled by
have the day off-a three day the Department of :Motor \ ehl'
"eekend There Will be nolcles
galet... as the CIty fpels the bur tan, to.... n and Village gO\(
dcn of bereavement at the pass crnment offices In the county
Ins of a great leader of men 1\\ III also be shut do" n for the
There \\111 be no Republicans day
The n 1J. h: 0
"unly will close for the t\)' snlngs blHlk.) III Svr1:lC' \ \\ II
t e.x' epl thOloe necessary to t from 11 a m until m
\ Idc essential servIces Unl!!ss the state procl \ ms a
Mayor Wdham F Walsh led bank holiday thf: lnstltubor.s
the closlllg of go\ernment and canot close for the entire day
business services Fnday night Nearly all downtown retail
With an announcement closmg stores \\ III not open tomorrow
City Hall and all offIces, at all The malor food store
mcluding schools chams m lhe area wdl dose
All parochial schools Will be from 11 to 2
closed and pflvate schools Will A number of
either shut down or curtail all concerns Will close for the day
Bcll\ lties or part of the da\
Onondaga Countv Execulive Included ID the hst are Car
John H Mulro) yesterdav pro rler Corp Bnstol Laboratones,
claimed Monday' as a day Of1the. Gray Co Vega In.
mournmg m Onondaga Countv dusUles 0 M Edwards Co
for our deceased President Inc Onondaga POllen the
Count\ offices under my super Caldwell and Ward Brass Co
VISion \\,11 be offiCially closed land the Tag 0 matlc Machm8
except Ihose whleb are neces ICo
sarv to matnwn essential serv GE Undecided
Ice The General ElectriC Co ,es
Minimum Staffs
"The county telephone SWitch (Continued on Page %6)
A requiem !\lass 'Yo W be cele
brated at DOOIl tomorrow ill ST
St , and a solemn high Mass of
Special memonal ServlCf!S
will be conducted at all three
regular serVIces of TRINITY
CHURCH will conduct a mem
onal celebratlon of the Hoi)'
Communion at noon tomorrow,
the time set for Washington,
DC, serVlces
DOX CHURCH, 401 Hamilton St ,
Yo III conduct two services - one
at noon todaY llnd another at
8 pm With the Very Rev
Alexander A Warnecke offlclat
1\11 Orlhodox Christian students
at S)racuse University ha\e
been urged to attend a requiem
sen lee at 6 p m today In
CHAPEL HOUSE on the cam
pus. Tbe Very Rev Ale:a:ander
A Warnecke, chaplain to the
group, will officiate. SAINTS PETER AND

Darnel C Harnett pastor of SL
FranCIS Church the Rev Keith
Shmaman, pastor of First Pres
bytenan Church the Rev
George K Norton pastor of
Frrst MethodIst Church and the
Re\ M DenniS Lee rector of
St John s Episcopal Church
At 7 45 pm today a speCial
service \,,11 be conductd at the
the Rev Almon Babbitt oH1CIat
Ing All )oung people are urged
to attend
Woman Tells
Memories of
'Uncle Jack'
Business Places
of the Syracuse Area Council of
Churches the Rev DaVId Nor
colt pastor of St Joseph s
Church the Rev Dr William
H McConaghy chairman of the
Interfaith Comnuttee and the
Rev GIles R Wnght pastor of
Hopps Memonal CME Church
In addition to the cltyv.lde
sen: Ices the mg churches
and groups have scheduled
memOrial services
An mterfalth service Yo ill be
conducted at 4 pm todav m the
AUDITORIU!'I1 PartlClpahng In
the ser\ Ice Will be the Rev
* * *
Syracuse Unnerslty Hendricks
Chapel Chorr and the LeMovne
College Glee Clubs Orgamst
Will be Dr Arthur POlster of
Ma)or Wilham F Walsh will
take part In the sen Ice, deliver
109 a personal tribute Among
the clerg) men partiCipatmg "ilt
be the Rt Re\ Walter M Hig
ley bishop of the EpIscopal
Diocese of Syracuse, the Rt
Rev Msgr Charles J Brad\
drrector of the Bishop Faery
Foundatlon Rabbi Theodore S
Levy of the Temple Concord
SoCiety, the Rev Bruce Roberts
* * *
War Memorial Rite to Lead City Mourning
City Thundered Reception
To '60 Candidate Johnson
* * *
1,500 Pacl{ Cathedral
At President's Mass
A oty WIde mterdenonnna
tional memorial for
PreSident John F Kennedy will
be conducted at 4 pm today In
the Onondaga County War
MemOrial by the Syracuse In
terfalth Committee on RellglO,lI
and Race
The ser\'lce wUl be conducted
by represenlattves of all malor
fallhs m the area mcludmg all
Protestant denonunatlons East
ern Orthodox Roman Catholic
and JeWish
MUSIC for the service which
is open to all poople of all
(3.Iths, will be prOVided by the
About 1500 persons, man) O(!ShUffling and rustling were con Yesterday's Cathedral Mass
them non Catholics crowded SPICUOUS{y absent, and even the \\as the ofhclal Mass of the!
I Diocese of In memory
terda" to partiCIpate In a sol, caslon and reframed (rom cry 10f the lale President Churches
emn pontifical requiem Mass mg In the diocese .....ilt have Masses
(or Prestdent John F Kennedy SorrO"ful Faces for their own panshlOners on
All 1 200 seats m the Catheoral Most of those who attended dates and at times they will
were OceuPled 10 mmutes before the Mass registered therr sor announce
the Mass bcgan Many of those row plainly In therr faces as the The Pnests ChOIr sang at
who arrIved later 1med the three/ Mass progressed Maru-men s Mass Before the
atsles, two rows to an aisle and women ahke---unashamedly Mass the organ played Amer
from the commuruon rail to Wiped tears from their cheeks Ica The Beautiful ' and as the
the back of the church The as the Mass reached the three Mass concluded 'The S tar
overflow congregated 111 the POints v.: here there was speCifiC Spangled Banner"
rear of the church and In the reference to the late president The Rt Rev Msgr Robert E
vestibule In the fonn of thy servantlDllion pastor of Blessed Sacra
Many members of the Protes John" These were the Col ment church was celebrant 01
tant and J ewtsh (8Jths lomed lett, the Secret Prayer and the the Mass The archpnest was thel
Catholic commUntcants at the Post Commumon prayer And Rt Rev Msgr Richard "'-
Mass and Republicans appear fmall) , III the Absolution prayerl Clark pastor of St Charles
ed to be as plentiful as Demo- at the end of the Mass the late Borromeo church I
crats PreSident was referred to by The deacon was the Rev
The sadness and gnef felt by hiS full name John Fitzgerald Joseph:M Champlin The sub-
the entire communth because of Kf'nnedy The Mass was mark !deacon was lhe Re" John S
the slaYing of the PreSident Fri ed by the recltahon of the Fmnegan and the master of
day was mirrored in the faces IPrayer of Archbishop Carroll ceremomes was the Rev Joseph
of those who attended the Ca Ilor church and civil authorities F Kane The Rev Edward J I
thedral Mass yesterday The Archbishop Carroll was the first .Haycs reCited speoial
cheery gatheflngs usuallv ex Cathohc bl"hop In the United from the pulJlll The last four Fnends 01 John F. Ke
changed In lront of the church States and the first bishop oflare all assistant of lhe
bE"fore and after M3!':S werl' Ballimore q\ \cathedrill of ltoe: John F
mls.slng Everyone was in al While most of those 8tteriftng Conceptton Hundreds of parISh I Torbert McDonald daughter
somber mood The church was the Mass controlled theIr grleJ lOners paid their respects to the
qUIet during thej a few 50bbed qUIetly. lind sev late President by receiving Holy George W Seiler of Baldwm
Mass The customsr) coughing, eral wept openl) Communion a testimomal dInner honor
husband. Congressman M
A Bald\\lnS\llle \\oman whose
By LlITHER F BLI\iEN la sound truck and delivered an/systems In other parts of the son 10 law roomed wllh Pre"l
Pre5ldent Lyndon B Johnson unscheduled speech hotel to enable hundreds who dent Kennedv at Han ard URI
was g1\ en a thunderous recep- 'We re Going To Will'
tion when he ViSited Syracuse, Johnson told his cheenng applause that greeted Johnson grandchildren) called Uncle
No\ 2,191)0, in the closing Side re and his wife when thev entered Jack'
of the liM presidential cam gomg to WUl" ,the ballroom delayed the start The daughter of Mrs George
p81gn of the speaking program sev IW Seiler II W Genesee Street
at Turnout
Texas to meet the late Presl due downtown but confldenUy The now PreSident Johnson term as a Con
dent John F Kennedy to cam declann he Voas om to bel was amazed at the size of the gJ"esslOnal repre.'1entati\e
palgn In the Lone Star state elected gVlce said turnout at the rally In hiS honor After frraduatio I from college
Johnson was agam tra\ehng if you II mVlte'me I U I dldn t expect thiS kmd of extensl\ely
\\-'lth Kennedy In Texas Fnday come.. back to Syracuse we Ii a cro.... d In "hat we thought had With Kennedv Both voung men
when the late PreSident was have more time and we II cook one time been Republican ter were mlensely mterested in the
killed and Johnson ascended to the old red roos'er ' ntory" he declared Yoorklngs of other
the presidency Hurned downtown in a big In hiS speech here Johnson l\[ D ld I
Johnson was a candIdate for motorcade Johnson was greet- mixed folky stones sahre and c a so was With Ken
the Vlce presidency when he ed at the Hotel Onondaga by a humor With a rip roaring attack as e hthe poilU
Vl5lted Syracuse He was ac crowd of about 2000 yelling on Republican failures He took K:nned SpKlol f. Tn. Pod StondorJ /Rlehlman said the formal \lsit
compamed by his Vo1fe, Mrs cheenng stomping Kennedy sWipes at former President Senate and for a WASHINGTON-Rep R Wal of respect was very short
Claudia Alta (Lady Bird) John Johnson backers Dwight D Eisenhower and Ken of Representatives eat ter R I e him a n of Onon Honor Guard
son The two of them cap He spoke In the grand ball nedy's Republican opponent. on the same platform In daga flew here Satur The Congressmen Rlehlman
th; hearts and JoyalheS room bUl other room15 were -- Aided Jackie Mrs George W Seiler of 3aldwlnsville yesterday dav from Syracuse to call at the said passed bcl.... een an honor
eqUlppcd Wlth pubhc (Continued on Page 26) 'Jackie was timId ahout cam remInisced over a picture of her daughter Phyllis, WhIle and pay hiS fmal oJ sef\lccmen the
Judging by subsequent election ralgnlng so my daughler Phyl and her husband Rep Torbert McDonald talking to late PreSIdent
results her out Mrs Sellcr With tnc late Pl eSldent Kennedy The occaSIOn \\ as M:mber:n;f
U S Senate through the White House s mam
The and Mrs McDonald as Phvllls a testimOnial dinner In Malden, Mass, McDonald s and House.. of Representatives enhance The Conglossmcn
Senate MaJonty Leader had Brooks had appeared on Broad district where Mr Kennedy then a sen a tOT, .... CIC pClmlHed to call between
been handed the task of mak praised guest of honor McDonald as an outstandmg 2 \\as Room where tl ey hied past the
109 the wmdup campaign swing lIt If1 d dId k t
across Upstate Ne\\ York on egis a or
behalf of the Kennedy Johnson mother get 110 many handsome chll Mrs Seller declared referring der Plrme of Utica Rep HarOJdlpreSldent
earn All my four grandchildren dren?" the Presldent greeted to Kennedy s war Injury C Ostertag of Attica, and Mrs Large candlcs bUlned one. at
palgn planners mItially had some had lunched With the president the Congressman and hIS brood 'Phyllis told me of having Cathenne Mav a Congresswom elthel end of tne casket RIehl.
qualms when the upstate tour White House,' said Mrs After gl,lng smdmg credit to dinner "Ith the PreSident She (rom the State of Washing
upstate because he was a south and a student at i\ndo\er Acad whom he had not met before he had to hale Once near the White House by tfte Kenned\ occupied th e
erner, or westerner WIth a con 10 Years I 'w Tosst'd Hf'r In A:: said Mr Kennedy e}ed the other I Blocks a CTUCltx on the
slderably more conservative old lunched WIth hIS father and ell there s Roblll he ex dinnus and said McDonald [d The Rlehlman group had to casket said An hO,lor
background than the late Presl the PreSident Mrs SCIler said claimed Thf' little gIrl In pmk gIve vou m) bank account for a1lght from their car about three. guard of st'f\ Il (,'11en stood at
dent Kennedy PJcture Takcn organd) dress and white gloves that steak" blocks fro m the White House aUentIon one af each corner of
T But the smiling drawling "The President sat Bnan In curtsied and said 'How do you Laun 16 IS Mrs and walk the rest of the "ay the casket and one near the
hiS own chaIr and a PiC do Mr President' Seller s other grandchild The traffiC Jam near the White head of the casket
they went The Johnson party lure was taken of the httle boy The taU man laughed picked Mrs Seiler s husband general House \\as so heav) no vehIcleI The mourners hl('d steadllv.
had appeared in Rochester be :;; :::'
(ore coming to Syracuse and other do pretty well alld how do sou two and a hali years ago Our a tremendous number of peOPlelcaSket was not open
their plane was 45 minutes late Then the President said, do? mg bls illness his Widow said assembled In a big park across Rlehlman said that \\hlle he
arrtvlng at Hancock FIeld here Well young man you d better 'He wai alwa)$ wonderful' He got a wonderful, wonderful the street from the White House was In the White House no
because of a big turnout at the hop down from there It s not an Itke that to hiS fnends ' RoblD's letter from Jack' Some of them had apparently members of the Kennedy faml.
Johnson rally in Rochester easy seat to SIt In .. Mrs Seller grandmother yester Mrs Seiler said she last saw been standing the r e for hours Iy \\ ere Ul slnht nor were any
recalled sadly dav Mr Kennedy at a testimOnial lust Voatchlng the stream of top cabmet members present
waved hiS big Texas hat alofl a In
as he emerged gnnmng from fnend from the PreSident fore either of thclr husbanos cn lator spoke I The \lewers had to remam cro.... ded \\Ith Secret Service
the plane Some who had re Here Three Years Ago Robm McDonald no.... 7 met tercd poliUcs McDonald ushered We also had a long talk "Ithlacross the street from the White men FBI agents and ne.... smen
caUed the heart aHack he had the President at a lunchcon al Ihe Sept 12 1953 wedding OfjhIIR \\hen he spoke at the Syra House They couldn t cross the 1 herh \\as a tremendous amount
suffered earlier hall expected PreSIdent Lyndon B Jobnson and hiS wife, Lady prevIous to a reception at the/JOhn Kennedy and Jacquehne cuse Unlverslly commencement street or approach the Whlte/Of tele\IS10n camera eqUIpment,
he would walk slowly and avoid Bird, pIctured m Syracuse In 1960 when Johnson Italian Embassy In Washlhgnm BOUVIer Ih 19:i7,' she recalled IHouse entrance \\Ithout proper Rlehlman slated A black bunt.
undu. exertion They were 5UI' "'here her lather was to be Cites Back Iidury" The \\orld has lost a great Identification 109 o.,:er the entrance to the
prised when 1M strode brIskly was campaIgnmg for election as VIce pre61dent. honored 'That man went through eight and dedicated young man," Mrs Once he and hiS g r 0 u p White House ,er...ed formal no--
.crOJl the (leld, clambered atop l' "Say, McDonald, how dId youlyean of agony with his back," Seiler .aId yesterday reached the White H 0 u Ii e, hc;:e of mournlni
GR 9-7082
Call U. Day or Nlrbt
622 Burnet Ave.
the rooms as a den Basement lS Ia.
cated beneath the entire liVIng area
or the house
,,- -
, - #-4
FLOOR PLAJ'I The baste area of this
house IS a modest 1100 square feet
Optional wall diVIdes the t"o family
bedrooms, or else deSignates one of
IC7heHouse ofthe Ufek
Posl ScrIpts
The World InStamps

When Pre sid e n t Roosevelt1tones They moved as though
died there '" as widespread In a daze Thev asked them
mourning of a deeply personal
nat u r e and theIr brother or son or
many an Amen !rather suddenlv passed 3\l;ay
can "'as mo\ed And they shed tears at the cruel
:,::er In which death had
was akm to the
reactIon 1et Job. F Kennedv did
ex pee I up 0 n X'" oot these people through
learnmg of the "a"ar. (though he acted cour
passmg of some- ageoush when hiS counlry
one '" h 0 had teetered precariously 011 the
been very close brink) He did not fact. a de
to hun This \\ as Marlo Rossi pression ",Itb them he did
By SHERftlAN WALKER due I thmk only In part not, through tbe of his
.]J1plter Is the champlOn planet In regard to satellites 1% to Roose\ elt s personallt) true ton, Inject himself direct I)
havmg beet) discovered so far Four of were dlSCO\ered by he had the so called common l'lto their "cry personal eXist
Gahleo m 1610 when he frrst used a telescope to study the skies touch but not to a degree that ence Things Just dldn t "ork
Satellites numbered 9 10 11 and 12 were discovered by Amen obViated the baSIC aristocracy out tbal He had a multi
can astronomer Seth B Nicholson who passed away lust thiS of hiS nature tude of problems that aHected
last summer Dr Nicholson "as sometimes mtroduced the the naUoD and even one In II the open floor plan of thiS elegant little two or three
second man In history to discover 4 satelhtes of Jupiter People so r r 0 \\ e d 0\ er but hiS otrlclal Ide did not
The frrst four moons "ere gnen names from claSSical m) ROflsevelt as the.,.... did not parallel that of RooscHU s in Thl t Ish li I A cathedral cellI n g, gotls' space savmg skill IS Just enough hall space to
thology but when the fifth "as dlsco\ered thiS system \\as aban merely because of his person to'rm of D II out t th. S s yl tt e ranch which follows the roof hne the kitchen servIcmg count permit easy clrculatIon
doned In fa\ or of numbers They are numbered m order of diS s a a oge er type home was deSigned es '
covery and not accordmg to distance so that readmg outward ness witb th: pecIally for modest SIzed tncreases the feeling of spa er It prOVides handy ac The hQuse contaIns, a full
trom Jupiter they 8re as follows V, I n, III IV, VI, VII, X, h.ld been through so much Consldenng thiS one can be- IncomeS, but Its contempo CIOusness 10 the combma cess to the dmmg room, basement-but It Isn t Just
XII, VIII and IX "lIh him In a sense of to gm to grasp the true mark of ddt ht tIOn hvmg room and dinmg gIves additional countertop another dleary cellar, far
1;etherness" There "as a the man He was the kmd area ThIS IS further en work area, and can be flom It Th1S basement has
very small The four most dIstant moons have retrograde mo bitter dcpresslon and he human being who made you feel t k t d 1 f hanced by floor to ceiling as a built m breakfast bar s II dIn g glass wmdows
tion meaning orbit from east to west opposite to the others I cached Into their lives with that you had shaken hiS hand :nen rna e I I et or four sectIOnal pIcture WIn Another benefIt of the above grade allowmg
Why these four should orbit back.... ard lS unknown but there hi\< federal programs of as hsten4 t0knhun personl wToho her uses as we do\\s wIth bottom venbJat open serving counter IS that plenty of natmal light and
\\an mg hmged sashes at the It permIts a Vlew of the air so that It becomes, In
It was the moons of Juplter that led to the discover) of the and he pushed for social se teleVISion and read aboul hIm m lakeSide or mountam re- rear of the livmg room IbaCkyard directly across effect, bonus hvmg area
speed of light A Danish astrono"!er named 0 Roemer (1644 clIflty, and finally, there \\as the newspapers You .... eren tit t t bl f The kitchen IS located at the livmg, room The front The area can be developed
1710) noticed that when 'the earth ",as In the part of Its orbit bound tOblhlm by economiC 0" SUI a de or the front of the house an yard of course IS VISible to the owner's taste for rec.
feeled their lives Thus when a;r Ideal arrangement the WIn'dow above reatlOn, storage and laun-
because hght took less lime to cross lhe shorter distance he died he "as more than a him face to (ace yel lOU Ideal for retirement not so puts both the mam entry,the double smk dry facilities
_ _ NE ...... X_T_W_E_E_K_T_he_Se_a_h_'o_ns_'e_' 1 thought of hIm as a fflend barge It \\ ould a foyer and a SIde sen Ice en The bedroom are a IS The garage IS smgle car
more tban a leader, he \\as "Wb iii housekeeper but Wit h trance only a few steps nicely laId out with an Width but It also has built
a man "'bose existence had h e I er ,oa agreed with plent of' h th a\\ay An excellent featureIabundance of closet space In storage space because ot
been Intertwmed wllh the des h:: c t and fme example of ChIr- excellent ventilation and ItS extra length A separate
tintes of aU mistakable Ii u .. a n It , 'ou VISit I,..... door at the rear tS handy
liked his de"oIlOll to his fam: : for putting away garden
This same feeltng that the tI) You felt lie ud the com A key feature of the de The PostStandard, 300 E, Fayette St., Syracusl!l, N.Y.: tools. lawn chairs and the _
The United Nations Postal IgaUon Co was deSigned man was more than a PreSident mon tOQcb without affecta Sign IS an optional \\ all : ' ltke
"ctourage and three bedroom home If a: : A
ter Go v ern map of the Israel coast wa-= deep and human and emo- master bedroom IS all that: Endosed IS SOc plelJse send me Q copy of : ranet! contammg one full
mental Maritime Pnnting was In small sheets lional People wept m thel so \OU wepl not for a a famliy reqUires the "all , the study pion to, The House ot the Week H 4 . bath combmation hvmg
Or of 12 stamps \\Ith three descnp- streets They found It diHlcult s\mbol al"ne but for a still could be built and the; - : room kitchen fo)'er full
g a n I %a t Ion ti... e tabs adjacent to the bottom to eat They spoke m muted Ulan additIonal room converted: :
mto a den : NAME (Pleose Prrnt) : square fee t not counting
of 1964 were de to be. announced The house IS desIgn 4 H : STREET : 312 square foot garage and
&Ignro b) Henry The (our Israeli fish stamps In the weekly s e r I e s a I I 312 square foot breezewav
Bencsath of New agam depicting species from ---By 1"1'11 ....... product of archItect \Vl1 :, CITY/TOWN ST 0TE : Basement is 1100 square
York though the the Red Sea were desJ.gned by AM 1 G Ch t Its b I' ZONE, "" , feet 0\ er all dtmensJons
tmblem Incorpo Bru.n-.. Jr 1\1 and 0 Shamrr, also of Tell lam Irgo IS aSJC : ", are 504" wid e by 3210"
rated in the design IS attrIbut A\I\ M.cIlUl o...d_, ewe.,. Mk area IS 1,100 square feet: :1 deep angled garage pro-
able to Olav Mathiesen of Den I The stamps were produced 1n not countmg the breezewaj , , lection adds 16
mark small sheets of 15 stamps With d d '- -1
An Initial rmhn order for five descrIph\e tabs at the bot In Chicago we are planmng per cent of the I bo dan garage, ImenSlOns K' \
265n noo of the 5 c;nt and 2 110m Denommations are 2 6 8 to do tuberculin tests on about guls shOWing Iare 32'10" deep by 504' - #C
400000 of the 11 cent stamps and 12 agorot I01tla1 Issuance 50 000 or more pubhc school lin tests and oth communlile5 wId e mclud1ng the 14 h
ha; been placed With COUrvOI will be at Elat on an unan 'children In low Income areas shOWing as htlle s 3 per cent breezeway. and the angled
sler S A of SWllzerland The nounced date We are expecting pmate phy of the children Ith I>OSltl\ e garage proJects another Iw.,J
stamps will be produced by the Sunnam did not renew Its k al these The architect s treatment';/. r.
process In f 0 u r cause any family which can af luberculosJs IS a of the garage and breeze" ( :J
When the Umted Nallons' ernmentaJ Philatelic Corp New ford m cd I c a I care certalnlv In our United Sta way deserve speCial men "I e 0 XIO 0 t 8 0 X10'0
UNTEA stamp was released York) and The Netherlands should have ItS own family doc How can we find adults tion The breezeway IS at C! ,:
Oct 1 there were 222280 first PIT has resumed foreign sales tor Wh) are we gomg to do who have tuberculo and are the level the main floor
day co\ers ser\lced It was nghts or- Sunnam s tam p S thiS big program? spreadmg It to cbUdren? If a fC!w ste s above " a.
also announced that an addi which It held pflor to 1959 ThiS We are fmdlng that there ate the children are inl p g :.. ....! HA
tional mtlhon of the 30 cent rcg change was eHechve Oct 30 open active cases of tubercu schools and In doctol'l offices level and can be ""iIIO - LL
ular postage stamps were or On that date five semi postal 10SIS espeCially among adults and those sho.... mg a poslliv! or enclosed as an extensIOn a BATH -_
dered durmg August stamps were Jssued for child hVlng In poor crowded areas test are sclected (or tblloYo up of the hvmg area .,
Placed at an angle, the
singles of each stamp Issued Surmam Denommations and and are Infecting children \\ho under treatmenl In other Yoords!garage adds mterest to the
thiS year Will become a\allable subJeclS are 8 plus 3 cents In live m the same house or chll the children \\111 lead us to the contemporary facade of the
Dec 10 '($135) On the same dJan girl 10 plus 4 cents Bush dren who VISit them frequently ladulls who ha\e tuberculOSIS !house becoming a part of
day the !!l61 souvemr folders Negro grrl 15 plus 10 cents Cases and deaths from tuber Things to Reme.mber the deSign rather t han
($12;,) Will be ",thdrawn from Hmdustan gul 20 plus 10 cents culosls In Chlcago and I sup-I Here are some facts \\hlch 1 d
sale Orders WIth return post IndoneSian 81rl and 40 plus 20 pose m other big cltles are wIll help you to understand the mere Y an appen age
age added may be sent to the cents Chmese grrl Igreater In poor neighborhoods/prOblem I Additional Details
U N AdmInistration Sunnam (also spelled Sur! than In higher 1Ocome areas 1 A boy or 81rl With a po!'! The free and uncluttered
Umted Nallons NY name) 10lned With the motherl Inore In CIties ti\e skm test for tuberculo'il!l exterIOr of the house IS tn
anI: h::: perfect harmony With the
tion of Human Rlghts, the UN Netherlands 10dependence by cago we found more positive or whether the natural body de open liVing pattern wlthm-
will release 5 and 11 cent Issumg a 10 cents stamp depict tuberculin tests In children In are handling the mfec a pattern charactenzed bYI
stamps Dec 10 The adhesl\,es,!mg the arnval of the Pnnce of the public schools than m pa tion Also from time to time a maXJ1rtum use of every
deSIgned by Rashid ud Dm of Orange at SchevenInge.n ac rochlal schools and more chil repeat x ray of the chest shouldIsquare Coot of floor space
Pakistan and prmted in Tokyo cordmg to The Wesley Associ dren With posItive tests m the be done These x rays should bel __ ....
(eature a flame They will re ates Inc city than m the smaller to.... ns taken m a wav that protects
maIO on sale one year onl)-not Four sheets of the "b 1a c k ThiS results from less cro"dmg the 0\ anes and testes from

