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O Lcsscns ]cm !cctics tc Strctcgq
Ray Chcng
I8CC8l LH05$ X0IC50$
000Iessons}am Iactics to S|atq
LDQfJ_hl ZUU H3y Lhcn_. P fI_hlS fcScfVc0. ^D Q3fl D lhIS DDDk
D3y Dc fcQfD0uCc0 Df lclf3BSmIlc0 IB 3By DHH Df D 3ny mc3nS
WI\hDu\ lhc WfIllcn QclDISSIDn D lhc [uDIShcf.
uDIShc0 Dy hc3lm3fk'
1U t3Sl lc3nD >lfccl, >uI\c U+, uLSDn, PfIZDn3 3U3 L.>.P.
>^. V-J-3J-UJ-J

H00X Ol byHDOlS
lX0lC1S0S 3H0 bOuIIOHS
x capturc
! ! cxcc||cnt movc
! good movc
! ? intcrcsting movc
?! dubious movc
? bad movc
?? b|undcr
scc corrcsponding diagram




vcry dimcu|t
Ray Chcng |ovcs chcss. ! know this bccausc hc has bccn my
studcnt for scvcra| ycars and his cnthusiasm has ncvcr wancd.
NcvcrthcIcss, whcn Ray rst mcntioncd that hc wantcd to writc a
book of training cxcrciscs for thc amatcur p|aycr, ! was skcptica|.
Thc chcss markct has its sharc of training matcria|, inc|uding an
abundancc of books with co||cctions of positions to bc so|vcd.
But as Ray unfo|dcd thc p|ans for his work, ! bccamc morc and
morc intrigucd. Hc had comc up with scvcra| innovativc idcas,
mcthods that offcr thc rcadcr a gcnuinc opportunity to acquirc
thc ski||s nccdcd for ucluu p|ay.
First, instcad of sorting thc prob|cms by thcmcs, hc mixcs thcm
togcthcr so that thc studcnt has no advancc idca of what kind of
position hc is dca|ing with. !s thcrc a simp|c chcckmatc, a
comp|cx tactica| scqucncc, or a purc|y stratcgic so|ution to thc
position? Or pcrhaps a mixturc of thcsc c|cmcnts and particu|ar
thcmcs? With hindsight, Ray's point is obvious. this is prcci sc|y
thc situation that a pIaycr is confrontcd with in a rca| gamc!
Whcn considcring your ncxt movc, you'rc on your own and havc
to dccidc what to play bascd upon your own unassistcd thought
proccss. Astonishing|y, l can think of no othcr book that poscs
its prob|cms in this way without hints about how to procccd. For
cxamplc, books that ask you to nd a chcckmatc in onc, two, or
thrcc movcs tc|cgraph thcir intcntions, whcrcas cvcn books that
ask 'What's thc bcst movc?' tip you off about thc rc|cvant thcmcs
and choiccs. By contrast, Ray's book forccs you to do thc most
important thing o| a|| . think for yoursc|f.
A rclatcd prob|cm is thc dcgrcc of di mculty. Most cxcrcisc
books movc from casicr prob|cms to morc cha||cnging oncs.
Othcrs cxp|icit|y indicatc to thc rcadcr how hard a givcn position
is to so|vc. Oncc again, this is not information i mpartcd to a
p|aycr in thc rca| wor|d of compctition. Thcrcforc Ray has donc
what sccms obvious in rctrospcct. hc has not on|y choscn a widc
rangc o| prob|cms |rom c|cmcntary to advanccd, but has
randomizcd thc ordcr of thc cxcrciscs with rcspcct to thcir
comp|cxity and casc of so|ution. Again, this simp|c arrangcmcnt
of matcria| is sc|dom if cvcr to bc found in othcr chcss books.
Thcsc innovations apart, what about thc prob|cms thcmsc|vcs?
Ray spcnt ovcr a ycar compi|ing cxamp|cs, drawing in |argc part
from an unconvcntiona| sourcc. thc gamcs of amatcurs. Thcsc
wcrc typical|y p|aycd on thc !ntcmct, whcrc vcnturc to say that
thc majority of gamcs by scrious p|aycrs wi | | soon bc contcstcd.
Thosc invo|vcd in p|aying gamcs via thc !ntcmct should gain
insight i nto thcir typica| tcndcncics and shortcomings. Thcy arc
not so diffcrcnt from thc oncs that show up during ovcr-thc-
board p|ay, and on|y app|icd study can adcquatc|y addrcss and
corrcct thcm. Ray's undcrstanding of thc ways in which amatcurs
think a||ows him to touch upon arcas of misundcrstanding and
ovcrsight that don't occur to thc mastcrs who usua||y writc
cxcrcisc books. !n most cascs thcy toss togcthcr tactica|
cxamp|cs from mastcr gamcs, without particu|ar thought to thc
amatcur audicncc. Thcrc cou|d hard|y bc a grcatcr contrast to thc
cIfort that Ray has invcstcd in thc book bcIorc you.
Chcss authors arc constant|y c|aiming that thcy don't mcrc|y
impart information, but a|so tcach you how to think. As a
tcachcr, ! am painfu||y awarc of how sc|dom that is thc casc.
Tru|y making onc's own dccisions without dcpcnding upon
othcrs' advicc i s usua||y thc |ast stcp in bccoming a strong p|aycr.
But iI you carcIu||y work through thc book bcforc you, you wi||
incvi tab|y improvc in that rcgard, and gain thc satisfaction that
comcs from grcatcr mastcry of thc gamc.
1ohn Watson
!ntcmationa| Mastcr

This book is a training and improvcmcnt program for amatcur
chcss p|aycrs. !t compriscs 600 chcss cxcrciscs and thcir
so|utions. !t i s un|ikc any othcr chcss training book. Whi|c othcrs
focus on|y on tactics, this onc covcrs
Thrcat !dcntication
Thc Thought Proccss
Positiona| I|ay
Lach cxcrcisc consists of a diagrammcd chcss position, and your
lask is to nd thc bcst movc. For cach position you arc to|d on|y
which sidc is to movc; thcrc is no furthcr sct-up. For cxamp|c,
you wi | | not nd a caption undcr thc diagram such as 'Whitc to
matc in 3, or How can B|ack cxp|oit thc undcfcndcd rook on
a l ? Thc intcntion is to furnish on|y thc information that you
wou|d havc during a rcal gamc, whcn no such hints arc cxpcctcd
or pcrmittcd. !ndccd, any kind of training tcnds to bc morc
cffcctivc to thc cxtcnt that it simu|atcs thc conditions of actua|
compctition. That is onc of thc corc princip|cs o| this book. For
simi|ar rcasons, thc cxcrcisc positions arc not groupcd by thcmc
or |abc|cd by |cvc| of diicu|ty. Again, thc idca is that in a rca|
gamc, no onc is going to whispcr in your car 'Hcy, you havc a
ki |lcr knight |ork, or You` d bcttcr spcnd a l itt|c cxtra timc on
this movc, bccausc it ratcs four stars in difcu|ty.
Most chcss puzz|c books consist cntirc|y of tactica| cxcrciscs,
but thcrc is a downsidc to thi s. Kowing at thc outsct that thcrc is
a tactic to bc found di|utcs thc valuc of thc cxcrci sc. Indccd, it
cncouragcs thc rcadcr to adopt an abridgcd thought proccss -
|umping right into ca|cu|ating outragcous sacriccs, for instancc,

without bcing |cd toward thc so|ution by ski||tu||y rcading thc
c|ucs in thc position. 1ust as ohcn, this rcadcr might prcmaturc|y
stop ca|cu|ating oncc a p|ausib|c tactic has bccn found (and
amrmcd by thc so|ution in thc back ot thc book), without
bothcring to doub|c-chcck whcthcr it rca||y works. For that
rcason ! inc|udcd a numbcr ot positions whcrc thcrc is a
tcmpting tactical try that fai |s tor somc rcason, and thc bcst movc
is somcthing c|sc cntirc|y. !n rca| | itc, many (and pcrhaps most)
tactica| possibi|i tics tum out to bc awcd, and thus thc habit ot
doub|c-chccking thcm is wc|| worth cu|tivating. Likcwisc, !
inc|udcd positions in which it is your opponcnt who has thc
tactica| thrcat; your job is thcn to idcntify thc thrcat and takc any
appropriatc dctcnsivc mcasurcs.
Many ot thc cxcrciscs in this book covcr tactica| thcmcs, whi |c
othcrs nccd not havc a tactica| rcso|ution at a||. Thcrc arc
cxcrciscs bui|t upon positiona| idcas, such as outposts, wcak
squarcs, pawn structurc, supcrior minor piccc, and positiona|
sacriccs. Othcr cxcrciscs arc conccmcd with basic thcorctica|
cndgamcs that cvcry chcss p|aycr shou|d know, or thcy fcaturc
intcrcsting cndgamc positions that havc occurrcd in practicc.
Many of thcm wn| i | |ustratc important cndgamc conccpts,
inc|uding thc activc king, opposition, rooks bchnd passcd
pawns, and thc outsidc passcd pawn. As far as opcnngs go, you
wi | | not bc tcstcd tor your spcci c know|cdgc of thcorctica|
book movcs. You w| |, howcvcr, nccd to hand|c opcnng
positions bascd on mndamcnta| prncp|cs, such as thosc
conccming thc ccntcr, dcvc|opmcnt, and cast|ing. Of coursc,
thcrc wi | | a|so bc opcning tactics and b|undcrs to contcnd with.
Thc cxcrciscs n ths book appcar in random ordcr, not on|y by
thcmc, but a|so by |cvc| of di mcu|ty. Acr a||, bcing ab|c to
judgc how much timc and cncrgy to dcvotc to a particu|ar
postion i s a va|uab|c sk|| during actua| compctiton. Thc
cxcrcscs rangc trom vcry smp|c to vcry dmcu|t, with most
fa||ing into thc midd|c catcgorics. For thc sakc of rcfcrcncc !
havc labc|cd thc so|utons (but not thc cxcrcisc positions
thcmsc|vcs, ot coursc) wth up to tour stars to indcatc thcir
approximatc dmcu|ty.
Bccausc thcy arc not accompanicd by articia| hints, working
through thcsc cxcrciscs wi | | insti|| a morc comp|ctc and rca|istic
movc sc|cction proccss. Thcy prcscnt opportunitics to uti | izc and
strcngthcn your tactica| vision, positiona| undcrstanding,
thcorctica| know|cdgc, and intuitivc judgmcnt in an intcgratcd
and ho|istic manncr. In addition, thcy wi | | cnhancc your abi|ity
to anticipatc your opponcnt's idcas, ca|cu|atc variations, and
cva|uatc thc rcsu|ting positions accuratc|y.
Consi stcnt with thc spirit oI this book, you shou|d try to so|vc
cach prob|cm dircct|y Irom thc diagram; or, sct up thc initia|
position on a board, but do a|| oI thc ana|ysis in your hcad
without moving thc picccs. You can cvcn usc a c|ock to add thc
timc c|cmcnt, giving yoursc|I, say, ha|I an hour to do cach pagc
oI six positions. In short, thcsc cxcrciscs wi| | hc|p you to dcvc|op
thc Iu| | rangc oI ski |Is that you nccd to succccd in practica| p|ay.
Un|ikc a rca| gamc, howcvcr, you wi|| rcccivc immcdiatc,
constructivc Iccdback on cvcry movc sc|cction. !n addition, thcsc
cxcrciscs wi|| put you in contact with a wca|th oI important
chcss thcmcs and idcas, not a|| oI which you may havc
cncountcrcd in your own gamcs.
Thc so|utions wcrc chcckcd using a numbcr oI strong computcr
cngincs. Thc main | inc oI cach so|ution appcars in bcld Iacc.
Somctimcs thc main |inc |o|lows not thc obj cctivc|y bcst
dcIcnsc, but rathcr thc grcatcst p|ausib|c rcsi stancc. For
cxamp|c, thc bcst dcIcnsc to a tactica| combination might bc to
acccdc to thc |oss oI a knight on movc two, howcvcr, by putting
up rcasonab|c rcsistancc thc dcIcndcr might |ast vc additiona|
movcs, and thcn |osc a rook. This approach hc|ps to bring out
rc|cvant variations, and morc c|osc|y corrcsponds to thc way
most humans think. !n somc cxcrciscs, particu|ar|y thosc with a
stratcgic or positiona| thcmc, thcrc is ncccssari|y a subjcctivc
c|cmcnt. Whi|c in thosc cascs thcrc may bc morc than onc
acccptab|c movc, ! tricd to sc|cct onc that wou|d mcct thc
rcquircmcnts oI thc position in a spccia| way.
Fina||y, this co||cction oI cxcrciscs is distinguishcd by anothcr
critica| Icaturc. thc vast majority oI thc positions wcrc takcn
|rom amatcur gamcs. (I rc|icd on mastcr gamcs primari|y Ior
cxamp|cs oI positiona| p|ay.) Why shou|d this makc a

diffcrcncc? Wc amatcurs usc a much widcr varicty of opcnings
than mastcrs, many considcrcd unsound at thc highcst |cvc|s (and
indccd somc arc unsound at any |cvc| ! ). Wc rightm||y continuc
p|aying out positions that thc pro|cssional wou|d dismiss as
rcsignab|c. Wc makc morc mistakcs, wc makc worsc mistakcs,
and wc makc mi stakcs of dicrcnt kinds. Iositions arising from
mastcr gamcs can bc marvc|s of piccc coordination and activity.
!n our gamcs, howcvcr, i t i s not uncommon for both p|aycrs to
havc p|accd thcir pi cccs awkward|y, or to havc pursucd p|ans
inconsistcnt with thc dcmands of thc position. Rudo|f Spic|mann
oncc quippcd, ! can scc A|ckhinc's combinations as wc|| as hc
can, ! just can't gct his positions. Spic|mann was a wor|d c|ass
mastcr; his words shou|d p|acc into pcrspccti vc thc di mcu|tics
thc rcst of us suffcr down in thc |owcr scctions.
For al| thcsc rcasons, thc positions you wi | | nd on thc fo| lowing
pagcs do not rcscmb|c thosc gathcrcd i n othcr chcss cxcrcisc
books. Rathcr, thcy contain thc fu| | rangc of cha||cngcs and
opportunitics that wc ordinary morta|s facc at thc chcssboard, on
thc |ong road toward i mprovcmcnt and succcss.

LX0IS0S H0 b00l0HS
Thc fo| |owing pagcs contain 600 chcss training cxcrciscs. Each
cxcrci sc consists of a diagrammcd chcss position. You arc to|d
on|y which sidc has thc movc. For cach position your task is to
nd thc bcst movc, and bc ab|c to support your choicc using
words and ana|ysis.
Thc cxcrciscs arc |aid out on thc |ch-hand pagcs, six to a pagc.
Thcir solutions appcar on thc corrcsponding right-hand pagcs
(rathcr than a scparatc scction at thc cnd of thc book). Thc
so|utions shou|d bc covcrcd up using a |argc indcx card or a
fo|dcd shcct of papcr, and uncovcrcd as you procccd through thc

I o !80K IO mOVC 4. YhIC IO mOVC
J. 8CK lO mOVC . YhlC lO mOVC

... NbJ! 2.Rb Nc5 wins thc cxchangc (i. c. , a rook lor a minor
(2)**1racd iccc,lccklcr bcttcrmcvc
Whitc cou|d ccrtain|y pick up thc cxchangc by I . Bxd8. But with
so lcw opcn l|cs, and with so many picccs on thc board, thc
matcria| imba|ancc might not bc advantagcous lor qui tc somc
timc. Bcsidcs, Whitc shou|d rst chcck whcthcr thcrc is an cvcn
bcttcr movc, and indccd thcrc is onc. .Nb4! traps thc B|ack
quccn. ( I .Nd4 is also cllcctivc.) Notc that thc dcspcratc try
I . . . Nxc4 wou|d bc mct by 2. Qc3.
Thcrc isn't a tactica| shot, but thcrc is a positiona| crisis. Givcn
thc chancc, Whitc would p|ay Nd5 and Bl5, whcn his linc|y
placcd picccs can stand up to Bl ack's quccn. B|ack stops this
p|an by ...Ncb! . Now 2.Nd5 runs into 2... Qcb J.Bxcb lxcb
driving thc piccc back.
Whitc's p|an is to abandon thc b-pawn, and msh his king ovcr to
thc kingsidc to cat B|ack's rcmaining pawns. Hc gains a prccious
tcmpo with this |itt|c lncssc. . Kb2! ! Kb5 2.KcJ Kc5 J.KdJ
Kb4 4. Kc4 KxbJ. Thc point is that thc Whitc king is on c4
rathcr than d3 whcn B|ack capturcs thc b-pawn. As it tums out,
this onc tcmpo makcs thc dilIcrcncc bctwccn a win and a draw.
(5)**Rcmcvc lhcguard,skcwcr
Whitc wins hcavy matcria| by .Qxg5!, rcmoving thc dclcndcr
olh?. ...lxg52.Rh8+KfJ.R8h7+Kg84.Rxc7.
Thc Whitc kight on g3 is hanging (sincc thc L pawn is pinncd).
Moving it away is bcst. .Nl .
. !80K IO mOVC 1. 80K IO mOVC
. YhIC IO mOVC !1. Yh IC IO mOVC
V. YhlC lO mOVC 1. YhlC lO mOVC
AItcr ...l! (thrcatcning matc and dcccting thc dclcndcr ol h3 )
2.BxlRxhJ,Whitc cannot prcvcnt matc.
**Llcarancc, lcrk
.Bc4+ (c|caring b5 lor thc knight) . ..Kh82.Nb5scoops up thc
ishop on d6.
.Qxc8+! Qxc8 2.Bab! . B|ack must givc up his quccn or a||ow
thc pawn to promotc.
(0)****Ficcc sacricctccxcsc cncmy king
Thc obvious try I . . .Qxc2+ 2. Kal Rb8 3.Qc2 Qxc2 4. Rxc2 Nc5
5.Rxc5+ Nc6 |cads to an unc|car strugg|c. !nstcad, B|ack can
takc chargc with thc spcctacu|ar piccc sac ...NcJ+! ! 2.bxcJ
QxcJJ.Qc2 3. Rc2 Rb8+ 4.Kc I Qa| + 5. Kd2 Rd8+ nabs a rook,
3. a3 Qxc2+ 4. KaI Qc3+ 5.Ka2 Ra8 and Whitc must shcd a rook
via 6. Rxc5+ to stavc oll immcdiatc matcj J Rb8+4.Kc QaJ+
5.Kd2 Rd8.Whitc must givc up his quccn.
( )**Obtain dcalawn ccntcr
3Ck 3S I3K0H 3 Q3uS0 lIOH l0 SIIu__0 IO COHIIO Ih0 0
SQu3l0, SO Il0 SOu0 S0IZ0 I0 I003 Q3WH C0HI0I Dy
(2)**Achicvcccstc-cclcrcd bshcs
Down two pawns, Whitc's bcst chancc to ho|d a draw is .Bg5!
Kcb 2.Bxlb Bxlb, rcaching an cnding with oppositc-co|orcd
bishops. Whitc can hopc to sct up a b|ockadc a|ong thc |ight
1O. 30K IO mOVC . YhIC IO mOVC
J. YhlC lO mOVC . YhIC IO mOVC

( J)***Fcsiticnalawnsac
. .. c4! 2.lxc4 Nc5. B| ack gcts an outpost lor his knight, thc c-l|c
(with targcts) lor his rook, and grcatcr scopc lor his bishop.
Whtc's |ight-squarcd bishop s obstructcd by his own pawn on
c4, howcvcr.
To takc advantagc ol thc nicc squarcs at c4, d6 and l5, Whitc has
.Bc4! , c|iminating thc cncmy scntry. ...Bxc4 or I . . . B
2.Bxl+ Kxl 3. Qc4+ Kg? 4.Nll lo||owcd by Nl| -g3-l5j
2.Qxc4+KMJ.Qcb.Now Whitc can p|an on Nd2-c4-d6.
( 5)*lcrk,in
.Qa4+ wins a piccc, as ...Ncbis mct by 2.d5.
(I b)***1hctacticlails!
Whitc wou|d maintain his c|car advantagc ahcr thc scnsib|c
.Rl or .Qc2. Thc tactica| shot l . Rxg?+ is tcmpting, and
shou|d bc |ookcd at, but I . . . Kxg? 2. Bh6+ Kh8 3.Qg5? (cxpccting
3 . . . l5 4. Qxh4 with compcnsation) |oscs to 3 . . . Nf+! 4.gxf Rg8
winning thc Whitc quccn.
(7)***5avcdby stalcmatccrcrclualchcck
Thc Whitc king is scqucstcrcd at a8, prcvcnting thc a-pawn lrom
promoting. On thc othcr hand, thc B|ack pawns havc a c|carcr
path toward thc rst rank. Whitc cscapcs with a ha|l point by
.Ra5+ Kh4 [ I . . . Kl6 2. Rl5+! j 2.Rh5+! KgJ J.RhJ+! KxhJ
(8)** 5lralcgicawn mancuvcr
Whitc must act quick|y to cngagc thc cncmy bclorc thc |attcr
catchcs up in dcvc|opmcnt. Onc way lorward is .a4! . Now l
...b4 I . . . bxa4 2. Rxa4 Bc? 3. Nd2 intcnding Nc4 with thc
advantagc, on I . . . Rb8 2. axb5 axb5 3. Ra? Whitc sczcs thc ?th
rankj 2.Rac Bc7 J.bJ thcn Whitc has a targct at c5, an outpost
at c4, a sharc ol thc opcn |c, and a kingsidc pawn majority.

V. YhlC I O mOVC ZZ. 0Ck IO mOVC
Z . YhlC lO mOVC Z4. YhlC lO mOVC
()* Backrankwcakncss
.Qc8+Qxc8 [ I. Nc8 2. Qxb8j 2.Rxc8+Nc8J.Rxc8matc.
(20)**5lclhcmalicawn advancc
B|ack's countcrp|ay in thc Scmi-S|av Dclcnsc rc|ics on thc . . . c6-
c5 advancc, opcning thc diagona| lor his |ight-squarcd bishop,
cxtcnding thc scopc ol thc rook on c8, and chal!cnging Whitc's
pawn ccntcr. Hcrc, ahcr unusua||y rcstraincd play by both sidcs,
Whitc can prcvcnt B|ack's thcmatic advancc by . b4! .
(2)* Ovcrwcrkcd iccc,dcublcallack
.Rxc7! wins a piccc, as ahcr ...Qxc72.Qxd5+Whitc snags thc
d-pawn and thc |oosc rook on a8.
B|ack wi| | cvcntual|y havc to givc up his rook lor thc c-pawn.
His hopcs rcst with his rcmaining pawn on a6. ...Rc4! is thc
winning movc, a||owing thc king to join thc strugg|c via c3.
[ I . . . Rxc?? is prcmaturc as 2.Kxc? Kc4 3.Kb6 is a draw, I . . . Rc2?
docsn't a||ow thc B|ack king to pcnctratc in timc 2. Kd? Kd5
3.c8Q Rxc8 4.Kxc8 Kc6 5. Kb8, with a drawj 2.Kd7 KcJ J.c8Q
(2J)*** Ucublcallack,in
l.Qc ! wins thc B|ack h-pawn. !l B|ack trics to dclcnd it by
...Kh77, thcn Whitc wins yct morc matcria| by 2.QaJ Nbd7
.Rxlb! gxlb 2.Nd5Qd8J.Nxlb+ Kg7 4.Bd5. For thc cxchangc,
Whitc gcts a pawn, so|c owncrship ol thc d5 outpost, grcatcr
contro| ol thc squarcs l5, l6 and h5; hcavy prcssurc down thc l-
h|c, and a wcakcncd cncmy king.

Z3. 0Ck lO mOVC
Z. 0Ck IO mOVC
Z. 0Ck lO mOVC
ZV. !0Ck lO mOVC
JU. YhlC lO mOVC

(25)** lcrk,dcublcallack

,..Nd4! 2.cxd4 Qxd4+ J.Kh2 Qxb2. B|ack rcgains his piccc,

maining two pawns up.
B|ack's rst ordcr ol busincss is to prcvcnt Ba6, |osing his quccn.
Thus ...Kb8.
(27)** 5ucricrmincriccc
.Bh4! Bb7 2.Bxc7 Rxc7. Whitc rcmovcs a dclcndcr ol thc
backward pawn at c6, and is |cII with thc supcrior minor piccc.
l. .W c4! 2.Bxc4 Bxc4 J.dxc4. !n rctum lor thc pawn, B|ack has
c|carcd c5 lor a knight, thc c-I |c lor his rooks, and thc b8-h2
diagona| lor his quccn. Thcrc lo| |owcd J@ Nclb 4.Ng2 Rlc8
5.Nd2 5. Nxc3 wou|d bc answcrcd by 5 . . . Rxc4j 5... Bxd2
b.Qxd2QxgJ+!7.KxgJNxc4+8.Kl4 Nxd2. B|ack has cmcrgcd
with an cxtra advanccd, protcctcd passcd pawn. ( Io|ugacvsky -
Pctrosan, Moscow l ?0)
l..W c5picks up onc ol thc |oosc Whitc knights.
(J0)*** Rcckandawn(s)vs.bishcandknight
Whcthcr a rook and pawn(s) arc worth morc than two minor
pcccs dcpcnds on thc activity |cvc| ol thc rcmaining picccs
(inc|uding pawns). Hcrc, ahcr .Nxg5! lxg5 2.Bxg5+ Kcb
J.Bxd8Rxd84.l4 RM5.c5Bc7 b.gJ,Whitc has a mobi|c passcd
pawn mass and his rooks contro| thc d-!c; B|ack's picccs, in
contrast, do not havc dcccnt squarc>.

J . 0Ck lO mOVC J4. 0Ck lO mOVC
JZ. YhlC lO mOVC JJ. YhlC lO mOVC
JJ. YhlC lO mOVC J. 0Ck lO mOVC

(J) )**ZugJn0ng
Whitc` s king cannot bc lorccd away lrom thc comcr, but his
pawns can bc lorccd to abandon thcir sovcrcign. Hcrc is onc way
do it. ...Bc2 2.Ka2 Bb +J. Ka Kc2 Whitc is in ugun_
hc is compc||cd to makc a movc to his disadvan!agc! 4.bJ axbJ
5.a4 b2 matc.
(J2)** Ucublcaltack,disccvcrcd atlack
.BbJ! is dccisivc. ...Rb8 I . . .K8 2. Qxd5 wins onc ol thc
knights, I . . . Nxc5 2. Bxd5 with a doub|c attack on a8 and c6j
2.Bxd5 Qd7J.cxlb Bxlb4.Bg5wi|h !hc doub|c thrcat ol Bxc6+
and Bxl6.
Whitc a|rcady stands much bcttcr, and hc can compound his
opponcnt's miscry by .Ngb! , lor ahcr I . . . Rg8 [not ...lxgb77
2.Bxgbmatcj B|ack is dcnicd thc right to cast|c short.
(J4)**Ucccy,lcrk, rcmcvclhcguard
...d2+! 2.Rxd2 Rd2 J.Kxd2 Nc4+ 4.KcJ NxgJ 5.hxgJ Bxc5
e .
WU 5 a ptccc.
(J5)**Ucwna iccc,swaawns
Whitc's bcst chancc to sa|vagc a draw is . c5! , lorcing thc
cxchangc ol Black's |ast pawn. I .d4? wou|d a||ow B|ack to
crcatc a passcd pawn. I . . . RgI 2. c5 RbI + 3.Kc4 b5+, winning.
.M Bhb! skcwcrs thc Whitc quccn to thc undclcndcd bishop on
J. YhlC lO mOVC 4U. YhIC IO mOVC
J. 0Ck IO mOVC 4 l . 0Ck IO mOVC
JV. 0Ck lO mOVC 4Z. 0Ck IO mOVC
.Rb8+ BM2.Bhbwith matc to lo||ow.
(J8)* Ucminalicn
...Bd5! immobi|izcs thc Whitc knight. With thc Whitc king
| k
cwisc chaincd to b3, B|ack wi|| now attack thc kngsidc.
(J)** Frcvcnlccncnt'slan
Whitc cou|d try to crcatc a wcakncss at a? or b6 by mcans ol an
a4-a5 advancc. 7 ...a5! prcvcnts this idca. Thc backward pawn at
b6 s casi|y dclcndcd.
(40)****My hcrsclcrycurkingdcm
Thc g5 knight is nccdcd to covcr thc l ight squarc - but on|y
lor onc morc tcmpo. .Nh4+! ! Kxg5 l . . . Kh5 2. Rh8+ Kxg5
(2 . . . Kg4 3.h3+ Kxg5 4. l4 matc) 3. l4+ Kg4 4.h3 matc, I . . Kh6
2. Rh8+ Kxg5 3. l4+ Kg4 4.h3 matc] 2.l4+ Kh5 2 . . . Kg4 3.h3+
Kh5 4. Rh8 matc, 2 .. . Kh6 3. Rh8 matcj J.Rh8+Kg44.hJmatc.
(4)***Rcscucatlackcd quccn
Both quccns arc cn ]rt5c (i. c. , subj cct to capturc). Ahcr thc
smp|c cxchangc I . . . Rxc6? 2. Rxl4, Whitc wou|d stand bcttcr duc
to his conncctcd passcd pawns. Docs B|ack havc anything
bcttcr? Hc shou|d |ook lor a way to gct his quccn to a salc squarc
wth chcck, nvcsting somc matcrial il ncccssary. Hcrc's thc way.
l...Rxg2+! 2.Kh [or 2. Kxg2 Qxf+ 3. Kgl Qxdl + 4.KL Rxc6j
2... Rxh2+! J.Nxh2 Bl+ 4.Nxl QxO+ 5.Kh2 Rxcb with a
wnning matcra| advantagc.
(42)***Mcct ank attackwithccntraIacticn
Whitc has an imprcssivc bui|d-up on thc kngsidc. Howcvcr,
B|ack can cllcctivc|y countcr with a ccntra| thrust. ...Nb4!
2.Rac d5! J.cxd5 Nxd5 4.Nxd5 Bxd5. Now B|ack has activc
pcccs, thc |ast rcmaining ccntcr pawn, and thc morc sccurc king.
4J. YhlC lO mOVC 4. YhlC lO mOVC
44. YhlC lO mOVC 4. 0Ck lO mOVC
4J. YhlC lO mOVC 4. 0Ck lO mOVC

(4J)* 5taIcmatc
Whtc cscapcs wth a draw by .b8Q+!Qxb8sta|cmatc.
(44)** Lliminatcdclcndcrclcutcst
.Bd5! c|imnatcs thc |ast B|ack minor piccc dclcndng d5.
... Kh7 2.Bxcb Qxcb J.RdJ Rc7 4.Rcd R 5.Nc4
(conccntrating his lorccs on thc backward pawn) 5... Bl8 b.Rd5.
Whitc soon won thc d6 pawn and thc gamc. (Smys|ov - Dcnkcr,
SA/lSSR Rad o Match I 46)
Whitc had bcttcr contcnd w th I . . . Qb6+! whcn thc lrst p|aycr
must shcd matcria| at d4, or succumb to "Ph |idor's Lcgacy, "
2. KI NL+ 3. Kgl Nh3+ 4. Kh | QgI + 5. Rxg| NL matc. .Qa5
is bcst, prcvcnting thc ntia| chcck. Notc that l . Rd2? |oscs to
I . . .Qb6+ 2. KlI Qc3 ! w th thc lata| thrcat ol . . . Nxh2 matc.
Notc that B|ack's c6 rook dclcnds against Nxl6 matc. Now
.Rc ! cthcr dcccts or w ns this crucia| pccc. ...Rac8 or
| . . . a2 2. Rxc6 aI Q 3.Nxl6+ Qxl6 4. Rxl6 and wins, I . . . Bg6
2. Rxc6 Bxh5 3. Rxl6 a2 4. R+ Rx 5. h?+ Kxh? 6. gxQ+
matngj 2.Nxlb+ Rxlb J.Rxc8+ Kh74.Rh8+ Kgb 5.g8Q+ with
matc to lo||ow.
...Rxc+ 2.Qxc Qc2. Thc doub|c attack on f and L l5
dcc sivc.
...BxhJ! 2.BxhJ Qh5. B|ack rcgains thc pccc and cmcrgcs an
addtiona| pawn ahcad.

