Christ Lniversity
CIrIsL UnIversILy Is udmInIsLered by ILs Iounders
CurmeIILes oI Mury ¡mmucuIuLe (CM¡). BIessed
KurIukose EIIus CIuvuru, u vIsIonury educuLIonIsL
und socIuI reIormer oI LIe nIneLeenLI cenLury
IoundedLIe CM¡ congreguLIonIn18¸1.
CIrIsL UnIversILy wus IormuIIy esLubIIsIed In JuIy
1q6q us CIrIsL CoIIege under BunguIore UnIversILy.
TIe UnIversILy GrunLs CommIssIon conIerred
AuLonomy Lo CIrIsL CoIIege on ; OcLober zooq. ¡L
becume LIe IIrsL CoIIege In SouLI ¡ndIu Lo be
reuccredILed wILI A+ by NuLIonuI AssessmenL und
AccredILuLIon CouncII (NAAC) In Muy zoo¸. TIe
UGC IdenLIIIed IL us un ¡nsLILuLIon wILI PoLenLIuI
Ior ExceIIence. On zz JuIy zoo8 LIe MInIsLry Ior
Humun Resources DeveIopmenL, GovernmenL oI
¡ndIu, under SecLIon ¸ oI LIe UGC AcL, 1q¸6
decIured CIrIsL CoIIege us u Deemed Lo be
UnIversILy In LIe nume und sLyIe oI CIrIsL
CIrIsL UnIversILy, u premIer educuLIonuI
InsLILuLIon, Is un ucudemIc IruLernILy oI IndIvIduuIs
dedIcuLed Lo LIe moLLo oI ExceIIence und ServIce.
TIe UnIversILy weIcomes sLudenLs Irom uII over LIe
worId Lo unenvIronmenL oI reIIgIous Iurmony und
Chiisl Univeisily is a nuiluiing giound foi an
individuaI's hoIislic deveIopnenl lo nake effeclive
conliilulion lo lhe sociely in a dynanic enviionnenl.
Iailh in Cod
MoiaI Upiighlness
Love of IeIIov ßeings
SociaI ResponsiliIily
Iuisuil of LxceIIence

Christ University Faculty of Lnçineerinç [CUFL] Was established on 1+
September Z00º, to impart quality technical education in the field of
Lnçineerinç. lt is focused on producinç holistically developed and
effective leaders, in the field of Lnçineerinç and Technoloçy, to reshape
the technoloçical climate of our University.
At CUFL-Kençeri, learninç is not just a series of instructions but a passion Which çoes beyond books and instructions.
Here, the students are enabled to learn by experience and explore neW realms of Wisdom. The Faculty of Lnçineerinç
offers çraduate, postçraduate and doctoral proçrammes in Lnçineerinç, as per the çuidelines of the University Grants
Commission and AlCTL. CUFL has a flexible curriculum offerinç several options in different areas of specialization,
Which cater to both industry and research.
The proçrammes offered at the Faculty of Lnçineerinç incorporate
a number of special opportunities such as internships, clinical
labs, supervisory research, paper Writinç and paper
presentations. ln order to promote interaction betWeen students
and professionals fromthe industry, seminars, çuest lectures and
Workshops are conducted on various topics of ençineerinç at
reçular intervals.
Faculty of Lnçineerinç has a Well-equipped infrastructure. The
entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled. The students have access to tWo
different library facilities, namely the technical library and the
online library. The Lnçineerinç library has over 10,000 books,
several reports and theses, and a subscription to over S0
technical journals. lt also has access to online databases like lLLL.
lacuIty oI Engineering
Undergraduate lrogramme {4years)
lostgraduate lrogramme {2years)
The B.Tech. proçramme at CUFL aims to provide the students With World class technical education, Which Will
enable themto çet jobs in the industry riçht after çraduation. B.Tech. proçramme is offered in the folloWinç fields
at CUFL:
Civil Lnçineerinç
Computer Science and Lnçineerinç
Llectronics and Communication Lnçineerinç
Llectrical and Llectronics Lnçineerinç
lnformation Technoloçy
lechanical Lnçineerinç
The l.Tech. proçramme aims to provide a stronç foundation for research on completion of + semesters. The
courses offered are hiçhly streamlined for very specific areas of research. The l.Tech. courses are offered in the
folloWinç disciplines at CUFL:
Communication Systems
Computer Science and Lnçineerinç
lachine Desiçn
Structural Lnçineerinç
ß.Tech. with M.ß.A
Christ University Faculty of Lnçineerinç shares its campus With the Christ University lnstitute of lanaçement [CUll].
This çives us an opportunity to offer an inteçrated dual deçree proçramme With B.Tech. and l.B.A. This proçramme
aims at producinç individuals With both technical and manaçerial skills. Such students can directly join the industry at
administrative levels, While still possessinç the pre-requisite technical knoWledçe of their respective fields.
ß.Tech. with M.Tech.