18 months as usual for com swan" deSign (1860) of Western and a higher economic standard X ray exposure
memoratives Australla-beheved to be the of livmg for chlidren m small 2 The family of the bov or
When the 5-cent Eleanor only ones kno"n to eXlsl-ha\e towns gul who sho\\ed a posllhe tu i
::seA:Sl As a commumty changes
in Washl.llglon Oct 11 a total held thiS weekend IR Canberra from a high lor middle economic turberculosls will be found than
of 860 155 first day covers was Australia area to a ow economic area 111 the general population I
canceled In all, there Voere 1 This loan display hlghhghts When IS /ound
081743 stamps sold that da}, the fact that there have been ucation and lack of early ef early there IS lia ance
With value of $54087 15 but 22 speCIal (commemora rest almost a ..... cases e
T"o speCial stamps yet re- live) BrItish Issues smce the fectlve mtedlcal ;:re are present time It Is killing more
mam to appear thiS year The Wembley Exhibition set of 1924 les \'01 as g as 30 people than p.1110,
5 cent John James Audubon totahng 57 stamps m all In encephalitis, and many other
Tip of the Week
son, Ky Fnday with ute 5 t han 460 commemoratlVel Commemorative medals as Regular exerClse can make
cent Sam Houston commemora stamps not mcluding airmails groups, Include the Hall of people lhe longer ThIS Is true
tive to appcar Dec 13 at Hous Prescott H Thorp of Netcong Fame for Great f\mencans, for children and even more true
ton Texas N J author of The Complete preSidents statehoods, signers for adults
Nationalist China has an GUide to Stamp Collecting l<DefJarallOn of Independence) IS susceptible to the
nounced that difficulties In com (Mmkus PublicatIOns Inc) and outstalldmg coin deslJ:ners common cold To help your chll
pletlng preparator) arrange has been nommated for the The Sixth and last In the lalter dren "hen they conti act these
ments" have led to a po,stpone preSidency of the American group WIll appear ncxt year menacmg colds thiS fall and
ment of the 'Land to the Till Stamp Dealers AssocIation The and wdl commemorale James winter read Dr Abrams free X>ffl
ers' commemorative stamp annual meeting of thiS group Longacre and George Morgan leaflet' The Common Cold To SAVER A servmg counter used as a breakfast bar The door
scheduled (or release Nov 12 will be held Dec 6 In New - obtam your free mpy send a orIers handy access from the kItchen barely VISIble at left leads to the shel
date has been an L N to the dirung room, and also can be tered breezeway. at nght IS the foyer
The directorate general of and M Williams have teamed lin 0 Roosevelt came IIItO ex lrvmg Abrams. Dept SPS 80x I \
Posts, Taipei. has released a In produclRg 'Scott s GUIde Istence m 1946 and have been 957, Des Momes, Io"a 50304 P M h St t f 'S k
' Chmese versIOn of Supplement!book to Stamp Collecting" (Sl mmted each year smce IR Phil rogress arc a e 0 asna
vn of the Postage Stamp Cata mon and Schuster-$395) ladelPhla Denver and San Fran 'SOUND' OF PROFITS ... H R d S' ONL" NEW
logue of the of Chllla' __ The mill' maek when" NEW YORK (AP) - The Turns Way Back as 00 19" ,y
US), embracmg Issues Of
Israel s arrangements for the Commemorati\e medals are the left Broad"ay annals ended Its Sometimes the march of progres body goofed m the stale high []' "
Issuance of a 1 pound Shalom not as desrrable as commemo Present \aluations are given White Way engagement \l;lth a goes m Circles way shop \\here hlgh"a) Signs - Seal- Tite- warm ai
commemoratl\e and four ne" ratl\e coms but thev are nec only for rolls of 50 unCirculated Droflt of $2'1.1 million on a $500, A hvcr} stable In Ellsworth are pamted ..z..... %
Red Sea lsh stamps are still essarv to (ill the gap left when In bnlllant new condition 1000 mvestment \\hlch "as converted to an auto One sign on a porhon of stale heatLng Unl.ts
not set according to the mJnlS the go\ernment deClded to dis IThe most sought after rolls are "Sound" racked up a shop some "'ears ago has Hlghwav 96 running throUJ!"h .;..s
try of posts The stamp mark continue the nunting of SpeClai 19.f9 plam and S mmt, 195G-S of 1,443 performances lust be jbeen taken o\er by the countYjWlchlta notes that the highwa) I give yo the
ing the m8Jden o( the1half dollars 1951 S, and 1948 plain, In that blno "My Fair Lady," Okla blstoTical sOCletv for converSlon lS In Sasnak-Kansas spelled "years ah d"; ei:
nag ship of the ZIM Israel Nav In recent years such medals order homa
" and' South Padflc" to a Il\ery stable backward .... for econo:y
have been authoTlzed by where space 18 at a pre t
StaInp a Com leeal s'a'e, mUnletpal NEED A The s1eok new two-l4.. bl"'"
authonty They are struck us dust-tight-a.s much "at
Tradincr Guide ually m slive, and bronze and POSlnON AVAILABLE home as any othee smart m)
If sometimes m platinum and the GARAGE?! newapp
"" T s,sOOpOla0ti'nu'm'SOO sli'er and '0 to FOR THE CITY OF FULTO.'. I .'
.... We Have a Large Selection ot Custom Made
Ortlee lrJ Garages from S6DD. Send for Our Free "" I
,enmal of statehood 10' Nevada, IBrochure. 5 Years to Pay. Call Us Today! I
to be observed next,...year In Signed
Sodaly of Ne.. Jeraoy off'Clally .,
that Tbomu AI.. . OR 9-20S1-MARCELLUS, N. Y
GAGED-Mr and Mrs An
drew Mannelh of 18 Baker
A\'e hale announced the en
gagement of their daughter,
Rosalte M , to RIchard Gallo,
son of Mr. and Mrs Anthony
Gallo of 8 Chapel St MISS
Mannelh IS a graduate of
West H1gh School and IS em
ployed by Dr. Edwald S.
Platt Mr Gallo graduated
lrom Holy Family High School
and Auburn Commumty Col
lege, and attended Syracuse
Uruverslty. He IS employed by
T. J Ogar. optIcian The
couple plan a spring weddmg.
Auburn Community College
apon5ored by
New York State Council of the Arts
Oliver OC 4 Crawlerl with angle dozer blade and
cargo winch. Very good condition.
One Only - New Jamesway lote model Silo
Unloader, for 14' SIlo, with 5 h.p. motor.
THE POSTSTANDARD, S1ra.use, N, Y, Sunday, Nov.mber 24, 1963

28 Will Be Honored
in Auburn Plan
Churches List
Moravia School Ddl' St
Services for ea me e
Slow Progress For Dentists'
Thanksgiving I
NEWARK-Thank,glving Upsets Officia s Ess'ay Contest
be observed tn Ne"'ark with SpCCllll fit The Pod-SlfltlJIl,J
speCial s e r \' ice s in se\'en MORAVIA-School offiCials reo held up almost ali progress ROCHESTER _ The Seventh
churches and a uOlon service at portedly are becommg con It was hoped that the strlJctur Dental Society has set March 1.
First Baptist Church. Icerned WIth the slowness of al steel "ould be erected by 1964, as the deadline (or essay
Th R J h Le t erection of steel at the new ele- now so the bUlldmg ,",ould be entnes ID two professional com.
e 0 n wlen. pas or mentary school site. covered to allow more work In petitions for dentists.
of the First Methodist Members of the Board of Ed the "'IDler. . The awards are the "Seventh
will preach on "A Nation GIVes ucation have not changed theIr The Wallace Steel Co. IS re DIstrict Dental Soetety PrIZe
Thanks" at the union community hopes 01 havmg the school com sponslble Cor supplymg steel Award" and the "Frank Riller
servIce at the First Baptist pleled by Aug 1, 1964 but the to the Detor Construction Co. MemorIal Award for Denusts."
Church at 7'30 pm on Wednes. lack of steel lor the building has The latter IS awarded by the
day. Pians for the uRlon servIce gI\'en reasons for the de. Academy of Medlcme
are made annually by the New PI't' I P t la In su I ID the steel or. and IS open to any dentist hvmg
ark MlDlSters AssoClatlon The 0I lea ar les dir.ed only or prachcmg 10 the elghtcounty
Rev. J. PhilIp French, host pas to conslructlon hrm dlstnct which !Deludes the coun
tor. will preSIde and lead the WI'II Be Topl'c Board ofhclals have made If ties of M.:mroe. Wayne. LlVJng
service. clear they have no mtentlon of ston, Ontano, Cayuga. Seneca,
There Will be an anthem by havmg the proJed shut down Yates and Steuben
the First Baptist ChOir, and a for the wlOter or Will they pay The Seventh Dlstnct Award IS
vocal duet by the Rev. and Mrs. AUBURN-A timely analysIs any exlra due to the de. reslrlcted to members of the
Albert Kamm of Chfton Sprmgs. of the role 01 the)hlrd parhes m lay. dIstrict dental society. lEach of
The oHermg Will be for Amencan politlc.s Will open the Rcpresentatives of the board, the essay compeUUons caTtIf'S a
Wayne County migrant mlmstry 195364 FaeU1ty Lecture SerIes at the Beardsley & Beardsley ar. $200 cash pnze and certlflcate
Redeemer Lutheran Church Auburn Commumty College. chltects the Detor ConstrucUon Essays are on tOPICS of 1m
Will hold a service on Wednes Charles Groat, chairman of Co. Sh;lmer Plumbmg _ Heat. porLance and Interest to the den.
day at 7 30 pm The pastor. the SOCial Department at ACC. will 109, Steele Plpmg Corp, Bergan tal profeSSIOn and the Winning
Rev. Ralph C. Egolf, wiJI preach dISCUSS the tOPIC at 11 a m Mon ElectriC Co and Eckerhn & enlnes are offered for publica.
on "0 u r Lor d 's TwoFold day 10 the college audltJroum. Klepper Consulting Engmeers tlon m profeSSIOnal Journals 01
Members of the Auburn Lodge of man of tile v lsi t; and William J. ThanksglvlOg ProclamaUon." The Faculty Lecture Senes IS met Fnday With a schedule forlthe State Dental Soclety and
Elks get together WIth stale and na O'Donnell of Seneca Falls, dIstrIct Cooperative Pansh of open to the public WIthout ad progress apparently drawn up other sClentlhc Journals
b Falf\'llle and East Pal m y r a miSSion charge The school bulldiru::s are over. The entnes are Judged by a
tional offiCials to. plan the Dec. 4 vIsll deputy; rear, committee mem ers, A. Prcsbyterlan Churches Will hold Professor Groat holds a mas- crowded and It IS almost 1mper committee of three dentists.
to Auburn of Ronald J. Dunn. grand Joseph Ford, PhilIp J. Conboy. Ex- a service Holy CommuOlon at ter's degree from Albany State tlve that the school be........r..eady Drs Maunce H DankoH, Woll Jobless Claims
exalted ruler of the Elks. Seated are aIled Ruler John R McMahon and 7 30 pm. "ednesdav 1D the East College. and a doctorai degree for occupancy by September of B Lasker and Robert L. Pekar.
Hugh L. Linner. left, of Geneva, state Willalm Kahl A class of 100 will be next year. school oHlclals say. sky. . Rise as Layoffs
_ch_a_t!_.__I_n_lt_'a_te_d_l_n_to_lh_e_l_od...:g:,e_l_o_r_th_e_Vt_St_I.__1mer pastor of the Marion Pres Syracuse University Start in Wayne
byterlan. Church, Will conduct Prior to comlOg to ACC in Parade Planned
the sen'1ce 19S8. he taught at the
Services on ThanksgIVing naYllaer Polytechmc Institute in A. NEWARK - Seasonal layoffs mclude two Masses at St. Troy. Oswego State UmversllY S t CI t rr e in the food processing and con
Michael's Catholic Church. onejColiege and CatoMendian Cen an a aus 0 IV structlon Industries are result.
at 9 a m and the other at 10 tral School.
m 109 in gradual IOcreases in the
. A Chapel sernce 01 praise and Wd d . A b number or claimants fllmg for
Change Selection e nes ay m u urn insur.nce In
I S ALB R!'\ - The Chnslmas Wtiham Street. The Auburn The Newark and Sodu!
emorla ervlces
The Rev. George R. Harland Of Rnce Judges Schools marci'ling Band claims load increased shghtly
of Phelps. retired. Will conduct"" when Santa Claus ar wtll lead the march down Gene dUring the past week due to the
the sen 'ce at 10 a.m. In thel rives In Auburn With a parade see Street. seasonal layoffs. The Kewark
Park P. esbyterlan Church in the NEWARK _ A new system and do.....ntown reception After the parade. the float ofhce of ihe State. Employment
AU BUR N -1\I;eoty elght\recuon of Mrs. Caesar trubha'IAshley M. Arthur Y. absence of the pastor, the Rev for selectiDg judges on na. Riding on a 27.foot noat, WIll be taken to Exchange Street Sen'ice reported 345 claimants
members of the Auburn Lodge The Rev Richard Blocker pas Schnoop, John N Ross. John N Walter R. Hobkirk. 'tfa Santa \,\:111 arri"e at 3 pm at where Santa will be parked un as compared With 298 for the
of Elks who died wlthm the past tor of Sand Beach Church'. \1;111/ DavIs. Kenneth A Colton. John The Ch r i s t ian Reformed flonal b. I s-as con es nts the city limits on E. Genesee ul 8 pm. and the young previous "'eek and 435 a rear
year Will be honored at the an- J Lane. the Rev. Dr. Ralph A. Church of East Palmyra wUllhave been n the past-has been Street and WIll be greeted by sters and gIVe them Iree pres ago. The Sodus office IlSled 378
llual memonal services in the give the IDvocation, while Ra?bl Philbrook, Edward P. vander.jhOld a service at 1,0 a.m. with Instituted the Sterling Bo" I city offictals and represenla. ents for their VISit. c1almants as against 350 for
lodge rooms at 7 30 pm. next Aaron ShapirO of Congregation bosch Jr. Joseph L. Wa"TO, the Rev. John \\ Itt. pastor. Tournam the only nattonaluves of the of Com. Members of the Clt)" police the prenous week and 398 a
Monahan, Immedi. will gI\ e the ben the ThanksllVinglfiower a competition. mT;,C: retad merchants division )'ear ago.
ate past exalted ruler of the The Elks' toast wtll be given )larkson, Raymond E Baler, Holy Eucharist \\'111 be cele Cospo red by the Jackson (If the chamber and Grand Un. an escort from the city hmlls
lodge, IS general chairman of by Exalted Ruler John R McIJames J. Hocy. J. Fredenck brated at St Mark's Episcopal & Perkin Co. and Ihe Sterlinglton are co.sponsorlOg the pro- and also dunng the parade. county.wlde Jobless tota! .,f i23
the program and has announced Mahon, who along With hiS fel Van Housen, Leonard F Mead'IChurch at 1030 a m. with the Silversrni s Guild of Amenca, gram. TraffiC on Exchange Street ",11 to compare With 648 for the
the EerVlce IS open to the pub'l
ofhcers..... ill conduct thelG C. Morton. F(ed H. Gleason, Rev. Bernard D. Granger conI t t At 3 30 pm a parade ..... 111 not be permitted Wednesday precedmg week and,'133 a year
lic. with a speCial iD\!taUon to ntual PartlClpatlng will be John D Hubert. Stanley L In ducllng the service the tour men, now en enng!start Horrman Street and afternoon. although the National ago.
the of those belDg hon George M Frank, esteemed1gans. Paul Lockwood. Wliham ltS mnth Cit, has brought to- proceed down Genesee Street to Bank parking lot will be acces.
,ored leadmg J..--rught; James PlOck L. Axton. Clarence peacock"W I h'. 'gether t tation's most out Sible from Exchange Street MI1Il'OR FmE
The maIO speaker will be the ney, esteemed loyal knight, land Warren 1\1 Brinkerhoff. ho s W 0 L,StSlstanding 0 er arrangers in a Last )ear, the chamber spon WATERTOWN F
-Rev Michael F. Conboy, aSSist Charles E. Geherin, esteemed Workmg With Monahan are j f W N s sored the arn.. al of Santa only 1 - Iremen wera
pnt . pastor of Holy Tnmty lectUring kmght, A. Joseph Thomas H Brogan, William Cof C Execuf,V'e c0t1!petition at IS a or ea ayne arne then he came by hehcopter With called to Ashkar's grocery
.Churcb In Webster. He IS the Ford. secretary, Faye Treat, Hlserodt, James E. Cortlgan, ture of \\ose Fes.lval held thousands of youngsters 1par. store, 383 Flower A\e. E, at
J;on 01 Philip Conboy. a PER, of treasurer, and FranCls R. 1I10r Andlcw G Tarb,'"" Charles m J;lckson & Per Scout leader ents on hand. 10.38 a m Saturday. flre,
the Auburn Lodge and aJsq ph)!. tiler. Dowd Wilham y;. Ganey. AUBUR T_The edjljon kll'1 !ifl JM;f. garden. It fs expeeted that j t as apparently due to a lort cir.
'Past state vice president. Ford will read the 1l$1 of Ushers wUl be Frederick J. of the world Wlib s I 4 win be many will be on hand Wednes. CUlt, was conllDed to a fusa
, Partlcipatmg Will be the GIrls' tho s e belDg honored: W. Welch, Lester Brew Sr, John Commerce and Industry tn h lut:!ng the middle of the day to witness the parade. panel
Irom St. Peter's Palmer Snow, Charles W F. Brennan and Joseph P. c1udeli the of Michael L Festival on June 24. NEWARK _ Wayne County\
EplScopal Church under the dl Stubbs. John J. :Madden Sr, Cuddy Peduto. executive manager of Judge GCQrgp B Parsons. l
the Auburn C ham b e r of 0' lE CANCELED man of the W<ll'np County Boy NY'
'dent I'n Fal'r Haven board of the CA-The movie. "Th.S
DIS'"cl. has announced ew ork City Opera Company
book employs an IDvestigat!\,e One." scheduled for Sun the of Carl Conklin
rea ews sta( which recommends fmal d tn Strebel Student Cenl!':'" of I\ewark as chha"diman of ad presents I
. S I U f b t 25 000 t Utica College has been un \'al1cement lor t e stnct I
Briefs nJ' ures air eriously liLA TRAVIATAll
Wayne Countv.
SUPPER PLAl'iNED FAIR HAVEN _ T\,\:o of the suffered multiple cuts and bruis. P '1' A He succeeds Robert Lowe of I
NORTH ROSE - Th. Ph, three persons Injured in a two. '" and pOSSIbl. lntcrnai mJu"es. Up' S TTOW PalmlTa who has served ., THURSDAY, DEC. 5, 1963
.Kappa Pi class of North Rose car headon collISIon on Route Charles C. OConnor. 37. of chairman for the past two years
M.thodist Church wtll hold. 104A In Fa>< Haven V,llage the samddress. and ddlng And He Treats lassmates EMERSON AUDITORIUM
aupper meeting at 6.30 pm. early Saturday were taken to with O'Connor, suffered a f.rac and all problems related to ad.
Tuesday at the home of Mrs and NEWARK-The occupational Whiz nut bread. cabbage t:e to
':7J:fazel Harps ASSisting the senous. Both are unconClous, ac- Larry W. Shaffer, 24, of 213 education class at Newark Sen. salad. milk, cranberry sauce.' g .
ltostess Win be Mildred Donlon, cording to pohce Genesee St, Auburn, dnver of . h S h I Will be treated homemade cookie bars and Ice
'Ella Phillips and Mildred. Pow Harold Lee 0 Connor. 36. of Os the other car, recel\:ed a pos. lor Hig . coo.. cream. tIlI:. '"
ell. wego RD 2. dn\"er of one car. Sible chest IDJury and faClallto a veOlson Thanksgl\:lng din Most of the cookmg will be R Every Family Can
I 'cuts HIS condition, according to ncr next Tuesday-thanks to one done by the sell & Afford This 'dt Tickeb' S1.%5. 12.00 and $Z.50 _ On sale at Auburn Com-
HOLIDAY DJSl\I1SSAL M K I' 'II police. IS satisfactory of Its members. eral days of prcparaUon In thel
on muult:)" Collere MOIL thru Fri. II a m._1 pm: lUon and
RED CREEK-Students at C In ey 5 KI er Investigation of the aCCident Robert Sprong went deer hunt- meantime the bo)s are making.:t! MOYie Camera' Wed... 1:45 p.m.-8:t5 pm. iUAIL ORDERS ACCEPTED.
Red Creek Centrai School wlli. 11& bemg contmued by TTooper.s ing for the fIrst time The 17.,lDdIVldual place cards of .....ood Di"; 'be dismiSsed at the regular diS' Defiant to End D W. Frost J Poleon of yearold student m l\hchael Kra The gtrls Will portray Pilgnm
missal ttme Wednesday for , 1 Auburn substation ham's class took hiS !Irst shot "omen and the boys, naturall,.,:
'I Am Not Sorry . at a deer-and down It will'Thbe the rllgnm men d h :. NEW'
Dec. 2, at the usual tune AUBURN _ The last words College Groups :Ias SaJ t e ----- -_!!
- of Leon F Czolgosz,281'earold T G' C t only 10 yards away Irom the Place mats drawn by the bol's l::;
ROSE assasslD of PreSident l\IcKmley. 0 Ive oncer deer which caught the steel ar feature a picture of the May . Ne-tV"
ROSE-A family rught dinner accordlOg to the Auburn Daily CATO-Tickets Will go on sale rowhead in the neck. nower. The table will be decorl--
and program sponsored by the Advertiser, were thiS week for the Umon Skld. EXCIted" Who wouldn't be aled a cornucopia contain
Rose Councd of Amencan Bap "1 killed the preSident be- more concert set for Dec 6 at With such a "llrst" in the deer 109 gourds. com, and fall IrUits JUST .uNOUIlCEO IT 10011 ....
tist Women will be at 7 pm cause he was an enemy of the CatoMendlan Central School. country . A small mural of the hrst A HII NOW!
Tuesday, at the Rose Baptist good people _ the workmg peo The concert IS spOnsored by The first thlOg the youth ThanksgiVing WIll add to the l\IIO AVAlt IU .-J IIGMT
-Church pie I am not sorry for my the Faculty Association for the thought of was hIS classmates room decoratIOn which Wilt also
cnme" benefit of the Robert Hardy "The treat's on me." he said J n c Iud e paper turkeys and
CADET TEACHER Czoigosz made the statement ScholarshIp Fund and was ar The.students themselves wIII ThBnksglVJng llgures
RED CREEK-John Joyce, a as he was bemg strapped to the langed by WIlham Ha\ens, a prepare the meal The menu Will And all because young Sprong ..;r;:
seDlor at State UniverSIty at electnc chair Oct 29 1901, at graduate of CM. who is a stu mclude [rult punch, \'elllSOI1 deCided to share hiS deer With
Oswego. IS servmg as a cadet Auburn Pnson, lor the assas dent at URlon College. roast, green beans, whipped po hIS
,teacher 10 industnal arts durmg smatJon of the presIdent m the ROY A. TUTTLE
the second quarter of the school Temple of MUSIC at the Pan M . I M PI d
'year at Red Creek Central Amellcan Grounds m Buffalo. emofla asses anne H P.O. BOX 336, KING FERRY, N. Y.
School When the preSident was shot .
TO GIVE 0res.-dent's Death Halts BROWNIE-r'... !36!4'!80!6!' t NORTH ROSE-K. A Mac The detectIve answered. "I C....... I TUN\.!
.KenZie Will present a program fear 1'OU are." M C
on "The Wonders of LIqUid AIr" Presldent McKlOley died Sept. oVle amera
Cayuga County Events I 33rd ANNIVERSARY
School Chooses N.w ',owo', F,o 5"" Mo;', 1930. 1963
day noon The first bus ",11 de AUBURN - The assassmatlon planned With two solemn high a sen'lce 10 memory of the late C
part at 1205 pm, and the sec DAR Contestant of PreSIdent John F Kennedy reqUIem Masses to be said In and county offIces Will mOYleS your famlly WIlt I,easurel THREE FLOORS of better furniture for less
halted all activIties tn Cayuga memory of PreSident Kennedy also be closed Monday and Cay. Camera IS preclslon.made by Heritage _ Kittinger _ Drexel _ Jamestown _
6ume Monday. Dec. 2. accord WATERLOO-Momca Dadson. County over the weekend and l\layor MaUrice I Schwartz uga County Board of Supervls [] G d R d =
ing to Prmclpal Paui J Ed daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul ail schools .....iII be closed Mon pubbcly requested all busmesses ors Chairman Frederick E Por WIth a toll of Kodaduom. "E ron opi s, etc. E
inger. Dadson of Brewer Road and a day. m Auburn close unlll at least 2 ten ann(.ounCi!d Monday's ses .Movie F'Jlm ortd a fu".fllled book 5 a
. of BIOviHnoking ideo.. g OPEN ON THE "T" NIGHTS
Sennett left
school in the annual DAR good Sunday were canceled by the reo was heard by noon .Saturday, later date. All at Our Low $19'5 E Tuesday. Thursday SaTurday ;;;
Citizen contest. spective orgaDlzations shortly \\'lth some announcmg they It was expected Catholic I( Price !5=c__ ===_=
Moruca has been active In after the announcement of the would be closed all day Mon churches throughout the county 8maIJ Payment 1= until 9 P.M.
Wh P
extracurrlcular activIUes. In late PreSIdent's death Fnday. day. would hold memorial Masses I LAY.AlVAI' ?<IOW FOR liD
it out ower her sophmore and JUDlor years Malcoim H. Reed and Ray WJiham H. McKeon, Cayuga Monday and the times of the CHRISUlAS IE Closed Wednesday Afternoons
services Sunday. SEAL' S Ii RIDE ALITTLE - SAVE A LOT
SENNETl' - ReSidents of participant In the Hobart semlO county schools respectively. moned to Washington Saturday Rev Msgr. James 0
Sennett were without power and! ar program. announced JOintly Saturday that morrung to Jom dignitaries lD pastor of SI Mary's :: ::
telephone sernce early Satur ThIS )ear she IS secretary of ail public and parochlal schools Viewing t.,'Je body of the late and dean of the Cayuga CAM ERA S TOR E i E IVAN H. SPANGLER c_==
day after a tree was blown onto the NatIOnal Honor Society. ad 10 the county would be closed PreSIdent Saturday afternoon deanery, announced Saturday a It! 11 Sorlh St AL3.3112! E
'Vt'lres on Turnpike Road \'ertlSIng manager for the Skol Monday. Also canceled were all and also attend services Mon "olemn high Mass Will be offer III: AUBURN, N. Y. }'l g B H _
Crews of workers were sent "lase Yearbook and semor class actlvllles pianned by the schools day. ed at 10 a m. Monday m hiS i The Belt Place I.e Be Thrrftll- ug ere E
here by New York Electnc & representative on the Student and their orgamzations Monday. In First Methodist C IJ'clt church for anyone WIShing to till: Buy a Ca.mera Because I =: Wayside Furniture Store _ Dryden
N. Y. Q
Gas Corp. and the New York CouncIl. However, the retreat schedulSaturday morning. clerg en attend. There'Wlll be a slmdarL::- We Guarantee Service =
Telephone Co, to repcur the Miss DadsoD plans to be a ed for students at Mount Car from the Auburn Protes t Mass at 8 a.m. in Holy Family With ALL Salea Q Pie.. Look Elsewhere Flnt
lines. teacher. mel Higb School will be beld 85 CoUDCil of Churches condu Church. __ IlIlJDRIIIIIIIIIIDtUIilllliIDliUllDllUDJJllIlIIlIlID.UIIOUlIlJD .nllllfftcllllllllli