4V. 0Ck lO mOVC JZ. 0Ck lO mOVC
J l . YhIC lO mOVC J4. YhlC lO mOVC
(4)** Ucublc allack,in,wcak backrank
B|ack wins matcria| by . ..Qd8! (attacking h4 and d2) | . . . Rad8
2. Rc2 Bl5 3. Rb2 Bxb| a|so winsj 2.Qxd8+Raxd8J.Rc2 BbJ.
... Rc2+ 2. Kb Bc4! J.Rc [or 3. Rg| (othcrwisc, Whitc |oscs
rook to thc discovcrcd chcck) Rxc3+ 4. Ka I Rxc3j J...Rb2+
(5)*** l mriscn cncmyiccc
.Ng5! ! Kc7 [ I . . . Kd7 2. Rd | + Kc7 3.Nxc6+ lxc6 is simi|ar to thc
gamcj 2.Nxcb+ lxcb J.h4 gb 4.l4 and thc B|ack bishop wi||
ncvcr scc thc |ight ol day. (Mi|cs - Smys|ov, Dortmund I 86)
I...U! ! c|cars thc l squarc lor thc bishop [ I. Bc8? |oscs duc to
2. g6+ Kh6 3. Kc6! j 2.BxUBlJ.hb Kgb. B|ack has succcsslu| |y
b|ockadcd thc cncmy passcd pawns, cnsuring a draw.
B|ack wins two pawns by ...Qa5+ 2.b4 cxb4 J.B!4 (to covcr
d2) J...bxaJ+4.Bd2Qbb(thrcatcning . . . QxL matc) 5.cJQb2.
B|ack wou|d |ikc to p|ay . . . g?-g6, |o||owcd by . . . Kg8-g7-l6.
Aftcr .l5! ! it is much morc dimcu|t lor B|ack to activatc his
king. (Kramnik - Timman, Wijk aan Zcc I )

JJ. YhlC lO mOVC J. 8Ck lO mOVC
J. YhlC lO mOVC JV. 8Ck lO mOVC
J. 18CK lO mOVC U. 8Ck lO mOVC

ooks gcncra||y bc|ong bchind passcd pawns, and that is thc
casc hcrc. .Rd ! lo||owcd by 2.Ra givcs Whitc thc bcst
winnng chanccs.
.Rd ! lorccs thc tradc of B|ack's on|y dcvc|opcd piccc.
...Rxd [i. Rc? 2. Rc5 Rb? 3.Rc8! thrcatcning Rdd8 and
Bc5(+)j 2.Kxd and now 2@@ Kd7 J.Rb8! kccps B|ack's picccs
ticd down for scvcral morc movcs. (Fischcr - Euwc, Lcipzig
l 60)
(57)* lcrk
B|ack picks up thc vu|ncrab|c d3 bishop by ...Nc52.Qc2Nb4.
(58)* Fin
... QhJ+! 2.Kc2 [or 2. Kg| g4j 2...g4. B|ack wins back a piccc
(as thc c3 knight is unprotcctcd) and continucs thc ons|aught.
(5)**l mrcvciccclaccmcnt
...Nd7! . Thc knight is hcading lor c, whcrc it wi|| harass thc
d4 pawn and support his kings idc pawn advancc [ | . . . Nc8 is |css
cl|cctivc duc to 2. Bl4j. 2.KH NMJ.Kc2 Ncb.(Saidy - Fischcr,
Ncw York I 4)
(b0)** Fin, skcwcr, matc
...RxcJ! 2.QxcJ [2. Rxc3 Qh| + 3.Kc2 Qxa| B|ack rcmains a
piccc to thc good, 2. lxc3 Qg2 matcj 2... Qg2+ J.Kc2 Rc8. B|ack
@cts a dccisivc matcria| advantagc.

l . YhlC lO mOVC 4. 0Ck lO mOVC
Z. 10Ck IO mOVC J. YhlC IO mOVC
J. 0Ck lO mOVC . YhlC lO mOVC

(b )*** Lrcatcsalc rctrcat
Thc h6 bishop is last running out ol salc squarcs. For instancc,
l . Bc3? l4 |cavcs Whitc with thc unp|casant choicc bctwccn
2.Ba? b6 whcn his bishop is out of p|ay, or 2. BcI Rd I + 3. Kc2
Rgl whcn his rook is snookcrcd. Whitc can rcmcdy thc situation
by cithcr . gJ sccuring thc c3 squarc, or .Rc gaining a tcmpo
and clcaring c I lor a safc rctrcat.
(b2)**5kcwcr,rcmcvcthc guard
B|ack wins matcria| by ...Rxl+ 2.Kxl Bxc4+ lo| |owcd by
J @ Bxh .
...a4 is thc on|y movc. Whitc was thrcatcning to p|ay b2-b4,
hitting thc knight that ho|ds back thc dcvastating Qa6+.
(b4)***Fawn saccrcatcscutcst
... g5! 2.lxg5 [othcr movcs conccdc c5 without pockcting thc
olfcrcd matcria|, c. g. , 2.0-0-0 gxl4 3. Qxl4 Ng6 4. Qg3 Ncc5j
2 . . . Nc5. B|ack has crcatcd an outpost lor hcr knight, gaincd a
tcmpo by attacking thc Whitc quccn, and hampcrcd Whitc's
kingsidc pawn storm. (Shirov - 1. Io|gr, Bucnos Aircs I 4)
(b5)* 1racd iccc
.g4! traps a bishop.
Whitc wins at |cast thc cxchangc acr .Ngb+! lxgb 2.Bxdbduc
to thc rcsu|ting pin.
. YhlC lO mOVC U. YhlC lO mOVC
. 10Ck IO mOVC l . 0Ck lO mOVC
V. 8CK lO mOVC Z. YhlC lO mOVC
(b7)**Fin,wcak back rank
.bxc5! Whitc is on|y up a pawn ahcr | . Rc | Bxc3 2. lxc3 K
3.bxc5j ...Bxc5 2.Rc wins sincc thc B|ack bishop is pinncd
against back rank matc. Notc that 2...Bbb wou|d simply bc mct
by J.Bxbb whcn B|ack cannot both rccapturc at b6 and dc|cnd
his king.
B|ack has adoptcd a "hcdgchog" sct-up. Whitc cnjoys morc
spacc, but B|ack is so|id and has potcntia| lor countcrp|ay,
typica|ly associatcd with thc pawn advanccs . . . b5 and . . . c5. Hcrc
thc thcmatic ...c5! wins matcria|. 2.Nc2 2. lxc5? dxc5 3. Nl5
Bc5, 2.Ndc2? Ng4 3.Ql Qc5+ 4. Kh| N!+j 2... Ng4 J.Qc2
Qc5+4.Kl Nxh2+.
Thc pawn at c3 is ovcrworkcd, but acr I . . .Bxb4?? 2. Kd3 it is
B|ack who must |osc matcria|. Thc right approach is ...Rg4!
stcpping away lrom thc Whitc king's rcach with tcmpo, 2.gJ and
only now 2...Bxb4. B|ack wi|l kccp thc cxtra pawn.
.cxb5! Bc8 thc point is that ahcr I . . . Bxa2 2. b6 thc pawn
cannot bc stoppcd, Whitc wins thc loot racc I . . .c4 2. b6 c3 3.b?
sncc hc promotcs with chcckj 2.Bxc5. B|ack wi|| havc to givc
up a pccc lor thc passcd pawn.
(1)**5tc thrcatcncd ccmbinaticn
B|ack must prcvcnt | . Nxl! KxI? 2. Qxc6+ Kg6 3. Bd3+ Kh5
4.Qh3 matc. Bcst is . WNbb, |cnding thc bishop's protcction to
(72)**Fin,lcrk,rcmcvcthc guard
wins at l cast a piccc by .Bxd7 Qxd7 2.Bxlb Qxl5
2 . . . Bb6 3. Qg4 mating soon; 2 . . . gx|6 3.Nxl6+ wnnng thc
quccnj J.Nxc5dxc54.BcJ.
J. YhlC lO mOVC . YhlC lO mOVC
4. YhlC lO mOVC . 0Ck lO mOVC
J. 0Ck lO mOVC . 0Ck lO mOVC

( intcnding to swap oll thc minor piccc dclcnding b6)
...Nxc5 2.lxc5 Rcb8 J.Rbb Bab 4.Rab. Thc rook on b6
attacks a6 and c6, it cuts oll thc Black quccn's dclcnsc ol a5, and
cxchangc rcsu|ts in a Whitc passcd pawn. (Iortisch -
Radulov, Budapcst I 6)
(74)***1racd iccc
.Nl4! c|oscs thc |id on thc cncmy quccn | .Ngl ? fai|s to I . . . l4!
allowing thc quccn t o cscapcj . B|ack's bcst chancc now is
.Rd8 2.NhJ QxlI+ J.QxI Rxd5, though Whitc sti|| has a
winning matcria| advantagc.
(75)**** lcrcc slralcgically lavcrablccxchangcs
.Na ! ! lorccs thc cxchangc ol both pairs ol rooks, adding
strcngth to thc impcnding passcd h-pawn. 2.Rxd7 Rxd7 J.Rd2
Rxd2+4. Kxd2 h4 5.gxh4 [on 5. Kc2 h3 6. Kf| Bxc3 ?. bxc3 Nc2
B|ack wi|| pick oll quccnsidc pawnsj 5... gxh4 b.Nc2 hJ 7.NgJ
h2 8.l4. With thc g3 knight g|ucd to thc promotion squarc, B|ack
wi|| p|ay thc rcst ol thc board cllcctivc|y a piccc up. (Ana|ysis
lrom 1. Dona|dson - R. Costigan, USCL Exhibition 2005)
.Nxl5! uncovcrs an attack on d8. ...Rxd [ I . . .cxl5 2. Rxd8+
Kh? 3. Bx|5+ s brutalj 2.Nc7 Kh8J.Rxdl Bbb(dcfcnding d8)
[3 . . . g6 4. Rd8+ wins thc c8 bishopj 4.Bgb! B|ack must shcd
hcavy matcria| or lacc a dcad|y chcck a|ong thc h-|c.
... Nlb! parrics thc thrcat to h7 (notc that thc g5 pawn is pnncd)
2.Ql Nxc4 J.dxc4 c5! 4. |5 Bxl5 ! 5. cxl5?? c4j 4...cxl4.
Now Black s much bcttcr.
(78)**Fin, wcak back rank
! ..Qxc +! 2.Qxc1 Rb J.hJ Rxc +4.Kh2Rd and wins.

