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or rotation. reports. toner. the LZR 1260 prints up to three times faster than competitive printers. is compatible with two popular emulations and features multiple interface ports.estimated at 600. produced in true typographical image and compatible with characters generated by typesetters. you can produce correspondence. Superior paper handling A multi-cassette feeder and an envelope feeder are options that can be added to provide complete paper handling solutions for the office automation arena. [ZR 1260 is the only laser printer in its class currently offering these options. Consumables such as developer. the [ZR 1260 is suited for multi-user. Its table top size fits easily into almost any existing workspace. (See [ZR 1200 Series supplies brochure. A manual feed port enables you to use different paper sizes or media anytime. Productivity is increased because you spend more time creating pages and less time waiting for pages to print. The fonts can be printed in any point style. . time-sensitive material that requires text and graphics can be prepared in the shortest time possible. which ensures its compatibility with existing and future PostScript fonts and programs. and fuser come in cartridge form and can be replaced quickly and without mess. The PostScript language is a powerful software language that allows you to combine text and graphics on the same page and manipulate both elements with great precision. A pocketful of resident fonts You have a choice of thirty-five resident fonts ready for use. Combining the advantages of laser printing with the PostScript' page description language. Interfaces available are RS-232C. even when paper handling devices are installed. Beyond the industry standard The [ZR 1260 moves a step ahead of the industry standard by offering two emulations and three interface ports. high duty cycle and superior paper handling options.) At a 55 dBA noise level when operating. Reduced samples of actual printer output These illustrations were produced using the Adobe lllusfraforlM software program The "real" PostScript The [ZR 1260 uses the PostScript language invented by Adobe Systems-. Two to three times faster A 68020-based PostScript controller enables the [ZR 1260 to have a throughput of 12 pages per minute for all but the most complex pages. Its rugged construction extends the life of the printer . With this speed. With all these features at your command. and still be attractive and easy to read. the LZR 1260 is perfectly suitable for office environments. pitch. Downloadable fonts are available from Adobe's extensive library of over 600 additional offerings. charts and graphs that have professional polish. Perfect for the office Even a casual user can easily operate the LZR 1260. (See [ZR 1200 Series accessories brochure. The [ZR 1260 has an array of resident fonts.LZR 1260 Dataproducts LZR 1260 meets the printing needs of office and commercial environments requiring fast printing. manuals.000 pages and makes the per page cost remarkably low. Its superior paper handling capabilities and practical design features make it the most versatile laser printer in its class. personal computer networks and is capable of supporting up to 10 work stations. The controller resides in an external standalone unit called the Electronic Sub-System (ESS). The dual component developer (a magnetic carrier plus toner) fosters clarity by preventing "fuzzing" around the edges. AppleTalkTM and Centronics. No special handling is needed to change the disposable organic drum. It is menudriven by means of a 16-button key pad and 16-character liquid crystal display which provides information in plain language.) The LZR 1260 has standard 250-sheet input and facedown output that meets the needs of most users. Now. Select either a PostScript or HP [aserjet PLUSTM emulation. newsletters. Crisp and bold image reproduction for both text and graphics is aided by the [ZR 1260 engine's 300 dot per inch resolution.

