PERSEF3 Orientation
Gerald B. Peñaranda,
 MONDAY – 1:30 to 4:00 p.m. A1803 (PERSEF Office)
Counseling and Educational Psychology Department (CEPD)
gbpenaranda@yahoo.com gerald.penaranda@dlsu.edu.ph


Wellness Wheel

Lasallian Formation and Action Framework
 Manages self effectively  Vision-driven  Resilient  Person of integrity  Competent  Collaborator  Socially responsible  Strong sense of volunteerism  Strong sense of fairness and justice  Nationalistic  Ecologically sensitive  Gender sensitive

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”


Social Engagement

Lasallian Spirituality  Faith-driven  Zeal for service  Person of communion

What is PERSEF3?
An integrative course in the Lasallian Core Curriculum taken by all students in their final year Provides students with the opportunity to assess their development as individuals and to plan the rest of their lives as Lasallians in the community Designed to complement the students’ academic and spiritual growth, PERSEF covers basic topics in each of the Five Themes of Total Personal Development: 1. Emotional Maturity 2. Interpersonal Relationships 3. Career Development 4. Service Commitment 5. Leadership Skills

DLSU Grading System
97 – 100 93 – 96 89 – 92 85 – 88 80 – 84 75 – 79 70 – 74 69 ↓ Excellent Superior Very Good Good Satisfactory Fair Passed Failed 4.0 3.5 3.0 2.5 2.0 1.5 1.0 0.0


Recitation. Recitation. Recitation. and Class Participation Good 86-93  The student actively participated during class discussions but waited to be asked before doing so  He/she contributed to the flow of the discussions by pitching in relevant ideas. adhered to team norms on the attainment of group goals.9/27/2013 PERSEF GRADING SYSTEM Output   Classroom Activities (20%) Papers (20%) 40% 20% 20% 20% RUBRIC FOR ATTITUDE. and Class Participation Average 70-77  The student participated only on topics of his/her liking and made little or minimal effort in participating in topics he/she did not like  He/she contributed ideas and suggestions but did not fully expound on them  The student personally chose and insisted which task to perform during group activities  He/she accomplished the tasks by him/herself without consulting others in the group  The student equated teamwork and cooperation with how others acknowledged his/her personal skills and efforts  The student worked towards the attainment of group goals only when required to do so Rubric for Attitude. actively. and Class Participation Fair 70-77  The student participated only when he/she was prodded to do so  He/she gave ideas that are not clearly though of and only for the sake of saying he/she contributed something  Able to accomplish group tasks only when prodded by group mates or teacher to do so  The student showed little enthusiasm for group work and cooperation  The student resisted the idea of having to adhere to team norms  Worked towards the attainment of group goals only when assured of what reward to expect 2 . RECITATION AND CLASS PARTICIPATION Attitude. Perfect attendance w/no late = 100%. and Class Participation Excellent 94-100  The student fully.0) in PERSEF Final Grade Excellent Good Average Fair Poor 94 to 100% 86 to 93% 78 to 85% 70 to 77% 69% & below * Is forfeited if the student is absent during the last meeting Rubric for Attitude. which is equal to 2 PERSEF meetings. opinions and suggestions and expounding on them when asked to do so  Performed the tasks assigned by the group and assisted/guided others in his/her area of expertise  He/she acknowledged the skills and efforts of group mates. More than 2 absences and one late = Failed (0. and meaningfully participated in the activities and discussions  The student participated and recited even without being asked  He/she made significant contributions to the discussions by expounding on a personal idea and/or by constructively commenting on the idea presented by another group mate  Student willingly and dutifully performed the tasks assigned by the group  The student exemplified teamwork and cooperation by respecting and acknowledging the efforts and skills of team members Rubric for Attitude. and worked towards the attainment of group goals by continuing on what others have started Rubric for Attitude. Recitation. Recitation & Class Participation Attendance and Punctuality* Self-Evaluation* TOTAL 100% * Attendance includes OCCS Intervention.