V. YhlC lO mOVC
Z. 0Ck lO mOVC
U. YhlC lO mOVC J. 0Ck IO mOVC
l . YhlC lO mOVC 4. YhlC lO mOVC
(7)* Ucublcattack
Qa4+wins a piccc.
Thc "hanging pawns" at c5 and d5 must bc put undcr prcssurc.
.Nc ! (hcading to d3, to chcw on c5) ...Rbc8 2.Bg4 (to
prcssurc a dclcndcr ol c5) 2... Qgb J.BhJ Rc7 4.NdJ. Whtc
thrcatcns Qa5 as wc|| as Nl4. Thc nish was 4... Nlb 5.Qa5 Nc8
b.Rxc5 Rxc5 7.Nxc5. Facing hcavy matcra| |oss, B|ack
rcsigncd. (Korchnoi - Gc||cr, Moscow I ?1)
(8)***1hcmatic advancc clthc lQF
Onc ol thc stratcgc motls ol thc iso|atcd quccn pawn (! QI) is
its wc||-tmcd advancc: .d5! cxd52.Nxd5Nxd5J.Qxd5. Whtc
has thcrcby succccdcd in cxchangng B|ack's on|y kngs idc
minor pccc, opcning thc |ong dagona| lor hs bishop, and
crcating tactica| opportunitics bascd on thc wcakncss ol c6, d?
and g?. (Iortisch - Brownc, Amstcrdam I ?I )
(82)**Ucn'tallcw stalcmatc
B|ack must givc thc Whtc king ar to brcathc, as I . . bxa5?? 2.b6
axb6 s sta|cmatc. lnstcad, . .. KcJ 2.axbb axbb J.Kg wins.
B|ack nccds on|y ninc movcs to promotc a pawn, whi|c Whitc
wou|d nccd c|cvcn.
I . . . c6? |ooks "so|d," but condcmns thc B|ack bshop to
passvty. Howcvcr, ...l4! ! crcatcs thc possib|ty ol countcrp|ay
a|ong thc l-|c, and ol dcvc|oping thc bishop to l5, outsdc thc
pawn chain. (Em. Laskcr - Tartakowcr, Mhrisch-Ostrau I 23)
.NI! docs lorcc chcckmatc, but B|ack's trcks havc to bc
chcckcd out carclu| |y. Thc cnd mght bc ...Rg +! 1. . . Rb I
2. R:6+ Kg4 3. Rh4 matcj 2.KhJ! not 2. Kxg| ?? dl Q+j
2... dN! 7 (thrcatcning matc himsc|l, ust n casc Whitc has a
|apsc) or 2 . . . Rxg3+ 3. Kxg3 d| Q 4. Rh6 matcj J.Rhbmatc.
J. 0Ck lO mOVC . YhlC IO mOVC
. 10Ck IO mOVC V. 0Ck lO mOVC
. 18Ck lO mOVC VU. YhlC lO mOVC
5wa lavcrabIy, imcscdcubIcd awns
Ng4! . B|ack cxchangcs Whitc's bcttcr bishop and inicts
doub|cd c-pawns. Thcrc lo||owcd 2.aJ 2. Rd3 on|y dc|ays thc
vitab|c 2 . . . Bc6 3.b3 Nb4 4. Rd2 Nxc3 5. lxc3 Bh6j 2... NxcJ
J.lxcJ Bhband thc c3 pawn la||s.
(8b)* lcrk
...NcJ! wins thc cxchangc.
(87)* Uisccvcrcd atlack
...^xd4! ncts a pawn acr 2.Qxd7 or 2.Qd| Nxl+ 3. Nxlj
2. . . Nxl+J.NxlNxd7.
(88)***Fawnsac lcricccaclivity
.c5! lxc5 2.l5! Bl J.Nc4. For thc matcria| invcstmcnt Whitc
gcts thc c4 squarc |or his knight and a |ong diagona| for his
bishop, mcanwhi|c B|ack's quccn-bishop battcry has bccn sca|cd
oII by his own pawn. (Botvinnik - Iomar, Vama I 62)
(8)** Avcid rcckcxchangc
...Rcb is thc on|y movc, acr which B|ack rctains practica|
drawing chanccs. Trading rooks wou|d bc a mistakc, sincc Whitc
is ab|c to crcatc a passcd c-pawn unassistcd by his king. That
frccs thc Whitc king to advancc or to attack thc B|ack a-pawn.
(0)* 1racd iccc
.Bg5! traps thc B|ack quccn.
V l . 0Ck lO mOVC V4. 0Ck lO mOVC
VZ. 10Ck lO mOVC VJ. 0Ck lO mOVC
Thc mmcdiatc capturc | . . . Rxa2? wou|d a||ow pcrpctua| chcck
2. Qc8+ Kh? 3. Qh3+ Kg6 or 3 .. Qh6 4. Ql5+j 4. Ql5+ ctc.
Bcttcr s ...Qc4+! 2.Kg Qd4+ J. Kh Qd5+ 4.Kg Qc5+
5.Kh Qcb+b.Kg . Now that thc B|ack quccn covcrs c8 against
" " t ` t b R 2
pcrp, l s imc ... xa . .
Thc knight on l5 tcs a B|ack rook to thc dclcnsc ol d6, and
ho|ds up B|ack's kingsidc pawn majority. Thus ...Rdd8!
intcnding 2. . . Bc8 |o swap o|| or swat away thc cncmy horsc.
(Bogo|jubow - A|ckhinc, Ilorzhcim I 34)
.Bxd4Bxd42.Bb5+wns a piccc.
B|ack wins a pccc by hitting thc dclcndcr ol thc c2 bishop.
I . M Bb2! 2.Rb Rxc2. A|so good is | . . . Bh6 2.Rlc | Rc3 3. KL
Rlc8 4.Rc2 (this rook i s now ovcrworkcd) 4 . . . Bxc3+ 5. Rxc3
Rxc2+ 6. Rxc2 Rc2+ ?. Rc2 ?. Kg3 Rxa2 8. Rc3 Rd2j ? . . . Rc2+
8. Kxc2 b4 with a straightlorward win.
...Bxb4! cnsurcs that B|ack is | ch with thc supcrior minor
piccc. 2.cxb4 2. Rxb4 b5 is no bcttcrj 2...NaJ J.RbJ Nb5 4.cJ
(anothcr Whitc pawn on thc samc co|or as thc bishop) 4...Rc2
5.a4 Ndb. Thc knight wi|| rctum to thc c4 outpost ahcr thc a8
rook has joincd in thc ol|cnsivc. (Najdorl - Avcrbakh, Zrich
| 53)
(b)*** Fcsiticnalawnsac
.d5! cxd5 2.Bg2 cb J.0-0. Thc |ong dagona| has bccn opcncd
thc b2 bishop, which bcars down on g?, thus disrupting
B|ack's kingsidc dcvc|opmcnt. Mcanwh|c, thc B|ack knight has
bccn sidc|incd. ( Kasparov - Andcrsson, Ti|burg I 8 | )
V. YhlC lO mOVC l UU. YhlC lO mOVC
V. 0Ck lO mOVC l U l . YhlC lO mOVC
VV. YhlC lO mOVC l UZ. 0Ck lO mOVC
(7)* An cvcrridinglactcr
worry about thc attackcd piccc. .Qg5! and it's matc ncxt
...Qh4! ovcrworks thc Whitc rook, which cannot dclcnd both
c2 and g4. B|ack now thrcatcns 2W Nl+ J.Kh QxhJ+ 4.Rh2
Qxh2 matc. Thcrc is no adcquatc dclcnsc. 2. RL Nxg4+ 3. Kg2
Nxc3+; 2. Rc2 Nxg4+ 3. Kg | Qg3+ 4. Kll Nxc3+, 2. Rg3 Rxc2+
3.KhI Qxg3.
()** LxIcitIccscicccs
.gJ! NhJ+ 2.Kg2 Bl5 J.Nh4 Ng54.Nxl5 cxl5 5.d5!(to contro|
c6) 5...Rlc8 b.l4 Nh7. Whitc stands much bcttcr, with morc
spacc and thc supcrior knight.
( 00)** Laughtina matingnct
.Rxg7! Rxl (or c|sc 2. R6 is matc) 2.Kxl c4+ J.Kl4 Rxg7
3 .. . Kxh4 4. Rh6 matcj 4.Rhb matc.
( 0)**UcubIcattack, rcmcvcthcguard
Whitc can snatch an important pawn by .Nxl!, sincc l . ..Kxl7
2.Qxcb+KMJ.Qxc7+Kg84.Bxhbgxhb5.Qxlb is a b|oodbath.
(02)* Lc rc0uChcl
...Kd2! 2.Kl4 KdJ! . Whitc must surrcndcr his pawn and thc
l UJ. YhIC IO mOVC l U. YhlC IO mOVC
l U4. YhlC lO mOVC l U. YhIC IO mOVC
l UJ. YhlC lO mOVC l U. 0Ck lO mOVC
( 0J)**Frcscrvcnc kingcsiticn
.h5 is ncccssary to prcvcnt . . . g?-g5, which wou|d othcrwisc
drivc thc Whitc king away lrom its cxcc||cnt position.
.Qc7! is thc on|y way lorward. Anything c|sc wou|d a||ow
B|ack to contcst thc c-l|c with a rook. Thc continuation was
.W QhJ! I . . . Qxc? 2. Rc? and c? la||sj 2.QgJ! (dcnying any
countcrp|ay) 2...QxgJ+ 2 . . . Qd?? 3. Rc? Qa4 4. Bxc?j J.hxgJ
Rlc8 4.Rb7 BM 5.Rcc7. Whitc is in comp|ctc command.
(Gc|land - Kindcrmann, Dortmund I 0)
( 05)***1hcmclhcrclallcutcsls
Whitc wou|d | ikc !o post his knight on thc magniccnt d5
squarc. Thus .Bg5! to rcmovc thc |ast minor piccc that can
cha||cngc d5.
is bcttcr by lar. Now B|ack must avoid J...Qxc2as hc wou|d |osc
thc cxchangc by 4.RO Qcb 5.Rc Qa4 b.bJ Qd7 7.Nc7.
(Smys|ov - Rudakovsky, Moscow I 45)
.Rcb! |cavcs B|ack with thc unp|casant choicc bctwccn
.Rxcb not I . . . Nb8 2. Rc8+ Qxc8 3. Rc I Qd8 4. Qc4
pcnctrating dccisivc|yj 2.dxcb Qcb 2 . . . Qxc6?? 3.b5j giving
Whitc a protcctcd passcd pawn, or a||owing Whitc to doub|c
rooks on thc c-|c. (Lcvcn h sh - Lisitsin, Moscow I 48)
Thc B|ack knight has nowhcrc to go. .h5! c4 2.hxgb hxgb
2 . . . cxd3? 3. g? lorks thc B|ack rooksj J.Rxh8 Rxh8 4.Bl .
Whitc is a piccc ahcad.
(08)****Libcratingawn cllcr
...cb! lrccs thc c? knight, cha||cngcs thc Whitc pawn lront, and
opcns thc d8-h4 diagona| lor thc B|ack quccn. Whitc must not
acccpt thc ollcrcd a-pawn, as 2.dxcb ^xcbJ.Rxab Bxc4 4.lxc4
Qh4 5.Nl Nxl+ b.Bxl Bc5 givcs B|ack a wnning attack.
l UV. YhlC lO mOVC l l Z. 0Ck lO mOVC
l l U. YhlC lO mOVC l l J. YhlC IO mOVC
! . 0Ck lO mOVC l l 4. 0Ck lO mOVC
.QbJ attacks thc |oosc bishop and rook. Whitc is up by thc
cxchangc lo||owing ... Rxd22.Nxd2.
( 0)**1racdiccc
.Nxd5! . Whitc wins at |cast a pawn, lor cxamp|c . ..cxd5
2.Bxd5 (attacking thc a8 rook) Bg4! 7J.Qxg4 Nlb 4.Qh4 Nxd5
( T)**1hcmalicccnlraIadvancc
ln thc opcn Sicil ian, a typica| lrccing movc lor B|ack is . . . d6-d5,
and B|ack shou|d constant|y chcck whcthcr it can bc lavorab|y
achicvcd. ln thc prcscnt casc, B|ack is at |cast cqua| ahcr ...d5!
2.cxd5 Nxd5 J.0-0-0 Nc5. Hc posscsscs thc solc rcmaining
ccntcr pawn, his picccs havc dcccnt squarcs, and hc wi|| soon
cnoy thc bishop pair advantagc.
(2)**MalcriaIsaclcr icccaclivily
Rathcr than rctrcat thc attackcd rook, Black shou|d prclcr
W dxc5! 2.Rxd8Rxd8J.BdJ Bhb+4. Kb Bcb. |or thc modcst
matcria| invcstmcnt, B|ack has a pair ol s|ashing bishops and
two bcautilu| |cs lor his rooks. His knight may comc around to
d6, hitting thc targct on c4. His doublcd pawns arc hard|y a
wcakncss hcrc. On thc othcr hand, Whitc's bishop is hcmmcd i n
by his own pawns, hi s knight has |itt|c scopc, and hi s quccn is
rcl cgatcd to passivc dc|cnsc.
( J)*Rcslriclcncmyiccc
Ahcr . a4! thc B|ack knight has no salc movcs. Whitc wi| |
procccd to harass thc knight and B|ack's wcak pawns, whi|c his
own knight has a nc post at c4.
( 4)**Aslilch inlimc
l . . . ab or l . . . a5j . Black must movc his a-pawn, to prcvcnt
I . B
xc6 Bxc6 2.a5 Bc5 3. b4 trapping thc bishop.
l l J. 10Ck lO mOVC l l . 0Ck IO mOVC
l . 0Ck IO mOVC l l V. 0Ck IO mOVC
l l . Yhilc lO mOVC l ZU. YhlC lO mOVC
( 5)** Ucn'tushlh5 asscd awn!
Thc Black king will dash ovcr to thc kingsidc to capturc thc
pawn and cscort his own h-pawn to thc rst rank.
Mcanwhi|c, thc Whitc monarch wants to capturc thc b-pawn, and
thcn hurry to thc comcr to intcrccpt advancing h-pawn. lt's a
simplc loot racc, onc that B|ack happcns to win as lollows.
... Kd52.Kb4Kc4J.Kb5Kl4 4. KxbbKg45.Kc5 Kxh4b.Kd4
gJ 7.KcJ h4 8.Kc2 hJ .K! h2 and thc pawn promotcs.
Iushing thc b-pawn rst, howcvcr, actua|ly throws away thc
wn, as thcn thc Whitc king nccds lcwcr stcps to gct back to thc
comcr. l q . . b5?? 2. Kb3 Kd4 3. Kb4 Kc4 4. Kxb5 Kl4 5. Kc4 Kg4
6.Kd3 Kxh4 ?. Kc2 Kg3 8. Kll h4 or 8 . . . Kh2 .Kl2 drawj . Kgl
and Whitc a|tcmatcs bctwccn gl and hi (or is sta|cmatcd) lor thc
( b)****Zugn0ng, asscd awn
Black wns by ...c4!(crcating a passcd pawn, and lrccng c5 lor
hs king) l.Kc?? 2. Kb5 (not 2. Kxa5? c4! ) 2 . . . Kb? 3.a4 is only
a drawj 2.dxc4 2. Kxa5 c3j 2 Kc7! J.KbJ 3.c5 dxc5 4. Kb3
Kd6 5. Kc4 a4 puts Whitc in I|t_Iwun_, and hc must surrcndcr
thc d-pawnj J Kbb! 4.a4 or 4. Kc2 Kc5 5.Kb3 a4+ 6. Kxa4
Kxc4j 4...Kc5 I|t_Iwun_! 5.Kc2Kxc4.
( 7)*UcubIcattack
.Qd5+picks up thc knight on c6.
( 8)**1hctralaiIs
Black must rcjcct l . = . b' intcndng to trap thc bishop by 2. Bb3??
2 . 4 . a4. lnstcad Whitc has 2. Bxb5! , as 2 . . . cxb5? 3. Nxl6+ Qxl6
4.Qxa8 wins thc cxchangc and a pawn. A bcttcr try lor Black
would bc ...Nd5 2.d4 c5, lrccing hs bshop and lghtng lor a
sharc ol thc ccntcr.
( )**UcvctaiI matc
...Qd4+ 2.KxgJ Ql4 matc.
(l20)** 1racd iccc
.Nc4! Nb2 2.QbJ traps thc Bl ack knght.
l Z l . 0Ck lO mOVC l Z4. 0Ck lO mOVC
l ZZ. YhlC lO mOVC l ZJ. 0Ck lO mOVC
l ZJ. 0Ck lO mOVC l Z. 0Ck lO mOVC
( 2}***LxIcitwcakncsscs
B|ack can cxp|oit thc wcakncss ol c3, d5 and L by . ..l5! . Whitc
cannot avoid matcria| |oss. 2.Qc [2. Nxb6 Qxb6 3. cxl5 Bh6
4.Kh| Bxc3 winning thc cxchangc; 2. Qg3 Nxd5 3. cxd5 c4
winnng a piccc (as thc bishop guards thc knight on c2)j
2... Nxd5 J.cxd5 Qbb 4.NgJ Bhb and thc c3 pawn la||s with
morc |osscs to lo||ow.
( 22}****1hcGrcckGiH
l.Bxh7+! Kxh7 [ l . . . Kh8 2. Qh4 Ncl5 3. Qh5 Nh6 4. Bxh6 gxh6
5. Qxh6 Rc8 6. Bl5+ Kg8 7. Ng5 winningj 2.Qh4+ Kg8 2 . . . Kg6
3.Nc5+ Kl5 4. Ql4 matcj J.Ng5 Rc8 4.Qh7+ KM 5.Qh8+ Ng8
b.Nh7+ Kc7 7. Bg5+ lb 7 . . . Nl6 8. Bxl6+ gxl6 . Qxl6 matcj
8.Qxg7+N. Bxlb+Kdb 0.Bxd8winning.
(2J}** Kinginthcccn
...^g5+ l . . . R+? wou|d a||ow Whitc to cscapc by 2. Kg2j
2.Kg2 2. Kl4 Rc4+ 3. Kxg5 Ql5 matc, 2. Kg3 Qxh3+ 3. Kl4 Qh4
matcj 2... QxhJ+J.Kg Nf matc.
l...c5! 2.Bxc5 2. Bg3 c4 lorks two picccs, 2. Nxc5 Nh5 B|ack
wi|l pick oll onc o! thc cncmy knightsj 2...Nxc5 J.Nxc5 Ng4
(un|cashing thc powcrlu| g7 bishop) 4.l4 4. Nxg4 a||ows Bxc3+
5. Kl| Bxg4 6. Qxg4 Bxa| and winsj 4... Nxc55.lxc5 Bxc5b.Qd2
d4! 7.cxd4 7. Nc2 dxc3 8.Qxc3 Bxal winningj 7... Qxd4
winning a piccc.
Whitc thrcatcns Bh4! hitting somc scnsitivc dark squarcs and
prcvcnting B|ack lrom doub|ing rooks on thc d-|c. B|ack's
so|ution is ... Nh5! ! tying thc Whitc bishop to passivc dclcnsc o|
thc l4 pawn (2. g2-g3 i s cvcn worsc). Thcrc lo||owcd 2.BgJ Qc8
J.NcJ Qa4 and B|ack cvcntua||y won. (Botvinnik - Rcshcvsky,
oscow I 48)
2b}** Lxcscdking
...Qd4+2.Kh QOJ.Qg Qxf+4.Qg2Qxg2matc.
Z. 0Ck IO mOVC l J . YhlC lO mOVC
l ZV. 0Ck IO mOVC 1JZ. 0Ck lO mOVC
( 27}*** Frcmcticn,win backa awn
Whitc camot prcvcnt thc |oss ol his d6 pawn. Howcvcr, hc can
maintain thc matcria| ba|ancc by .Rc ! lb 2.l4 Rd8 thc tactica|
point bcing 2 . . . cx|4?? 3. d? Rd8 4.Rc8+ and winsj J.lxc5 lxc5
( 28}*** UcubIcchcck,matc
B|ack wi ns a pawn with . ..Bxg2!,sincc 2.Kxg27 is punishcd by
2... NcJ+J.KhJQd7+with matc to lo| |ow.
(2}** Rcmcvcthcguard,disccvcrcdattack
... NxO! picks up a pawn. !I thc knight i s takcn (in any ol thc
thrcc ways), thcn B|ack wi|| capturc onc oI thc bishops.
Whitc surc|y has a hugc advantagc altcr any routinc dcvc|oping
movc. Bcttcr sti ||, hc can trap thc cncmy quccn as lo| |ows: .hJ!
Qgb 2.c5l5J.cxlb Qxlb or 3 . . . Ql 4. Nc5j 4.Bg5Q5.Nc5.
B|ack thrcatcns . . . Rxh3 with dcvastating conscqucnccs. Thc bcst
dclcnsc i s .Qxd4! to rc|icvc thc agoni zing pin on . Now thc
B|ack quccn i s undcr attack altcr I . Rc2? Rxh3 B|ack's assau|t
ragcs on, and thi s dclcnsivc idca is no |ongcr avai|ab|cj. ...Qxl
|othcrwisc B|ack is just a piccc down) 2.gxl cxd4 J.Rxc7! .
Whitc shou|d win thc rcsu|ting cndgamc.
(J2}**Ucn't grab thcawn!
l . . . Nxc4?? may appcar to wi n a pawn duc to 2. Qxc4?? Rdl
matc. But instcad ol la| |ing lor thc back rank matc, Whitc can
p|ay 2. l4! gctting a piccc |or two pawns. Bcttcr trics lor B|ack
arc ...Bl4 to prcvcnt BcI -g5x|6, and ...c4to shut thc a2 bishop
out ol p|ay.
l JJ. 0Ck IO mOVC l J. YhlC IO mOVC
I J4. Yh|IC IO mOVC I J. 0Ck IO mOVC
l JJ. 0Ck lO mOVC l J. YhlC IO mOVC
(I J
J)*** lntcrlcrcncc
quickcst win i s ...d5! intcrlcring with thc Whitc quccn's
dclcnsc against matc I . . . L 2. Qxl Qxl 3.Bxh6 Bxh6 a|so
wnsj 2.Qa8+KlJ.NgJl4.Qxd5+ Nxd5 matc ncxt movc.
( I J4)*** LcntrcIcruciaIsquarc
Thc on|y way to makc progrcss i s .Kgb! ! paradoxica||y moving
away lrom thc pawns. B|ack must conccdc thc g5 squarc, and
thcn |osc thc g-pawn. Onc Whitc pawn wi | | survivc to cnsurc thc
wn. ...Kl I . . .Kc4 2. Kg5 Kl 3. Kl5 Kg2 4. Kxg4j 2. Kg5 KxO
J.Kxg4with victory in sight.
( J5)** lcrk,tracdiccc
...Ng4! wins thc cxchangc. 2.Rl (sincc . . . Nc3 was thrcatcncd)
2...NcJJ.RxcJ(lorccd, as Whitc's quccn is trappcd) J...dxcJ.
(Jb)**Uisarm cncmyccmbinaticn
B|ack is thrcatcning I . . . Rxl! winning a piccc, sincc 2. gxL?
drops thc quccn to 2 . . . Qg6+ 3. Khl Ng3+. Whitc can prcvcnt
matcria| |oss by, lor cxamp|c, .Nd2 (moving thc knight away),
.Qd (rcmoving thc quccn lrom thc potcnta| discovcrcd
attack), or .Rac (protccting thc quccn).
l. g5! ! ki||s countcrp|ay by prcvcnting Whitc lrom bui |ding thc
advanccd pawn chain d6-c5-l4. Thc continuation might bc 2.gJ
g4! J.hJ h5! .
Whitc's hanging pawns cou|d bccomc a wcakncss. But on thc
othcr hand, thcy contro| a quartct ol important squarcs, and thcir
potcntia| to advancc i s a constant mcnacc to B|ack. A casc in
point. .d5! Nc5 l . . . cxd5 2.Nd4 Nhl6 3.Nl5 Ql8 4. Nc7+
picking up thc cxchangcj 2.Ng5gbJ.Bc2Ng74.Qd4.Thc quccn
takcs up thc ncw|y vacatcd d4 squarc. Whitc has an imprcssivc
attack. Thc nish was 4... QM 5.Qh4 h5 b.Bg4! ! l5 7.Nxcb
^gxcb 8.dxcb Rc8 .Bxh5 Qhb 0.Qlb l4 .Q1 matc.
(G|igoric - Kcrcs, Zagrcb I 48)
JV. YhlC IO mOVC 4Z. 0Ck IO mOVC
4U. YhlC lO mOVC 4J. YhlC IO mOVC
4l . 0Ck IO mOVC l 44. 0Ck lO mOVC
( J)** lcrk,rcmcvcthcguard
But lor thc c? pawn, Nxl6+ wou|d lork thc B|ack king and
quccn. Hcncc .Rc7! Rc7 2.Nxlb+.
(40)** mriscncncmyiccc
.Ra4! (dclcnding b4 and prcparing to drivc back thc knight by
Qa2) l .Qa4! Nb8 2. b5 achicvcs thc samc thingj ...Nb8 2.b5.
Now thc knight is comp|ctc|y |ockcd out ol p|ay. (Alckhinc -
Schwartz, London I 26)
(4)**Ucublc attack
...Qxbb+ 2.Rxbb Bxl5 J.cxl5 c4 wins matcria|, as B|ack now
thrcatcns both . . . Bd4+ and . . . cxL.
l...QcJ! wins hcavy matcria|, duc to thc thrcat ol . . . R+: 2.gJ
2.Qc2 R+ 3. Kc l Qc3+ 4. Kdl Qxal + and B|ack i s up a rook,
2.QL R wins thc quccnj 2... RM+ J.Kg2 RO+ 4.Kh 4. Kgl
Rc2+ 5. Khl QL+ 6. Kgl Qg2 matcj 4... Qc4+mating.
(4J)***lcilcncmy lan
B|ack thrcatcns to p|ay . . . c5-c4, lo| |owcd by . . . Bl5 (skcwcring
thc Whitc quccn and rook), and cvcntua||y . . . cxd4, opcning thc
|ong diagona| lor his dark-squarcd bishop. .BhJ! stops this p|an
by pinning thc c-pawn to thc dclcndcr ol b?. (Ta| - Botvinnik,
Moscow I 60)
(44)** Brcakthcin
Thc pin a|ong thc c-|c is obvious|y a worry lor B|ack. Now i s
hs |ast chancc t o skip away by . . . 0-0! with at |cast an cqua|
position but on othcr movcs Whitc p|ays 2. Bg5 or 2. Bl4, and
thcn thc Black king rca||y is stuck in thc midd|cj . Thc bishop
cannot bc capturcd, as 2.Qxc777Rlc8 wins matcria| lor B|ack.
l 4J. YhlC lO mOVC l 4. 0Ck IO mOVC
l 4. YhIC lO mOVC l 4V. YhIC IO mOVC
l 4. 0Ck lO mOVC l JU. 8Ck IO mOVC
.l4! traps thc knight on c5. Notc that ahcr ...Ng4! 7 2.Bxg4
Bxg4 J.Qxg4 Bb2 4.l5 Bxc 5.Rxc Whitc has capturcd two
minor picccs lor a rook.
( 4b)** Vcakcncncmycsiticn
Whitc causcs maximum miscry by .cb! Ndlb not I . . . lxc6??
2.Qh5+ g6 3. Qxg6+ hxg6 4. Bxg6 matcj 2.cxl+ Kxl J.Nl.
B|ack' s king i s cxposcd, and Whitc wi|| hammcr thc wcak
squarcs c5 and c6.
( l 47)** lcrk
...Nl4! 2.Qd2 Qxd4+!J.Qxd4Nc2+ncts a piccc.
(48)* Fin,rcmcvcthcguard
.c5 h ts a dclcndcr ol thc pnncd c4 knight, winnng matcria|.
2.Rxdb RxdbJ.lRxd + 4.Bxd Bxc45.lxc4.
Whitc's advanccd pawns arc doomcd. Howcvcr, Whitc can
cnsurc a draw by .Rl4+! ! l .Rh4 Rxc6 2. Rxh7+ Kc6 3.h4 Rd6
4.h5 gxh5 5. Rxh5 shou|d a|so bc a draw, but B|ack can pro|ong
thc agonyj ...Kc7 [ l . . .Kg7 2. Rc4 Rxc6 3. Rc8 Nl 4. d8Q Nxd8
5. Rxd8 i s a drawj 2.Rc4+ (thc point. Whitc's rook gocs to c4
with chcck, and hcncc it rcachcs c8 in timc to attack thc knight)
2... KdbJ.Rc8Nxcb4.d8Q+Nxd85.Rxd8+,with a book draw.
(50)***Gccd timclcra brcak
B|ack shou|d p|ay thc dcsircd brcak ...b5! cvcn though thc a6
pawn is |ch undclcndcd. 2.Qxab7 wou|d bc punishcd by 2...b4
J.Nb5Ra84.Qb7Rxa25.Rb Bxb2.
l J l . YhlC IO mOVC l J4. YhlC lO mOVC
JZ. YhIC lO mOVC l JJ. 0Ck IO mOVC
l JJ. YhlC lO mOVC l J. 8Ck lO mOVC
5)* UcubIcattack
Kxc72.Bc5+wins a piccc.
.c4! wins a piccc, lor i l ... Bgb or l . . .dxc4 2. lxc4 Bg4 3. Bxl6j
thcn 2.c5.
Thc Whitc king must rcach d6, c6 or l6 (or, in princip|c, a6 or
b6) in ordcr to "outl!ank" his countcrpart. .Kl5! howcvcr, ahcr
l .Kc5? Kc? Whitc can makc no progrcssj . ..Kc7 2. Kc5 Kd7
J.Klb Kd84.KcbKc75.Kc7Kc8b.KdbKb77.Kd7and B|ack
is lorccd to rc|inquish his pawns.
Whitc cannot avoid |osing thc cxchangc. Howcvcr, .Rb2! !
minimizcs thc damagc by gctting B|ack's bcttcr bishop lor thc
rook. Ahcr ... Nxl+ 2.Bxl Bxb2 J.Bxb2 Bcb 4.Ndb a|| ol
Whitc's picccs arc wondcrluhy positioncd.
Thc Whitc king cannot covcr both L and thc promotion squarc.
.. .NxO!2.KxO hQJ.Rxh Rxh with a straightlorward win.
Thc Whitc quccn is stuck at c6. Nothing can prcvcnt hcr dcmisc
ahcr ... Rb8! lo|l owcd by ... Rbb.
J. YhlC lO mOVC l U. YhlC lO mOVC
l J. 0Ck lO mOVC l . YhlC lO mOVC
l JV. 0Ck lO mOVC l Z. YhlC lO mOVC
(57)*** Uclcnsivcsac
Whitc's bcst hopc to ght lor a draw is .RxcJ! l . Kb2 wou|d
a|low I . . .c4 2. Rd2 c3 and B|ack crashcs throughj .dxcJ
QxcJ. Whitc has surviva| chanccs duc to his advanccd
quccns idc pawns.
( 58)**1hcmaticawn advancc
This pawn structurc can arisc lrom a widc varicty ol opcnings,
inc|uding thc Frcnch, A|ckhinc, Caro-Kann and Scandinavian
dclcnscs. B|ack's usua| objcctivc going into thc midd|cgamc i s to
achicvc !hc . . . c6-c5 thrust (or |css common|y, . . . c6-c5). !n thc
prcscnt casc, .c5! givcs B|ack a comlortab|c gamc. 2.dxc5
ahcr 2.d5 cxd5 3. cxd5 Bd6 Whitc has to bc mindlu| ol thc push
... c5-c4, and ol thc rickcty matcria| on d5, c5 and l4j 2... Bxc5
and B|ack has two activc bishops and p|ay against thc c4 pawn.
(O|igoric - Smys|ov, Moscow | 63)
(5)***Ucn' tcatciscncdawns
B|ack shou|d not snatch pawns by I . . . Nxg4? 2. hxg4 Bxg4,
intcnding to rccapturc a pi ccc on |hc |-|c. Whtc can actuahy
kccp thc cxtra piccc. 3. Bg5 ! Bxl 3 . . . Bxg5 4. Nxg5j 4. Bxc7
Nxc7 5.Bxl Rxf3 6. Rxc7. Thc simp|c rctrcat ...Bfi s bcttcr.
Whi!c's thrcat oI Nc3-l5xh6 tcthcrs thc B|ack knight !o g7. and
|orccs thc B|ack kng !o stay ncar thc l-|c. To win, Whitc opcns
a sccond lront by .Kc2! , hcading lor c3 to support thc b3-b4
brcak. (Kasparov - Hbncr, Hamburg I 85)
Whtc wins a pi ccc by .d4, |or cxamp|c, ...cxd4 2.cxd4 Bbb
( b2)* Fin
.Ba5is !hc most lorcclu| option, winning thc quccn.
l J. 0Ck lO mOVC l . YhlC IO mOVC
l 4. YhlC IO mOVC l . 0Ck lO mOVC
l J. 0Ck IO mOVC l . YhlC lO mOVC
(bJ)*** Frcmctcthc rghtawn
Both sidcs wi|| promotc ahcr I. Kc3? 2.Kh5, or I. b5? ! 2. a5 ! .
Thc bcst approach is ...a5! 2.Kxh5 b5 J.axb5 3. Kxg4 bxa4 is
mi |arj J...Kxb5 4.Kxg4 a4. Thc incipicnt B|ack quccn wi||
covcr Whitc's promotion squarc h8 lor an casy win.
(b4)*** Uccctcn,rcmcvcthcguard
Thc rook at l strains to dclcnd both d7 and l4. Whitc wins
matcria| by .Rxd7! Rxd72.RxdJ cxdJJ.Kxl4. Whitc wi|| now
shorc up his quccnsidc and prcss his matcria| advantagc.
B|ack has a|rcady sacrilccd an cxchangc lor a passcd pawn and
thc bishop pair. But bccausc ol Whitc's wc|| p|accd knight it is
dicu|t lor B|ack to makc progrcss. B|ack thcrclorc ollcrs a
sccond cxchangc. .. .RcJ! ! 2.NxcJ [rclusing thc ollcrcd matcria|
docsn't hc|p. 2.Nd4 Bc5 3. Rcdl Bxd4 4. Rxd4 Rxb3j 2...bxcJ
and thc mighty bishops wi|| cscort a pawn through. (Trojancscu
- Pctrosian, Bucharcst l 53)
(bb)** Matc,n
.Qxh4 Nxh4 2.RgJ l5 2 . . . Bd7 a||ows 3. Rxg7+ Kh8 4.Rxl+
Kg8 5.Rg7+ Kh8 6. Rg5+ Rl6 7. Bxl6 matcj J.hJ wmnmg a
(b7)**Fn,lcrk,dsccvcrcd attack
...c5! 2.Bg5 2. Bh2?? a||ows thc lork 2 . . . c4, 2. dxc5?? |oscs to
` 4 4 . dxc5 with an attack on cach bishopj 2... cxd4 and Whitc is a
pawn down.
(b8)** Usccvcrcd attack, n
.Bg5+Nlb2.c5wins a piccc.
l V. 0CK IO mOVC l Z. 0Ck IO mOVC
l U. YhlC IO mOVC l J. 0Ck IO mOVC
l l . 0Ck lO mOVC l 4. YhIC lO mOVC
( b9)* lnalrcckcllcr
RxgJ+!2.Kh4 2.hxg3 Qxg3 matcj 2...Blb matc.
(70)**l ntcrlcrcncc,in
.Bh4! Rh82.Bh7!wins thc B|ack quccn.
Rathcr than mcrc|y cxchangc bishop lor rook, B|ack can win thc
rook outright by ...Qc+! 2.RO Qc5+ J.Rl4 QcJ+ 4.Kh2
(I 72)**VVcakbackrank,cvcrwcrkcdiccc
Whitc i s a piccc down alIcr .Nxc5, lor il 2.bxc57 Rxd2
J.Rxd2 Rxd2, thcn Whitc cannot both rccapturc thc rook and
dclcnd thc vu|ncrab|c lirst rank.
Rathcr than capturc immcdiatc|y at d4, B|ack rst tics down thc
Whitc rook, and improvcs his king positon. ...RhJ! on
l . . . Kxd4? 2. Rg4+ Kd5 3. Rh4 Whitc gcts an outsidc passcd
pawn, probab|y cnough to sccurc a drawj 2.Rd2 Kc4 J.Kc
Rh4. B|ack ncxt capturcs thc d-pawn undcr much bcttcr
crcumstanccs. (Smys|ov - Kcrcs, Moscow/Lcningrad l 4 l )
(I 74)***Lrcatccutct
.lb! lorccs thc rcmova| ol B|ack's c-pawn, |caving Whitc in so|c
posscsson ol thc cxcc||cnt d5 outpost. ...cxlb much worsc is
I . Bxl6 2. Rxfb! cxf6 3. Nd5 whcn matc at g7 is |oomng; B|ack
simi|ar|y doomcd af\cr l . . . Bh8 2. lxc7 Qxc7 3. Nd5 Qc6
.Nl6+j 2.Nd5 and Whitc won shoi!Iy. (Smys|ov - Timman,
Moscow l 8 l )

J. YhlC lO mOVC l . YhlC lO mOVC
l . 0Ck lO mOVC V. 0Ck lO mOVC
l . YhlC lO mOVC U. YhlC lO mOVC

(I 75)** Lxchangcbadbhclcrgccd
.g4! lorccs thc cxchangc ol Whitc's bad bishop lor B|ack's good
bishop. Thc scquc| was ...hxg4 2.Bxg4 Bxg4 J.Qxg4 Qd7
.Qxd7+ Kxd7. With thc supcrior mnor pccc by lar, Whitc
won n a lurthcr I 0 movcs. (Suctn - Matanovic, Bc|gradc l 74)
(I 7b)*Fn
I ...Nxc2+2.Qxc2Qxg5puts B|ack a piccc up.
Thc opcning movcs wcrc | . c4 c5 2. NL Nc6 3. Bb5 a6 4. Bxc6
dxc6 5. 0-0 l6 6. d4 cxd4 7. Nxd4 Bc5?? (D). Whitc contnucd
8.Qh5+winning thc b shop.
(78)**Facdawn,cutct,ccn lc
Whitc docs wc|| to p|ay .c5! Bxc5 2.Nxc5obtainng a protcctcd
passcd pawn, a ncc squarc lor hs knight, and a scmi-opcn |c
toward B|ack` s doub|cd backward pawns.
(I 79)*Alttlchcuckccng
...ab or I . . . b4j is a ncccssary stcp, as thc c6 pawn S
ovcrworkcd, dcfcnding both b5 and d5.
(80)**Bya razcr' cdgc
Whtc |ands thc rst punch by .Qg8+ Kgb 2.Qxcb+ Kh7
` * . * Kg5 3.Ql5+ Kh4 4.Qg4 matcj J.Ql5+ gb 4.Qlmatc.

l . YhIC IO mOVC 4. 0Ck IO mOVC
l Z. YhIC IO mOVC J. 0Ck IO mOVC
l J. YhlC lO mOVC . YhlC lO mOVC

8 )***Uirutcncmylan
B|ack` s
countcrp|ay wi|| bc bascd, i n part, on a quccnsidc
cxpansion. .BcJ! takcs contro| ol thc important squarc c5.
Thcrc lo||owcd .Bc7 [thc c5 pawn i s taboo. I . . . Qxc5?? drops
quccn to 2. Bd4; whi|c l . . . Nxc5? |oscs to 2. Qg3! whcn thc
night wi | | bc pinncd a|ong thc c-|c and capturcdj 2.Nc5 Bxc5
xc5. B|ack has di |1cu|ty cast|ing short and arranging thc
... c7-c5 advancc.
Whitc wins a piccc as lo||ows. . Bxg8!Rxg82.Qc4.
(8J)** Frcmctcn,n,rcmcvcthcguard
Momcntari|y down a piccc, Whitc's bcst chancc is .d7! QxL
or l . . .Bxd7?? 2. Qxb7; I . . .Qxd7?? 2.Qxa8j 2.dxc8Q Qxg2+
3.Kxg2 Raxc8.
( I 84)***Lxccdking
l . . QL! [Whitc is sti|| dangcrous ahcr thc quccn swap l ..Nxc | ?
2.gxl4 Rxl4 3. Rxg6 Kh7 4. Rc6j 2.Qal QcJ+ J.Kg2 [3.Kh I
NC+ 4. Kg2 Qc4+ 5. Kll Nh3+ mating ncxt movcj J... RO+
4.KhJ [4.Khl Ql3+ 5. KgI Qg2 matcj 4...Nl4+ 5.Kg4 Qc2+
b.Kh4 Rxh2matc.
(85)* Rcckbchindacdawn
Rooks gcncra||y bc|ong bchind passcd pawns, inc|uding thosc ol
thc cncmy. ...Rc+2.Kh2 Ra givcs B|ack thc bcst chancc to
sp|it thc point.
.cb! [ I.Kc3? Kd5 2. Kd3 Kxc5 3. Kc3 d6 and B|ack wi ns, as his
king has rcachcd onc o| thc "kcy squarcs" c5, d5 and c5 ol his
pawnj ...dxcb 2.KcJ carns a draw. Thc B|ack king has bccn
prcvcntcd lrom rcaching thc ncw kcy squarcs b4, c4 and d4.
l . YhlC lO mOVC l VU. YhlC lO mOVC
l . 0Ck lO mOVC l V l . YhlC lO mOVC
l V. YhlC lO mOVC l VZ. YhlC lO mOVC
(I 87)** Lcrridcrmatc
I .R
lb+Kh5 2.Ng7+Kh4J.Rhbmatc.
(88)**5trikc atcncmyawn ccntcr
... d5! or cxchanging on d4 rstj wi | | cithcr |iquidatc Whitc's
two-pawn ccntcr, or |cavc Whitc with an iso|atcd c-pawn al\cr
. . . dxc4 and lxc4, thus cnsuring cqua|ity. Opcning thc ccntcr a|so
rcduccs Whitc's prospccts ol attacking on thc kingsidc.
(89)*Uisccvcrcd chcck, matc
(I 90)***Bcttcr lQF middIcgamc
Ahcr thc lorccd scrics ol cxchangcs .cxd5 cxd5 l . . . Nxd5?
|oscs matcria| . 2. Nc4 Bc? 3. c4 N5l6 4. Nlxc5 Nxc5 5.dxc5,
I . . . c4? 2.dxc6 |oscs a pawnj 2.dxc5 Nxc5 J.Nxc5 Bxc5 4.Bxc5
Rxc5 5.Nl Whitc has thc |avorab|c sidc o| an iso|atcd quccn
pawn midd|cgamc. Thc piccc cxchangcs havc scrvcd to di|utc
B|ack's dynamic potcntia|. Whitc lurthcrmorc has thc nc d4
squarc lor his knight, and hc posscsscs thc bcttcr bishop.
(9I )***lix lavcrablcawnstructurc
.QcJ! xcs in p|acc thc B|ack c- and d-pawns, which gct in thc
way ol B|ack's minor picccs. Whitc's knights wi|| occupy thc
|ovc|y outposts at c5 and d4. (Botvi nni k - Bo|cs|avsky, Moscow
l 4l ).
(92)* UcubIc attack
.Qa4+wins a piccc.
l VJ. 10Ck lO mOVC V. YhlC lO mOVC
l V4. 0Ck lO mOVC l V. 0Ck lO mOVC
l VJ. YhlC lO mOVC l V. 8Ck lO mOVC

Thc simp|cst win is .Rc ! (dcccting thc Whitc rook lrom thc
promotion squarc) 2.Rxc Rd ! .
(94)* Quccnsac,rcmctcn
A p|aycr laci ng an cncmy iso|atcd quccn pawn shou|d gcncra||y
scck to cxchangc minor pi cccs, thcrcby rcducing his opponcnt's
attacking prospccts, and bringing thc position c|oscr to an
cndgamc, whcrc thc wcakncss ol thc iso|atcd pawn is morc
acutc|y lc|t. Whitc achicvcd thi s hcrc by .Nc5! Bcb 2.Nxcb
Rxcb [thc tactica| point i s that rccapturing with a pawn drops thc
cxchangc: 2 . . . bxc6?? 3. Ba6j. (Karpov - Spassky, Montrca|
I 7)
( l 9b)**5ucrcrcccactvty
Acr . Bxlb! gxlb 2.db Rd7 J.Rhc Whitc has a dangcrous
passcd pawn; hc contro|s thc opcn |c, and his knight is
unassai|ab|c on its nc outpost. By contrast B|ack's king is stuck
to h6, his rooks arc rc|cgatcd to dclcnsivc dutics, and his bishop
is rathcr hcmmcd in.
(97)***1hctactclals,shcld kng
Thc tactica| shot I . . . Rxl?? 2. Qxl Bxc4 lai |s duc to 3. Q+.
This suggcsts .Kh7! , tucking thc king away so that such
tactica| idcas arc cnab|cd.
B|ack can salc|y grab a pawn by ..Nb4! 2.Qc2 2.Nxc4??
drops thc cxchangc to 2 . . . Nxd3 3. Nxd6 Nxc | , 2.Qbl ?? hangs thc
knightj 2...Rxc [B|ack is a pi ccc down ahcr 2 . . . Nxa2??
3.Rxc7 Qxc7 4. Nxc4j J.RxcNxa2.