The inteçrated B.Tech. With l.Tech. proçramme is structured in a
Way that students can aliçn themselves toWards research in specific
domains of their fields of ençineerinç. lnteçrated dual deçrees are
offered in the folloWinç disciplines at CUFL:
B.Tech. [Civil Lnçineerinç]
and l.Tech. [Structural Lnçineerinç]
B.Tech. [Computer Science and Lnçineerinç]
and l.Tech. [Computer Science and Lnçineerinç]
B.Tech. [Llectronics and Communication Lnçineerinç]
and l.Tech. [Communication Systems]
B.Tech. [Llectrical and Llectronics Lnçineerinç]
and l.Tech. [FoWer Systems]
B.Tech. [lnformation Technoloçy]
and l.Tech. [lnformation Technoloçy]
B.Tech. [lechanical Lnçineerinç]
and l.Tech. [lachine Desiçn]
lntegrated 0uaI 0egree lrogramme {5 years)
ß.Tech. M.ß.A.
lh.0. lrogramme
CertiIicate lrogrammes
Civil Lnçineerinç Finance
Computer Science and Lnçineerinç larketinç
Llectronics and Communication Lnçineerinç Human kesources
Llectrical and Llectronics Lnçineerinç Lean Òperations and Systems
lnformation Technoloçy
lechanical Lnçineerinç
Civil Lnçineerinç
Computer Science and Lnçineerinç
Llectronics and Communication Lnçineerinç
lechanical Lnçineerinç
ln addition to the mandatory courses spread throuçhout the proçramme
of study, the Faculty of Lnçineerinç has also introduced numerous
value-added certificate proçrammes.
Alçorithms for Froçrammers
lATLAB Froçramminç
NetWork Storaçe Technoloçies
Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Advanced laterials
Communication Skills
German Lançuaçe

luuovative curricu|um aud methodo|ogy
Mu|ti-tech eugiueeriug faci|ity
We|| qua|ified aud dedicated facu|ty
Lush greeu campus
Wi-Fi euab|ed campus
hoste| faci|ities for gir|s aud boys
Trausportatiou faci|ity from the maiu campus
Cafeteria, liosl aud bool sta||
Library with reputed ou|iue jourua|s
Learuiug mauagemeut system
EVENTS 2011-2012
Christ University Faculty of Lnçineerinç
presented its first ever Technical Fest,
lAGNÒVlTL Z01Z, on º and
10 February Z01Z. The fest Was
kick started With a Workshop on
Lthical Hackinç, conducted by
Kyrion Securities, on Z1 and
Zß of }anuary Z01Z, to make
the students aWare of the
different aspects of ethical hackinç.
The festival Was an amalçamation of various technical events like koboWars, Line folloWer, paper presentations and
many non-technical events like debate, quiz and Blind Art.
Blossom is the intra-deanery cultural fest of
Christ University With motto´Be the best´. This
is a unique venture Where all the students of
Christ University,participate in atleast one
event. The events are divided into four
cateçories - Art, Theatre, Staçe and Literary.
Lnçineerinç students obtained the first
position in the lnter-Deaner y dance
competition at Blossoms Z011.
lntroductory quizzinç sessions Were orçanized by the TechClub, Where people are familiarized With the pattern of
questions asked durinç quizzes and the level of difficulty. The first session of CHAKkAVYUH-l Was conducted on }uly
Z011. CHAKkAVYUH ll, the fresher´s quiz, Was also successfully orçanized.
To arm the best and the briçhtest students With the skills necessary
to influence policy and chançe, CUFL offered a Workshop desiçned
to provide professional traininç in effective neçotiation,
communication and leadership skills, as Well as a special opportunity
for netWorkinç. The primary Workshop çoal Was to produce more
leaders to achieve their full potential in the top ranks of their
profession. The Workshop Was held on Z3 Auçust Z011 by Briçadier
N.k. loorthy and lrs. loorthy.
ln Z011 the campus Witnessed the investiture of tWo neW blocks. A neW block for the lechanical Department Where
labs like forçinç, lathe and various other instruments are installed. The other block has a neW cafeteria and a hostel
With accommodation for Z00 students. A neW staff quarters Was also inauçurated. The foundation stone Was also laid
for a neW hostel in the month of September Z011.
Student exchançe proçrammes offer broad-based benefits and
outcomes for students keen to embark on international adventures.
lost of these are intertWined and come toçether to constitute the
overarchinç exchançe experience. lnternational learninç and
knoWledçe propels students toWards acceptance and
understandinç of an array of different cultural and community
Self-development and aWareness leads to enhanced self-
confidence and self-esteem. This is often the most noticeable
chançe in the students. To promote this idea CUFL offered a
cultural exchançe proçramme With the University of Arkansas
throuçh University Studies Abroad Consortium[USAC]. A tremendous sense of accomplishment upon completion
encouraçed students to develop independent opinions, make decisions and strive to attain fresh çoals.
