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Ten Reasons the Catholic Church is the One True Church of Jesus

and not the Protestant, Evangelical, Born Again and other Christian groups
A one-page leaflet to support Pope Francis call for a New Evangelization that all may come to the knowledge of the truth and to support (esus prayer that all may )e one !(n "*%$"'
!" #im $%&'

1. The Bible is a Catholic boo . It was Pope Damasus Council

of Rome in 382 AD which drew up the official list of the books of the Bible If not for this Council! we wouldnt know if what we are readin" is the true #ord of $od or a false te%t All Christians toda& trust the authorit& of the Catholic Church when the& read the Bible

*. The Bible and the earl( Christians believe in purgator(. As shown in their tombstones! the earl& Christians
followed the Bible, 'Pra& for the dead that the& may )e loosed from sins( )2 7c 12,43-! for 'nothin" unclean can enter hea2en( )Re2 21,2<- It does not make sense to pra& for the dead if the& onl& "o! as e2an"elicals sa&! either to hea2en )with faith in Christ- or to hell )without faith- 0he Bible also spoke about forgiveness in the age to come )7t 12,32- and those .ud"ed b& $od are 'saved )ut as through fire( )1 Cor 3,1381+-

!. The Bible refutes the "Bible alone# principle. Bible sa&s

that the '+ord of the ,ord( is 'spoken( )*er 2+,3-! not .ust written /t Paul ur"ed us to 'hold to traditions which &ou were tau"ht b& us! either )y word of mouth or b& letter( )2 0hes 2,1+- 0he Bible also tells of a Councils authorit&! where Peter settled a doctrinal dispute and declared what 'we belie2e( )Acts 1+0he Bible teaches that not the Bible or the Protestant interpreters of the 13th centur& and of the present! but 'the -hurch is the pillar and the bulwark of the truth( )1 0im 3,1+- It also warns a"ainst 'twisted( interpretations of /criptures )2 Pt 3,13- #hile the Church has one teachin"! there are now 43!555 e2an"elical "roups with 2 3 added dail& 0heir 2iews on the 0rinit&! on "a&s! etc contradict each other /ince truth )e " *esus is $od- cannot be falsehood at the same time! real falsehoods are sadl& bein" tau"ht amon" these "roups

+. The Bible and the earl( Christians believe in the Catholic sacra%ents. /t Peter infallibl& tau"ht in the Bible that
'.aptism now saves you( )1 Pt 3,21- and thus is not a mere inciter of faith *esus "a2e the Apostles the power to 'forgive sins( )*n 25,23in Confession /t *ames spoke about 'anointing with oil( for the sick )*as +,1481+- *esus repeatedl& said that 'he who eats my flesh has eternal life( 0his is no mere s&mbol or fi"ure of speech! because he did not "i2e in when 'man& of his disciples( left him due to this 'hard sa&in"( )*n 3,48838-! and /t Paul tau"ht that he who eats the bread unworthil& is '"uilt& of profanin" the >ords bod&( )1 Cor 11,28- I"natius of Antioch said 'the ?ucharist is the flesh of the Redeemer!( Irenaeus 'we recei2e the bread as our Redeemer! *esus(! and C&prian 'Christ is our bread(

$. Jesus built his Church on a %an he na%ed Roc . *esus

said '6n this rock! I will build m& Church and I will "i2e &ou the ke&s of the kin"dom of hea2en! and whate2er &ou bind on earth shall be bound in hea2en( )7t 13,18819- *esus chan"ed the name of /imon to Petros! $reek for Rock :e "a2e Petros or Peter! 'the ke&s of the kin"dom(! which the *ews knew to be the power of a prime minister of the ;in" and chief teacher )Is 22,21- *esus told him alone to 'feed m& sheep( )*n 21,1+81<- 0he Bible shows him leadin" the Church 0he earl& Christians referred to Peters Roman Church as 'presidin"( )I"natius! 1st 82nd c -! 'of superior ori"in( and standard of 'true =aith( )Irenaeus! 2nd c -! 'Chair of Peter(! 'the principal( )C&prian! 2nd83rd c -! and 'the primac&( )Au"ustine! 4th8+th c - #hile the Catholic Church can "i2e e2idence of its unbroken link to *esus and Peter! other Christian "roups be"an their e%istence with their founders like >uther )1+1<-! * /mith )1835-! and = 7analo )1914-

,. The Catholic Church is salt and light. 7odern secular

historians of science! economics! uni2ersit& education! human ri"hts! international law! hospitals and #estern art are showin" that Catholic priests! scientists and thinkers were behind the foundation and "reat achie2ements in these areas )0homas #oods! /ow the -atholic -hurch .uilt +estern -ivilization - Christ continues to work his miracles throu"h his Church, ?ucharistic bread turnin" into blood! appearances of 7ar& in man& places! saints with sti"mata and whose bodies are incorruptible! cures and ima"es of Christ and 7ar& that are scientificall& une%plained

-. The Catholic Church is catholic. *esus 'desires all men to

be sa2ed and come to the knowled"e of the truth( )1 0im 2,4-! thus his real Church is uni2ersal! e2an"eli@in" in all parts of the world with more than 1!255!555!555 members toda& Compare this with the 2nd bi""est Christian "roup! the ?aster 6rthodo% Churches with 2357 )1A+ of its si@e- mainl& found in ?astern ?uropeB the An"licans 8+7 )1A13-B /outhern Baptists 13 37 )1A<3-! 7ormons 14 <7 )1A81- and I"lesia ni Cristo 37 )1A255-

&. Jesus and the Church are one. It is not true the Catholic
Church left the true =aith! since *esus promised that 'I am with &ou always to the close of the a"e( )7t 28,25-! e2il 'shall not prevail( a"ainst his Church )7t 13,18-! and his /pirit 'will "uide &ou into all the truth( )*n 13,13- :e made the Church his bod& )?ph +,35- and said, ':e who hears you hears me( )>k 15,13- :e told /aul who persecuted the Church 'wh& do &ou persecute me( )Acts 9,4-

1.. Jesus and the Bible glorif( his %other. Catholics do not
worship 7ar&! but follow *esus wa&s :e obe&ed the fourth commandment, :onor &our father and mother :onor in :ebrew is ka)oda! which means to "lorif& 0he Bible calls 7ar& '7other of m& >ord( )>ord C $od- and sa&s all "enerations will call her blessed )>k 1,43 48- It shows that she is the Dew Ark of the Co2enant! the woman clothed with the sun! crowned in hea2en with twel2e stars )Re2 11,19812,1- 0o honor his mother! *esus last messa"e to us on the cross is, Behold! &our mother )*n 19,2<B& Dr Raul Dido&! Doctor of 0heolo"&! Eni2ersit& of Da2arre Permission "ranted to cop& and distribute

'. The Bible sa(s )e are saved "not b( faith alone#. 0he
Bible used >uthers phrase 'b& faith alone( onl& once, 'a man is .ustified b& works and not )y faith alone( )*as 2,24- 0he Bible also sa&s that 'what counts is faith working throu"h lo2e( )$al +,3- #hile Catholics and Protestants a"ree that *esus alone sa2es us! >uther in the 13th centur& inserted without basis the word 'alone( in his $erman translation of Rom 3,28 )'a man is .ustified b& faith(- in order to support his personal interpretation that a Christian is

incapable of cooperatin" with $od in his sal2ation