ZUU. 10Ck lO mOVC ZUJ. 0Ck lO mOVC
ZUl . YhlC lO mOVC ZU4. YhlC lO mOVC
99)*** lcrcc winningcndgamc
itc's quccnsidc pawn majority i s a |ong tcrm assct, but i n thc
mcantimc hc must bcwarc ol pcrpctua| chcck and mating thrcats
duc to his cxposcd king. Thc on|y way to wn is I .Qc5! . Whitc
rcatcns matc at g?. This lorccs @ Qc+ and smp|ihcation to
casi|y won cndgamc l . . .Rl6?? 2.Qxl6, l . . .Qd3+? 2. Kh2j
2.Qxc Rxc J. Rxa7.
(200)** Ucl1ccticn, lcrk
. .. NhJ+! 2.BxhJNL+J.Kg2Nxd4.
(20I )* 1racdiccc
.Rd7!traps thc B|ack quccn.
At thc board B|ack chosc thc pawn sac I...d5! with thc idca
2.cxd5 thc gamc continucd 2. Nxd5 Bxd5 3.cxd5 Rxc2 4. b3 c4
and B|ack wonj 2...c4, opcning up thc position lor hi s bishop
pair, and undcrscoring thc wcakncss ol Whitc's pawns. A|so
good i s thc typicaI cxchangc sac I . . . Rxc3 ! ? 2.bxc3 Bxc4.
(Pctrosian - Smys|ov, Moscow l 4)
Thc surcst way to draw is ...Rbb! prcvcnting thc Whitc king
from rcaching thc 6th rank. (B|ack can a|so draw altcr l . . . Rb I ,
but on|y with vcry prccisc p|ay. ) Al\cr 2.cb(what c|sc can Whitc
try?), B|ack rcsponds 2 Rb ! . Now thc Whitc king has no covcr
from thc rook's chccks.
Ths is gcncra||y thc h nish to aim lor whcn you` rc a pawn up in
rook cndgamc. .Rc2+! rst cuts oll thc B|ack kng. I ...Kb7
l . . .Kd6 |oscs immcdiatc|y duc to 2. Kd8j 2.Rc4! Thc rook i s
p|accd on thc 4th rank, out ol thc B|ack king's rcach, t o shic|d his
own king lrom chccks at thc crucia| momcnt. 2.. RO J.Kd7
Rd2+ 4.Kcb Rc2+ 5.Kdb Rd2+ b.Kc5 Rc2+ 7.Rc4 and thc
pawn wi | | promotc.

ZUJ. 0Ck lO mOVC ZU. 0Ck lO mOVC
ZU. Yh|lC lO mOVC ZUV. YhlC lO mOVC
ZU. YhlC lO mOVC Z l U. 8Ck lO mOVC
(205)* Rcckac
...RxhJ+! 2.gxhJQxhJ+J.Kg Qh matc.
(20b)** FrcvcntccuntcrIay

.BcJ! prcvcnts . . . Rd2 and thc unlavorab|c comp|ications that
wou|d lo||ow. ( Kasparov - Vukic, Skara Echt l 80)
B|ack's rook i s ovcrworkcd, guarding both c7 and l5. Whitc ncts
8 pawn by .Nxl5! [ l .Nh5 ! a|so wins a pawn al\cr two
cxchangcs at c7j, lor cxamp|c ...Bxl5 2.Bxc7Rxc7J.Rxl5.
...Nd7! ! . This movc inhibits thc c4-c5 advancc, thcrcby
rcstricting Whitc's | ight-squarcd bishop; it a|so prcparcs . . . Bc5,
to c|iminatc Whitc's "good" bishop. Thc gamc continucd 2.Nd2
a5! (to prcvcnt b2-b4) J.Bc2 a4! 4.KO Bc5! 5.Bxc5 Nxc5.
B|ack has supcrior minor picccs. Thc pawn on a4 cnsurcs that
thc powcrlu||y postcd knight cannot bc chascd away. ( Domcncch
- F|ohr, Rosas l 35)
Thc knight on d6 cannot adcquatc|y dclcnd both c4 and I.
.Nhb+ or l . Bxc4! rstj ...Kh8 2.Bxc4 and Whitc has won a
pawn, as af\cr 2...Nxc477 [2 . . . Qxc4?? 3.Qxc4 Nxc4 4. N|+ Kg8
5. Nxd8 is simi |arj J.Nl+Kg84.Nxd8Whitc wins thc cxchangc
as wc||.
Whitc has bui|t up a lomidab|c pawn lront, and is thrcatcning
thc B|ack quccn. Rctrcating thc quccn wou|d on|y ccmcnt
Whitc's ovcrwhc|ming prcscncc thc ccntcr. !nstcad, B|ack can
|cvcragc thc |ooscncss ol Whitc's rooks by ...Nxc5! . Thc knight
shou|d not bc takcn. Af\cr 2.Bg2 2.Qxc5? QL wins a rook by
oitting h | and c3, or 2.dxc5 Qc6 a|so winning a rookj 2...Nd7
`.0-0 cbB|ack i s sti|| i n thc gamc.

Zl l . 0Ck lO mOVC Z l 4. 0Ck lO mOVC
Z l Z. 0Ck lO mOVC Z l J. YhlC lO mOVC
Z l J. 0Ck lO mOvC Z l . 0Ck lO mOvC

(2 )* Ucublc attack
Thc doub|c attack .RdJwi ns a pawn.
Black had bcttcr do somcthing about Whitc` s thrcat olNd6 matc.
I . . . Qa5+?? wou|d bc a tcrrib|c mistakc, as Whitc has 2.Bd2 Qb6
2 . . . Qxb5?? drops thc quccn to 3. Nd6+j 3.Nd6+ Kd8 4. Nxl+
s!i | l winning matcria|. Bcttcr is .Nd5to dc|cnd d6.
(2J)***cccmatcral,cxccd kng
Whitc's knight and rook arc unprotcctcd, his king is cxposcd, and
hc has |oosc pawns, B|ack's king is sccurc, his bishop is wc||
postcd, and his rook has prospccts on thc opcn b-l|c. From
B|ack` s point ol vicw, trading quccns wou|d dissipatc thcsc
asscIs; instcad, hc shou|d |ook lor a way into convcrt thcm to
hard currcncy. ...Qcb! is onc way to do it [ I . . . Qd? is a|so goodj.
2.Nc4 or 2. Qd5 Qb6+ 3. Kc2 Qb2+ 4. Kdl Qbl 5. Kc2 Qc2+
6.KL Qd3+ picking up thc rookj 2... Qxc4+ J.Kc Qxg2 4.QdJ
Qxh2. B|ack i s up thrcc pawns and has |asting prcssurc.
...Rc2+ 2.KgJ h4+! (dccction) 2 . . . Qc5+ a|so winsj J.Kxh4
j3. KI4 Qc5 matcj J...QxL.
(25)**Frcmctcn, backrank
B|ack's vu|ncrab|c back rank a||ows .Qxg8! Rxg82.RM+ RxM
j2 . . . Bd8 3. Rxg8 a6 4. Rxd8+ Ka? 5.c8Qj J.cxMQ+ Bd8. From
hcrc thc simp|cst wn wou|d bc 4.Ql4+ Bc7 5.Qxc7+ Qxc7
b.Rxc7 Kxc7 7.gxh4.
. .Nxd4 2.Qxd4 d5 wi ns matcria|, as B|ack thrcatcns both
. . . dxc4 and . . . Bc5.
Z . 10Ck lO mOVC ZZU. YhlC lO mOVC
Z . 0Ck lO mOVC ZZ l . YhlC lO mOVC
Z V. YhIC lO mOVC ZZZ. 8Ck lO mOVC
7)***Uisccvcrcd attack, matc, rcmcvc thcguard
Q! packs thc trip|c thrcat of . . . Qxg5, . . . L-C, and (i ndircct|y)
. . . Qh+. Now 2.Nxl [2.Nh3 C and B|ack must givc up thc
knight to stop Qc I j 2... Qhb+J.Kg c4 wins thc knight, which is
hc|d to thc dcfcnsc of h2.
(28)**Ocnlilc tcwardtargcts
...ab! 2.bxab Rxab. B|ack has opcncd thc a-|c to go ahcr thc
wcak pawns at a2 and c3. Thc nish was J.dxc5 bxc5 4.Ng2
Nd5 5.RdJ Rla8 b.c4 Nc5! winning matcria|. (Mattison -
A|ckIinc, Car|sbad l 2)
. hJ Bh52.NgJ. Whitc wi|| win a piccc.
(220)***limi natcctcntial blcckadcr
Onc of Whitc's chicf stratcgic asscts is his passcd pawn on d5.
Knights arc gcncra|ly thc bcst b|ockadcrs of passcd pawns, and
indccd thc knight on f5 is poiscd to assumc this ro|c on d6.
Hcncc Whitc snaps i t off forthwith. .Bxl5! . (Fischcr - Bcrlincr,
Ncw York l 60)
Whitc sp|its thc point by .Kg , lor cxamp|c, ...Kl4 [or l . . . f4
2. KLj 2.KO and B|ack cannot makc progrcss.
...RxcJ! 2.lxcJ Nc5 J.Qc2 Rc8 4.Rl Bhb 5.QcJ Qc7. B|ack
oas cxcc||cnt compcnsation for thc cxchangc - hc has a grcat
outpost lor his kni ght (which in tum sccurcs his quccnsidc
pawns), and his |ong-rangc pi cccs convcrgc on c3. In contrast,
Whitc's bi shop is constraincd by his own pawns, and his major
picccs arc not working wc|| togcthcr. (Po|ugacvsky - Pctrosian,
Moscow I 83)
ZZJ. 0Ck lO mOVC ZZ. YhlC lO mOVC
ZZ4. YhlC lO mOVC ZZ. 0Ck lO mOVC

B|ack must act upon thc thrcat ol I . RI8+! Kxh8 2. RI3+ Kg8
8+! Kxh8 4. Qh2+ Kg8 5. Qh? matc. ...Rlc8 is thc bcst
chancc lor surviva|. Thc B|ack king can cscapc via I-c?, and thc
doub|cd rooks crcatc opportuntics lor pcrpctua| chcck.
(224)** Unstcablclcrcc
.Qh5! . Thc quccn is hcading toward h6 and g?. ...Kh8
| . . . Qd8 2. Rxg6+! Kh8 (2 . . . hxg6 3.Qxg6+ with matc to lo| |ow)
3. Rg? mating short|y, I ..d8 2.Qh6 c6 3 . Bxc6 and t's matc
ncxt movcj 2.Qhb [2.Rxg6! a|so winsj 2...Rg8 J.Bxl. B|ack
must jcttison hcavy matcria| to stop immincnt matc.
(225)** Fin, dcccticn,disccvcrcdattack
.Bg5! Ql or l. Qg6 2. Bc? winning thc cxchangcj 2.Bhb.
Whitc wns matcria| by capturing ncxt on g?.
(22b)*** Ucccticn,lcrk,avcdcxchangc
Whitc has sacrccd a pawn lor a massivc |cad in dcvc|opmcnt.
Rathcr than tradc quccns, Whitc shou|d p|ay .Qc2! prcparing
Rd| lo||owcd by Qc6+. Thcrc is no dclcnsc. ...Bc7 a||ows thc
main idca or l. Bd? 2. Rb8+ Rxb8 3. Rxb8+ Kc? 4. Bc5+ Kl6
5. BxI with a dccisivc advantagcj 2.Rd, whcn B|ack must
surrcndcr his quccn or |osc a rook to Qc6+.
(227)* crk
...BxcJ 2.QxcJNc4wins thc cxchangc.
B|ack shou|d improvc his worst piccc by ...Bd7! 2.Qa5 Bb5.
Hc has thcrcby prcvcntcd thc cxchangc ol this bishop (lo| |owing
anticipatcd Nc5), protcctcd his a-pawn (thus lrccing his rook
takc part in thc olfcnsc), s|owcd Whitc's invasion ol thc
cnsidc, and takcn contro| of thc squarc (hcncc |caving
Whitc vu| nciab|c a|ong thc l-l|c ahcr thc incvitab|c cxchangc on
@3). otc that B|ack's othcr bishop is a|rcady doing good work.
a|cr thc capturc on g3, thc c3 pawn wi|| bccomc a targct. (Euwc
Bo|cs| avsky, Zrich I 53)

ZJU. YhlC lO mOVC ZJJ. 8Ck lO mOVC
ZJ l . YhlC lO mOVC ZJ4. YhlC lO mOVC
29)**Ucccy, lcrk
.Qd8+ Kg72.Qxh8+! Kxh8 J.Nxl+c|inchcs thc lu|| point.
Thc B|ack knight at l6 is straincd, having to dclcnd h5 and
support d?. Whitc takcs advantagc by .Nxd7 Nxd7 I . . .Qxd??
2.bxc6 Qxc6 ( Whitc cmcrgcs a lu|| piccc ahcad al\cr 2 . . . bxc6
3. Rxd? Rxb3 4. Rxg?+ Kg? 5. Nxb3) 3. Bb5 skcwcring quccn
and rook] 2.Bxh5winning a pawn.
(2J)**scIatcdasscd awns
.g4! . Il B|ack capturcs onc pawn, thcn thc othcr wi|| promotc,
c. g. , ...Kc52.Ka2 KlbJ.c4! Kg54.c5! Kgb5.KaJ,ctc.
l.QbJ! . ow Whitc thrcatcns to p| ay Bxl+, or win a p ccc by
d4-d5 (h tting thc dc|cndcr ol thc b4 b shop). B|ack cannot mcct
both thrcats.
(2JJ)**crk, rcmcvc thcguard,wcak back rank
.NcJ! w ns, as Whitc cannot mcct thc thrcat ol . . . c2+ and
st|| dclcnd h s rook. For cxamp|c, 2.Kl Nc2 J.Qh27Qclmatc.
(ZJ4)***l mcdccncmydcvcIcmcnt
l . Bc5! puts hcat on thc g? pawn, thus ntcrlcring wth B|ack's
dcvc|opmcnt. !l B|ack trics . . . l7-l6, thcn thc wcakcncd c6 pawn
wi|| bccomc a juicy targct. (Ponomarov - Conqucst, Torshavn
ZJ. 0Ck lO mOVC ZJV. 0Ck lO mOVC
ZJ. YhIC lO mOVC Z4U. 0Ck lO mOVC
B|ack cnjoys a |cad in dcvc|opmcnt. !n particu|ar, his rooks arc
conncctcd, sitting on usclu| |cs. Trading o Whitc's bcst piccc
amp|ics thcsc advantagcs. ...Nd7! 2.Nxd7 (lorccd, or c|sc thc
b2 pawn i s |ost) 2... Rxd7.A|| ol B|ack's picccs arc bcttcr p|accd
than thcir countcrparts. Ncxt camc J.Bc Bc4! oncc again
rcmoving Whitc's bcst piccc. 4.RhJ BxdJ 5.RxdJ RxdJ b.cxdJ
Kc2 7.Rb Bd4 winning a pawn. (Wciss - B| ackbumc, Ncw
(ork I 88)
...Nxd4wins a pawn.
(2J7)** aslbrcak
.a5! is thc on|y way to win. Any othcr movc |cts B|ack capturc
thc c-pawn, thcn stop thc quccnsidc pawns. . Kxc5 I . . . Kc5
2.b6 axb6 3.a6! j axbb J.ab! not 3. axb6?? Kd6 drawingj
and thc pawn promotcs.
(2J8)** Lliminatckcyiccc
...Bab! c|iminatcs thc pridc ol Whitc's posttton, his |ight-
squarcd bishop, thus grcat|y rcducing Whitc's attacking prospccts
and lurthcr wcakcning thc ho|c at c4.
(2J9)** lincarmatc
B|ack is assurcd ol dc|ivcring "| incar matc" ahcr ...R8c5!
I . . . |c5! works cqua||y wc||j . Whitc has on|y dcspcration
mancuvcrs, but thcsc must bc chcckcd carclu| |y, c. g. , 2.dxc5
2 Rxc5 J.Bc5 Rxc5 4.Rb5 Rxb5 5.Ql Rh5+ b.QhJ RxhJ
Whitc has a passcd pawn, but his king is cxposcd, and his quccn
cannot cas |y rctum lor dclcnsc. B|ack takcs chargc by chopping
oll thc dclcnsivc knight, a||owing his quccn to pcnctratc
Jangcrous|y. ...Bc2! 2.KO Bxl! J.Kxl Qh4 with trcmcndous
Z4 l . 8Ck lO mOVC Z44. YhIC IO mOVC
Z+Z. 8Ck IO mOVC Z+J. 8Ck lO mOVC
Z+J. YhlC lO mOVC Z+. YhlC lO mOVC
4)* crk
... Nb4 2.Qb5NdJ wins thc cxchangc.
(242)* Uncvcn tradc
...b4 2. Nd Nxc4 J.Qxb4. B|ack has advantagcous|y tradcd his
ank pawn lor a Whitc ccntcr pawn.
.l5! wins by crcating a dangcrous passcd pawn. ...Bxl5
.gxl5 2. Bxh5 givcs Whitc an outsidc passcd pawn, l. g5
2.hxg5 h4 3.g6 Bxl5 (3 . . . h3 4. g? h2 5.g8Q hl Q 6. Qd8+ Whitc
dc|ivcrs matc ncxt movc) 4. g? Bh? 5. Bxd5 and winsj 2.Bxd5
Bc8 J.04. ow with m contro| ol c5, Whitc is winning.
(Po|ugacvsky - Mccking, Mar dcl P|ata I ? I )
(245)*** Fin, skcwcr
...Rb2! . Thc immcdiatc thrcat is Bb4. 2.Kc2 or c|sc. 2.l
RbI + wins a rook, 2. Kd| Rd8 wins a piccc, 2. l| Bb4+ 3. KdI
Rd8+ 4. Kcl Ba3 with a dcad|y discovcrcd chcckj 2...Bb4 J.Rd
Rd8and thc dclcnsc crumblcs.
cvcr movc thc samc piccc twicc in thc opcning . . . unti| it's a
good movc. .BdJ! prcvcnts B|ack lrom gaining spacc on thc
kingsidc by . . . I-l5, whi |c clcaring thc way lor his own
quccnsidc cxpansion by c2-c4. (Tarrasch - Showa|tcr, Vicnna
I 88)
Z4. YhlC lO mOVC ZJU. YhlC IO mOVC
Z4. 0Ck lO mOVC ZJ l . YhlC lO mOVC
Z4V. Yhlc lO mOVC ZJZ. 8Ck lO mOvC
47)* crk
.NLQhb2.g5wins a piccc.
... Ng4! thrcatcns matc and opcns up an attack on thc d6 knight.
Ahcr 2.h4 QxdbB|ack is a c|car piccc to thc good.
.Bxl+! wins at |cast a pawn, sincc altcr ...KxlWhitc rcgains
a piccc by 2.Ng5+ Kc8J.Qxg4.
l . Bxc5?? |oscs to Rh4 matc. Instcad, .Rgb! ! forccs an cxchangc
of rooks, thus dashing B|ack's hopcs lor matc or pcrpctua| chcck.
...Rxgb [or I . . .Rh4+ 2.Kg3 Rg4+ 3. Rxg4 Rxg4+ 4.Kh3,
I . . . RL+ 2.Kg3 Rxg6+ 3. KxIj 2.Bxc5+ Kg8 J.Bxl4. Whitc` s
unopposcd ccntra| pawn mass sca|s thc victory.
Whitc wins a c|car pawn by .Nxb5! , lor il ...Qxc27 [worsc is
I . . .axb5?? 2. Rxa8j 2.Qbbthc thrcat olc7+ is dcvastating.
...Rl3! chops oll thc dclcndcr ol h2. 2.gxl3 2.Qxl Qxh2+
3. Kll Ba6+ a|so |cads to matcj 2...Qxh2+J.Kl QxOmatc.
ZJ4. YhIC lO mOVC ZJ. 0Ck lO mOVC
5J)**Fawnmaj crily,bishcair
.dxc5! I .xc5 rst works cqua||y wc|| j ...Bxc52.Nxc5Qxc5.
Whitc has brokcn up his opponcnt's bishop pair, and cstab|ishcd
a hcalthy kings idc pawn majority.
Whitc wins by .Bxlb! gxlb 2.l4! Kdb J.g5 crcating a passcd
pawn on thc kingsidc, J... lxg5 4.lxg5 Kc7 5.gxhb KM b.b4 and
anothcr onc on thc quccnsidc. B|ack cannot stop both.
(255)**** Rcmcvclhcguard,crcalc culcsl
.a4! thrcatcns to rcmovc a dclcndcr ol d5, ahcr which thc
cmbatt|cd pawn la||s. Il B|ack trics ...a5 thcn Whitc scizcs thc
ncw|y crcatcd outpost by 2.Nb5 with a dccisivc advantagc. For
cxamp|c, 2... Qgb J.Nc7 Rb8 4.cb! ( intcrlcrcncc) 4... Na8 5.c7
and wins.
I .Nhb+! gxhb 2.Qg4+ Kh8 J.Qxd7. Whitc rcgans thc piccc,
a|tcr having wrcckcd thc pawn covcr lor thc B|ack king. (Fischcr
Kcrcs, Zrich I 5)
...Ql! wins for B|ack. !f 2. g3 Bh3 thcn Qg2 matc, 2. Kll Rxg2
3. Rc2 Rxh2 thrcatcning Rh I matc. Whitc's dcspcration chccks
a|so comc to nothing.
Thc B|ack knight is ncar|y trappcd. Whitc shou|d start by
pnning its dclcndcr. .RaJ! Nc2 2.Ra2 a4 J.b4 aJ 4.Kc2 Kl
.Kd2 and na||y thc horsc is caught.
ZJV. YhlC lO mOVC ZZ. 0Ck lO mOVC
ZU. YhlC lO mOVC ZJ. 0Ck lO mOVC
Zl . YhIC lO mOVC Z4. YhlC lO mOVC
(259)*** Mincrity attack
By a
dvancing thc b-pawn, Whitc wi| | |cavc his opponcnt with a
ward pawn on c6, or iso|atcd pawns on d5 and b?. .b5!
axb5 2.axb5 Rcc8 J.bxcb bxcb [not 3 . . . Rxc6?? 4. Bxd5+j . ow
Whtc has a tasty targct on c6.
l . Rxc6? c4+ 2. Kd5+ Rxc6 3. Kxc6 xa3 is bad lor Whtc.
Howcvcr, thc intrcpid .Kxcb! wins at |cast a piccc. !ndccd,
B|ack` s discovcrcd chccks arc harm|css. For cxamp|c, ...Nc4+
or I . . . Kl5 2. Kb5, I . . . Na8+ 2. Kb?j 2.Kb5 attacking knght and
.Ncb+! Bxcb 2.Qd8 matc.
(2b2)**Ucl1ccticn, matc
...Bc5+! dcccts thc Whitc knight lrom dclcnsc ol d5. 2.Nxc5
2.d4 Bxd4+ 3.xd4 Qxd4+ 4. QL QaI + 5.QlI Qxl| matc,
2.Nd4 Qxd4+ 3. Ql2 QxL matcj 2...Qd4+ J.QO Qal + 4.Qcl
Qxc matc.
(2bJ)***1racd iccc
Thc Whitc knight s dangcrous|y short ol salc squarcs. ...Kdb!
2.Na8 [2.c8+ Kc? w ns a piccc] 2...Nd7 taking away thc b6
squarc. ow thc thrcat is . . . b5. Thcrc lo||owcd J.Bg8 hb 4.Bh7
(trying to gct to c4) anothcr try is 4.c4 b5 5. Bd5 bxc4 6. Bxc6
Kxc6 ?. Kc4 Kb? and thc horsc is comcrcd anyway] 4...Nlb!
5Bgb Nd5+b.Klb5and at |ast thc knght |a| |s.
(2b4)***Obtain rcckcn thc7
.h5! thrcatcns to w n a pawn, so B|ack's rcp|y is lorccd. ...Rlb
I . . .gxh5 2. Rh l j 2.hxgb hxgb J.Rh lo||owcd by 4.Rh7. Thc
rook on thc ?th rank attacks B|ack's pawns and |imts thc activity
OI B|ack's kng. (Capab|anca - Tartakowcr, cw York I 24)

ZJ. 8Ck IO mOVC Z. 8Ck IO mOVC
Z. YhIC lO mOVC ZU. 8Ck IO mOvC
(2b5)* crk

.@.Nd4 2.Qc4 [or 2. Qa4 Qxa4 3.Nxa4 Nxc2+j 2...Nxc2+. B|ack
wins thc cxchangc and stops Whitc lrom cast|ing.
(2bb)* UcubIcattack
.WW Rc4!picks oll a bishop.
Whitc takcs command by .dxc5! c|osing thc ccntcr by I .d5?
favors thc sidc with thc knightj . ...dxc5 2.Rad Rad8 J.Rd5!
bb 3 ... Rxd5? 4.cxd5 wou|d gvc Whitc a protcctcd passcd
pawnj 4.Rcd . Now Whitc owns thc opcn l|c, and his bishop
has p|cnty ol scopc. (Botvinnik - Chckhovcr, Lcningrad I 38)
(2b8)* VuIncrabIckingandquccn
l. ..Rc2! lorccs Whitc to givc up his quccn or gct matcd.
(2b9)** FcsiticnaI avv nsac
I .d5!cxd52.c5. Whtc has blockcd thc cncmy bishop and quccn,
frccd thc |ovc|y d4 squarc lor his knight, and opcncd up thc bI-
h7 diagona| lor hi s bishop. (Po|ugacvsky - Ta|, Moscow I 6)
(270)** Frcarcawnbrcak
With thc ccntcr pawns b|ockcd, cach p|aycr wi|| scck activity in
thc rcspcctivc wing in which hc has morc spacc. Accordng|y,
B|ack's p|an is to |aunch a kingsidc pawn stom: starting with
. . l-l5. First, hc c|cars thc way by ...Nd7 or . . . Nc8j.

Z l . 0Ck IO mOVC Z4. l0Ck IO mOVC
(27)*VuIncrabIc king
...Qh5+2.KgJ Qh4matc.
(272)** ArtiliciaI sucrtcint
B|ack is in chargc hcrc, owning thc c-|c and bcaring down on
thc iso|atcd d-pawn. ow ...h5! discouragcs g2-g4, thcrclorc
sccuring thc knight on l5. (Whitc cou|d dis|odgc thc stccd by
2.g3 xg3 3.hxg3, but at thc cost ol doub|cd pawns and
wcakcning c3. ) ow 2.hJ is mct by 2...h4! . (Em. Laskcr -
Capab|anca, Havana I 2 I )
(27J)* Fin
l . Bb5wins matcria|, c.g., ...Qd72.Nc5Nxc5J.Bxd7+Ncxd7.
(274)**LcntrcIccn Ic
B|ack takcs contro| ol thc opcn l-|c by ...BhJ! , for thcn
Whitc` s rooks wi| | bc unab|c to opposc B|ack` s lrom . Trying
to swap oll thc bishop docsn` t hc|p Whitc. 2. BfI Bg4 3. Bc2
RL! .
l.Rgl+! . This lorccs thc B|ack king oflsidc, a||owing Whitc` s
king and pawns to advancc i n thc ccntcr. ...Khb 2.cb! . Thc
rcsu|ting passcd pawn sccurcs thc win.
l.cb! intcrfcrcs with thc dclcnsc ol thc l5 knight. ...Qlb
[ I . 4 . Bxc6?? 2. Bxf5] 2.cxl+ Kxl. Whitc has a c|car positiona|
Z. l0Ck IO mOVC ZU. YhlC IO mOVC
Z. l0Ck lO mOVC Z . YhIC lO mOVC
(277)***Ucn'tgrab thc awn
thc gamc B|ack p|aycd ...Bg7 tidying up his kingsidc.
lndccd, B|ack must rccct thc tactica| shot I . . . xa3?? with thc
idca ol winning a pawn by 2.bxa3?? 2 . . . Rxc3. Instcad, Whitc has
2.Ql3! putting thrcc Black picccs cn ]rt5c. B|ack |oscs at lcast
thc cxchangc lor a pawn. 2 . . . Rxc3 2 . . . Bxc4 3. Nxc4 Bxd4
4. Rxd4 c4 5.Nl6+j 3.bxc3. (Grnlcld - A|ckhinc, Carlsbad
I 23)
Ahcr ...Rb! thc Whitc king has no covcr lrom cnd|css chccks,
thus cnsuring a draw. Il hc trics to "chargc" thc B|ack rook, thcn
thc pawn w | | la|l.
Thc cncmy king has bccn cut ofl from thc pawn. Thc ncxt stcp is
"bui|ding thc bridgc" by .Rc4! . Thc Whitc king wi| | gct out ol
thc pawn's way and bc shic|dcd lrom chccks at ust thc right
tmc. I.RO I. Rc| 2. Rl4 Rc2 3. KI and Black must givc up
thc rook or thc pawn wi|| promotc] 2.Kd7 Rd2+ J.Kcb Rc2+
4.Kdb Rd2+ 4 . . . Kb6 5. Rd4 RcI 6. Kd? winning] 5.Kc5 Rc2+
b.Rc4. Thc samc idca with I . Rc5 docsn't quitc work, duc to
I . . .Kb6.
(280)** Lxcscdking,skcwcr
I .R+ Kcb 2.Qc8+ Kbb 2 . . . Kd5 3.Qd?+ Qd6 4.Rl5 matcj
J.Rxb7+picks up thc |oosc rook on b2.
(28 )**Vulncrablcking
.Qhb Rg8 I . . . Qxb2 2. g5 lo| |owcd by 3. Qxh? matcj 2.Qlb+
Rxab! Rxab2.db!Qxc5 lorccd, or clsc 2 . . . Qxd6? 3. Bd5+ Kl8
.Qh8+ Kc? 5.Qg?+ Kc8 6.Ql7 matcj J.lxc5. !n rctum lor thc
cxchangc, Whitc has obtaincd thrcc advanccd conncctcd passcd
pawns. (Panov - Taimanov, Moscow I 52)
ZJ. 8Ck lO mOVC Z. 8Ck lO mOVC
Z4. YhlC lO mOVC Z. YhlC IO mOVC
ZJ. l8Ck lO mOVC Z. 8Ck lO mOVC

(28J)****Vinaiccc,Icsc thc gamc
B|ack can win a piccc by I . . . c5?, thrcatcning to lork two picccs
or chasc thc bishop on d3. But ahcr 2. Bxl6! gxl6 rc|ativc|y
bcttcr is 2 . . . Qxl6 3.Nxd5 whcn B|ack has on|y |ost a pawnj
3. Nh4 c4 4.Nxc4 dxc4 5.Qg4+ Whitc has a dcvastating attack.
!nstcad, B|ack wou|d do bcttcr with . ..Bc7or . . . Rc8.
(284)**Brcakuccsingawn chain
Whitc crcatcs a passcd pawn whi|c |caving B|ack with
wcakncsscs. .b5! Ra8 l . . .cxb5 2. Rxd5 b4 3. Rb5, l . . . Rbc8
2.bxc6 bxc6 3. a6j 2.bxcb bxcbJ.Rb with a wi nning advantagc.
(285)** Frcssurc wcakawn
...cxd4 2.cxd4 Qbband thc d4 pawn la| | s, c. g. , J.Bxcb+ bxcb
4.Kh BxL5.RxLQxd4.
Whitc has |aunchcd a ank attack whi|c thc ccntcr is uid and
his king is uncast|cd. B|ack right|y rcsponds by a ccntra| thrust.
...cxd4! 2.Nxd4 d5! . B|ack wi| | c|car thc ccntra| |cs toward
thc Whitc king wc|| bclorc Whitc can brcak through on thc
Thc p|ausib|c movc l . Kd4? must bc rcjcctcd bccausc of thc rcp|y
l . . . BxL! whcn B| ack wins. !nstcad, sccuring L by . Bd is
ncccssary to ho|d thc draw.
(Z88)* Ovcrwcrkcdiccc
B|ack wins a pawn by ...Nxc4! stncc thc d3 pawn ts
ovcrworkcd. Notc that l . . . Bxc4? is inlcrior duc to 2. h4 |
3.Bxl Bxg2+ 4.Kxg2 Rxl.