Rocky Road and Long
'Bless the lord
Topic of Sermon
First Proposal Squeaks Through
Reassessment for Auburn Faces
18 THE POSTSTANDARD, Syracuse, N. Y, Sunday, November 24, 1965
B DAVE DeLORENZO It must also be realized that Before they do It was deflR1- views" the Council ">'ill czyk for a ruling on the resolu- that many wdl admIt that total Oropallo argued that the ae- It appears at present that
I Y SlAJlf COrTUpOndt,d the entire Republican ticket thiS tely stated Thur;day that a pu- theIr decIsIon on which one to tlon was on the floor. ask reassessment "IS not only pro tion was not needed at all. say there will be enough votes to
AUBURN - A very rocky past campaign used the reasess bUe hearing will be held, even select. There is no mention 10 tng If It did not mean that If a per, but also absolutely neces 109 that such appratsal firms pass the program after Jan. I,
road to the flDal approval of to- sment program as a plaUorm though it IS not required by law the resolution of the firms sub favorable contract was submit sary" could be contracted.. wIthout a but 60 .days can change the so-
tal reassessment for the citX 01 plank and Mayor Maurice I. Back m 1958 when the Demo mltting an estimate 01 cost, but ted by one 01 the fIrms. reassess The attempts of OropalJo and resolution. to come io and ap Ions mmds. as can the pubhe
Auburn was verv eVJdent Thurs Schwartz backed this up Thurs cratic City Council apparently undoubtedly thIS will mcluded 10 ment would be undertaken Marren to have the Issue put pear before Council oplnlon that WIU be expressed
day as the lruh31 proposal bare day wIth hIS unqualified support supported reassessment. a hear the dicusslons. Rybarczyk said that over untd, the new members Of those present, Nm Ferlenco:;;n"t",h.;;;;m:;;at",t'",r.;===;;;;;;;;
Iy made it through the City of the prOject . 109 was conducted PreiuDinarv estimates show 10 hiS oplOlOn It was no such ac come on \,\:ere bypassed. Thurs da, president of the Cayuga II
Council sessIOn. Important Decision Whether the outcome of the that reassessment is an $85,000 tlon, only the entenng of an day as Dr. DeFuno and Mayor County Board of Realtors, spoke
At the present time it IS be H1S other two runmng mates, heaTIng made any ImpreSSIOn proJect. agreement to allow the city man Schwartz saId time was of the for himself when he expressed
lieved that there are two more Allan H. MIskell and Leonard on the counCil members IS not Th(' procedure to the fmal ager to consult wlth firms domg essence. Also bypassed was a In the CounCil,
hurdles to be made. and posslb R Greene. will JOID the counCil known but when It came up for goal IS not altogether clear a t the work proposal Marren for poSSIble and surprise ?n the
Iy more, before the reassess Jan. 1 and take the place 0 f \'ote 10 Fecruary. 1959, the reo present. but It is believed the City offICIals vIewed the work Jommg wltr tCounty for action mcluded In thej
ment program IS completed and Democrats Harry A OrapaHo oluhon was defeated by a 32 council has two more votes on done recently in nearby Sennett F e en th I' led
by the imtial reaction Thurs and Robert P Marren who vo- vote. the matte,r belore It becomes 8 where a profeSSional hrm under. 0 t s r. e UriO sal, I we e sal e peop e "ere . I
day, the supporters of the pro ted "abstam" and "present" The action Thursday only al reality. one. to undergo a com. look the reassessment.. and also walt them, we wtil never to that the council
have a fight ahead of them. respectively Thursday lows City Manager Ohver S. plete reassessment program' 10 nearby Flemmg where reass. have it. to approve wholehearted
However. the pnme mover of These two newcomers to the Ta)'lor to contact appraisal hrms and two to hire an essment was undertaken by the The proponent of the program Thurs-
the project. Councilman Dr Council will be faced wdh proh- to determine If they 8re mteres firm town assessors and a furor arose mentioned urban renewal pro- ay, u a It I was enter a
Thomas L. DeFuno, showed ably the most Important. deClS ted 10 the Auburn proJect, With. Grle\'ance Procedure resulting in the complete ouster grams when he said that these study.
Thursday that he IS wIlhng to Ion they will be asked to make m the 50day period, he must of the Town Board in Novem. take assessed properUes off the The problem of reassessment
fight long and hard to reach the 10 their entire term of offIce m gel at least three to come to the If the program reachef thiS ber's elecUon asssesment rolls and compound has long been discussed locally
goal, espeClally with his presen the hrst month ,of their tenure CounCil to present their methods :tat
, Reassessment has been called the many ineqUIties In proper. WIth owners of new homes com.
tation of a very strong statement as the resoluhon Thursday cal and procedures m undertaking 1
e e Th Y "pohhcal SUicide" b t Dr De ties plamlng they are overassessed
directed right 'to hiS fellow coun led lor a report wlthm 60 days the proJect. batterl t ad an'
. ey WI t Funo argued that "It Dr KarplOskl saId the coun. as are the owners of bUIldings
ell members Thl.s would mean by Jan 21 From these personal "lOter- a IS the sign of great courage for cil was forgettlOg the general in the downtown area Mean'l
procedure wdl begm a legislator to be for or agalllst publie In thiS move and In. while, owners of the older homes
'.. a resolution whIch affects pro. slstec on heating their views and also those that have made
0 0
-D 'PI dills not known at present If perty holder In the City oC Au- on the malter, pro or con. He Improvements or renovated
nee ver Inner anne the City CounCil must accept the burn" asked them to send their opln. them Into twofamlly dwelllOgs,
T F t B t
assessments before they are . Attempts Bypassed Ions to Clly Hall but appeared are learmg that thiS program
' htl 0 e e 00 ers replaced on the rolls or not. l1e added that the vote was a satlshed with the ..
- Ig Y RED CREEK _ As a trih- The other member of the "test of our courage," With each by Mayor Schwartz that he
ute to the undeleated varSIty Council who WID be on the dOing what they feel lit and would call for a pubhc heanng b\
soccer team at Red Creek CounCil next. year. Dr Arthur proper. The doctor also said before the program IS voted on I CHRISTMAS ONE MONTH AWAY! n
negle may have wntten the Central School, winners of the It! .I
book. "How to Wm Fnends and Class "C" Section 5 cham the opinIon of the people on reo Ii0 NE\\ ATS If Y P I Ch' C d H l!
Influence plonshlp, a testimoRlal dinner assessment before be approves 'l-J. I Ii. our ersona rlstrnos ar save!
pIe," Sheriff will be given at 6' 30 pm It He did vote "yes" on the reo R ,. WNOd I 5 U 0
G. Ken net h Tuesday. Dec 17, at Auburn solution, only If it meant the Georgc K. Swayze, Statc Edttor George ,-arr. i ot Been r ered, Pease ee s at nee iA
Wayne obviousl;y Inn. Coach Don Hartley's preliminary study and not the 0 Alb
live, the parI squad wa, the first to c.pture program ,tself AUBURN SENECA FALLS WATERLOO. and Look Over ur 30 ums II

.''!oeyedm0thre. the school's Oropallo said his main con W

.... Reservations may se. cern was opmions of the appral -- \1 "
tory Club mm ,.1 fm", of are.. of the clly '" HALLMARK, GIBSON "
slrels the othe cured from Pnoclpal Ralph wbere propert}' values are nOI !
mght and when DeMas at the Red Creek School as high as otherL Be saId thiS "Y AI G K And Other Leading Makers 0/
Sh.riff w. y n., office. H. ,." "This fm. d.futitely 'hould be condidered, OU ways aln Ch,,"lma, Card, ill
group of boys have done t n1 th al .f b It
attired in his bal themselves. school and com- nth.yo v UI ouses as! \l ,
Jenna pink With Jones G ' " tf
matching .ccessori., (including Requesled 8uIlng Fre. at aney S AL Th DOUGLASS BOOKSTORE I
Delivery e !
Have Danced All NIght." hIS Stryker Ave have announced Area Weather 'Ii 116 Genesee St. Auburn
N, Y.
wonder the gu\. polled
7.603 votes on Election Day. 29 Wood St. The future bnde snow flurries hkely. High, 38 W S NTAS 11
And speaking of dancmg, graduated from Mount Car to 4%. Winds, gust)' west to tf SMART A "
Howard Burtless came out of mel High School and IS em southwest. IS fa 30, grUuan,. No. 0 _ 8-lb. $2.98 l!
tirement (and hIS bankmg cubl ployed at G W. Ockenlels becoming west to J( B
de) to prove he too could Book Store. Her fiance gradu and dJmf.nlshing somewhat 110 1 12 Ib S3 98 ! GIVE 11
d.nce" , light f.ntastic"-. I. .ted from West HIgh S,hool - "
Fred Aslarre! We might add. and attended Auburn Com M II 2 lSlb $429 If, A PHILCO TV III "He cut quite a figure!" munity College. He is em ore Local News o. - -. , ..
ployed at Randco Inc., Union ,
.. plan an Pages 19 &20 110. 3 - 20lb. 54.69 i 1,!
eritly found Norman (Hork) Get. 110 5 25 Ib S5 69 '>i
man, the Ovid buslnessm.n, .n - ! 0"11.' \ COOL CHASSIS
h. Church Council COME MIRRO ALUMINUM ROASTERS N"" C t D t TV l!
andl' essocmtes go hunting on ff i omes 0 ecora or
the t d.y of the ,e,'on K ed !"l TO ,- HO 14.16,lbs. J>blong ' ". . .. $8,95 II "
Ifls fe willlngly make' the onors enn yrY f VlY I $ $ i
san .ch., for her husband. "i Ope". oast Pans , .. , 3,49- 3.95 ..
But, before the hunting party "FOR !! their destination, some AUBURN - Auburn Counell ROASTER SPECIAL $1 98 II !
bow the sandwiches have dlsap of Churches p.ud homage to the! THANKSGIVING - [I
peared. One or more ate them. memory 01 PreSident John F. rEId 12 Ib I If l!
Last Monday, G.tman, as w. Kenn.dy at a memor'al .ervlce name e -. ova . . . . . .
b.ard It, I.ft hIS ,.ndw,ches In Saturday in First Methodist GLASS BASTER FREE "
one car and he made the trip Church OV 28 i
WIth another groU{j 10 another Nearly 250 Auburnlans and of. THURSDAY, N with every roaster sold until Thanksgiving IS I
of the coun Star Bright! Portable Light I t\
WI<;hes wer. agam consumed Th. R.v. Augustus N Peck.
MENU: Native Turkey with stuffing, 9 W. D. Ganey __ Hardware Telestand! !
Upon mqwrlng of hIS buddies h t f h h h J!
h th 1ked th k d am, pas or 0 t e c urc an j, and cranberry SGuce and roast Tend_","" i
e.. of 8eel-$3.25. ' 31 Genesee St. Auburn, N.- Y. i -
Dog food and mayonalse. tion. scnplure lessons and pro. I
qwpped the good humor man. nounced the benediction. t Children 12 or Under, $1 Less Ii a
Democrat Chief I' Served from 1 to 7 P,M. LOWEST' I
mto the football picture. is col Be.:rvaUODI Appnclated _ OV 11116 I tf !
leg. baIt His 20 touchdown, for To Attend Rites ", I II
seasons) can't : NOW OPEN: i I
state chairman. will attend 1: PRICEil ! Count your blessings: Come the funeral of PreSident John J ' Domdike Atmosphere tor Weddm, Becepllons. , iA
this Thursday, we will aU pause F K.ennedy ' --_ _ _-........ I I
to give thanks-but Howard Mil McKeon left Auburn Safur N i "
With hiS wife. Shirley, forced Gen Robert F Kennedy. a I
to the Sidelines due to surgery brother of the assassmated Our 158th Year 1805 - 1.63 I I
PresIdent SKANEATELES, N. Y. i I
found htmself WIthout hiS "Help. on his i I
..cHiNATO",,:ssm forvEANADSUZYERWrInA'pgpeLrIWAasNcheErss I j
Lot' have volunieered their Beautiful SPODE CHINA from England, 0.o"S1 0995
,.mces to man the ROSENTHAL from Germany BAVARIAN, and Many
days, each Do .Other Choice Pieces of China to Make Your
A hVlRg example of "The Thanksgiving Table One of Unforgettable Distinction -WITH PUMP- \'l
brotherhood of man"-right? , All the features for new w.shday i
ORIENTAL RUGS speed.ndcDnvemenceet.mazmgly
E . H dEl f H d ft cleantr, l'I'I1iter, brighter! Deep I $159
_ Siz:.
New KIn rolls on eigl1t,posltlDn wnnger tf III
spring .part It the tooth of the R
$afety release. Modern deSIgn, duro If
Crea.loDI Of able construction throughout for Long Ufe patented COOL CHASSIS. Fresh New i
morning servtce in Second By Hardwick, Mogee, Rouschenberg, Roxburyl If:! VIVId VIsion and white picture. Bullt.ln
Presbyterian Church will be a Monarch, and Many Others u: DIpole Pivotenna Nonglare tinted Safety Glass i;il
Thanksg1V1ng family service & tIIter .Tmk
with the p.stor, the WE'RE READY FOR SANTA WITH I 90 DAY SERVICE at no cost to you B
Richard R Northrop. REAUTIFUL GIFTS I
i .. ..
Here'. Your Chance to Shop Ear/II for Gift. That Will Give tI. It: ... , "... w, ,. _..
ice With theIr parents and the Lift to Everyone in Your Chrl.tma.J 5149
! !'
.ist.ot paslor, will give the chil'l HANDCUT CRYSTAL and WEST GERMANY MASTERPIECES fro" ...T. i SMALL DOWN PAYMENT- i
Protestant Stu. 1-Year Free Service On Any Washer \1 EASY TERMS-36 MONTHS TO PAY! !
Walsh, Roman Catholic chap. COME IN AND BROWSE AROUND i "
I.g. who will discuss, "What THRILL YOUR RELATIVES AND FRIENDS
Ro';an Catholics Bellev," All ! APPLIANCE CO. :
post high .chool young people "THE BEST Dr APPUAl\'CES" :
will lead the 23 North St'
Corner Water, Auburn w: 23 North St' l Corner Water I
RUGS, CHINA and GIFTS I Aubum, N. Y. AL 2-3422 I
FSohruarmon m


Op.n fro.. 9:30 A.M. to 8:30 P.M. 1-'" g
ch.l\rge of the workshop .. '''S"S.. .. wm,.s,sm"''''''''"lSlI"''''s''S'''.iS.'''S",,"lSlIS'"i_iSSSS!_S '1..__ __
317 State 'tower Bldl'.
Phone BA t-187&
from all 1174 of us
A J!eartfelt
"Thank You"
132 Cortland Avenue, GR 51626, Syracuse, N. Y.
THE POST-STANDARD, Syracuse, N. Y., Sunday, November 24, 1963
In 1929 we ,Iarted our bu,ine<s with one man, a couple of
machines, plus Ihe conviction thaI S)TaCUSe and the area
needed a dependable, industrial laundry rental
It will be our aim to continue to pro"ide good sen'ice at a
fair price. ":
As we approach the beginning of our 35th year in business,
we want to thank all of you wbo ha"e been most loyal and
helped to make our business a success. We appreciate your
faith and confidence.
Industrial S)TaCUSe and our business have grown o"er the
years. We are thankful Ll,at today our family numbers 1,174
-149 here in headquarters-the rest in offices and plants
throughout the Eastern United States, Puerto Rico. Barbados
and Latin America.
Syracuse's ONLY Industrial Laundry"
Market Plummets Alter News of Assassination
* * *
Exchanges Close
NEW YORK (AP)-8bocked by President Ken-
nedy's assassination, the stock market this week
took its worst loss in 17 months.
Not since the week ended June 23, 1962-when
the big market plunge of that spring bottomed out
-had stocks undergone sucQ a decline.
This week the Dow Jones industrial average
feU 28.51 to 711.49, compared with the faU of 38.99
in the June '62 week. .
The Associated Press average of 60 stocks this
week feU 9.9 to 268.3. its biggest faU since the 11.6
loss of the same June '62 week.
The decline, however, probably would have
been far worse had the New York Stock Excha:nge
-and other exchanges throughout the nation-not
suspended trading a half hour after the first news
came that the President had been shot. Trading was
stopped an bour and 20 minutes before the usual
closing time.
What might have happened can be iUessed hy
the extent of the decline on Sept. 26, 1955, when
President Eisenhower suffered a heart attack. On
that day-a full session-the dow industrials lost
31.89 and the AP average 11.4.
The news of the President's death came to a
Wall Street which had been jittery,most or the week.
Of 1.496 issues traded this week. 1,195 declined
and 187 advanced.
Volume was 26,862,771 shares compared with
26,664,551 the previous week. It was the largest
since the week euded Nov. 2 when 28,722,840 shares I
changed hands. ,
NEW Y01Ul: fAP>-PoIlC1ril:l: 'J teel-
Dl.ete record o! the I,oeb lndfld thIS

hln Set
'" ..,.
It's two irons in one
Special "Just Right" settings )
modem fabrics
Even heat soleplate
Weighs only 3 pounds

Here's the Best Answer
to your grOWing Family'
Automatically delivers tM
shade of toast every
- Elimln3tes waiting for toast
fOT everyone.
Toasts 4 slices (both sides)
MOOElP41 0
o Transparent 'ndlcator permits you to see water
coffee level.
a Automatic Brew Selector. Just set it and Corget it.
) Perks Coffee to your taste automatically. Kceps It
hot for refills.
e Gauge counts the number of cuP'.!
Elumoates guesswork.
o Detachable 6 foat card.
St. 0 Heat-resistant Handle and bilse. No burne.
knuckles. _
For the hair beAuty you want in the time you
have. Twice 88 fast as gun type models. Three
heat selections - plus a Ilcool". Large bGutfant
bonnet fila over largest roUers. Reach-in lop
helps reiUlale drying and leta you check your
hair as it dries. Styled in mint green with
matching bonnet. Antique white carrying case.
r,rms or Charge Account!
ndable, Prompt Service!
Sale Backed by Auburn's
lished G..E Headquarters!

White, yellow, pink

or turquoise
3.speed control.
. Drink mixer
fjAPPLIANC Genoa Yorkers
Visit Seaway
Church Council
Plans Service
-=2:.::..-0_T_HE POSTSTANDARD, Syracuse, N. Y., Sunday, November 24. 1963 -N-e-w-ar-k-S-tu-di-es- Auburn Teen Theater College Program Goals of Biology
Mayor Urges Legion Women Plan Ends Workshop Series Set for Pupils Workshop Topic
Gift Shop for Veterans AUBURN-The Tecn Theaterlsummer Night's Dream." :'llan!!'
an NEWARK -They're already of Ihe Au bur n Children's techniques in body control and Cayuga Coun- Spedlll to TIre Pol!SlatfJonl
AOBURN-Represcntatives of sist with the outside wrapping thinking of putting more teeth Theater program completed its balance were practiced. ty 4H Club spon?or a pro nOCHE-STER - A t .....o-<1ay
the Amencan legion AUXIliaries or parcels for mailing d d worshop session The g r 0 u p also attended a gram for looking ahead workshop on "long range goals
ASSIgned from the vanous In .the og thiS .week With a class demon- class in fencing at Wells College to college at 7.30 p.m. of biology in space" will be
onger erms
In Caruga County that are work, posts are Mrs Rice and Mrs ordinance In the village. stration at the stage annex of and viewed a fencing demon. Dec. 3, at Auburn Commumty held at the Unh'ersily of Ro
Ing on the annual gift shop for Ann MacDavi.U W. ?!h'ndersc A bone of ccntention appears the CayUga Museum. stration Thev used this In their College. chesler Monday and Tuesday,
_ Permanent per- yelerans Hospital Rice Post: Mrs: Helen Raesler that one section pertaining to program at the theater. Rescrva,tions m!Jst be f,iled at More 30 representatives or
sonal registration and 4-year the fIrst \\eek In December have and Mrs. Sue Sylcox. Crmbrak. the ordinance needs an addi. Town. The Participating in ,the program the count) 4H office by \\ ednes and and
terms of office for mayor and becn announced. Fallat Post; Mrs. Lorraine Wal ti acle Tom were: Carol and Susan Beards day. mdustrial agencies Will attend.
trustees may be future to ics of Mrs. Raymond Schaffer drOll, George Ingersoll Post of on.. . . and The King and I, were ley, Melisa Coleman, Eleanor Guest speaker will be Warren The conrerence Is under the
d' . t ill Pb d Waterloo has been named to dl Fair Haven' Mrs Theodore Pohce ClllCf EdWin La..... ton presented. Coomber Pat ric i a Delaney Taylor director of admissions auspices of the American Insl'
a _v age oar the this year Wright and t-frs. Wa'lson Foster. has suggested the follOWing ad. h Teen Theater Workshop Diane Andrea Glauber: at ACe, who conducted a simi- lute of Biological Sciences :t
Ma 'or' Milton Elzufon said rs. John. auxll Donald R. Ward Post, Cayuga: dition or amendment to the as ccn conducted by Theo- man, Carol Hood, Faith lIow Iar program last year. All high is supported by the
that two trustees will be elected la2' chairman. Mrs. Laura Stevens and ,Mrs. section' "After the chief has dore drama. di- land, Caroline O'Connor, Kath scho?1 p'uplls planning on college Aeronautics and Space Adminis
in the \. i II a e election next all ucte by the Alverta Buda, Rowe-ChurchIU' Irector, rs. eorge Baird. erine Robie. Jean Rowoth, Nan are m\'lted. tration in cooperation with the
:March and it his of. SL"cth Amencan L Post, Mora\'ia: Mrs. Olive Em served an order upon the de was placed .on the cy Ruschak. Emily Smith, Jane University of Rochester S ace
that the time has arrived Dlstnct, the shop offers body, Clark-Heck Post, Wceds fendant, and he lalls to complyphYsIcal elements or acting. Smyth. Barbara Sterling, SaJly . Science Center. P
the villa:ge to elect its mayor and port: . Irs. Mary Ann Johnson with order, there is no penalty Deborah Wall and LODGE TO I!"\STALL Prof. .Phili? Morrison, or Cor
trustees on a 4-year basis in women. P . for not complying. I feel thai reading and acting of "A )IM'ISYlvia . WEEDSPORT-The past mas Umverslty ,Will gIve t h 8
:: present 2year make.their for,ginia and .. Peg an inrormation.should be madel ELECTED TO BOARD
Elzufon said' each political ImmedIate relau\'es Squires. Coleman DalY.PhiliPsj the complamant berore the NEWARK-Mrs. James Beale Beauty," on Dec. 14 when open the lodge at their scheduled Planets," evening.
party is burdened with two eJec. e voJ.unteers wrap mailIPost, Sennett.. . and a warrant Issued by,of Newark was elected member auditions will be conducted at
meeting Tuesday at 8 p.m.. aC-j c:o.chairmen of L'te conference
tions each year I e artIcles to the reCIpient al Among the Items to be a\'all the Judge to brmg the defend atlarge on the Board of Direc the museum. Eligible for try. ,cording to Cortland Ketcham are WoU \'ishniac nrofessor or
"It's a problem," he able .for the 1.700 p.atlents at !hel ant court to. dealt with tors of the .Seven Lakes Girl oUls are a II members of the l\I.aster. Following the meeting:.biology at the Urli\'ersity of
said. "I don't think we're gel. Av p Rice of Grant hospital Dec. 2-6 WIll be cl.othmg accordIng to la\\: . jSco!Jt CounCil for a twoyear Teen Workshop, Wagon Play. shdes of the progress of the Rochester, and Da\id Bonner.
ting the turnout we should at h been the reo mc?, \V.omcn children. Avery B. Robmson. at the annual meeting rs, all teen . agei'S who New York World's Fair will bel'professor of biology at the Uni
eJections." Ca. I I .c h a I r m a forIJe.... to)s..tOllet al tlcles. cos attorney, had. objections m the Canandaigua Methodist have been connected with the, shown and refreshments will be, versity of California at San
He was advised by Aver)' B. a.mga ounty and she Will as- meUcs and tnnkets. agamst the addition. Church. Auburn ChUdren's Theater. served. lDiego.
Robinson that 4--year term would
be subject to a referendum in
Harold Drake. chairman or
the Arcadia Republican Com
mittee, said he has been study
ing this matter for some time.
"There's more to it than 4
year terms." said Drake, a for
ml."r member of the village
board. "It should be done as
soon as possible."
Edward Jennings, chairman of
the Arcadia Democratic Com
milee. said he was definHeiy in
favor of the 4--year term of of
fice for mayor and four trustees.
"Village government is big
business now," said Jennings.
"You should go in for the 4-year
term. I would also like to
have the question of permanent
registration considered."
GE:;.lOA - Eighteen members
of lhe Salmon Creek Yorker
Club of Genoa Central School
and their facuIty adviser, Mrs.
Ethel Marr. took a two.().ay trip
to the St. Lawrence Seaway re-
The group left Genoa by bus
Sunday morning, stayed over-
night at a motel near Massena
and returned via Canada and
the Thousand Islands Bridge.
thu! ha\ting the experience of
passing through the immigra
tion and customs stations.
Their trip included visits to
the and Snell LoCkS!
to see large boats passing
through the locks.
The Yorker Club travelers in-
cluded the following: Margaret
Abet. Edward Ausborn, Bonnie
Baker, Joan Bickel, Linda
Clark, Timothy Devine. David
Driscoll. Gregory Driscoll, Mar-
garet Ecker, Patty Gunn, Wil
liam Halloway. Ethel Nettleton,
Carl Stack, Edward Stevens,
Jackie Townsend. Karl Wilson.
Richard Woodhouse and Chris
WEEDSPORT-The Weedsport
Council of Churches will conduct
their annual Thanksgiving eve
service at 8 p.m. Wednesday in
Weedsport Baptist Church.
The Rev. Frederick Schlm
mer. pastor of Weedsport Pres
byterian Church. will give the
sennon, "Gratitude is a Virtue."
Combined choirs from the
churches will pro\'ide special
music for the service. They will
NILE5-:'llrs. Anna Corrigan BLENDER
Helmer, 73, of Cream Hollow WAFFLE
Road. Town of Niles. "'dow of
James Helmer, died Saturday DEStG
in Auburn Memorial Hospital NIN BAKER f
after a short illoess. Mrs. Hel rom
mer, a life resident of Niles,
was a memher of Sl. Ann's 23 YEA'RS GEN E RAL Church, Owasco.
Mrs. Helmer attended the
Moravia Training School for E L ECTRIC
Teachers and was a graduate
of Oswego State Teachers Col-
lege. She taught in the Moravia
school many years.
Her onl)' sun-i\'ors are two
nieces and two nephews.
Services will be at 8:30 a.m_
Tuesday in the Langham Fun
eral Home. Auburn. and at 9
a.m. In St. Ann's Church. Burial
will be in S1. Joseph's Cemetery.
Calling hours arc 3 to 5 and 7
to 9 p.m. Monday at the funeral
bome, 91 E. Genesee St.
AUBURN-Miss Anicla Koch
man, 71, of 174 State St., died
Kowalczyk Memorial Chapel.l
pending arrangements for servo Model BL-l
ices and burial. _ Easy and Fun to Use
OFFICES CLOSED Chrome Plated Base -
ONEIDA-Burroughs Marsh. Glass 1ar
all, chairman of the Madison _ Unique Design - Only
lOW' High
all county offices wilt be closed Stores Compactly-
Monday out of respect for Presi- Always Ready for Work
dent Kennedy.