z 0 (n C: - -cNo- <0) 60 e 'fliSjbdOU IZ w'w 50 letk- ° 0 /06. Oblique. BoldObtiqnie Roman. Centronics 4 MB 19 5(495mm) 19 8(502mm) tr 5(140mm) LZR 1260 Engine Features Print Speed 12 PilcieS minute Weight Printer ESS Letter size (8' 'v tt". Bold. Bold. Oil Standard paper handling Input (1ot 1)111 250 sheet cassette 250 sheets delivered facedown (Other options available) 16 -21 lbs from cassette D.ti'r'. Bold. BoldOblique equivalent ess than 45 dBA Less than 55 dBA Printer Dimensions Width Depth tR 9" (479mm) 19 4(493mm) 12 6(321mm) Heigh t Width Depth Heiqht Electronic Sub . A4) Time to first prin t 6 seconds 85 1 b (38 5kg) 22 1 b (10 Okg( 115 VAC. DemiOblique Roman. Oblique. Boldltalic Demi. Bold.001 on equivalent Dataproducts part number 804441-001 or Media weight Labels Transparencies Noise level Standby Operat irir 300 dpi 35 resident loifls Roman. AppleTalk.000 pages month 600. Italic. 60HZor?20 240 VAC 50 HZ KVA rnirmxurrurmnl 2 KVA rrrrixirnuirrr Power required Power consumption Standby Operatinnq Resolution Warm up time Duty cycle Design life Print technology 300 x 300 dpi Less than 1 iTs lute 25. Light. Demitalic. Demi. Bold.> AI Q 0Dw b o > - I (Th\ % >iFff (00 J c :: z- j/1iJ.System (ESS) Dimensions RS-232C.00 (:liira(. Oblique. Boldltalic Roman.itaproducts part number 804444. Italic. Lightltalic Roman. BookOblique. BoldOblique Times Palatino Bookman NewCentSchbk AvantGarde HelveticaNar row ZapfChancery-Mediumltalic Zapt Ding bats Symbols Interlace Memory Roman.a 012345678 \ ASCO $I z01234 01234 ç0qqrStUVW5YZ c'o rstuvwx nopq P yzol'^4 & 0 'J456. Boldltalic Book. Italic.000 pages Electrophotographic with solid state laser Environmental (operating) Hu m i dity Temperature 15% to 80% Relative 50 86F Dry dual component toner/developer 10C-30C All specifications subject to change without notice . Bold. zAxNrifl1S0ó 9 S'0 zAXN" 0691 99tiCZ l0 0 SPECIFICA TIONS Maximum paper size LZR 1250 Controller Features Operating System Emulation Throughput Graphics Fonts Courier Helvetica PostScript HP Laserjet P1 US 12 PPM (P.

charts. heavy-duty lobs requiring speed and reliability • data processing • monthly statements • payroll • invoicing • inventory • budgeting • soles reports • computer listings Laser Printers/LZR Series For letter quality text and h speeds. '. etc. Twinax and Coax These market-proven LB. B & BP Series For high-volume.DATAPRODUCTS' GUIDE TO PRINTERS Dataproducts has been a leader in computer printer technology for twenty five years. Adobe Systems and Adobe illustrator are trademarks of Adobe Systems Inc HP Laseriet PLUS is a trademark of Hewlett-Packard Company AppleTalk is a trademark of Apple Computer inc IBM is a registered trademark of IBM Corporation 50M 1/89 . virtually silent printing with a raised surface for personalized printed communication. offering a choice of speeds and print quality as well as black and white and color graphics. and will continue to develop. 9000 & M Series All-around printers. Adobe. • newsletters • scripts • manuals/ instruction booklets • typesetting proofs LLH 1260 witO multi-cassette feeder and envelope feeder. CA 91365 The products described in this brochure are subject to change at any time 1989 Dataproducts Corporation Dataproducts and its associated togomark are registered trademarks of Dataproducts Corporation All rights reserved PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems inc . Their engineers have developed. and dot matrix printers that are ruggedized and'or TEMPEST-accredited. System 3X mini computers and 3270 Data Communication Controllers. state-of-the-art printers for today's marketplace Dataproducts has a printer to suit your needs Band Printers!LB. • reports and proposals with extensive copy and illustrations. 0 Dataproducts 6200 Canoga Avenue. • personal & business letters • proposals • legal briefs • business • graphics • accounting & financial reports Serial Matrix Printers18000. laser. BP and LZR printers are compatible with large mainframes. • data processing • payroll • invoicing • computer listings • mailing labels • product tags • bar codes Solid Ink Printers!SI Series Executive quality. • internal business documents • research • numerical data • charts and graphs • mailing labels • product tags • bar codes IBM' Plug-Compatible Band Printers!Channel. Woodland Hills. Line Matrix Printers!LM Series The tlexibility of matrix printing with line printer ruggedness. Government & Military Printers! TEMPEST Series Band.