ZV. YhlC lO mOVC ZVZ. 0Ck lO mOVC
ZVU. 0Ck lO mOVC ZVJ. YhlC lO mOVC
ZV! . YhlC lO mOVC ZV4. YhlC lO mOVC
.Bxcb! Bd5 [othcrwisc B| ack |oscs matcria|. I . . .0-0-0 2. Bxl
Bxl 3.Qxl R 4. Qb3, I . . . lxc6 2.Qxc6+ K 3.Qxc4; I . . . Bxl
2.Bxd7+ Kxd7 3.Qxl+ Kc8 4. Qxlj 2.Bxd5 cxd5J.QcJ+ KM
and B|ack cannot cast|c 3 . . . Bc7? 4. Rcl is cvcn worscj .
Whitc is thrcatcning Bg5 (with thoughts ol c4-c5), whcn thc pin
cannot bc brokcn without somc kind ol conccssion, such as
wcakcning B| ack's kingsidc. By .Nc8! ! B|ack prcvcnts thc pin,
and c|cars thc way lor his l-pawn to cha|l cngc Whitc's broad
pawn ccntcr. Latcr, thc knight may hcad to d6, hitting thc wcak
c4 pawn. (Gc||cr - Euwc, Zrich l 53)
Thc othcrwisc attractivc movc | .a4? is punishcd by l . . . BxL+!
2. Kh| 2. RxL QxL+ 3. KxL Nxc4+j 2 . . . Nxc4 3. xb6 xg5
4.RxL axb6. Rathcr, B|ack nccds to bitc thc bu||ct and dclcnd
his b-pawn by .Rb .
(292)**Quccnvs. awn cn thc 7
I.Qcb+! lorccs thc Whitc king to b|ock his pawn's advancc.
Rcpcating this idca givcs thc B|ack king timc to march toward
thc action. A typica| nish is 2.Kd8 Kd5 J.Kc7 Qcb+ 4.Kd8
Kcb5.Kc8Qxd7+b. Kb8Qb7.
l.Ka8! lrustratcs B|ack's cflorts duc ...Qxc7sta|cmatc.
Whitc has a nc opportunity i n cb! or | . Bxg6 rstj Qdb [ahcr
I . . . txc6 2. Bxg6+ hxg6 3.Qd3 Whitc wi|| cnjoy thc |ovcly c5
outpost, and attack thc targcts on c6 and g6, thc B|ack king is in
lor a |ong, co|d wintcr a|\cr I . . . Bxd3 2. cxI+ Kxl 3. Qxd3j
2.cxl+ Bxl J.Nl. Wh tc wi|| cxp|oit thc wcak squarcs c5 and


Thc B|ack quccn isn't thrcatcning anything at thc momcnt.
.Bg5! takcs advantagc ol hcr cxposcd condition. Thc thrcat is to
stick Black with doublcd l-pawns, and thcrc isn` t a satislactory
answcr. I . . . Nd?? docsn` t hclp, as 2.h3 Qg3 3.Nc2 traps thc Bl ack
quccn. I . . . Nc8 is just awlu| . thc knight gcts in thc way and has
no placc to go. A|l owing thc cxchangc by . ..Rac8 2.hJ Qd7
J.Bxlb gxlb4.Nd5and Whitc is much bcttcr.
(29b)*VuIncrabIc king
...BxhJ wins a piccc, sincc 2.gxhJ7 wou|d a| |ow 2...Ql+ with
matc ncxt movc.
(297)** Fin,cutcst,rcvcntcastIing
Whitc has two strong continuations. Thc simplcst is .c5 Nd5
2.Ndb+ whcn Bl ack has |ost cast|ing privi |cgcs, and Whitc has a
powcrlu| knight on d6. B|ack's knight on d5 is not doing much,
howcvcr. Thc a|tcmativc l .Qa4 is a|so crushing. I . . .Bd? [ I . . . Qc?
2. c5 Nd5 3.Nd6+ K|8 4. Rc l , I . . .Qd? 2.Na5, I . . . Bb? 2. c5 Nd5
3. Nd6+j 2. Nd6+ K 3.Bb5.
.c5wins a piccc.
(299)*** FcsiticnaIawnsac
A|\cr .@.d4! 2.cxd4 Rc8 Whitc's pawn is b|ocking his own
quccn-rook battcry and his king is staring at a nasty discovcrcd
chcck, mcanwhi|c Bl ack has opcncd up thc |ong diagonal lor his
oishop. (Magcrramov - Kasparov, Baku I ??)
(J00)* UcubIcattack
..W BcJ2.QdJ Bxl4 wins back a pawn.

JU . YhlC lO mOVC JU4. 8Ck lO mOVC
JUJ. 8Ck lO mOVC JU. YhlC lO mOVC

)** lcrk, in
d5! wins a piccc, c. g. , ...BgJ 2.Nbb Rd8 J.Rxd7 Rxd7
. Nc5! . This contro|s a6 and d3, potcntial ight squarcs lor thc
Black knight. ... Kc7 2.KcJ Na2+ J.Kb2 Nb4 4.KbJ. Thc
knight is trappcd.
(J0J}** Fawn wcakncsscs
Which rccapturc? I . . . Kx ho|ds on to d4, but a||ows 2q Ql+
Kg8 3. Qxb7. Ahcr saving thc rook B|ack has |oosc pawns to
worry about. Bcttcr is ...QxM 2.Qxd4 Ncb J.QcJ Ql5 whcn it
s Whitc who wi|| drop a pawn.
(J04)*** Ucvclcmcnl,ccnlcr
Black has to attcnd to two mattcrs. gct his bishop into p|ay, and
grab a sharc ol thc ccntcr. By ...db 2.bJ c5 B|ack` s bishop is
|rccd, and Whitc is prcvcntcd lrom cxpanding by c4-c5. Thc
"ho|c" on d5 is not a worry, as Whitc is not in a position to
occupy it.
(J05}**Uisccvcrcd allack,sacc,dcvclcmcnl
.Bxc4! dxc4 2.d5 (discovcrcd attack) 2... Qab J.db Bd8. Whitc
cnoys a hugc spacc advantagc and a |cad in dcvclopmcnt.
(J0b)***Uncasllcd king,lccscmalcriaI
Whitc wins by .Ndxcb! l . Nlxc6 is cqua||y cf1cctivcj ...lxcb
2.Nxcb Qcb J. Nxg7+ KM 3 . . . Kd8 4. Bh3j 4.Qxd7. Whitc has
rcgaincd thc invcstcd piccc, and thc attack ragcs on. Notc that
4. W Kxg7 is mct by 5.Bd4+snaring a rook.
JU. YhIC lO mOVC J l U. YhlC IO mOVC
JU. 0Ck IO mOVC J l I . YhlC lO mOVC
JUV. 0Ck lO mOVC J l Z. YhlC lO mOVC
(J07)**Lxchangcsac yicldsattack
Thc position bcgs lor thc cxchangc sacricc .Rlb! gxlb 2.Qh5
Kh7. Whitc could lollow up with J.Bc ! , Nd2-c4-c3-l5, and
R|I -l-h3 w th a winnng attack.
(J08)***1akcthc shcrt sidc
Duc to thc thrcat ol matc, thc Black king must abandon thc
promotion squarc notc that I . . . RcI ? loscs to 2. Ra8+ Rc8
3. Rxc8+ Kxc8 4. Kg?j . Thc rulc ol thumb hcrc is that thc
dclcnding king should run to thc "short" sidc. ...Kg8! 2.Ra8+
Kh7J.RMRa ! indccd, going to thc "long" sidc loscs. I . . . Kc8?
2. Ra8+ Kd? 3. R Rhl 4. Kl Rh?+ 5. Kg6 Rhl 6. l6 Rg| +
?. Klj. Now Black draws by giving cnd|css rook chccks lrom
thc |ong sidc. Or, il Whitc trics 4.Rc8, thcn Black gocs back to
4...Rl ! , and Whitc has not madc progrcss.
(J0}***1icdcwn cncmy iccc
Whitc docs not havc a good answcr to ...h5! 2.Nh2 tying down
thc knight to thc protcction of g4 2.gxh5 gxh5 3.Ng| is a|so no
good (hcrc notc that 3. h4 would allow thc Black king to
pcnctratc to l5 and g4)j .
.Qd4! attacks thc |oosc matcrial on b6 and h8.
(J )**Fin,lcrk
.c4! wins a piccc, bccausc ...Nlb or I . . . Nxc3 2. Bxc6+ Bd?
(2 ... K 3. Rd8 matc) 3. Bxd?+ Kf8 4. lxc3j 2.Bxcb+ Bd7 J.Bxa8
would drop a wholc rook.
.Nab thrcatcns Nc?, cithcr winning thc cxchangc or mating.
. ahcr I . . . c6? 2. Rd? Black |oscs a wholc rook. I . . . Rc8??
2.Nc?+ Rxc? 3.Rd8 matcj 2.Nc7+KlJ.Nxa8.
J J. 0Ck lO mOVC J . YhlC IO mOVC
J 4. YhlC IO mOVC J . YhlC IO mOVC
J ! J. YhIC lO mOVC J ! . YhlC IO mOVC
J)**Ficcc sac lcr altack
B|ack sccurcs thc lu| | point by ...Nxb2! 2.Kxb2 QcJ+ J.Kb
QaJ whcn thcrc is no satislactory dclcnsc against NcJ+.
Whitc wins by .Nl5+! ! ripping opcn thc c-|c. ...cxl5 [I . . . K
|oscs a piccc to 2. Nxc5 duc to 2 ... Rxc5?? 3. Qd8 matc, I . . . Kc8??
|oscs thc quccn ahcr 2. Ncd6+ Bxd6 3. Nxd6+j 2.Nxc5 Qcb
j2 ... Rc5?? |oscs to 3. Rcl +j J.Rc+ KM 4.Nd7+ Kg8 5.h5! .
Now Whitc i s cllcctivc|y p|aying a piccc up, as thc h8 rook wi| |
not scc day|ight lor a vcry |ong timc.
(J 5)***Frcvcnlccunlcratlack
B|ack has idcas about I . . .Bxh3 2. gxh3 Qxh3 with an attack or
pcrpctua| chcck. .RcJ puts an cnd to such thoughts, and
prcparcs to doublc rooks on thc opcn c-|c. (Ponomariov -
Korchnoi, Donctsk 2OO I )j
(J b)****Rcmcvckcydclcndcr
.Bxl5! ! wins by rcmoving thc piccc dclcnding g?. Whitc can
mcct any thrcats to his own back rank. ... cxl5 [ I . . .Rb8 2. Qg5
I 3.Qxg?+ Kc8 4. Bl6 and B|ack has only spitc chccks |ch,
| . . . a2 2. Qg5 al Q+ 3. Bbl g6 4. Qc? Qxbl + 5. Rxb| Rl 6. Rb8+
matingj 2.Qg5KlJ.Qxg7+Kcb4.RxMwith matc ncxt movc.
(J7)* Unsalc king
(J 8)***Nc limc lcrgrccd
Thc matcria|istic l . Bxh3 Qxh3 2. Nxb?? invitcs troub|c. 2 . . . Ng4
3. N| Ndc3 ! 4. fxc3 Nxc3 5.Qxl+ Kh8 (5 . . . Kxl?? 6. Ng5+)
6.Nh4 R and thc Whitc quccn is pimcd against matc at ll .
Whitc shou|d prclcr to prcscrvc his |ight-squarcd bishop by
.BL. (Rcti - A|ckhinc, Badcn-Badcn | 25)

J V. 8Ck lO mOVC JZZ. 8Ck lO mOVC
JZU. 8Ck lO mOVC JZJ. 8Ck lO mOVC
JZ . 8Ck lO mOVC JZ4. VlC lO mOVC
(J )** Rcscucattackcdiccc
Lach p|aycr has a rook cn ]rt5c. B|ack gcts his own rook out ol
dangcr by .. .Rd2+2.Kcb Rc4+J.Kb7 a||owing J... Bxc .
By ...Ng4! intcnding . . . NxL ncxt, B|ack wi|| not on|y obtain
thc bishop pair, but a|so rcmovc thc dclcndcr of thc vul ncrab|c
dark squarcs in thc Whitc camp. (Anand - lvanchuk, Linarcs
l l )
Whitc's kingsidc pawns cannot bc dclcndcd within a movc.
B|ack wil | surcly win a pawn ahcr ... Bll .
Thc Whitc quccn is l ost ahcr I.b5! 2.Qb4 a5. A|tcmativcly,
Bl ack wins a piccc by I . . . Bd5 2. Ql4 Qxf4 3. Bxl4 Bxl 4. Bxl
B|ack is up thc cxchangc and a pawn, but Whitc has thc thrcat ol
I . Ba6 Ra8 2. Bb? rcgaining thc cxchangc, and ol Bh6 in
conjunction with Rdl or Ql6. ..Qd4 dclcnds thc kingsidc dark
squarcs, and vacatcs a squarc lor thc cndangcrcd c8 rook.
(J24)***Makclhclactical idca wcrk
l .BcJ? attacking thc guard ol d? docsn't win matcria|, as B|ack
can rcspond I . . . Rc8 2. Rxd? Kc8 rcgaining thc piccc. Howcvcr,
.Bdb+! ncts at |cast thc cxchangc. I.Kg8 I . . . Kc8 2. Rc I +j

JZJ. YhlC lO mOVC JZ. 0Ck lO mOVC

(J25)*5lc lrccingmcvc
.NcJ! is bcst, prcvcnting . . . d6-d5(+), and thus kccping thc
B|ack bishop boxcd in. I .Nl6 is |css c|car. I . . . Bc? 2.Nd5 Bxg5
3. Nc?+ Kd? 4. Nxb5 Kc6.
(J2b)* Ucublcallack,dcccy, rcmcvclhcguard
l .Rxd7! Qa8 I . . .Qxd? |oscs thc quccn to 2.Bxc6+j 2.Qxcb+i s
l .Bhb! ! dcccts thc dclcndcr ol c5. B|ack |oscs at |cast a pavn.
...Bxhb I . . . 0-0 2. Bxg? Kxg? 3. Nxc5 lo| |ovcd by capturing on
d?, I . . .Bl6 2.Bg5 Bg? 3.Nd5 ! and thc c? knight dropsj 2.Nxc5.
Nov thc bishop on d? la||s. 2...NcbJ.Nxd7.
(J28)**ZugJn0ng, samc-cclcrcdbishcs
I.Bg7! or I . . . Bh8! j 2.BcI Bc5. Whitc is in Zu_Zwun_. !f hc
movcs his bishop, thcn hc |oscs a pavn, il hc movcs his king,
thcn thc B|ack king invadcs dccisivc|y.
l . l5?? actua||y makcs B|ack's dclcnsivc job casicr, as hc can nov
cat thc f-pavn, and thcn scurry ovcr to thc comcr to prcvcnt thc
a-pavn hom promoting. Thc on|y vinning movc lor Whitc is
.KdJ! taking thc opposition. .Kc5 on I . . .Kc6 2. Kc4 Kl5
3. Kb5 Kxl4 4. Kxa5 Kc5 5. Kb6 Kd6 6. Kb? Whitc rcachcs g? j ust
in timc to takc contro| ol thc comcr squarcsj 2.Kc4 Kdb J.Kl5
Kc7 4.Kgb. Whitc has rcachcd onc ol thc "kcy squarcs" lor his
passcd pavn, cnab|ing it to promotc.
(JJ0)** Arlicialsucrlcinl
Thc c5 squarc is not a "ho|c" in thc strict scnsc, as i t can bc
attackcd by a pavn. Yct, B|ack has 1. .. Nc5! (nov c4 is attackcd)
2.Qc2 a5! crcating an "articia| support point" by inhibiting b2-
b4. Notc a|so that J.aJ, intcnding b2-b4 latcr, can bc ansvcrcd
by J... a4! .

JJJ. VhIC lO mOVC JJ. 0Ck lO mOvC

I .Qh8+? Rg8 2. Qh6+ is a pcrpctua| chcck at bcst. Whitc shou|d
p|ay .c4! (intcrlcring vith B|ack` s mating thrcat) ...Bxc4 (thc
f-|c is thus c|carcd lor a dccisivc chcck) I . . . dxc4 2. RhH Qd?
3. Bg4j 2.Qh8+Rg8J.Rhl +vinning.
Whitc vins vith .Qlb! thrcatcning matc by Qh8+ (a|so
skcvcring thc a8 rook), vhi|c maintaining thc prcssurc on c?.
...Rxc + 2.Rxc Kg8 J.Rc7. Nov B|ack must surrcndcr his
quccn or bc matcd, c. g. , JQc+ 4.Kh2 RM 5.RcJ Rc8
5 . . . Qc?+ 6. Rg3+j b. RgJ+KM7.Qdb+Kc88.Rg8matc.
(JJJ)*1racd iccc
.b4Bbb2.c5 vins a piccc.
Thc routinc cxchangc | .cxl6+ Kxl6 sti|| |cavcs a |ot ol vork to
bc donc. !nstcad, Whitc shou|d p|ay .Rc7+ KM 2.Rb7! lxc5
2 . . . Rxb3 is mct by 3.a5 ! Ra3 4. axb6 Rb3 5. cxl6 vinningj
J.Rxbbobtaning conncctcd passcd pavns.
(JJ5}***Vin aawn,lcsclhcgamc
.Qc4 maintains thc ba|ancc. !ndccd, Whitc shou|d rcsist
snatching a pavn by | . Rxc?? Rxc? I . . . Bxc??? 2. QxI7+j 2.Qxb8
as B|ack has thc rclutation 2 . . . RcI + 3. Rxc| QxcI + 4.Kh2 Bc5+
bagging thc quccn.
I . . .Nxc4? 2.dxc4? Bxh4 vou|d vin a pavn lor B|ack, but Whitc
vns vith thc intcrmcdatc movc 2.Nd5! Nxc3 (2 . . . Qd8 3. Nxc?+
Qxc? 4. Qxc4) 3.bxc3 Qb? 4. Nxc?+ nctting a piccc lor tvo
pavns. B|ack shou|d prclcr ...Bcbinstcad.
JJ. YhlC lO mOVC J4l . 8Ck lO mOVC
JJV. 8Ck lO mOVC J4Z. YhlC IO mOVC
...BxcJ! ! sticks Whitc vith an unp|casant choicc. 2. Qxc3 Nc4
3. Qd3 Nxg3 4. lxg3 and Whitc's pavn structurc is inlcrior. Or,
2.bxcJ 2...Nc4J.Bh2c54.Nl Bcb |cavcs Whitc vith a vcak c-
pavn and givcs B|ack contro| o| c4. Furthcnuorc, il Whitc trics
to cvict thc knight by a |atcr L-l, thcn his king position vi | | bc
vcakcncd, cspccia||y thc surrounding dark squarcs. (G|igoric -
Smys|ov, Amstcrdam I ?I )
.c5! ! dxc5 (othcrvisc Whitc capturcs on d6, |caving B|ack vith
an iso|atcd pavn) 2.Nxcb Bxcb J.Bxcb+ bxcb 4.Qc2. Black is
|ch vith doub|cd iso|atcd pavns on a scmi-opcn |c. Whitc can
rccapturc onc pavn casi|y (thcrcby rcstoring thc matcria|
ba|ancc), and thcn tormcnt thc othcr onc mcrci|css|y. (Andcrsson
- Van dcr Wic|, Wijk aan Zcc I 83)
Whitc has thc positiona| thrcat ol Nc3-c4-d6( +). Black can bcst
addrcss this by cithcr ...db or | . . . d5. B|ack is h nc ahcr 2.cxdb
QxdbJ.Nc4Qc7.Notc that thc c5 pavn is salc. 4. Nxc5?? Qa5+.
.Qh8+Kgb2.Rxg7+Klb J.QMmatc.
(J4)***Kingcsilicn, rcscrvclcmc
...Kcb! is thc vinning movc I . . . h6'! squandcrs a prccious
rcscrvc tcmpo, a||oving a drav. 2. Kg3 Kf5 3.Kl h5 4.a4,
I . . dxc4'! throvs avay a lu|l point, as Whitc has thc passcd
pavn ahcr 2.bxc4j . 2.KgJ 2. Kg5 d4! 3. Kg4 dxc3 4. Kl Kl5
5. Kxc3 Kg4 6. Kc4 Kxh4 thc outsidc passcd pavn dccidcs, 2. a4
bums Whitc's rcscrvc tcmpo 2 . . . K|6 and nov thc Whitc king
must givc vayj 2...Kl5 J.Kl hb 3 . . . d4'! 4. cxd4 cxd4 5. b4! j
4.a4h5and nov thc Black king pcnctratcs via c4 or g4.
I .c5v ns a piccc.
J4J. 8Ck l O mOVC J4. VhlC lO mOVC
J44. 8Ck lO mOVC J4. YhlC lO mOVC
J4J. 8Ck lO mOVC J4. YhlC lO mOVC

...Rg+! ! 2.Kxg Rg8+ J.Kl 3.Qg5 docsn't savc Whitcj
J...Rg+4.Kxg Qg8+5.Kl Qg2 matc.
(J44)** Llcarancc,in
At thc momcnt Whitc has thrcc advanccd ccntcr pavns lor a
piccc. ...Nxcb! cats onc pawn and c|cars c5 lor thc bishop. Thc
kight is salc, as 2.dxcb7 Bc5 vins thc quccn.
...Nxh4! simp|y wins a pavn, as ahcr 2.Bxh47 B|ack vins
anothcr pavn and rcgains thc piccc by 2...Rxl4, hitting both
(J4b)***Fin,wcakbackrank,lcrk, dclcnsc
.Qd4! vins matcria|. It a|so prcvcnts B|ack's intcndcd . . . Nl4
and . . . Qh3+. l | B|ack dclcnds thc c5 knight, |or instancc by
...Qdb, thcn 2.Rcc . Moving thc knight is no bcttcr. I . . .NI
2.Qxd5 ! Qd8 (B|ack's vcak back rank must bc hc|d) 3. Rxc8+
Qxc8 4. Rc l Ql8 5.Qd? vith thc doub|c thrcat ol Rc8 and Qxh3,
I . . .Nc6 (or . . . Nc4) |oscs to 2. Rxc8+ Qxc8 3.Qxd5+.
Whitc rcscucs his knights by .Nh4! lo||ovcd by Nl4, thc
tactica| point bcing that ...gxhJ7 2.Qh5+ Kc7 J.Ngb+ vins,
c.g., Kf 4.Nc5+ Kc7 5.Qf+ Kdb b.Nc4+ Kcb 7.Qxcb+ Kb5
8.Ndb+Ka5.Nxb7+Ka4 0.QbJmatc.
(J48)***Ucn'lsnatch thc awn
B|ack cnjoys supcrior dcvc|opmcnt and an cqua| sharc ol thc
ccntcr. Furthcrmorc, hc is about to doub|c rooks on thc only
opcn |c. According|y, Whitc must rcsist grabbing a pavn by
l .c3? Ba7 2. Bxc5 as this vcakcns thc d-l| c irrcparab|y. B|ack
cnoys tcrri lc compcnsation. 2 . . . Rld8 3. Bxl6 3. Bc2? drops thc
bishop to 3 . . . Rd2, 3.BbI Rd2 is miscrablc lor Whitc. 3. Bb5 |oscs
to 3 . . . c6 4. Ba4 b5 as thc bishop has no placc to goj 3 . . . Qxl6 4. c5
Qg5 5. Bc4 Bxh3. A morc prudcnt coursc lor Whitc vou|d bc
. KbRld82.NcJ,gc|ting thc knight back into p|ay.

JJ ! . YhlC lO mOVC JJ4. YhlC lO mOVC
(J4)****Attack,salcty ncl
B|ack's d-pavn i s undcr attack. Thc solid I . . . Qc? vou|d bc
cnough to prcscrvc B|ack's matcrial advantagc. Bcttcr, hovcvcr,
is l ...Rxh2+! ! 2.Kxh2 Kh8+J.KgJ Nh5+ 4.Kh2 [4. Kg4 al |ovs
thc Black quccn to join in vith chcck, and matc to lol |ov.
4 . . . Qd?+ 5. Kh4 Qc?+ 6. Kg4 (6. Kh3 Nl4+ ?. Kg4 l5+ 8. Kg3 Qh4
matc) 6 . . . l5+ ?. Kh3 Nf4+ 8. Kg3 Qh4 matcj 4...Nl4+ 5.KgJ
Black shou|d havc notcd that at this point hc has at |cast a
pcrpctua| chcck by . . . Nh5+. Assuming that a drav vou|d bc
acccptab|c, Black can procccd vith thc initia| rook sacri cc
vithout having to ca|cu|atc bcyond thi s point. Thcn hc shou|d
|ook lor a vinning continuation. As it happcns, B|ack docs havc
a lorccd vin, c. g. , 5...Qc7! b.KO Rh2 7.Ql Qh4+ 8.KcJ
Nxg2+ .KdJ Qd4+ 0. Kc2 NcJ+ .KbJ Nxd 2.Qxd
Rb2+! .
Thc routinc | . Bc3 vou|d bc j ust nc, but .a4! bcttcr mccts thc
dcmands ol thc position. This movc discouragcs B|ack lrom thc
quccnsidc lanchctto (i . c. , . . . b6 |o||ovcd by . . . Bb?) - vhcrc vi|l
hc put that bishop nov'' I t a|so stops B|ack lrom cxpanding by
. . . a?-a6 or . . . c?-c6j and . . . b?-b5. (A|ckhinc - Mikcnas,
Folkcstonc l 33)
(J5 )** Fin,tracdiccc
l . Bhb! vins matcria|, sincc ..W Kl mccts vith 2.QcJ trapping
thc h3 bishop.
(J52)*1racd iccc
.Bc2picks up thc cxchangc.
(J5J)* Fin
Whitc vins back a piccc by .Rxc4! Rxc42.BdJ.
Whitc obtains a vinning cndgamc by . Rxgb! hxgb 2.Nxgb+
Kg7 J.Nxc7 Rc8 4. Nxcb bxcb 5.KgJ. l .Nxg6+ hxg6 2. Rxg6 c5
3.dxc5 Rxc5 |cavcs Whitc vith a morc dilcult tcchnical task.

JJ. 0Ck lO mOVC JJV. YhlC lO mOVC
JJ. YhlC |O mOVC JU. 0Ck lO mOVC

Whitc vou|d havc thc cdgc altcr l .Qg3. Hovcvcr, .Rxlb! gxlb
2.QL! is comp|ctc|y vinning 2. Qg3+? vou|d gi vc B|ack an
cxtra tcmpo to organizc a dclcnsc. 2 . . . Kh8 3. Qh4 Rg8 4.Qxl6+
Rg? 5. Rll Qc? and ho|dsj. B|ack` s quccn and rooks just can` t
covcr thc cxposcd |incs in timc. Thc nish cou|d bc 2...Rc7
J.Qxlb Rdd74.RdJ KM5.RgJQa7 b.Bxf Rxf7.Qd8matc.
(J5b)***Uclcnsc, dcublc attack
B|ack not on|y dclcnds against thc mating thrcats, but a|so
obtains a dccisivc advantagc, by ...Bxg2+! 2.Rxg2 Qd+J.Rg
QL+4.Rg2 Rxl4 attacki ng thc bishop and quccn. B|ack's cxtra
pavns vi|| dccidc.
(J57)**5amc-cclcrcd bishcs,rcmcticn
.Bc2 ( I . Ba4 Bh5 2.Bc2 Bc8 amounts to thc samc thing) ...Kc5
2.Bgb. B|ack must yic|d c?, and thcn thc pavn cannot bc
(J58)***Fawnsac lcractivcking
.l5! l.KL lo||ovcd by 2. Rg3 is |css c|car|y vinningj ...cxl5
2.Kl4. Whitc rcgains thc pavn vith cxcc||cnt piccc p|accmcnt.
Thc nish vas 2...Rcb a|so lutilc is 2 . . . Rl 3. Rg3+ Kh6 4. Rg5j
J.Kxl5 Rgb 4.cb! Rg4 5.Kc5 Rc4+ b.Kdb Rxd4 7.RcJ.
(Capab|anca - E|iskascs, Moscov I 36)
Whitc can salc|y snatch a pavn by .Bxcb dxcb 2.Nxc5.
(Jb0)** Blundcrchcck
Thc natura| I . . .O-O?? is punishcd by 2. Bxc5 dxc5 3. Rxl6! Bxl6
.Qxd? vhcn Whitc nabs tvo picccs lor a rook. !nstcad, B|ack
shou|d prclcr ...Nc4cr . . . Bcb.