etc. cellular phones. Homework papers must be encoded always 7. mind. Teacher’s Name. ‘myself’ 6. Submit on time 2. Keep them inside your bags and do not use them in the entire duration of the class The classroom is not an extension of your bedroom.) in this class. Avoid grammatical and conventional errors 5. Keep handouts and returned papers in your portfolio Be in the HERE and NOW When you are in PERSEF. PSPs. MP3 players. and spirit. 3 . Always indicate: Student Name. FOCUS! Assignments and studying for other subjects are not to be done during PERSEF class There would be no need for electronic gadgets (laptops. Date Submitted 3. Recitation. the student did not participate in the discussion he/she was doing something else  The student failed to contribute any idea or suggestion  He/she failed to perform the task assigned to him/her  The student did not believe that teamwork and cooperation is needed in the attainment of group goals 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Community Development (free cut for the corporate case study/CD Plan) Ethical and Servant Leadership Part 1 Ethical and Servant Leadership Part 2 (free cut for the OCCS Career Seminar and Community Development Implementation) Writing Personal Statement of Principles and Foundation (P&F) Integration (Last Meeting – Be Present for Self-Rating) Breakdown of Outputs TYPE OF ACTIVITY Classroom Activity1 Classroom Activity2 Classroom Activity 3 Classroom Activity 4 Classroom Activity 5 Classroom Activity 6 Classroom Activity 7 PAPER Midterm Paper Final Paper TITLE OF ACTIVITY  Specific Strategies for Improving Coping  Assertiveness Role Playing  Assertion Techniques Examples  Vocational Discernment Game-Making  Interdependence Challenge Activities  Influence Tactics Simulation  Ethical Leadership Brainstorming Output TITLE OF PAPER  Interview for Vocational Discernment (done in triad)  Corporate Case Study on Interdependence (done with a group) Guidelines for PERSEF Papers 1. and Class Participation WEEK 1 2 TOPIC Orientation (First Meeting) Resilience and Coping Skills Learning Assertiveness Part 1 Learning Assertiveness Part 2 Vocational Discernment Interdependence PERSEF3 Topics Poor 69 below  The student refused to participate despite prodding from group mates and/or teacher  Most of the time. ‘me’. Get enough sleep at home so you will remain AWAKE in your classes. Follow instructions 4. Engage in reflective thinking: Speak for yourself by using ‘I’. PERSEF Year Level and Section.9/27/2013 Rubric for Attitude. be in PERSEF —body.

Remember your sense of timing and propriety.0) anyway. 4 .9/27/2013 Written Outputs Use either BLACK or BLUE pen only for activity sheets and no other color Maintain handwriting legible ATTENDANCE You are expected to be always present and come on time for your PERSEF class so as not to miss graded classroom activities. You do not need to come to class anymore as you will be marked absent already. If you are late by 31 minutes. Thus. Maximum allowable unexcused absences for PERSEF is two (2) meetings of absence and (1) meeting late. or when alone. It’s OK to do this at home. you are already considered absent. But you should know the difference when you are with other people I do not conduct exorcism of possessed people When going out. Do not let technology use you. you do not need to report to class because you are automatically Failed (0. have the basic courtesy of ASKING FOR PERMISSION Bring your UGLY eyes-rolling behavior somewhere else. Be prompt to return. Medical certificates are coursed through the University Clinic Use technology. if you have met the maximum.

we learn from Learning by others. we protect their emotional boundaries. and we invite them to genuinely listen to us when it is our turn to speak THE HABIT OF COMMUNICATION The letter is the most important letter in the alphabet! To understand = To stand under Why. Christian writer LISTEN = SILENT  True communication does NOT happen with two or more mouths talking at the same time PERSEF is…  When we listen intentionally. Why Questions and SPEAK YOUR MIND! 5 . Sockman.9/27/2013 — Ralph W.

” – Ralph Waldo Emerson 6 . sed vitae (“not of school. but of life”) Bring the right attitude in your PERSEF class because it talks about YOU! “People seem not to see that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.9/27/2013 Non scholae.