15 century

Ruled by the Paramara dynasty were patrons of literature; not much of art and architecture not many skilled craftspersons in the region Timur’s invasion of Delhi : Malwa declares independence retains Dhar as the capital, later shifted to Mandu due to strategic reasons most buildings built by craftspersons from Delhi

Influence of Imperial style: battered walls Arches with spear head fringes shape of the dome pyramidal roofs structural systems : arches with beam and bracket Decorative motifs

Techniques developed Indigenously: Treatment of arch with beam and bracket long flight of steps to reach buildings decorative techniques: Sandstone and coloured marble quarried locally Precious stone inlays Glazed encaustic tiles: heritage of tile making probably from Multan

Classical first phase exemplified by 4 mosques 2 at Dhar : kamal maula .Three phases according to Percy Brown 1. Lat masjid 2 at Mandu : Dilawar Khan’s and Malik Mughis’ . Reassembling 2. Preliminary 3.

so exemplifies the style best high plinth with arched chambers to the east portico approached by a flight of steps domical turrets at quoins .Malik Mughis’ mosque: built last.

Malik Mughis’ mosque: East entrance of the mosque .

Malik Mughis’ mosque: 4 aisle sanctuary Column spacing varied for nave and aisles 100’X100’ courtyard Single aisle cloister Three equal domes supported on octagonal drums and merlon parapets .

Spandrels treated with screen work Columns rubbed.Malik Mughis’ mosque: Columns salvaged from Hindu templs and brought together by forming pointed arches b/w them. redressed and recarved to fit the scheme of the mosque .

Hushang shah shifts capital to Mandu Sagar talao .

Large variety of monuments scattered all over the plateau Hushang’s tomb Jami Masjid Haft Minar Ashrafi mahal .


Jami masjid and tomb of Hushang Shah Main entry to the tomb 5 aisled sanctuary With pointed arches Priests’ entry 288’ side square 2 aisled cloister in the east Domed entrance hall with flight of steps .

Jami masjid and tomb of Hushang Shah Masjid raised on a high plinth Arcaded Chambers on the east served as a serai Courtyard with aisles around Each bay topped by a cylindrical dome .

colored marble and glazed tile decoration Relies more on the composition of parts than ornamentation Ornate central mihrab with mimbar .Jami masjid and tomb of Hushang Shah Red sandstone.

Jami masjid and tomb of Hushang Shah Square in plan Raised platform of 118’ side Tomb chamber of 86’ side The entrance gate seen in the background .

Jami masjid and tomb of Hushang Shah Arched opening on two sides: main entry south .

Other tombs with similar architecture Tomb of Darya khan Dai ka mahal .

tomb and victory tower .Ashrafi mahal and haft minar Complex of three buildings assembled over a period of time : madrassa.

Ashrafi mahal and haft minar 320’ side square in plan Cells arranged around a large courtyard Circular towers at corners .

Ashrafi mahal and haft minar Pyramidal roof Central courtyard filled in to provide high base for Mahmud shah’s tomb .

Ashrafi mahal and haft minar Remains of the tomb 65’ square tomb chamber with domical roof Pillared portico with loggia : entrance to the tomb chamber .

Ashrafi mahal and haft minar Detail on the wall with colored stone Carved door way remains Remains of the victory tower or Haft Minar .

Hindola mahal or swinging palace Built under Hoshang shah Was used as a durbar hall Located in the palace quarters 6 arches with sloping buttress Slope of 77 degrees 110’ Main entrance 60’ T-shaped plan showing addition .

supporting the roof with wooden beams View of the main entrance .Hindola mahal or swinging palace 5 arches .

Hindola mahal or swinging palace View of the northern extension showing 2 floors Divided into 2 :retiring hall and a larger hall 70’X40’ Projecting balconies. ornate doors and oriel windows .

Jahaz mahal or ship palace .

Jahaz mahal or ship palace Situated on the banks of kapur talao and munja talao .

Jahaz mahal or ship palace Housed the harem of Ghiyas al din double storeyed. rectangular structure that is 361 by 56 feet long and 33 feet high .

corridors and pavilions overlooking the lakes View from the entrance side .Jahaz mahal or ship palace Ground floor consist of large halls. small rooms.

Jahaz mahal or ship palace Arcaded interior A pool in the ground floor The palace also contains pools and fountains in the ground floor .

Jahaz mahal or ship palace A pavilion in the lake View from the interior Bright glazed tile deco .

pavilions .corridors. pillared halls . Upper floor has hamams.Jahaz mahal or ship palace View of a pavilion with pyramidal roof and central dome Pavilion with oriel windows Pool in the terrace.

Other palaces in the fort Baz bahadur’s palace .

Other palaces in the fort Rupmati’s pavilion with a view of Narmada .

Mandu fort…. Similar architecture also found in Chanderi .