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Founded by Tess MacKall and Adriana Kraft; Midnight Seductions is a group of exciting romance authors who
have banded together for mutual support and promotion. Our members are published at over thirty-two print
and e-book publishers and our stories range from sweet and lovely to sizzling hot and include all genres of
romance and erotic romance. Our logo tells the story:

Midnight Seductions
Where the true power of the heart is unleashed

We invite you stop by our blog, Yahoo group, and myspace profile. It’s always a fun day at Midnight
Seductions, and we certainly know how to have a good time!

Our Authors
Adriana Kraft, Tess MacKall, Mila Ramos, Adrianne Brennan, AJ Llewellyn, Amanda Burns, Beth Wylde,
Cassandra Gold, Cassidy McKay, Dee Dawning, Dee Shore, EM Lynley, Wendi Darlin, Jami Davenport, Kissa
Starling, LA Day, Mary Suzanne, Qwillia Rain, Savannah Chase, Sascha Illyvich, Paige Tyler, Elizabeth
Black, CJ England, Sofia Hunt, Allie K. Adams, Ashlyn Barre

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From Elizabeth Black

2 Midnight Seductions September 2009 Newsletter
The Beautiful Move in Curves available from Xcite
Ultimate Curves Anthology

Olivia Taylor is a gorgeous and large woman who is angry over an article about "butterbodies" - women with
beautiful faces "butterbody" leaves something to be desired. This is the flip side of "butterface". The idiot who
wrote the article called Salma Hayek a "butterbody." If some moron can diss Salma Hayek, what does that say
about Olivia? She cannot be in a bad mood before attending the SF/F convention, especially since she's going
to meet Jeremy, a gorgeous hunk of a man several years her junior. There is more than enough woman in Liv to
please several men, and she has the spunk and sex appeal to prove it.


The Haunting of the Sandpiper Inn available from Whiskey Press Torrid

While psychic Martha Ellis McKay may have the Gift, a skeptic’s heart beats in her breast. She has seen her
share of fakes, and she does not take kindly to them. Even worse is when she is accused of being one. So
imagine her chagrin when she expects to spend a quiet weekend at the Sandpiper Inn working on a book about
haunted houses only to meet a ghost hunting team with its own skeptic, who greets Ellis with a jaundiced eye.

She has met her match in both getting to the bottom of the haunting of the Sandpiper Inn and proving to skeptic
John “Beck” Becker that she is the real deal. The problem is that Beck and Ellis have more serious worries. The
3 Midnight Seductions September 2009 Newsletter
Sandpiper Inn holds a dark secret that threatens to destroy them both. What awaits them as they delve into the
history of the Sandpiper Inn? And will their investigations bring them closer together or drive them further


From Paige Tyler

Valuable Cargo available from Liquid Silver Books

Tanna Aldrick is the captain of a deep space salvage ship in the twenty-ninth century. When she and her all-
female crew stumble upon an ancient ship floating in the middle of nowhere, they figure they might be able to
find a few valuable tidbits left on the decrepit spacecraft. But what they discover is more valuable than
anything they could have ever imagined finding – a gorgeous hunk of a man from the twenty-second century,
perfectly preserved in cryogenic suspension. Mankind has changed a lot in seven-hundred years, and six-foot-
four, blond-haired, blue-eyed guys like him aren’t just rare; they’re nonexistent.

From the moment they revive him, Tanna finds herself falling for their handsome passenger. As logical as her
reasons for not getting romantically involved with him are, however, she still finds herself inviting him into her

Garrick Carlisle wakes up after seven-hundred years in hypersleep to find that everything and everyone he
knew is gone. Lost and disconnected, the only thing that keeps him from completely losing it is the beautiful
and sexy, dark-haired ship’s captain who rescued him.

Tanna isn’t the only person interested in Garrick, though. A man like him would bring a high price on the slave
blocks on any number of planets and there are a lot of unscrupulous people in the galaxy willing to do anything
to get their hands on him.

How far will Tanna go to protect her valuable cargo and what will Garrick do to stay with the woman he has
come to love?

4 Midnight Seductions September 2009 Newsletter

From Adriana Kraft

A Tempting Taste available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
Swinging Games Series

A little voyeurism, some role-playing, a taste of m/m, ménage for three and four – is this more than they signed
on for? No longer novices, Jennifer and Brett Andrews reach a little deeper into the swinging world. When the
evening’s over, will they still go home together, and what will happen next?


April Swings available from Whiskey Creek Torrid
Meghan’s Playhouse Series – Book Three

April Day deeply loves her husband Derek, but something’s missing. To spice things up she books them on a
Caribbean cruise for their seventh anniversary. She’s not sure what she’s looking for, but she knows she’s
found it as soon as she spots the delectable sprite of an actress who stars in the ship’s daily shows.
5 Midnight Seductions September 2009 Newsletter
Meghan Keenan’s having a blast with her latest squeeze, Josh Hendricks, who writes and directs the shipboard
main shows. Should she turn down April’s request to heat up her marriage? And if she accepts, where will Josh
fit in?