In Nebraska Whips Ol<lahoma

Orange Cage
Team Victor
Over Cousy's
Figure Skaters
Exempt 28 in
Tille Game
Tennessee Hits I Orange Bowl
Hard to Blank I Spot Earned
Kentucky, 19-0 IBy Victors
LEXINGTON Kv (AP) J Big 8 Champs
Down Sooners
passes to defeat B 29 20 T II
Kentucky 19 0 In a Southeast I Y - a Y
em Conference football game
Saturday LINCOL"I Neb (AP)-
Nebraska ' .. on Its fIrst Big
chell and Pat Can n set up the Eight Conference football
touchdo\\ns Wantland passed ChampIOnshIp m 23 years
four vards to Bob Petrella for Saturday bv master ng
the Vals r rsl score n the open Oklahoma s Sixth ranked
Sooners 2920 and moved
touchdo n Fa rcloth passed 26 mto the Orange Bowl New
SCrimmage sher for the fumbles a dev
Three former outstanding professional In Manley Fieldhouse LeWIS coach
basketball players - Fred LeWIS Bob at Syracuse and Cousy coach at backs runn ng from the s ngle son Wile Ross Denn s Clar
Cousy and Paul Seymour (from left) Boston College later watched theIr w ng Tennessee kel t to Its Notre Dame football players soberly The IrIsh were at Iowa CIty for a dge and Kent McCloughan
- met pnor to yesterday s Syracuse teams In a closed scnmmage seSSIOn it !ile!oreoutatOfSthtaeteChuaruPevlerOsfltSvt oTfholmO\Vaas game WIth the Iowa Hawkeyes WhICh ctory Into a fourth
Boston College basketball scrImmage opoes:ed U '\as cancelled as were many sports The v dory rounded out a 91
-------------------IWlth passes Saturday after attending a speCial events throughout the country season overall 70 n the B g
The \01 defense put a strong Mass for the late President Kennedy (UPI Telephoto) E ght and automatically put the
the Orange
; of hIS pas.s and fore ng him 10 L d M O.lahnma "th a "nd
c; ports ea ers ourn
Sunday November 24 1963 23 started stands 2 for the season and
PresJdent John Os'" aid 0 a--l n the conference The Soon
Keeping ass,ng of Pres,dent
cel\ed se\eral protest calls But haHt me Nebraska cap tal zed
SYracuse Urnvers ty s vars ty With Bill Reddy
basketball team outscored Bos the game By WILL GRIMSLEY Amenca In uncounted ways words at such a time but the ond half tackle Llo}d Vo s re-
ton College 104 81 In a p esea ThiS IS the biggest thrill of my life said the At a halftime memor al ser Associated Press Sports Writer he said We shall remain for Iworld of CIvilization shares lhe covenng on '1klahoma s 15
son scr mmage carr ed out un young man whose life had been dotted WIth a succes ce the massed bands of Ken The sports world lost a cham ever consc ous of the new mean po gnancy of th s monumental '!lade tI e short dr ve
der game condit ons at Manley f th ill tucky and Tennessee pla}cd the d f d I th tr 109 and Significance he gave to traged) As a former comrade good on a one yard plunge and
F eld House here yesterday SlOn 0 r s Star Spangled Banner and br ef de:nt e
the mportance of be ng ph}S In arms h s death kills some oranlies ra ned onto the f eld as
morn ng It '\as two years ago in New York eulogIes 10 Kennedy were gwen call f t and rna ntam ng a th ng '" th n me the near capaCItv crowd of 38
John A.ust n 511 sophomOle:oF CIty and you would be mclmed to thmk by Oswald Gov Bert Combs so nd bod as a base for an Col Donald Hull ex-ecut ve dl J85 savc cd the Orange Bowl
star from Washington D C that Errne DaVIS was talkmg about hIS and the Rev Donald Herren a e on sa a ur a alen m nd rector of the \AU called Ken prospects
led all scorers With 38 potnts selection as the 1 ner of the Hel Lex ngton m ruster From the c ladels of e>;ery Kennc<!J \\as a subsutute on nedy a great d nam c leader Nebraska aga nus ng a fum
as he paced the team coached w n sman Tennessee had four chances major football the Hanard freshman football th an nlerest m sports hie to advantage added seven
by Bob COUS) former Boston Trophy the fIrst Negro e\ er to be chosen to score 10 the Crst half but \\ as goU d the sprawling colleg team while an undergraduate HIS loss certamlv \\ II be rr.ore po nts m the wild fourth
Celt cs ace as the fmest college football player In able to cash only one as Fred ate gram-cam" express ons at Cambr dge and he and h s slrongl\' felt, Hull added quarter on Clar dge s one )ard
Top po nl aelter for Coach the nation that year He was In New York Martin missed tViO fJeld goals of and sorro\lo over the fam Iy populanzed touch foot Uke e\'eljone else the "'orId plunge and lacked on t",o more
Fred LewlS ;mners was Chuck to accept that trophy It was Tennessee s fourth VIC pas of a man "'ho empha ball as a pastime dur ng Infor over we n sports w111 miss thejtouchdO\\-'1lS m .the game s clos
Richards 68 transfer from tory of the year The game fi SlZ. the Importance of bu ld mal gathenngs at the Wh te Pres dent greaUy mg mmutes The late Nebraska
Army Vi ho netted 33 po nts For the second time In as many sea nal of the season for Kentucky 109 e body as well as thelHouse and at therr home In Pete Rozelle commlSS oner OfjtOUChdowns were scored by !laic-
B ng Viho agamst sons the bnlliant Syracuse halfback had left the WUdcats With 3-6-1 ml Ryann s Port lthe National Football League Laughan and Fred Duda
Austin as a schoolboy 0 the Bm Reddy been named to the All Amencan football record all feel a deep loss and The 80th Harvard 'Yale game expressed himseU as deeply Oklahoma pacll.ed ts three
i: team He was the obJect of a strrrmg contest among lbe was the frrst cancelled when the
rebounds and se eral asSiSts pro football teams for his future semces He had been this uld happen n our coun ltrag c ne"'s of the president s League ",hich postponed lts after hnd ng Is ground game
B ng rated the top soph on the acclaimed by fans and sports wnters ever)"Where But ld Ford Fr ck commlS death from a sn per s bullet "'eekend games c:a d strapped.
Orange squad was double Erme wasn t thinking about any of those thmgs basebaU We af"9 all 0 er the '" f It s d fficult at this time to The Sooners lost a net of f e
teamed much of the time by the To thmk he marveled that the preSIdent of T NbS keCl ahd n deer sorrow h oe
ctor 0 comprehend the full Impact of )ards lo the f rst quae er and
Eagles and he passed off reg \ _ 0 ewe me ne of the faVOrite p ctures leo ssoc at on Pres dent Kenned s loss as a ere held to a offense of
ularly to of{se that t pc of de the Umted Stales v, auld go out of hIS way to see me lOinFr ck s Rockefeller Plaza of said man as ell as tl e head of our 28 a ds n the fust half
fense Ernie and President John F Kenncd had a bit of trouble ( ce sl s the late pres dent I President Kennedy s con government The magn tude of Oklaloma covered 5 ards
The Orangemen S\\ ep nto a gcUlng togctl er - a mix p In schedules - b t when the _ _ bare headed and stanel g cern for the total man-for his h s loss can only be n easured on ts f toud do n dr e
2511 lead at the start and were )0 ng football pla)er on his second cross town trip In a two-- In Auss eF Iwh Ic looking at a foul ball n body ell as his braJn an I by Orne and h s accomplish a ded b a 35 }ard pass from
never n trouble hour span caught up with the young president the two had I Ina the WashlnRton D C park Be splr l-ga e a tremendous 1ftlments as a hero c service man Bobby Page to end John Por
a brief cordial chat ordered all baseball off ces to the nat onal health He left and de oted servant of our terf eld A 22 yard pass from
The deotfty of the team with which Ernie would sign for closed until after the funeral both a legaC'} and a challenge country Ronald Fletcher to John Flynn
pro football badn t been revealed In fact Ernie shU hadn t ADELAIDE Australia ( Monday Ifor eery red blooded Amen I Keen About 01 mples prOVIded the score.
flOlshed out his college career with that final come-from behind Dennis Ralston heartsick Kennedy was an ardent base- can Walter Kenned pres dent of r",o more Nebraska touch
dJspla" for victory In the Liberty Bowl But the president news of the death of Pres! ball f d th t th f t The late president played golf the National Basketball \ssoCIa downs lOtervened beCore Okla
asked him in confidence about l"blch team be would Jolo Kennedy bowed to Aus baseb:n a: but seldom took time bon sa d he felt keen!\' o\'er the homa dosed out the game on
and Ernie told blm John Newcombe Saturday in tilt 1Jl the naUon s ca lIai to go a full round loss because of a personal fnend two talues by Wes Skidgel on a
That ",as about three l"eeks before the announcement fmals of the South AustralJa Joe Cron n pre:ldent of the He s the best golfer of an ShIp With the late pres dent 22) aId run and a 2a--} ard pass
was n ade that Davis would sign with the Cleveland BrownJ Tenn s Champlonsh ps A L d of our many golf ng prest and he added from Tomm Panncll
So they met oni} once and br efly tbe} shared a The 23 Jear-old UOIvers ty ., den a Xe 1>On R I pro Hs leadership was mearnng The onlv score n the f rst half
. T t c10s I guarded secret Southern Cahforn a studelll ch ef execut e a tra c af fes.. onal once sa d If he took ful to Amer ran sports n so was Da e The sen s 2 }ard
'c es s could have foreseen as these t",o llta! oung men from Bakersf eld Cal f went faIr and dded g t me he could be an SO hoot rnam ",a s and his brm d rec f eld goal lo the f... st per cd
" chatted so happ I that time ",old be so short for both of them down 61 63 15-17 61 He sur:lv vas one of the er ton Il be sadlv ro ssed
This year the He sn an--;;h race seems to be all but tnes greatest sports enthus asts e er a';:n b t stis
LSU 81 k
(AP)-The us "'Tapped up though e electors ha en t vet recel ed our ballots bassador to Austral a It ",ashlsl to Ii e In the \Vh te House He tlte NCAA f\AU d spUIC P c Comn ttee sa d an s
F gure Skat ng I\.ssoc allon Pennsylvan ans and some from Ne." Jersey are root ng f I A t I b k knew a lot about sports th ngs
named 28 skaters Saturday ",ho hard for the select on of Pr nceton sf ne sen or fullback Coc:mo dis you \\ouldn t expect and he en bv
WIll ha\ie a chance to try for laca\ aZl! In the South and particularlY around Atlanta there s tressed over the news of the Joved swapp ng sports sto es d this ne vs Lentz s81d Pres TI 10 0
the 1964 U S Olymp c f guee strong support for Georgia Tech s br I1iant all around quarter PreSident s assassination 80b Warren G Ies Nat onal grnr to I ty or dent Kenned had a love for all Uane _
skating team here Jan 9 12 back performer Billy Lothr dge However there seems I ttle Kelleher of Los Angeles ca League president said rea ze s rts and was dee Inter ,
Without hav10g to qualify in re doubt that the award w II be voted to Roger Staubach the sen lain of the U S Davis Cu tea: Wh Ie aU c t1zens of the na 10 the 01 m c
g onal competitions now under sational Navy quarterback If he IS chosen the youngster from Said Denny d do t p know tion 'itre crushed by the loss of NBA Standings wh ch fostered w 11 among BATON ROUGE La (AP)-
way C nc nnati w 11 be only the second un or named for this COl eted wnether he should play or not our PreSident we 10 sports are nations LoulSlana State used Its TUnn ng
The 12 member OIymp c team award the f rst hav ng been Doc Blanchard the great Army The American player f nany espec ally I add e ned and Tom HamIlton drrector of the po"'el and the toe of Doug Mo-
will be selected after the nat on Ifullback assented alter Ambassador Bat shocked EASTERN mvt5ION 8 SIX Conference on the Pacil reau to down Tulane 200 Satur
al champ onshlps and Olymp c Staubach s performances have been so spectacular that he Ue a personal fnend of the late John l' Kennedy was aWL Pct IC1&Coast sa d the Pres dent s da} 10 the season fmale for the
trials at the Cleveland Skat ng could even stub hIS toe n the Army Na 'Y game In Ph ladelph a PreSident assured h m that H sports:nan and a fnend of base Boston 1'1 1 923 death "'as a tremendous loss Southeastern Conference team
Club - events v. h ch will see Saturday and he d still get the b g vote n the HelSman balloting would have heen the wish of the ball \\ ords seem so out of pro Cincinnati 10 8 :\hster Kenned was most In Don Sch",ab broke through
more than 100 of the nation s next "'eek late pres dent port on to one s feel ngs as \I e Philadelphia 6 8 429 tcrested In the Olymp C5 and aU nght tackle and ran 66 yards
top skaters compete -- E\en 50 twas ob\ ous to the renect on the trag c INe\\ York 6 12 233 other s rts Ham Hon sa d for one touchdown Dann) Le
On the list of 28 exempt from The first All America team J \e seen so (ar the 1"\ Guide gallery of 6000 at the Memorial almost unbel e\eable Clrcum I Art RPO f th N Blanc cracked 0 er from the 3
qual fYIng becauc:e they PlaCed/ All America not only has Staubacn at quarterback but names Park courts that Ralston was slances caus ng hIS death The WESTERNDlVISION t onal s Ifor the other Schv. ab the
among the first SIX In semor or him as Back of the lear merelv golOg through the mo- League shares tbelLos \ngcles 10 7 583 bur h Steelers called It a ter games top rusher pIcked up
frrst three 10 Jumor diVIS ODS n Among others on that team chosen well before the sea tions He \\ as onl) a shadow or gr ef of this trag c loss and our St Lo Is 10 8 SaG bIg t d d D d (S 154 ards ID 20 carr es
the national champ onsh ps a son s f naJ. games are mo "ho against Syracuse this the player '" ho swept to s ncerest sympathy goes out to San FranCISco 8 7 533 C"r:t1 \ of Moreau booted h 0 f eld goals
vear ago are four defending na season They are halfback Gayle Sa)ers of Kansas (whose Ithe New South Wales ul1c a !\Irs Kennedy and hiS family jDclrolt 9 3;, N,:Jj Yet/Of the Amer can lo the third quarter from 40 and
tional sen or champ ons They running was a major factor In the Javba",kers win oyer the week ago and beat Roy EIDer Walter B}ers executi e d Bait more 10 "31 F tb 11 L d t 31 yards out
are Thomas LitZ of Hershev Orange) and Vern Burke brlllhlOt Oregon State and whose son Austral a s No 1 star en rector of the National Colleg tOO eda feague sla :s a
Tulane ",hleb "'ound up With
Pa n men s s ngles Lorrame pass catching ab lIty ma4c him dangerous In eery game route to the f nals here ate Athlet c Assoc aUon sa d Results Last N f rt 0 nnato':: 1 8 1 season record held the T
Hanlon of Boston 10 lad es s n TI ere s another on the team of interest here too That s Newcombe 19 }e-ar old Aus all peop e must be stunned b Detroit at Ne v Yorkabe r
f n t fa gers to one loucl n In the
gles and Jumanne and Jerry Jim KeU) p cked at end along with Burke Kelly Is a record Iral an Jun or champ on and an shock d sbel ef and the tJ ought Cincinnati at Sf Louis e P dOt f rst half close enough fo Don
FoUler ngill of Tacoma Wash sett ng receh er for Notre Dame one of many Irish players outs der up to nov. In the Aus such a th ng could happen n da e re en Br ght to tr) t 0 f eld goals
In pall'S who 11 bear watchIng l hen NO plays S, racuse In Yankee traJ an Dav s Cup plans Amer ca Gan es Tonhtht a e Both were short
Montv Hoyt of Denver 1962 Stad m Thursday wh pped through the f rst two Pres dent Kennedy contr b St Louis at Cincinnati ( , II Thkc gtha e
LSU a t7h3
men s t tI st who lost to L tz last sets w th ease utcd to the advancement of Boston at Detroit mar an cpt e gers e
year also IS among the exempt A basketeer as a young e S}racusan Ph I Feldman s 0 ege runn ng for a bowl b d
28 round ng up every Scranton an for m les around to cheer for .A LSU p led up ,,14 ,ards on Ie
S x former national Jum Un vers ty of Scranton when t plays College here a P S h I F tb II ground a d held Tulane to
or champ ons also are on the "'eek from Scranton comes here after playmg Can s us rep C 00 00 a F b II nus 1 LSU accumulated i
I st released todav bv Spencer n Buffalo Saturday rught Ph I s brother Ch c Fcldman 15 the C .... t yards n the air Tulane sa
Cram general chauman of the \eteran sports editor of The Scrantoruan Tr bune and ChiC wIll oach Describes H,s Qualities 00 a ;,ch",ab s fourth per od touch
national meet Thev are B By accompan the basketball team on ts tr p down "'as the game s out
Chapel of Los Angeles lo men s mCldentall) se er-etl hundred Scranton ans recently paJd Uah ')5 ULah State 23 I()tand ng pIa The pound
s ngles Chr stine HaIgler of tnbute to Chic as the man pr nClpally respOns ble for making \\ ALUNGFORD Conn CAP)llf he thought he was r ght he Harold Tinkp.r no?; retired Br gham louog 24 Cor. State fullback appeared momc I ar Iy
Colorado Spr ngs and A.lbertl11a/the Scranton Jew sh \\ar Veterans hosp tal program the best - He was not an All \menca stood up for them WIth all h s thought he had a f ne fla r for "0 c:topped alter three Gn:('n ..
il:oye of Bosto n lad es sm tn the state for the second sucre .. ve vear by any means sa d Pres dent rmght \\T tlng even though he was a l'iebra k Z9 Oklah 20 met h m when he slanted 0 f
Ie Sand \ n d Ro aid J I -- Kenned s prep school football \ lot of people have asked poor speller A b s;1 FI d 15 tackle but he t Isted free ani
:ep1 of Park m
Friends of Emil (Foxey) mav not heard that coach But he made up for me If I thought he "'ould be- Tmker remembe.led h s pupil TUlanO;1
2 a e ran by the surpnsed Tulane c:e
EI zabeth and Paul George Ofl he IS a pahent In Un l'ersity Hospital He has heart trouble lack of nati e ab I ty With great come President and I must sa" as bright cle\er shre",d 'anderbllt 31 Geor e Wash ondary
Boston and C"-nthia and Ronald and I m sure he d be glad to recehe cards Foxe a flne pitch determmat on that I ne er thought he would "th a good sense of fun and In ton 0 g Ten LSU sen ors sa'" the r
Kauffman of Seattle n pairs er for the Spilt Rock club In The Pest Standard League bad Earl Lienbach who was young But he "as voted the boy most good natured denltrv 19 K t k 0 last scheduled act on 10clud lig
Other pa rs go ng mo the na keenly mterested In howling after his diamond career to succeed by h s class Gree:
Xa\ ler
tionals v thout need for qual Choate School descr bed the He \\as ery popular", th Perhaps not for "'eeks 01 (0) 15 man Fullback Buddy Hamlc
fytng are Patt Gustafson of youngster he remembered as both classmates and teachers months w II Amer ca recogn ze Arka sas 27 Texas Tech ')0 a lOth sen or has been s del ned
Lynn Mass and Peter Kollen Ak N' C f F never at a loss for words here at Choate how much It vas g en b} Ken Ohio U 1 Marshall 0 s nce m d season
of Ann Arbor M ch and Joan r ansas IpS on erence oe always a boy who had the cour On the "'a I beh nd Le nbach ned, Regar Hess of part;,: Kent State ')3 Dayton 0 E ght T la e sen ors bo ed
Heckert and Gary Clark of Eastl age of h s conv ct ons was a photograph of the late of pol tics or personal ties veI lout ndud ng sta ters quarter
Lans ng M ch Ff\YETIEVILLE Ark (AP) back Ben Elledge who scored He was light for a football Pres dent v th the lOser pt on have had a Pres dent "'ho stood B /- back Al Burgu eres end Clem
Round nt out the bst of 28 are -A kansas rapped a break the r th rd touchdown on a player but he was a typ cal To Cappy Le nbach \V tb by h 5 conv ct ons n the 0 wing Dellcnger guard Russ Gall ano
Scott Allen of Smoke R se N J e en football season Saturday short run Irishman as far as f ghl was best w shes and regards Jack strength of vh ch the free world and tackle l\I ke Calaman
Gary Vscont of Detro t Bud by edg ng Texas Tech n a Jack Brasuell sophomore concerned Le nbach said Kennedy has felt proud and secure _
B p a a Laf'ayl Jolla Harverd Yale
R Bre Jumped 1Oto which he has passed r;: II Firl niP1" oos. Set for Nov 30
and Tim Wood of Detro t-all n the front'" th three touchdowns for the A.rkansas Razorbacks outstanding student ne\er held dent Choate is also the Oldl RESET FOR THURSDAY NEW HA\ EN Conn (\P)_
men s singles and L"-nn Thorn one on an 83 }lard punt return near the end of the f rst penod a class off ce and as Le nbach However at Har ard He got school of Ambassador W A, DURHA..'f N C (AP) _ The The Harvard Yale football game
as of PhiJadelph a 11)Tna 80- Kennv Half eld before the from one }ard out after quar noted was not a supenor ath under wa) and revealed the lo erell Harr man former go er I:'iorth Carolma at Duke foot ",h ch was put off Saturda;,: out
dek of Detro t Jo)a Utermoh Texas Tech Red Ra ders rut pa} lerback Fred Marshall had set lete tellectual br n ance that result nor of Ne y York and Adlai ball game postponed by the of respect for the memor)' of
len of Ne York and PeilD d rt Rut then the RaIders un It up "itb runs of "2 yards Yet E en as a youngster ed 10 his graduaung cumlSte\enson U S Ambassador tolassassmat on of Pres dent Ken !pres dent Kennedy ",ill be
Flemmg of Los A.ngeles 10 worn leashed a t\i\o touchdo",n aer al topped by h s 12 }ard pass to Lembach Said he had the laude Lembach scud the Uruted Nauons and former ncdy has been rescheduled for played next Saturday m the "iale
en I s ngles blast engIneered by quarter end Jerry Lamb courage of his conv ctions atf I know his En.a:Ush teacher governor of lllino s IThanksg1l'1ng afternoon Bowl ;.
"hold(jrobtllO I Looks Bnght l1merican StockooExchange]
THE POST STANDARD Syracuse, N Y Sunday November 24 1963 22
As a sel"Vtce to our castomers and everybody in town
we have esiebllshed a US Royal Tire Tread Measunng
Statton You are welcome to come In for a free Inspec.
tion We'lItell you If your tires rr:easure up to the new
legal speC,fICatlOns .. adVIse how soon those tires Will
be worn below e tread depth New York State now
As Superintendent of Recreatian for the City of
Fulton. Applications are oyailable at the City
Clerk's office ir: City Hall. Deadline for filing
is December 3rd.
12-87 Wo GENESEE ST,
Don't take chances.. ,with the law,.
or with your life! Drive in todsy
I for afree tire tread inspection,
OPEN MON.-SAT. 8 A. M. to 5 P. M,
THE POSTSTANDARD, S)'1'llcuse, N. Y., Sunday, November 24, 1963
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HOMELITE, 39 River Road, North Arlington, N. J.
Please send mfl:
o GUide to Outdoor Woodcutting"
o Name of my local dealer.
NAM::;E:;:;: -'-__.::..

