Recreation of artwork by Pablo Picasso

V ny Porecha
Architecture + Design
Undergraduate Student Work Portfolio 318,Hill View,Tata Power, Borivali (E), Mumbai –400066 M: +919768949455

No.  Participated in Hudco trophy in N.A. 2012Participated in the Annual N.A.Hill Resumé My objective is to obtain the position of an intern in your firm where I can contribute through my strong work ethic. porfolio for Reubens trophy in N.A.(passed with 80.D. 2011.(Planned according to Vaastu Shastra) 3-D interior views for Bunglow in Boisar using Sketchup and Vray. Entry Gate Detail drawings and views for Dias Residency Park.9920023485 .  Secured 1st rank in Surveying and Levelling in 2nd academic year.A Design Competition.A 2011 which got nominated for top 10 entries  Participated in International Conference on Humane Habitat(2008-2012) Fields of interest: Residential Commercial Institutional Interior Design Work experience . Mumbai –400066 M: +919768949455 laguitara.Tata Power. passion for architecture.2nd and 3rd academic year. 2011which won Special Mention.Kachchi Other languages studied\spoken: Marathi.viny@gmail.Cath Lab.OT) Design of bunglow in Borivali. As built drawings for KLS Hospital.Rizvi College Of Architecture affiliated to Mumbai University (passed 4 years with 1st class) 2008 .A 2013 which won citation. H B Architects and Urban Designer No.(Planning of 1st -3rd floor including CSSD.2 months (Paranjpe-Deshpande Architects)      Hobbies: Reading Travelling Sketching Retrofitting of a Bajrangdas hospital in Bhavnagar.  Presented W.S.Contact Information 318. Academic Achievements:  Secured 3rd rank in overall performance in 1st and 2nd academic year. Gujrati. Borivali (E).4%) Currently working for thesis on Cancer Hospital in Mumbai Languages: Fluent in English. Sane & Paymaster Architects.A Design Competition. Skills Summary Softwares: Skilled: AutoCad | MS Ofce Competent: CorelDraw | SketchUp | VRay | Archicad | Photoshop Learning: Revit Education: 2009-present:Bachelor Of Architecture. Ar Harshad Bhatia.S.A.  Participated in Annual N.A. Qualities: Well organized Good time management Attention to detail Independent Quick to learn Self Motivated Awards and Recognition:  Co-ordinator for Hudco trophy in N.A.Vile Parle.9%) 2006-2007 : School Secondary Certificate from Children’s Academy.A 2013 for excellence in academic work.  Secured 1st rank in structures in 1st. and education in design along with enhancing my architectural knowledge and gaining pratical experience.Hindi.S.9223315449 References: Ar Madhav Deobhakta.A Convention.S.S.  Won Le Corbusier Trophy in the 53rd Annual N.2009 : Higher Secondary Certificate from Gokhalibai college of Science. (passed with 84.S.

Table of Contents Design 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year Hudco 2013 Working drawing Services 4 5 6 7 8 9-10 11 Technicals Other Interests Photography This Portfolio Represents an abridged collection of work and a skillcase that had been developed and matured over my time as an architectural student. 3 .

4 .abstraction. colours . anthropometrics .foundations and joineries. to study construction of brick walls.1st Year Basic Understanding of shapes . construction methods. Vocational Centre For Street Children in Banganga Character Visualization Reading Chair Understanding of vernacular architecture of Kachch through traditional Bhonga architecture Section Ground Floor Plan N Visualization of a town centre South Elevation Design evolution of exhibition space through Pablo Picasso’s painting Hands on experience in the development of a garden furniture in Dahanu.

2nd Year Conceptual Model Compact Housing For 50 families in Vile Parle “Garden For Everyone” Open to Sky Terrace Gardens for each housing unit The Design aims at designing living spaces for 15 types of professionals. Also providing Interactive spaces in form of Terrace gardens. It's a low density-lowrise housing. Ground Floor Plan Final Models Section CC’ South Elevation 5 . Providing incremental spaces for each individual house.

CNG vehicle route Petrol+Diesel vehicle route Ground floor plan Concept Model Marimba .The African Carnival The Design is inspired by the dramatic Scenery of ‘African sunset’inspired by the idea of tree providing comfort and gathering space. Section 6 .The restaurant has a mezzanine and is covered by a dome with colourchanging LED lights that emulates the changing of sky as it transforms from Dusk to Dawn.3rd Year Petrol Pump at Kharghar along with a themed restaurant.

4th Year Concept Social Streets Flat Flat Bhendi Bazaar Redevelopment Scheme Connectivity + Activity 6.7m Shear wall Flat Flat Service core Rehab building Typical Floor Plan X View of the Sale building floor plate X+1.5m Flat Flat Flat Flat Module placed next to each other forming atrium in the centre Service Core View of the Rehab building floor plate Typical Floor Plate level changes Service Core 98. Service block 6. eg.4m Recreating Streets Above The atrium forms a space for interaction and expression for people living in the Building 9m Service floor Podium level Commercial Letting in light through the voids 7 .1m The Layout gives 5m x 3m of column free space which can be flexibly used for different purposes.Most of the families staying on the site are Bohris.5m Flat Flat Flat Flat Criss crossing bridges Alternative to create interesting connective patterns X X-1. The layout allows placement of 3 thaals .

ft per person is achieved in the design. This perspective consists of building from unit cells or capsules. “This building lifestyle of living capsules that epitomizes the living community of the sheterless multipurpose space utono mous Part cy R e cli Cluster details The toilets have two (3x2)m units Combined Pathway unit (3x2)m is connected to the mid-landing. These can be a byproduct that can be a part of the urban planning. creating a flexible and adaptable unit. Concept Overall The structure exists as a dynamic organism. The 3x2 space is divided such lockers as storage for the individual clusters ng Units for Disables and workshops Porous city Urban void Units Collapsing into multipurpose space which is used as Workshops From the maincore there is a cluster type opening up at every mid-landing.agglomerations grand collectives of these minimum unit. much like in nature could be created out of cell. Every cluster type has a terrace opening up. 8 .g. to construct that works towards grand collective of the minimum unit. A Design Element: Flexibility of the Design A framework consisting individual capsules fixed to the central column core. 1. Region Specific Night Shelter for Homeless Epitomize Growth The idea that structure. abandoned construction site.Hudco’13 Space within the urban fabric e.3m 1m The Core The Plug-ins The IDEA 0. The capsule is replaceable so that during the capsule can be pulled out and installed for the shelter less and also the perceivable future seems. as multiple units combine opening into a .4m The per person space is calculated in a reverse way. to be for the structure as the capsule can be plugged out for maintenance. composed of cellular units giving rise to the structure. of such spaces are spaces underneath viaducts. highways. 100 individual pods could be changed and moulded as need. Therefore due to this greater than 50 sq.

Ground Floor Plan 9 .Working Drawing Details Setting Out Plan Working Drawing (3rd yr) of School.

Working Drawing Strip Section Working Drawing (3rd yr) of School Section and Elevation Section Elevation 10 .

Hvac .Building services Details Fire fighting . Acoustics Fixing of ducts Acoustics Fire Fighting in Basement Section 11 .

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