Derek is stunned by his wife’s brash pursuit of the hot young actress. Must he match her boldness to keep her
from leaving him?


From EM Lynley

Public Exposure available from Cobblestone Press

Drake Talbott is a young university professor with a big secret: he's been dating a student. Hunky, handsome
Kerry Monroe isn't in any of Drake's classes, but he has a public sex kink that Drake is in no particular hurry to
curb. In fact Kerry's brought out a wilder side of Drake that he never knew he possessed. When an
extracurricular tryst in the library stacks nearly brings their relationship to the attention of the powers that be at
the university, Drake's just not sure whether his career will survive Kerry's appetites--or his own.


From Mary Suzanne

6 Midnight Seductions September 2009 Newsletter
Marooned available from Romance Divine

Hunter McBride was ready to take off, both into the sky, and in his personal life. Little did he know his heart
would soar when he met flight instructor Sage Anderson. Some flight time, drinks in a bar, and a night-time
beach rendezvous all lead to more than he hoped for-until they were-Marooned.


My Cowboys available from Romance Divine

Callie Jackson left New York, buying a ranch in Colorado and searching for a new muse for her writing career.
Ranch hands Aiden and Jacob were more than enough to fire her fantasies and imagination, but would she act
on those fantasies. It’s a sexual free-for-all, and rustlers in My Cowboys.


7 Midnight Seductions September 2009 Newsletter
Sexual Knead available from Romance Devine

Who was the dark stranger who passed by Marin and Lettie every day? Was there a way they could lure him
inside-and what would they do with him if they could? When they succeed, they find that Jake is not a man
who rubs women the wrong way. In fact, he provides their Sexual Knead.


From Adrianne Brennan

Broken coming soon from Freya’s Bowers
The Oath Series – Book Three

Years ago, Lila pledged herself to the Greek god Dionysus, and the act of devotion changed her entire life.
Now, her desire to serve has brought her to the doorstep of a secret society known only as "The Order".
Through sexual magick and ritual submission she can become her truest self and achieve her magickal destiny.

8 Midnight Seductions September 2009 Newsletter
But the trials of the initiation challenge even the strongest of wills. Can Lila's transformation through erotic
servitude bring her closer to fulfilling her dreams?

Broken: Before Lila can be transformed, she is forced to learn failure. Only by the experience of being broken
can she make a sacrifice.

From EM Lynley

Venus Envy coming soon from Cobblestone Press

Sancus, Roman God of Loyalty, snubs Venus' amorous advances and she casts a curse so he's attracted to every
hot guy he sees. During a week of almost non-stop sex he meets a mortal with whom he desires a genuine
relationship, but Sancus must realize it's actually a love spell before he can win Aurelio.

From Kissa Starlings writing as K. Starling

Kismet coming soon from Red Rose Publishing
Forever Yours Series

9 Midnight Seductions September 2009 Newsletter
Love blossomed in 1940 but life intervened. Can Harold and Bea regain that lost passion after seventy years?

Harold and Bea met and fell in love in 1940. Both enlisted to fight in WWII and then came home to marry
other people. Now, seventy years later, they agree to attend a high school reunion. Neither of them know if the
other will show or what happened so many years ago. These two find that a broken proposal is hard to forgive
but when you're almost ninety you don't have time for regrets.

From Tess MacKall

His Only Treasure coming soon from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Three hundred years ago, Lady Anne fell in love with a pirate. As the story goes, her pirate was tried and hung,
but before his capture he gifted her with His Only Treasure--the map to his cache of booty and his everlasting
love. Handed down through the generations, the tattered map and its key now rest in the
hands of the long ago lover's two descendants and namesakes.

Thrust together by otherworldly forces, Anne and Stede embark on a quest for the pirate's hoard, and along the
way sparks fly! Will they find the treasure, or did they possess it all along? And will lost love finally be found?

From A.J. Llewellyn

10 Midnight Seductions September 2009 Newsletter
Blood Eclipse Rapture coming September 1s from eXtasy Books
Book Two – Written with DJ Manly

In the continuation of Blood Eclipse, Rory finds himself hopelessly enamored with Carden and will finally
experience the rapture of loving a pure blood vampire. But there are those who are determined to have Carden
at all costs to satisfy their own self interest, and they won’t let anyone get in their way.

Carden still seeks the truth of what happened to his parents long ago, and he won’t rest until he finds the
answers. And when the discovery is made, and shocking secrets are revealed, all hell breaks loose as Carden
sets his sights on vengeance. And suddenly the fragility between good and evil will be blown wide open.

Laid coming September 15 from eXtasy Books

Jack Cannon is an elite member of LAPD's new Violent Crimes Unit. He's tough, he's smart…he's also gay.
Jack's a guy who deals with pressure and stress by cruising. When he has a fling with a hot guy one even hotter
night in Los Angeles, it's no casual coupling. This guy is great. Jack wouldn't mind seeing him again except
he's discovered he'll be seeing a lot of him. This is guy he's supposed to tail -- Lucio Natale, the most violent
mob boss ever to land in the city of angels.