Orange Eager for Over Dame
Win Could I Former Stars j Auburn Wins 21-15 I VO Defends-- I B?ok 36
I Final of CaJun
' H'II JOl'n I'n T'b t I AUBURN. Ala (AP) - Jim ,pnnt. endm. an S2yard drivelconcluded from PreeedmgPagc Classl'c Today
lye I men rl Ue
my Sidle, who may become the The 200 pound JUnior from -
nation's No 1 ball carner, Birmingham, who leads the a 12 3 average Coach John
scored touchdoldns Satur Southeastern Conference In to-,Hannoo also has 6.0 LAFAYETTE. La CAP) - A
Bowl Spot
To Andreas Sharpe, 6-0 Pete Contento. 510
F10nda State Semmoles. second Quarter. and bulled his':ll.ike McE\oy and 510 Gene Classic, the fmal PGA goll lour..
\ With Sidle in the game. Au- way into the end zone fro.m se\' Patriarco back from last year, namenl of 1963
Syracuse Will . d' burn had the dm'e needed to en yards oul for the final Au and DIck Marglson. Chuck PGA offiCials called oft Sat-
booted the KJempka and Bill Powers from
Teke 41 Men University: Will be honored With W1thOut him, the Tigers were In three extra pomts, bUl .missed the Jayvees. Both big men, Gee dy
T N Y k
a testimomal dinner at the Hotel trouble. t\\O held goal attempts after and Kubn, ha\-e been nurSing With 36 holes scheduled
o ew or Srracuse Thursday. January 9. The Semmoles, badly out- touchdo\lo'n dnves bogged down InJunes and Hannon hopes both day. It boosled the chances of
S Yr a C U Se University
's Sponsored by Syracuse Umver nlayed for the Drst hall. stif- Auburn's defense was marve will be ready for wednesdaY'slJaCk Nicklaus, who was six
slty. the dinner will be a tribute fened their defense after the In- lous at limes, not so good at oth- opE:ner WIth CBA strokes off lhe pace after Fri
high scormg football teamj.-:: ,...._ to Andreas' long career on the 11SSIon and made It more ers Fullback Doc Gnffith NOTTINGHAM OO4l-The day's second round The gruel.
had a rare Saturday of ' HIli He has been on the athle and more difficult for Auburn to hauled down one of FSU quar- Bu dogs have lost the big hng test should be Just SUIted
non-combat yesterday, but Nicklaus' pow.
WIth Just one goal ill rnmd retire In January. IlOsltlon (or another They made the next play. Griffith kept the leplacements In Bill Pomeroy. LEARN _ LEARN
-Beat Notre Dame! Former players dUring An both of them good. drive gOing by recovermg an Morns Torres. Jeff Menter, Announcing Cla.sse5
dreas' long reign as basketball Sidle gOl the first score early Auburn fumble lo keep lhe bali Dave Clapp, !'oIike Maloney and
n::-:'lS coach from 1924 lo 1950 are ex In the game WIth an elghtyard out of Seminole hands Doug Roberts, but he needsI LEARNl'l'NNOUNCING
chance to accompltsh a number
.. Inend" felow alhleUc directors Greater Syracuse Bowling League fsaac Arlen Tompkms, D'ck
c... "" '"
Ftghtmg Irish and dlgnatanes, Henry and Tom Castleman. Frill Audliioll
Frrst of all, Syracuse would An
; '--t A\I I
complete Its finest regular sea- V" .......
son smce the 1959 squad went To Be Honored at Testimonial n
LeWIS P. Andreas, retirmg Syracuse Umverslty High School before returning to
Dame would gIve SU an 82
athletic director, WIll be honored at a testimonial :: ii :m
'59 caro. dmner m Hotel Syracuse Jan. 9. He will retire 10 His court teams were
P818n, Syracuse was 7-2 In 1950, January after servmg 24 years as athletic director. the natlon's best They won 355 :: .. ... .....
7 . 3 (not mcludmg a Liberty Andreas coacHed basketball for 26 years before games. while losmg only 134 for . H" ::" m '
Bowl Win) in 1961, and then 5-5 retinng m 1950. a v.mnlng average of 73 per 10', 1&1....toll 12
a year ago cenL HiS 1925-25 teams. starring .l.. Z3 .JIll \ 10' ...
Also could gaUl a V1C Hanson, was recognized as 3101 H.fa:h \eUtl 3 ::;:':.. ...
measure of re\ enge for Its o\'e"- Inational champions During the = 3 can:.ea IlJa Rtt:b \e&1:ll ... .u:utr" IOU
time 1961 loss to the Irish That penod from 1927 through 1929. = m
eontes saw Nolre Dame gel a Andreas was head foolball . AnrUei
second field goal after coach. ..H.nlf.n 3D 200
e-:tote: Spector. former basketball m
triumph .. m
Within a few days ail of or- the dtnner. Eric WIll and An-
Utony Henmnger are honoan', 1
second field goal attempt How- committee chairmefJ m
ever. the score rematned u
- .' Ire: Prof Donald Kibbey, pro
changed !!ram George Brenneman. IIC-.. 1"
Pracltce Tomorrow kets and seatlrtlt. Wilham Ga :.: yr.. It 1':
An Orange triumph mtght also bor. former Ronald R.eI.l!IIlIIItb J'I 118
place the Orangemen In conten Prolli decoraUons James 30 tr-
tion for a bo\\l berth. especIaU) "HE LOOKS Jt:ST AS GOOD NOW AS HE DID Deck::" pubhctly. Jos'eph h.- *In
when he was at hiS peak," said one of the spectators tor. gtfts; Horace :1;1l1tt
tee watched the Syracuse _ Pltll at Ukrainian Lanes last Monday whIle watchmg John treasurer JO
game earher 10 the sea50n (SmItty) RutkowskI, a charter member The Rev. Charles Sdea; 0 n
Orange coach Ben Schwartz- of Syracuse's BowlIng Hall of Fame as I of tChapeill abe
he anchored the Burzynski LIquor y, w Rom.
Notre Dame frar ,m a close match WIt hthe MeIer & Ranz
The Hillmen will practice here qumtet. I V d b'lt Ed\. 13
tomorrow and Tuesday. then nyl When the spectator said It Rutkowskl an er I n( ) t 3) m
to New City for a atl was on a stnke lrmg at the 'start of hiS ", 1: rlzlo 21 M : ::t '&1 ft
thud game He knocked them all down LOS' f r'EpoUJ<) 1''' at 8; ...
out al the stadium thl' Orange for seven straIght strIkes but the contrast oSlng tnng t t, I "'-ron. PAC C ... Mall' 1.1
men Will set up at came m the eIghth when he missed the I w,: ::1
1:' 1.:
: 1': ... Morri.l
allheadPlO, left up four pms, and nllssed the Ed Reddy I NA.SHVILLE. Tenn (AP)-
least tentatively, will mclude 16 spare. Though he came back WIth another double, Rutlflred _ up Vanderb11t fOOW\_ ,.. Gallo.l BO'&I1Nor \.. A C
backs and 25 linemen Thelkowski had to settle for a 245 game. The fourth man ill tcam won Its first of di - I
Orange wlll ' be fourdeep atj the Burzynskl lineup, Len Banach, chIpped m WIth a season Saturday by turnlna
eight positions and wlil have strike-studded..257 In the same game back George :n... Woodcutter
three men available at left and . before a ChlUed crowd of tUOO J ,
rIght guard and inSIde tackle AFTER THElU.4.TCII, RUT- saddened by the death of PnI- ",.;:;;.........,.........
Unless practice injuries pop kowski was talkl1lg about how finished 16th In a field of 192 'Ident Kennedy Spare
up, and Schwartzwalder has his qUlcklv bowI I n g scores can with such ace as Don Carter Vanderbilt shut out the GJ1D..
fingers crossed on that score, change and Dick Weber being ellmi ruals m the 5tadIUm where Ken
Bill Orange will go With an un- " . nated earl). For his final nine ned)' packed In a crowd of more Th t
changed starting hne-up for t.l:ie P d
what to games on the closing day of than 30000 last )'lay In a Speechl a
flrst time smce early in the cam- o:t )d ,e the c\cnt, Vito aHra"qed ap ,commemoratlnli: the university.
patgn, . n a on a) Dig e proximately 210 \Lith his besl 90th anm\'er!\"ar\' OffICials de- B kI
A strengthned operung for- ';"led. a and a 7
6/ game being 245. eided to y,o' a'h'ead With the ac
ward waH '\\illlist CoCapt Dick Ip e In t e It)' n lJ!ame Since the Washington
Bowman an.d CTiPPS at the ED IIANIFAN BOOSTED IllS team was en route here when
ends, Gerr) E\erhng and Bob T1J P t St d del I average to 203 to regam the the PreSident's death W8' an
:Meehan at the tackles, .Tack Ilead In the mdi,\ldual ranklngs nounced
203 and 147 for a
;)02 '
w:; Thee" by
fense. IRutkowski Cit e d the case of straight triples over 600 lo climb The Commodores clearly out-
Kins; l'tta)' Start Stanely Boots, one of a small,to 202 Last howe\er.1played the punchless Colonials.
In the backfteld, t,he C1ln- group of who ha\ e Hamfan's 564 triple upped htm whose one touchdown was nul.
stantly - Improving Rich Klns bov.:led triples of /00 or better to 203 and back on top lifted b) a penalh'
Is expected to get the nod at m Tournament Johnny , - . Fullback Bdl scored
quarterback, although Jumor satd, Back m 1948. a day orl THERE" ILL BE NO TELE three Vanderbilt touchdowns
classmate Walley Mahle will al- two before he left for the ABS nsed bowhng programs today d lu ed in a sparkling of.
so work ""th the first unil tournament, he couldn't hit 500 Local fans have been look fennslv/
erformance. aided by
The other Orange backfIeld in a three-game league senes. fng forward to watching the th p of halfback Toby
starters wdl be BIUy Hunter and Then he got that big 119 score clash between the stellar Da\'e Waller
Mike Koski at the halfback In the ABC, came back home southpaws, Syracusan !\larty b ed th f th t h
posts, and burly Jim Nance at and, In his nexl league start, he Piraino and Butralo's NiD An. d
fullback Nance came oU got another 400 sertes" g,elo in tbe Ulica Club New t::
llijured list for last weekend Sl Rutko\\sk.1. the major domo '\ ork State BowllnA: Cham- 0 ened thegscormg With a louch
game With Richmond and gave at the Pohsh Home, doesn't pions Tournament. The In the second quarter and
the Hill squad a real !tfl. burden me m 0 r y com- Ing of the match has been scored a aln in the thtrd and
The Orange depth for the ND
pletely Wit h bowling Items. postponed until nex( Sunday. r th g
Brad made a 3Qyard field goal
Clarke, Howie McCard, Pete hasn't a ca;d that's IS the "king of the
Colmo been played since they took 0111 The matches are set P
Left guard SaleIno, DenniS down the cannon which used ahead one week and Kessle one of the na-
Reilly, John Pagllo to stand in the little park Will face Alex PandoZZI next l on s ea Ing passers, was
Center' Slaby. Conti, Pat Kil- acros from Sacred Heart Sunday In one semIfinal while rushed by the Commodore hne
lorm, Jack von BlschoHshausen. Chufch. two blight slars. Andy PIrainO and had several of hIS passes
Right guard Mazurek, Paul He has an excellent memory and Greg Grtffo, meet in thel" __'_er_ce-'-p_ted
Houle, Joe Duekonskl for 700 triples in the ABC be. other semifinal
InSide tackle, Everhng, Tom cause he notched one of thcse - en In good physical condition.
Wilhelm. Tony Scibelli. big scores himself m the na- TilE NATION'S BOWLERS And undouhtedly he appre
Outside lackle' Meehan, Hen llOnal claSSIC Included amon are JOined In mourning lor Pres elated many olher aspects of
rv Buettner, Dave Archer, Bob other Syracusans to hit 0\ er th; Ident - a man who tbe game - the demonstra-
Ahtchell. 1700 10 the ABC are Ron Van shared their idea of keeping tion of organized units work-
Right end Cnpps. George 111 art e r. the late Bdl Shaul phYSically fIt lng logether for beneficial rea
Falr. Hams Elliott, Walt SofSJ' Andy PlratnO II And Sellln'l When the president talked sons. the good fello"shlp
an Gre Griffo and Joe ',about thiS natIon "becoming a shoun. the notable \\ork of the
Lett halfback Hunter, Charlie li:Uchalked up 705 lrl I t IdoubtedlY he apprecIated thel the millions or bowlers \\ho
Brown, Jack Humphreys, Gus share fourth place In t:e place that the game of bowling operate under Ihe rules of ,
Glardl. . ABC tournament standings for plays In keeping men and wom- fair play.
:oa:. that year
. I ASK E D ffCO:<DfTfONS Only
Ful.baek. BIU Schoon- \\ere more difficult than usual Eb '1 B I' Ce 1 I
over, Ron Oyer. Roger the nattonal profeSSIOnal onl e OW log ner I
. bowlers assoc1ation tournament
Bndgeport Club PlanS1la" weekend at Garden C,ty. can give you 37 years experience.
Turkey Shoot Today First grade Ebonite balls made in
U. S. A. - Drilled while you woit
shoot from 10 a.m to 5 pm There were a lot of "laps" on Reg. 1850
today at the club. Tom Sitnik apparently good s t r ike hIts
club offiCIal, has announced that Some of the entrants seemed to 24.95
"run- Block
d i Satell'te 2195 Plastl'c R,EOOGB'CY 2888
an p ate. Tille shoot, quadl CaiOla had Ihe key to tbe
lock and other events conditions, howe\'er, surpass 541 N. Salina St. GR 1.7693
the club 1
Classic League
AFL Will
Extend Slate
One Week
Amencan Football League,
which postponed Sunday's com..
plete slate of four games, will
extend its !eason one week with
regular season games Sunda)-.
Dec. 22
The extentlon will mean that
the championship game, origi.
nally scherluled for Dec. 22. "'In
be moved bac. A deciSion on the
date Will be made later by
league offiCIals
Jack HOrrlgan, publiCity di-
rector of the league. saId the
league was trying to work out
the problem of rescheduling
Sunday's games, Each club will
make Jts own announcement
Horrigan said the league Will
announced a complele realign-
ment of the schedule Sunday or
Monday. I
It IS pOSSible that some of the
game,; orglnally !cheduled Sun-
day will be played ThanksglVlng
"There are many factors m.
voh'ed." saId HorTlgan. "We
Will announce our rev1<;ed
schedule as soon as pOSSIble:'
Goodyear Service Store
E. Waftr St. and S. Townsend sa.
Open l'tIon. and }'rl. tUl I P.M.
Gas Tank
Matched Sets $3
"We Stop Rust at All Critical Areas"
Tramed competent
Sure-Sealing CompOlInlb
Protect. Your Car from Winter's Ravages with
Floor Pans
of RodIer
Ap'phed lo all crItical pornls on underbody of car:
, $ 95
Salt and Ice will soon
be here to rust your car
Enroll indiyidually, with friends, small clubs or
graups for short leogue season.
For Further Informa.twn Colt HA I-Sill
For the Finest in Bowling
Relax and Hon Fun at-
,,''1) nu t ... A.KD '.1' P.x.
&AT. AND lUX. 1-4 r M.
".Ii SKATI!'fG .UnR
Prelim 5:30 P_'I(.-Broomball Game
of Montreal
GE-"i' AD)f. IUS _ RISlanD IU,
BOX 1!.205 C.II'-' _ PM III.
THE POST-STANDARD, Syracuse, N. Sunday, No.ember 24, 1963 24
Parochial, Seasons Open
Bapfist Seeks VO Defends
3rd Straight Crown in
Parish Title ' City League
Impellizieri and North-Oswego
Bill Hassett Are Open Campaign
Only New Coac Tuesday Night I
St. John the Baptlst. go By GARY VAN DUSEN
ht ti
Although he has lost hIS'
ing for Its third stralg . enllre slarlmg Uneup andf
tie in the Parochial High four reserves, Vocational
School BasketbaU League, coach Ken Huffman IS sllll
is In for a strong run (hIS optImIStic aboul the Vlk
season - which opens Fri ings' chances 8S the curtam
day- if pre-season indica- nears raiSing time in the
ttOns mean anything. CIty High School Basket
Coached by Frank SaWin, the ball League.
Baptists have won two consecu The league opens. Tuesday
tive league championshIps, and when Oswego hosts North at
4 Jast year topped of( a 161 sea 6 45 p.m Four games are
Prepare for Opening Cage Tilt
SIX are back from Vocational basketball coach Ken and Huffman; back row, James C91 clashing in the War Memonal
James Princetan Captain
However. Sacred Heart, which to defend Hs CJty League hIgh school er Wednesday mght. Clty League from last year's varsity, and Doug James, who graduated from Fayetteville.
posted a 13-4 record last year, title. Members of the team WIth Huff gets under \,ay Tuesday mght with ha5 four jUniors, two soph- Manlius last June, was elected honorary captaln
man are, from left, front: Larry Oswego hosting North. of the Prmceton Umverslty freshman football team,
also have several returnees Burke, David Palmetert Dand Kay some, thiS would Indicate a which completed ltS season With a 2-4 record.
aplecl!.. I year of rebunding, but Huff- James, a three-time County League all-star, played
The foor teams are figured as Ch- LIS man sa)'s, "I'm kind of optl- tailback and was called "a fine team leader" by
rop choices for first place. ac lcago oyo a een ml,Uc, The hoys h3\'e looked
cording to Informal opinions of pretty good In practice.." coach Walter McCarthy, shown with him, James
the coaches. The most Ukely contenders is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul James of 817
, There are two new coaches, for the Viking's throne appear Oakwood Drive, Fayetteville. A.....
hoth announcedprevlously. They T C II t Q. to be CBA, Central Tech, Corl
Op 0 egla e ulntet In The __
coach at ;\f05t Holv Rosary. andj NEW YORK (AP) Th R th - . were AII,Clty choices last sta ZI
Frank rmpellizlerl, who takes - - e am-I learn al upset Clncmnati l'llfOr Ihe season opemng Saturday son. Coa('h Frank Cappelletti iH
over at Assumption bl.ers .of Chicago are anlthe NCAA final la"it Mard1. mghL Of the rema,,_. SIX ha"i six olher returnees plus
- Hassett replaces Lou Snow o\er\\helnnng choice to WIn the Ramblers poUed 335 of a pow-fnamed them second, three for memberc; from la'it Hl,dI3 ...
.. who retired, and ImpelJizien national basketball,ble 350 points in Thl' ASSOCiated thjrd. three for fourth pd onl' champIon JV squad ..,1:49
takes o\er in place of the Rev champIOnship for the second Press pre-season poll. for fifth Central ha"i two of its start. "OJ.1 Jvuk
: AU-AmeTica Jerry I, .04 Hunter GrtHo A\ Atn
.. ton. N J ,Harkness missmg from the picked the Ramblers as No 1 Umt:er51ty Violets. \\ho at out only one membl'r of the 1962- .0 R
Each of the league's 10 teamsl and the D Blue &3 squad. and lottmgham has . !!l:t:;r. JJ JJ
w111 play 17 games. Five double- 0 diS BPA Dey,ls for the runner-up spoL experience but lacks height ARE THERE MORE BIRDSldorn the deer or Its KfJ!t:1ll.
headers are scheduled in the ua rang e, tate NYU. Whlch has Its etwo A rundown of these teams: tins year or are there fewer? \'alue as \eruson. aceonhng to ;;
War "lemonal .the first Dec 81 punch of Barry Kram and VOCATIONAL (12.-t)-Trans- Thalls the QU lion partridge a report by Paul Kelsey, senior 10 :4
Pin Tourney the H !
faces Sl Lucy's. Hartack Up ti got two first aDd took Hullman will chose from hold- My figures mdicate that tilerel - J2 71 UT
AU games will be played , Dates LOst d third with 243 points. e, exlovers De\'e Palmeiter. Dave,are more In fact, accordlng to, R.\CCOONS ARE BEING ;; m
" either Friday nigbt or Sunday! I e peeted to be strong d le the Jerry Vmcent and 1my we are still on the1hunted and trapped across the II i;:
afternoon, and the season will WO Ft 'ty. loss of Art Heyman, Clvedll.arry Burke and newcomers!uPswln2 of the cye!e ,slate but few people know howl 27 21
end Feb. 28. Ins uuri The pnze fund for the third three firsts and 224 .lIm Qolhns. Petc 'OW)-j and But. although 1 do dcvote to cook them An extreml'ly
Reportstn fIve of the annual New York State Bowl.1 The Wichita Wirer et'l' 9 fro"h .Joe for hIS much of m)' early season hunt!slmple set of directions camehr1ano 2. "
lolloW,"1 last year's record 109 Proprietors Assoe!auo l"il1t star Dave Sta,ll"ott 1tartlR.!:! l'neup Others all lhe 109 time to partndRe and d01 1n flom an old MaIne gUIde the H
.. Indicated, theY teams Will be BALnMOR E(AP) - At ' JI n'turnlng and favored by lni'1 Include Ed o:en. travel hundred.. o( mIles to send otber d:(y that make lt sound CAPJI 3'0 JJ Ii"'/
presented later thIS week IBIII Htlrtack substituted for WII_ en s andicap Tournament. an dethrone Cmcinnati In the t jor trtlM"fer r rom a load of shot Jusl t",o Inches In ea.<;.ler than opening a can of '-un"".:,rlal Lanel'l
.. BAPTIST (16-1)-Satahn says he Shoemaker on Rokeby event that paid out better than SOUT! Valley Conference Ian SacrC'd Hpart, ,fohn Sands, back of qUIte a few bIrds. r beans. 1- 2 ",. Rwa'Hant 1" R&d
he ''hopes to be in there" He'Stable's Quadrangle and earned $21,000 In prIzes last season, is liIth place with 191 point Rilndy Hall and Bob mo'St certainly couldn't qualtfy :\Her the 'coon IS skinned 1tl 3- 1'1 So.tu" !'rll
expects the league WIll be "well himself $1l,000 by wmrung the expected to ,0 over the $30,000 e1udmg one fIrst-place \ote. Collins and Stroman. bot h al; an expert or even as a com should be soaked overnight in 5- 6- Wli CbI1'ro11t v.. 8th..fu
balanced" this season, W1th any Rich Plmllco Futunty, featured mark next s nn Arizona Stat U. lophs, and JUnior Sands are the plele source saJt alld bakmg soda The ne,;t ';. a- nu 1'. Twin TaN!
one of the tour or five teams event of the only .horse racmg. p g Ohi S 11 talec;t at 61 Here, howe\'er, fs how my day you cut of( all fat, thenI Ruuurant
.. ftnding fJ.rst Returrung are all- eard fn the nation Saturday. J SlX weekends, from May" to and
CBA (11-3) _ SparJ..lllug Russ partridge diary for the past. Wipe dry, stull and roast as you
" star JIm Satalin (6-2), Ken Ft The $110,01250 frrst prize was une 14, have been set aSIde egon a e roun ou - S-7, and 6-0 sharpshoot. three rears stacks up, wouJd a turkey. -
=low (6-3), F ran k Panlo, Joe the third highest in the race for the thiS season. re-season Top Ten in that or er Bob Bregard are the key rl:!- In 1961 by November 25 I had _ fJOn""1"19,
Mulhenn, Bob Passarelli and 2.yearolds, fIrst run In 1921. e. team event .,ill be held at er. rnees Cusano. a b rill I ant hunted 72 mdes and had flushed CLUB NEWS q,: T%.
Al Branca. Up from the JV: Hartack collected 10 per cent One1da Recreahon, Oneula, The Arizona State Sun Devf1a floor leader, made the AU,Cltyl140 partridge. Th1S a\'erages FayeUeville-Manbus Rod and ;:;,0:- C'IIf'5 PI"S
Jim Grooms. RIch Riccelli, Paul Quadrangle, whose best prev- hWILh doubles and Singles at MOo We t favored Ito romp In first team last season Brcaard out to 1 9 bIrds per mile. IG u n CI u b holds Its November /? .. AWNC>6
Byrnes, Dave K 0 n d r a, Joe lOUS shOWIng was second In the awk Lanes, Rome. both estab- es ern Ath ellc Conference ade the Sl'cond are'l _ thIS Wednesdav In the -J T1IOPMlD PI,AQC,IU
Mathews, Joe Englehardt. Jim Mayflower Stakes at SuttolktliShments of the OhiO State and Michigan are co- lard a\'Cr3e-ed IS 1. CU5ano 12" L'W 1962 B1' NOVE'lBER 25 Whetstone Road clubhouse. ...,
O'Brien Jerry Wallace 1S the won over Mrs John W. Mohawk Valley. Bowhng Pro_.tavorltes In the Big Ten. Keq.. CapprUrtti will all>o rely on <;en I had co-.:ered 755 mIles of part- hu!\. Ftlms WIll be meludt!d m C I
only new player Hanes Breakspar before ajPTletors AssoCiallon. llucky Is expected to bounce Inr!> Ralph DepPI<;o Rendy. fc. Tld2e co\'er and had put out 205 the program. or Sorensen
EVANGELIST (107) - Four cro\\d of 14.318. fn addition to regular cash back from a sad seac;on and be E1rath. ,John DeFrancl';co Jim birds. ThiS' \\as 27 per mJe. kaneateles Rod and Gun Club L. G. Balfour Co.
sophomores and one senior form The cro\\d was about be prizes for the \\mnmg handi. a contender 10 the Soulhradl'tn Mac a II a ir and Joe Smith and This season. up through No\ has set Dec. 7 as thl' date ci thej .. P 0 Bltl.
the probable starung team for low nonnal, but It was raining cap and scratch teams. the Conference.. and Oregon Stale Is junior Kevin Harm'an. up from I ha\e shufflcd lhro:JGh an orgamzation's Annual Smoker. !. CreDM
coach Bob Felasko. who says m addition to the pall cast on New York State Bowling Pro.lrated the top indepl'ndent on the JV, to watch are e\en SO mtles of briars. thorn. __
he hopes for a good record, but sports by the death of PresIdent prietors Association WIll span. the PaCifIC Coast !selor holdo\er Cal Fallon. and apple and other partldge tern
figures this IS a "butldlng year" Kennedy lsor them In tldO nauonal cham. Gl.II's from Cor u-]ayvee jUnior!> Terry O'BTlen lory and have routed out 160.
Tom Downey, counted on as a returned $8 40, $4 plonshlp tourneys. The win- gamed the :\0 10 slot Marty Domres, Tom Niland, 6.5 blT(is This ads up to an average
leader, broke his leg early mand $3.60 m beating 1.3 other mng team on a handicap basis With 40 pomts just l'nough to Bill Mastlne and l\Uke 0 wen s of 3.2 partridge per mile..
practice, and will not be ready slarters, . patd $3.80 wiU Vle for the f1,500 first pnze edge UCLA,. With 38. and Kan Cappallettl say s the Brothers The total
at least until early January. and P.8? while Mrs. Manon R. in the BPAA National ... Team sas Sta.te, WIth sa North Caro- would "like to try and improve this season IS reduced becauseI
Rich Como. a senior, will start Frankel. Bupers returned $4 Randleap ChampionsbJn at lina, WIth U, and San Francis- last year's record" the drought elimmated almost
along with 50phs John Zyek, AI tor show. Wichita, Itan.. next with 33, also were In contea. CE NT R AL TECH (105)- aU of my October hunting. But
Denti, Bill Jackson snd While Plmlico conducted tts the Winning scratch com. tion tor the last spot in the ToPIMalnstSys of last season's play. that IS when the panndge are
Murphy. Others on the varsIty regular mna-race card Satur- bme wm compete for the $2.000 Ten_ orr champs figure to be a quar even more numerous so, con.
John l.lichelis, N1ck Purcell, Joelday, 1t be closed Monday top award In the BPAA Na. VIC Rouse. Les Runter. John tet of seniors-&-3 Bill Noel. 6-4 ceivably. U I had hunled more
Russo. Mark Adam s, Tom when PreSIdent Kennedy 15 to be Team Match Game Cham. Egan and Ron Miller are the Andy Dobreskl. 5-9 Tom LeWlS in OClober that blrds.per-mile
O'Shea. buned plonshtp )!l Delrolt, Mlch, in lour returning regular!> on and $-10 Bob Dobreski. Noel, a figure could be even hIgher.
ROSARY (g.8)-Hassett says C' B I- December. 1964 Coach George Ireland's cham.lsecondteam AllClty me m b e r How do your figures add Up7
he's "satisfied With the progress lty OW Ing Entry blanks have been diS plonshlp Losola club It wasllast season. was second In scor- -
so far,'" and that the players trtbuted throughout the state Rouse who tossed In the Win' ing for the Techmen With an 11.7 DUCK HUNTIN G JlOt;RS.
are "sick of bemg the doormats and may be secured at any mng basketball 10 overtime laSlla\,erage. and IS con sis ten t1y from sunrise until sunset, for
of the league-elght years With Loop Averages member estabhshment or by March in the Ramblers' comt' strong oll the boards Dobres the next several days are as
out gaining the playoffs" John wntmg to Geor,l!e Burton. Exe- from-behind 60-58 title victory ki hit 11 3 points a game even follows
(JJ) Maher, ca p ta In, leads cutlVe DIrector, New York Slate o\er Cincmnati though ineligtble the flrsl half of Toda;y. 7'08 a m until . 35
seven returnees. Others' Van Wle 1, AeV1 BPA, Po!>t Ollice Box Lath- Loyola was the hlghl'st scor the season Coach Ed Lukens P Dl. Monday. 7 09 a m until
Schmidt, Jerry Pollack (6,2). Twin Trees .Rest. 25 8lIJ am. N.V mg collegIate team with an avo likes the looks of new co m e rs 4 34 pm' Tuesda) 7 11 am
Tom Murphy, John Lazarski, ..::' 1t mReservatIons may be made erage of 918 pomts per game Blil SWift, Ed Bullard and John untJl 434 pm 'Wednesday
Jim Kanaley, Pat Maroun Noel .. :::: R nl until March 10 and entries close whde comPIling a 292 record \yagner and may c h 0 os e hiS 7 12 a muntil 4'33 pm: ThUlS:1
Byrne, a 6,2 sophomore, 15 up :.:: ,I,: mon April 10 There Will be fl\'e The Ramblers play their fmit fifth man from am 0 n g them. day. 7'13 a m until 4 33 pm,
:'. = 2 against Friday, 7 14 a untIl 4 32 p m
Dolan Others' Jun Phelan, Phil If;: mday and Sunday between May For comparison purposes Vince Stefanski. and Mike Par- A NICE FLIGHT OF DUCK
CharleboiS, John PatrIck, Gary M 9 and June 14. The event IS here's the final Associated Milo, ChriS NadJul. John Miller, stamps has come In from WII'I
O'Malley. tl88 sanet}oned by thE: American Press poll for last season I, Steve Spaulding and Jim Mc- ham Little and Albert J
SACRED HEART 034) - VI.fI Will. Bowlmg Congress and also has Cmcmnatl 2, Duke. 3. Loyola 4, Cann Doughty, Syracuse.
Coach Adam MarkowskI reo t11 BPAA Tournament Approval. Atizona State 5 Wlchlta 6 CORTLAND (68)-The Tigers _
ports, "If we get gOing, we'U Padu lIIissisSIPPI State '7 OhiO State' should Impro\'e on last year's SKJN TUMORS ON DEER
Parish Coaches 8, nhnols 9, NYU. 10, Colorado' are fairly common but are sel
to "get gOlOg" With is five start- 'nIll WI ie&.SOn Too 10 .11b r1r,t Ille.ce mtact. A pair of 66 sk)scrap.
ers. three of whom were all Meeting Reset ers. John Gee and Gary Kuhn. BRUCE FRUIT FARM
star chOices Jody Markowski I 2!l2 Pn and 61 JIm Lathrop. 511 John Rte. ll-A, 1 7\11 or C:l.rdlrf
and Len Banach are the "small" The Parochial Lea ue h':z. 1$-! Conlento and 510 AJ Andreheadl OPEN FOR BUSINESS
men at 511 and 6 feet Mar rules Jnter r t ' g coae es t . . thIS delegatIon Gee led the On Our Front Porch
kowskI was a first team allstar stpo d F
de ation ht .. '" ill TIgers In sconng tn 6263 With for Winter Months
ne i- . ".:...:: Apples and Cobbage
Roberts. USED SNOW ST. VINCENT'S (l52)-Coach Now Being Formed for Beginning Bowlers TIRES
John Dobberlm figures his club
will be "on the road every MONOAY 1 p, M, - FRIOAY 10 A, M,
game" Since Its home games
WIll be played at Nottingham
rather than the minute Vees'
young coach thinks. AlIstar Bob MATCD'E11 I
Hughes and co-captains Ton y DIner n SOl\'A}