J l . 0Ck IO mOVC J4. VhIC IO mOVC
JJ. 0Ck lO mOVC J. 0Ck lO mOVC

(Jb )***Uccclicn
B|ack is a c|car pavn up ahcr . ..cxd4 2.Nxd4 Nlxd4 J.cxd4
Nxd4! sincc 4.Qxd477drops matcria| to thc dcl!cction 4WW Rc+!
5.Rxc [5. Bfl Qxd4 6. Rxd4 Rxa l j 5. . . Qxd4.
(Jb2)*** lcrcca scccndwcakncss
Whitc vi|| a|rcady bc targcting B|ack's iso|atcd d-pavn. By
.b4! Whitc xcs an cncmy pavn on a6, and prcparcs to attack it
by Nc5. Notc that ...a5 vou|d a||ov 2.b5, vhcn thc passcd
pavn is cvcn morc ol a prob|cm |or B|ack. (Fischcr - Pctrosian,
Bucnos Aircs I ? I )
(JbJ)** Hcld backcncmydcvclcmcnt
...Qg5! tics thc Whitc bishop dovn to thc dclcnsc ol g2, and
thus kccps thc Whitc king stuck in thc ccntra| |cs. I . . . Rc8+
2. Bc2 Qg5 achicvcs thc samc thing.
(Jb4)** Uisccvcrcdallack
. Rxcb! vins a piccc, duc to thc combination ...lxcb 2.Bxcb+
(Jb5)**Guard againsldcublcallack
B|ack is thrcatcning to vin thc cxchangc by . . . cxd4 lo| |ovcd by
. . . Bc4. .Rld so|vcs thc prob|cm.
...c4! 2.Bxlb+ [2. lxc4 Bxc3 3.bxc3 l4 is simi|arj 2... Qxlb
J.lxc4 l4! . !n rctum for a pavn, B|ack has a good knight vcrsus
Whitc's bad bishop; in addition, his kings idc pavn majority is
|ooking ominous. (Pi|nik - Gc||cr, Gtcborg I 55)
J. 0Ck lO mOVC J. 0Ck lO mOVC
J. 0Ck lO mOVC J . YhlC lO mOVC
JV. YhlC |O mOVC JZ. YhlC lO mOVC
(Jb7)** Lxchangcsaclcrallack
...RxL! 2.gxl3 Nxc5. B|ack wi|| gct a pawn and a promising
attack lor thc cxchangc.
...Qc8! forccs thc cxchangc of quccns, |caving Whitc unab|c to
guard c4. Ahcr 2.Qxc8+Rxc8thc B|ack knight wi| | hcad for thc
ncw|y crcatcd c4 outpost, lrom whcrc it wi|| strikc dccp into
cncmy tcrritory, and lrom whcrc it cannot bc cxpc||cd. !t a|so
lxcs thc Whitc pawn on c3, thcrcby boxing in thc Whitc bishop.
(Niko|ic - Timman, Amstcrdam I 84)
Thc gamc wcnt l . Bxc4 Qxc4 2. Nd6 Qxc2 3. Nxc8, winning thc
cxchangc but |osing his c2 pawn. Whitc shou|d havc prclcrrcd
I.Ql3! , sti|! winning at |cast thc cxchangc, whi |c ho|ding on to
c2. ...Nlb I . . . Nc5 2. b4 Nd? 3.Ql4 Qxc2 4. Qg5 g6 5. Bxc6 Rxc6
6. Nc?+, I . . . Ng5 2.Ql4 Ql6 3.Nd6j 2.Ql4 Qxl4 J.gxl4. Whitc
cithcr wins thc knight on c6, or dc|ivcrs a nasty lork at c?. (Em.
Laskcr - Tarrasch, St. Ictcrsburg I I 4)
(J70)** Makc way lcrlhcmcrlal blcw
...Qd+ 2.Rg Qd5+J.Rg2H matc.
(J7 )***Allackwcaksquarc
.Bxcb! is bcst, c|caring thc g-|c with tcmpo lor an attack on
g?. Ahcr .W.Rxcb 2.Rxcb bxcb J.Rg Qd5+ 4.Qxd5 Nxd5
5.Rxg7Rb8b.Bc5,Whitc wi|| pick ofl at |cast two pawns.
.Rxd5! wins a piccc, as suddcn|y thc B|ack quccn is hanging.
JJ. 0Ck lO mOVC J. 0Ck lO mOVC
J4. Yh|lC lO mOVC J. 0Ck lO mOVC
JJ. 0Ck lO mOvC J. 0Ck lO mOvC

(J7J)**Hcld u cncmyrcgrcss
. ..Nd4! immobi|izcs Whitc's quccnsdc pawns and s|ows thc
Whitc king's progrcss toward thc ccntcr. (Smys|ov - Sax,
Ti|burg I ?)
Whitc wins a piccc by I. Bc4+Kh82.Nxd4.
. .. QcJ+ lorccs matc. 2.Kl 2. KdI RbI + 3. Kc2 Qb3 matcj
2... Rb +J.Rd Rxd +4.Qc Kxcmatc.
(J7b)* Fin, dcublcd rccks
... Rbb wins hcavy matcria| .
(J77)* Bishcair
Bl ack shou|d |op oll thc c3 bishop by ...Ng4! . This not on|y
givcs B|ack thc bishop pair, but a|so cnhanccs thc va|uc ol his
own dark-squarcd bishop.
...Nxc4! . Eithcr B|ack rcmains a pawn up, or lo||owing 2.Rxc4
d5 J. Kc dxc4 4.Nxc5 Nxc5 5.Rxc5 Bdb b.RcJ Bl5, B|ack has
thc bshop pair, a hugc dcvc|opmcnt |cad, and a dcath-grip on thc
d3 squarc.

JI . l0Ck lO mOVC J4. YhlC lO mOVC
(J7)***Ncarlylracd iccc
Whitc wins duc to thc vu|ncrab|c position ol thc B|ack quccn.
.aJ! BxcJ or I . . .Bd6 (thrcatcning . . . Bg3+) 2.Rh3! Bc8 (2 . . . Nc?
3. b4 Qa6 4.c5) 3.b4 Qa6 4.b5j 2.BxcJ Qab J.c5 b5 4.a4 Nc7
4 . . . Bc8 5. axb5j 5.Bxb5 and now B|ack must givc up a piccc to
rcscuc his quccn 5...Bxl! b.QxlQc8.
(J80)* Fin
.Nxd5wins a pawn, as ts putatvc dclcndcr is suddcn|y pnncd.
...Rb8! compc|s thc rcp|y 2.bJ. Thus B|ack dcvc|ops a pccc
with gain in timc, prcvcnts Nb I -d2-b3( -c5), and lorccs anothcr
cncmy pawn onto thc samc co|or squarc as his bishop. (Marsha||
- Lm. Laskcr, Ncw York I 0?)
Whtc has sacriccd a pawn lor cxcc||cnt king posttion. To
nish thc job. .db! cxdb 2.Kxdb Kc8 J.Kcb. Whitc wil l
annihi|atc B|ack's quccnsidc pawns lor an casy win.
...c5! is good lor B|ack, taking advantagc ol thc momcntary
cxposurc ol thc a I rook. For cxamp|c, 2.lxc5 2. c4 cxl4 givcs
Whitc an in|crior King's Gambit - thc c I bishop cvcntually has
to capturc on l4, so b2-b3 was a wastcd movc, othcr trics such as
2. c3 a||ow 2 . . . c4 3. Nd4 d5 whcn B|ack has a strong two-pawn
ccntcrj 2... dxc5givcs B|ack lrcc and casy dcvc|opmcnt, bccausc
J.Nxc577 |oscs a piccc to J... Qd4.
(J84)***Avcid lhc skcwcr
Pcrlunctory dcvc|opmcnt such as I . Bc3? wou|d a||ow I . . .c5
2. Nl Bb5 skcwcring thc quccn and rook. Notc that 3.c4??
docsn't hclp, duc to 3 . . . Bxh2+. !nstcad, Whitc shou|d play l Nl
ur .Nl5.
JJ. 0Ck IO mOVC 3. 0Ck IO mOVC
J. 0Ck lO mOVC JVU. YhlC IO mOVC
B|ack can win matcria|, sccing that ncithcr Whitc minor piccc
has a |oI ol salc squarcs. ...c5! 2.NbJ 2.Nb5 c6 and thc knighI
is trappcd, 2.Nc6 Qd6 3.Na5 c4! and again thc knight is doomcdj
2...c4! J.Nc 3. Nd4 c5 is a lami|iar story 4.Nc6 (4.Nb5 a6)
4 . . . Qc?j J...Rb8 4.Rb Bg4 5.QcJ Rbb intcnding . . . Qb8,
winning thc bishop. Rcsistancc is luti |c, c.g., b.Na2 Qb8 7.Nb4
(J8b)** lsilrcallya lhrcal7
In Ihc actua| gamc Whitc p|aycd thc undcvc|oping movc I . Bll ?
rcacting to a non-cxistcnt thrcat. Somcthing ordinary such as
I .Bg5 tums out to bc j ust |nc, as B|ack has no attack al\cr
...BxhJ77 2.gxhJ QxhJJ.Bl Qg4+4.Bg2.
(J87)**Rcck vs. lwc advanccdQawns
Conncctcd pawns on thc 6th rank can usua||y bcat a |onc rook,
but hcrc B|ack ho|ds a trump card. ...Rc ! 2.KhJ (lorccd, duc
Io thc thrcat ol matc) 2... Rh +J.Kg2 Rxhb4.g7Rgb+.
Castling now wou|d al!ow Whitc to p|ay c2-c3 and comp|ctc his
dcvc|opmcnt without dimcu|ty. It is worth thc tcmpo to p|ay
... Bb5! . !l Whitc trics c2-c3, thcn B|ack wi|| capturc on lI ,
prcvcnting Whitc lrom castling. !l Whitc gocs lor thc anchctto,
thcn B|ack scizcs c4 with his knight. (Lipnitsky - Smys|ov,
Moscow I 5 I )
Both sidcs havc dcad|y thrcats, but Whitc strikcs rst with
.g4+! Kh4 I . . .Kg5 2. Bl4+ snags thc rookj 2.BgJ+ Kg5
` . . Kh3 3.g5 matcj J.Bl4+winning matcria|.
.NbJ Qbb[or I . . . Qb4 2.a3 Qb6 3 .Na4j 2.Na4wins a piccc.
(J}***5kcwcr, matingnct
Whitc can win a rook or lorcc matc by .Rc4+! Kl5 [ l . . . Kh5
2.Rh4 matcj 2.Rl4+ Kc5 J.Ra5+ Kcb 4.Rg5. Whitc can sti| |
stop thc passcd pawn. Notc that l . l+! a|so wins. I . . . Rxl
j I . . . Kl5 2. Rac6 thrcatcning R2c5 matc 2 . . . Rc5 3. g4+ K|4 4. R6c4
matc, I . . .Kh5 2. g4+ Kh4 3. Rh6+ Rh5 4.Rxh5 matcj 2. Rc4+ Kl5
3. Kx|.
Whitc takcs chargc by .Qh5! [ l. Q| is |css c|fcctivc. I . . .Qxg5
2. Bxd5 Qg6 and now c6 and l arc sccurc, l .Nxl7! ? Kl7
2. Ql+ Kc6 is spccu|ativcj ...Qd7. Thc B|ack quccn cannot
adcquatc|y guard bo|h l and d5 j I . . . g6 2. Ql Qxg5 3. Bxd5 Kd7
(to dclcnd c6) 4. Qx|+ winsj. 2.Qxf+ Qxf J.Nxf Kxf
4.Bxd5+and Whitc is up a c|car pawn.
...Nh5 crcatcs thc doub|c thrcat ol winning thc l4 pawn or
going to g3 with a lork.
B|ack wins thc cxchangc by ...QxhJ! 2.gxhJNL+.
l .h4! hb 2.NhJ! ! . This stops . . . g6-g5, and thus cnsurcs that
B|ack's dark-squarcd bishop wi|| bc imprisoncd bchind a wa|| ol
pawns. [2. Nl is |css cllcctivc duc to 2 . . . Bc6. j (Karpov -
Kasparov, London I 86)
l .Qb5! thrcatcns matc at d7 [ I .Qa4 works just as wc||j. Thcrc s
no satislactory dclcnsc. ...Kc8 j I . . . Qc7 2. Nc6+ winning thc
quccnj 2.Qd7+ Kb8J.Ncbmatc.
JV. 0Ck IO mOVC 4Ul . 0Ck IO mOVC
.BaJ wins thc cxchangc.
(J8)***1urn backmincrily atlack
B|ack can ha|t Whitc` s intcndcd quccnsidc minority attack by
I.b5! 2.QbJ Nbb J.Rlc axb4 4.axb4 Nc4. Thc knight on c4
shiclds thc c6 pawn from attack, and il thc knight is cxchangcd,
B|ack gcts a protcctcd passcd pawn.
(J)** Frcvcnl invasicn
Whitc is bustcd il thc B|ack kng managcs to gct to c4. Thc
Wh itc monarch must rush to b3 to stop this. .KO or | .Kll j
I. Kc8 2.Kc2 Kd7 J.Kd2 Kcb 4. Kc2 Kd5 5. KbJ and Whitc
survivcs to continuc thc ght.
(400)* lcrk,rcmcvc thcguard
...b4! salc|y wns matcria|, lor cxamp|c 2.Ncc2 2. Bxg7 bxc3 !
| Whitc is sti|| attacking ahcr 2 . . . Kxg7?! 3.Nbl Nxc4 4.Qc3 Nl6
5. h5 ! ) 3.Qh6 cxb2+ 4. Kxb2 Ng4 ncts a pcccj 2... Nxc4 J.Ql4
(40 )**1akclhccr
B|ack has nothing bcttcr than to lorcc pcrpctua| chcck by
I.RxgJ+2.hxgJQxgJ+J.Kl QL+ctc.
.Nl ! Ra (on othcr movcs thc Whitc king just hcads toward
c2) 2.Nd2! Rxb 2 . . . Bxd2 3. Rxb2 and B|ack cannot lorcc matcj
J.NxbI . Thc pawn is b|ockadcd.
4UJ. 0Ck lO mOVC 4U. YhlC lO mOVC
4U4. YhlC IO mOVC 4U. 0Ck IO mOVC
4UJ. YhlC lO mOVC 4U. YhIC IO mOVC
(40J)*** Undcrrcmcticn,ugnung
. ..Rc7+ 2.Kg8 2. K8 Kg6 3.Kg8 Rc8 matcj 2...Kgb and B|ack
had to bc rcady lor thc undcrpromotion J.h8N+! 7 3.h8Q Rc8
matcj J...Klb 4.Ngb Kxgb.
(404)*** Bcwarc thcdisccvcrcdattack
Thc bishop on g5 s a |ittlc l oosc, putting Whitc in dangcr o|
. . Nxc4 tricks. For cxamp|c, onc movc to avoid is thc othcrwisc
dcsirab|c I . 0-0-0'! which |oscs a pawn to I . . .Nxc4! 2.Bxc? or
2.Nxc4 Bxc4 3.Bxc? (3.Qxc4 Bxg5+) 3 . . . Bxl 4. Bxd8 Bxc2
5. Bxc2 Rd8j 2 . . . Nxc3 3. Bxd8 Nxc2+ (with Whitc having
cast|cd |ong, this capturc comcs with chcck, so thc d8 bishop has
no chancc to cscapc) 4.Bxc2 Rxd8. Thus in thc gamc Whitc
playcd . Bxlb! and cast|cd on his ncxt tum. (Rogcrs - Mi los,
Man|a I 2)
.d4! cxd4 or I . . . Qd6 2.dxc5 Qxc5j 2.Nxd4. Whtc has thc
bcttcr bishop, and thc d4 outpost lor hcr knight. Shc may crcatc a
passcd pawn by a2-a4. On thc othcr hand, B|ack's iso|atcd d-
pawn is vu|ncrab|c on a scmi-opcn |c. And with b5 undcr
attack, Whtc w l | bc thc rst to sl dc a rook to thc opcn c-|c.
(Ana|ysis lrom Nudc|man - 1usto, Ma|ta I 80)
(40b)****Lxcscdquccn andwcaksquarc
Whitc can punish B|ack's prcmaturc quccn sortic by .Nb5!
(thrcatcning Nc?+, and taking aim at thc juicy d6 squarc) ...Rb8
2.c5 (hitting d6 again, whi|c c|caring c4 lor thc othcr knight)
2W Nd7 2 . . . dxc5 3. Nc?+ Kc? 4. Ba3+ Kd8 5. Nc4+ winning thc
quccn, 2 . . . Nxc5 3. l4 snaring a picccj J.Nc4 (taking a shot at thc
Black quccn, thus triplc-tcaming on d6 with gain in tmc)
J... Qd84.cxdbwith an ovcrwhc|ming advantagc.
(407)* Ucublcaltack,rcmcvcthc guard
. . Qb2! . B|ack wi| | win cithcr thc pawn on a3 or thc onc on d3.
(408)* Ycurawncrycurlilc
.Bxcb! picks up a pawn, sincc . M.bxcb77|oscs to 2.Qabmatc.
4UV. 0Ck IO mOVC 4 l 2. YhlC IO mOVC
4 l U. 0Ck IO mOVC 4 l J. 0Ck IO mOVC
4 l l . YhIC |O mOVC 4! 4. YhlC lO mOVC
l. RL? wou|d a||ow 2. Rb8+ Kh? J.c5+ g6 4. Rb?+ whcn B|ack
had bcttcr acccpt thc pcrpctua| chcck. . .. a2! ! c|iminatcs this
drawing rcsourcc by dcccting thc bishop Irom its contro| oI h ?.
Now 2.Bxa2ROwins Ior B|ack.
(40)*Nctsclast- thclcrklails!
Thc hasty Iork I . . .Nxc2?? |oscs to 2. Qa4+! . Thc simp|c rctrcat
...Ncbis bcttcr.
(4 )**ntcrlcrcncc, matc
.Bl! b|ocks thc B|ack quccn's dcIcnsc oI g?, cnab|ing a quick
nsh. ...c2 I . . . QxI only dc|ays thc incvitab|cj 2.Bxg7+Bxg7
(4 2)**lcrk,dsccvcrcd chcck
.Nxl! Kx 2.l5! . Whitc rcgains thc piccc with a supcnor
B|ack wins by ...cxb4! ! sacricing a rook to crcatc unstoppab|c
passcd pawns. 2.Rxc8 2. axb4 Rxc2 J. Rxc2 a3 4. Ra2 Kd4 s no
bcttcrj 2... Rxc8J.Rxc8bxaJ4. Rc b4 5.Ra bJ.
Al\cr .g5! Bc8 2.g4! thc B|ack picccs havc nowhcrc to go, and
nothing to do. (Hort - Cioc|tca, Budapcst I ?J)
4 J. YhIC IO mOVC 4 l . 8Ck IO mOVC
4 l . YhIC IO mOVC 4 l V. YhIC IO mOVC
4 . YhIC lO mOVC 4ZU. 8Ck IO mOVC
(4 5)***UcubIcattack,lcrk
Whitc comcs up a pawn ahcad al\cr .Ng5 gb 2.Nxcb! Rlc8
2 . . . lxc6?? 3. Qxc6+ Kh8 4. Qxd6j J.Qd4! Bc5 [or 3 . . . Qxd4
4.Nxd4j 4.Qxb2 Bxb2 5.Nc7.
(4I b)*Farrytwcthrcats
Whitc must copc with thc thrcats of . . . Nxd3 matc and . . . NL
matc. .Nd4or .Nl4i s bcst.
(4 7)***Attack,salctynct,skcwcr
.Qb8+ [ I .Qd8+? is at bcst a pcrpctua| chcckj ...Kh7 2.Bg8+
Kgb [2 . . . Kh8 3. Bl+ with matc to lo||owj J.QgJ+ Klb [3 . . . Kf5
4. Bh?+; 3 . . .Kh5 4. Bl+j 4.Qdb+ Kg5 5.h4+! [Whitc's "sa|cty
nct" at movc I was to takc thc pcrpctua| chcck hcrc by 5.Qg3+
Kf6 6. Qd6+ ctc. j 5...Qxh4 [5 . . . Kxh4 6. Qg3+ Kh5 ?. Bl+,
5 . . .Kg4 6. f+, 5 . . . Kh5 6. B|+ Kg4 ?. Qg3+ Kf5 8. Bg6+j b.Qc7+.
Whitc picks up a bishop, and rcmains two pawns up.
...c4!wins matcria|, as both Whitc kights arc pinncd.
(4 )**UcubIcattack,disccvcrcdchcck
.Nxb5! wins a pawn, thc tactica| point bcing ...axb577
2.Bxb5+Kc7J.Rd7+with yct morc gains.
...h4! wins a pawn. 2.g4 [2.gxh4? Bxf4 3. Rc2 xh4 is worsc
for Whitcj 2...Bxl4J.gxl5 Bxd24.Rc2 Bhb.
4Z l . l0Ck IO mOVC 4Z4. 0Ck IO mOVC
4ZJ. 0Ck lO mOVC 4Z. YhlC IO mOVC
(42 )***crk,in,dcubIcattack
B|ack wins at |cast a pawn by ...Nc2! 2.Rad Bab J.bJ Rlc8
4.Rd2 4.Nc4 Bxc4 5.bxc4 Rxc4j 4... NxaJ.
Hcrc's thc way to takc advantagc ol thc |oosc knight on g4.
.Rdc Qb4 2.RabI QdbJ.Rxb8+ Qxb8 4.Bb5+ KM [4 .. . Kd8
5. Qdl + Bd6 (5 . . . Qd6 6.Qc2) 6. Rc6 Kc? ?.Nh4 lo||owcd by Nl5+
or Qxg4] 5.Bd7with thc dua| thrcat ol Bxg4 and Rc8+.
(42J)* Laughtinthcnct
...Kc7!wins, as Whitc cannot prcvcnt . . . Rd5 matc.
...Nxc4ncts a pawn. 2.Qxc4 2. Nxc4 Bxa l ] 2...BxcJ.
.Nxl! [ l .Nxc6 a|so ncts a pawn, l .Ng6? Bxl4 2.Nxh8 Bc? is
no good, as thc knight is trappcd] ...Kxl 2. Bxdb. Whitc has
won a pawn and prcvcntcd B|ack lrom cast|ing.
(42b)** Vin aquccn,Icscthcgamc
.hxgJ. Whitc must capturc thc knight, rcstoring matcria|
cqua|ity. Taking thc discovcrcd chcck wou|d bc disastrous, c. g. ,
l .Nc5+?? Kh8! 2.hxg3 ccrtainly not 2.Nxb??? KI matc]
2 . . . dxc5 whcn Whitc is just a piccc down.
4Z. 0Ck IO mOVC 4J l . 0Ck IO mOVC
4ZV. YhIC lO mOVC 4JZ. 0Ck IO mOVC
B|ack's p|an i s to achicvc thc . . . c?-c5 brcak. Whitc can bcst rcsist
this by .NdJ lo| | owcd by l . Rc I is |css attractvc duc to thc
|atcnt prcssurc on Lj 2. Bl4. (vanchuk - Iomcs, Tcrrassa I I )
WW b4! lorccs thc c3 knight to rctrcat to b I or d l , scvcrcly
hampcring Whitc's dcvc|opmcnt. Worsc is 2.Na477 Qcb whcn
B|ack wins a piccc.
Thc obvious try l .Nxd6 Rxd6 2.Qxa? Rd? is not a c|car win.
Whitc can sca| thc victory, howcvcr, with .Qc5! vo|untari|y
unpinning thc cncmy rook to crcatc a mating thrcat [ l .Qg5+ Kl
2.Ql4+ Kc? 3.Qc5 comcs to thc samc thingj . Rd5 [ l . . . Kl
2.Nxd6+, I . . . R8d? 2. Nxd6 Rxd6 3.Qxg?+ Kc8 4. Qxb?j
.Bc ! ! Qxa [thc thrcat is 2. Bb2 Qb4 3.a3 Qb5 4. a4 Qb4 5.c3
trapping thc B|ack quccn, thcrc is no cscapc. I . . .Qd4 |oscs to
2. Bb2 Qd? 3.Nb6+, l . . .Qb4 is mct by 2. Bd2 Qb5 3.a4j 2.Bl4! .
Whitc thrcatcns Nb6 matc, so thc B|ack quccn la||s. As an
a|tcmatvc, l . Bd2! Qd4 2. Ba5 wins at |cast thc cxchangc. Thc
rook cannot hidc. 2 . . . Rc8 3. c3 Qd? 4. Nb6+.
(4J )* Uisccvcrcdattack
...Nxc4! wins a pawn. 2.Nxc4 2. lxc4 Bxd4 and B|ack picks oll
yct morc matcria| at c3j 2... Qxd2+J.Nxd2 Rxd4.
...d4! 2.Nb or 2. cxd4 cxd4 3. NbI d3j 2. ..dJ. Thc pawn on d3
wi| | bc a thom in Whitc's csh lor a |ong tmc.
4JJ. YhlC IO mOVC 4J. YhlC IO mOVC
4J4. 0Ck IO mOVC 4J. 0Ck lO mOVC
4JJ. YhIC lO mOVC 4J. 0Ck IO mOVC
(4JJ)****Lxchangcsac launchcscllcnsivc
.Rxlb! gxlb 2.Qxhb givcs Whitc a winning attack. 2@@ Qc7
2 . . . Bc6 3. Nh4! and now B|ack cannot stop both Nl5 and Rd3-
g3(+), c. g. , 3 . . . Rbd8 4.Bd5 ! ! ; 2 . . . l5 3. Ng5 Bc6 4. Qh?+ K
5. Nxc6+ Rxc6 6. Bxc6 lxc4 ?.Rd?j J.Qgb+ KM 4.Qh7 Qb7
(4J4)**lcrtily backrank
. ..Ra8 is thc on|y movc. I . . . Rd2? lai|s to 2. Rc8 Rd8 3. Rbc I ! ,
simi|ar|y I . . . Q? 2.Rc8 Rc8 3. Rbc| !
.Rb7! cnds a|| rcsistancc. ...Qxb7 2.Ndb+ wins thc quccn.
I .Nxd? Qxd? 2. Nxd6+ K 3. Qxd? Rxd? 4. Rb8+ ncts thc
cxchangc, and shou|d a|so win.
.Qd4+picks oll thc |oosc rook on a?.
...l4! crcatcs thc thrcat ol matc by K . Whitc must rcp|y
2.Rxl4 a||owing 2...Rh+ thc immcdiatc 2 . . . Rxc3? admits too
much countcrp|ay. 3. Rl+ Kc8 4. Rxa? Rxc5 5. RL! Kb8 6. Rxh?
ctc. j J.KgJRxcJ+ winning thc knight.
(4J8)*** Lcnsistcncy, ccntralstructurc,timc
...cxd4 is ca||cd lor. This justics thc p|accmcnt ol thc rook on
c8, which now prcssurcs thc c4 pawn. On othcr movcs, Whitc
can c|osc thc ccntcr by d4-d5; B|ack wou|d thcn havc wastcd onc
Icmpo on . . . R-c8, and must wastc anothcr to movc it back (in
support ol thc . . . |-l5 brcak).
4JV. YhlC lO mOVC 44Z. 0Ck IO mOVC
44U. YhlC lO mOVC 44J. YhIC lO mOVC
44l . YhIC lO mOVC 444. 0Ck lO mOVC
(4J)*** Fawn stcrm,matc
I|`s hard to arguc against l . 0-0 or l . Qc2, but a|rcady ahcr .c5! ,
B|ack must cough up a piccc or bc matcd. . .. Ng8 l . . .dxc5
2. lxc5 amounts |o thc samc thtng. 2 . . . Ng8 3.c Bc8 4. cx|7+
]I 5. Bxg+ Kxg . Nh4+ Kl ?. Q|+ Bl5 8.Qxf5 matcj 2.cb
Bc8 2 . . . lxc 3. Bxg matcj J.cxl+ Kxl 4.Bxgb+ Kxgb
5.Nh4+Klbb.Nc4+Kl7.Qh5+gb 8.Qxgb matc.
Whitc would |ikc to capturc at g, crcating mattng thrcats, but
B|ack might gct a pcrpctua| chcck starting with Qc5+. Thus
. Rc7! rst. Now B|ack must gtvc up his quccn or bc matcd.
... Ra82.Qxgb.
(44 )***Fins
Whitc wins at |cast two pawns by .Bl4! c5 not I . . .cxf4?
2. Rxd4+ Kc8 3. Rxc8 matcj 2.bxcb+ bxcb J.Rxc5 c5 or
3 . . . Rxc5 4. Bxc5 c5 5. Bxd4 cxd4 . Rxd4+j 4.Rxc5 Rc+ 5.Rxc
Thts is j ust thc right momcnt for .cxd4! 2.Nxd4 2. cxd4 wou|d
a||ow 2 . . . Nb4j 2... Nc5 J.Bl d5! . By disso|ving Whitc's pawn
ccntcr, B|ack has cqua|izcd. (Tarrasch - A|ckhinc, Badcn-Badcn
I 25)
(44J)**FiccclcrJ awnsandmcrc
l.Nxl! . Whitc gcts at |cast thrcc pawns and thc initiativc lor a
knight. ...Kxl 2.Ng5+ Kc8 J.Qxcb RM 4.Qc8+ Qd8 5.Qxb7
^bd7. Whitc has thc p|casant choicc bctwccn . Qxc, .Nc or
. Rc l .
(444)*Ovcrwcrkcd iccc
...Nc2+ 2. Kh Nxc J.Rxc BxO |cavcs B|ack a pawn up.
44J. 0Ck IO mOVC 44. YhIC IO mOVC
44. YhIC IO mOVC 44V. YhIC IO mOVC
44. YhIC IO mOVC 4JU. 0Ck IO mOVC
(445)* lcrk
... NcJ wins thc cxchangc.
(44b)****Rcstrict cncmy iccc
.cb! (thrcatcning Bc5 winning thc cxchangc) on I. Rd8
Whitc just kccps up thc prcssurc, c. g. , 2. Rc | a6 3. Qa4j 2.b5 ab
J.a4. Rcmarkab|y, B|ack's l ight-squarcd bishop has bccomc
imprisoncd. Whitc can conduct kingsidc opcrations cllcctivc|y a
piccc up. (Ictrosian - Fischcr, B|cd I 5)
.Qcb+Kh7[or I . . . K8 2. Rh6+j 2.Rlwins thc quccn.
Wh tc wins matcria| by 1.Rxg5+! lxg5 [ I. KI 2. Qh5 ! wins a
rook duc to 2 . . . Rxh5 3. Rg8 matcj 2.Bxg5 KM thcrc l5 no
cscapc. 2 . . . Qc8 3. Bc7+ Kh7 4.Qh5 matcj J.Bxc7+Kxc7.
Whitc can win back a pawn by .Nxdb! . !ndccd, il thc knight is
capturcd, thcn Wh tc ncts a sccond pawn. 1...Qxdb 2.Qxg7+
xg7 J.Bxc5+.
(450)** Fin,dcublc attack
B| ack should snatch back a pawn by ...Nxd4! . Il thc knight s
takcn, thcn Whitc |oscs hi s quccn. 2.cxd47 Bb4+ J.Bd2 3. Kdl
Rxd4+j J... Rhc8.
4J l . 8Ck lO mOVC 4J4. YhlC lO mOVC
4JZ. YhlC lO mOVC 4JJ. YhlC lO mOVC
4JJ. YhlC lO mOVC 4J. 8Ck lO mOvC
(45 )**1racdiccc,rcmcvc thc guard
B|ack wins a piccc by ...Kcb 2.Rx Rh8 J.Bgb Rhb 4. Rg7
.Kb ! wins thc cxchangc - thcrc is no salc squarc lor thc rook.
I ...Rc4 [ I . . . Rc2 2.Nc3+j 2.Ndb+.
.Qb4 momcntari|y stops B|ack lrom cast|ing. Thcrc lo||owcd
WWW Nd5 2.QaJ Qc7 J. Bb5+ Bd7 4.Bxd7+and B|ack sti || cannot
cast|c short ahcr cithcr rccapturc. (Topa|ov - Barccv, Dortmund
.Rl+ Kc2 2.RO+! dcccts thc B|ack rook lrom covcragc ol
thc passcd pawn.
(455)** Lrcatctargctandcutcst
l . Bxlb! cxlb [or I .. . Bxf6 2. Nd5 Bd? 3. Nxf6+ cxf6j 2.Nd5.
Whitc's knights arc wc|| p|accd and thc d6 pawn wi| | bc a targct.
B|ack's rst impu|sc might bc to swap oll thc knight on d5.
Howcvcr, ahcr any cxchangcs at d5, Whitc is |clt with a
dangcrously postcd piccc. For cxamp|c, ahcr I . . . Nxd5 2. Bxd5
Bc6 3. Radl Bxd5 4. Rxd5 thc backward d6 pawn is in lor scrious
pain. !nstcad, B|ack might rcason that thc d5 knight is not
accomp|ishing much by itscl l; in lact, it is hindcring thc bishop
on c4 and b|ocking thc d6 pawn lrom immcdiatc dangcr.
Thcrclorc, B|ack ought to pursuc his own p|ans bclorc Whitc can
dcvc|op scrious thrcats. !n thc gamc his choicc was .Ngb! ! ,
prcscrving thc knight, with idcas about an cvcntua| . . . Nl4 and
. . . I-f5. (Bcrc|ovich - Svid|cr, Moscow 2003)
4J. 0Ck IO mOVC 4 . 0Ck IO mOVC
4JV. YhlC lO mOVC 4Z. VhIC lO mOVC
I l thc B|ack king cou|d gct to g8 or h8 ths wou|d bc a draw, as
thc bishop docsn` t contro| thc promotion squarc. Thc on|y way
to sccurc thc lu| | point is .Bcb+! KM [ I . . . Kxc6 2. h?, | . . . Kl6
2. Bg8j 2. Kgband thc pawn marchcs lorth.
(458)* Ucublc attack,wcakback rank
I.Rd5!wins thc knight, duc to Whitc's back rank wcakncss.
(45)***Fawn sacrcclsattack
Whitc adds luc| to his attack by .c5! dxc5. Thc pawn sacricc
has opcncd thc d-|c lor Whitc's othcr rook, and c|carcd c4 lor
thc knight on c3. B|ack's doub|cd iso|atcd c-pawns gct in thc way
ol his own bishops. Thcrc lo| |owcd 2.Nc4 thrcatcning thc lork
Nd6+ 2...Qc7 J.QgJ! dclcnding thc d4 knight by pnning c5
J...Nc7 4.Rad scizing thc ncw|y opcncd |c. (Nunn - A.
Soko|ov, Dubai I 86)
(4b0)****iquidatccutsidc awns
Whitc's quccnsidc pawns arc doomcd. a5! cnsurcs that B|ack's
othcrwisc dangcrous a-pawn gocs down, too I . l4? on|y draws
al\cr I . . . cxl! , I . KI| ?? Kc5 2. Kg2 Kb4 3. Kh3 Kxa4 4.Kxh4
Kxb5 and it is B|ack who wins thc loot raccj . WW hJ 2.Kl Kc5 axbb4.axbbKxbb5.Kg.
...Nd4! cuts oll Whitc's dark-squarcd bishop lrom thc
vu|ncrab|c dark squarcs around his king. 2.Bc5 Qcb J.BdJ
(dclcnding c2) J... Nd7 4.Bxd4 [worsc is 4.Nc2 Nxc5 5. bxc5
Bc3+ 6. KhI Nxc2 ?.Qxc2 Bxc5j 4WW cxd4 5.Nc2 BcJ+. Whitc
was lorccd to part with his va|uab|c dclcndcr, whcrcas B|ack's
bi shop has bccomc a monstcr. (Smyslov - Botvinnik, Moscow
I 58)
.Rg4! wins a pawn. 2.Rh4 h5 J.g4 and Whitc wi||
capturc twicc on h5, sincc J... hxg47 wou|d a||ow 4.Rh8+.
(A|ckhinc - Marsha||, St. Ictcrsburg I I 4)
4J. YhlC lO mOVC 4. YhlC lO mOVC
44. YhlC |O mOVC 4. YhlC IO mOVC
4J. YhIC |O mOVC 4. YhlC IO mOVC
(4bJ)** lndclcnsiblcawn
.Bh4! picks oll thc l6 pawn, as ... Kc777 I . . .Rd6?? is
punishcd by 2. Ra8+j mccts with 2.Rc5+KdbJ.Bxlb snaring thc
(4b4)**1racd iccc
.Ql attacks l and dcnics flight squarcs to thc B|ack quccn.
Altcr ...lb2.Rc Qh2J.Ng4 QhJ4.Rh thc quccn is trappcd.
Whitc wins at |cast a pawn by .Ng5! gb I . . . Nl6 2. Nxl! is
simi|arj 2.Nxl! as 2...Kxl7 J.Rc7+uncovcrs an attack on thc
B|ack quccn.
(4bb)* Lxcscd king
I.Rd7! . B|ack must givc up his quccn, or c|sc bc matcd, c. g. ,
. . .Qc82.Qc5+Kg8J.Rg7+Kh84.Rl+Kg85.Qg7matc.
(4b7)* Ucublcattack
.c5! wins matcria|, lor il ...Ng8 thcn 2.Ql with a doub|c
attack on a8 and l.
Ahcr thc (tcmporary) pawn sac .d5! Rxd5 2.Rxd5 cxd5 J.bJ,
Whitc has two sa|c and so|id pawn is|ands, comparcd to B|ack's
six lu||y iso|atcd pawns. Whitc wi|| rcgain a pawn soon, thcn
attack thc rcmaining pawn wcakncsscs. (Dccp B|uc - Kasparov,
Phi|adc|phia I 6)
4V. YhlC IO mOVC 4Z. 0Ck lO mOVC
4U. YhIC lO mOVC 4J. YhlC IO mOVC
4 l . 0Ck lO mOvC 44. YhIC IO mOVC
Whitc wins at |cast thc cxchangc ahcr .Nlb+! Kh8 l . . .gxl6
2. Bxc6 Qc3 (2 . . . lxc6 3. Qg6+ K8 4. Rd? with matc to lo| |ow)
3. Qg6+ Kh8 4. Qxl6+ Kg8 5. Rd? winningj 2.Bxcb! Qc7 2 . . . lxc6
3.Nd?, 2 ... Qc6 3. Nd?, 2 . . . gxl6 3.Qxh6+ Kg8 4. Bf5 matc to
lo||owj J.Nd7Qxcb4.NxMRxM.
.Bxc4 Bxc4 2.Qd4 wiIh thc doub|c thrcat ol Qxc4 and Qxg?
(47 )***Ovcrwcrkcdiccc
. ..RaJ2.RbJ [2. Qc2 Nxd3j . Now thc Whitc quccn is strugg|ing
to dclcnd b3, d3 and d4. 2... NxdJ! J.RxaJ 3.Qxd3 Bxd4+j
J...Bxd4+4.Qxd4 QxaJ.
(472)** An cunccclrcvcnticn
...a5or ...ab is ncccssary to prcvcnt a4-a5-a6 and thc rcsu|ting
tactica| prob|cms down thc |ong diagona|. (Io|ugacvsky - Ta|,
Lcningrad I ? I )
(47J)***Assailbackward awn
.Bbb! prcvcnts thc B|ack rook lrom coming to thc aid ol thc
backward d-pawn. ...Nb8(i ntcnding . . . Nd? to cxpc| thc bishop,
othcrwisc Whitc pl ays Rd2 and Qdl ) 2.Bxcb lxcb J.Qh4! (to
rcmovc thc on|y dclcndcr ol d6) J... Qd7 4.Qd8+ Qxd8 5.Bxd8
and thc cmbatt|cd pawn is |ost. (Smys|ov - Rcshcvsky, Moscow
I 48)
Whitc wins by .Rxg7+! Rxg7 2. Rxg7+ Kh8 2 ... Kxg? a||ows
3. Nc6+ snaring thc quccnj J.Qd ! with a winning attack.