Òn Z3 February, CUFL conducted a student exchançe proçramme With FHWS, Wurzburç-Germany. TWenty-four
students and four faculty members fromFWHS and in equal numbers fromCUFL had participated in this proçramme.
The interaction Was folloWed by a presentation of the latest technoloçies.
The university siçned loUWith the Catholic University of America, Washinçton DC, for academic collaborations.
lost ethnic çroups possess aesthetic values central
to their culture that are embodied in particular art
forms such as music, visual arts, drama and myth. At
CUFL, Lthnic Day is orçanized to create aWareness
and to brinç alive the aesthetic values in the students
by encouraçinç themto Wear the respective ethnic dresses. As they say, seeinç is
believinç and truly- a mini lndia in vibrant colours and style is seen at CUFL on
that day.
An lpomo, Vodafone and Blackberry
collaborated Aptitude Test Was held
successfully at CUFL on 1Z
November Z011. ACL is an initiative
that enables students to use the
TWLLK mobile application on their BlackBerry smartphones. The TWLLK application has been developed by
lFÒlÒ for BlackBerry and enables students to access topicWise questions, ansWers, formulae, refresher notes and
even papers of previous years related to various competitive exams .
Centre for Social Action is a Students´ lovement, for a humane and just
society, With children as the focus. lt Was formed in order to coordinate
social sensitization proçrammes tarçeted at the students and also
implement service proçrammes for the marçinalized children and their
communities. Òn Z December Z011, members of CSA visited a villaçe in
Kolar. There they Were lead by children of the villaçe Who took them to
their houses and they had conversations on the problems they face.
They Were really happy With the presence in their place and Welcomed
themWith a Warmsmile. There Was a talent search conducted for the under privileçed students in CUFL campus on 11
December Z011and various prizes Were çiven to the Winners and the participants.
lr. lilind, a CSA member fromCUFL, represented the University at a º-day festival called ´lndia Z011´ held at the
NorWeçian University of Science and Technoloçy [NTNU]. The main purpose of this festival, With lndia as its theme,
Was to develop research and education relationship With lndia. The çoal is to çet more joint research projects, and
more exchançes of students and staff. So far, NTNUhas around ó0students and staff fromlndia.
CUFL plays a vital role in the preservation, promotion and
dissemination of art and culture. The main aim is to develop Ways and
means by Which the basic cultural and aesthetic values and perceptions
are kept active and dynamic amonç the students. lt also undertakes
proçrammes of preservation, encouraçement and dissemination of
various manifestations of contemporary creativity. The students,
faculty, staff, and the local community have the opportunity to shoWcase
their culture throuçh music, dance, poetry, and other talents. A Talent
Search Competition is conducted to explore the talents of the students in varied fields.
Workshops at CUFL brinç you face to face With state of the art
technoloçies While providinç valuable experiences under the çuidance
of renoWned and expert professionals. Various Workshops are
conducted in different streams such as lATLAB, kF LAB, licrostrip
Antennas, Diçital Siçnal Frocessinç, Computer NetWorks, Llectronic
lnstrumentation, NetWork Simulation and lachine Shop. ln the
academic year Z011-Z01Z, a team from Tektronics Was invited to
equip the students and faculty With a çood knoWledçe of various
electronic instruments used in universities and industries.
This year the students had the privileçe of visitinç the lnfosys Campus
and Kaynes Technoloçies located in lysore. They also visited the klG Technoloçies in Feenya, Bançalore. The
students also Went to Bançalore lnternational Lxhibition Centre Where they had an exposure to various upcominç
ventures in different ençineerinç fields.
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8.Tech. / ûua| ûegree - A pass |u PuC (1O+2) o| equ|va|eul w|lh au agg|egale ol 5Oº ma||s |u Nalhemal|cs, Phys|cs aud
Chem|sl|y .
8.Tech. (LaIera| EnIry) - Caud|dales who have successlu||y comp|eled a 8 yea| d|p|oma |u Eug|uee||ug a|e e||g|b|e lo app|y lo| |ale|a|
eul|y. Caud|dales w||| be adm|lled lo lhe secoud yea| ol lhe p|og|amme, alle| appea||ug |u lhe Ch||sl uu|ve|s|ly
se|ecl|ou p|ocess lo| Eug|uee||ug p|og|ammes.
N.Tech. - A Pass |u B.E./B.Tech./N.C.A./N.Sc. w|lh al |easl 55º ma||s agg|egale o| equ|va|eul g|ade.
Ph.û. - A pass |u N.Tech./N.E./N.S. w|lh al |easl 55º ma||s agg|egale o| equ|va|eul g|ade |u lhe |e|evaul
subjecl l|omauy |ecogu|/ed uu|ve|s|ly.
Caud|dales lo| uude|g|aduale P|og|ammes cau p|ocess lhe|| adm|ss|ous based ou lhe
uude|g|aduale Eul|auce Tesl couducled by Ch||sl uu|ve|s|ly o| Rau||ug l|om C0NEûK.
EnIry Leve| E||g|b|||Iy Ior