They enhance the product line by broadening the user's range of choices. legal (A5) or statement (B4) size paper. U Multi-cassette sheet feeder The feeder consists of two additional cassettes which hold up to 250 sheets of letter (A4). which handles up to 125 sheets. It expedites large volume jobs requiring multiple paper sizes. 3. . LZR 1200 SERIES ACCESSORIES Dataproducts LZR 1200 Series accessories allow the user to tailor the printer to the requirements of a particular application and to optimize printer productivity. and 4 require software to send specific commands to the printer controller. U Envelope feeder with face-up output tray The automatic envelope feeder is a real time-saver. letter-size envelopes. It can be adapted for a different size of paper in just seconds. Manual separation is eliminated. legal (A5) or statement (134) size paper. r LJ / U U Universal cassette This 250-sheet cassette can feed letter (A4).Series" LZRLaser Printers ffa Dataproducts. The feeder can handle up to 50 standard. especially with high volume mailings. automatically separates printed output by offsetting repetitive stacks of documents. U The LZR 1230 fully-loaded for optimum paper handling performance. The face-up output tray replaces the front-piece on the standard unit. U Jogger This jogger. Please note: Accessories 2. 1-4-J.

5(240mm) Depth 15 3" (388 mm) Height: 2. B5. 6200 Canoga Avenue.9" (150 mm) Approx.4" (340 mm) Height: 6.7 lbs(18 kg) Weight Paper Capacity Dimensions NOTE Envelope Feeder option includes Face-Up Output Tray.9(455mm) Depth: 19. Legal. Legal. 1331bs(5.(fl5 Mirresaa (612)931-0338 (612(888-2122 Italy 011-39-2-8245331 WeslGer'ma'iy 011-49-6103-38080 Repair. 39. Folio 125 sheets Width: 9. Weight PRINTER SALES OFFICES United States California (714) 752-7. A5.4" (415 mm) Height: 5.2" (55 mm) Approx 26 lbs(t 2kg) Envelope Feeder with Face-Up Output Tray Type Envelope Sizes Dataproducts part number LZR-EF-2001 Add-on attachment Width: 3. 4.iin America (818)887-8851 Caax1i (416) 886-2505 New He'tipslwe (603) 889-0070 (201) 286-2000 Mexico 19051 545-71-65 A36n3 011-43-222-753452 A1s!1aI.0") 50 envelopes (longer than 9 0") Width 161" (408 mm) Depth. CA 91365 The products described in this brochure are subject to change at any time 1989 Dataproducts corporation All rights reserved Dataproducts is a registered trademark of Dataproducis corporation iIiSo. A5.s (312(803-1390 Mwi8tari (313)528-1304 Virginia (703(648-0930 Supplies Sales (7(7)) . Folio 2 Cassettes. Statement.1" (486 mm) Height: 10.5 lbs (2. B5. 250 sheets each Width: 17.1) 721-4177 .1 kg) Dimensions Width: 19 0" (480 mm) Depth: 16.5" (mm) 875"(max) Length 80" (mm) 11. 24 lbs(1. Legal.111 (818)8878365 (408)435-0830 International :31.r 01 1-61-2-451-3533 Florida 14071788-2124 (305) 492-8770 Erigitd 011-44-734-884777 New York (516) 5674101 Gegsa (404)980-2567 Fraice 011-33-1-6920-77 1 11 011-353-1-474855 (Dublin Mfg & Supplies) syWsria (215)293-1810 rewx (214)424-2313 Government Printer Sales 703:1717(0:1(1 Mildar/TEMPfST Sales (20:1) 71)7 51 ffa Dataproducts. A4.3" (261 mm) Approx. Statement.9kg) Capacity Weight Dimensions El Type Multi-Cassette Shoot Feeder Dataproducts part number LZR-PC-2001 Add-on attachment Letter. B5.1(232 mm) Depth: 9. A4. 13.1(232mm) Height: 9 06(230mm) Approx. This tray provides straight-through" paper path for feeding of envelopes This feature provides an additional output bin which may be selected from the control panel or under host control Face-Up Output Tray Capacity 125 cut sheets OR Weight 20 Envelopes Li Type Jogger Dalaproducts part number LZR-FD-2001 Add-on attachment Letter.SPECIFICATIONS Ii Universal Cassette Type Paper Capacity Dimensions Dalaproducts part number LZR-PC-2002 Add-on attachment Letter. Woodland Hills. A4.4 1P3e 1.0 kg) Paper Capacity Dimensions Weight All LZR 1200 Accessories derive any power required from the LZR 1200 printer. A5.5" (max) 100 envelopes (shorter than 9. Remanulacture & Resale )818) 888-4488 ext 23 5DM 1/89 . Statement. No additional electrical outlets are required for their operation.t?3-(. Folio 250 sheets Width: 9.7" (170 mm) Approx.