+J. 0Ck IO mOVC +. 0Ck IO mOVC
+. YhlC IO mOVC +V. 0Ck lO mOVC
+. YhlC IO mOVC +U. YhlC lO mOVC

(475)* Usccvcrcd attack
...hb2.Nl^xc4ncts a pavn bccausc oI thc |oosc bishop on l4.
(47b)***1hc awns lcst anyway
B|ack thrcatcns to vin a pavn by capturing tvicc on c3. Whitc's
bcst coursc vou|d bc to acccpt thc |oss ol thc pavn in rctum for
a sizcab|c |cad in dcvc|opmcnt. . 0-0! rcinlorcing c3 is luti|c
anyvay, c. g. , l . RcI dxc4 2. Bxc4 Nc4 vith attacks on c3 and g5j
...BxcJ 2.bxcJ QxcJ J.Rc Qa5 4.Qc2 0-0 5.Bl4. Whitc
stands wc||, B|ack has dimcu|ty gctting his bishop into p|ay.
(477)**Uccctcn,dsccvcrcd attack
I .gJ! QhJ 2.Bxh7+ Kxh7 J.Rxd8 picks up thc cxchangc and a
pawn. Thc immcdiatc l . Bxh7?? docsn` t quitc vork, as d8 is
protcctcd altcr | . . . Nxh7.
...gbtraps thc bishop.
B|ack shou|d snap oll Whitc's dark squarcd bishop by ...Ng4.
This not on|y |ovcrs thc hcat on h6 (cnab|ing Black to cast|c
short), but also cnhanccs thc strcngth ol B|ack's fanchcttocd
bishop. Ahcr any othcr movc, such as I . . . Nbd7, Whitc cou|d
p|ay 2. L prcvcnting this cxchangc.
.Bxb8! Rxb82.Nl4 wins thc bishop on h5 duc to thc additiona|
thrcat ol Bb5, pinning and winnng thc quccn.
4o . Yh|lC l O mOVC 4o4. 0Ck IO mOVC
4Z. 0Ck lO mOVC 4oJ. H0Ck IO mOVC
4oJ. YhlC IO mOVC 4o. YhlC IO mOVC

B|ack wou|d gct a winning attack out ol I . . . Rxl! 2. gxl Nxc5
3.Nd4 Nl4. .Ncd4is an cllcctivc antidotc.
(482)***Ucstrcycncmypawn ccntcr
...cb! 2.Bxab 2.Nc3 cxd4 3.Nxd4 Nxc5j 2...cxd5 J.BdJ cxd4
4.cxdbdxc45.Bxc4Qxdb.B|ack has won a pawn.
Whitc wins thc cxposcd rook on a8 as lo| |ows. . Bxf+! [not
l . Ql? Ql6j .. Kxf [ I . . .Kc? 2. Bxg8 Rxg8 3.Qh5 is miscrab|c
lor B|ackj 2.Qh5+ gb [othcr rcp|ics arc simi|ar|y hand|cd, c. g. ,
2 . . . Kc? 3.Qc5+ K|7 4.Qd5+j J.Qd5+.
Thc Whitc knight at g5 docsn't havc many salc squarcs. Now
...Qdb! takcs away c6. Thc thrcat is . . . h?-h6, trapping thc
knight. Whitc must thcrclorc choosc bctwccn 2. Qc2, 2. Nc5, or
2.c4, in cach casc surrcndcring a pawn to rcscuc thc piccc.
...Bb [ l . . .a5 is |css cllcctivc, as alIcr 2. c4 thc Whitc quccnsidc
i s out ol immcdiatc dangcrj 2.aJ a5. B|ack has ccmcntcd thc
wcakncss ol b3, and c|carcd thc way lor his king to advancc.
|Smys|ov - Kcrcs, Moscow l 52)
Whitc is up a pawn, but it is diHcu|t to makc hcadway wht|c
B| ack maintains hi s wc| | postcd knight. Howcvcr, Whitc crcatcs
winning chanccs by .Rc7+! Nxc7 2.Rxc7+ Kd8 J. Rxf! , lor
cxamp|c J...RxaJ4.l5cxl55.cbRc8 b.d5.
4. 0Ck IO mOVC 4VU. YhIC IO mOVC
4. YhIC lO mOV0 4V! . YhIC IO mOVC
With c4 a|rcady undcr sicgc, B|ack strains Whitc's dclcnscs by
going ahcr thc wcak a-pawn. ...Rh1 2.Kd2 2. Kc2 Ral 3. Kb3
Rc I j 2... Ra J.Bdl Bxc4.
(488)***Kcc cncmy icccinncd
l . l4! kicks oll thc winning idca ol scnding a pawn down thc c-
|c. ( I . Rc? Bd6 2. Bxl!+? wou|d win a pawn, but at thc cost ol
lrccing thc cncmy bishop. Fo||owing 2 . . . K 3. Rd? Bc? 4.Bd5
B|ack can hopc to draw by b|ockading thc cxtra Whitc pawn.)
Ahcr ...cxl4+ 2.Kxl4 Rb7 J.c5 Rc7 B|ack is ncar|y in
;u_Zwun_ cvcntua||y his rook wi|| havc to dcscrt thc c-|c. Thc
h nish was 4.h4 hb5.h5 Ra7 b.cbg5+ 7.hxgbKg78.gxlBdb+
.Kc4h5 0. Rg8+Khb .lb.
.h5! wins a piccc sincc both thc kight and bishop nccd to
cscapc via L. 2.Nl2 2. Bxl5 is no bcttcr. 2 . . . cxl5 3.Nh6+ Kg?j
2MW h4.
B|ack is thrcatcning not on|y . . . Rxb2, but a|so . . . Nl4, attacking
thc guard lor thc c6 knight. .Bc is thc on|y way to mcct both
(4 )***5train thc dclcndcr
.Nd5! strains B|ack's dclcnsc ol h?. ...Qdbthc kight cannot
bc capturcd. I . . w cxd5?? 2. Qxc?, I . . . xd5?? 2. Bxh?+ xh?
|2 . . . Kh8 3. xl! matc) 3. Qxh?+ K 4. Qh8 matcj 2.Nxlb+Qxlb
J.Bxh7+Kh84.BdJand Whitc has won a critica| pawn.
l .Rd5! ! wins on thc spot. Thc rook intcrlcrcs with thc B|ack
quccn's dclcnsc against Qg4+, lo||owcd by matc at g?. B|ack
must cithcr givc up his quccn or succumb to thc matc.
4VJ. 0Ck IO mOVC 4V. YhlC lO mOVC
4V4. YhIC lO mOVC 4V. YhlC IO mOVC
4VJ. YhIC lO mOVC 4V. 8Ck lO mOVC

B|ack wins a piccc by ...gb2.BhJ g5J.Nlc2g4.
(44)***lcrk,matc,tracd iccc
.Ng5! wins thc pawn on c6. lndccd, iI ...Rxd47 I. Bc8?
2. Rxc6 Bd? 3. Rxa6 (thrcatcnng Ra8+ wth matc to Io||ow)
3 . . . h6 4.Nl and Whitc has pi ckcd up two pawns. j thcn 2. Nxcb
Kc4 2 . . . Rc4 3. Nc5 wins thc bishopj J. RO (thrcatcning RI
matc) JW hb4.RM+Kh75.Rb8and thc bishop is trappcd.
(45)***mrcvciccc, attackwcakncscs
.Nd2! . Thc knight is hcadng Ior c4 whcrc it wi| | attack wcak
B|ack pawns. Notc that Whitc is undctcrrcd by ...Bhb 2.Nc4!
xc J.BxdbQd84.BxM.
Whitc shou|d p|ay .Qh5!. Thc thrcat to l forccs . ..cb aftcr
which B|ack's |ight-squarcd bshop s bad indccd. Acr I . . .c5 thc
bishop sti || has nowhcrc to go! (1amicson - Ta|, Ni cc l ?4)
l.Nxc7+Qxc72.Qd5+wins thc rook on a8.
I ...Nxg22.Kxg2BxcJJ.QxcJQxd5+wins a pawn.

B|ack has snatchcd a pawn at a2, |caving his king vu|ncrab|c.
Thc immcdiatc I .Qd?+ is adcquatc|y hand|cd by I . . . Bf7. Whitc
wins by .c4! intcr|cring with thc B|ack bishop's rctum to
dclcnsc. ...Bxc4 I . . . Rb??? drops thc bishop to 2. Qa | ] 2.Bxc4
bxc4J.Qd7+with a winning attack.
(500)*** Rcscnd tcthrcat
Whitc's thrcat is I . Nc4! winning at |cast a pawn. 2 . . . Qd5 (to
protcct c5) 3. N|g5 (now thc B|ack quccn must movc again, duc
to thc thrcat ol Nl6+) 3 . . . Qd8 3 . . . Ql5 4. Nxh?! Kxh? 5.g4! wins
thc B|ack quccn, simi|ar|y 3 . . . Qc5 4. Nxh?! ] 4. Nxc5. Dclcnding
thc pawn by is sulhcicnt to maintain thc ba|ancc, . ..Qc7
has a|so bccn p|aycd hcrc.
With thc B|ack king cut oI| a|ong a |c, and with thc pawn
sumcicnt|y advanccd, thc Whitc king can lorcc its way in lront
ol thc pawn. .Kc5 Rc8+ 2.KbbRd8 J.Kcb Rc8+ 4. Kd7. Now
it is a mattcr o| rcaching thc Luccna position, which is a book
B|ack cannot savc his d-pawn ahcr I . Bc6?, but hc wou|dn't nccd
to. | . . . c3 2. bxc3 or 2. Bxd5 Bd3+! 3. Kxd3 cxb2 and B|ack wi||
promotc] 2 . . . b2 3. Bxd5 Bd3+ 4. Kxd3 bl Q. |nstcad, . Kd2 or
.Kd maintains thc status quo.
(50J)* Backrankwcakncss
...Bxd4 simp|y wins a piccc, as 2.Rxd47' a||ows a back rank
.c5! wins a piccc, lor il thc bishop rctrcats, thcn 2.hJ traps thc
|night (thc movcs may bc rcvcrscd).

JU. 8Ck lO mOVC J U. YhilC IO mOVC

Acr .Nc4! Qc7 I . . . Nxc4 2. Qxc6 Rb8 3. Bxc4 Whitc has won
a pawnj 2.Nxdb+QxdbJ.c4Qc74.b4, Whitc cnjoys thc bishop
pair, and hs grip on c5 stilIcs countcrp|ay.
Whitc has thc cdgc in th s positton, duc to thc harmonious
p|accmcnt ol his rooks, thc somcwhat cxposcd condition ol thc
B|ack king, and thc |ight squarc wcakncsscs in B| ack's pawn
lormation. Thcsc lragi|c asscts wou|d cvaporatc l quccns wcrc
cxchangcd, so Whitc gocs lor .Qd ! ! . Thc supcrcia||y
appca|ing ccntra|ization I .Qd5? mcrc|y invitcs B|ack to rcpcat
hs oIlcr by I . . .Qg8. Now 2.QdI wou|d a||ow 2 . . . d5 whcn
B|ack's ccntra| stcamro||cr gcts undcr way. (Adams - Tiviakov,
Wijk aan Zcc 2003)
...BM is nccdcd hcrc, intcnding .. Bhb, to activatc thc bishop
and to prcvcnt Ng3-c2-l4-c6.
(508)***Bccausc shc'swcrthit
.Nxc5! Bxd Whitc is a hca|thy pawn up ahcr I . . . dxc5
2.Qxh5j 2.NxcbQd7J.Ncxc7+Kh84.Raxd |cavcs Whitc with
a pawn and thrcc aggrcssivc|y dcp|oycd minor picccs lor thc
quccn. Thc B|ack hcavy picccs havc | i tt|c scopc with a|| thc
pawns around.
(50)* lcrk
. ..c5! wins matcria|. 2.dxc5dxc5J.Bh2c4.
(5 0)**5trugglclcr bcttcrmincriccc
.g4! discouragcs B|ack from trying . . . l6-l5 (to |imit thc Whitc
knight and improvc thc scopc ol his bishop), and c|cars thc way
lor Nc2-g3-f5. From l5, thc knight wi| | |cnd suppon to thc c3
pawn, and dominatc thc opposing bishop.

J l . YhIC IO mOVC J ! 4. 0Ck IO mOVC
J ! Z. 0Ck lO mOVC J l J. 0Ck IO mOVC
J J. YhlC lO mOVC J ! . 0Ck lO mOVC

(5 )***1argct wcak awn
Whitc wins by targcting thc wcak h6 pawn. .Kg4 Ng7 2.Bxg7
Rxg7 J.Kh5 Rh7 4.Rdb Bc8!7 (sctting a trap) ol coursc
not 5. Rxh6?? l6+ droppng thc rookj 5WW Rh8 b.c5 Ka7 7.Bc4.
B|ack has no usclu| movcs.
Whitc wou|d |ikc to p|ay Rc7, with countcrp|ay, or Kg2, lrccing
his comcrcd rook. ...QhJ! stops both idcas, and wins thc l
pawn as wc| | .
(5 J)**FrcvcntdcubIcattack
Ahcad a rook lor thrcc pawns, Whitc was cagcr to rip opcn thc a-
|c lor a quick nish by I .a4?? ovcr|ooking I . . .Bc4 (doub|c
attack) 2.b5 Bxc2 3.a5 3. RlcI Bg4 4.a5 Bc8 traps thc Whitc
quccnj 3 . . . BxH 4. axb6 Bxg2+ 5. Kxg2 cxb6 winning casi|y.
.Rac stops thc thrcat and prcscrvcs Whitc's wiming advantagc
l .Nd4 is a|so good, as I . . .Bc4?? 2.Nc6+ |cads to matcj .
B|ack ncts a pawn by .. .Nlxc4! sincc 2.Nxc4 or 2. Bxc4 Nxc4
3.Nxc4 Qa5+ 4. Qd2 Qc5j 2WW Nxc4 J.Bxc4 Qa5+ lo||owcd by
. .Qc5rcgains thc piccc.
(55)** lcrk,tracd iccc
...BxO+! [or I . . .Qb6 rstj wins matcria|. 2.KxO Qbb+ J.KgJ
Qxb24.NcJNxcJ5.dxcJ QxcJ+.
(5 b)****1acticIcscs,takcthccr
Thc tactica| try I . . . Rxb2+? 2.Qxb2 Qh2+ 3. Kl Qxb2 wins thc
Whitc quccn, but |oscs thc gamc duc to back rank issucs. 4. BI!
Qa3+ [4 . . . g6 5.h6, 4 . . . h6 5. Rc8+ Kh7 6. Bg6 matcj 5. Rc3 Q
6. Rc8 Qxc8 ?. Bxc8. Rathcr, B|ack shou|d takc thc pcrpctua|
chcck ...Qh2+ 2.Kl 2.Kc3?? drops thc quccn to a skcwcr.
2 . . . Qg3+j 2...Qh+ J.KO ctc. [ahcr 3. Kc2? Rxb2+ 4.Qxb2
Qg2+ 5. Kd3 Qxb2 B|ack is winningj.
J . 8Ck lO mOVC JZU. 8Ck lO mOVC
J l . YhlC lO mOVC JZl . 8Ck lO mOVC
J l V. YhlC lO mOVC JZZ. 8Ck lO mOVC
(57)**Uisccvcrcd attack,dcublcaltack
Whitc |oscs matcria| ahcr ... Nxc4 2.Bxc7 Qxc7J.Qxc4 Qb4+
fo||owcd by . . . Qxb2.
(5 8)*5kcwcr,dcublcallack
Whitc wins thc cxchangc by .Bl Rc52.Bl4.
(5)*1racd iccc
.Rd4QcJ 2.RbJand thc B|ack quccn is trappcd.
...Kb2! ! sccurcs a draw. 2.c8Q 2. Kc8 Rc3j 2WWW RbJ+ with
cnd|css chccks a|ong thc a- and b-Ics, or an cqua|izing skcwcr.
(52 l)***Frcvcnlcncmycastling
Ahcr 1 . ..Bb4+! 2.axb4 Bxb5 J.bxa5 Bc4 4.QaJ bxa5 thc
matcra| situation is |cvc|, but B|ack has prcvcntcd hcr opponcnt
from cast|ing. That was a|| shc nccdcd to |aunch a succcsslu|
attack. (Karpov - 1. Io|gr, Wijk aan Zcc 2003)
B|ack can trap a pccc momcntar|y by I . . . g5 but it comcs to a
nct |oss ahcr 2. Nxg5+! hxg5 3.Qh5+ Bh6 4. Bxg5 Qg? 5. Bc2+
Bl5 6. Bxh6 Qxh6 ?. Bxl5+. Bcttcr is ... Bl protccting thc
dc| catc b I -h? diagona|.
523. YhlC IO mOVC
JZ. 0Ck lO mOVC
JZ4. YhlC lO mOVC
JZ. YhlC lO mOVC
JZJ. 0Ck lO mOVC

Bclorc committing to thc natura| |ungc | . Qa7!, Whitc had bcttcr
takc into account I . . .Qh4! ! . Now 2.Qxc? [or 2. BL Bxd4! ; 2. Kg2
Ra8! j wou|d a||ow B|ack trcmcndous countcrp|ay starting with
2 . . . QgJ+. !nstcad, .Kg2or .QU ho|ds thc |inc.
.dJ Qa5+2.cJ! NxcJJ.Qd2wins a piccc.
...Bxl3! 2.Qxl3 or 2.cxl Nc6j 2... Qxl3 J.cxl3 Ncb. Thc B|ack
knight wi| | takc rcsidcncc on d4, lrom whcrc it cannot bc
B|ack wins a pawn by ...RxgJ! ! 2.lxgJ [worsc is 2. Rxd4 Rxg2
J. Rd2 Rg4j 2... NbJ+J.Kc2 Nxd2 sincc 4.Kxd27wou|d drop at
|cast a sccond pawn to 4...Rxb2+. (Ana|ysis hom Hutchings -
Kccnc, Woo|acombc I ?J)
Whitc has initiatcd a quccns idc pawn storm, but thcrc is not yct a
knockout punch. A |ogical ncxt stcp is I .Bc4! to cxchangc thc
dclcndcr ol thc wcak |ight squarcs around thc cncmy king.
(Padcvsky - Kholmov, Drcsdcn I 56)
.d5! c|oscs thc ccntcr strong|y in Whitc's lavor. B|ack's minor
pcccs havc no dcccnt squarcs; his rooks arc doub|cd against a
brick wa||, and hc has no usclu| pawn brcaks (lor cxamp|c, I . . . l5
2. c4 lxc4 J. fxc4 hc|ps Whitc). Whitc, on thc othcr hand, wi||
kccp pushing his quccnsidc pawns, wc|| supportcd by his knights
and rooks.