11 Midnight Seductions September 2009 Newsletter
Lucio likes Jack, too. A lot. He's a little shocked to find his aggressive seducer is one of L.A's finest and…he's
dismayed to find his orders are to eliminate Jack. Kiss or kill? Who will win the power struggle…can they
overcome the urge to get laid?

Webisodes coming soon from Massive Studio

Deeper Blue coming October 25 from Amber Allure

A.J. is very excited to have contracted with AQP for his first M/M book with them. Deeper Blue is a gay erotic
love story set in the Greek Islands. It’s a love story in three hearts – a gay twist on the classic love story, Jane

The Haunting Of Sandpipper Inn by Elizabeth Black

"This book is definitely worth a read if you like hot and steamy mixed with horror and hauntings." -You Gotta
Read Reviews

“If you love ghost stories and love to read about haunted places, this is definitely one you must add to your
library.” -5 Hearts by Diana Coyle from Night Owl Romance

“If you enjoy supernatural mysteries mixed with hot romance, then this book is for you.” -Four Blue Ribbon
by Pamela Denise from Romance Junkies

Hookups by Adriana Kraft

12 Midnight Seductions September 2009 Newsletter
“Hookups is a fun quick read full of sexual fantasies, lust and passion.” –Five Angels by Sandie from Fallen
Angels Reviews

Elizabeth Black interviewed at Fallen Angel Reviews

Elizabeth Black interviewed at Fang-tastic Books

What Foods Are Good for Your Sex Drive and Promote Sexual Endurance?
-by Elizabeth Black for Sex Is

September is officially, for most of us, the end of summer. In honor of that I give you:

Ode to Summer
by Kissa Starling

No more luscious tan line
To touch while thinking 'oh so fine'.
No more splashing around in the water
All that fun is now just fodder.
No more staying up all night
gazing at stars and hoping for delight.
No more sex on the beach
Where sand got places you couldn't even reach.
No more swimming for those little sperm
Oh wait, fall is also a good time for the worm!

But seriously, all of us at Midnight Seductions hope your summer was filled with adventure. And may your fall
be full of worms!

GLBT Bookshelf
by Adriana Kraft

If you like to read or write m/m, f/f or anything with GLBT themes and characters, you’ll remember the
enormous outcry last April when all such books were suddenly removed from the search database at Amazon.

13 Midnight Seductions September 2009 Newsletter
Over on Twitter it quickly gained the name #amazonfail, and many analysts think it was the upsurge of
publicity and rapid response from tweeters that warned Amazon to reverse its tracks.

Could it happen again? Possibly, but now we have our own failsafe option: The GLBT Bookshelf—all your
favorite GLBT authors and all their books, in one central location! It’s the brainchild of GLBT author Mel
Keegan, from Down Under. He’s created a Wiki site where member authors can set up their author pages and
feature their books and reviews. Different from Amazon, Fictionwise and All Romance eBooks, it doesn’t have
a central shopping cart but rather features a buy link for every book. We, the authors, are in total control of the
content we post, and that’s the key to preventing an AmazonFail phenomenon.

Check us out – five Midnight Seductions authors who write GLBT books are already active on the site:

Cassandra Gold | Adriana Kraft | EM Lynley | Kissa Starling | Beth Wylde

By Dee Shore

This past August I was in Atlantic City to celebrate one of my best-friends 30th birthday. Any who, The
Tropicana has a great Irish pub called Ri-Ra and there I discovered my new favorite drink:

Red Headed Slut
1 part Cranberry juice
1 part Peach Schnapps
1 part Jagermeister

Directions: Mix together with crushed ice in a glass and garnish with mint leaves. Enjoy!

By Elizabeth Black
English Toffee Recipe

1/2 cup (200 g) unsalted butter (one stick)
1/2 cup (100 g) sugar
1 teaspoon (5 ml) vanilla extract
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 small block of Baker's Chocolate (about 5 or 6 oz./170 g)

Select a small saucepan. Make sure the saucepan is large enough to contain about double the volume of the
butter and sugar. As the mixture cooks, it will bubble and increase in volume - using too small of a pan may
result in overflows. USE A CANDY THERMOMETER. Let the heat rise gradually, stirring all the time. Allow

14 Midnight Seductions September 2009 Newsletter
the water to boil off, but keep stirring. When the mixture reaches 300 degrees F it should have a creamy
texture. Remove it from the heat. Pour in the vanilla extract and stir well to mix.

Immediately use a spatula to scrape the mixture onto parchment paper, and spread it out with the spatula until it
is about 1/4 inch thick. Use a grater, and finely grate the block of chocolate over the mixture until the mixture
is well-covered. Use all of the chocolate. When you are finished, place the toffee in the freezer so that it sets.
When it is cooled and set, remove from the freezer. Place a clean towel over the toffee, and crack it into bite-
sized pieces with a hammer. Store in a baggie in the refrigerator.


Check out five awesome short reads from EM Lynley

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15 Midnight Seductions September 2009 Newsletter