Hurder and Mike Kawa John 'II<tIl1Uer Fllel. n Van Wle
Gannon returns to the varsity. Rut. n. lndUll-
::N:. T1rtro ft.
BJU Shaw, Rocco LUClano and UQUOt' I'lII ee.
Tom Smith. De14 .. M.lI1 Ar.- FREE PARKING! I"' -,!
15 Minutes to Downtown
left on Kilm8, follow aigna.
4636032 For Appt. 446-2475
Owned and Managed by
G. &W. Builders
Large Private Terraces
Carpeted Stairway.
Panelled Halls
Many Bldgs. lor A.dults Only
THE POSTSTANDARD, Syracuse, N. Y. Sunday, November 24, 1963 27

One, Two-Bedroom Apts.
+ PLUS +
v Swimming Pool, Cobonas
v Tennis Courts, Separate Children's
v Zoned Heat Control, Barbecue Area
v Shrubbed Parks. Paved Streets and
Curbed Sidewalks
v Ideal Landscaping, Babysitting Available
v Recreation, Meeting Rooms in Each Bldg.
ideal menu and
atmosphere for
entertaining 4
efficient catering
and room service.
'The Garden Rooml
and lounge offer
J1- F"mfu.
,_.. ..- ou. lobby to the
dream apartments
with private ter-
race and garden
all the be st
comIorts of re si-
dential apartment
living at mod..
erate rental.
Courteous door-
men, garage
attendants and
se rvice t commis.
sary, beauty
salon, maid-valet,
" many others.
Come in or call 47Z-9187. 989 JAMES
New Roads ana Apartments Suit All Needs
Garden Apartments
Franklin Park, a new in garden
apartments in Syracuse is designed to meet
both he needs of country living and conven
ient access to advantages of city comfort.
Owned by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wiesner, the
one and twobedroom apartments are cre-
ated for those who seek a comfortable area
and are designed for privacy, simpLic!ty,
and convenience. The resident will find
complete hallway carpeting and paneling,
barbeque areas and a park beautifully
shrubbed. A large swimming pool and tennis
court will be available for tenants and a
smaller private pool and playground for
Apartment Life
T TT Syracuse is a Changing/of the city like throbbing living habits. This growth town area. The new traf.\apartments on the fringe ofl The Syracusan, ChooSingldiUm and highrise build-
.IS nanntneSs city. The new lnterstateve.ins reform the musculalsrefiecledlatheupsurgeoffic artprles have made itthe city with all the ad-from a wide assortment ofings can find one to suit
:rr highway and ths ThrUwaYlture of S)racuse. I t possible to build gracious vantages of suburbia. apartments in small. me- every need.
Happiness is living in an the children are darting out from the heart As the city changes. so do
of freedom from I:
, . for "back to apartment
responsibility of unexpected pen.ive and moce conveni Manager sJob Important Post To many .tha con
rep81rs, snow removal andjent. I- vemence of a locatlon close
financial uncertainty over dwellers are "Apartment bu i I din g tenants satisfied. keep the to downtown offlces, thea.!
next year's .. all ages and have management" is receiving pacified and, in ters and stores is highly de'l
Apartmen. Imng IS IdealfvarlOus mterests but theY greater emphasis than ever many cases, keep the owner sirable. ThIs has resulted
for busy p:ople who enjoy all choose an apartment for before. The man or learn of gratiried. In an increase in the nurn.
spo.rts. mUSIC, conver the sa1?e reasons-c01?fort, people in charge or manage To be a good apartment bel' of apartment buildings
satlon a.nd good hvmg. relaxation and convemence. ment are responsible for the building manager, the indio being erected close to the
Vacatlons for ap.artment welfare of the apartment vidual must be ore of those downtown area where stalely
dwellers are relaXing be dweller. exceptional people who canl homes once &lood.
cause they lknow they do Compact Their job is to keep the get along with all kinds of Yet apartment living is
building occupied, keep the people. not restricted to the down
life to the fullest. LIY. n9
Career girls moving to a
Compact Hving and can
life perfect. There is no venience are the essence of
house to clean and the Ii apartment dwelUng. Apart.
nancial burden is at a mini ments are comfortable, with
with jobs that in. welllighted. airy rooms.
valve frequent transfers find and other com-
apartments provide security mumtles have moder.n.
and community life for their heated and wellmalntalned
families. apartment houses. most of
Alter the happy honey- them with excellent parking
moon days are over, newly- facilities. .
weds usually return to an Most apartment bulldmgs
apartment for the early are only a few steps from
years of their married life. bus stops so they are minutes
Heat, appliances, lauQdry away from the downtown
equipment and sometimes business section for shopping.
garages and picnic areas To apartment dwellers, Iiv
provide convenience and ing in these buildings means
pleasure. , more recreation'}! time, more
They also save the down leisure, more time just for
payment for their future sitting and relaxing.
home in which to raise their One apartment d well e r
families. Apartment living summed it up nicely when
-also means Ihe beginning of he said:
new friends. such as the "Apartment living can be
couple nert door. fun."
1217 N, Salina OR '2349
Robert J. aan.. k. JobD r.o....
104 Fordham Road
HO 3-6161
l"ON'!:RAL SE'!'lvra
80 ,nllt S SaUna St 80
8$2 WEST ST.
PRONK ns-Sl&

21fH SOuth sa.U"a SL OR IIUt
.500 W. 1St OR '-.5101
Garfield Funeral Home, Inc.
Rlcil.aTd M
us Wnteotl S-t OR 0I_S..541
Giminski Funeral Home
1320 W. OEl'o"ESEE ST. RA 2-M187
Greenleaf Funeral Home
50l w ONOl\"l:>AOA I5T
R. R JR.. uc MQR.
lOl CoUH at. RA 2:t:iJ.
&1I!iI. Stale Sl. HA2_24l1
Schumacher-Whelan Bros.
Jell W Otlondua OR &.113'7
llroll W. Genesee at.. HO essu
Welter Funeral Home
Services ror Norbert J. Fink
ler will take place at !I a.m
tomorrow at the .family hOI:le.
1 Onondaga SL, Tully. and at
9:30 am. in Leo's Church. G
'Tully_ Burial will be in St.

..s Cemetery. DeWitt.

Active bearers will be Donald
Roth, Royce Riehlman. Lee
McDowell. Edward WorUey,
Bruce Barlholomew and Rich
ard Woods.
to the Late President
So That Our Employes
WI"'"II 'OloeASf
;0.- _ .. .MO.
Wd:j ....
!t! mUll" UII. 01 SLUT
From 12 Noon 'til 2:00 P.M.
the Following Banks Will Be
Suoday willfjnd
parts of the Appala-
r Southern Florida and
. ic Northwest. Coider
the East and West
(UPI Telephoto Map)
of Central New York
May Attend Services in Respect
and TRUST Co.
City Thundered--
scattered snow fiurri
chlans, with sbowers
over sections of the
weather Is In store f
Services for PRIG The East Syracuse Chapter of
(Concluded from Page 17) Democratic candidate for Con- OFF. 66, a former Syracuse !.he National Honor Society will
gress. resident, were Thursday in Chat. hold its annual induction cere
former Vice President Richard Wilson introduced Johnson as tanooga. Tenn. mony at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at
M. High School
for stnpped. of" the south. and talks the tanooga 40 years ago, died Wed. _ __
"convictions of a llletime IR way to all races and all relig- nesday at his home, 4229 Bell. DEATHS
the historic Nixon midnight ions." . voir D,:,ive. BOEHM 7
meeting with New York Gov party st<lyed here RabbI Renov and Can- l;d,..t.rd
Nelson A. Rockefeller be-
fore RepubUcan National took of[ the next day for Texas Bryan Funeral Horne. Burial
ConventIOn opened In 1980.. to join the late President Ken was in B'nai Zion Cemetery
.. caught NL\:on nedy in a last drive for Texas Chattanooga. "
With .hls planks down, . John votes in the 1960 presidential Mr. Prigoff was a member of
son qUIpped. If an inezReJ1enced election. Mount Sinal MasonJc Lodge in COLWAY
coUld Syracuse. Bertha B. Col
to .flIp nOp 18G &lagrees Surviving are his wife, Mrs.
In 2 P tform Unitarians Plan Sarah S. Prigof[; two sons, Mrs: Rleblrd
conference,. what would .Khru Earl Prigoff of Chattanooga and
shchev do If he ..h1m m the M t' T d Robert Prigof[ of Chicago; a
kitchen all day. Johnson ee In9 0 oy daughter, Mrs. Morris Kress of
a;;ked. Loved Lad,. Bini . The adult foru..m of May Me-
The crowd Bird, morial Unitarian Church wi 1Prigo[f, aU of Syracuse; a sis-
now the nation s fi.rj& lady. meet at 10 a.m. today at Ever- ter. Miss . Dorothy Prigoff of
The)' chanted repeatedJflorhher son to discuss " A Syracuse; and fj\e grandcbild-
to step up to the miCiOp one .. . ",ren. DOBROWOLSKI
and speak, and she finally Memonal Society for Syracuse. I _
obligated while LBJ 'beamed Members of such societiesI Se vices for !IIRS. RHENA
proudly. She spoke brijOY and Ithaca and Rochester will 83 who died Friday in
aas ;>articip.ate, as wlU a Tappan S.t., Bald
his Syracuse speech by4erome leral director. The public IS In- wIRsvllle. WIll be at 8.30 a.m.
M. (J err y) Wi Iso Do ... then vited.
winsvillc. and at 9 a.m. in 51. J
A Phoenix native, Mrs. Cron
in lived in the BaldwinsvillE
area 46 years. She was a com-
municant of 5t. Mary's Church.
Surviving are several nieces
and nephews.
Friends may call from 2 to 4
and 7 to 9 p.m. today at the
funeral h"mc.
terday bad nof decided on clos- tional Day of Mourning for his l\IRS. ET":EL Y
iog tomorrow and the Turnstedl predecessor. of 165 Ave; died . "
DiviSion of General Motors will Three of Syracuse' fOUf col- terday In St.. Joseph 5 HOspItal Rerpresentahves of memon
close for the day at noon. leges and universities have sus- ftef long Illness. . societies in Rochester and Utic
C(\ m rn elf cia 1 Bdvertiz-- pended classes and meetings A Binghamton native, she hv- and a local undertaker wi
Commercial advertizments fo rthe day, Syracuse University ed her,e .33 years. speak at 10 a.m. today at th
placed by the large retail down- will sl/.spend classes f!om 11 are a daughter, Everson Museum, N. State an
town stores have been with a.m. to 2 p.m. Mrs. Wilham a broth James Streets, to penions il
drawn for today and throj.lgh Two insurance companies have er, Go!"don and two lerested in forming an are
tomorrow morning. announced closings. They are memorial society.
Retail e-nd management oHi- Aetna Casualty and Surety and S:rvlces Will be at 11 a.m. to- The meeting is sponsored b.
cials yesterday expected a large Aetna Life ,and Hartford Insur mOlrOW at the Goddard & Cran First Universalist Church. Mem
number of other companies also ance Co. dal Funeral Home, 3D1 bers of other denominations arc
to close tomorrow. They agreed All union barber shops in Rev. ':Ierher.t Loom!s invi.ed to altend.
the trend was given added im- Syracuse will be closed until 2 offiCiating. Burial will be m :Memorial societies are or
petus by the proclamation by p.m. Cemetery. ganized to furnish simple bu.
Fnends may call from 2 to 4 dignified burials for members.
and no 9 p.m. today at the fu.
neral home.
assigned to observe the intersection
daily for traffic violators and to de
termine the need for a gua;rd.
However, the chief tells us the re-
quest for crossing guards is always
in'excess of the number provided for
In the police budget. Therefore, the
guards available must be assigned
on the the basis of the greatest need.

* * * Dear John:
We bave a condition at 923 and 929
W. Belden Ave. wbere tbe water
stands In tbe street four or five incbes
\ deep usually aU summer and some
limes It smells bad. In freezing
weatber. when cars drive througb,
water is thrown on the sidewalk and
Ice causes danger to pedestrians.
We tblnk that a new cateb basin
would be l!!e answer to tbe problem.
Mr. and Mrs. E. P., Syracuse.
Dear Mr. and Mrs. E.P.:
We have transfened your request
for a new basin to the public 'works
commissioner's office for action.
Got problem, Need help'
Jut kU JOb .. HI.I eolWlUl appean
each Tbunday ind Sunday In The POI\-
A rrtpe or an,. lel"ltlmal4l request tor
uststance will be welcome. JUlt write
to John. care of The Post-Slandard. Syra.-
case. N.Y. He'll ret the aoawer for you
and publish It in column, "Just Tell
Fall name and address mlllt be iII-
e1aded in your letter as evidence of ,004
faith. but will be wlthhe.ld It you request IL
," ,
Dear John:
We bave a place of business ap
proximately two blocks nortb of a
drive-In restaurant located in the
Valley Plaza Sbopping Center. Tbe
kids especially will just about bave
finisbed their mjJk sbakes by tbe time
tbey walk by our localion and dis
card their paper cups and straws,
ele., on our sidewalk and property.
Could a cityowned rnbblsb can be
placed at the curb In our area? Also
I am wondering about the police
prowl cars arresting a few of tbe of-
fenders for littering.
S.T.H., Syracuse.
Dear S.T.H.:
Public Works Commissioner Ray
Dodge is checking on your request for
a rubbish can.
Police either warn litterbugs when
they see them, or issue pink tickets
for fines up to $50.
* * * Dear John:
How can we get a crossing guard
at the intersection of Fayette Street
and Seeley Road? I bave personally
been there at 8 a.m. and found it
virtually impossible to cross witbout
the assistance of a guard.
}I.... R.E.P., Syracuse.
Dear Mrs. R.E.P.:
We took this matter up. with Police
Chief Patrick V. Murphy. He in
formed us that the matter had al
ready been brought to his attenlion
The chief said an officer has been
Memorial Services--
26 THE
Pink-Ticketed Kids
,Won't Litter Area
* * * Dear Jobn:
The block of Craddock Street run
n1ng from G1euwood to Elmwood
Avenues bas a bad curve In It .
I defy you or anyone else to walk
this block after dark. The sidewalk
runs only on one side . . . needs rea
pair . there are absolutely no
ligbts. A person could be rapped on
the bead at 7:30 p.m. and not be dis
covered until morning.
K.C.G. Sr., Syracuse.
Dear K.C.G. Sr.:
D e put y Transportation Commls
sioner Lionel Marquisee told us he
will check that block to see If ligbts
are warranted. Tbe Public Works
Department said no sidewalk
can be made until spring. wben they
will be the responsibility of properly
(Concluded from Page 17) ervice of the Episcopal Church Episcopal chaplain, assisted by
It Syracuse University and he Rev. Walter N. Welsh, Grace
Bartlett. pastor, Grace Episcopal Church at noon 'ector. _
tomorrow at Grace Church. 8UI A memorial service for 811
A requiem Eucharist will be Madison St. Celebrant will be Protestant churches In the Eas
offered at a joint memorial the Rev. Robert C. Ayers, SU SyracuseMlnoa School Dlstrlc
------''----------------1pill be conducted at 7:30 p.m.
tomorrow in MINOA METl!OD
T R d
. G rST CHURCH. The Rev. Wi]
ax e uctlons Iven
Syracuse, will give the
T 7 P t 0
Prayer will be offered
o roper y wners Rev. Paul de Meum pa.tor
of North Manhus Federated
Corporation Counsel Stewart Rudolph Bros. Inc., 432448 S. min-
F. Hancock Jr. yesterday an- Salina St., a reduction of $53, _
nounced settlements in seven 600, from $412,000 to $358,400, a A Syracuse University mem-
more certiorari actions brought reduction of 13 per cent. orial service will be. conducted
by property Estate of David Alper, 201203
owners a?-amst the City of Syra N. Salina and Charles C. Noble presiding.
tax assessment re- Store). was granted a reduction Participating will be the. Rev.
The settlements agreed on by $2,000, from $25,625 to $23,-
625, a reduction of 7.80 per cent. Bigler. .
rolls. The Council on Tuesdayl
will be asked to approve the set_I:-1
At present. the city has set-.
tIed approximately 65 of -the
original 103 actions instituted
against It. It is continuing nego- :.
tiations In others.' .
Percentages of reductions
range from 7.8 per cent to 13 :.
'PIr cent.
Addis Co., 447 S. SaUna Str, ..
was granted a reduction of $31,-
500. from an assessment of
$393,300 to $361,800, for a reduc-
Uon of 8 per cent; Addis Co.,
449-453 S. Salina St., a reduction
of $32,900. from I $411,800 to f
$378,900, a reduction of 7.99 per
cent, and Addis Co., 155 E. On :-.
ondaga St. a reduction of $6,-
800, from $85,000 to $78.200, a
reduction of 8 per cent.
Estate of Edith L. Betts, 334
S. Salina St. (Wells & Caverly, .
tenant), was granted a reduc..
tion of from $490,100 to
for a reduction of 8 per :. Contact Our Circulation Department
Flah at Co., 415-421 S. Salina By Mail or Phone Syracuse HA 2-1431 MonnmeDts
St.. a reduction of $38.300, from :'. , swur WOODS Io!BKORtlL CV
a reducuonl .."'_[liklilf:i.. .."'iOil!'l.'.. ..
It's the
maid ,;ervice
all utilities
linens 8uppiied
no'lease required
In the Heart
of the city
Washers and dryers pose
no problem for the apart-
ment dweller. She does not
have to worry about ex.
pense and upkeep 8S the
machines are usually on the
premises and at her db.
, ,
Sundoy,-1 P,M, to 9 P:M.
Mrs. "Dee" La Parte, Res. Mg,.
Rental Office Open Doily
8 A.M, to 9 P.M,
PHONE GR 4-3773
'of ct:i 1v.wk...