52. YhlC lO mOVC JJZ. YhlC lO mOVC
JJU. 0Ck lO mOVC JJJ. YhlC lO mOVC
JJ . 0Ck lO mOVC
JJ4. l0Ck lO mOVC
.Nl5! Ng2 I . . .Nxl5 2. Kxl5 and Whitc wins thc loot racc,
I . . . Kxb4 2. Nxh4 is simi|arj 2.Kc5! prcvcntng thc knight lrom
rcaching l4 and stopping thc pawn. (Timman - Rcc, Amstcrdam
I 84)
(5J0)** Fcwcrlulbrcak
...d5! opcns up thc position much to B|ack's lavor. For
cxamp|c, altcr 2.cxd5 on 2.QL d4 3. Nd | Bg5 Whitc must givc
up thc cxchangc or a pawnj 2@ cxd5 Bl ack cnjoys thc bishop
par, two strong ccntcr pawns, and a grip on thc c-|c. On thc
othcr hand, Whtc's knights |ack support points.
(5J )* Uclcnsc,wcakbackrank
... Bcb! dclcnds against thc dcad|y . . . Rc8(+), |caving B|ack with
a winnng matcria| advantagc. Thc bshop cannot bc capturcd
duc to Whitc's wcak back rank.
(5J2)** Frcmctcn,dsccvcrcdchcck
Whitc has . Rc8! Rxa7 (or cl sc thc pawn promotcs) 2.Kbb+
wnning thc rook.
.bJ! c|cars a path lor Nd3-b2-c4. ... g52.KLRb7J.Nb2 Rb5
4.Nc4 dcfcndng thc a5 pawn and putting maximum forcc on thc
backward d6 pawn. (Anand - lvanchuk, Monaco 200I )
...b4! 2.Nd 2.Nc2 Nl5! 3. Ql2 (3. cxl5?? Qxg2 matc) 3 . . . Nxc3
4.Qxc3 Bxb2 attacking thc guard ol a2j 2...bJ J.cxbJ cxbJ wns
thc pnncd bshop.
JJJ. 00k IO mOVC JJ. YhIlC lO mOVC
JJ. 0Ck IO mOVC JJV. 0Ck lO mOVC
JJ. YhIlC lO mOVC J4U. YhiIC lO mOVC
(5J5)** Lxtractccnccssicn
Against thc ii1itating ...Bg4! , Whitc has thrcc options, nonc
p|casant. ( l ) tradc oll his prccious |ight-squarcd bishop; (2)
b|ock thc bi shop (and wcakcn hi s kings idc) by L-L; or (3) |osc
matcria| .
(5Jb)* Matingthrcat
...Rc8! or . . . Rj 2.RxbJ+KxbJ J.Kc Ra8is thc casicst win.
C|car|y B|ack nccds to dcvc|op his kingsidc and cast|c.
Howcvcr, .Bd4! ho|ds thc bishop to thc dclcnsc ol thc g-
pawn. B|ack now has to p|ay somcthing awkward such as lb
in ordcr to comp|ctc his dcvc|opmcnt. This wi|| makc thc
lorthcoming g2-g4-g5 a|| thc morc cllcctivc. (Short - Iogorc|ov,
Gibra|tar 2004)
Whitc brcaks through by .g4! lxg4 or I . . .hxg4 2. h5! gxh5
3. Bxl5+ Kc7 4. Rhxh5; l . . . Rd 2.gxl5+ gxl5 3. Rhgl Rg5
4. Rg5j 2.BxgbRdlXJ.RlJ and Whitc wi| | mop up thc g- and h-
pawns, wmnmg. (Ana|ysis lrom Kasparov - Bacrot, Sarajcvo
(5J)** 1racdiccc,rcmcvcthcguard
B|ack has givcn up two pawns lor an attack on thc Whitc king.
Thc attack itsc|l has sta||cd - thcrc s no brcakthrough va g3, lor
cxamp|c. Sti | l , B|ack gcts thc uppcr hand by . ..Qc8!humi|iating
thc bshop on a7.
Whtc can wn at |cast a pawn duc to thc vu|ncrab|c rook on a8.
.c5! c|carng c4 lor thc bishop . ..Qd8 I . . .Qc7 2. Bc4 Bb7
3.cxd6 Whitc kccps thc cxtra pawnj 2.dxc5Bb7 2 ... bxc5 3. Bc4
d5 4.cxd5 Bb7 5. c4, 2 . . . dxc5 3. Bc4j J.cxdb.
J4 . YhlC lO mOVC J44. YhlC lO mOVC
J4J. YhIC lO mOVC J4. l0Ck IO mOVC
(54 )*** lcrk, ccntral advancc
.c5! Ng4 l . . .dxc5 2.dxc5 is cvcn worscj 2.cb! lxcb J.Ng5
Whtc rcgains thc pawn with a supcrior position.
B|ack shou|d havc p|aycd . . . c?-c6 car|icr n ordcr to b|unt thc
bishop on b3. Now l is vu| ncrab|c and thc knight on c6 is a
|itt|c shaky. Whitc takcs advantagc by .Bxlb! (giving hs quccn
acccss to h5 and d5) ...cxlb I . . .gxl6 2. Nxc6 Bxc6 3.Qh5 and l
cannot bc dcfcndcd any lurthcrj 2.Qh5 Qc7 2 . . . g6 3. BxI+
KxI 4. Qd5+ Kg? 5. Nxc6j J.0-0-0. Whitc cnjoys an cnormous
(54J)**Outsidcasscd awn
.Rxh5+! Rxh5 2.Bxh5 Kxh5 J.b5. A Whitc pawn wi||
I .h4! prcvcnts B|ack lrom cast|ing |ong (duc to Bh3), a||ows thc
Whtc bishop to dcvc|op outsidc his ccntcr pawns, and starts
Whitc's kngsdc assau|t.
.Rxab! wi||ing|y la||i ng into thc "trap" l .a5 fo| |owcd by b5
wou|d bc a morc tcchnica||y dcmanding way to winj ...Bxd4
2.Rxlb Bxlb. But ahcr J.a5 Bc5 3 . . . Bd8 4. Kd4j 4.b5 h4 5.ab
thc pawns cannot bc stoppcd. (A|ckhinc - Bogo|jubow, Drcsdcn
l 36)
(54b)*** Bcat thc blcckadc
If Whtc can achicvc NH-d2-c4, b|ockading thc ccntcr, thcn it
w|| bc dilcu|t lor B|ack to makc progrcss. Hcncc ... c4!2.bxc4
RaJ J.Qd2 Qc5 (thrcatcning d4-d3+) 4. KgJ Bxc4. B|ack has
rcgancd thc pawn, crcatcd a passcd pawn, and opcncd |incs
toward thc Whitc king. (Znosko-Borovsky - A|ckhinc, St.
Ictcrsburg I I 3)
J4. VhlC lO mOVC JJU. 0Ck lO mOVC
J4. 0Ck lO mOVC JJ l . VhlC lO mOVC
J4V. 0Ck lO mOVC JJZ. VhlC lO mVC
(547)* Rcmcvc thc guard
.Bxlb Bxlb 2.Nxd5wins a pawn.
I . . . b5?? traps thc bishop, but |oscs matcria| ovcra|| a|tcr 2. Bb6
Qc8 3.c? Qd8 4.xa8 Qc8 5.c? Qd8 6.d5 Qc8 ?. Bc5.
Bcttcr is ... Nxd52.Qxd5Ng4J.Bg5Qbb.
...Qc2+ is thc bcst movc, but acr 2.KhJ B|ack must avoid
2 . . . Qxd| ?? 3. Bh6! |osing his quccn. !nstcad, 2 Bxl! lorccs
Whitc to givc up his quccn or bc matcd.
(550)** Fawn structurc, iccc activity
Gcncra||y, B|ack wou|dn't want to "conccdc thc ccntcr" by thc
pawn cxchangcs . .. cxd4 2.cxd4 cxd4 J.Nxd4. In this casc,
howcvcr, ahcr J... 0-0 4.Rc Rfc8 and . . . Rac8 a|| ol B|ack's
pcccs arc wondcrlu||y activc, and c4 is a targct. Whitc has no
way to attack thc potcntia||y wcak d6 pawn.
Whitc wins thc a5 pawn by NaJ! Kc7 [ I . . . Kd? 2.c4 and thc
pawn cannot bc dclcndcd. 2 . . . a4 (2 . . . Ra8 3.b6+) 3.b6+,
I . . . Bd3 2. Rc3 lo| |owcd by Rc5j 2.Rc7+ Klb J.Ra7 Rc8 4.hJ
and thc pawn la||s.
By l .Nd5! Whitc puts a scvcrc strain on B|ack's postion. Thc
immcdiatc thrcat is to capturc at c6, whcn suddcn|y thc c? knight
is inadcquatc|y dclcndcd. ...Qc8 [ I . . .h6 a|so la||s short. 2. Bl6
Rh? 3. Bxc6 Bxc6 4. Bxc? wnsj 2.Nlb+ Bxlb (othcrwisc Whtc
wins a piccc by xd? and d5) J.Bxlb with a c|car advantagc.
JJ4. 0Ck IO mOVC JJ. 0Ck IO mOVC
(55J)***1akclhc cr
Down by two conncctcd passcd pawns, Whitc has nothing bcttcr
than thc pcrpctua| chcck .Rcb QaJ 2.Rhb gxhb J.Qgb+ Kh8
(554)***Fcsilicnalcxchangc sac
...Rb4! ! 2.Bxb4 cxb4. ln rctum lor thc sacrilccd matcria|,
B|ack gcts a protcctcd passcd pawn, usc ol thc c5 squarc, and
potcntia| prc surc against Whitc` s backward c-pawn. (Sc|cznicv -
Alckhinc, Tribcrg l 2 l )
.Rxhb+! Kxhb 2.QhJ+ Kgb 2 . . . Qh5 3.Qxh5 matcj J.Qh5
Thc opcning movcs wcrc I .c4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 dxc4 4. Nxc4
Bl5 5.Ng3 Bg6 6. Nl h6?? (D). B|ack has conluscd two ol thc
main |incs ol thc Classical Caro-Kann. his |ast movc would havc
bccn corrcct ahcr 6.h4. Now lrom thc diagrammcd position
Whitc cou|d havc p|aycd 7.Nc5! with a signicant advantagc,
duc to thc sol\cning ol g6 and l. Thc continuation might bc
7 Bh7 B|ack has a miscrab|c structurc ahcr cthcr ? . . . Qd6
8. Qg4 Nd? .Nxg6 Qxg6 I O. Qxg6 lxg6 I I . Bd3, or ? . . . Nl6
8.Nxg6 lxg6 .Qd3j 8.Ql Nlb .QbJ with a doub|c attack on
b? and l. In thc actua| gamc, Whitc unlortunatc|y playcd
?. h4?'!, transposing back to thc book |inc and missing his chancc.
(557)* Ucublc allack
B|ack has mishand|cd this Exchangc Grnlc|d, putting his knight
on c6 instcad of cha||cnging Whitc's pawn ccntcr with . . . c?-c5.
Hc can rcdccm himsc|l, howcvcr, by ...Nxd4! winning a pawn,
c. g. , 2.cxd4Qxd4J.RbQxc4.
.Bc8! is thc way lorward, intcnding . . . Bd? lo||owcd by a
sacri cc on h3.
JJV. YhlC lO mOVC JZ. YhlC lO mOVC
JU. YhlC lO mOVC JJ. 0Ck lO mOVC
J! . YhlC lO mOVC J4. YhlC IO mOVC
Thc Whitc king wou|d bc unab|c to outank B|ack's a|ong thc
kingsidc. Thc bcst chancc to win is to attack thc quccnsidc by
I .Kb4! It |ooks as though Whitc is marching into a brick wa|l ,
but in lact B|ack wi|| bc compc||cd to scutt|c his d-pawn, or
movc (and thus wcakcn) his ank pawns. Thc nish cou|d bc
...Kcb 2.Ka5! ab or 2 . . . Kd 3. Kb5 Kd? 4.Kc5 Kc 5.b4 b+
. Kc and B|ack pawns wi || dropj J.b4 Kc7 4.b5 axb5 5.Kxb5
bb b.Kab! Kcb 7.a4! Kc7 8.Ka7! Kcb .Kb8! b5 I 0.a5! b4
.ab bJ 2.a7 b2 J.a8Q+. It is not possib|c or dcsirab|c to
work out cvcry possib|c |inc to thc cnd -just scc cnough to pick
thc rst movc!
Thc wcakncss ol d points to I .c5! Qh4 2.Qxh4 Bxh4 J.Nb5!
I .b5! ho|ds up B|ack's quccnsidc pawn majority, cnab|ing Whitc
to push his own pawns on thc othcr ank.
(5b2)***Lrcatclu}lcr king
I .hJ! ! . By giving his king air to brcathc, Whitc c|iminatcs his
back rank worrics, a||owing his rook to join in thc assau|t
I . Bx?! Kx and it's sti|| a gamcj ... QxaJ 2.Rd7 QcI+
J.KO! 3. Kh2 Ql4+j J... Qb2+ 4.KgJ h5 5.BxM and B|ack's
dclcnsc crumb|cs.
With most ol Whitc's army on thc kings idc, B|ack shou|d crcatc
quccnsidc passcd pawns by ...Bxa4! ! 2.bxa4 bJ J.BbI Nxa4
4.Nl NcJ 5.Nd2 a4.
Whitc wins a piccc with thc discovcrcd attack .Nd5! QxdJ
2.Nxc7+Kh8 J.cxdJ. Thc knight is salc. it can cmcrgc via c or
bc dcIcndcd by Rb ?.

JJ. YhlC lO mOVC J. 0Ck lO mOVC
J. 0Ck lO mOVC JV. 0Ck lO mOVC

(5b5)***lntcrlcrcncc,wcakbackrank,disccvcrcd attack
Whitc wins by .Bl+! Kh8 2.Bd5! (intcrlcring with thc B|ack
rook's rctum to thc 8th rank) 2...Rd [2 . . . g6 3. Qx+ Qx
4.Rx|+ Kg? 5. Rg8+ Kh6 6. Bc4, 2 . . . h6 3. Qx|+ Qx| 4.R|+
Kh? 5. Blj J.Rxd gb4.QO cxd55.Qd4+Bg7b.Qxd5.
B|ack wins by ...NdJ! 2.QbJ NO+ J.Kg Nxc4+ [thc mating
attcmpt 3 . . . Nh3+?! intcnding 4. Kl Qgl +?? lai|s duc to 5. Nxgl
NL+ 6. RxLj 4.Kh NO+ 5.Kg BxcJ b.NxcJ NhJ+ 7.Kl
Qg+ 8.Kc2 Qxg2+. Whitc's pawns wi| | bc dccimatcd and his
king rcmains cxposcd.
(5b7)** Ucstrcyawnccvcr
.Bxhb! wins a vita| pawn, sincc ahcr ...gxhb 2.Qxhb thcrc is
no adcquatc dclcnsc against Rc | -c3-g3 (or -h3).
(5b8)* Ucn'tcastlcintcattack
B|ack shou|dn't cvcn think about cast|ing kingsidc at this
momcnt - it` s not worth thc timc to gurc out whcthcr thc
sacricc Bxh?+ works (as a mattcr ol lact, it docs). !t` s bcttcr to
gct in ... Nbcband ...Ngb rst, whi|c bcing wary ol Whitc` s Bc4
(5b)***Ucn' t allcwcrctualchcck
With a dangcrous passcd pawn and hcavy prcssurc on g2, B|ack
shou|d bc prcssing lor a win. Thus ...Kh5! is ca||cd lor, to
rcducc Whitc's chanccs lor pcrpctua| chcck.
.a4+! Ka5 [ I . . . Rxa4 2.Nc3+j 2.Nc5! bb [now, conccding a
pawn by 2 . . . c6 is objcctivc|y bcst, as it is sti|| a ght altcr
3.Nxb?+ Kb6 4.Nd6 Kc5j J.cJ! . Suddcn|y thc B|ack rook
docsn't havc many safc squarcs, and his king is caught in a
mating nct. Now J...Rd2 [3 . . . Rd5 4. Ka3 (thrcatcning matc by
b2-b4) 4 . . . Rxc5 5. b4+, 3 . . . Rdl 4. Kc4 bxc5 5.b4+ matingj 4.KaJ!
|orccs B|ack to givc ttp his rook to stop b2-b4 matc.

J l . YhlC lO mOVC J4. YhlC lO mOVC
JZ. 0Ck lO mOVC JJ. YhlC lO mOV0
JJ. YhlC lO mOVC J. YhlC lO mOVC

.Bxh7+! ! Kxh7 [ I . . . Kh8 2. Qh5 and thcrc's no dclcnsc against
Bg6+j 2.Qh5+ Kg8 J.Blb! . Whitc lorccs matc, c. g. , J...Rcb
[3 . . . gxl6 4. cxl6 vith Qg5+ and matc ncxtj 4.Qg5Rxlb 5.cxlb gb
b.Qhbthcn Qg? matc.
(512)** Ucublcallack, dsccvcrcd atlack
...ab! vins matcria|. 2.PcJ [2. Na? Rxa7 3. Bxa? Qxa?j 2 b5
J.Bc2 [3.axb5 axb5 attacking a3 and c4j J b4vith a pavn lork.
.Plxc5! dxc5 2.db Bxdb J.Pxdb+. Whitc cnoys a |cad in
dcvc|opmcnt, a much safcr king, and thc supcrior pavn structurc.
Onc possibi|ity nov is J...Kc7 4.Qd5 Qxdb 5.Qxa8 vinning thc
B|ack's thrcat is l . . . Bxd4 2. Bxd4 Rxc3 ! 3.Rxc3 Rxc2 nabbing
tvo minor picccs |or a rook. Whtc p|aycd l . Rfd l and mct vith
l . . .Rxc3! 2. lxc3 Qc? 3.Na2 RxcI 4. Nxc I Bxa4 5.Qxa4 Qxc3+
6. Khl vhcn 6 . . . Bxd4 vou|d havc bccn cxcc||cnt lor B|ack. A
bcttcr dc|cnsc s .RlcI or .BdJ. (Lauticr - Topa|ov, E|ista
I 88)
(575)**5ucricr mncrccc
Whitc is |ch vith thc supcrior minor piccc ahcr .Pxg5 Qxg5
2.BxcbRxcbJ.PcJ lo||ovcd by Pd5.
B|ack has a numbcr ol vcak pavns, but Whitc nccds a vay to
gct to thcm. I .c4! [ I . |5 cxf5 2. Rxd5 Rd8 3. RxI a|so vnsj vi th
thc idca ... dxc4 2.Rd7 Rb8 J.KO. Whitc vi|| rcgain thc
matcra| vith intcrcst. In thc gamc B|ack dcc|incd thc pavn ollcr
but rcsigncd ahcr l . . . Rd8 2. cxd5 cxd5 3. Rcl K 4. Bd4 Ra8
5.c6! Nd8 [5 . . . bxc6 6. Bc5+ Kg8 ?. Rc6 Nd8 8. Rc8+ Kl . Rh8
h6 I O.Bb6j 6. Bc5+ Kg8 ?. Rc8+. ( A|ckhinc - Euvc, Amstcrdam
I 3?)
J. YhlC lO mOVC JU. YhlC IO mOVC
J. l0Ck lO mOVC J . YhlC lO mOVC
.Rdb! , cutting oll thc B|ack king's approach toward c2, is thc
on|y winning movc. ...Kb52.Kd4Ka5J.Kc5Ka44.Kcb, ctc.
(578)** 1racdiccc
...Bc2! wins thc cxchangc, lor il thc rook movcs, thcn . . . Nb6
traps thc Whitc quccn. (Csom - Lukcs, Budapcst I ?)
.g4! . Black must part with his quccn to prcvcnt matc. . W @ Qxcb
(580)*** Ucccy,blundcrchcck
Thc immcdiatc Nxl6 wou|d uncovcr a crcc attack on g6, but
unlortunatc|y this |oscs to . . . Qxg3. On thc othcr hand, il Nxl6
cou|d bc achicvcd with chcck, thcn this idca might work. Thus
.Rh7+! ! Kxh7 or I . . . K 2. Qxg6 Kc8 3.Nc5! mating short|yj
2.Nxlb+ NxlbJ.Qxgb+Kh84.Rh+with matc to lo||ow.
(58 )****Ovcrwcrkcdiccc,in,attack
.Nc5! . Thc B|ack quccn is now ovcrworkcd, having to guard
both d? and l6. Ths cnab|cs Whitc to doub|c thc B|ack f-pawn
(or ruin thc pawn covcr n somc othcr way), opcnng |incs to thc
B|ack king. For cxamp|c. ...Nxc5 I . . .Bc8 2.Ng4! Nxd4
3.Nxf6+ gxl6 4. Bh4 Nl5 5. Bxf5 cxl5 6. Nxd5 with a crushing
attack, I . . .h6 2. Bxl6 gxl6 (2 . . . Qxl6 3.Nxd?) 3.Qg4+ Kh8 4. Qh5
Kg? 5. Rc3 with a dcad|y chcck to lo| |ow, I . . . Kh8 2. Bxl6 gxl6
3.Qh5 l5 4.Nxl+ winning thc quccn, I . . .Nxd4 2.Nxd? Qxd?
3. Bxf6 gxf6 4. Qg4+ baggng a picccj 2.dxc5 hb J.cxlb hxg5
4.Qh5matc to lo||ow.
B|ack wns a pawn by ...cxd4 2.Nxd4 2. Bxf6 Bxf6 docsn't
hc|p Whitcj 2 Nxc4! J.Nxc4 3. Bxc? Qxc? is no bcttcrj
J... Bxg5.
J4. YhIC IO mOVC J. YhlC lO mOVC

(58J)*** Fin,wcakbackrank
.hJ! c|iminatcs Whitc's back rank wcakncss, thus activating thc
thrcat ol Rxc I . !l thc quccn cscapcs, unpinning thc Whitc rook,
thcn B|ack's back rank i ssucs comc into p|ay l .Q|+?? Rx and
now Whitc's rook is pinncd, making Rx (matc) impossib|c,
| . Rxc I ?? |oscs to I . . . Rxc I +j ...Qc2 I . . .Qc? 2.Qxc?j 2.QM+
with matc to lo|l ow.
(584)**adc-awayj umcr
l. Nc ! . Thcrc is no dclcnsc against Nd3, winning at lcast thc
(585)** nducc wcakncsscs
.Bc5! Rc8 I. Bc? |oscs a pawn. 2. Bxc? xc? 3. Nxc5j 2.Ng5
Bcb(thc on|y way to dclcnd l) J.Nxcblxcb4.Bb5 lo||owcd by
Bxc6. B|ack is |ch with two pairs ol doub|cd iso|atcd pawns.
(Vasiukov - Ghcorghiu, Mani|a I ?4)
(58b)* Ucccli0n
...Bh2+!2.Kxh2 Qxf wins thc cxchangc.
(587)***1hcrc'sarighlway and a wr0ngway
It wou|d bc a mistakc to assumc that B|ack wi| | la| | lor I . Rg?+
Bxg??? 2. hxg?+ Kxg? 2 .. .Kg8 3. Rh8+ Kxg? 4.Qh6 matc,
2 . . . Kg6 3.Qh6 matcj 3. Qh6+ Kg8 4.Qh8 matc. Ol coursc, B|ack
nccd not bc so coopcrativc. Ahcr I . . . Kh8 2.Qg2 Qd8 Whitc is a
piccc down without a c|car win. Rathcr, Whitc shou|d p|ay
Qg2! lorcing matc, c. g. , I.RxcJ 2WQg7+ Bxg7 J.hxg7+ Kg8
4.Rh8matc. (Adorjan - Rib|i, Budapcst I ?)
(588)*** Frcvcnlunlav0rablccxchangc
Thc knight on c? is hc|ping to ho|d oll Whitc's minority attack,
which is bascd on a3-a4 lo| |owcd by b4-b5. Thcrclorc B| ack
p|ays .. . Bdb! to prcvcnt its cxchangc. Thcrc lol |owcd 2.Bxdb
^b5J.QbJ Nxdband B|ack has lurthcr improvcd thc position ol
his knight. (Iortisch - Kasparov, Skc||chca I 8)

JVU. 0Ck lO mOVC JVJ. YhlC lO mOVC
JVl . YhlC lO mOVC JV4. 0Ck lO mOVC
.Bxl+! KM is uttcr|y miscrab|c lor B|ack [ I . . . Kxl 2.Ng5+
Kc8 (2 . . . K 3. Nc+, 2 . . . Kl 3. QL matc) 3. Nc smothcrs thc
B|ack quccnj . (Ibragimov - Zhc|nin, Moscow I 8)
Whitc is a|rcady ticd down to thc dclcnsc ol b4 and d4. I...h4! !
induccs yct anothcr wcakncss at l4. Othcrwisc Whitc can b|ock
thc position by h4. 2.gxh4 or 2. Bc3 g5 ! , lor cxamp|c, 3. lxg5
(3. gxh4 gxh4 4. Bd2 h3 and bccausc Whitc's bishop is a|rcady
busy guarding b4 and l4, his king must givc way and a||ow
B|ack's king into c4 or c4) 3 . . . Bxg3 ! with thc idca 4.hxg3 h3j
2...gbJ.hJl5 Whitc is in Zu_Zwun_, and must shcd pawns.
I.Ql Qc8 2.Rc maintains Whitc` s advantagc. Whitc must not
try to win thc cxchangc by I . Nl+?? Rxl 2.Bxl sincc B|ack
thcn has 2 . . . Qc? winning back a who|c piccc.
I .g4? traps and wins thc bishop, but at too high a pricc. I . . . Bxg4
2. lxg4 Qxg4+ 3. KlI Qxh4. B|ack has thrcc pawns lor thc piccc,
and thc Whitc king rcmains vu|ncrab|c. Whitc shou|d rst p|ay
.cb! which compc|s a BIack pawn to b|ock his own quccn.
... lxcb2.g4 Bxg4J.lxg4.
(5J)* Fin,rcmcvcthcguard
I.gJ rcmovcs thc guard ol thc knight on l5 (notc that thc c
pawn is pinncd).
...Kg2! ! wins, and is thc on|y movc that docsn't |osc [ I . . . Kxh2?
2.Kc4 Kg2 3. Kc3 and B|ack |oscs his pawnj . 2.h4 KxO J.h5
Kc24.hb O 5.h7l Q b.h8QQa + skcwcrs thc cncmy roya|ty.

JV. YhlC lO mOvC UU. 8Ck lO mOvC

(55)** Frcmcticn,skcwcr
.Rh8! wns, as .Rxc7 2.Rxh7+ skcwcrs thc rook.
(5b)***Lrcatc asscdawns
. l5! ! Kd7 [ I . . . gxl5 2. g6 and thc g-pawn is unstoppab|c, I . . . lxg5
2. lxg6j 2.lxgb Kc8 J.gxlb cxlb 4.Kd5 Kc7 5.c4. Whitc w||
crcatc anothcr passcd pawn on thc quccnsidc.
With so many B|ack pawns on thc samc co|or as thc bshop,
Whitc has thc potcnta||y supcrior mnor piccc. Whitc must now
crcatc an outpost lor his knight and work to makc that p|accmcnt
advantagcous. . l5! . Whitc bcgins to lght for thc l4 squarc lor
hs knight. .g5 on I . . . gxl5 2. Nl4 Bc6 3.Nxh5 Whitc's outsidc
passcd pawn assurcs victoj 2.h4! lb [2 . . . gxh4 3.gxh4 givcs
Whitc f4 wthout a ghtj J.hxg5! lxg5 4.Ng1! Now thc thrcat s
5.Nh3 g4 6.Nl4. 4...Bd7 Kc8 b.Nl g4 7.Nh4 Bcb 8.Ngb
B .Nl4 (mission accomp|ishcd; now c5-c6 s n thc air)
...Kd7 0.Kd2. B|ack soon ran out ol salc movcs and had to
abandon pawns. (A|ckhnc - Yatcs, Hastings I 25)
. Rc ! picks oll a bshop. ... Bcb I . . . Bd8 2.Rc8, I . . . B 2. Rc8j
.c5! ntcrlcrcs wth thc B|ack quccn's covcragc ol l6. Now
B|ack must pi tch his quccn to stop Rf6+ fo||owcd by matc.
(b00)***5ucricrmincr iccc
...BxcJ 2.bxcJ Bl5 J.Bxl5 Qxl5. Thc B|ack knght w||
domnatc lrom c4. (Makagonov - Botvinnik, Svcrd|ovsk I 43)
It is my privi|cgc to thank IM 1ohn Watson lor providing advicc
and cncouragcmcnt throughout this proj cct, making numcrous
suggcstions lor improving thc manuscript, and kind|y writing thc
Forcword. I am gratcm| to M Dan Hcisman lor hc|ping mc to
undcrs!and thc importancc ol thc Ihou_hI )rce88 n chcss. My
thanks a|so to lM Igor Khmc|nitsky, Char|cs A. Tcmp|c, and
Bob Long, who gcncrous|y mmishcd hc|pm| commcnts. I am
ndcbtcd to Lori Sc||strom, my cditor, and At||a Vckony,
Iub|ishing Inlormaton Managcr at Whcatmark, it was a j oy to
work with thcm. Fna||y, |ct mc tcndcr my apprcciation to thc
Housc ol Staunton (, for thc usc ol
thcir Capab|anca Scrics chcss sct in thc covcr dcsgn.
K. L.
1unc 200?