THE POST-STANDARD, Sunday, November 24, 1963
Most Beautiful
Luxury Apartment House
To those people who demand the ultimate in apartment living ... who in.
sist on added comfort and convenience .. and a prestige address The
Towers Apartment was especially designed for you.
123Bedroom Apts. All With Outside Terrrces
Spacious Apts. Health and Pool Club
One and two Baths Unifonned Doorman
Walkin Closets Ree3 Phannacy
Individual Rm. Temp. Control Towers Hair Fashions
24-Hour Reception Desk Meltzer's Sandwich Shop
24-Hour Garage Service
Elegantly Appointed
Designed for Your Comfort, Convenience
An Address of Distinction. , , 770 James St.
o. \
600 James St.
This Is Really
Phone Serivce
476 N. SALINA ST. HA 2111 I
Open 6-8 Weekdoy,-Open 26
2900 block Erie Blvd., E.), c
block -apartment on right Or call
HA 21111 days or 4460978 _JJings.
( , .
Towers Presents Image
Of CouR_try Club Life
It is like Country Club liv The lobby has Vermont blue around the clock. A te1,ephone
ing in the middle of a metro- and gray slate floor. Ameri- answering service recei
polilan city Towers out.
Apartment bUlldmg at 'Z70 tor fQyers feature burnished The garage. two subterra.
summerlike conditions while is sustained by
winter winds howl outdoors. The a heated swimming pool Trained maids are avail a- and a uniformed doorman
bubble is held down by 100 sun terrace apd cabanas ble for domestic service, A lends patrons a helping
anchors around its base and is the second li"oor of the res- maintenance crew is busy hand.
d b
. taurant wing and reflected r
supporte yaIr p.r_e_s_su_r_e ,from its fountain garden on
the lobby level to its highest S " f" ld G d
"\ ", ho,i,on tmace on the 15th prmg Ie ar ens
'"'" manager Largest Development
'L'sa (Dee) Is BI"g Development
Springfield Gardens, in the Town of DeWitt
The Towers is the 0 n I y and overlooking Syracuse, is one of the
One of the largest. multi erated, and lItjrs. Rich- largest multiple developments in the area.
swim'ming pool. pie m the The building 310 apartments
Further contributing to the area IS Spnngheld Gardens; 1952. Salt Springs and Le- with th:cee, four or five rooms each.
Towers Apartments is a pri- across from Le Moyne Col Moyne College buses leave Onondaga St., E.
vate club for the resldenls of lege overlooking Syracuse. for downtown Syracuse. and lion of suburban livmg Wlth\Ples - at Warren
the Towers and the Skyhne The 310 apartments have school buses pick up children all city convemences Sprmg- Many young profeSSionals, Syracuse
he arts-audlto,num wJiI be three, four and five rooms at the door. Shoppmg centers field IS attractive to two types phYSICians, lawyers. teachers GR 1-8396
Imlted to a number of ou1- are only mmutes away of families couples wit hand engmeers live at Sprmg-
locally owned and op ThiS IS a perfect combma :;mall chlld;en and older cou field
conjunction wi1h beauty sa-
lon facilities.
Also. a wining and dining
area, adjacent to pool, tel'
race, and locker rooms, will
soon be open to the residents
and general public. LOUISVILLE.
ing home from Cumberland
meetings and parties of var- Falls, Mrs. John D.
ied dimensions and purposes. noticed a sepdacular diS-
Colorful wallpaper, tasteful play of big red flowers, like
furnishings an ape I I a poppies, in a farmer's yard.
door are combmed. . Mrs. Stengel, president of
a garden club, decided
ther Jame:; or the hills!o the to fmd out what they were.
south. Closets have alumi Her call had to go through
numwhite louvered doors; Lexington but there
kitchens are appointed with delay in completing the con-
pastel appliances (Freezer, nection.
top burners, built in ovens, While waiting she men-
dish washers and disposats). tioned the nature of the call
There are laundry facilities to the operator who volun-
on every residential floor. teered this information:
Carpeting covers the residen "Forget it. The flowers
tial corridors. are artificial."
. !
Plastic Bubble for Pool
This 2,500-pound plastic bubble,
left, was installed over the new
swimming pool and terrace of
the Thunderbird Club at the
Towers Apartments and offers
Luxury Unit
Offers Fine
Area View
garden apartments, inc.
PHONE 446-6140
Springfield Road
Carefree Living
at a price you Can Afford
OneTwo-ThreeBedroom Apartment_Heated
That is why our 310 Apartments ore always in
demand by friends and relatives of .our former
A Very Friendly Place to Live
Weare proud of ou-r reputation
James Apartments
R. N. Groves Co. Inc. manages the James
Apartments, 600 James Sf. The management GRANT VILLAGE
function of the company has been kept small
in order to give personal attention to prop :P?n
erty and tenants.
utu do.nto...n.) C1lt!1! to ICr.OOIl.
COOL CLEANUP Ivacuum cleaner and remove ehutcllu; withIn valkln. dl.ltanu
I Warm weather puts quite the dust and dirt that accu
. . mulates on the condenser. t P.M:. til 4P.M.
load on the family refng- This is the unit n ear the HO 3-5900
something ORANTI AREA
'.. y",V
A colorful view of Central .-<.
New York's countryside Is Jj>'.
available to visitors and ten- .A(;
ants at the Imperial Gardens
on upper James Street.
Built in 1960, the 116- .<fA;;."
apartment showplace has !r1d
11 stories and rooftop pent- ".
house. Each unit opens to a r-r
private terrace through f;z.1
, sliding glass doors. Kitch
are full)' electrical with
built-in ovens and ranges,
electric dishwashers, dis
posals and combination re-
Guest room facilities are
Swank Showplace
shop, commissary and res- Imperial Gardens on upper James Street
offer a colorful view of Central New York
and lounge offers fine cui- to all tenants and visitors. The ll-story
sine and atmosphere for apattment building was built in 1960 and has
tenants and their guests. 116 apartments. Each unit opens to a pri-
vale terrace through sliding glass -doors and
man, parking attendants, ser:vices are provided by a uniformed door-
maids and valets. man, parking- attendants. maids and valets.
__ .! _ .1 _
753 James
Mrs. Cox: Rental Director
Rental Office Open Daily
8 A.M, to 9 P,M,
Sundoy 1 P,M. to 9 P,M.
Handsomely furnished and
remodeled apartments. Cor_
ridor carpeting. Paint
brightening inside and out.
New luxury for the lobby.
Featuring large kitchens
Excellem transportation
Close to shopping and Schocls
Playgrounds-Laundry Facilities
hy 2-0230
Bus Benefits, Maid,
Laundry Facilities,
228--0n and Two-Bedroom Heated Apartments
Furnished or Unfurnished
Very Reasonable Rents
Coloniol Style Exterior-Spacious Lawns. In most
desirable South Side location. Designed to give you
the feeling of living in a single home - with
Apartment Convemences.
Every facet of City Living_
for residents of The Skyline.
The Skyline Lounge and ThIu:'
Bar ... Lincoln Bank ...
Skyline Food Market _. , Sky-
line Beauty Salon ... Diane
Jewelers ... Swan Cleaners ...
Skyline Barber Shop", Doc-
tors (M,D, and D,D,S,),.,
Business offices
1/1111 liIIIl
111 bridget circle
I onondaga garden
1I1I1I apartments
Skyline Residents Are
Cordially Invited to Join the
Thunderbird Club
Cosmopolitan Luxury Living
in the Heart of Uptown Syracuse
High above the city's heart-
beat. residents of The Skyline
are very much at hom e in
apartments designed for in-
dividual expression: The
two bedrooms and one bath ...
one bedroom and complete
kitchen.,. one bedroom and
puUman kitchen ... and studio
200 Dr.
orr W. Genf'see
&105 )ronth
Jlodern 3 Room.
Full 8at.h5
Comblnl\tlon Stove
and ne(ril::erator
Malcolm A.
DeWitt Heights Glitter
DeWitt Heights Apattments glitter with a
modern touch throughout as they show a
new concept in apartment living. These
apartments, located near LeMoyne College,
are designed for one or two adults, The
II)odel is open from 5 to 9 p,m. weekdays
and from 2 to 6 p,m, weekends.
The company . ,
At the Sutton Company, our representative who
gives you apartment and management advice does
not work alone. He or she is part of a team. Daily
meetings with management and supervisory per.
sonnel provide them with up-tothe-minute infor-
mation on apartment opportunities.
Sutton Management provides 45 years of expe.
rience. Knowledge of the market and careful
planning of income and expenses assures owner
of successful projects.
Cente.nnial Gardens Willowbrook Garaen!
Sunnycrest Gardens University Gardens
Belvedere Apartments Oak Lin Gardens
Tallman Apartmenh Pork Side Gardens
Westcott House Georgetown Apartments
Foil Haven (Ithaca)
Loew Bldg, Phono HA 2-3111
THE POST-STANDARD, Syracuse, N. Y, Sunday, November 24, 1963 28
A brand new home of your own with no mainten-
ance problems! Each unit has an extra large living
r<?Om with window wall.. dream
kitchen, first floor powder room} master bedroom
plus a second bedroom and ceramIC tile bath up; an
abundance ot closets and a full basement of your
own. Why don't YOU Ilee them today! -
Only Five Left-Immediate Possession
out fJLrmount to Ras-
This is tbe Centennial' Gardens by Sutton,
one of the many garden and luxury apart-
ments managed by the Sutton Co. The com-
pany also manages downtown office build-
ingsl a parking garage and industrial and
warehouse property.
2 and 3 Bedrooms-Powder Room
An fde.a1 tor Elect,ronlcs ?ark personnel and

room or hobby shop.
Drive out to Village, turn J'ight
In 30th Year
117 Montgomery St.
Sutton Is Marking
30th Year in City
_L,__ ..._..... _.......... ._
Marking its 30th year of ton Management Division are
business in Syracuse is the trained to provide manYI
Malcolm A. Sutton Co., a services. Every property
leader in apartment house managed by the firm is in-
management. spected daily. Regular semi.
The Sutton Co. man,ages monthly meetings with the
many gar den and luxury superintendents and the man.
apartments along with major agement staff a":r
'downtown office buildings, a cuss methods c
parking garage, and indus- better' service.
trial and warehouse proper- The Sutton Company's of
ties. fices are at 700 Loew Build
The personnel of the Sut- ing.
'_,skyline Stresses
,:' Ease of Living
Among the conveniences cleaners. The staff is com-
." offered at the Skyline Apart- petent and courteous.
: menh, 753 James St., are
:" maid lI8rvlce, automatic for good 0'00, expertly
.... washen and dryers easily served in a delightful atmos
accessible to tenants. and a phere. The Skyline Food
complete service for clean- Mart handles a complete line
lng. pressing and altera- of fine foods.
tiona provIded by Swan Other features of the mod-
. ern apartment house are the
beauty salon, Diana Jewelry,
'rm pec'la fy, an oHice or tho Lincoln Na-
tional Bank: and Trust Co.
and professional offices of-
Is Appraisals m.dical and
Head of the firm of R. N.
Groves Co. Inc. is R. N. sible from the lobby.
Groves, certified. property The lobby and halls - B ,d N t
manager and memo newly decorated _ include UI er 0 es
ber of the Society of Real carpetini and modern fix- R d D d
Estate Appraisers. tures. SkyI' A ea y eman Syracuse's first coopera-
.The comprises spa me partments live apartment de\Telopmenl
purposefully small, so per furmshed and un- Skyline offers an abundance of conveniences With the increasing num- under the Mutual Housing
-:ional attention could be furnLShed aile and two and comfort in its spacious furnished and bel' of luxurious apartment Plan is at 1019 James St. I
- given to the properties and apartments,. cQmple .e- unfurnished one and two _ bedroom apart- Shuvriladciungse' ae,'ciaSlinagnd inmatnh,: SUbscripUons are now be.
tenants. The properties in- and With all utll I
volved, have been under the,_lt_Ie_,_r_Ur_nl_Sh_e_d, m__en_t_s. Imore planned for the near ing taken for membership.
firm for about 20 years. I future, the question arises: Sponsors announced thel
The appraisal part of the "Will the supply be (ar official prospectus has been
business, begun about 1948, approved by At.
known leader In the con. torney General s office so
is operated by R. N. Groves :struction business. the r e the service agency, Mutual l
and his associate, John Mar- will always be a continuing Home Development and
tin. demand lor apartments. to Management Corp.. can ob-I
types of appraisals accommodate the growmg tain the membership sub.
have been made during this population. scriptions. I
time, from one family houses The development is de.
to urban renewal projects, signed primarily for people
and general service proper- Apartment of middle age who desire to
ties. . adjust their housing arrange
All types at appraIsals d ments so that they can ob
have been made throughout Deslgne tain ma I mt:t m
the state and adjoining from theJr fmanClal reo
states by Groves. FAd It sou.res .w.ithout the burden Ofl
or u S mamtammg a house.
An Ideal Spot A new concept in apart
ment U,'ing Is heing pre Kitchen Gets
For Newlyweds I sented by Thomas M. Daml ,
The demand for apert-
an?, owner or DeWitt Ladies Okay
Heights apartment proJect.
ments has been greatly in- These apartments are es- What the lady of the fam-
fluenced by the trend to pecially designed for eilher ily appreciates most in
ward young marriage. one or two adults who .....anl apartment living Is Ihe com-
With both parlners work new. well-located apart- pact la\'out of the kitchen
ing apartment living is the & menlS;. attractively furnish .....hich 'is us u a II y fully
ideal arrangement for the ed y;;th all utilities includ equipped and convenient for
early years. Modern apar.t Onondaga Gardens ed. in, modest rental preparing meals in a jiffy.
ments are keyed to the needs paymeat.. The monthly And without hesitation. she
of these young married cou- The colonial trimness of Onon- look when a new swimming pool rental f $99.95 includes a agrees there 1s less work.
_pl_e'_, d_a_g_a_G_a_rd_e_n_s_w_ill_ta_ke on a new is ready for residents' use. furniture and aUIr"S=U=B"U=R=B=A"N==;
Onondaga Gardens proj-
ect. I ted near LIVI NG
T t
IS' . P I Colleg.. el .01 Smith St.
enan S wlmmmg 00 The pubUc I, invited to In THE
spect D)Ollel apartment
A new swimming pool Is the south side off Onondaga which S\ pile!' BEVERLY
under construction at Onon. Creek boule\'ard. from 5 to 9 'p m. and week
daga Garden Apartments, ends r,om 210 6 p,m, APARTMENTS
ill Bridget Circle.
Onondaga Gardens re-
sembles a community park,
having streets of two-story
homes with well-kept lawns,
and boasts a colonial ap-
The apartments are espe
cially planned with family-
sized kitchens, pleasant and
bright rooms with plenty of
closets. Each apartment has
three or four rooms, and lhey
are available furnished or
The Onondaga Gardens are
only 10 minutes from down.
town Syracuse with excellent
bus service. They have am.
pie play area for children,
easy shopping.
They are Syracuse-owned
and operated and located on
COWS and
for Western New York
corruralcd bo'X ractory of
well cstablished national
Good knOWledge of U1'
tire cornlgated operation

liberal frLnj'e benefit$.
General Foreman
J :'1
Monday, X'o'emMr .!S
Phone 9 A..:\!. to P _'I.
31r. D. C. Anderson, GR 40016
100 Carlson Road, Roehester :I, York
&culln Ulluluu lD Ir.Dllltorlud dreult desir'll. tut
e<lOlplIltnl dul,a 1.1111 ID dublll' procednn 10 mu... re
noliabUlir If drcalt umDOllfIll.. IIbnld hnc nrnp.t.IICI
In SlIrn"lill" Icrblll."CI b> nl.lllHcclI.d UJlIt I._
.el.r IInc tol1c and IranUDl..I." drullrr. BSU:
..llb mlDlmulD t Ulr" u"ulnee..
Pioneer in
Slro..,bur.Carboa .... amollr the IIul t. I. lal. fon'lcaI,
.rod.clloa .1 I I r nI c ....Itdllllr 1'l,,'p...ut-... ltll
D\''''AL()(ilot, the 5C 11"0 .f cledr"nle Id.phoaa Itrd
Ilcll. Efforts 10 Vloa,ul our CIIItDllllt hue becn uIIII.....
0111. \"011 can 1l&,tlch,l\cno.laaduacu IlIlhll
IIC'" !illd Ir la "lh.r arcat lIt;serlbd b.lo.
It lonr It.hUlIt and thc otlllorillaltr tor ImlDedl.l,&
contrlb.Uoa 10 1..,ndJiar proru.... IPPCI.oI
to tn. ...e Inylle "0. I" lurn mor. abnt an .a.rintcrlu
01 admlDbtntlvc ureu at 6Iromber,-Car"on.
F.r InlUal In ,r&d.cll.a JllanDUlr .1Id Itl..dll!.
lar. Ile<lah-u HJ'ItC ..curo....d I" uta P..teastDI iK.b-
Dillausad ., th....atle&lllCCb.I...1tor 1,,1"',., cia.
11.1 p JLtoa.lru)lBArllll ....Ub t rUII' UI>.rteoee.
New ExpanSion
New Challenge
T. _ull III In acco.sU!lt". aclres as la Bluln.,.. Ad.
mIIlIUratl... pin 1 rur .ltllulalU-
Immediate Openings
To dlrn hlrh .od dlrU.1 drCllll1 for Immerd.l
Illd mllll.". J.llehlnr .nlem.. an"lnl III
I...Uclllnr l(>Itt, nm".lcr orrallballOIl. lerle rnlnllllluUolt.
IcchDI,uu IIlII 1..llslotor drC1lI "rilld"ln. BSU pllll t
To worll In adl"anced on 4cllp 01 loUt
mlcnnl'uc c"mm"nleIUoll d lrel. Ruulru dlll,>I
on liP comoon.nll .nd ..uc ruldl .uembllci. DSEIl
"h" IIrcarl' n"rll.llce,
THE POST-STANDARD, Nov. 24, 1963 31

111.110". Rnllollilble r'r Ilal"
In luchln. :'1111'1
b...e A D.,\...crcdllallon. SII.
a". O,tn. ....llh
uperlenu and 1.111111,.. Llbersl
PI.e",u ...rlle In cemplelc Inti
rhlnl pUlonal and Hb
h410,1., 10 8011 Dlt,). POU
Experienced Arc
Welders. Must be oble
to layout work from
Press Brake Operators.
Must have set
ence and be able to
read blueprints.
for Wulern Sew York
corru(aled plant of lure
machine required and
pre\'lous expoerienee pre-
ferred. Salary. c:ommen-
wit h experience
and ,ood fringe bene/Ita.
Sen d ruume atatin(
qualltlcallons and Alary
requirenlents to
Box X"'75, PostStandard
Credit Department
Immediate openlnls ror
qualified "omen in cx'
pandlnl: department.
BIlling Machine
Excellent bendlt prorram.
AJlPly Personnel
Sears, Roebuck & Co.
I Send. reply to box
number G-3S4, Post-
BOX U200
Central New York In-
dustr)' has Immediate
open!pf1l for
with a minimum of S to 5 years' e:c:perlenee
e.s chanres. problems
Qpenlnp to Project
lUanarer Le\'e1
Salary Open .. _
Qualified applicants
mal' submit a restmle
of eduration and
e%pcrienee to:
Permane.nt position in an expandln.. archltC(:tural, en-
.-lneerlng firm.
Deslrn plumblDl', heatinr and air conditlonJnl' systems
for buildings. .
Pleue state education, experience and salary require
Send resume to:
Sargent, Webster, Crenshaw, Folley
Architects. Enraneen, Planners
2112 Erie Bl.d., E.
Syrac;use, N. Y.
Ex cell e n t opportunity
wllh local employer.
Plcase send post card
with name, address and
telephone number. De
llCrlbe experience and eil-
, Hclaru in Upper Xew

Car reouired. Write In
deta.n J'l"inr back(f"ound
both personal and busl
ne6S. .,.Iary requirement.
W,ite BOX H-204
Personnel Office
Lower LeVlI
Slocum Hall
Dining holl
Snock bar monager
Counter women
Syracuse University
IExperienced wltb various
Experienced; Top Wares Send resume witb salary
APply in Person requirements or contact
Richmark Furniture (GR 41071) personnel de
16U E. Genesee 81. parlment.
...iiii"'''''''''''''iiiCll R. E. Dietz Company
MEN Z25 Wilkinson St,
Syracuse, ?to. Y.
Inter\'lew can be arran,ed
for Friday, November 29.
KNEWjLYTOSUR Automobiles For Sale 16 Truc:U aDd Buses for Sale 18
FAU! STATION WAGON ,,-n..'A .......
Automobllca For r
! Learn Beauty
N , A Career With 0 Future ..
.... W.ONOh"DAOur.GR.31.. i BEAUX ART,T"Ji>
i School of Beauty Culture, r
i (07 Soutb Warren st. BA 2:-6535
Star Ch!d. 4-600r. i DAY AND EVE!'Il'11\G CLASSES
un .. S1IlS i Call. Write oJ'Visit
..."iOn. b th "-cw York Slat.
i O.p.&rlmea& 01 UOcatiOD


caretul o.,.-nn

Boats-Servlces. Suppllu ]01

GR 4-7851
1963s. Many different
models. AU fully
equipped.. "arlcty of
colors. AU must be
&Old this week. Hurry
and ...
SAVE $ $ $
'63 DEMOS.
Open ,e5. HE j-33U
!IS lV. ){an]ius St-.
Chc\"Tolet Impalas.
BelAlra, Chery U's,
Hardtops, Sedans.
Station Walons.
Very low mllea.ce. Jost
Uke new, ncw-car
Buy Now ond Save!
Hundreds of DoHan
59 Chev. SI095
Impala 4-Dr. Hardtop.
radio. two-tone!
63 ValiantSI897
63 Plym. S2097
9-Pass. Sta. War. V8.
61 Chev. SI645
Impala -I-door Se.dan.
Sc)linelc.r. Powerrllde,
power powc.r

60 Chev. S 1495
Imp a la CODnrtible
V8. powcr
power brakes,
63 Chrys, S2197
Automatic trans.,
heater, power steerln{,
63 Chrys. S2897
Full equipment.
Station Wagon.
Full equipment.
75 NEW e64
DOWN Oeliveu Any Nl!w or Used Cor Even If
You Owe on Your Present Cor.
Monu 2-DGor Sport Coupe, 6-c)!lndcrspeed
trans.. radio. bucket seats. \'Cry low mUeare.
Like new.
Air CioadllloalJl.l
Monterey i2Dr. Sedan I $3379
Monterey ,I Sedan $3639
Monterey I
Convertible $3992
Convertible $2927
!2390 Alilo. Bu,lId Se"
Comet v-a I Convertible $3223
900 W. Genesee St. OPEN EVENINGS
62 Corv'r SI695
62 Chev. SI950
4-l)r. Station W.Jlr0n,
V-.8. powcrrlldt'. pow
er stt'erlnr. radio.
63 Chrys. S 1200
"300" Hardtop.
FuJI equipment.
63 Fnry S2097
Full equipment.
63 Valiant S900
Full equipment.
63 Plvm. S 1997
4Dr. Automatic trans.,
radio. heatcr. power

14 Cars to Choose From
All Cars Carr" A Nerf) Car Guarantee
62 T-Bird S2650
Hdtp. Black. red leather
interior, 18,000 miles. Like
62 T-Bird S2350 62 T-Bird S2750
Hardtop. Green. Excellent Lan d. u Hardtoll. FuJI
orlrinal pondltlon. power, air conditioned.
62 T-Blrd S2600 ,.,.,, 1 .wu-
Hardtl>p. red inte-
rior, tull)' equipped In
eludlnr air condltloninr.
60 T-Bird SI550
White, red Interior.
Uutat.. Lannt V..llanl.
1'1,....0.1... Chr,lltr. Imperial
917 W. Genesee BA!72/i8
2-ton 18-ft. van. Insulated
aiuminum bodr. V-8. !.
speed axle. 900x20 tire&.
'Cost New f6,3S0
SYRACUSE 62 Chev. SI575 61 Chev. SI050
CHEVROLET B....yn"".,. '-D,. G".... "d.
I 0 ... E.... .HE '3311 62..C
v ....
.,S... 1075 61' Corvair S I 050

....Miiiiniill.. ioiisiil.... I ' 4-Door Sedan. 700 model, Cornlr 2-Dr., a std., Intn 4-speed tra.n.s., white with
62 Chev. S 1850 "d lnl,,,.,.
EXPRESS (mp.l. '-D,. Hdlp. Sup" 59 Chev. S575
Sports. 8 auto.. black ex- Bl.scayne ".Dr.. 8 auto.
SERVICE nitb crun bucket Blue and white, r .. h.
61 Chev. SI075 58 Chev. S240
Tune.. Ups - Brakes Col"Vatr Panel truck Del Ray 2-Dr. BU$lness
Mufflers-Tail Pipes C.up. Blu.
M' R' 61 Chev. S 1375 58 Chev. S375
rnor epalrs Station Waron, (Tey. 1I
Reason"able Prices auto. 4-Dr. rarkwood. Ra- Impala ZDr. Hardtop, "!
dlo and heater. auto., blue. Needs little
Also CoUlslon Service work price reduced
All Chey,l" P,.du" 61 Corvair S850 58' .
Specialists 700 Stallon Waron. Chev. $415
Red ",nd white. Impala ZDr. Hardtop.
Good condillon. 8 aulo. Bl&ck.
P\i"'JtS&--&IIal/. IOUlld on south
6al1ll. O'Imer Ide1ntfr.
OR 80011
50 Golden Years
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Wickham of 104 Hinsdale
Road, Mattydale, will celebrate tlleir 50th wedding
at a dinner today at Southern Pines
Restaurant. The Wickhams were married Nov. 26,
1918. Mr. Wickham was employed by Oberdorfer
Foundries Inc. 'before his retirement. The dinner
with 15 relatives is being coordinated by Mr. and
Mrs. Wickham's daughter, Mrs. Virginia Balitz
and her daughter, Miss Janice BaUtz.
Engineer Named
As Liaison Agent
Thurman O. Ruettinger, an
engineer with New Process Gear
Division o( Chrysler Corp., has
b.een named liaison representa.
tive (or the SyracuseBingham
ton-ElmiraUtica are a for the
19M SAE Automotive Engineer-
ing Congress and Exposition to
e held Jan. 1317 in Cabo Halll
The appointmen t was an
yracuse section of the Society
f Automotive Engineers.
Ruettinger will direct a pro
gram to inform area engineers
about the congress and exposi-
tion. The event is
help engineers. manufactur
n g executives, and scientists
eep up with advances in the
hnology of aU automotive ve-
hicles. Attendance is expected
to top 20,000.
GUiesee St
.GR2-9,., rORO

.f... than '00 New Yo,k Seltzer because of his distin TREMENDOUS 1639 E,i. BI.d. E. at Teall
area journalists - and future guished service to his and SAVINGS!
journalists - are expected to state through journalism. attend the 29th annual School of "We also want to recognize ...-.-------..-.-..
Journalism banquet at 1:.3C p.m. his personal distinction as a S
Uni,ersity's 62 Buick S3995 DAN CURTIN' i1II1
Commemorating the 60th an Special guest will be most of
the e,'ent will have Frank .J. founder, Irving Templeton, nov. tlnlsh. This car 'was driv-

speaker. His iopic will be ''My Templeton.
Life with the Press." The newspaper is printing a condition.
The School for Journalism special anniversary edition fo be
to 'ipOO71IYrgitlklf
William P. Tolley to Louis B. several outstanmng students.
Seltzer, the nationally known ed These include the Borden Com- 321 W. Onondara St.
will 60 Falcon sa95
1960 JEEP RadIo
I FC-ISO PICKUP 62-FalconS1295
II Direct.or Named at UC
\'-8. Stand. !rans.
In Social Welfare Area Bill Rapp Pontiac
Appointment of Stephen B. University College in two areas! 0 573 sped (rans., radio and
Plumer o( Rochester as pro. _ social work and social wei. pen ves. heater.,.,-_--=-=o=
'<am .dministeal., in lhe fields raee. 1--- 61 Chrys. S 1595
of social work. and social wei Plumer recieved bis BA from HERE 'T.S Windsor f-door. Radio,
(are at. College, adult Brooklyn College in 19;i2 and, heater. "-8. AutolDlltlC,
diVISion of Syracuse his 1\[5 from New York School 1962 BUick $2495
Umverslty, was announced to of Social Work, Columbia Unl'l $995 60 -Plym. SI095
day by Dean Alexander N. Char versity, in 1954. He served as blark Ilr"ul,.. 9 pa, WBJ'on. A 10. Sta. Waron door V-lI.
ters. . . 19roup leader In a number of ROBERT E. SLEETH u. Auto. radio, beater and
At the same time, appomt- centers including CoJonY House OLDSMOBnE 59-';;1 k S995 power.
ment of as an assislaf!t Day Care Center, Brooklyn.1 - C 62
. Gundy. Brooklyn In 1954 he was head 8-QL. aUlO. Ab5ohnfl,.
umer will come to Syracuse at Cam p Wooden FRED'S j\"tO'si mil AN CURTIN DOlnD.G.E,
from he. has Acres. Montreal. Que. In Octo. 0;
been assistant. executive dlrec ber 1959 he became program dj- If!3 1m USED R
tor of the J,ewlsh Men'S rector of the Young Men's and Ub.e v., 1;:. CA DEPARTMENT
and Women s ASSOCIations. Be Women's Hebrew Association in COIlcl, W. Gettnee ot Plum GR 1-6433
Plu.m.e: will de"ote part time Social Work at the University of fiO=.
Plumer'sjPittsburgh. . IBA BUICK CO YN delUxe.
time at University College will Plumer "":!s appomted 3'B W. o!\"'O!'o'"DAG.... ST: OR 6-31&:1 PEPPE ==-----
be devoted to development oftant of the J,ewlsh 4-Door RAUTO SALES, Inc. 61 Chevi Sl795
tnservice training programs for S and s As.! . '* Impala Z.door Hardtop
professional social workers i n,sOCIabons 10 Rochester 1n Sep- . kn ...... 011. Over 30,000 Satisfied Customers \'-8. Po\\"urlide. power
private and public welfare agen-j tember He is a 51, sturtn.r. radio.
lcies. He also wm .ssist in. Ih,r Ih. N.ti.nal Assocl.lIon r YM IOWNER TRADES ON THE 64's
development of new programs SOCIal and Js Every Car X. Y. S.lnspeded and
in the area of continuing educa. ol National Association 0 ( Leon arpenter, Inc. Completely Wlnterued
lion lor women In the social Center Workers. I!e 1s PAYE.TrEVILt..E.. N. T. h"El3101 I/OU1' thopping comfort Ihc.c car. arc on di.pfall
work area being set up under a marned .and. has two children. CORVAIR SPECIALS In OUr
gean' room the Camegi, F.un They "SId. m R.ches'... 'I -i',;. 61 Chev. SI399 60 Chev, SI299
to Dean Charters, ANNOUNCEMENTS Bel A.1r 2Dr. Sedan. Parkwood Waron. AuIO.
Radio, beater. Aulo. Heater, powe.r steering.
the addition of Plumer to the If]....
Is'aff maeks Ihe .xpansion or oe ombard 61 Comet SI099 60 Comet S899
AUTO SALES De Luxe 2-Dr. Radio. De Luxe Radio. 1320 Erie Blvd., E. GR 5.8323 heater. Auto. heal"r. Auto.
60 Dodge S99960 Plym. S999
CDr. Suburban. 2Dr. Station WILl". Radio DISCOUNT SALE'
Radio. heater. and hellter. Auto. Power _
RThJk 60 S699 59 Pontiac S899 ALL '63's
'. .
B &" S MOTORS 60 Ford S 12991 :'U::=:<''---:-:---=-__
1tC ERIE BLVD.. E. OR ''812
Power ateerlnr. heater. Auto.
100 Other Finl! Automobiles to Choose From
I FROM S95 up
901 N. U2-266ll We will payoff any balance owned on your prcsent
car. EZ bank terms. 1'."0 CASH DOWN needed. All
.f<.. 'p""Ecarryp"PEpPPEREIZEDR" warranty.
'-lon. dle&t>. AUTO
30 Ycar. Same Location
REYNOLDS FORD 103S W. Gene,e. SI. GR 1-6135 Sgmu.. Ch,g,[" C"p. D,.["
1401 E,ie Blvd., E. GR S-OI71
Many models to choose i E..-pert aulomol!\,e sprlnr relluUdlng and re-arCblnr.; CAR PAYMENTS
finish. "'hlte top. In lip Irom. Low rUeare. One All 1\ork .ruaranteed and tast installation Largest
top condition. owner . car and truek 5JI rlnrs in Central TOO HIGH?
I MARE M 0 N 't ::; ,::';'"t'
S FORD nu w'.'Gl"Ua.':.E.AlGU
1.6'0' l.-. BYER'S SALES
-..fa A"llTEALL - - PONTIAC SPRING SERVICE . ' ..V"._Dlllm .
2--1431 Montromery anel Bun S1. GR 52187 820 ST.
Senior Citizens
Club Will Meet
Club Four or the Senior CUi
Izens League will meet at 7 p.m.
Wednesday at the state head
quarters. 220 E. Washington Sl
All clubs of the 34th Congres
sional District will meet at 7
p.m. Saturday. after a 5: 30
p.m. supper at the headquar
ILausche to Speak
I School of Journalism
Plans Dinner on Dec. 7


a i
9A.M. to 9P.M.
Licensed Real. Estate
Phone HO 9-4215 or HY 2-1663
57' 970 PER >10. INCLUDES
COL. DDYT McGINNIS. Auctioneer
Saturday, November 30, 2 P. M.
301 Grace Place, SouthwoOd Tract, Off E. Seneca Tnpk.
One-f.",", lollnplow tYlle bome, rOllr looma _"d ftnt ftoo.
.nd I.rlll bedroom 110. G... beat, _Ie. rnatn, .2!0 deUrieUr, Iarle
nlee eon"!r lot.
Alfumaltle $4,000 b.nk mon,an. ter__ do,", at tl"'e of
.-1ft .Dd ea.h .bon lbe In 1IO da,..., deed.
BrlnJ )'"nlt.
Opu for lnapeeUo1l to A.:lI. day of ..Ie Or 117 f;Jlecl.1
....7 time.
The Perfect Christmas
Gift .
DIRECTIONS: Take Route 298 to Car- ,-----'"'-1
rier Circle to Bridgeport, or Route 81 to
and Route 31 to Bridgeport.

OOllfM'l:P.<,'lTY lJVtIIo'G IN
$10,000 Total Price Includes:'
", Lot Size 65'x120' ", Community Sewer
'': <Minimum} System
.... Wall-te-Wall .... Notural Gas
Carpeting ",2"x4
.... Tile Bath' Thruout(16"O,CJ
", Birch Cabinets
.... Floor Tile Schools
", City Water ", A Shopping Center
", Paved Streets in Progress
THE POST-STANDARD, Syracuse, N_ Y Sunday, November 24, 1963 33
&e.ullllll .. bed '"
wilh den.
bath" modern kitchen,
lood barn, beautlful
workahop tor man of
the houle,! ear
&breellul SchOOl dIs-
trict. Call1lir. Ry.n. 80
S-23.J5 or GR 4-74U.
Be Listed Here Today!
The One You Want Could
Brlck-565 Valley Dr.
2: bedrooms. healed, furnished
or IIntu.nlllhed. Garhale dla
Pomeroy Organization
A.... n.ble. privileged to show you an
GR 9.6440 autbentic Cottage Gothic

date-1'S45. Partly wooded
5etting, 325' deep, with
old carriage house. Home
Js sound, with
magnificent woodw 0 r k,
genuine Delffl t.lles, 3M!
baths, I:'U heat.. fmported
stained glass \\:1ndolVS,
diamond paned. For the
tamlly of discriminating
taste-for you who appre-

Cilin Roberllon_OL S8610
Cuello.ta RealBllate
Sq. Yd.
REG. $3,00
REG, $49,00
NOW - lAVE 14

B Erla 81.15.. W. GB 1-14&l
REG. lSc EA.
),' ,
!4"x4x8 sheets
Greaseproof, 9x9 10 ea.
9"x9" 51J2
8 COLORS (REG. 79c Sq. Ft.) 29c
............... ......... .-. ... ...... _ . ..... ........ __ .. _ .... a. ...............
Cut YOllr Own or
Ready Cut
Fill Your Home
For All Yael'
Holiday Partia
Buffet Lun&;:es
The Thu Will
!IUd State Contracton
Equipment. Inc.
With Music
Come to Stagnilla',
744 X. Salina GR 1.1915
"The Houst! of ,I1Ul!lic"
For Your :'thl$leal Girt
Ord(r no.. for delivery bdon
F1n.neln.. lluUable
119 Baller Rd .. N.
or Phone
Most eomplele line of
Marine Supplies in Cen-
lral X. y, Visit our an-
nual barpln sale and
save up to
Kimbrell's Marine
1628 Erie BLvd., E-
GR 2-6500
ODen Mnn.-Frl. E.. 'Ill r..M.
1'1enlt ot P.rkln.
WI!: ALSO 1(,\\' \\ RLATBS
A"-U 1'I:1'o'S BOUGHS
Beautify Your
Rome (or Christml\.8
With an Annstrong
Syracuse Oeiling Co. I
Starting 12:30 P.M. - Merchandise
Dairy 2 P.M.
Calves and Beef 4:30 P.M.
Dryers ond Stereos
1963 Models at
Lombord's Appliances
3U3 BurneL An. 431-482:
RAY BOLES. Auctioneer
Tully NX LaMIng LF S...(1S3
(;;11. of
.. Room Sullta
Bedroom Sulln
Juvenile Pornliure
George Grunder &; Sons
81)0 s. Salin. 51. llA
Due to Thanksgiving this week we will bold our sale
Last week's market about steady with beef appearing
a little stronger.
Order Now-Don't. Delay
.... r.. of
Sltln and
Hyland G;fl Shap

A u.;;.D.r (Wt Onl)'
.Ill.. W'. Onondar. 8t. GR .... 11lS
GIrt W,."II!'d.
Sam's Hobby & Toy Center, Inc.
Refreshments Available
Toys -- Hobbies -- Art Supplies I
10 A. M. thru DEC. 7th
A Xeu.u to HUSbands,
Sweetheal1.4l, Brotben
Order Her
Exclwdve Jewelry from
lor In. Barhle. Tina, elt.
dolls. 300 dlfferUI oul-
lib on hand
al $1.00 'each
Cuslom Orders Flltd
Clfl P.ekaled
:'>IA3''l3H 1\IA 3-71rn
Give A PET ...
"PET" Will Hold 'Til Chrislmas li HOLns l'Oll CIIRISTMAS DELIVERY
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In observanoe of Thanksgi\'ing, we will hold our
sales next week on Weiinesday and Frida)', Xo\,.
27th and 29th. Please note that on both of these
da)'s we will sell ealves first. 59 please make It. a
point to gel your calves In before noon if possible.
We wlJl be unable t.o accept cah'es after 1 p.m. on
Wednesday and 5 p.m. on Friday.
Burton Livestock Exchange, Inc.
Gift CertificaEes for
$13 W. Genuee81.
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balance or 548 ar 6 pay
ments of sa. Call:
Commission Sale
Norwich Fairgrounds
TUES., NOV. 26
Beginning 12 Noon
Straight datry this week
hom 1\lr. Harold Stock-
brldce of KJrkl:Yld. N, Y.,
cons.ll.ting at 16 head, all
1I0lsteins except one red
and white cow. This
muloh herd has 7 cows
strictly fresh, 1 bagging
close and 7 baggi.n!:, due
hl December. Also all out-
standln!:, Holstein service
b<lli. This dairy Is
DUCTION wilh m a. n y
oducln2: up to 70 Ibs. They ha\'e everything -II
site, condition and pro
ducln2' ahlUt).
There will be other con-
signme.nLs of dair)' cattle
inclUded, springers, fresh
cows and he.lfers and
sibly & load of Western
New York bagging
Bee] Cattle.
ond Calves
The market was about
steady week with an
average supply of cattle.
Call us early (or trucking
sen-ice. It. 15 still a nice
tlmc 10 mo\'e those non
profit cows and take
home some of our excel-
lent. dairy replacemenls.
We wlJl also a Da\!id
Bradley mower and other
miscellaneous ltams of
machinery. poultry and
NOV. 25, 1963
10 A.M.
701 Nichols Ave'r Syracuse, N. Y.
HAROLD SPOOR, Auctioneer
PHONE NE 5-6021 ar NE 5-5728
Due to other business interests, have laId far.m located
on Kingdom Road 6 ml. South Wut of Baldwlnsvllle.
4 ml. West or Rt. 31, 18 mi. North West of Syracuse.
Thruway to Exit 39 turn Illrt on Rt. 48 to 31 in Bald-
winsville, Watch for 81'ro\\"s.
Farmall !\todel 300 traclor torque amplifier, LP1'O and
Quiok Tack, new rubber and palDt job. 2 boltom 16"
mountlnj: plow. 12' hanow. 1951 Ford tractor and 2
bottom 14" plow. Tractor haa Shennan transmission,
recently overh::.uled, 13".x24" rubber JD 999 2 [OW
planter 3 pt. hit.oh. 194.9 Fannall H tractor, loader,
2 row cuJU\'alor. tnt. 7' tractor mower, 9' harrow, Bril-
lion hay conditioner. Guard 'I" rtltary chopper. Case
4 bar side rake on rubnt.r, tnt. 50 T baler wilh power
unit, Ontario 16 hoe drill on rubber, 26' Klnl;WY5e
elel-ator. Papec chopper, corn head. PapeD blo..... er,
40' pipe. JD hca'ry duly RT wagon, converted rubber
tired wagon. 2 cbopper boxes, dee. unloadin( unit.
Case 125 bu. spreader-PTO, Danson double barrel
spra.yer. new pump. 30 ral. Cen-Pe-Co :30 011, steel
land roller, 12 bags 20<"0 fertUber. p.I drums, bencb
vise., ben"h grinder. elec. heater, bolt cutters. tarale
=jacks &Dd large quantity SInall tools, h)'dnuille
Westinghouse elec. Easy Splndry washel',
dining room l;ulte with china and cabinet, 6 cbalrs.
L.R. suite, bed and otheT uUcles.
ORDER OF SALE-Furniture, Small Tools, .)fachinery,
Produce, Cattle.
TERMS: Cash or Good Cheek. - Lunch Served
Pursuant. to an order by the HoD. Da.vid J. Goldstein,
U. S. Referee in Bankruptcy:
SAT., NOV. 3D, 10:00 A.M.
47 - HOLSTEINS - 47
34 cows, S line back cows, I Reg., 18 fresh or close up.

yearlings. 2 small heifers. Seveul cows mllkinl!' 65-75
Ibs. daily. Last. year's avel'1lge 11,097 lb. milk. This is
an outstanding dairy with 51te and condition. All
animals examined for pregnancy .and shot. for shipping
Frigidaire 7 can cooler, ZO milk can.ll. i\IIlker putnp

pen>. 1,000 bu. heavy Russell oats, 600 bu. ear corn,
300 bu. old corn, 3,000 bales mb:ed alfalfaclover_tim_
othy hay sold 10 3 lots--earl)' cut. and conditioned. 200
bales second cuttinl:' alt. 100 bale., 3rd cuHill1:' alf., 300
bales wheat straw. 24 Sliver Cross hens and 2 roosters.
Desks, tabletl, typewriter, exec. chair, Addox addlnr
machine, tiles, checkwrlter, alenor. chain.
Prosperity 68 dry cleaning machine. with tllter and
stili and piping; Cessl tIIters, Comlco bulkheads: Pros-
perity 132 P. C, press; Prosperit.y n(l dry cleaning unll;
Hoyt reclaiming tumbler; Prosperity 845 Prd dry
cleaninr presses; Cissell .ir pants topper;
basket seales; coln-op. carts, Ae\'eral thousand dollars
in parts, steel shelving, parts bini, .teel bencbes, pipe/"
dies, diamond &Crew plate set; cellophane bags and
paper goods; power vise, elC(:trlo holst, Rand
cylinders and mIse. poweramlc parts, eabinets.
Georgetown, N. Y.
Tuesday, Noy. 26,' 11 A. M.
Located on Da.\enport Road Just. ort Rle. Z6, mlJes
south of Georgetown, 6 miles nortb of South OtseUc.
Watch for auction arrows.
Five just. fresh, 18 handlinl!' and bagging cows, balance
in aU stages of lactation. A good gr01Jp of cows that
have not been pushed, they have size and condItIon.
Three tracwn. I Cletrae Oliver, AG6 "tUb hydrauJie
Hell dOler blade, I. H. Model L\f., new rubber; I. H.
1\lodel H. In good shape; I. H. loader with blade and
bucket, I. H. cultivator, J. D. No.6 mower, quick hitch,
:'\'ew Idea 4bar side rake and tedder, BrUHn ba)' con
dHloner, I. H. No. 50 motor driven baler, Z wagons
with racks, A. C. combine, 6-ft. cut. motor driven wllh
lart;"e scour clean and bin, 3 )'ears old; Ontario 16-disc
drllJ, 1\'ew Holland motor dtiven cll0pper, with j:rass
head, 3 years old: Tlcck vacuum hlower. with 50f!. of
pipe: I. n. 14" three-bottom trip plows, one two-bottom
trip plow. two three-section harrows, lime sower, two
row horsedrawn corn planters, horsedrawn manure
spreader, nearly new.
Buzz saw, electric portable all' compressol', Foruey
electric arc welder with attachments. 1 year old; 2
extension ladders, 5-ln. vtce with mnd, old silo IIn-
loader with 3 bp. motor; 10j: chains, two sets of t.ra<:tor
chains, 200 ft_ at 2 - In. steel pipe, Z .eu ot platform
scales, some chicken equlpment, slip scraper. gT'lnder.
several sets ot horse bobslelgM, torb, shovels, 2 en-
silage carts, etc.
iv:o Conde milkers, paUs. strainers, etc.
Two thousand bales o( hay.
TERi\ or goad checks. Lunc.h anUable.
Auctioneer and Salesmonager
Phane Dryden VI 4-4696
PS: Mr. and Mrs. Davenport have been farming here
all tbelr lite and have a fine gTOtIp ot eattle and equip-
ment. be on time.
located Z mUes south or i\!ora"ia on Route 38
CLYDE, N. Y. PHONE 539-2827
RAY BOLES, Auctioneer
SATURDAY, NOV. 30, 1963
to scttle the C!ltate of the late Clifford H. Wilcox
,Monday, Dec. 2 12:30 P. M.
8 ton straw, 900 bu. oats, 12 ton eaT corn, 100 ton corn
ensilage in 2 sUos, about 60 ton good hay.
TERl\lS-eash or Good 1 Way Check.
Friday, Dec. 6, 1963, at f 2 Noon
28 cows and 1st calf heifers. 9 breeding age heifers,
10 Sr. heifer calves. 4. young heifer calves. This i.s a
Call rresheninr herd that has alwB)'s been heavily
culled and is in top producing condition. 8 cows
freshened in Dec., 8 in Oct.. 3 in Nov., 6 due in Dec.
Top buUs have always been There are 5 dang-h
ten of l\'YABC "iUDt.ACLE BULL", Selwood Betty's
Conunander (116 daughters, 149 records, avg.: 12.74&."[
-4.08%-521 F). 4 by :lHeredith Prediction (2.47 daus..
484 recs., avg.: 10,8611\01----4.14%-449 F), 11 by Green-
range Flirting Sailor (polled), whose dam ha,.c; many
records Inc). (13,93&.11-4.02%-589 F). 8 d&ughten ot
other top proven sires Included.
,8 polls, 3 cows. " open heifers, 1 heifer call. Very
rood DID a.nd HT reecrds for many years.
Health: calfhood vaccinated, TB &Dd blood tested, in-
oculated against shipping tever within 30 days prior
to sale. .
m rtf trac.tor with % row cultivators; rn 300 tractor,
tor parts; lH 2 pt. hitch mowing machine, 2 JD 3 sec-
tion hikh harrow, m 3 section harrow, AC com picker,
3 rt wagons and racks with ensilage unloader.
ID horse drawn spreader, l;'ood; 2 JD 2 bottom plows,
IH field chopper, Geh1 ensilage blower, AC Model 66
PTO combine with bin; Model 45 PTO ha)' press, Bril-
lion 12 ft. double cultipactor, JO Model 894 side rake.
Sam l\tulky ele\'ator and motor, horse drawn' eraln
drill Meyer ha.y crusher, 6"x75' drive belt. all small
toolS tound on tarm ineludinr Stel\-71rt cow dippers,
fo:rks, shovels, brooms, etc.
Universal milker pump, 3 Universal mllken with new
pulsators; m 4 can milk cooler, double wash tank,
water heater, milk .lIcales.
Receiver Attorneys tor Receiver
RICHARD McMAHON - PEDIGREES I!F:;:::;;:::;:::;;:::;:::;;:::;:::;;:::;:::;;:::;:::;;:::;:::;;::RE::;;U::;;B::;;EN:;:::;;::G::;;RA::;;S::;;S::;;':;:::;;:::;:::;;:::;:;;
HQ:\IER P193038 II
HAROLD B. LEE, Auctioneer Charles and Josephine Davenport
SK 3-0004 McGraw 836-4301
The 58.le will be at. the farm, on Larson Rd" just oft
Rt. 14, 1% mUe north of N. Y. S. ThMlway Exit 41,
6 miles soutb of Clyde, 7 miles north of Waterloo, N. Y.
Curreni DEUA Ave. 30.9 lad. 1&1291\1 3.8% SIOF
The complete dispersal of this outstanding tarmer-
breeder herd. feat.uring Hallcrest Dunloggin Adcenda
(VG-88) daughter of Follo"-\" On Laird from "EX-GM"
Clo\'ercourt. Carnat.ion Slogan Bess (160,000 lifetime).
Cows selling with current la.etatlon records to 825 fat.
11 daughters of Hallcrest Follow On Leader (VG-87)
.lIell, be t.he Res.-AII New York Jr. Yrlg. bun at 1957.
He is now in heavy service at. East Tennessee Breed-
en' Assodation, daughters .lIell with rcecrds to 535F.
at 2 yrs. 34 cow'S of milking age, 5 bnd heifers and 22
open yearlings &Dd calves. The herd Is ring certified,
T. B. accredited and calfhood vaccinated.
.Luncb Available Trucking ArTaIlI'ed
LoeaUon: Xenodocha Farm, Cortland, N. y., between
Cortland and McGraw, 1 rnUe east on N. Y. 41. Just.
east. at new Polk"!Ue Rl 81 inttrchan&,e. mldwa.y
beh'f'een Syracuse and Binghamton. Signs.
my tarm
AbOut to mUch cows. the balance in bred heifers and
calves. Cattle sell in families. Daughters of these
popula.r and outstanding sires selling: High Meadow
Farm 1\Iast.erpiece, Sears, Crete. Clyde, Bur, Roburke,
Jlex, Mooseheart Leader. J\bJlary Audacious. Skokie
Creation i\tister. and many more .. 2 outstanding
/ bulls, one a. service age son of Poestenkill Model
Orm.sby, tram a 650 lb. fat 2-year--old daughter of ""is
Insignia, the other a show calt by J\IaJlary Audacious,
from a high record daughter of Dean. Many animals
in the sale true direcUy to the NYABC "Sadie" cow,
3 reoords over 1,000 fat. A Pabst bred herd, all mIlch
cows are recently fresh or close springers. The cattle
are young, with type, production and sound udders.
at: .
owners. Several 4-R Club prospects. All mature ani-
mals carry the service ot a son of Pabst. MeJlow or a
son at Ideal Burke Elsie Leader. SEVERAL OUT-
plaru; now to attend this sale and buv top toundation
animals. Inspect any time. All records and catalogs
available at. ringside. Eligible to ship anywhere, vet
examined, caIrhood vaccinated, T8 accredited.
Also selUD2:' very nice black pony gelding and saddle.
TERMS-Cash or good checkJ. Sale in comfortable
tent. Lunch. Credit representatives available at sale.